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spokesman tells us this happened early last night and he wouldn't say exactly when or where this happened. brian farrell has been working to get more information about this case and about sergeant homes her career with virginia beach police department seemingly on hold sargent marty hobbs is in jail charged with dui the mother of two driving with at least one of her daughter sunday when police say she was drunk but alcohol level more than twice the legal limit with an outhouse is heading towards dam neck annex when she got into some kind of a wreck we don't know how bad the wreck was or what she was doing in the area in the first place isa did initiating the gb hobbs who has been with the department for seventeen year span a number of them as a spokeswoman for it she moved up to sergeant leading the spokeswoman position behind his regular role she has been working in the department's investigative division and now is on administrative assignment while criminal and administrative investigations take place. haas declined a request for an interview should have a bond hearing tuesday morning in virginia
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news now about a robbery at a dollar general in newport news small store workers and customers were inside which still is a man with a gun when inside the store on york boulevard just before seven thirty and demanded money the suspect had his mouth covered was wearing gloves and a black knit cap. no one was hurt that robber got away the rain moved in this evening and it looks like he's going to hang around tomorrow jeff is tracking the rain and how this could affect your commute tomorrow morning. yes i've certainly the earlier the commute is the better chances for rain later. below are the odds will be the farther north the higher the odds of either south the better the odds let me show you why break it all down as you can see we have rain across the area still pretty light here across parts of the metro you see the darker greens and then especially the yellows it's definitely a little bit heavier as billy's right now showing that it is indeed light but then you get down the south that's where the amounts are a little bit heavier and we're going to continue to watch overnight
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that adds up eventually anywhere between let's say four tenths of a mansion maybe f three quarters of an inch. let's average it out and call at around half an inch is our thinking at this point but again here's the breakdown of it as we go through the overnight into tomorrow it's going to lift to the north so the higher odds early in the day is going to be to the north lesser odds down to the south and then once we get to seven thirty sort of middle portion to rush our chili with a few isolated areas of rain and by nine o'clock it's certainly more to the north again at that point so it really will depend on your area of the spots were training tomorrow spots where it isn't and then quite a bit of a break during the day with no rain at all. or maybe a stray shower and then we talk about another precipitation batch moving i'll have more on that coming up kitchen fires for three people out of their home and off and fire officials tell us a man inside the home on salt point road near chesapeake
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on his own crews found the fire in the kitchen and say it was quickly spreading they got the fire out but there was smoke damage throughout that home. one adult and two kids were all displaced several firefighters are trying to figure out what causes several small fires along the interstate today this happened along i six sixty four between pews fill road and bridge road were told there were and nine small fires along the median this afternoon earning less than half an acre combined for ten of its mare will set since announcing today he'll seek re election systems told us he believes his conflict of interest cases behind him and his decision to seek a third term is the result of a lot of soul searching. annie le beau sat down with america's home today to hear his plans to keep the city moving forward after overwhelming support from the community mayor will says and will seek re election despite his
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mistake and hope people will accept my apology. mayor will says it is wasted no time coming out in addressing the issue on many people's minds. last december the mayor was found guilty of violating the state's conflict of interest law. he was said to and casting votes while on council that benefited his previous employer town bank. he pled no contest. i had a twelve month investigation about me and they were three check their tails they went through everything i did it the city of virginia beach and at all town bank and the film clearly that there was no personal benefit from a whole my employer but after months of what the mayor called soul searching. he's decided to run for mayor for a third term he says the city of virginia beach has a pretty good track record he's ready to continue to work with the people to make sure
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the best and the city is safe i'm so proud of all the homework or windows and i just enjoy supporting these wonderful people there doing so much to make our city great in virginia beach i near you are both thirteen years now and so far there are no other candidates in the virginia beach mayoral race an historic day today in parts mother tanya top and then became the first female african american woman to serve as chief of police or swearing in ceremony was not with a protest led by the family of william chapman the teen shot and killed by an officer last year the chapman family says they support the new chief and they hope she can be a bridge that divides the police department and the community to stop and met with the family and posed for picture i was not here when it happens i can say with those changes need to be ours certainly i'm open to meeting with the family didn't seem to know what their issues are you know the challenges
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to see done before coming to portsmouth chief top and served as as government on the college administration as the deputy secretary for public safety and homeland security a man was killed overnight in hampton and tonight the shooter is still on the run and happen in power ten parkway near shell road this morning. police identified the victim as thirty five year old jermaine jackson. officers found his body and a car were told he was sitting in the driver's side and the car was parked in the backyard of a home neighbors say he was visiting a friend in the shot when he was trying to leave there is no suspect information at this time virginia beach police a woman escaped after being robbed not before one of her attackers allegedly raped her police arrested twenty two charged him with sexual assault and robbery the second suspect a juvenile happened after midnight yesterday outside the wingate boulevard were told the victim was forced into a
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assaulted then made to drive to a nearby seven eleven atm that's where she was able to run for help. it's actually kind of shocking my son works are either at the krispy kreme and i'm here at night quite often on picking him up and i both consider this a pretty safe place. canines were able to track the suspects to the o'connell lodge which was right across the street. sixteen year old engine helicopter crash last week near pearl harbor is died hospital officials and why say the teen died today and his family decided to donate his organs the young man and three family members were visiting from canada when their tour helicopter crashed into the water near the pearl harbor visitor center last thursday to family members remained hospitalized in stable condition. another was treated and released federal agencies still are investigating the cause of that crash and the second man is charged with six martyrs tonight police say he was on a shooting rampage this
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sense as in the one driver authorities insist the killings were random abc's elizabeth hall reports he admitted to the killings and prosecutors say he is not remorseful g singleton all forty five year old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders dry and dull. yes the mover driver turned accused killer appeared before a judge via video anything you wish to tell at this time i heard just the way there was a performance to the house there was additional evidence recovered their labor confirming don't pass the background check. what set him off. police don't know intentional is deliberate as cold and this was not a just a a momentary lapse at the white house in
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of shooting eight people at three different locations in kalamazoo michigan on saturday killing six and injuring two film reportedly picking up passengers in between the shootings kind of guy he is gentle on speeding ally and then finally once he came to stop i jumped on a car ran away. matt millen says he called nine one one after that frightening ride with bill that was about an hour before the first shooting and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of the customers during the rampage i have hardly gotten said. if you're arguing he a he said no told his family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and that they are praying for everyone affected his next court date is set for march third elizabeth her abc news new york at the rhodes gets a spot on the campaign trail over the next week for candidates will be here over the next seven days with
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one candidate who may be a no show at the ballot you get in the mail and may not be the life form will tell you what you need to look out for
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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sanders as a rally tomorrow at norfolk scope donald trump and ted cruz will speak at regent university this week and a week from today ben carson will be a region one high profile candidate on the democratic side right there who hasn't announced an event here is hillary clinton we talked to two local political experts today about that one believes it's a mistake for clinton to skip virginia for now but seniors quentin kidd told us with a twelve point lead over bernie sanders in virginia. clinton may be okay. i think the clinton campaign probably feels relatively safe about virginia. i think if they started to feel like they were there when they were at risk of losing virginia to bernie sanders would see her here lie the party sanders rally tomorrow scope is free and open to the public the republicans event at regent. they're sold out some voters in hampton may have received eight ballads and standards and absentee ballots the ballots already
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mark this is an example of one bernie sanders name was already selected the city of fountains registrar confirms some test ballots were mistakenly sent out people receive these faulty ballots will get a phone call or letter from election staff if you receive one you have until march first two are trying to cast a ballot for an absentee ballot deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming presidential primary is tomorrow. voters have until five o'clock to submit a request to their local voter registration registration office you have to return your absentee ballot by marge forrest for them to count you can also vote absentee in person until february twenty seven voters who successfully sued to strike down north carolina's congressional districts still are making demands they want a federal court to quickly review the new map approved last week by the general assembly to determine if it's legal
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filed a motion today asking for a three judge panel to decide by mid march whether the new lines are legal the judges throughout the first and twelveth districts claiming they were racially gerrymandering as of now the general assembly has delayed the march fiftieth congressional primaries until june seven the building is getting ready to open a health center for employees and their families is near the shipyard on washington avenue between forty fifth and forty sixth streets huntington ingalls industries says the facility is staffed with more than thirty full time employees and about one quarter of them are primary care providers others include citations and certified diabetes educators employees and their families covered by anthem health plan can use the clinic and a low cost. everyday these are spend time with but doing things that are so much bigger than they are that they forget about health care is a part of and taken care
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that's why this location that's why we've chosen to do this as family health center opens next week on marge forrest and the shipyard presidents as they already have dozens of appointments for opening day well get ready for some big changes at some terrible for general hospital officials today told us they're launching a five year expansion project that will add three floors to the facility. the two hundred million dollar project also includes an expansion to the emergency department and operating rooms. this is what the new facility will look like once everything is finished. construction starts next month and will wrap up in twenty twenty drivers in the area should expect a few traffic problems rocket launch is set for tomorrow morning at wallace island weather canceled today the sounding rocket will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university nasa has been trying to launch the rocket since december but there have been several delays because of
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told the launch is set for sometime between nine thirty and noon. our tracking rain across the irritation is that the top the broadcast also everything in motion show it to you again lot of rain across the area but not everywhere just most locations but some of the spots we see the light color green. those are very very light areas of precipitation once again and the darker green it's a little bit heavier and then certainly the yellow is where we can even some of the reds oranges where we had some significant downpours at times but again it's not a huge amount of rain when i show you just the past though what is this six hours as we've gone into the evening we started to see rain falling but not shown due amounts under a tent in and so we don't yet have a tenth of an inch here across the south side but you get down into north carolina and it certainly is on that order
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of the greens way up there by the interstate indicating almost an inch of precipitation that's about the weather that's headed toward us later tonight right now forty four light rain winds out of the northeast that won't bear much pressure out there right now look at all of these forty four hrs forty three is hardly any pifference in the temperature across the region little bit warmer in virginia beach but really everybody in that very tight little range. meanwhile high temperatures today this is the seating that's why i want to show it to you. so when you look at the front page of the paper tomorrow or maybe online to look at and say gosh it did not feel that warm. that was just after midnight. of course you are expecting that if you're watching evident all over the weekend or ie show in the mornings for that matter after that temperatures went straight downhill to the day and there were quite chilly today. meanwhile i can really see where the jet stream has retreated up into canada right now it's just the northeast part of the us that is seeing the colder
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system forms here and heads across the deep south it's going to pull some of the sixties that you can see in places like new orleans and orlando right up the coastline over us to let me show you that. here's the patches of rain overnight to continue into early tomorrow. still lot of rain early tomorrow especially northern areas and then it continues to lift out and really i don't expect much rain once we get past mid morning for most of us there'll be a number of hours tomorrow where it goes without any rain at all and there be a couple of isolated showers and more hours without any rain later tomorrow night in dc captured by the way back up near fifty and then tomorrow night we start to see another batch of moisture moving in. i think this may be a little under done i would put in some more wet weather here on the wednesday matt and then that breaks up we get. again not much rain during this sort of middle portions of the day wednesday and then here comes a line of showers and maybe even some thunderstorms as temperatures
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them for wednesday and watch and see if some of those thunderstorms have the potential to get a little bit stronger and then isolated showers possible very early in the thursday's would call back off about ten degrees eight to ten and the need to chill your friday before things improve sunday i think that we are tracking the other day and night before you head out tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now at day break starting at four thirty i'm in college hoops uva keeps climbing in the polls coming up in sports will see
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honor by near uva. a nasa pioneer received a special honor today at the aerospace center in hampton. doctor catherine johnson was the first black female mathematician for nasa she is one smart lady one of the most notable thing she did was calculate the path of the apollo eleven mission to them alone. she was called a human computer current and
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lined up today to sing her praises. this is the agency which is the reason for the movie on how the kids really seem to be smart today a bench was dedicated to dr johnson again a movie will be made to tell her beautiful woman i feel the smarts our list of uva hopes the latest rankings around even though they had some trouble last week they rose to number three in the country. no time for breather another challenge tonight at number twelve miami and the canes were up by ten in the second half not to broaden happened. his first eight shots the second half the va regained the lead but then the canes one on to lead by a lack of broad the top of your screen. uva gets to within three with two minutes ago then was london parental is off the field
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good looking shot got them to within one four seconds ago they didn't go the length of the corner three pointer for enters into put one up from half court almost and it does not go. uva loses sixty four sixty one robert jones and his norfolk state spartans hosting cough and stay tonight cop and jumped onto a fourteen point lead in the first the first ten minutes of the game. here come the spartans o preston being gay with the slam with a good feed from jeff short short led them in scoring with seventeen tom robinson and won the comeback is on charles oliver is going to put up a long three pointer and goes by halftime. norfolk state tied up in the second half they just poured it on charles oliver again and the spartans won eighty five to seventy seven and was on the road they beat delaware state eighty two seventy two
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good clean food, waits for anyone who orders it. order online and avoid the line. at panera. food as it should be. i may change things up a high school basketball this year for state you when your regional quarterfinal game in your ticket to the state has an expanded field tonight the regional quarterfinals win here you go on a loser go home. hampton against real landmark case got one for the crab with a one lane the third quarter this is a tight game still here for green run john nobles with a block in the stallions led fifty to forty six back of champion matthias came or pulls up for the jumper and the crabs would take a fifty four fifty lead late in the game rerun still hanging in there tough dish on ways
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pointer stallions within one but at the other end off the inbounds pass that gets away from the field and the crab one fifty nine to fifty six another group five a regional quarterfinal nor view against bethel two very good teams that normally use lamont stored inside for two then k and k johnson to lead them in scoring with fifteen with a flush but there was plenty of bethel his game does your dickens is their big man he is a big nice rebound stuff and can be a a koch puts up to tahoe this one went in or be listed in the final bucket we've got it says stuart shot again the pilots and of taking the game tonight. fifty four to forty eight nor come against colonial heights welcome this is the three a quarterfinal that was kj davis with the first two points a game for nor can
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world. he had thirty one points it was probably two of the best travis feels can't put up more for them as well they are running dunk and a team of course they are the two time defending state champ in a group for a third down in group three a now so maybe they can. they were dominating tie that was fields again greyhounds end up winning tonight seventy seven to forty one group six a semis tomorrow we'll have more the girls actually tomorrow as well. they are fierce think and write tomorrow when overnight but not a ton of rain during the day tomorrow maybe early in the morning and then i think it'll be very isolated the rest of the day i dressed up and that is thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy kimmel live is next after that nightline don't forget the news is always on other website thirteen is now
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we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. know you can deposit checks right from your phone. transfer money to someone quickly and easily. speak to a financial professional when it's convenient.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - aaron paul. from "crazy ex-girlfriend" rachel bloom. and it's mash-up monday with music from kceelo & the sunshine band. with cleto and the cletones. and now, nice and easy, here's jimmy kimmel!
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