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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in hampton we first told you about the shooting on the palate and parkway near shell road this morning on daybreasensk that we've learned the victim is thirty five year old jermaine jackson police found his body in a car or celeb roberson talk to neighbors who heard the gunshots about three fifty this morning for like three big banks are smart and kicking the door. brian winston soon realized those banks we gunshots were heard by this chaos the whole of spain. police say a man inside this car was gunned down just before four o'clock this morning we've nowhirty five year old jermaine jackson who missed the boat with a new report about the red by jackson never made it thetoospital. if you dare move or no deal programs just so he does battle with my wilson was just two houses away when the shooting happened. selangor police say jackson was sitting in the driver side of the card that was parked in
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home. neighbors say he was visiting a friend and was shot while he was trying to leave police were on scene for hours investigating the situation has some people questioning how safe their neighborhood really is hard to get them to live and try to keep myself in the ward issue is whose is whose. you know five percent on the way any empty and marcella roberts in thirteen years now and also police officerd in a deadly shooting face the judge today prosecutors say michael arrington what shot and killed a that lace up back in two thousand fourteen after lay som ticerte with a knife at his lawyer wants to go back to the scene of the crime and do his own investigation a judge is still de di should be allowed to let you know as soon as the decision is made right now addington is on paid administrative leave come november you'll say virginia beachayor will assassin's name on the ballot
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running for reelection if he wins it will be his third term as mayor. this comes after several months of legalrobls back in december said simms pleaded no contest to a conflict of interest made the decision to run after a lot of soul searching of the womb of support from people just come up to the addith w leaders of the gold is was i truly believe people know that all of our she is the most to do the very best looking for. so far no one else has announced a bid to run again its essence new information on the man accused of running a meth lab in off a glance. otis is behind bars tonight police arrested him sunday inside a home in park place. officers responded to the home on west twenty seventh street after report of a family fight hadn't gotten out of control were told the co lead them to the meth lab. another man thirty one year old james patterson was charged with fenti aqu drug house we've now seen for meth lab
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police busted three lab since last sunday. investigators say each one of those investigations l t the next lap. police say meth the entire community christina's for j co is here with a look at how you can tell if there's a meth lab in your neighbor. well the biggest message of the whole day that we've heard from safety officials who have been very busy dealing with these labs that meth production is becoming a seemingly increasing problem our area knowing how to recognize signs of a potential app can quite literally save your life scattered bottles strong chemical scent in a regular foot traffic for safety officials. these can be the telltale signs of a drug lab getting involved in an operation like this can be very dangerous chief stephen pincus and the rest of the new port news fire department have been very busy recently. first responders and the hazmat team have gotten called out to three meth labs in the last seven days we do
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citizens who may be exposed to the products in byhe product of the manufacturing of methamphetamine. inhaling the chemicals that are used in the process of making that can be lethal because of how volatile the liquids are he takes hoursor hazmat crews to de contaminate the space where the drugs remain fairly high powered trains are ready for such environments and we can proceed a slow pace to keep ourselves prepared for what may or may not go wrong jeff thurman is the captain of the new port news hazmat team losing a lot of liquids that can turn into vapor when they do that the actual volume they filled a whole lot larger so that boeing can fill a room make an explosive environment in just the right conditions the amount of air we introduced as we enter can be enough to cause an explosion that can be extremely hazardous to our sponsors safety officials are encouraging everyone who suspects that there is a meth lab in their neighborhood to call with anonymous tip coming up at six we take a
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once a meth lab is busted christina's were taken thirteen years now for the da says it has seen a decrease in meth cas ses twenty twelve the latest numbers are from twenty four team that year the feds investigated more than nine thousand meth labs three hundred and nine were in virginia the year before there were more than twelve thousand cases across the country and that is thirteen hundred fewer cases than in twenty twelve people put their names favorite s s teams and kids initials on their personalized license plates here in virginia but you may not realize there is a strict vetting process for what the dmv allows on plates investigative reporter laura geller joins us with the story already and the reject hundreds of plate requests every year we've uncovered only the west a place that won't get the stamp of approval to get stamped the agency has quite a few rules for you to clean your plates are denied list includes plates that are considered vulgar sexually
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violence and illegal activity simply requests are so bad we can't even show them on tv customers are very creative in a lot of times you look at the messaging. i don't get it or get it. as someone to say no to mirror without a backwards in it located jones out at you or took us quite a bit of time to decipher some of the plea request on that list. what means one thing to one person might mean something completely different to another. coming up tonight at six you why dmv says the scrutiny is important to citizens and what you need to know before putting in your request laura geller thirteen years now. big changes are in the workforce and tara norfolk general hospital the hospital is adding three floors to the two existing weighs expanding the emergency department and modernizing eighteen operating rooms and you're looking at a rendering of what the hospital will look like once everything is done it will cost nearly two hundred million dollars
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month and will wrap up in two thousand twenty and were told the work will cause traffic problems around me the m s and c h katie over the next few days for presidential candidates will make stops in hampton roads the campaigning starts tomorrow with bernie sanders were looking at the role the commonwealth to play in picking our country's next president and starbucks is changing its loyalty program while you'll have to buy more to get a free treat plus excitement is growing for the oscars could this be the year. leonardo dicaprio goes home with the win experts weigh in on the stars chances and speaking of chances i have some rather high chances for rain here over the next couple of days it won't rain straight three days but it dozen i'll break that all down coming up and now to update and chesapeake as we had for thirteen years now traffic camera. starting with the good news all lanes are now open sixty four eastbound near for sixty four that is falling earlier car fire but
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that remains a one and a half mile back up that extends past battlefield blvd this live look at battlefield so
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some high profile attention for hampton roads in the next few days for presidential candidates are coming into town in advance of next tuesday's primary in virginia by going as been talking to some local political experts about the visit and my surprise when on the political radar screen that's right david they say this is absolutely to be expected if you want to win you have to do well in the neither red nor blue virginia. interestingly
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be one high profile no show norfolk scope will be the place to be for the first in a week long parade of presidential candidates coming to hampton roads first up tuesday it will be democrat bernie sanders holding a rally there and he's not the only one on the way on wednesday republican frontrunner donald trump will speak at regent university followed friday at the same location by ted cruz and then next monday ben carson also at regent lot of boaters and water is one of the population centers of the state and so we're seeing many candidates true but one leading candidate not scheduled to come here at least not yet his democratic frontrunner hillary clinton who use jesse richmond says that's a mistake he thought were important state populations and if she faces they win the general elections you should be
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organization here and it's also an important state for the primaries. given the most recent polling in virginia showing clinton with a twelve point lead on sanders maybe she doesn't feel the need to come here now says cia news quentin cad. i think the clinton campaign probably feels relatively safe about virginia. i think if they started to feel like they were there when they were at risk of losing virginia to bernie sanders would see her hear a lot but i imagine you can see her in the states where she might be worried that the race is a little bit closer. i think that's probably probably why she's not in virginia the race just doesn't feel as close to the clinton campaign so they're not as worried about the need to be a place is rather more worried of course hillary clinton as in virginia on the airwaves she has a pair of tv commercials in rotation right now tomorrow's bernie sanders rally its scope is free and open the public as for the three republican speeches at regent due to a high demand tickets already sold out for those three about the virginia republican and
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tuesday. march first reporting live like getting thirty news now. i so let's run down those appearances from the four presidential candidates here in hampton roads tomorrow morning bernie sanders will hold a rally at norfolk scope wednesday afternoon donald trump will speak at regent university is part of the school's presidential candidate forum ted cruz will be at regent friday night and ben carson will speak at region a week from today. missouri senator claire mccaskill will take a three week absence from the senate mccaskill just an hour she has breast cancer the sixty two year old democrat says she's going to take three weeks off to receive treatment in st louis mccaskill posted online that her breast cancer was detected through a regular mammogram she says is a little scary but her prognosis is good and she expects a full recovery canton police still are searching for a seventeen year old boy were told jared allen suffers from social disability his family hasn't
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he was last seen on evelyn corn off or cut avenue if you know where else might be call police right away. some are wearing a surgical mask robbed a store in williamsburg this morning thirteen is now viewers sent us these pictures of the scene at the valero gas station on york street please tell us a few minutes after the robbery they found a man matching the suspects' description and took him into custody so far no charges have been filed. if you see news happening but is no snap a picture an email to share it at wvu c dot com you can also post them to our facebook or twitter pages i thanks to mother nature the rocket launch originally set for today a wall of silence won't happen until tomorrow morning the multiple users sub orbital is from a carrier or music will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university. mass. as been trying to launch this rocket since december but it kept getting delayed for one reason or another a consumer alert that some starbucks
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the coffee chain announced changes to his loyalty program today right now you get rewarded after twelve transactions will start in april you'll have to spend more than sixty dollars to get a free item that mean dollar coffee will be to visit more than thirty times to get a reward. oh and when the sun times now looking a lot of clouds but also with little rain showing up now on radar not here again over the immediate area let me show it to be a towel just starting to see a few sprinkles out here well west of franklin really farce western and southwestern parts of southampton county over near emporia couple of sprinkles that but you can see we're talking about some very steady precipitation moving here through areas of sort in north central north carolina and that is headed in our direction so we'll
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little bit later this evening meanwhile temperatures are going to drop a whole lot from where they are now at most you're going to get down to forty tonight and even that is only for a few of you out there in few areas that ne when it's going to soar to keep us steady in the lower forties i think for the most part this evening. right now it's fifty oceanic there's a fifty two down to chesapeake regional airport. you can see a fifty three down near the dismal swamp but most of us are in the mid forties here across the south side i get up on the peninsula and when she get wes to the james river. orton well north and west up the peninsula we have also readings a little above fifty. while just like last week right near the water it's in the forties in the same thing with eastern shore lot of forties right near the bay. generally in the forties and get back in line and it is not so cold that's because the wind is coming off the water in the water is very chilly across northeast north carolina while it is warmer back in when the course of
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wind flow. we had everybody almost everybody getting up to some very warm levels here our rain chances tomorrow nearly one hundred percent at six am and then dropping percentages as we go through the morning and by afternoon are going to be a whole lot of areas that are getting wet we can break that down to show it to you here with our future cast this is in the morning hours and then that first batch of rain list to the north leaves us with just a few isolated to maybe scattered showers at times my midday and afternoon and then overnight tomorrow we're going to see some more moisture moving and that'll continue at times early in the day it looks like on wednesday before we get a break wednesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon wednesday heavier showers and storms you can see some storm starting to fire up across the deep south that some of what will move toward us wednesday. so quite breezy kite chilly rain developing late lows down to forty two
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in the morning fact will probably be about forty five in a lot of spots during the morning forty nine for a high eighty percent chance you'll see rain at some point tomorrow again not exclusively in the morning but the heaviest in them rainfall amounts the most amount of coverage should tend to be in the morning sixty five wednesday was some rain early then quite a few breaks and then late in the day some afternoon slash evening thunderstorms some which could be strong will be watching out for that with the high sixty five when it starts cooling down toward the weekend so nothing like we saw last weekend but at least should be sunny sunday yes on something about those sons stephen wright governor terry mcauliffe spent the day with president obama find out what they discussed and the issue mccollum says is crippling the commonwealth and new developments out of kalamazoo michigan where her driver admitted to going on a deadly shooting spree with
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. breaking news right now involving a virginia beach police officer sergeant margin hobbs is in jail right now charged with dwi were told the incident happened overnight in at least one of her children was with her in the car she was a familiar face years ago serving the virginia beach police department as a public information officer. she is now in special investigations and has worked with the department for seventeen years will bring you further details tonight on thirteen years now and eleven the overdrive are accused of going on a random shooting spree in michigan now faces six murder charges today in court forty five year old jason dalton admitted to the shootings investigators say the rampage starting in kalamazoo saturday night outside an apartment complex one woman was seriously hurt there. police say dalton then killed a father and son at a
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were killed in a cracker barrel parking lot that allegiance found several long guns and handguns inside alms home right now there's no reason to think those guns were bought illegally gun control is one topic governor the white house today mcauliffe tweeted this picture from the national governors association meeting with president obama after the meeting the call of two questions about that meeting and the issues discussed from the sikh a virus to the syrian refugee crisis mcauliffe was passionate when asked about sci quest ration i commend the congress of which offer two years but you know as well as i do the percent of the debt to gdp in two years we're going to be right back in this situation we have to begin to think long term but it came to gun control mcauliffe praised a recent bipartisan effort in virginia to keep guns away from domestic abusers and people who can't pass background checks. day one on the job a new police chief in portsmouth already
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from the city's first african american woman police chief how she says she'll tackle the difficult task ahead of her and after hundreds of layoffs newport news shipbuilding is opening a new something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in education, health care and jobs, to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton,
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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the lower healthcare costs and better service when newport news shipbuilding is doing for its employees. i have a difficult task ahead of me i assure you that i am up to the town meet the new top cop in portsmouth could this mean a new start for dep rocked by controversy the answer and more of the fight against voter id laws and how some people feel they're being slighted by historic day of course but tanya chaplin becomes the first african american woman to serve as police chief but her swearing in ceremony was met with the protests led by the family of william chapman the teen shot and killed by an officer last year king was there and eric they hope this is a new beginning for police and community relations. yet the new she talked alot about
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in the department chapman family and the newly appointed chief share the same last name but they're not related and have anya chaplin taken on the role as top cop for the city of portsmouth monday morning as i have been advised again and again i have a difficult task ahead of me i assure you that i am up to the town the chapman says her focus will be reducing the violent crime rate and holding her officers accountable and i promise to shore that up serves up hold that officers would be hell to the highest ethical standards the boat we chat and swearing in ceremony was led by the family of william chapman the unarmed teen shot and killed the ex cop stephen rankin i was not here when it
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changes need to be i was certainly open to meeting with the family didn't seem you know the challenges the changes they would like the seed on the cheek briefly met the chapman's even posing for a picture with the teens mom was a beautiful field. it was a wall feel it was a community of chief chapman's a plane is historic. she's the first female african american police chief to serve in the city that's predominantly black but can we survive we should be reflective of the community as much to the camp in the chapman family says she has their support the hope she can bridge the divide between the us and the community. the grizzlies to the world that she supports with the support her before coming to portsmouth chief chapman served in governor mcauliffe administration as the deputy secretary for public safety and homeland security. eric came thirteen years now lawyers for the democratic party of virginia are in


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