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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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bernie sanders a rally is underway as we speak you can see that crowd was having a shot of it. the crowd was really pumped going into that rally today the presidential hopeful is expected to speak about his plan to get corporate money out of politics he says he wants to improve the criminal justice system and also make college much more affordable for students we will go back into the rally as soon as sanders gets to that podium. also this is it isn't the only candidate coming to the region to campaign for your vote. donald trump and ted cruz will speak at reading university this week is right next monday ben well those events will feature a live interview with university chancellor pat robertson followed by a q and a session. we just learned high powered help is on the way for hillary clinton former president bill clinton will visit richmond and northern virginia tomorrow clinton plans to attend hillary for virginia organizing event to campaign for hillary clinton ahead of them are first primary meanwhile the republican
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rallying voters in nevada ahead of tonight's first in the west republican caucuses the other democratic candidates are courting african american voters ahead of their next contest in south carolina. abc's baa second on the latest new front runner heading into tonight's nevada republican caucus with a double digit lead is fired up but to mars the god of the crowd and a riled up after a protester interrupts him like a punch him in the face of taylor donald trump also unleashes on ted cruz this guy is sick is something wrong with this guy attacking the senator after his campaign shakeup cruz a force to fire his communications director for re tweeting a student newspaper report that falsely claimed this video shows marco rubio disparaging the bible. i think we're in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of the tech crew helps to put the latest controversy behind
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momentum the florida senator is gaining a slew of endorsements after he managed a strong showing in south carolina while jeb bush about out it was still fighting against each other in september and october. we're the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring hollywood star power to their all right we're going to go back to scope arena in downtown norfolk where bernie sanders is right now. yea speaking there live in a rally there is schedule to stick this age we understand is about take the stage there right now include listening ear when he has to say due to the levee just the beginning but picking up right away when michael was just saying and i will tell you what no other candidate for president will tell you and it is a very important point not necessarily a plus point. not something that i feel good about telling you but it's
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the truth. we gotta deal with reality in america before we can go for it here's the simple truth i would tell you hey elect me president turn on the tv relax don't worry about anything i will take care of it all if i told you that i would be lying to you that's not the way it works the law the am the new president no president no president not greece and is not anybody else can effectively deal with crises very very serious problems we face as the nation on last there is a political revolution in which williams in which millions of people
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a spectator sport you watch and somebody else does the people in this community we knew how such a strong military presence you understand that people have fought and died to defend american democracy and guess what you all that democracy not somebody else you're. and the michael and andrew was saying something true the only way we change that you may have said to bernie sanders acknowledging the military community here at the scope arena and also he's been using the words over and over all these rallies political revolution that's been the way he has really appealed to the masses it's incredible to see an entire stage full of young people behind a seventy four year old junior senator that is what many people looking at nowadays people are coming
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committee on colleges will address press two separate air. bernie sanders is pulling off to get the boat up supporting him so we shall see how this turns out on super tuesday a marked first larry kane is actually in that crowd he's going to be reporting from there with a full report once the rally wraps up other race to the white house is hitting closer to home today is the deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail for the upcoming presidential primary voters have until five o'clock this afternoon to submit a request to their voter registration office you have to return your absentee ballot by march first for them to count you can also vote absentee in person until february twenty seven only the people heading out to that every sanders rally over norfolk scope arena. well they had to deal with this yeah foggy and drizzly day outside you can see the clouds hovering over our area here and now this looks like the hampton area actually this is the only mess with his star began this week we're all just regulars here without more on the thunderstorms and showers
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a chance for storms tomorrow afternoon here's a look what we're dealing with right now the fog and is the view from the tower there's no view there. so what i want to do is take it to the maps and she town point park. this is the skyview closer to the ground still fog there and driving past the scope all of those folks coming out in support of bernie sanders hearing him at the scope also seeing the dense fog there so you really want to be careful if you are out and about this noon hour we're looking at a quarter mile visibility norfolk zero at hampden half mile in virginia beach and newport news. dense fog down toward the husky as well and that details on the chances for storms tomorrow and see more changes to a weather cover breaking news in a presidential push president obama addresses the nation on his plan to do something that he swore to do on his first day of office those skills are next plus taking sides a powerful tech giant weighs in on the fbi vs ample debate what bill gates thinks about
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shooters phone and feeling
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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. huge racial murder trial of a former portsmouth police officer steven ray can a judge just granted a motion to delay the trial it was supposed to start march twenty first well now is set to go for in august. reagan is accused of murdering unarmed teenager william chapman in walmart parking lot back in april of last year the hearing is still going on right now for an update this afternoon starting at four clock protest protesters in more than thirty cities across the world plan to rally outside apple stores in support of the tech giant to strike those gatherings come a week after the fbi got a court order requiring apple to unlock encrypted i phone use by a gunman in the december terror attacks in san bernardino california so apple has refused saying that it sets a very dangerous precedent. today microsoft
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in and sided with the governments well the courts are going to rule and it'll be good to have that that precedent. i do think people want the government act on the red hot that they feel like the safeguards or are their gates and likens this to the people getting records of the police getting records from the phone company the heads of many tech companies like facebook twitter and google have all sided with apple over to beach police sergeant charged
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. the if we take you back to our norfolk scope arena where bernie sanders democratic
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giving a speech right now he's talking about campaign finance reform is when not using this is really a campaign rally as well he's saying that corporate money should be out of political campaigns a bird himself does not take money from a super pac that bears his name or support him at all will continue to watch this we also stream this right now on thirty news now dot com if you're listening and if you wanna watch erik ainge tweets as well he'll be tweeting from that area are no calling the facility contrary to our values president obama today said it is time to close the u s military prison at guantanamo bay cuba once and for all the other president has been pushing for the closure since day one on the job and now in the final eleven months of his presidency he wants to make it happen like gooding has reported from get go he joins us now with today's details my laundry list of the president said he is very clear eyed about the challenges he'll face in congress to trying to close guantanamo saying before is it would have happened years
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as propaganda to recruit and maintaining it harms us national security administration released a plan that examined thirteen potential sites for transferring the suspected terrorist but did not propose a specific locations. it looked at existing facilities in south carolina kansas and colorado as well as new facilities on a military bases across the country are ninety one detainees remaining at the prison each one cost some three million dollars per year did it and among them you see him there abdallah him alma sure the alleged mastermind of the uss cole attack that killed seventy norfolk based sailor let us do what is right for america. let's go ahead and close this chapter and do what right do it carefully to in a way that makes sure we're safe republicans already swift to respond house speaker paul ryan said after seven years president obama has yet to convince the american people that moving guantanamo terrorists to our homeland is
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services committee member in fourth district representative randy forbes just issued a statement of thirteen years now he said i strongly oppose closing this facility have fought to prevent the transfer of detainees to us soil and will continue to do so the president has shown repeated disregard for congress and the rule of law reporting live mike and thirteen is now our big news there. all right mike thank you so much for that i we have new information this noon on a wild case the virginia beach police sergeant accused of driving under the influence with her two children in the car is out of jail right now sergeant margie hobbs posted bond this morning elise brown spoke to hop his husband as he left the court. police are reviewing your life family and colleagues the virginia beach police sargent marty homs the sat in the courtroom for a bond hearing tuesday morning on the force for seventeen years holmes is accused of driving under
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with both her children ages two and five according to court records for blood alcohol content was over twice the legal limit thirteen years now has learned she attempted twice to get on to me whatever station oceanic dna antics loved ones shed tears as the judge granted homs five thousand dollars bond that bond to ever come to some stipulations. she's not allowed to drive or use alcohol plus she's not allowed to use drugs without a prescription from a dr hobbs lawyer says she takes medication for various illnesses including diabetes and also volunteers with kids assigned to the police department's investigative unit she is currently on administrative assignment pending criminal and administrative investigations elise brown thirteen years now. police pursued started overnight chesapeake and norfolk police an officer tried to stop a driver near campus toll road and border road around one thirty this morning but the driver
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the vehicle into norfolk near kimball terrace and wylie drive where the driver stopped without incident work to get more commission from police were told this case is under investigation newport news police are investigating a deadly accident happened just before two o'clock this morning on jefferson avenue and forty first st. police tell us a silver buick lucerne crashed into a utility pole the driver did not have his seatbelt on. medics rushed into the hospital where he died. detective satan clear of speed or alcohol played a role here will update you soon as we learn more. are we have fog out there right now we've been talking about that right at the top of the show we see the visibility from town point park looking back towards the spirit of norfolk in lieu of the mist and drizzle layers of fog and some more rain out there for a talk about all this is the go along. temperatures very interesting we have upper forties for many areas but we have a cooler condition at the airport actually just down the temp just a little bit we're looking at low fifties and
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much of the eerie especially close to the coast down to the south looking at upper forties for simeon one spot to write good year for the wins coming in from the north in the northeast a chilly marine layer has brought in this mist and drizzle and this is where we are forty five and foggy right now with north winds at nine mph over the coming twelve hours temperatures of basically hitting about fifty and then back into the upper forties tonight more chances for rain late tonight is a quick look at our rain chances today and you'll notice again just misty drizzle as far as more significant rain chances at any given point about twenty more this afternoon this is for the day today you can see as we had three the noon hour we get some showers approaching from the south i do want to get to our local weather i talk alot about some of the bigger changes coming up but i need normal in some way to take a close look right here down around the body because just now we have a couple of tornado warnings just out to
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put these on she could see the cells they are moving through. there's one for jefferson parish and that includes the city of kenner that actual so they were warning on looks like it's back out of the lake right now and then around the place we also have another tornado warning so couple ears again here's new orleans just out to the west and we are watching that sell as frampton wrote nothing torn attic nothing severe here but we get some showers and heavier rain working towards hampton roads and we are going to see our chances for showers again later this afternoon we're going to see the chance for hit and miss activity in that sometimes it's good to be at least dryer from the heavier more widespread rain but i still think little pockets of mist and drizzle early tomorrow some more scattered what weather but it's what happens later in the day is a cold front approaches much warmer air across the region mid to upper sixties with the front pushing through tomorrow evening we could see some stronger storms right here especially down in a north carolina that could be a
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afternoon or evening for the potential for some stronger storms so we'll be watching that there is some risk of severe weather will wait and see how things develop over the next twenty four hours but certainly tomorrow afternoon and evening will be watching that snow back over the mountains but one stat line pushes to our area we will see improvements as far as rainfall potential here. very heavy rain potentially of the next forty eight hours to the northwest you see a brown west of that for our area a good half an inch or more in several locations temperatures today upper forties to low fifties were going to see the showers again still moving through forty five tonight and tomorrow the warm up chances for storms afternoon and evening. here's what's the seven day forecast temperatures to cool but how about some sunshine to the weekend how things looking good. lee said they saw some family and friends can run all eyes were watching that situation again west of the city some pretty heavy storms couple twenty as my hometown right there. yes keep things well it's a
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you can play around on
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an art to competition with the mission. smart start chesapeake and the chesapeake public library foundation hosting a golf tournament to help children's literacy debbie mckee director of the chesapeake public library
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for the chesapeake public library join me this afternoon thank you ladies so much for joining us. alright so i had the worse for sir tell us what this program is one of five stars as the eighty one team from the library foundation which supports all of the early literacy centers all over the to speak at public libraries at the support of the activities that the children get to do as well as all of the materials literacy classes start so we have this event coming up here on march twelve else about this the event as march twelve and is actually a two part event during the day from twelve to four families can come in and play pen around the library for five dollars each and then at night is our big event which is really a major fundraiser for the year on were having it's an adult only event which is going to the indoor indoor golf tournaments so we'qe going to be playing putt putt inside the library and all the levels on the bb and will be on adult
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it's a great fun event the second year you do and so the money that's collected goes directly into into smart start this is the second year you guys have had this and how the benefit of two dollars last year out while we out the front and the news from smart start have been afforded us the opportunity to put on version groups and the installations all over the library. i've either play centers so piers can bring in their toddlers and in addition to attending early lead to three litters the class they can socialize stay in play and really implements and those skills that they learn early literacy the scene playing reading and writing that we try to incorporate into their everyday art let's get out of the other details were marched off the bench which is a cost to participate in the event whether it's a kids event or the adult kids event is five dollars per person when you come through the library from twelve to four on saturday and more information available at chesapeake master stock on the evening of and if you want to join us just to come to the soiree the party while everything's going on a sixty
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events on sponsorships available so if you check out chesapeake masters dot com there's more information available there as well doing this or a deal soon. that's when you play the golf is growing library. i'll tell you last year we got to see a lot of adults having a great time in the library stealing each other's partners perhaps changing the course behind them to make sure their scores were reflective of the great fun they were having their houses to see all these adults having a good time to recall how libraries are a place for children of all ages have been trying to get everybody in the doors the girl debbie
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joining us will have more (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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thank you for joining us on thirteen
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bustamante time andre see your left or right to our top story this half hour. yes right now senator bernie sanders is addressing a crowd at the norfolk scope arena mystical listeners out the rhythm age of the country will be reading a chapter that i will tell you that question honestly answer here's the answer i think about it mrs watt rating economy is about this is what thinking outside the box is about this is what congress media don't want to be thinking about they're worried about someone scraping by with two kids she's on welfare. ok here's what you got with the walton family they pay wages soul and warm on that many of their workers are forced to
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and subsidized housing. now four years paying for all those food stamps medicaid and subsidized housing the soul on behalf of the walton family the wealthiest family in america want to thank you very much. that shouldn't happen in our head down to the last sixty billion dollars at the time to get diabetes and sixty billion so the ratio of your tax dollars to staple their barisan is going after the ultra rich he also said earlier that want to see people around the world better but that doesn't mean we have to destroy the us middle class we've heard all sorts of things from him talking about inequality on him attacking wall street a lot of people are saying that we still haven't heard what is foreign policy would be interesting considering what's happening today. absolutely so make sure that if you want to watch the rest of the speech we are streaming it live right now on thirteen years now we're just a week away
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getting a closer look at which candidates have raised the most money here in hampton roads the scopes were partners at the virginian pilot. so for hillary clinton has raised nearly ninety thousand dollars in the area that's most of any candidate ben carson just behind clinton with eighty five thousand dollars in donations jeb bush raised about sixty seven thousand dollars in our area before dropping of the race virginia beach schools will operate on a two hour delay on march first because of the virginia primary. more than forty schools are used as polling places for super tuesday election officials anticipate a large voter turnout which could cause traffic issues for parents and students were told buses will start their routes two hours later than their regular schedule. new information on the light rail debate in virginia beach our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the city plans to spend more than a million dollars to pay for consultants and office space for people working on the project. so last week the commonwealth transportation board said the city has to commit to
12:32 pm
or lose one hundred and fifty five million dollars in state funding beach city council plans to vote on that agreement in april. this afternoon or for city council members are scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss several agenda items were told there will be talk of allocating funds to make upgrades to the former j c penney store at military circle mall the city's economic development authority would fund the project a public meeting will begin for clock norfolk city hall now to developments in that michigan rampage few details are emerging about what the uber driver charged with killing six people and injuring two may have done before the shooting. this comes just as he is arraigned in court for murder. abc's elizabeth her has the latest from kalamazoo charged with six murders in facing life in prison. i understand the charges. this hoover driver jason dalton showed no emotion the churches and revealed no new details during his arraignment
12:33 pm
five year old admitted to investigators he took people's lives and friends say they are in disbelief. it was very players are not afraid to speak his mind but to ever cause any trouble according to the detroit free press. don't once worked as an insurance adjuster is married and the father of a ten and fifteen year old. we also learn from a local gun shop owner dorothy stopped in about once a month and tactical jacket there just hours before the shooting screeching like you would i believe casey black says she called nine one one to report erratic driving back saturday afternoon were confirmed getting reports about gold and two when the attacks but maintains those were the first complaint about him building stands accused of shooting eight people at three separate locations killing six and injuring two including a fourteen year old girl in critical condition
12:34 pm
pouring dead at us trying to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. as for the investigation authorities say dalton is cooperating but they'll not talking about a motive. he's due back in court next thursday. it was with her abc news new york and still to come video of the veterans call to one va hospital is making waves online and on capitol hill yes see for yourself just ahead. this new and we have some mist and drizzle out there today but showers and
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. a video showing a better and try to schedule an appointment at a va hospital is now making waves online and on capitol hill after five minutes of automated messages the caller finally thinks he's being transferred to representative all the attention of the year and see what happens there the vet believes it's a systematic problem throughout the va has no working heaters legislation to improve health care or want to go back out live to norfolk sanders is holding a rally right now. absolutely he's talked about wall street he's talked about removing the big money from corporations from political campaigns so far we have yet to hear his opinion on any foreign policy matte i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers.
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which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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the bright side is billed as the great physicist but also an amateur violinist so this was a fitting start to honor dr catherine johnson at the virginia air and space center last night and hit one or one day but at the age of ninety seven she is finally being recognized for contributions to the space race the newport news' resident and physicist who happens to be female and african american calculated the first human spaceflight and the first flight to the mood of the time of day is were you know they say and do so and so you don't know when john glenn said are the computers right we get to computers and she double checked that calculates the computers because they believe her calculations amazing how one woman her face lit up when we talk about this next year there will be a movie about johnson
12:41 pm
show empire will play johnson in that film the casting yeah oh it's going great and i will miller released audio from apollo ten astronauts suggests the possibility of some extra terrestrial music coming from the far side of the mood to take a listen as one astronaut describes what he's hearing ali back in nineteen sixty nine on her on the sony will was orbiting the far side of the moon when they heard those whistling sounds. nasa says they declassified audience days that they've never been available since the nineteen seventies the agency did not have a way of sharing them publicly backed and that is pretty crazy i was been two months since you set your goals for the new year so we are revisiting resolution i had i spoke to several
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of dollars. they come back as i can take you back out to scope arena in norfolk where you see senator bernie sanders here in the campaign trail coming to hampton roads today he's been talking about the issues that he has with corporate america and the big money that has funded political campaigns saying his is a grassroots effort he does not take any of that money. he is surrounded by young people behind him and they blocked off about half of the inside of scope arena with those black curtains nevertheless he's had a pretty good turnout eric caine is going to be reporting live from there in just a few minutes he's also btw eating as well as our live stream that you could see his entire speech on thirteen years now. com on or about seven weeks into the new year so are you doing with your new year's resolutions and getting financially fit initially out of debt are still not do so well perhaps for but to show you how we're about to get paid with tax return. well
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it to hold on to ravelry five rapid refund rapidly spent just like you did last time this is daniel win with the city of newport news shields people budget so they can buy a house the place that allow you to either save that money and have it build interest in the bank. so where is all that cash going anyway. when the things that bind people spending money on its coffee now try this usa bank gives customers the suggestions you should spend more than twenty five to thirty six percent of your paycheck on rent awarded ten to fifteen percent of voters. same for your transportation five percent of entertainment that means cup of coffee the highest bills credit cards for hours with breaks to pay that off or if he hates leaving over spreadsheets apps like mint makes budgeting a breeze link your bank accounts credit cards in your mutual funds and they tell you exactly where all your cash
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the beijing over the course of the year when you really feel we're going to call the part that got our scc hospital took thousand of the year displaying the dollar to nose and coughing for five or forty five at most a star but the good of its spending over thirty six percent of your housing it's not ideal but try saving from say other areas like in this latest budget includes dues make up the difference. yeah you don't have to wait till the start of next know lexi start the day is yet to start over it's okay anyway i wanted and no matter what resolution build a wall hanging so easy to write to talk about whether our ally wore my hand the chances for storms is why stage can be said tomorrow afternoon for a few stronger storms right now it's going to miss the other one to show you what's going on where to start looking hampton you could see right now run the hampton river some low clouds and mist and drizzle out there it's not a terrible day temperatures upper forties to low fifties
12:47 pm
the area the airport after were sitting at forty five who has been a little cooler norfolk international. let's take a look at the oceanfront and you could see the beach the rough wave action we do have the north northeast winds kind of turning things up again a little drizzly down at the oceanfront nobody out there right now on the sands but this is what it looks like we did this marine layer that we're dealing with what to talk about our spot on forecasts treat we've had a good little run and it's starting to build that i have to tell you today's is in jeopardy yesterday high and was calling for temperatures to be least twenty degrees cooler through the afternoon that was on sunday we hit that so the streak extended to four last night were calling for half an inch of rain at norfolk international by four o'clock this afternoon and we haven't gotten there yet so our net to see if we get hit with a couple more showers coming through over the next couple of hours we may get there so it's mostly going to be watching carefully we need to pick up another couple tenths
12:48 pm
there fifty fry this afternoon temperatures falling to the forties there will be more rain moving in later tonight and tomorrow good chances for dinner a few of those stronger cells right as a nineteen forty five at the airport we have low to mid fifties for the areas close to the coast and south visibility is an issue the fog that we've seen around norfolk and newport news zero visibility at langley right now half a mile where she and a lesson about a husky see you are to be careful one of the views are power here in norfolk he get up a couple hundred feet you can't see anything because the clouds are so low. north winds ten mph. so in the batch more to come and they were so keep an eye down to the deep south louisiana seeing that a tornado watch in place for us nothing severe today but more chances for showers going to see the stuff moving through additional scattered showers later on this issue the future cassie could see again mostly cloudy skies will be apt to you for a few more showers later tonight and tomorrow with the front
12:49 pm
will see the good chances for showers and storms of south windsor added a big warm up temperatures tomorrow in the mid to upper sixties behind the front cooler and drier conditions will see more sunshine. so today close to fifty mostly cloudy and showers still likely can hit miss lesson i near forty five and tomorrow sixty eight will see the chances for storms during the afternoon cooler
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run for their money, because today, we're showing you how to make every single meal faster, better and cheaper. [ cheers and applause ] >> how are you guys doing today? happy tuesday. >> thank you. >> happy tuesday. >> all right, so, there are some faster, better, cheaper stories in the news right now that i'd like to get your take on. >> all right. >> delta airlines is teaming up with danny meyer, you might know him from union square cafe, also shake shack, right? [ cheers and applause ] he's going to reinvent airplane food beginning march 1st. delta one passengers will indulge in meals like beef short ribs and roasted chicken breast, gulf shrimp with polenta. they will also be pairing wines with these foods. how do we feel about flying delta first class and having dinner? [ cheers and applause ] >> i wish him the best of luck. >> yeah? >> it's a hard thing to do. people need a lot more seasoning and a lot more acidity in their food when they're eating at an airplane altitude, and i haven't


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