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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the shooting happened selangor police say jackson was sitting in the driver side of the card that was parked in the backyard of someone's home. neighbors say he was visiting a friend and was shot while he was trying to leave police were on scene for hours investigating the situation has some people questioning how safe their neighborhood really is hard to get them to live and try to keep myself in the ward issue is whose is whose. no five percent on the way any empty and marcella roberts in thirteen years now it's becoming more common sight dozens of first responders in hazmat suits spending hours cleaning up meth labs. police across the region a busted five suspected meth labs this month three of those investigation happened in newport news today newport news firefighters sent out a message to the public about these operations. christina's or j co has more a stern warning about mass plants getting involved in an
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very dangerous chief stephen pincus with a new porn use fire department is speaking out about the recent busts we do take this very seriously concerned about our other citizens who may be exposed to the products in the by product of the manufacturing the chemicals that are used can be lethal. d contaminating the spaces where the drugs were made as a tedious and rather dangerous process here in newport news there at least six hazmat technicians there ready to respond at any time of the days you can not do their job is extremely dangerous and here is how they protect themselves these suits that they gear up and are both chemical proof in flash meaning that if there is an explosion these technicians will be safe just the right conditions the amount of air we introduced as we enter can be enough to cause an explosion that can be extremely hazardous our sponsors. jeff thurman is the captain of the new port
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the telltale signs of a meth lab are scattered bottles the smell of chemicals in on usual foot traffic in and out of the house. these are signs that police want you to recognize in anonymously report. we want our citizens to be safe we want to bring an end to this in our community because we want to commute you to be a safe and that wonderful place to live in newport news christopher j co thirteen years now as we mentioned police on the southside also have dealt with meth labs this month norfolk police busted a suspected lab yesterday and park place officers were investigating a domestic dispute reportedly found meth making materials in an apartment on twenty seventh street police charged lance otis with making and possessing math he's in jail without bond. another man at the scene received a criminal summons for frequenting a drug house and ten days ago chesapeake police arrested a man on meth charges investigators say ernest
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in addition to the drug charges brock also has a warrant for identity theft in isle of wight county despite his recent legal troubles virginia beach mayor will such sums as looking to hold onto a seat and he says he has the citizens of virginia beach on the side. truly people know that i love our city and the most with the very best mark in four thirteen is now matched with the mayor at his home today he says his conflict of interest case is behind him and he is ready to help the city move forward so far there are no other candidates and the race for virginia beach mayor for the last fifteen years he was a leading voice for justice and the families of the seventeen falling uss cole sailors move gone lost his son sharon and the october two thousand terrorist attack against the guided missile destroyer he pushed politicians for answers on why the alleged mastermind of the tag is
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the senior mr gunn lost his own battle this past weekend he died at the age of fifty five following an illness he is remembered as a tireless and forget for the cole sailors and their families he really had a perch for think there's anybody that just because none really good terms with that or spend any time at all with the gun worked as a grief counselor for the va he leaves behind funeral arrangements are still pending. one person is hard after a vehicle slammed into an office laundromat police tweeted this picture of the damage at the soap and suds on chesapeake boulevard in five points. medics took minor injuries police have not said how the crash happened or if the driver faces charges a new video of
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guard those fisherman rowing a boat near the oregon inlet on the outer banks yesterday their vessel started taking on water and the coast guard launched a helicopter crew and a boat crew to rescue the man those rescue crews had to get the boat to shore and the one with hearts the virginia presidential primary is almost hear the candidates are trying to will happen roads voters find out which big names will visit the region this week names sports teams and hobbes the dmv will let you know a lot of things that you put on your license plate but not every idea makes the cost and temperatures little bit warmer tomorrow but then a big warm up mid week that
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increased the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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. they are the race for the white house comes to hampton roads four
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scheduled to hit the campaign trail here over the next seven days like getting tons of local political experts say politicians can afford to cannot there's just too many electoral college votes at stake. thirteen and in a state that could either go red or blue would see a lot of the candidates coming up over the next week and half as they do their best to sell virginians on what they're selling norfolk scope will be the place to be for the first in a week long parade of presidential candidates coming to hampton roads first up tuesday it will be democrat bernie sanders holding a rally there and he's not the only one on the way on wednesday republican frontrunner donald trump will speak at regent university followed friday at the same location by ted cruz and then next monday ben carson also at regent. but one leading candidate not scheduled to come here at least not yet is democratic
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who use jesse richmond says that's a mistake he thought were important state populations and if she faces they win the general elections you should be working to build an organization here and it's also an important state for the primaries. given the most recent polling in virginia showing clinton with a twelve point lead on sanders maybe she doesn't feel the need to come here now says cia news quentin cad. i think the clinton campaign probably feels relatively safe about virginia. i think if they started to feel like they were there when they were at risk of losing virginia to bernie sanders would see her hear a lot but i imagine you can see her in the states where she might be worried that the race is a little bit closer. of course hillary you count the airwaves she in the rotation right now here on abc thirty and tomorrow bernie sanders rally at scope is free and open the public now as for
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at regent later in the week due to high demand tickets already sold out for them reporting live like that in thirteen years now races for state workers and more money for virginia schools those are some of the things lawmakers are pushing for in their budgets the state senate and house both released their proposals yesterday. those plans call for more funds for schools than the governor's plan and house plan calls for a bigger pay raise for state employees now republican led general assembly and the democratic governor will work to combine the proposals into a two year budget. it's easy to get a custom license plates in virginia but keep it clean thirteen is now investigates what you need to know to get your submission from being
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one to three. if your name your favorite sports team you can see in the solar system of things people put on personalized license plates here in virginia but did you know there's a strict vetting process for what the dmv allows on plates and hundreds are rejected every year investigative reporter laurie geller is here with how you can keep your place clean. well that sometimes a license plate can tell you a lot about a person may be the driver in front of you has a sense of humor check out this plate it says rhodes scholar a play on the road scholarship or you can tell when a person like today to do this one here says bicycle those two license plates cleared clearly got approved by the dmv but we've got the reason there is a lengthy list every year a place that won't get the stamp of approval to get stamped the you've probably noticed and you're stuck in traffic stopped at a red light and in between the brake lights on the car in front of you you
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smile i had to return the love of my life and the fur babies and thinking about the victoria phillips plate is a shout out to her two pups are what is it like it mean you don't have a sheet cake let it be to get one. darnell parker's license plate might make you think he likes to fish but that's not the case for nine catch its tail or concern about the local provider. we had are now in victoria check out the list we got of play tuesday and be denied in just the last year. what about the murder. uh clean up the hill in a victorious downplayed a few of them offensive the head of the text and it made in the sky kidnapped got the red
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a no even dope god was rejected and of course some plate requests are so bad that we can even show them on tv or something like that. so what you need to know to make sure your personalized plate request gets the greenlight the we went straight to dmv spokesperson brandi broom maker to get you answers the door to the messages we receive are fine and a very legitimate according to the dmv guidelines you can have anything that can be seen as vulgar sexually explicit acts for tori related used to describe intimate body parts or anything that encourages violence. customers are very committed a lot of times you look at the message and i don't get it i get it and someone to say to me or without a backwards in it located jumps out at you that on my system flags some of the inappropriate message is that employees take a second
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questionable requests. what means something to one person that mean something completely different to someone else and while some people think the intense scrutiny is unnecessary but they mostly tend to like this available only through baker explains the bottom line we do our best to try to shift the inappropriate messages off of the road and if you'd like to take a look at some of the messages flagged by dmv we've created a slideshow for you you can check it out on our website and the thirteen years now facebook page. let us know what you think they might mean for a gal or thirteen years now. so you see a pretty decent sized area of rain moved from north carolina up for the virginia border it's mainly going to affect extreme south side or northeast north carolina left next couple of hours one or two little tiny showers out ahead of it even see one of
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from franklin back up here through extreme southern isle of wight kinda sorta north central areas of sa pick some that might not even be reaching the ground. this is definitely some study or and heavier area of areas of moisture and that's working its way sort of to the east northeast not severe at all often we will track severe weather for you in this case it's a nuisance whether you're going to need the umbrella if you're under this whereas under that you might not so gideon idea when it'll hit your area. new sms at around six fifty four franklin seven sixteen. boaz around seven thirty five downtown suffolk at seven fifty one and that's assuming it continues its current rate of speed and its current direction of movement right now it's just mostly cloudy out there forty four will be holding at around forty three or forty four to the evening with a few showers by nine o'clock. occasional showers then by midnight and some steady rain during the overnight you can see newport news is a little warmer than southside your
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elizabeth city in a slightly cooler chili or forty two right now at wall of silence take me back to this morning a few pics of clouds once and accuse me of sun through the clouds once in awhile but in general not a bad day temperatures course nothing like this all over the weekend we were upper sixties to lower seventies both days depending on your exact location. there comes that first batch of whether thickening a little bit later this evening in the overnight hours and so pretty wet at times late tonight early tomorrow and then will start to see the rain chance is going down. i expect will be many areas that do not get any precipitation for several hours at a time tomorrow afternoon and into the evening as you can see tempers be pretty close to normal and then tomorrow night into early wednesday will see another batch of rain this is from a separate system that will come through and by late in the day bring us a chance of some severe weather tomorrow. this line will be creating some possible tornadoes across
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tornado warnings with on tuesday in the deep south hopefully we can keep those kinds of warnings out of here but i have to watch that pretty carefully look as rain chances dropping as we go from early tomorrow in the afternoon becoming much much more isolated here's the first of the two systems swinging tortoise so tonight forty two quite breezy and chilly rain continuing to develop later on this evening my scattered showers in the morning isolated showers in the afternoon and still some isolated showers during the evening and the rest of the forecast for the next seven days is going to look like this forty nine tomorrow heaviest of the rain again in the morning and then not a whole lot throughout the day sixty five wednesday with some morning rain many breaks and then some afternoon slash evening storms which could be heavy and trending back down as we head toward the weekend but clearing out as well as i write up by some of those showers may hit during the morning commute again so check in with thirteen is now at day break before you head
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the latest forecast and ashley will track into delays out there on the road i may give the a proud and excited for her junior champion at the townsend ward burton two thousand to and from denny hamlin i'm sure it was all the skills he learned at langley speedway as the mini stock track champion in nineteen ninety seven. add to that eleven years in the sprint cup level in a daring move the end but we'll get them the first taylor hart junior love this car so much to give her name emilia and her millie and her heart and part she was really fast but too hard to handle for dale earnhardt jr with thirty laps to go this is the last lap hamlin in fourth place working his way of got pushed by kevin harvick comes down in a mad kansas and at this point it somehow can't say that and we get the rig down the stretch. truex is going to win the sixers car out front at the very end hamlin squeaked by and virtually a photo finish and wins by that much. chesterfield virginia
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. i well according to espn williams burst keith hornsby is going to miss the rest of his senior season at lsu in the report says he re aggravated a hernia that he had recovered from earlier this year on the game on saturday he missed the first seven games this season with a hernia he of course is the son of bruce hornsby what the some of his high school points per game this year is a three point specialist for lsu and it looks like he's of this season. jenny sends your conference usa player of
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this season lady monarchs top layer at a terrific week twenty eight points against one the best scenes made investing the conference western kentucky and then she went twenty two points twelve rebounds for first double double on saturday that was against marshall those girls are good t something is just fundamentally broken when african americans are more likely to be arrested by police, and sentenced to longer prison terms, for doing the same thing that whites do. ...when too many encounters with law enforcement end tragically. we need investments in
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to counter generations of neglect. we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. at humana, we know when you have your health... ...great things are ahead of you like seeing old friends or making new ones, learning some moves or showing off your skills and being free to keep on exploring. choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead.
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breaking news tonight in the race for the white house. the major resignation. also, donald trump, is he now unstoppable? rubio and cruz, battling to be the alternative. but with both of them in, does it help trump? >> you're going to say, please, please mr. president. we can't stand it anymore. we don't want to keep winning. >> and tonight, has hillary clinton turned a corner? inside the seven hours of terror. six dead. and you will hear from the passengers who got into his uber car before and after the shootings. what he said to them. the storm system tonight, in the south, possible tornadoes, hail and about to move right up the east coast. major snow right behind it. the consumer alert tonight. the cdc now pointing to a
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saying there are possible cancer risks. the alarming new numbers. and forever young. he's 1she's 106, and she's teaching the president and the first lady how to dance. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with fast-moving developments in the race for the white house. tonight, we learned of a key resignation on the republican side, amid the bigger question at this point, can anyone catch up to donald trump? trump winning big in south carolina, after a major win in new hampshire. and no republican who has won both new hampshire and south carolina has ever lost the nomination. still, trying to catch up tonight, senator marco rubio, who finds himself at war with ted cruz. and tonight, senator cruz asking a key member of his team to step down after what's been called a dirty trick. and here are the numbers as we head into the nevada caucuses tomorrow. donald trump, 26 points ahead.


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