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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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out of the southwest aloft its coming in from the north down at the ground so with the cold waters that northerly wind keeps it surely near the ground and then a lofty have this warm air trying to come and when the warm air goes over the cool air. the result will not only some showers but again you get those areas of the precipitation intensity few of the showers that are off more to the north and west and drifting to the north and east but here over southside we have generally some light rain with a couple of pockets work it's a little bit happier when i can expect a lot of total amount of rain later tonight but we will have wet weather at times as you can see continuing through the evening in the overnight and temperatures really not changing too much that leads to a very warm day tomorrow not only showers in the forecast for tomorrow but some heavy thunderstorms
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the chances when i return are in right now in hampton police and fire officials are investigating a bethel high school bomb threat the school was evacuated as a precaution soon as we drive or walk to school when home immediately and buses arrived early to pick up the bus riders parents had to pick up their children at first friends church across the street. first responders are conducting a search of the building. the virginia beach police sergeant accused of driving under the influence in with her two children in the car is out of jail tonight we're also learning more about the night of her arrest sargent marty hobbs posted bond this morning elise brown talk to hubs husband as he left court today. a viewing in your life family and colleagues of virginia beach police sargent marty homs the sat in the courtroom for a bond hearing tuesday morning on the force for seventeen years holmes is accused of driving under the influence sunday
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children ages two and five according to court records her blood alcohol content was over twice the legal limit thirteen years now has learned she attempted twice to get on to me whatever station oceanic dna antics loved ones shed tears as the judge granted homs five thousand dollars bond that bond to ever come to some stipulations. she's not allowed to drive or use alcohol plus she's not allowed to use drugs without a prescription from a dr hobbs lawyer says she takes medication for various illnesses including diabetes and also volunteers with kids assigned to the police department's investigative unit she is currently on administrative assignment pending criminal and administrative investigations elise brown thirteen years now information on the former portsmouth police officer charged with the shooting death of an unarmed teen. a judge put steve in lincoln's trial back to august sixteen the couple's attorney
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witnesses making the march twenty first trial date prosecutors also filed a motion to ban off duty officers from wearing their uniforms to the trial the judge will give a written decision on that request at a later date. you love very very powerful people when you start flexing your muscles and not what we gotta do right now the race for the white house hits hampton roads today hundreds of people felt the burn and scope democratic presidential candidate barry sanders was in office just hours ago ahead of the virginia primary which is a week away for ages now for erik ainge was at that rally sanders feeling strong evidence that sound by what was his message to hit the road there. he most certainly was with sally. his message was fake seen a rate economy that's what he calls it. income inequality has been the focus of sanders campaign since he entered the presidential race and
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supporters cheered him on bernie sanders receiving a rock star welcome in norfolk the tuesday morning thousands of people flooded into the scope downtown eager to hear the democratic presidential hopefuls call for a political revolution we need to radically rethink the way we do politics much of his stump speech centered around fixing a rigged economy we all going to create an economy that works for working families not just the sanders drew thunderous applause railing against special interest and their influence on politics is not acceptable that corporate america wall street or the corporate media control what goes on in our country millennials made up of the supporters who love the idea of sanders proposed free public higher education
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people should be punished because they wanted a good education the law the clue that the pain that i wanted to go back to school free of ties to many women do you believe that the seniors has outpaced rival hillary clinton in energizing the younger generation the guys that get me revved up the law but has now come when you could prove critical for the senator as he still trails the poll you look very very white people when you start flexing your muscles well the latest poll still have clinton beating sanders by double digits here in virginia to find out how well sanders was able to chip away at that leaving we all head to the polls next tuesday erik ainge thirteen is now a major announcement today from president obama as he finishes up his last term in office he outlined the plan he said the congress to close one tolerable bay
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president obama says guantanamo undermines national security he says is used as propaganda in terrorist recruiting the plan includes transferring detainees to the us but doesn't endorse a specific facility. president obama says he realizes his plan could face opposition in congress but he stressed now's the time to take action. i don't want to pass this problem on to the next president whoever it is and if as a nation we don't deal with this now when will we deal with. let this linger on for another fifteen years another twenty years another thirty years. it can cost as much as four hundred and seventy five million dollars to transfer detainees president believes those costs will be recovered within years compared to keeping the detainees at guantanamo. the feud between apple and the fbi continues after him to high tech tycoon gives his take on
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may surprise you. lisa abraham who joins us with the story bill gates has taken a bit of a different view on the issue that many others in the technology industry have. while many tech executives have voiced their full support for apple ceo tim cook the microsoft founder said congress and the courts must help strike an appropriate balance between security and privacy again said to the financial times quote. this is a specific case where government is asking for access to information they're not asking for some general thing they're just asking for particular case. additionally today at five thirty there are rallies planned outside of apple stores worldwide for interested active as a website called don't break our phones don't work has all the details now. i checked the list there aren't any plan for the hampton roads area at this time all right let's switch gears now and take a look at traffic across hampton roads starting out in the williamsburg your county area to have an accident
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tractor trailer causing some backups now she the backup itself a kind of lazy head over to our camera here the accident is just past this point sixty four westbound at camp perry that's right around mile marker two thirty eight as you can see as traffic approaches the scene really starts to congestion at this point we only have one lane blocked but it's going to stop and go between about colonial parkway which is about two and half miles back and this point here is you try to pass the scene on the traffic network map will take a look at the rest of your delays the jr be opened just minutes ago traffic is moving now but it's gonna be heavy seventeen north and south six sixty four south of the monitor merrimack newport news is very heavy as well and i'm seeing more delays headed toward hampton that i am to norfolk at the eight r b team but the lace nonetheless we are busy especially between the south side of the peninsula have the latest on your traffic coming up in just a few minutes i thanks ashley. now hackers could tell the new tv they can even access your camera and voice controls the information you need to
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tv is secure and you might want to blow off steam before you get behind the wheel a new virginia tech study says the impact your emotions have on driving plus arizona
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in arizona a family of five including the suspect is dead after both the shooting and fire at a phoenix home police haven't released the suspects' identity but believes he is a son who shot his parents and sisters officials are also investigating how the fire started. first responders had to carry fire hoses inside the home and then had to put on tactical gear after the shooter opened fire on them i heard the news this morning than in substance and saw things and down here that i haven't seen in thirty years fc an active shooter inside a home while the houses on fire shooting at officers that are trying to help victims who are on
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haven't said if the officer shot and killed the shooter or if he killed himself and right now the motive behind the shooting is unknown police have arrested two teens in connection with an attack in a washington d c mcdonald had sparked a national up for a seventeen year old boy faces an aggravated assault charge and the seventeen year old girl faces a robbery charge they're accused of attacking christopher mark as a marine veteran who received a bronze star for his heroism marquez believes the attack was racially motivated. he says the suspects were hostile and yelled at him about black lives matter. then attacked him when he tried to ignore them three men are charged with attacking in overdrive or in arlington. justin or lansing rum and geoffrey roche jr face charges that include assault by mob police say one suspect hit the driver in the head with a beer bottle on saturday night the three men are also
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window all the suspects are in jail without bond. well we all know is not a good idea to drive if you've been drinking or if you haven't had enough sleep but one of the virginia tech researcher found that if the driving when observing really angry sad cry or emotionally agitated your chances of a crash increased nearly tenfold. researchers use radars sensors and cameras for the study the study also reinforced about driving while using the phone is dangerous and more than doubles your chance of a crash a heads up now if you have a smart tv more and more hackers are targeting them just like they would with your computer or smartphone here's how the better business bureau says you can stay secure major tv like a computer and make sure your system is up to date these firewalls and secure your homes network with strong passwords smarties have
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always assume yours are turned on. now if you're really concerned you can cover your camera with a piece of tape the opening of the grocery store would not normally attract much attention but many eyes are on one that will soon open in newport news. construction crews are working to finish one such store along the eastern in the jefferson avenue. the reason this is significant is because there are no grocery stores in this neighborhood for miles. this area has what is known as the limited access to fresh fruit and vegetables as a result people who live in this area are in danger of life threatening health issues such as diabetes heart disease and obesity. coming up and six we look into the effort by governor terry mcauliffe to give nearly two million virginians living in a so called food desert access to fresh fruit. still tracking some areas of rain around the region and even where we don't have
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lot of spots we have some flaws just missed a lot of little dreary clouds so we're going continue to watch for more this as we go through the evening putting it all into motion. we've had again many many hours across the region today where it did not rain and then all the sudden we got a little bit more rain moving in again late afternoon now and in the evening but even then they're going to be more breaks in it later tonight no wind to speak of right now without a light northerly wind throughout the day it's eventually going to shift more to south easterly later tonight probably the beginning of that trend and right now tempered forty six degrees the dew point has been coming up that's what we have the fog. we're getting more and more again lors i should say less and less more moisture less of a gap between the temperature and humidity that's why or the time for the dew point that's why the humidity is going up and bring in some of the fog as you can see fog at
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the way of rain and then as i mentioned are in the afternoon hours we got to see some showers moving in and now a little bit more of the dense fog at times so fifty right now in smithfield forty eight newport news in gloucester forty six north and mid fifties though from chest down into north carolina parts of virginia beach fifty seven eighteen ten. that's the warmer air is just hanging out waiting to return and it's going to sweep in from the south a little bit later tonight into tomorrow. in some spots in fact most spots will see that entry is actually going up a little bit overnight. so here's some of those scattered areas of rain moving across the region during the evening hours continuing to watch for a lot of clouds tonight areas of see the temperatures warmer than they are right now will be up near fifty or even in the fifties with a few showers around we're not going to have a lot of rain we're going to have scattered showers in the morning and then for much of the day for several hours at least if not for five or six hours we won't have much in the way of
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move through later in the afternoon tomorrow and then again during the evening when we can have some heavier thunderstorms with some potential very strong and gusty winds and i wouldn't rule out even a tornado watch for parts of our region as well we have one right now with this system across areas of the deep south. notice the winds coming in more at the west end during the day on thursday. so here are some of those areas of rain sneaking through the next system still cost deep south spawn from us as we will be tracking some thunderstorms by evening as we turn on our live lightning tracker tomorrow at this time. today we set a half an inch of rain and we only got about a quarter of an inch of rain so everything else but the forecast was perfect but we're going to have to judge that a mess tomorrow some morning showers isolated to scattered and then some scattered storms later in the day seventy one for the high fifty six on thursday with clearing skies forty nine friday forty eight seventy s a cooler than
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for sunday and monday at salinas from thirteen is now whether authorities are right up next a reverend and rappers introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger
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. welcome back everybody about to hear an unusual jan but it's music with an important message christian rappers from renaissance movement are teaming up with the reverend from crossroads church here in norfolk in the mission is to fight racism here and in south africa. we visited the holy hip hop artists before but when we heard about this. we had to check them out again you're about to see a lot of love and laughs and that's the point as they make their mark again you she's the first and they don't preach the word of god. they wrap it yet need of a legend sinai and mike bell are part of renaissance movement a local christian hip hop label
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people reach their god given potential. that was part of our last visit. what's happening now is measuring well and that yeah that's a pastor when i was granted the three time with the seventh member of crossroads church in office you can see the great bond of friendship to one another and they want to use their harmony to try to end racism in south africa may have about thirty years on the floor where we are today in terms of progress on racial reconciliation the holland home and it's coming together represented the love of god expressed through his people go visit villages orphans in schools we just want to say listen to the gospel issue of guys we and everybody made his image we can make friends across all types of bonds and
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you just have to show show that love expressing the day it's also something we have calves and the renaissance guys do your home using divide rat to unite us not colorblind that he has made each person unique and so i'm able to look at my friends and celebrate their uniqueness rather than be afraid of it the wreck is the only adequate even indicted for the longer they leave for south africa on april tenth will be there for about two weeks oh how there is a concert this friday night. this just and the phone here on this friday night at new life church twelve forty four thompkins lane in virginia beach. if you want to hear their holy pop positive rap holy have highs in the back of the places i have and making a difference on and off the court the harlem
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i gave the umbrella school clothes this is a live look at the norfolk skyview lots of fog out there across the region you can barely make out downtown or from there jeff has more on tonight's forecast including a possible storm yet the storms are going to be tomorrow not tonight but we are looking at wet weather around the region tonight not as much fog in a few spots here and there. here's our camera langley up there on the peninsula as you can see pretty decent visibility meanwhile we have pockets rain across the region other areas where we just had the low clouds and fog drizzle some miss the times we've seen a couple different areas of sort main areas of rain move through one was early. then we didn't have much at all throughout many areas during the day and now we've seen this new batch move and tempers right now this is the reason we have the fog just getting warmer
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the north carolina that air is running into the cooler conditions off to the north and that's what creates the fog meanwhile a future cast rainfall as we go through the next twenty four hours or so we can have some pretty significant downpours as a line of showers and thunderstorms come through so watch for some of that they could be strong storms occasionally temperature forecasts look how we barely dip tonight we even go up a little bit overnight into tomorrow and then gets very very warm tomorrow but those kinds of temperatures with a front approaching that's why we have some storms in the forecast will have more on that coming up with the submissions other tonight yet we have two big issues right now on to sixty four east one of them in portsmouth. the other one in virginia beach fl couple of accidents causing the backup one start with the one around the downtown how accessible the camera first and head there are thirteen years of traffic and we can zoom out you just you can see how things are shaping up across hampton roads a lot of red here on the maps especially
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delays right now to discuss the hot one that in just a moment of first let's head to our camera and again we'll start of the downtown tunnel in portsmouth to sixty four eastbound traffic totally stop it you see here into an accident at the tomb and we already have about a half mile one mile backup. it was attracting may have just started moving right before it's okay a bit of good news there are still going to have the delays if you don't want to deal with that i wanted the jordan bridge with the groomer to bridge instead a quick live look at our second camera just to show you that the accident to sixty four east independence blocking the two left lanes called in the one half mile back up to which dr very busy i'll keep you posted throughout thirteen years now thanks ashley and there is no question military circle enough it is in need of eight major make over of the last several years sears left jc penney laugh and now macy's is leaving in a few months but the city of norfolk is hoping that the renovation of the jc penney building could be the beginning of a
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authority is asking city council to back a fourteen point five million dollar loan to convert the building into office space this would mean that the city it would help pda with loan payments only in the case that it needs the money the city spokesperson told thirteen is now the likelihood of that happening is slam as the city believes alone will be paid off by future unnamed economic development opportunities. i think we me mom. the stories to come in like it like they were in the eighties it would be a good jobs for the community and know a lot of people would go there rather than have to go to that far to mark off the green vera lynn haven as a public hearing on the matter at tonight's city council meeting are to meet lee will have more in a live report at five thirty at ninety seven years old a pioneering african american
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recognized for her work to put the first man into space and on the move. andre senior has more from the ceremony for the woman who's from newport news. stein once said the greatest scientists or artists as well . the so it's fitting that a favorite einstein hubby noted the start of a ceremony for this woman known to verve and all so however would argue that the attention that retired nasa physicist and mathematician dr catherine johnson is now getting is long overdue. it was johnson trajectory calculations that put the first man into space and the first human on the moon when said are the computers right when we get the computers and she double checked the calculus the computers they believe her calculations acknowledgment for her work with national. here she is receiving the presidential medal of freedom from president barack obama last
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former colleagues gathered at the purdue near in space center in hampton. making sure her contributions to the space race remembered work that she remains humble about to this day the day is over. you know they say and do so and so you go the this bench complete with an inscription bearing her name will be installed near the hampton carousel efforts by the national technical association and the saco for projects not lost on this crowd though is the ground johnson broke when she was first hired by nasa langley back in the nineteen fifties at a time when african americans really didn't get the recognition they deserve but justin will tell you that never ever gave her reason not to be the best mathematician she could be silver screen is also on the way to henderson from
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johnson in a movie residents of the amazing will it be audrey sr thirty news now tries a handsome perfect for that part the movie is called a is based on a book called hidden figures which tells the story of jobs and other african american women to help the space industry and the movie is set for release sometime next year. virginia voters listen up you have about thirty minutes until five o'clock to submit a request to receive an absentee ballot by mail for the march first presidential primary election. you can submit the request to your local voter registration office or online through the secure and citizen portal absentee ballot applications can also be submitted by e mail fax or mail as long as they are received by five o'clock. the deadline by time now to check the headlines and usa today dot com. we begin in boston all cab drivers are now getting
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designed to improve safety some see as unfair for instance one driver questions why he should get fingerprinted for working in industry has been for decades drivers for ride sharing services like google are left are not required to get fingerprinted since they are not licensed by the city like taxi cabs to hawaii now the sixteen year old passenger that or helicopter that crashed into pearl harbor has died. witnesses say he was trapped underwater had to be cut free from the seat he was with three of his family members happened last week they were on vacation to family members are still in the hospital is in stable condition. another has been released. families from canada so far no word what caused the helicopter to go down we came in general is calling on the governor of south dakota to veto a bill it would require transgender school children to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their original birth sex the measure would require schools to make a reasonable accommodation for transgender children such as single
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the bill today with a group of transgender people and in north carolina house speaker there says he's looking at how the legislature could override a decision by charlotte city council that decision allows transgender people to choose bathrooms in private businesses that correspond to their gender identity of this post and see that play out here yet this issue. absolutely not. well it's been nearly forty years since rocky won an oscar for best picture but after sylvester stallone who also wrote the script has never taken home an academy award well that could all change sunday with his nomination for creed and as brandy had reports much of hollywood is pulling for the gumbo and a
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and hard created by mindy has been his most humble and holy way the end of the nineteen seventy seven sylvester stallone did not win the oscar for best performance by the rocky somewhat to the rafters shadow boxing with muhammad ali on stage he was still considered a treasure for the rest of my life and live effect is very very much and now nearly forty years later than ever that i be able to see you be able to cross a threshold stallone is back as rocky nominated for best supporting actor oscar in the simple creed everything our god is moved on and on here the with his daughters by his side the hollywood heavyweight won his first golden globe last month reflected on being absent during his quick rise to fame then i realize that family is everything in this degree is awarded to give you one chance at life and you better fight to keep that seem to be cheering for sylvester stallone they want to see him win because he's somebody
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such a long time when really he won best picture the film's producers are seen are least alone on stage like that thank you for sharing the dream of rocky with sunday he may climb those stairs again this time he's onscreen so best to follow stars when you're on the hollywood walk of fame for more than thirty years the rocky franchise a huge success raising more than a billion dollars worldwide brady and he sees how the way you can join thirteen years now for a big oscar celebration on sunday the party is free and open to the public you get to mingle with some of the thirteen years now. celebrities lasalle the er and see the doors open at seven forty five sunday night that said covered meadows cinema cafe near virginia beach town center were looking forward to seeing you there. so mark your calendars if you can't make it you can tweak and tweak view we can tweet using the gas tax thirteen oscars ios as they just do some of
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we have one of the world
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. the harlem globetrotters visited hampton roads they all part of the school bullying prevention campaign to talk more about it is hand of a sunset about having you here today. the name handles with love handles another though i handle the basketball and mclaughlin try visiting a terrific job of handling the issue of bullying in schools you visit some schools today. yes you know we pride ourselves in only be a great basketball players were great role model for kids and ambassadors of goodwill to talk to kids about what we call the abc's of bullying prevention which we try to give kids tools that they can use delphi bowyer was abc's was action we get them to take action by telling an adult which isn't to be brave brave enough not to laugh when some of brent's brain of the telemundo and of
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caring about others the globetrotters the iconic globetrotters so great to have you here in hampton roads curly neal i've met him and of course we mourn the passing among likely meet santa and the iconic team and what does it mean for you you've traveled all over world spreading the word about the globetrotters. yes we've been around ninety years you know of our organization has been to a one hundred and twenty two countries and territories around the globe i personally have been seventy seven countries around the world will be representing the world famous harlem globetrotters in and about all of almost positive it's just been in our hands we have some video photograph one year ago the team visited children's hospital of the king's daughters are along for that visit as well we visit hospitals all over the country you know we get opportunity especially with our new program has been our ninety year anniversary we have some call the great assist so fans can go to grace's dot com nominate the calls or personal we try to put smiles on faces where
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the greatest must take a look at that video there right there. warming the hearts of so many children here in ca to katie and don't forget the taxi at a texas the last oh yeah our country is the norm. known for spinning a basketball but in the sea and it really all things with the coast guard is ready willing and i go to the over the many others will be nice okay. among the financial on the eye the truth in that room. the wind and thank you so much for stopping by and have a great game. well thanks for having the need to learn how to do that. ok the coaches of every sports program at the university of tennessee are joining forces to defend against what they view as an unfair attack on their school's reputation two weeks after a sexual
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attention because of a wait to start quarterback peyton manning the university's coaches organized a rare joint press conference. abc's buys economic has the latest a united front of the university of tennessee i can be more proud to be a part of a culture here in tennessee that is actually truly connected and bonded sixteen head coaches coming forward together to defend their school's reputation against allegations of sexual harassment made in a lawsuit sweeping national headlines to think that the university is not treating women women fairly. it is totally not true at least six women disagree. they're suing the university claiming it created a hostile environment for women protecting male athletes by acting with deliberate indifference in his response to incidents of sexual assault. the suit focuses on five recent cases i think it could be really big because what they are
4:46 pm
that these women filing the suit experience negative conduct on behalf the university but are also alleging a pattern but one paragraph in the sixty four page complaint refers to a twenty year old allegation against super bowl champion quarterback peyton manning back in nineteen ninety six of female trainer at the school accuse manning of sexually assaulting her by putting his genitals in her face while she examined him acclaim manning vehemently denies though he didn't settle out of court. it's involving one of the great heroes right now in our culture and sports. it's a story that is potentially incredibly damaging to peyton manning the university's coaches are concerned about the damage the lawsuit could mean it to their current athletes. i think it's unfair that a lot of these individuals that don't go to parties and never touched a drop o' call bostic nani abc news washington while the head football coach
4:47 pm
culture problem in this program is as they are taking the issue seriously and working to make improvements cutting some rain on radar but even then the spots where we don't have the rain we in many locations in many cases have low clouds fog some mist a little bit of drizzle we're going to continue to watch for more that this evening and overnight will have more the scattered showers tomorrow. a few showers at times just like today we said today there be many hours where we did not have any significant rain that's what we ended up with more the same again both overnight and tomorrow as you can see a lot of fog their visibility certainly reduce not just that the oceanfront but many other areas as well these are the areas that are most susceptible are most likely tomorrow to see some severe weather eastern and southeastern sections of north carolina but even all
4:48 pm
into central north carolina those yellow areas indicate a slight chance of some severe weather so i think there's a pretty good chance at least close to us will have either a severe thunderstorm watch or probably even a decent shot in north carolina of a again a watch will simply mean watch out something could form a thing does for many get a warning but will see if we get any watches tomorrow for this evening temperatures holding fairly steady in the mid to upper forties areas of rain also some fog out there. few areas of precipitation continuing like we've seen at times during the day notice those temperatures really don't budge very much at all. in fact i'll probably even rise a little bit toward morning is more of this ugly or south easterly flow begins to move in here and that means temperatures already in the fifties for most areas by the start of rush hour and then way up during the afternoon hours when you're seventy degrees notice those brighter colors coming through at times
4:49 pm
some showers but many many areas again will have brakes until that line moves and it'll clear out my dinner thursday and thursday a pretty brisk westerly wind will keep temperatures mild but it certainly is going to continue to be windy with some of the snow up around new york city mayor is up toward new england around here we continue to see the first storm moving through with that next one said come in tomorrow to periods of rain tonight forty five for the low also some patchy fog northerly winds earlier becoming calm. then becoming southerly and tomorrow i'll talk about subtly wins will be gusting at times to forty mph so if we get an even heavier showers that suck some of that stronger air down toward the ground that's why we think that could be some potential wind damage tomorrow keep an eye on that with some scattered am showers and scattered pm slash evening showers definitely windy and warm though and fifty six on thursday and fifty to fifty percent chance the shower
4:50 pm
below normal but sunny and then sunday back up in the mid fifties so mild and sunny as well. that's a forecast from the weather authority to stop at home and a number of popular actors putting up with a navigation app and alicia is back to moms know what's trending now has a pretty cool story today ok after which morgan freeman could marry your life or any actor actress for that matter remains rojo then all over the other favorites will he condemn the scenario your drive to the bank door to the grocery store. the actor is volunteering his vocal cords for the navigation app ways agree that it's all part of a promotion for his upcoming film the london has fallen. lots of people are taking to social media today to express their excitement for this new feature and i kept saying can we talk about myself or get some viral video that cost mounts for people normally frustrated by exercise in northern california woman created this short wine
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fitness facebook page. well now it's been seen by millions worldwide. what i want to show people of my body is that this is something you can do everyday can go anywhere and you can use anything but what resulted. well now this video has been seen by roughly twenty five million people worldwide. the fifteen second video was posted in january and his arty gotten some attention just for this one work at the close up and seven someone the most thing and now you can see that the curry that i was so upset right. but sometimes one tonight on abc fresh off the boat starts at eight o'clock then at eight thirty an all new episode of the muppets and then at nineteen and hour and a half episode of marvel's agent carter and then join us again for thirteen years now thirteen dead bald eagles found in a maryland farm
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the nation's most treasured bird then thirteen is now in five different theme each police sergeant accused of driving drunk with her two kids in the car we're digging deeper into this case the new details we discover from court documents and president
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. if you are. the general assembly gave its final approval to legislation that would allow more concealed weapon permit holders to legally carry guns in the state it would expand the number of concealed handgun permit agreements virginia has with other states and that would allow more out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth. it would also prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks. governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign the bill into law this week the obama administration will meet to discuss efforts to
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the islamic state the meeting will involve government officials as well as representatives from advertising and social media companies in silicon valley the summit is aimed at brainstorming ways to counter social media propaganda used by islamic state members that propaganda encourages people to join their cause in syria or commit violence closer to home no information on the thirteen bald eagles found dead near a farm on maryland's eastern shore and natural resources police officer says there's a chance poison killed the birds bald eagles are no longer considered endangered in maryland but it's still illegal for people to kill them. police are offering a ten thousand dollars reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case to special courses are up for adoption. these horses quincy and kennedy participated in funerals performed at arlington national cemetery bowling confidence to burial sites. the horses will be
4:57 pm
are selected via an application process for free and a facebook post by a virginia man whose death is creating some internet buzz he shared a note from a starbucks employee who offered a kind gesture than reese the greed of the customer with sign language and the customer says he usually uses his phone to text the order but he was presently surprised the barista learned sign language to communicate with him and that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now a virginia beach police officer out on bond charged with dui. we have court documents that show one erratic behavior police say drew their attention to margie hobbs can you feel the burn the free two asian and de criminalizing marijuana more on the issues that got the norfolk crowd while that one step closer to
4:58 pm
outline the president's plan as we start with a live look at the radar there's a lot of green around hampton roads in the system is moving pretty quickly but more rain is coming let's go right to jeff was tracking our chances were talking about one system already accepting late this evening early tonight and then another one comes rolling in again tomorrow as you can see we've had over the last few hours rain again we'd gone for quite a few hours today without any rain in many spots and now it's lifting through even once it leaves were still going to see a few isolated showers coming in were definitely can be looking at some fog in places and temperatures are really dont drop very much into the mid forties at the lowest probably forty five forty six forty seven and then starting back up a little bit a little later this evening and by morning temperatures and a lot of
4:59 pm
the lower fifties as you can see it's not going to rain all night they'll just be some times where we get some areas of moisture moving through. meanwhile for tomorrow that's one thing we're worried about tomorrow it looks like when dad is in terms of the types of things that could happen here tomorrow to give us some problems some kind of damage when is probably the highest ranked of those and then tornadoes especially down in north carolina would be the second highest risk and then heavy rainfall and hail would be lowered down on the list of possible problems that we can see here tomorrow afternoon lot more coming up on that in the timing in just few minutes i did for the mesa police officer in charge of dui is out on bond tonight we broke the news of margie hobbs arrest yesterday on thirteen is now at five today she faced a judge were seen as rich a cow is here with the new information what's important to know that hobbs is a very well respected member of the virginia beach police department but if found
5:00 pm
and even face jail time the husband of margie hobbs sharing words of support the years after the seventeen year veteran of the virginia beach police department faced a judge on tuesday morning according to court documents a call from deanna at base officers on sunday alerted virginia beach police to an erratic driver paperwork shows hobbs tried to get on to the dam neck annex twice on the second try. what does this say she hit the jersey wall near the base gates shortly after a virginia beach officers arrived and took her into custody prosecutors say hobbs was driving with a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. all while her two and five year old children sat in the backseat there is no good excuse for having children in the car while you're impaired loans no good excuse for driving impaired. michael got off is a norfolk attorney and president of the southside chapter of mothers against drunk driving he isn't familiar with the specifics


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