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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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jackson had multiple gunshot wounds he died at the hospital and right now there's no suspect information. thirteen is now reporter elise brown has followed this story since it broke and she gives us the latest details. one neighbor says loud noises and woke him at first he thought someone was trying to bang his door down we walked outside and quickly realized what was happening by her like this chaos the whole of spain to see if either one of the baggers and their direction after thiand the law of believing they're winston and then you those loud bangs must have been gunshots just before four a m police found thirty five year old jermaine antonio jackson shot multiple times police say he was sitting on the driver side of the car intersection of pilot in parkway and shell road will
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but jackson wasn't a canton man died shortly after medics brought him to the hospital socks also woke up winston's daughter and i never had like those that are scary police blocked off the street. detectives in a k nine unit cold and snowy for clues trying to figure out what led up to the shooting i told her three years is actually scary because i come which didn't want his family to live in a safe area. he's not sure if he'll stick around the neighborhood our cart traffic didn't try to keep myself in what is two additions to the sumo have not yet released any details on who they're looking for. if you have any information you can call the crime line in the hampton police brown thirteen years now for a meth labs in newport news and one we can
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with a message to the public meth labs are extremely dangerous not just to the person making the math but also to neighbors and chemicals can be highly volatile so what that means they vaporized quickly so that can turn into vapor when they do that the actual volume they filled a whole lot larger so that boeing can fill a room make an explosive environment in just the right conditions the amount of air we introduced as we enter can be enough to cause an explosion that can be extremely hazardous to our sponsors. they are even more concerns when it comes today the hidden dangers of meth labs will have details on those and continues now at five while mostly cloudy monday here in hampton roads but the sun peeked out a couple of times during the day nothing compared to what we had yesterday gorgeous weather outside cause of the town center in virginia beach night just so you tracking through leave me some rain already starting to show up in north carolina not
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stomping grounds down there near the triangle and it's headed to the north you can see a lot of those clouds out there already. and again they will be thickening as we go through the evening here's what i'm talking about down nearer raleigh and durham already some of that heavier areas of precipitation here's even a little bit of a sprinkle already up into there in virginia north carolina west of interstate ninety five so we're going to to be talking about a chill in the air obviously as well it's not freezing but especially compared to yesterday or the day before think i watching evan he said was sixty nine on saturday and seventy two. i'm not mistaken for yesterday right now are down twenty five degrees compared to yesterday so first big news the temperatures will be a little chilly not terribly cold fact above normal overnight instead of mid thirties were going to be a lot of mid forties and then temperatures will rise a little bit toward morning but when you rise during
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means a little bit of a flat of the south so we will see temperatures trying to moderate a tiny bit for tomorrow but the big news that's only what is going to carry in the moisture talk you just die already tracking it up toward the state line and there's a fair amount of rain in my forecast that's coming up this official virginia beach mayor will says sms is running for reelection sessions made the announcement today he says he wants to make sure virginia beach residents have the best place to live go to school work and play sessions is seeking a third term as mayor of virginia beach. he sat down with us for an interview and hear his plans for reelection on thirteen is now at five the city of portsmouth has a new top cop in town tiny chapman took the oath this morning to become chief of police along with their swearing in came a protest of sorts. note
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family and supporters of william chapman the unarmed teen shot and killed by police held a peaceful protest outside city hall this morning or attained has more on what the family wants from the new chief judge at the chapman family met the chief and they were impressed. they hope they can work together to find more in common than just their last name the calls for reforming the police department heard throughout downtown portsmouth monday morning the opinion of william shatner the unarmed teen shot to death by ex cop stephen drake in leading a peaceful protest to the swearing in ceremony of the city's new top cop is what we call it the spot with a safe space i have again and again to get as i've been advised again and again i have a difficult task ahead of me i assure you
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you cheat on you chapman did not mention the pool shooting but promised more accountability and high standards from her officers i was not here when it happens i can say with those changes need to be ours certainly i'm open to meeting with the family didn't seem to know what their issues are you know the challenges the changes they would like to see done. the chief briefly met with the chapman cited even posing for a picture with the teens mom was a beautiful field. it was a war film was a community of chapman is his story. she's the first female african american police chief to predominantly black the chapman family hope she can be the bridge between the police and the community was to be reflective of the community as much or they can be seen the grizzlies to the support her and before
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chaplain serving governor the deputy secretary for public safety and homeland security. eric came thirteen years now and now let's take a look at the monday afternoon rush hour kicking off with big traffic trouble in chesapeake let's take a live look at their teens now traffic camera. this is sixty four eastbound in chesapeake just before you get to the four sixty four interchange and white in this area here this is where a car just minutes ago caught fire it looks like the crews have put the fire itself out but traffic is a mess behind the scene. it just started moving about thirty seconds or so ago and the far left lane as you can imagine the backup is severe. we deal with the tutu or two and a half mile back up head in the direction of the high rise bridge of you making your way between chesapeake portsmouth and suffolk me bridge with the gilbert and bridge as alternate routes i'll be back in just a few minutes with the latest on this mask and the rest of
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eyes are on the road and on hollywood and oscar nominee leonardo dicaprio movie buffs are waiting to see if the five time nominee will finally win sunday is the big night and this year's best actor nominees include bryan cranston matt damon michael fast bender and andy read maine but people are waiting to see if lil walks away with the statue its customers in this world. it's very rewarding. there was one of the stars has since re nominated every single year and shockingly has never won leo is this year's favorite red mane one last year matt damon is also an oscar winner for good will hunting. i was so good back in nineteen ninety eight and this is fast but her second nomination bryan cranston is up for his first oscar ever you can join thirty news now for a big oscar celebration on sunday we're going to be there and so easily said she has the details or very excited to announce our official
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february twenty eight of course the night of the word show the party is free and get to mingle with some of the thirteen years now team play games and win some awesome prizes there's also going to be oscar trivia and a red carpet free to walk the doors open at seven forty five. i kind of suggest getting there early to reserve your spot now and creating an event on facebook and it doesn't guarantee entry. we're just trying to spread the word here is great here so check out all the details on facebook and on thirteen years now back home are looking forward to seeing all of the their symmetry martin counters right now i coming up they told the driver to use a deadly shooting spree now faces six murder counts we're hearing from the passengers he picked up in between hits. al green is opening a new store in virginia bass what that means one hundred new jobs when you can start applying for those positions and apple's legal battle with the fbi
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i prosecutors have charged in the second man with six murder counts and the kalamazoo area when the shooting investigators won't say what set the overdrive or off but now we're hearing from the passengers he picked up between shootings abc's elizabeth her has the least geez and don't and all forty five year old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders grind all the uber driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge via video. anything you wish to purchase for the victims' families condolences from president obama got families
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confirming don't pass the background check. what set him off. police don't know i work in all don't who stands accused of shooting eight people at three different locations in kalamazoo michigan on saturday killing six and injuring two film reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings kind of guy he is gentle on speeding ally and then finally once he came to stop i jumped on a car ran away. matt millen says he called nine one one after that frightening ride with bill that was about an hour before the first shooting and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of dalton's customers during the rampage i have hardly gotten said. if you are you and he a he said no i say sure and he said. notice the attire told his family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they are praying for
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court date is set for march third it was with her abc news new york supreme court chief justice john roberts is remembering the late justice antonin scalia as a colleague of irrepressible spirit roberts said today that scalia was quote our man for all seasons and we will miss him beyond measure. his comments come as the justices took the bench for the first time since colin's death the high court is resuming work just two days after the justices and thousands of dignitaries friends and family mourned his loss and a funeral mass in washington your name your favorite sports team your kids' initials i had a nice time to address some of the things people put on personalized license plates here in virginia but did you know there is a strict vetting process for what the dmv allows on plates and hunter x hunter ads are rejected every year. tonight we're giving you an insight look at the list of the night plates
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on tv also give you everything you need to know if you want to get a personalized plate here in hampton roads that is tonight at six well mean is putting more boots on the ground in virginia beach the company is opening a new store and that means about a hundred new jobs. the store's opening at linn haven mall in late may right now the company is hiring all positions for managers to sales representatives l l bean is also hiring for outdoor discovery school instructors they will offer demonstrations clinics and hands on activities like kayaking stand up paddle boarding and archery. well if you have planes to get out couple of hours you probably don't have to worry about any rain hitting the lecture watching us maybe from way out near emporia and then you certainly have a risk of getting a little bit wet weather at times but for the rest of us and still gonna take a little while to get that moisture in here out
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obviously conceived the past couple of hours or three hours it has made some progress to the northeast add another three hours will be starting to see it here over parts of the region especially south and west of us so east northeast winds right now bringing the cooler air in off the atlantic off the bay and off the sounds for that matter as a result countries quite a bit chilly or the next day in the mid forties are not going to go really low tonight mom much lower than they are now actually but say lower forties and then start to rise again some sunshine at times this morning and then generally just a cloudy day camp was again very different from what we saw yesterday we were seventies today only thirties and now we're going to slowly watch for some chilly air continuing for a while ratings right now some of these and when there is more like the fifties but anywhere you get near the water you have readings in the forties again because again the water is chilly this time of year and with that wind coming off of it
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there we go this evening this looks very similar to what we're tracking out there right now going into the evening will start to see a few of these areas of moisture work the way up in the hampton roads and then a pretty steady rain at times later tonight if you're watching us eleven o'clock we'll be tracking probably a pretty impressive area of rain across the region that during mid morning hours tomorrow so most of the rain tomorrow is going to tend to be earlier in the morning and then just a lot of clouds a couple of isolated showers the rest of the day tomorrow and temperatures again with pretty close to normal but maybe just a tiny bit below notice tomorrow night we look for some more clouds and then i think this may be a little bit slow on the net bringing this up over the region during the early morning rush hour and then take it out here a little bit later after rush hour. not much rain during the day on wednesday
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and evening this line of showers and storms that have some stronger storms associated with that in a slight slight chance that we get a tornado watch issued for parts of virginia or north carolina especially west of us come later wednesday evening so keep track of that here's that moisture moving toward a spot forecast at least half an inch of rain by tomorrow afternoon at four pm when i'm back on here again for today it was that it would be at least twenty degrees colder in the afternoon than yesterday and haven't got that spot on it was twenty two twenty five colder so tomorrow heaviest rain in early in the morning high of only forty nine sixty five with some morning rain wednesday and then some afternoon storms again possible sixty five cooler for thursday chance the morning shower and then friday saturday sunday we cool off again but it clears out. i paced up and get ready to meet a young lady who will amaze you with a sweet act of kindness yet retain the young
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all packages getting a lot of invites to be on national the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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welcome back everybody all right she's only nine she may be little buddies making a big difference in the world and her name is johnny graham sees from milford there she is getting worldwide attention because an act of kindness involving barbie dolls take a look at how she's making her mark in finding the elementary school was a special stone loves her barbies. i am. she has more than badminton. that's nine year old gianni graham. it's not her doll collection that makes it special. it's why she's collecting then she told mom mommy i want to donate barbies two little girls in homeless shelters
4:24 pm
the class. gianni calls this the result of the work of the bus to show the footage shows his dogs because it before the window to extend all the johnny even came up with a hashtag has set the ball and hit social media on her quest to collect ten thousand dollars four thousand girls because girls having tough times will soon be able to have no incentive for and listen to our campaign has spread like wildfire. every morning i wake up to emails from people all over the world who have now counted in their hearts to donate to giuliani's campaign like the norfolk commonwealth's attorney's office we come into contact with jesus with children and many of those children are homeless living in very tumultuous situation
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girl it's the table that the girls got to go back there are going to buy until i just kept piling on of all the way and it's amazing what kids can do right off the commonwealth's attorney's office by the way gave johnny eighty four dollars today so that means she's now up over nine hundred and fifty dollars well that's great sienna mama been invited to appear on several national tv shows of course she loved being here on thirteen years now for what is the best said exactly what to write down of you want to donate doll to work cos i got this toy a little later tonight that is now dot com under making your mark. or you can remember this hashtag right now. write it down later because you ask me about it. it is hashtag one k barbies for one k girls one k barbies for one k or a girl that isn't okay girl
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beautiful. yes thank you ayah new health center is opening its new family health center
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it's all about providing lower health care and costs that is in better services and new health center and near newport news shipbuilding will open with a focus on employees and their families is right near the shipyard on washington avenue between forty fifth and forty six trees arching her has the latest family health center doesn't open until march first but the sheep the president says they already have dozens of appointments come opening day as crews continue to put the finishing touches on this new family health center for newport news shipbuilding employees. the anticipation
4:30 pm
president matt mohair and represents an investment we've made as the landlord here at this facility to be able go ahead and bring in a world class provider of of service the eagles industry says the new two story facility is staffed with more than thirty full time quad meet employees a quarter of the primary care providers not only do we focus on the primary care but we really focus on prevention that is our health care models so the wellness services range from on side i too sianz to certified diabetes educators officials say employees and their families covered by anthem health plan can use the clinic at a low cost an already twelve thousand employees are eligible everyday these are spend time with but doing things that are so much bigger than they are that they forget about health care is a part of and taken care of themselves everyday so that's why this location. that's why
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newport news. she knew her thirteen years now we had a chance to get out and play this past weekend it was absolutely gorgeous but temperatures are now back to normal in the mid forties this is a life open in august sky views those overcast skies let's check in now with just yet for this time the evening we are typically what we're seeing out there right now during the afternoons were typically around fifty one of my team get the fifty two by now and i think tomorrow we're going be right around those same numbers as well. couple of sprinkles may be reaching the ground up here around emporia extreme western areas there of southampton county all of this is moving to the northeast there's definitely more where that came from some pretty steady rain down across areas of raleigh and durham that's going to continue to fill in over spread the region a little bit later tonight and going to be wet at times overnight into tomorrow so i think even by seven. this is for this sort of metro
4:32 pm
few spots even by seven are already going to see a couple of isolated showers but we did put that on there because again most of us still want at that point by nine o'clock probably up to about forty percent of us that all see it and then a little bit after that nonetheless and twelve midnite. we'll be talking about are definitely more and more precipitation rain fall amounts probably on the order of muncie averaging out a half an inch to maybe a little bit more than that so it's going to be wet at times that's just the first round of precipitation temperatures as you can see. don't get too much tonight before actually starting up a little bit that trend again tomorrow but definitely it's a wet forecast will talk about that more investment in traffic the price tag of a new hair color as the eye or the guys saying our goodbyes and the people around for while the going on and yet not nearly as good news on the hour traffic network we had a car that caught fire in
4:33 pm
eastbound just the way that the four sixty four is headed toward the high rise bridge the backup is still very much in play so we'll take a look network maps maybe you're not headed that way and you just want to check your commute you do see we do have delays or under bridges and tunnels the monitor merrimack and the hr bt especially but now chesapeake here's a live look at the backup behind the scene at this point one lane is open. sixty four eastbound just before four sixty four as crews are still trying to work to clear up the scene at this point we do have to get a three mile backup to greenbrier parkway so if you're headed in that direction maybe had it with a high rise my twenties the gilmer ten or the jordan bridge instead and for the rest of your traffic alerts and delays over to facebook and twitter also to be posted right here on thirteen years now i write this summer highway twelve on the outer banks could get a big six national park service workers say they've improved
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special use permit to pump sand along an area of eroding beach on hatteras island this is the helper take highway twelve from flooding to get the greenlight the project now only needs a permit from the army corps of engineers. if all goes as planned the county manager says workers will pops and on the beach starting june twelfth of our ace in the white house continues as candidates continue to campaign across the country all before super tuesday march firsts abc's baa ck nani has the latest the party's frontrunners are celebrating their weekend victories wee one with everything. tall people short people fat people skinny people as line while the runners off work to catch up after marco rubio just barely edged out ted cruz for second place in south carolina both men are vying to be viewed as
4:35 pm
trump instead of collapsing around the front runner the establishment is trying to coalesce against the frontrunner revealed now lashing out at the cruz campaign for re tweeting a student newspaper article that mistakenly reported this video showed rubio criticizing the bible something deceptive and untrue. donald trump refusing to apologize for his re tweet that suggests rubio is not eligible to be president because both of his parents were cuban because i'm not sure let people make their own determination on the democratic side bernie sanders on the trail in south carolina and with actor danny glover the trying to chip away at hillary clinton's a steep advantage with african american voters the loss the now as of right now republican presidential
4:36 pm
holding a rally in nevada now republican presidential candidate john casey is ahead the state's march first primary the ohio governor will end the day in richmond with a town hall at six thirty in virginia commonwealth university that's after coming from a charlottesville event k six started his tour today with a town hall and george mason university and other democratic side vermont senator bernie sanders will host a rally in norfolk tomorrow. the democratic presidential candidate is expected to discuss topics involving the removal and make money from politics and ways to make college affordable. sanders rally will be held at the norfolk scope arena the doors are scheduled to open at nine thirty in the morning it is free and open to the public thirteen years now will be there and bring you continuing coverage on air and online n takes a community effort to fight the growing heroin epidemic in our state in the first
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seventy six people died from heroin overdoses in virginia beach according to the state health department law enforcement first responders and community leaders are all involved in trying to get a handle on this problem so we have joining as delta hansen with the crime prevention steering committee including a beach thank you so much thank you for having your head on a number of different topics this committee that you have where you work with long for smith he decided that you really needed to tackle heroin. why is that because it's a huge problem throughout the state and throughout the region here in hampton roads so we usually pick a topic that a big topic in the area and being that the debts from our heroin and opioid abuse arising more than that traffic accidents we figured that would be something to get out to the general public. what are you hearing from law enforcement as they described
4:38 pm
the stories that aren't coming to your attention that it's it's growing in the past two years the deaths have increased which is a big problem and according to the fbi hampton roads area is the largest heroin and opioid abuse situation in the state of virginia in the commonwealth so that's a big problem around it's not just virginia beach just a whole region to have a form this coming thursday at a local church infringing the beach we have the information that will put up about that wolf there is right there the heroin and opiate abuse regional epidemic of this frightful well it's thursday actually from six until eight thirty in the evening at william land baptist church in virginia beach town center right next to princess anne high school. ok and some of participate you have a number of people from the community yes we have doctors have a
4:39 pm
general. we have the fbi we have a policeman from virginia beach police department. we have family members that will be talking about how it affected them we have clinicians who are talking about how to treat the abuse and all that we cover all of the areas. ok so it's going to have and educational sessions for the public to come to think about what but the plan for it can be yes and also we have about twenty two resource table so that people can get information about resources on how to prevent what to do now to when you want to notice what's going on so we have everything their excellent care and again that is thursday evening six o'clock and that is that the failure land baptist church in virginia beach coming up this thurs and we appreciate it thank you very much congratulations on all your hard work. thank you regina canada battle between apple and the fbi continues regarding the locked phone use by a
4:40 pm
bernardino attack and now apple ceo is weighing in here when he has to say next and trending on social media and
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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. closing arguments are expected today in the trial for six people charged in the killing of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick today's trial will likely include jury instructions and if time allows the jury could even begin deliberations the prosecution called more than two dozen witnesses and presented four hundred pieces of evidence in the case. a report from the president's economic advisors shows more americans gain work experience pay raises last the president's council of economic advisors makes recommendations to reduce income inequality. many of
4:44 pm
heavily on cooperation from a gop led congress and state and local governments the expansion of state licensure requirements has made it harder for workers to switch jobs. a british battle is making headlines on usa today dot com let's check about it spitting british prime minister david cameron against the mayor of london boris johnson at issue whether great britain should stay in the european union or leave the eu is made up of twenty eight member nations today british prime minister david cameron pleaded before parliament that britain should stay. mayor johnson says he's urging british voters to leave the eu decision should come in june stay tuned for new info now about women's health. listen to this fuel women are entering adulthood infected with strains of hpv a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cancer and that's according to a new study published today in the pediatrics journal. this
4:45 pm
infection among women in their early twenties and researchers believe those women are the leading edge of a generation that should see fewer cases of cervical battle broke answers in the decades ahead. apple ceo tim cook says the government should withdraw its demand that apple help the fbi a hack a lot i phone use by sai ed farouk one of the shooters in the san bernardino attacks in california now but this misses the government's claims that apple is acting out of business ventures he says and magistrates border would essentially create a backdoor to the encrypted iphone which apple argues is unlawful and a dangerous precedent. yesterday fbi director james comey said apple owns this cooperation to the victims of the shootings and said the fbi could not otherwise quote but the survivors in the ri some very strong words in this issue that continues to make headlines. i forgot
4:46 pm
eight thousand lead service lines that conclusion from a research team at the university of michigan flint. the team analyzed lives records to create a digital database of lead pipes researchers stress that while the project is a full cup on compilation of available data the records compiled from a nineteen eighty four survey don't always indicate the types of pipes used. let's switch to ing ter source from detroit to the flint river which create lead tainted water in the city a former miss america contestant who was critically injured in a car crash on the new jersey highway last week has died her family says karen mccall and died in the hospital the twenty four year old was a loaner vehicle and was not wearing a seatbelt when her car spun off a roadway a week ago a column one the twenty thirteen miss new jersey pageant the arkansas native went to princeton university
4:47 pm
show serving southern new jersey a fifteen year old boy still in the hospital listed in critical condition and two others in stable condition after this helicopter crash in hawaii last week and now a couple put their own lives in danger to rescue those in the helicopter is speaking out says and fon has more on the story in asia and found about it and then also you heard the big crash a terrifying experience for those on board the helicopter a frightening scene to witness from onshore tickets now be the overpowering gasoline the one in early civil area were just a few feet away one a navy veteran and certified scuba diver was one of the first ones to help several more people dove into the water to free the team trapped in a seat belt. we got to shortly see a critical care nurse jumped into action
4:48 pm
in the end everyone was safe on shore to rescue a collaborative efforts were all strangers helping one another and the larry l family planned their trip to honolulu for the past year they didn't have a chance to see the uss arizona memorial but they're hoping to return one day soon. not a lot of change in the past forty five minutes that i've been tracking these showers on the air since the start of the four o'clock news they moved ever so slightly to the east and as you can see they're still very very light and talk about the ones up here in virginia now around emporia western southampton county have put all into motion you can see it's really not the steady as precipitation is in areas down to our south around raleigh lot of clouds out there right now forty three then this evening breezy and chilly with thickening clouds
4:49 pm
gusty ten to twenty mph and occasionally if you hired us let's talk about the rain chances then overnight no chance out there it's six o'clock and again this is for t`e metro area because it'll be ten or twenty percent probably by that point already far western areas but i'm talking metro locations the seven cities if you will twenty percent chance of rain by eight pm then not continue to go up as we go through the evening and overnight we're going to have definitely rain in most locations you can see and hear in the various future cast that we're going to show you taking you through this evening and overnight the rain the heaviest in the morning it will move out and it's not going to rain all day tomorrow in fact there will be large portions i believe of tomorrow where we do not get rain but late in the day we're going to start to see a little bit of a more southerly flow picking up an intensity that will lead to more rain late tomorrow night and early wednesday and then late in the day wednesday here's a line of showers and thunderstorms that could
4:50 pm
down the eastern seaboard we're going to have some severe weather watches for georgia south carolina north carolina and maybe even up here into parts of virginia specially sent to virginia during the afternoon and evening on wednesday so tonight forty two quite breezy chilly with rain developing a little bit later this evening. tempers actually going up then tomorrow early in the morning so late overnight or early tomorrow and then high temperatures tomorrow really don't change much from the early morning readings some occasional showers the heaviest rain in the morning tomorrow night forty three more rain is likely in a few downpours are possible and that leads to a seven day that looks like this for wednesday some morning rain then a significant break during the day before summer afternoon or even evening thunderstorms are possible high sixty five cooling off behind that front on thursday slight risk of a morning shower and then for friday saturday and sunday settling and probably average that all
4:51 pm
pretty close to normal for those three days i think such a cavalier runner sketches of disney magic is shining now and alicia is off to the races. yeah so we know that running marathons that's not an easy ten lakh people train for that for months and days when hearing the rock is now in the early days of the big accomplishment on sunday at the disney princess half marathon as student took the cake and came in first place. shannon crawfor sior at the university of virginia. cover the thirteen point one mile course in an unofficial time of one hour twenty four minutes and forty nine seconds there she is right there was thirty seven thousand runners were entered in that race and she still won first place. people are still talking about how magical this marathon was and are using the hashtag trend is me right now to talk about it right this next story is my favorite of the day so far surrounded by giant whale
4:52 pm
under water at the georgia aquarium sunday. aquarium officials said the couple both frequent drivers chose the six point three million allon tank as the location for their wedding ceremony was kind of unique and i haven't seen any other wedding. oh and i can run afterheir vows that he also shared their first dance underwater before returning to the service to all of their guests wait wait wait a wait wait wait. how do they know they said i do use them that you just see the bubble the up and seven as he requested thank you. but the bubbles. ok they're thinking tanzania since i had only say bandmates the contestants families on and on the episode of the bachelor than attend an all new episode of castle and join us again for thirteen years now and in love with the road a lot last year
4:53 pm
let you know that thirteen is now in five a woman escaped kidnapped her in virginia beach police say the man did not act alone plus virginia mayor will says sims is
4:54 pm
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are you loving your numbers? there's only onenv a ask your doctor about it by name. the he the president while castro says he is assigning nine thousand military personnel to try to keep busy. the virus out of c a castro is calling on the entire country to help kill the mosquito that carries the disease is as cuba has yet to report a case of the co which is suspected of causing birth defects in brazil cries and holds a one point eight billion dollar deal will help improve service for its customers that's how much is paid for a fiber optic network business. x so communications act so communications operates networks for internet access and other uses. the deal is expected to close in the first half of
4:57 pm
the us had a new record in two thousand fifteen topping three point one trillion miles. that's roughly the same distance as three hundred and thirty seven round trips from earth to pluto the previous record was three trillion miles set in two thousand and seven. lower gas prices could be the reason for the increase and that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now the woman is robbed at knife point and sexually assaulted in her own car. i'll tell you how she managed to escape gunned down inside a car for like three big bangs the door tonight hampton police are searching for the killer after three meth lab busts in a matter of days newportew police want you to be able to answer a simple question is
4:58 pm
start with the story broke on twitter this man right here ronnie anderson and a juvenile are acced in a brutal rape and robbery the report a crime happen outside the wingate inn off north hampton blvd in virginia beach sunday morning police say the suspects threatened a kni w to her purse and then police say anderson sexually assaulted the woman jimmy lee explains how the woman escaped and how officers tracked down the su when this is where the terror story for this woman who is just getting out of her car and trying to get a hotel knives approached her and anmoa woman held at knife point and sexually assaulted by one of the suspects police say twenty two year old ronnie anderson in an email in urse and rummaged through her belongings when they couldn't find anything. anderson reportedly forced his way into the victim's car and son works are there to krispy
4:59 pm
often on picking him up and i both consider this a pretty safe place so it's actually very shocking for me after she was assaulted police say the suspects drove her to an atm machine at the seven eleven just down the road that's where the woman saw an opportunity seven eleven clerk see the woman told them she had been raped. the suspects ran from the store clerks immediately locked the doors and callolice. it's kinda scary shoes. canine units were able to track the suspects at the o'connell lodge motel on north hampton blvd that's right across the street from the wingate hotel where the woman was locked my doors on waiting for my son and i'll probably talk to the business owners over there about letting the people cannot night in the dark by themselves suspects face robbery and also being charged with forcible sodomy and sexual penetration with an object jenny be thirteen years now
5:00 pm
in hampton we first told you about the shooting on the palate and parkway near shell road this morning on daybreasensk that we've learned the victim is thirty five year old jermaine jackson police found his body in a car or celeb roberson talk to neighbors who heard the gunshots about three fifty this morning for like three big banks are smart and kicking the door. brian winston soon realized those banks we gunshots were heard by this chaos the whole of spain. police say a man inside this car was gunned down just before four o'clock this morning we've nowhirty five year old jermaine jackson who missed the boat with a new report about the red by jackson never made it thetoospital. if you dare move or no deal programs just so he does battle with my wilson was just two houses away when the shooting happened. selangor police say jackson was sitting in the driver side of the card that was parked in


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