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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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tires maybe aren't the newest you love to wear on you really do want to be very careful this morning forty six degrees so we are well above freezing you don't have to worry about icy spots the coolest readings in the low forties cec off to the north and to the west but the series in the mid to upper forties even some low fifties round virginia beach chesapeake. so the rain is widespread to the north and out to the west. if you live up an eastern shore year in the soup you've got the rain up there on the northern neck the middle peninsula the pencil out to the west but we are seeing the brakes down to the south and we will see i think drier conditions later this morning so im still be chances for drizzle but i think as we go longer showers turned more to drizzle and then a few stray showers this afternoon highs today around fifty two. i'm back full forecast much warmer tomorrow but that comes with a price in that price is a chance for storms later today i'll talk more about that coming up here's ashley. all right craig with his past five o'clock traffic is really not pick up across
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great example of that is western brands traffic let's give you a live look now on six sixty four when around portsmouth boulevard fury or southbound lanes making their way in the direction of our military highway maybe eventually opted hours hill and northbound traffic there had maybe eventually to the monitor merrimack moving very well this morning with no big issues are major delays to report i do now though when i head over to our second camera and take a look at the berkeley break so we just had a lift a few minutes ago that happened in cleared the traffic is moving but then the camera kind of zoomed in all this activity right here. not sure just yet this is a breakdown or accident. a simple pullover design of the road do not know just yet. they do a chat with police and find out right now something to watch out for the jubilee does the eastbound side of the brooklyn bridge headed toward city hall and tidewater drive saw give you an update here in just a little bit. we're also checking traffic in just eight minutes around the bus station norfolk right now are looking at the breaking news overnight newport news police investigating a deadly accident happened just before two o'clock this morning on
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first reno police tell us that a silver buick lucerne crashed into a utility pole the driver was not wearing his seatbelt the medics rushed into hospital where he was pronounced dead detective say it's unclear at this point of speed or alcohol played a role in this crash police have not released the name of that victim. we will update you as we learn more send a parka thirteen years now. the three time a police sergeant is set to appear in court for a bond hearing this morning. she's accused of driving under the influence with a child in her car. that's right virginia beach police say that they arrested margie hobbs sunday night the mother of two had at least one of her daughters with her at the time detectives say the house is a blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit police would not tell us where they arrested her but to say that hobbs got into a rack. hobbs has been with the department for seventeen years now we'll be in the courtroom when hobbs appears this morning you can look for
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to calm throughout the day and the case against the former portsmouth police officers also on the docket today the commonwealth's attorney filed a motion seeking to ban officer supporting stephen rankin from wearing their uniforms during the murder trial raking is accused of murdering an unarmed teenager in a walmart parking lot back in april of last year we let you know what happens today in court the race to the white house hitting very close to home today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming presidential primary voters have until five o'clock this afternoon to submit a request to their voter registration office you have to return absentee ballot by march first for it to count. you also have to vote absentee in person until just a week away from super look at which candidates have raised the most money in hampton roads the schools were partners at the virginian pilot so far hillary clinton has raised nearly ninety thousand dollars in our area. that's the most of any candidate ben carson is just behind clean
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thousand dollars in donations jeb bush raised about sixty seven thousand dollars in area before dropping out of the race and update to a story we brought you last week here on daybreak a bill that could affect the standardized test your kids take has passed and the house the goal is to get the board of education to emphasize critical thinking over test scores. it requires the state to establish new graduation guidelines by september next year. it also advocates for internships and technical training the senate has already passed the bill now heads to the governor's desk. new information this morning on the light rail debate in virginia beach our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the city plans to spend more than a million dollars to pay for consultants and office space for people working on the project last week the commonwealth transportation board to the city must commit to light rail by april thirtieth or lose the state funding beach city council plans to vote on
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security fight between apple and the fbi is expected to go global to hear what people around the world are planning to encourage the tech giant class somehow a burning crash and a bib my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad.
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. good morning it's five o nine and we are working it's guys that are mostly cloudy right now few clouds in a feather and down and see that there and it is damp but once you know the roads going to be a little wet out there at the airport forty six in showers reported northeast winds nine mph the temperatures today are going to warm into the lower fifties i can break this down freeze and take a look at the rain that is out there it's more widespread to the north we are seeing some breaks down to the south light showers for much of virginia beach a little bit of activity farther down to the south tower on mania you can see down to nags head parts of the year earlier down through dante's kind of breaking up down that way but we're watching it. we are the dryer push of air coming in from northeast in eastern north carolina so that's
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little bit later but still keep their roles which as we get the chances for the showers into little more intense right now up on the eastern shore as far as the forecast goes in general areas of rain this morning again we're going to see the rain a little more wide spread to the northwest mostly caught a stray shower possible around midday and then this afternoon mostly cloudy again isolated shower possible after today's high of fifty two. we jump up to sixty eight tomorrow and then on thursday back to the mid fifties we do a front coming through tomorrow night so i think tomorrow afternoon evening there could be if you have your storms were going to be watching right now ashley is watching the berkeley bridget was he a few flashing lights what's up is at the berkeley branch already this morning we had left a little bit earlier around four forty five or something along those lines in the left clear and the traffic of the camera kind of zoomed and a lot of activity here on the eastbound side of two sixty four at the parade so i spoke with police. this is actually two separate
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eastbound at the berkeley bridges headed toward city hall and tidewater at this angle it looks like maybe just the right lane and shoulder are blocked and as you can see it's not causing major delays or anything but certainly something to watch out for it again as we've been mentioning this morning the roads are wet but it will get more sleep around bridges tunnels ramps and overpasses to make sure to take your time dropping speed he should be in decent shape for the morning commute as the two don't have the latest here and will travel around the base coming up next right ashleigh thank you as we revisit our new year's resolutions here is daybreak for the top spending of spittle filled too much some days the third will take a look at the ways to revamp your budget so you know
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prosecutors say the uber driver in michigan charged a series of deadly shootings has confessed to gunning people down to read the result appeared in court yesterday to face six counts of murder a judge denied him bond. several other passengers have come forward with receipts showing dalton gave them rides after the shooting began saturday
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don't have a motive to me is looking into what could have caused the man with no criminal record to suddenly snap. that's coming your way at seven o'clock later today protesters and more than thirty cities across the world plan to rally outside apple stores in support of the tech giant's the gatherings come a week after the fbi got a court order requiring apple to unlock encrypted rifle used by a gunman in the december terror attacks in san bernardino california apple has refused saying that it sets a very dangerous precedent. meanwhile some of the survivors will reportedly file a brief with the court siding with the fbi at five fifteen an amazing survival story in memphis tennessee to tell you about this morning rescue crews pulled a man from the wreckage of a burning jeep after someone ran off the rope while crews finally put out that fire they say they found something inside the car that brought them all to tears a fully intact bible resting on
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the hospital he is expected to survive these days it seems like nearly everyone is paying fitness trackers they allow you to track your steps your sleeve. some university found that are not really that accurate in a test of sixty people so small study they found that the least accurate brand had twenty three point five percent error rate nike fuel band was off by thirteen percent and one fit in. it's been one was off by almost ten and a half percent regardless of the accuracy though many say that these do their job to motivate them. weather is completely accurate or not doesn't really matter as much as it is motivating me to move and keep moving all day ago the woman you just heard from says that wearing her monitor has resulted in forty six pounds of weight loss in two years. also in case you're wondering the most accurate device test it was actually the body media fit
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miracle of facebook wants to make birthday wishes with a more personal instead of just typing happy birthday you can now sing it very well to do that and yet the new birth the video features let you record a fifteen second message or song to share on your friend's wall fills the dress it up with special birthday frames. analysts say this is part of facebook's effort to get more video on its flag mean to me i'm just not going to post video is helping at the end of a winter birthday the twenty sixth september twenty six years the number two on september twenty eight. i did not know the seals july nineteen fifty a year coming up either. i enjoy serenading ok appetizers june to set so that we are the answers there and i wasn't thinking about posting. i mean but to get grounded have to sing
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just saying i'm a single name is fang ok ok ok ok la not that once upon a time i actually was in bad goals and show choir the that was long before raising kids around. anyway right now to see you kids grab your umbrella because it is wet out there this point especially off to the north we do have chances for showers and thus see that as we go through the morning hours especially needed talk about the spot on forecasts because our street and roll in here we're up to four in a row or column for the colder conditions. yesterday we were down twenty twenty five degrees yesterday from what we were the previous day. now this is gonna be a close one we're going to ci and i haven't checked to see how much rain we've had at the airport since midnight but alas even jess said he will get half an inch by four o'clock and we had a bad rain comes we don't know that we've seen that much and really at the airport i don't know that when i see that much more so we're gonna watch a kid is going to be chances for sure for
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scattered showers with marty and the rain come through and check to see how close we are into the future catcher going to see they're still a chance from orbitz going to be more fitness later today rain widespread for the eastern shore the northern neck middle peninsula in the peninsula back out towards petersburg and richmond some more rain there so it's definitely a wet start today all this is to the south were already suffolk much of virginia beach in the northeast north carolina. now there's still a few sprinkles towards kill devil hills down to one cheese many oh we've got some light sprinkles but we are seeing more clearing down over eastern north carolina and i think later today to pick up the future cast here the bulk of the rain moves out as we head through the middle part of the day temperatures getting up close to fifty one a b fifty two degree for that afternoon high there is just isolated showers a little bit later on so it looks like the best chances for the rain obviously this morning still a chance for isolated showers
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more hit and miss him and the evening pretty much the same deal chances for drizzle not tomorrow temps is going to surge back up in the mid sixties to upper sixties and is going to be a better chance for some heavier storms later in the day tomorrow with a front coming through right now forty six degrees again hais today close to fifty two tomorrow warmers that chance for showers and storms during the afternoon and then as we get into the weekend cooler and more sunshine but check in on naval station norfolk years ashley decorated the right time to at least take a look at traffic on five sixty four west that kind of hit or miss whether or not it's going to start a back up around five twenty or so that's why wanna take a look we'll give you quick live look now and this is one of those rare mornings where traffic actually is moving pretty well on five sixty for not seeing in the brake lights just get these in the westbound lanes just past the runway tunnel and sometimes we see brake lights all the way creeping back to that total but right now everything appears to be moving well headed toward the base gates all keep an
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changes for now let's head to our second camera and take a look and still very active scene a couple of very active scene to sixty four eastbound at the berkeley branch in norfolk with a couple accidents i think this is one hears the other one i kind of blocking what looks to be the right shoulder partially the right lane as well the good news not seeing any delays because of this so it's something to watch out for again we stress this morning the roads are slick they are wet especially around bridges self just be extra extra cautious and a latina one that clears up also coming up next a live look at traffic at the high rise bridge you and i had double radio duty. yes we have this party for the show and tell her the idea of a quick little picture this with a ninety five seven are about the radio station anyway that was really fun to go over there and is kind of deliver some of the headlines during the steve harvey
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such a blast literally every national team goes by about that with over twenty six y hound fantastic hosts panel right is the menu is yet you did last last echoes of iraq granted i'm gonna put your picture. that's right that's right and you'll be there today as well the whole week and i'll be there the whole week as well so you have two choices which ones are the model for the morning she isn't even the one we got to the learning have been reading the mags are at gas prices may be going down but
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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and i are new this morning if you've noticed your grocery bill going up it's not just you how does add the eggs have seen the most consistent and largest increase the price rose one hundred and ten percent from two thousand and five to twenty fifteen apparently the abn flu outbreak contributed to the tracks. yes smoking products have soared ninety two percent with the biggest single increase in early two thousand and nine. that's when federal tobacco tax increase thirty nine cents supply demand are also
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learn more at . and the road gets a spot on the campaign trail for candidates will be here over the next week we live in norfolk where one
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hold a rally today and an uncommon compromise between gop lawmakers and our democratic governor the new bipartisan gun bill that will soon become law. good morning everyone this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante laundry senior is five thirty on the dot grab the liberal are in for a soggy start to the day. lorraine was already starting to come down really hard in some places meteorologist greg muller is here tracking this big mass we had some steady rain off to the north and west is actually starting to ease up a bit across the south side and north carolina in much better shape but through the overnight we did have that steady rain as she works a little heavier moments notice the raindrops on the lens here of our sky view of the year space center's we look out across the hampton river downtown norfolk also overcast and it is damp with drizzle at the airport via moderate rain in northeast winds nine mph currently forty six degrees temperatures are above freezing all around the area low fifties for virginia
5:30 am
mid forties for suffolk portsmouth and norfolk forty six in hampton forty five at mile five forty nine daimler is the city as i mentioned the rain has been pretty steady through the overnight that the heavier rain out between st petersburg and williamsburg up towards richmond this dark area right here this is going to continue working off to the northeast middle peninsula northern neck you'll see some that steady heavy rain easter story of some heavy rains while found this out though things are improving across northeast north carolina and that drier air will push over the metro area in the next couple of hours so some breaks in the rain but also chances for a couple of stray showers little later. highs today near fifty two other that much warmer day for you tomorrow we'll talk about that and chances for storms tomorrow as well. let's check in now with ashleigh and look at the high rise a crack at the chesapeake now the second traffic on sixty four at the bridge let's give you a quick live look i'm not much to talk about just yet at
5:31 am
eastbound traffic at the george washington and westbound ford for sixty four moving very very well right now with no issues but again the roads are wet suit is asking to drop your speed a little bit and take your time for the morning commute will attend to our second camera where i am watching traffic trouble. this is in norfolk to sixty four eastbound at the berkeley bridge we had two separate accidents off to the right hand side of me was off to the right shoulder possibly partially blocking the right lane. the good news if no major delays but certainly something to watch out for you planning to take the brooklyn bridge headed toward city hall and tidewater solid when this clears and were checking traffic at the monitor merrimack coming up next right ashleigh thank you in the race to the white house it's making its way to hampton roads today presidential hopeful make a pit stop right here into bernie sanders is scheduled to hold a rally at scope arena this morning orleans brown joins us here live with more on the rally he leaves the morning and ran with me right now it's pretty quiet
5:32 am
excited in line right now doors do open here in a couple of hours the event is free and open to the public to view wanna get down you probably want to be a little early this morning according to sanders campaign will talk about issues including quote getting big money out of politics combating criminal justice and making college affordable. if you plan on attending a rally here at the scope there are some things you want to know before you get here security will be tight were told don't bring bags and limit what you bring the smart things like keys in the south course you want to bring your id at all some weren't taught not to bring sharp objects and weapons plus signs or banners through security all the doors are set to open here at nine thirty but the rally doesn't scheduled to begin in till noon live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now. our advance of presidential candidates are coming to the region to campaign for your votes donald trump and ted cruz will speak at reading
5:33 am
monday ben carson will also make an appearance there the men will be interviewed by university chancellor pat robertson followed by q a session the city of hampton's registrar confirms their office mistakenly sent out some test ballots the ballots already have some candidates names marked off if you can see this one right here bernie sanders his name was already selected people who receive these faulty ballots will get a phone call or letter from election staff if you received one million have until march the first to return the test ballots for absentee ballots for thirty forty time a new this morning a police pursuit started over nine chesapeake and ended in norfolk police say officer tried to stop a driver near campus still a road and the border road around one thirty this morning but the driver refused police pursued the vehicle into norfolk near kimball terrace and wylie drive where the driver stop without incident are working to get more permission from police were told the incident is under investigation on the docket today a jury trial is scheduled to begin for man
5:34 am
case. benjamin had only eyes do in virginia beach court at nine thirty this morning police arrested him back in twenty fourteen but investigators say that he was in nineteen eighty seven a m until he offered a woman a ride home and then assaulted her police say that improve forensic technology help them arrest or arrests him more than twenty years after the crime later today norfolk scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss several agenda items were told there will be talk of allocating funds to make upgrades to the former j c penney store at military circle mall the city's economic development authority would fund the project the public meeting will begin at four o'clock in norfolk city hall time now is at five thirty five video of the veterans call to one va hospital is really making waves online and on capitol hill cia for yourself as daybreak continues. but first and uncommon compromise between
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gun bill that will soon i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth...
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and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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now good morning and stamp right now with showers still up in the peninsula the sea there with our lives skyview up in hampton what's going on south side low clouds and drizzle it's not a terrible start the day but it is a little soggy forty six to
5:38 am
nine mph moderate showers reported right here to norfolk international low fifties chesapeake in virginia beach most areas are in the forties you see that wide spread north and west the lives of the city and forty nine it's a minute and ten but we do a few areas that are little bit milder and i really expect temperatures to stay close to fifty two for a high this afternoon maybe mid fifties for a few the in one spot the rain widespread in the north in the rain steady ahead you're off to the northwewe here this is all moving to the north northeast south for the eastern shore still what for you northern neck metal pencil pencil is gonna be soggy for a while but it is drying out down to the south and we will see the drier conditions eventually really a prevailing for much of the religious isolated showers possible later on a name cox of the rain that they're a little more intense moving your way it'll cross your area in the next say ten minutes or so you can see with our future cast how that rain the stutter step moves off to the north and in drier
5:39 am
the late morning early afternoon with mostly cloudy skies still there will be chances for isolated showers though so don't be surprised keep an umbrella with you very isolating hit and miss years we had the late afternoon and into the early evening so this is what we're looking at today and again our highs generally in the low fifties tomorrow sixty eight there is going to be a front that dragged through the area tomorrow evening out ahead of that we have the potential for some heavier downpours and some stronger isolated storms i'll talk more about that pinochet your upcoming weekend in just a couple minutes. here's ash with traffic update akc reg we have more traffic trouble to report near the downtown tunnels we've been watching an accident on the eastbound side to sixty four. now we headed to sixty four west this is important as you have come through the downtown tunnel from norfolk. this is why at the off ramp headed to epping him street as you can see we do have an accident at that all three of it looks like the ramp is still open lanes
5:40 am
traffic leaving north norfolk in the portsmouth starting taken just a little bit right there at the exit from the title so i'll continue to watch this election and it's clear a quick live look at our other acts and i'm still watching here to sixty four eastbound at the berkeley bridge in norfolk attended away from the downtown tunnel right now that it is starting to clear up there were two separate accidents out there at least the right shoulder is blocked possibly the right lane. nothing major delays there though but very busy around the berkeley of the downtown tunnel have the latest coming up next i actually think you'll it has been two months since you set your new year's goal yet so all week on daybreak are revisiting your resolutions ahead i spoke to several experts about how you get financially fit at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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new this morning the virginia assembly on new gun legislation to expand the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements that well that would allow more out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth would also prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun show for voluntary background checks. governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign
5:44 am
going about five forty five no new this morning a judge in connecticut will decide if a lawsuit filed over the sandy hook shooting will go for the suit seeks damages from the gun manufacturer of ne ar fifteen rifle which was used to kill twenty first graders and six teachers at the elementary school back in two thousand twelve the company claims it can't be sued for the criminal use of its products but the victim's family say they're suing under an exception in the law arguing after teens are lethal military weapons not designed for public use. new this morning a video showing a better and try to schedule an appointment at the va hospital is really making waves online and on capitol hill after five minutes of automated messages the caller finally thinks he's being transferred to represent all the attention of the year wow that's believe it's a systematic problem throughout the va. he's now working to
5:45 am
improve the ways better at veterans' access health care workers looking to whites of difficult to get an appointment with the va that's ahead at seven o'clock right after daybreak newborn and shipbuilding is getting ready to open a health center for employees and their families. it's near the shipyard on washington avenue between forty fifth forty sixth streets huntington ingalls industries says the facility is staffed with more than thirty full time employees employees and their families covered by the anthem health plan can use the clinic at a very low cost family health center opens next tuesday march first. all right well last night there was a special ceremony to honor dr catherine johnson she is a mess so are retired nasa mathematician physicist and you might not nor by neighbor take a look at this video will show it to you she's ninety seven years old she is finally being recognized for contributions to the space race the newport news residents and businesses who happens to be female and african american populated
5:46 am
and the first like to move in time of day is over. you know they say and do so and so you don't know when john glenn said are the computers right when we get to computers and she double checked the calculus the computers they believe her calculations art that is our ness ask that leland melvin and he's also a former pro football player for the detroit lions before becoming an astronaut he also donated his pin that he got from sts one twenty last night on by the way we're actually seeing her one right there. place cookie on the show will be playing johnson in a movie that could was finally getting the recognition she never and he lives right here in newport news she worked at years but again she got of the presidential medal of freedom award last year. last november by president obama presented the two are in common issue i mean all her friends family colleagues we
5:47 am
bolden the nasa administrator of the head of nasa langley was there congressman bobby scott d newport news and their families as ninety seven ninety seven years i was taken when she came up there i love that leaves her like she is beautiful and just so thrilled with her so she started hiring african americans which she started going to see her they were hiring african americans went and singles tells the computer store. well we told you of the john glenn said that they had a computer double check the cop least before he was the moon. he asked her to double check the computer's calculations before he won and that's how smart this woman. i have followed the hive the hive so i'm double checking my forecast a few asians are nobody is worried about over shooting with this what we're gonna find here today are around north and temperatures staying closer to average them out that average
5:48 am
was well above average you can see that but that's a little misleading because at sixty one came shortly after midnight. afternoon the upper forties yesterday so today's gonna be a little bit warmer than yesterday and again close to every little bit of pre set at the airport officially yesterday and for the year were about four look at the forecast for today we have showers pulling north and it's really going to dry out i think for a while especially across the south side. rain is going to continue to the north the shia in the radar by midday a few stray showers are still going to be possible again those highs today in the low fifties here's where the rain is right now steady heavy rain up in the eastern shore northern neck middle peninsula peninsula and that is you go farther south we dry it out but certainly travel along the eastern shore impacted by the rain and the rain steady or between williamsburg and richmond and its gonna be this way for probably the next forty five minutes
5:49 am
to move off to the northeast across the south side started right out now it will take a shower just now pushing past the airport in clearing that area. things have also improved and around the outer banks so here's what's going on with their future castle take it to the day. again the showers moving out there's a chance for isolated showers later this afternoon with the eat this evening i really want to get into the bigger picture while we get that chance for isolated showers later today tomorrow with another system approach will pick this up this is a early tomorrow morning. pmr next system that is going to drag a front through our area at producing i think some heavier showers and maybe a few stronger storms in the mix as well once at clay's year it drier conditions move in and it'll cool down. so right now we have temperatures in the forties widespread high as fifty to sixty eight friday tomorrow showers and storms tomorrow afternoon and evening and as we get into thursday we dried out beautiful and cooler for the weekend art leave an update on that accident out
5:50 am
bridge the downtown tunnel this morning just told of an accident in portsmouth to sixty four westbound at epping him streets let's take a look at our camera is that this was just you can see where the accident was it just cleared up it was at this exit ramp you're headed our lanes are open no flashing lights out there and now no major delays if you're coming from norfolk headed to the downtown tunnel and into portsmouth. speaking of norfolk we had our second camera to sixty four eastbound at the berkeley braids were very busy on the right shoulder here and a little bit in the right lane when a couple of crashes there they have also cleared up and as you can see no major delays if you're coming from the downtown tunnel or for sixty four north and headed toward city hall for tidewater drive self now would not have to worry about accidents but we are nine minutes from the kickoff of the morning rush hour and we detect rather the naval station norfolk will do that at six o'clock right ashleigh thank you all have some new information the revelation rattled investors in this morning lumber liquid eaters
5:51 am
twenty percent. this follows new cdc findings that show people exposed to certain types of laminate flooring three times more likely to get cancer than the previously thought agency officials say that people should take many steps to reduce exposure good morning america has a lot more on lumber like waiters plunging stocks that is ahead at seven o'clock right after the break or its revisit your resolution week here on daybreak forget your gym goals for me that us for a moment because today we're talking about getting financially fit twenty sixteen or about seven weeks into the new year now it's time to stop and think about how you working to achieve in that budget together saving more money that you're not doing so well we have some advice for how you can follow plan in place that allow you to either save that money and have to build interest in the bank at six thirty in expert about how you can keep your finances in check and
5:52 am
what she says is the number one item. people spend money on the most candy on that i really have a special day break contests to tell you about this week our team is giving away five five hundred dollars to one every day this week so here's how you can enter to win watched a break during the six o'clock hour to learn today's key words that go over thirteen years now the conclave on the features have to enter the keyword for a chance to win you can find all the official contest rules on our website as well she might be busy campaigning for their real life oval office but that did not stop hillary clinton from taking some time off the campaign trail working explain this as daybreak continues. still to come if you want to vote in the mark fifteen primary time
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. some pictures on instagram and landing rapper fifty cent in court to connecticut judge wants him to explain photo showing him with wads of cash. curtis jackson the third file for bankruptcy last year after year city to jury ordered him to pay seven million dollars to women who said he posted her sex tape online reports say the instagram photos led the judge to believe phoebe wasn't being truthful about
5:56 am
the judge his client has reported all income of one presidential hopeful made a pit stop last night but not her campaign hillary clinton visited the set of abc's hit show scandal last night in los angeles actor scott foley the show snapped this photo and posted to his instagram page. clinton was a fairly raising and decided to stop been no word on whether she'll make a cameo on the show by show runner sean devine has expressed her support for clinton. cover the big news for super hero fans with billy about to get underway for the new justice league movie crews are expected to start shooting in april in england and iceland and this film will be packing some big superpower with superman batman wonder woman the flash aquaman apparently weeks ago was expected to hit theaters next year if that seems like too long for your
5:57 am
superman premieres next monday to begin with two canadians are being banned from competing on jeopardy at least for the time being the star the show's executives and bubbly as bolstering those executives say can the can can is online privacy laws are preventing people from registering hot however the show was working on a resolution jeffery is currently in its third thirty second season out to breakfast is canadian so that's where the notice on the job just before st offices father telling her and how it spills over the head the newly released audio from apollo ten astronauts suggests the possibility of some extra terrestrial music. yes something from the far side of the mood to take a lesson as one astronaut this crime to be hearing back in nineteen sixty nine with the on the plate can see tonight when the crew was orbiting the far side of
5:58 am
those whistling sounds nasa says the classified audio tapes have been available since the nineteen seventies but the agency didn't have a way of sharing them publicly at this music from a starbucks on the dark side of the deal was not as worried about the tomorrow for sale at school the dust on the other side of the talking but i know i caught the ball at those that are the trending right now stay with the word news weather traffic right now it seems. a virginia beach police sergeant charged with dui and police say that she had one of her children in the car with her. the developments expected to happen in court today and this presidential candidates make their way to our area were taking a look at who voters are betting their bucks on this thirteen day break is coming up on six o'clock right now ashleigh watching the wet roads for
5:59 am
craig is here with a check of your very wet forecast before you walk your talk. well good morning guys is what to the north and out to the west but they were actually drying out now on the southside one to show the scammer early we had a lot of rain drops kind of coming down still little bit more she left over on the lens but were even starting to see a little bit of improvement off to the north south side we are drier now still some pockets of drizzle will be possible the rain is just pushing past the airport i think we've actually dried out now this was the last report came in about ten to fifteen minutes or so ago. still some light showers at norfolk international forty seven degrees right now we have low fifties at virginia beach and also don chest beats been staying close to fifty so most years in the forties is little cooler to the north but everybody above freezing were just looking at rain showers in the drier conditions down to the south now later today to see most of the three working out of the picture but isolated showers will be possible nothing too heavy but i think a few more hit or
6:00 am
might see a little bit of that. temperatures today staying close to fifty two degrees here's the deal though we've got another front that's going to come through tomorrow i head that from a surge of warmer air for tomorrow we'll talk about a big warm up and chances for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon in the rhino check in with ashley will see which is watching out there on the roads occurred as the kickoff of the morning rush hour we are officially one minute and then doesn't take a look at the traffic network mask. well actually in pretty decent shape. i do want to point out though there seems to be a little strip of red right there near naval station norfolk but i do i give you a live look at five sixty four west and really not seeing any major delay here so this is five sixty four west passage in three a approaching him to boulevard. here's the exchange right here on the left hand side of the boulder to lay right there making its way toward mall drive and eventually out to hampton blvd other than that moving well on five sixty four west we don't have to worry about those delays just yet. hopefully we don't have to worry about them at all but the fact that rapid network maps now though


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