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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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changes need to be i was certainly open to meeting with the family didn't seem you know the challenges the changes they would like the seed on the cheek briefly met the chapman's even posing for a picture with the teens mom was a beautiful field. it was a wall feel it was a community of chief chapman's a plane is historic. she's the first female african american police chief to serve in the city that's predominantly black but can we survive we should be reflective of the community as much to the camp in the chapman family says she has their support the hope she can bridge the divide between the us and the community. the grizzlies to the world that she supports with the support her before coming to portsmouth chief chapman served in governor mcauliffe administration as the deputy secretary for public safety and homeland security. eric came thirteen years now lawyers for the democratic party of virginia are in
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voter id laws some democrats say that the laws requiring voters to show a photo id will suppress minority voters the trial is expected to last about a week and will affect the march first primers democrats filed the lawsuit last year supporters of the law say it's a way to protect against election fraud folks in hampton received absentee ballots with candidates names example right here on this ballot bernie sanders name is at the bottom of the list and it is selected the city of tampa's registrar confirm some test ballots were accidently send out those who receive those faulty ballots will get a phone call or letter from election staff if you receive one of these you have until march first to return the test ballot for an absentee ballot. the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming presidential primaries tomorrow. voters have until five o'clock to submit a request to the local voter registration office to get a ballot you can also put in a
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department of elections citizen portal you have to return their absentee ballots by march first for them to count people can also vote absentee in person until february twenty seven schools will operate on a two hour delay on march first because of the virginia primary. more than forty schools are used as polling places for super tuesday election officials anticipate a large voter turnout which could cause traffic problems for parents and students were told buses will start their routes two hours later than their regular schedule. alumni liquidate their stocks plunged today in pre market trading this follows a new findings released by the centers for disease control and prevention experts now say people exposed to certain types of laminate flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than previously predicted the cdc says the original report had incorrect values making their calculations three times lower than they should've
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people should take steps to reduce exposure suspect police are looking for a man using someone else's debit cards. police say this is the suspect is accused of using three compromised debit cards to withdraw almost two thousand dollars in late january police lake the man to an atm on taylor road in west branch have any information about this crime call the crime line pharaoh heart of the target of a proposed law in virginia lawmakers are weighing whether to let wildlife official shoot the animals from helicopters according to our partners at the virginian pilot the measure would help eliminate destructive cause the back bay national wildlife refuge and false cape state park in virginia beach the animals destroy marshes and can also carry disease can affect livestock the house of delegates push the bill forward this month will the same dress for the job you want but police say one chesterfield county men took things a little too
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looks like a walmart employee but police say he's a shoplifting suspect were told last month this man went into a colonial heights store unloaded for flat screen t v's into a cart he left the store through the emergency exit and loaded the team eased into a truck police are looking for the suspect called the silent killer you can smell it taste it or say it how carbon monoxide poisoning claimed the lives and entire family and how you can protect yours and if you're headed out this evening if you are going to be out for another hour so you won't need to worry about the umbrella but after that i'd take it one of a lot of rain the next couple days i'll let you know more what you're headed out about virginia beach who are gonna have to worry about traffic onto sixty four as we head to our camera we do have a new accident to sixty four westbound on the outside to you can see the accident scene right here behind
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. an entire family found dead from
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the youngest just two years old a couple and their four young children were all found dead in their michigan home over the weekend. fire officials say they were using a generator inside the home because of a power outage the poisonous fumes leaked into their house. neighbors say it's hard to describe what it's like losing this family. we lost power about twenty minutes leading attacks from when asking him to power was out in the edit out all over him and we text back and forth to about nine thirty and that was a hero and later on we left we see the lights on at the house only we knew it his generator that was the last time the neighbor heard from that family officials say it was unclear if there were any carbon monoxide detectors in the home. carbon monoxide is a silent killer you can't see it smell it or feel it carbon oxide can come from heaters generators home appliances and cars just to
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the flu dizziness light headedness nausea and headaches. those symptoms can lead to a coma and death officials urge people to have working carbon monoxide detectors in their home an update to the water crisis in flint michigan a professor from the university of michigan is finish mapping out the city's lead pipelines flint mayor now has the information to use after announcing all lead pipes in the city will be replaced the professor who led the mapping project says he doesn't want to stop by just removing dangerous pipes total of this total utter pain in the city and not only him a blood price but also get what's on people's homes and the fixtures ahead may contain lead to data shows there are more than a thousand lead service lines in flint when pipe replacement starts cruise reportedly will prioritize homes the tested high for wed and homes where young children live. hollywood's leading actors will battle it out for the top spot this
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up for some big awards next bus a couple going to the chapel almost didn't get there when their car burst into flames coming up their narrow escape and coming up at six horrifying moments for
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense.
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(donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. please will you be one of the tour. just days
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this year's list of oscar nominees for best actor a stack nearly all of one and oscar or have been nominated before the many eyes are on leonardo dicaprio on whether the five time nominee will finally take home the gold statue abc's brandy hit reports the br hollywood's leading men the conclusion for oscar gold. it's such an extraordinary by this year's best actor nominees include bryan cranston matt damon leonardo dicaprio michael fests pender and that made fresh off his win last year i am a lucky lucky man damon starring in the martian is also an oscar winner taking home in eighteen eighty eight best original screenplay alongside friend ben affleck and everybody back in austin watching us eighteen years later i think it's that this is great and smell the roses
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of steve jobs you me and from those bryan cranston is up for his first oscar ever i'm delirious about him really happy on the but this year's favorite is dicaprio in the brutal form of evidence it's it's just immersed in this world. it's very rewarding. here was one of the stars has since re nominated every single year and shockingly has never won a book that dicaprio in nineteen eighty four know what's eating gilbert grape the aviator blood diamond and the wolf of wall street by the bats going and this year this is his year in fact a chubby with only one choice including a screen actors guild and golden globe by daddy takes up his first easter sunday abc news hollywood. the official thirteen news now oscars viewing party is this sunday and you're invited to parties etc cafes pembroke meadows location on independence boulevard virginia beach
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five. it is free will have plenty of games prizes and an eight foot oscar statue for all of the self is you might want to take. seating is limited so you might want to get there early. phil has his wife answered questions under oath today in a defamation lawsuit against her husband bill cosby faced a deposition in a lawsuit brought against the comedian by seven women who claim he sexually assaulted them decades ago lawyers for the cause the sake of milk has these conversations with her husband are confidential the women allege bill cosby defame them by calling them liars. after they went public with the sexual assault allegations. he's denied the allegations and filed a counter suit fallout over the fatal shooting of michael brown via ferguson police officer is far from over a federal judge now is designing with the release the names of those who testified before the grand jury reports say attorneys for the brown family want to
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even though witnesses are more promise that their names would be kept secret. violent protests broke out after the grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson for shooting michael brown in twenty fourteen two people are hurt after their car collided with an amtrak train in st louis county authorities say the accident happened around six o'clock this morning. first responders took those two people to the hospital right now the extent of their injuries not been released i had a pretty mild weekend plenty of sunshine but things my cold out of it this weekend. jeff what do we expect for the week ahead little bit of a roller coaster temperatures course over the weekend were at one point yesterday actually exactly twenty degrees above normal but i can get quite that warm by wednesday but we will have a big rise again heading into mid week but we've had the cooler weather today as you stated and we're going to continue to see that a little bit again tomorrow right now pretty solid batch of moisture moving out of north carolina and eventually
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virginia. not severe at all no thunder no lightning way that you can see a couple of very light little areas of precipitation out ahead of some of it's definitely the stuff in virginia beach not even reaching the ground a little bit of sprinkle probably out here near franklin. so it's time it out again. not severe at all but here's when you would definitely need the umbrella as you get under this batch around roanoke rapids at five forty eight murfreesboro around six forty all the way upto around reynolds center at seven fourteen is moving in about thirty to thirty three mph lots of clouds out there they are beginning to thicken as that moisture moves in from the south. so continue thickening in terms of the clouds this evening otherwise just breezy and chilly temperatures really not dropping much from where they are at least near the coastline our high temperatures today. this is a little bit deceiving because this was early this morning around midnight in fact before the front went through during the day we haven't
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kinds of numbers. here's that little batch of moisture we said tracking it closer to the area during the evening take the umbrella definitely most areas are lot of areas will not get wet but some will and then the later and later we go in the evening in the overnight more and more of the wet weather that tomorrow and then temperatures during the afternoon fairly close to where they normally are this time of year which is run fifty two and you can see a lot of clouds but we don't think we're going see a lot of rain late tonight early tomorrow we will but not a lot of rain tomorrow during the day certainly from mid morning or late morning on in the afternoon. it'll be very isolated and more hit and miss in terms of the rain and then temperatures tomorrow evening and overnight will be milder than normal as a pretty brisk wind starts to come in out of the southeast and that leads to temperatures that are much warmer than on wednesday with some morning showers then a
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or late afternoon slash evening thunderstorms here is the first system that actually the one with the rain tonight into tuesday the one that's going to bring some stronger storms potentially wednesday is way out in the southwest arizona and new mexico's a quite breezy chilly tonight rain developing as we get a little bit later on in the evening occasional showers heaviest in mainly in the morning however as winds north northeast gusting to twenty five and then a separate system coming in wednesday with a chance of some of those heavier showers and storms wednesday afternoon slash evening sixty five and going back off behind that front. so a little bit chilly as we head into the weekend then eventually warming back up again some by sunday monday i am a rare birth story on a farm a towel in west michigan gave birth to a set of triplets over the weekend the chance of a cow having triplets is one is in a hundred thousand to have same sex triplets is one in seven hundred thousand
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twice a day whole milk from mom of course by the way the vet says that mama cow is doing just fine. the wedding party in the back of a cop car may not sound like happily ever after but first responders in massachusetts say the couple's special day when their car burst into flames the couple was a few blocks from the altar this weekend when their car caught on fire the flames hopped into their vehicle and the brakes when the two have been together nearly thirty years seems like the couple gave the term jumping the broom and await a new meaning when he told me the job. i think i jumped so high but i mostly just get out the cot get out the car because the flames are just going all over the place then she reminded me the rings with the window there in the cost goong will never forget this fire fighters were able to get those rings out of the car and police caught the couple to the church on time personalized plates are popular across virginia but
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meets the dmv standards thirteen is now investigates why hundreds of plates get rejected every year and the shocking story tonight at six a woman sexually assaulted robbed and abducted a juvenile is one of the people charged in this file in case. next here how the woman survived that attack but forcing layoffs and more demand to control and newport news shipbuilding now the company has something new that could
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. new health care center is opening for newport news shipbuilding employees and their families the building is located across the street from the shipyard in washington between forty fifth and forty six treats to her took a tour of the new facility and talk
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and he told you the location was very important that's why david he emphasized convenience seeing how crucial it is to provide quality low cost care with easy access. it's still two weeks from opening its doors with the newport news shipyard new family health center is already raking in appointments a good sign for company leaders that employees will take advantage of the new resource what we really believe is that give thought to give our boy is an opportunity to go get health care at all in a very reasonable cost. very easily accessible to the yard the convenience was stressed by shipyard president matt mohair and there was lot so there's lots of empty places where we could put this in the hampton roads area but we said right here. this is the place where it needs to be he says already twelve thousand employees are eligible under their anthem health plans with sets this apart from an already existing center inside
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wellness in primary care i think what's unique about us is in addition to lab and x ray. we also have the while most folks so we have on site petitions and we also have certified diabetes educators really provide that that wellness aspect know in total the center supervisor says they have more than thirty full time staff for a quarter of those are primary care providers said tori has forty apartments ready to go on march first. she knew her thirteen years now. that's all we have a five thirty thirteen is now at six starts with a disturbing attack in virginia beach. a woman runs for life after two men sexually assaulted robbed and abducted her in virginia beach we broke this story first on twitter please tell us that woman was attacked at the wingate inn on north hampton blvd yesterday police
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ronnie anderson for sexual assault and robbery and two when all is also charged with robbery and abduction. jenny lee has more on how the victim escaped. it was about thirty minutes after midnight. the woman was just getting out of her car heading towards her hotel room police say twenty two year old ronnie anderson came up to her with a knife and demanded money. a second suspect was under each also had a night he took the woman's purse and went through her belongings when they couldn't find anything police say anderson forced the woman back into the car in return we come here to starbucks. it's the same area that this crime took place happened and the police say the suspects then drove her to this seven eleven just down the street and police even men came into the store with conviction and headed for the atm machine. that's when the woman saw a window of opportunity to escape
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the victim told them she had been raped. the suspects ran from the store and the clerks immediately locked the doors and called police. it's actually kind of shocking my son works right there at the krispy kreme and here at night quite often on picking him up and i both consider this a pretty safe place k nine units race track the suspects at the o'connell lodge motel on north hampton blvd that's right across the street from the wingate hotel where the woman was initially assaulted both suspects face robbery and abduction charges anderson is also being charged with forcible sodomy and sexual penetration with an object jenny b thirteen use noun not a toy store we broke at five o'clock today virginia beach police sargent marty haws is in jail charged with driving while intoxicated. we just learned she has a bond hearing set for tomorrow police say she is on administrative duty during the investigation we're told the incident happen overnight and at least one of her children was with her in
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on the story on thirteen is now at eleven a man is shot to death in a car in hampton on the search is on for the killer. this was breaking news this morning police found a thirty five year old remain jackson shot at a home on palate and parkway around four a m medics last into the hospital where he died reporter marsala robertson spoke with neighbors who say they are in fear because of the violence might be fifty this morning for like three big banks are smart and ticketed or brian winston soon realized those banks were gunshots were heard by this chaos the whole of spain police say a man inside this car was gunned down just before four o'clock this morning we've now learned that man is thirty five year old jermaine jackson who missed the boat with a new report about the red by jackson never made it to the hospital. if you move or no deal programs just ordered a bed with my wilson was just
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the shooting happened selangor police say jackson was sitting in the driver side of the card that was parked in the backyard of someone's home. neighbors say he was visiting a friend and was shot while he was trying to leave police were on scene for hours investigating the situation has some people questioning how safe their neighborhood really is hard to get them to live and try to keep myself in the ward issue is whose is whose. no five percent on the way any empty and marcella roberts in thirteen years now it's becoming more common sight dozens of first responders in hazmat suits spending hours cleaning up meth labs. police across the region a busted five suspected meth labs this month three of those investigation happened in newport news today newport news firefighters sent out a message to the public about these operations. christina's or j co has more a stern warning about mass plants getting involved in an


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