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tv   13 News Daybreak  WVEC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you'll notice the temperatures are in the forties and even some spots reaching fifty degrees right now so it's very mild start the day we're not worrying about any ice or any snowy wintry precipitation all rain and the rain steady and have your up in the peninsula out to the west we have a pretty good batch of rain rolling up i eighty five towards i ninety five white or activity right now across the south side were actually seeing some clearing down to the south so while we have the rain right now it's actually going to decreasing the intensity around the metro is drier air pushes into the region. still we will see our chances for showers so to keep the umbrellas handy if you're up in the eastern shore the northern neck the middle peninsula the peninsula wineries out to the west very good chances for rain to continue for awhile. again i do think across parts of the south side north carolina we catch a little break here and then additional showers and possible kind of scattered later today tempers they reaching the lower fifties so again a mild day this is normal though fifty two is where we
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year it's very early i didn't even get a chance to say hi to ashley before the show behind the scenes you look lovely as always with her on the jr be a cute rag you know what the traffic network maps to look too bad either as we take a look at how things are shaping up for the morning commute of course is prevention. it's what just passed four thirty so hopefully things will stay nice for the morning commute i will keep you posted. you have go to the jr be because we have an opening scheduled for late afternoon kind of right into early evening the jr b will be opening at the beginning of the afternoon rush hour at four o'clock but as we take a live look at traffic now not an issue as you head toward newport news. there's a northbound traffic there is a little bit out there at this point and we are very quiet headed southward isle of wight county so that the maps don't forget about that for clark left to go to fifty eight and supple very quiet and calm out there as well so if you're heading eastbound toward six sixty four passing barrier at forty four was probably good because the roads are certainly a
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take your time. westbound traffic headed away from sick sixty four passing pitch cattle at fifty seven mph right now so stay tuned coming up at four forty one had the sixty four traffic and into norfolk at the time bt all right ashleigh thank you all the race for the white house makes its way right to hampton roads a presidential hopeful will make a pit stop here in norfolk today bernie sanders scheduled to hold a rally at scope arena this morning elise brown joins us live with more on the rallies the morning and ramsey right now it's a very quiet out here but that changed in a few hours when doors open at the event is free and open to the public first come first serve back to work with now now according to sanders camp will quote talk about issues including getting big money out of politics combating criminal justice and making college affordable if you plan on attending the rally here at the scope there are some things you should know before you get here. security will be tights were told oh bring back what you bring the smart things
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also important not to bring sharp objects including weapons plaza signs or banners on sticks won't make it through security doors are scheduled to open here at nine thirty in the rally does begin at noon again it's first come first serve is free so if you plan on coming or you wanna make sure you give yourself enough time to find parking and get inside to start driving north at least brown thirteen use them thank you lease at four thirty four in advance of super tuesday three other presidential candidates are coming to our region to campaign for your votes donald trump checkers will speak at reading university this week on next monday's well ben carson will also make an appearance there the men will be interviewed by university chancellor pat robertson followed by a q and a session see the information there were screams of a city of hampton's registrar confirms that their office mistakenly sent out some test ballots the ballots already have some candidates names marked off so here's an example of it on this one bernie sanders his name was
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receive these faulty ballots will get a phone call or a letter from election staff if you receive what you have until march first to return to test ballots for absentee ballots new this morning a police pursuit started over nine chesapeake and ended in norfolk police an officer tried to stop a driver near campus to le boulevard and border road around one thirty this morning but the driver refused police pursued the vehicle into norfolk near kimball terrace and wylie drive where the driver stopped without incident or to get more permission from police were told the incident now is under investigation on the docket today a jury trial is scheduled to begin for man charged in the decades old rape case benjamin been tony as you in virginia beach court at nine thirty this morning police arrested him back in twenty fourteen investigators say that back in nineteen eighty seven lead only offered a ride home to a woman then assaulted her police say that the improved forensic technology helped them arrest made only a more
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committed that crime later today norfolk city council members are scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss several agenda items were told there will be talk of allocating funds to make upgrades to the former j c penney store at military circle mall you see the empty building there the city's economic development authority would fund the project the public meeting will begin a four block of norfolk city hall time now is for thirty six video of the veterans call to the va hospital is making waves online and on capitol hill. seaver yourself as daybreak continues. but first an oncoming compromise between gop lawmakers and our
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. good morning right now we have a damn started the day some low clouds kind of feather and down you see that over norfolk we really don't have a lot of rain over norfolk there's some light drizzle out there's more rain out to the web showing up on the radar and we're going to see the chances for showers this morning playing on damp conditions forty five a norfolk international in the windsor ne eight mph. his abilities not too bad out there but we do have the wet conditions the rain is falling and temperatures are quite mild so we are talking about rain and not any snow or anything like that here's the big picture you can see cooler conditions they're off to the north but we're actually going to find temperatures warming over the next day today will be in the lower fifties. you see this batch of rain that moved through the overnight still wet over much of the area but we do this tri or push of air down over eastern north
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showers this morning actually expect things to improve a little bit later on and that is some of this bush to work through the area will see more chances for showers later on the next storm system is back across texas this one's got a ride to the northeast it's going to drag a cold front through our area tomorrow night that will likely trigger some heavier showers and storms so there's potential for some stronger storms in the area tomorrow afternoon and evening new york city today forty one rain rain in atlanta and dallas austin orleans freeway st louis fifty three and out cloudy forty four chicago some snow up to minneapolis beautiful out on the west coast as we take a look at our region. again the rain is going to be widespread scattered eventually we had the wide for rain to the west this morning but then should be more hidden this later this afternoon highs today in the low fifties so keep the umbrellas handy that the entire day's going to be a washout people find our breaks. but obviously we do have the rain out there and will be keeping you updated throughout the show can
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your shoulder can really make it out here on the out the camera we have your craving this is not too far from the hr bt in hampden. so we're getting closer the tunnels are crossing bridges or ramps overpasses that's where the roads are especially a little bit more slick self make sure you take your time and drop your speed right now though traffic is not the issue as you pass at lee's landing road eastbound to the hr bt or making a way westbound in the direction of six sixty four of the traffic network maps we also look good at the coleman bridge just remember take your time as you cross the bridge. if you're headed toward the counter and forty five as you head over that bridge headed toward gloucester point you're at forty six and moving well again just ask you to be very cautious this morning with the wet roads coming into four fifty one had a fifty eight and ten traffic at the midtown tunnel all right ashleigh thank you lynn has been two months since you set your goals for the new year how you doing so all we got the break we're revisiting resolutions ahead i spoke with several experts
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plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. available at walmart in the foot care aisle or near the registers. this morning the virginia general assembly has given its final approval on new gun legislation would expand the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements. virginia has with other states that would allow more out of state permit
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in the commonwealth. it would also prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and also require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign the bill into law this week. new this morning the judge in connecticut will decide of a lawsuit filed over the sandy hook shooting will go for the suit seeks damages from the gun manufacturer of an ar fifteen rifle which was used to kill twenty first graders and six teachers at the elementary school in two thousand twelve the company claims it can't be sued for the criminal use of its products but the victim's family say they are suing under an exception in that law arguing a ar fifteen zero lead. lethal military weapons not designed for public use. new this morning of vanity license plate deemed so offensive state leaders in minnesota or revoking it. two muslim teens it's part of the plate snapped a photo and shared it on social media you see right there that caught the attention of minnesota's governor contacted the state's department of
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removed by law the state can't name the person who ordered the plates but people are calling for the state worker who issued the plate to be fire this morning of video showing a veteran trying to schedule an appointment at the va hospital is now making waves online and on capitol hill after five minutes of automated messages the caller finally thinks he's being transferred to represent all the action of the year the vet believes it's a systematic problem throughout the va. he's now working with lawmakers here to use legislation to improve the way veterans access healthcare. good morning america is looking into why it's so difficult to get an appointment with the va had some o'clock right after daybreak newport news shipbuilding is getting ready to open a health center for its employees and their families. it's near the shipyard on washington avenue between forty fifth
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huntington ingles industry says of the facilities staff with more than thirty full time employees employees and their families covered by the anthem health plans can use the clinic at a very low cost family health center opens next tuesday march the first we have a special day break on to tell you about all week long our team is giving away five five hundred dollars visa gift card. yes that's one of her everyday this week. here's how you can enter for chance to win. watched a break during the six o'clock hour to learn that special keyword then go to thirteen years now dot com features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win you can find official contest rules are some comments also know what else is coming up and i'm really excited that we weren't going to hear a lot more about on the air over the coming days at the oscars this weekend. yes and thirteen news now is our day host and ask us faster party
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the cafes are you a headache that i get up early i promise though the diving was one of the getty the red carpets can be a lot of fat boy to want to live like there's no red carpet that i got the nod as the red carpet ego comes in the right idea. i've actually seen through the movies assure you when the rain on the way we've been rained on today no the weekend yes i know you could put on your final year of free market is so nice right now though if you are going out there you would have worn a brawl or something we do it's a drizzly conditions wrote a little slick that scramble ten as we take a look at the rate are you going to notice whether widespread to the northwest let's get into this and take a closer look here will zoom in first of all to the northeastern sure wish ours up from cape charles all the way of dishing fatigue and pushing up into maryland yet come across the bay teens year i went this morning over the northern neck the middle peninsula and the peninsula we are wet here as well. out
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it's a soggy start to the date of the rain really wide spread north and west i will say across the south side it's been more drizzly this morning. you need to turn on the windshield wipers drive in in but the rain has been real heavy how we are looking at some sprinkles here right now the southeastern part of chesapeake seeing it down into moii act some light rain that extends over to virginia beach as well. farther south into north carolina there are scenarios in a dryer but we give a batch of showers around kill devil hills and one cheese menu down to read and see just some light activity there. there's a drier weather across eastern north carolina and this is actually working to the north so i think we're going to catch a break and across the south side that preaching come pretty soon but there will be chances for more stray showers later in the day is see that with our future cast heavy showers kind of fell back and now this is a wide view and i'm doing this very intentionally sometimes the focus squarely on hampton roads and when there's a lot of fine detail
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dang pictures this week and the showers this morning as they move out of the chances for a few more stray showers off and on later this afternoon or in the evening but this next storm system here you see that's been right there that is going to travel off to the northeast but it's good to drag a cold front through our area ahead of that front you see the wind streams here i have that superimposed on the mat weeds coming up in the south a surge of warmer air tomorrow up into the sixties for highs after today's highs in the low fifties but with that cold front coming through late in the day there will be chances for some stronger storms late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening once that passes were in a cleared out and cool things down as we head to the weekend some snow back at over the mountains this morning temperatures in the forties a couple spots in the low fifties including the airport. the wins and the northeast at about five to ten mph receive the airport eight and forty five degrees for highs today close to fifty two mostly
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this morning and possible later on their ego chance for storms tomorrow especially afternoon and evening but how about you weekend mostly sunny and just a little cooler friday to saturday ashley alright sounds good grades get past next couple of days and were in icu for the weekend sounds great artist a topic of the midtown tunnel first. i did tell me that live looks a lil truck traffic now fifty eight eastbound there's ah that one car there around the corner leaving port that had been to norfolk back to eastbound lane making its way for the midtown tunnel there another cam with a little bit overexposed to really make out the westbound lane right about here leaving norfolk and headed into portland so right now traffic not an issue at the midtown tunnel but given the roads being what he does ask to be cautious and take your time during the morning commute now let's head over to our second camera and as you can see here this is the berkeley bridge we do have a lift in progress begin with the berkeley braves we don't always know about the list ahead of time sometimes we find out about them as are happening or as are about to
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mornings usually spell trap or you can see a little bit of that kind of at the stop of the berkeley bridge there and i'll be watching this camera to see when westbound and eastbound traffic starts moving again. i'll let you know committed by the clock also give you a live look to write on six sixty four in western branch. all right ashleigh thank you drinking coffee could have more benefits than just providing a pick me up before work. we live here without a break i had the deadly the disease at a daily cup of joe could help prevent and good news in the fight against cancer were
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. . four fifty five eastern time a new information now a revelation that rattle investors liquidating stock dropped nearly twenty percent yesterday. this follows new findings released by the cdc experts now see people exposed to certain types of laminate flooring are three times more likely to get cancer than previously predicted. agency officials say people should take steps to reduce exposure morning america has more on love or liquid haters plunging stock and the lawsuit the company is facing. that's at seven o'clock right after this newscast. new numbers from the ccaa shows infections from hpv the human couple of the virus are down sixty four percent among teenagers government researchers say the cases have fallen sharply since the vaccine for
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introduced a decade ago health officials have recommended vaccines against hpv for young women since two thousand and six and young man since two thousand eleven this morning new research suggests drinking more coffee can help reduce liver damage caused by too much food and alcohol the study showed drinking two additional cups of coffee a day was linked to a forty four percent lower risk of developing cirrhosis or liver disease that kills more than one million people every single year that risk dropped even more among those who drank three or four cups of coffee a day. those four fifty six a local police sergeant waking up in jail ahead what she believed herself to fit with my sleeper cell of a few shards in court today and if you want to vote in the march fifteen primary time is running out to register what you need to do before that deadline in the road just regular tracking rain on
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. a virginia beach police sergeant charged with dui and police say that she had one of her own children in the car the development expected to happen in court today and as presidential candidates make their way to our area were taking a look at who voters are betting their bucks on this is thirteen years now and a break right now ashley's watching the slick roads right now for trouble spots and craig is here to check in your forecast before you walk out the door and when we walked out the door is already ringing out was kinda messy ride in from the early commuters now i think we go later this morning contraction want to improve and show you why here's the check out the radar just a moment but you can see right now some low clouds out there the roads are slick including bramble tenacity can see right there the reflection headlights on bramble to him coming across the head so it is damp out there and
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tires maybe aren't the newest you love to wear on you really do want to be very careful this morning forty six degrees so we are well above freezing you don't have to worry about icy spots the coolest readings in the low forties cec off to the north and to the west but the series in the mid to upper forties even some low fifties round virginia beach chesapeake. so the rain is widespread to the north and out to the west. if you live up an eastern shore year in the soup you've got the rain up there on the northern neck the middle peninsula the pencil out to the west but we are seeing the brakes down to the south and we will see i think drier conditions later this morning so im still be chances for drizzle but i think as we go longer showers turned more to drizzle and then a few stray showers this afternoon highs today around fifty two. i'm back full forecast much warmer tomorrow but that comes with a price in that price is a chance for storms later today i'll talk more about that coming up here's ashley. all right craig with his past five o'clock traffic is really not pick up across


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