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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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and even face jail time the husband of margie hobbs sharing words of support the years after the seventeen year veteran of the virginia beach police department faced a judge on tuesday morning according to court documents a call from deanna at base officers on sunday alerted virginia beach police to an erratic driver paperwork shows hobbs tried to get on to the dam neck annex twice on the second try. what does this say she hit the jersey wall near the base gates shortly after a virginia beach officers arrived and took her into custody prosecutors say hobbs was driving with a blood alcohol level more than three times the legal limit. all while her two and five year old children sat in the backseat there is no good excuse for having children in the car while you're impaired loans no good excuse for driving impaired. michael got off is a norfolk attorney and president of the southside chapter of mothers against drunk driving he isn't familiar with the specifics
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says her arrest should serve as a reminder no drunk driver is immune from the law think what it demonstrates when you have one for spin offs are untrained and the adverse effects of drinking and driving that no one can escape impaired driving. it's a systemic problem that we've come a long way but it still demonstrates that we have a way to go in that area. hobbs is not allowed to drink alcohol as part of her bond release conditions heard tentative trial date is set for april eight. meanwhile we reached out to indian neck officials to find out more about the incident hear what they see happen coming up at six christine for j co thirteen years now and this isn't the first time a virginia beach police officer has been arrested for dui back in two thousand i dry and wobble was found guilty of the y in his run waddle was an off off duty when he crashed into a car and twentieth street and pacific avenue and just kept going
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jail and a five hundred dollars fine. just in to the thirteen news now newsroom a motion from anthony berkeley to turn a to postpone his clients corruption trial. andrew sachs tells thirteen news now he wants to wait until after the supreme court rules on former governor bob mcdonnell's corruption case sacks as mcdonald's case creates a state of uncertainty in the law controlling a substantial part of the instant prosecution a grand jury indicted an officer treasurer and her foot on corruption charges last month. today the president sent congress a plan to close guantanamo bay prison to mobley is here to break down that plan whatever the president didn't didn't give a lot of specifics under the president's plan most detainees would transfer to a facility in the us but is not clear what facility and whether it could be ready by the end of his term the obama administration believes moving thirty to sixty detainees could cost up to four hundred and seventy five million dollars for the white house says that would be wore thin in the long run
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goal to close the prison is about closing a chapter and the country's history keeping this for sony open is contrary to our values it undermines our standing in the world is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law moving detainees to us soil is currently illegal and top gop lawmakers have found little interest in changing that. but despite the opposition committee chairs in the house and senate say they will hold hearings on the president's plan dated back two minutes his plan congressman randy forbes says the statement force called the plan in complete and said quote i strongly oppose closing this facility. i fought to prevent the transfer of detainees to us soil and will continue to do so. strong carolina governor pat mccrory he tweeted quote i oppose any effort to move guantanamo
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urged other north carolina leaders to oppose the plan we need security before politics presidential hopefuls are starting to zero and on virginia democratic candidate bernie sanders visited norfolk today mccain talk to sanders supporters about what has them feeling the burn the bernie sanders receiving a rock star welcome in norfolk the tuesday morning thousands of people flooded into the scope downtown the eager to hear the democratic presidential hopefuls call for a political revolution we need to radically rethink the way we do politics. sanders stump speech centered around fixing a rigged economy we all going to create an economy that works for working families not just the cheered as he railed against special interests tying them to his
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opponent has a super pac receiving millions and millions of dollars from wall street not saying i made a decision. i don't want wall street money i don't believe in ghosts the law but millennials appear to make up the majority of the supporters here who love the idea of sanders propose free public higher education the phone that the pain that i wanted to go back to school free of time money when the leaves of the time sanders left other generations of voters feeling the burn to say the whole country from the hit sanders does have some grounds make up here in virginia the latest polls have hillary clinton topping and by double digits. we'll see what impact this rally had here in hampton roads when voters head to the polls next tuesday reporting an orphan care kane thirteen years now the rain gop presidential candidates will be in virginia beach over the next
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donald trump will speak at regent university as part of the school's presidential candidate former senator ted cruz will be at regent friday night and then carson will speak at region one week from today all three speeches already sold out. well coming up in the next half hour a look at the gop caucus happening tonight in nevada and house democrats are gearing up for south carolina new information on an overnight police chase through two cities norfolk police arrested thirty one year old jonathan or fleet this morning after a chase that started in chesapeake police in that city tried to pull north lead over near campus to land border roads were totally kept going police evell spptoim miles away at temple terra an offerhe is charged with eluding and driving on revoked license and ten issue thirteen news now has followed for months were talking about food deserts a place where there are no healthy food options andre senior shows us how
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is changing the opening of a grocery store normally would not attract much attention but many eyes are on one that will soon open in newport news. construction crews hav been working to finish one such store that will be located along jefferson avenue. the reason this is significant is because there is no grocery store in this neighborhood for miles. this area is in what's called a limited food access area places that don't have access to fresh fruit or vegetables in as a result those who live in this area are in danger of life threatening health issues such as diabetes heart disease and obesity were putting in here is really a collaboration of working with municipalities nonprofit organizations the private sector to come together to actually throughout the commonwealth right now with two million virginians living in these areas the governor took notice and even if you don't live in these areas this issue could affect your money. i'm audrey senior i'll tell you why at
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portsmouth police officer charged with murder twice even lincoln's day in court might not come as soon as expected. plus the ongoing fight to crack the code on a terrace phone why the founder of microsoft is speaking out against apple and one astronaut didn't see any problem with the little monkey ing around coming up how this gorilla got into space and only talking about some showers that time some fog really warm temps are set to move and that could lead to some strong maybe severe thunderstorms and now to an update on a crash in virginia beach as we take a look at thirteen years now track the camera a bit of good news here right now just the left lane is blocked as you see here to sixty four eastbound at independence boulevard the bad news they're still about a four mile jam approaching this point and
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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. the trial of the former portsmouth police officer has been pushed back a judge delayed the trial for stephen rankin today couple's attorney stephanie morales ask for more time citing some problems with witnesses marcella robertson is here to explain all the trial won't start until august sixteen. now that's because there are some issues with witnesses being available for the march twenty first start date that was not the only thing discussed in court today to a couple's attorney stephen rouse is also asking the judge to ban off duty officers from wearing uniforms during the trial just as close as we deal with this sweet gal falcons ex cop stephen rankin won't have his
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another six months prosecutors told the judge tuesday some of their key witness is unavailable for the original march trial date rankin is accused of murdering eighteen year old william chapman in a walmart parking lot last april the victim's cousin says he doesn't mind the delay affects me. we talked about with the fact that we know what to say it was an out of the commonwealth's attorney stephanie morales also asked a judge to ban off duty officers from wearing uniforms during the trial or at least to limit the number of officers allowed in court to just ten. she argues their large police presence could impact the jury's ability to make a fair decision one that no way no form wanted you to be afraid of offices and offices been in that offense disagrees saying that could infringe on first amendment rights the judge did not rule
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say if he grants that motion he expects the defense to ask him to limit the number of family members allowed to support william chapman is taking time to be thoughtful with the decision and there was another twist in today's motions hearing why commonwealth attorney stephanie morales doesn't want the victim's alleged shoplifting mention that part of the story coming up tonight on thirteen years now with six or so roberts in thirteen years now. officer involved shooting soon could get counted in virginia's annual crime report. that's the aim of a bill working its way through the state senate right now the bill has already won unanimous approval in the house lawmakers amended the bill to ensure the crime report also shows whether an officer involved shooting was justified. portsmouth new police chief is getting acquainted with the city this picture was posted to the department's twitter feed today that shows donna chapman sitting in on a staff meeting to learn more about the crime trends in portsmouth. chapman took the oath of office yesterday
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african american female police chief. it had several months but alan white county deputies got fourteen accused drug dealers off the streets it's part of operation crackdown investigator seems more than twenty three thousand dollars worth of illegal street drugs and five thousand dollars in cash the drugs included cocaine crack cocaine and heroin. two suspects are still on the run deputies are looking for robert hamlin also known as ham bone and politics pratt both face three counts of distributing crack cocaine so far no word on charges after a driver ran a red light and crashed into a newport news school bus crash police say minutes before the crash the car was involved in a separate accident near jefferson boulevard were told the driver took off from that scene blew through a red light and hit the school bus on oyster point road. there weren't any students on the bus at the time the driver of the car had to go to the hospital late again the rocket launch a wall of
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friday. the multiple users sub orbital instrument carrier or music will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university and nasa rocket since december but it keeps getting delayed for one reason or another and the weather cause today's the way i take a look at this it's the girl at in space sort of mass astronaut scott kelly put on the primate suit in jason's colleagues around the space station. his brother posted the video and twitter with hashtag eight in space. kelly is nearly finished with his yearlong mission he is just over a week ago nasa says he will hold the u s record for the most cumulative days in space at five hundred and twenty seconds. not a very pleasant evening out there temperatures a little chilly and even in spots where it's
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low clouds and fog eventually get a warm up by tomorrow but that causes more problems in fact the next system coming in could have some strong to severe storms with it so let's break it all down for a lot to talk about with both the systems we put this in motion again many hours of the day today as we talked about we did not have the rain we just had some fog out there at times and now are starting to see some of the heavier precipitation moved through in a few areas down here just accepting off of the outer banks a back section back up into the colonial parkway near centerville road watching a few slightly heavier areas move on out when the band going from north north westerly. com back to northwest are very light right now eventually tonight they shift around to southerly or south easterly that's when we start to see them more rising temperatures and more warmer air because right now we have chilly forties near the coast when she get back in the upper
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there and then across areas of the northern locations let's say northern neck peninsula middle pencil you can see those readings also are cooler in the forties a look at some fifty showing up interestingly enough for northern areas there of the eastern shore and then definitely chilly forties back cross or to northern and western parts of our viewing area with warm or fifties that's the important thing warmer fifties down in north carolina and that's what set to move toward us. so tomorrow morning the rain chance is not going to reign in all locations not going to rain at all times but we will have scattered showers around during the morning rush hour and then more the same in the afternoon and this is a computer projection. i would put some of these a little bit lower maybe twenty five percent or so and call it isolated to scattered but then during the evening it goes back up as those thunderstorms roll through so this is the breakdown with that in terms of the timing
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little bit of wet weather at times tempers rising in the fifties by morning and then here comes that line of showers and storms during the afternoon and even then during the evening and some of those have the potential again to be strong to severe i have a feeling we'll see a watch of some sort issue maybe even a tornado watch especially the likelihood down in north carolina of seeing a potential tornado watch tomorrow so will be on the watch for that and let you know if something starts to happen that case we get a warning so tomorrow a few scattered showers at times in the morning and then more isolated to scattered during the afternoon before some scattered to even occasional showers and storms move in late the day seventy one very very warm it'll be very windy even outside of any thunderstorm and that has the potential to pull some of the stronger winds in that jet stream down from above thursday friday saturday we clear out a little bit chilly again this took a big day
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bill gates picking sides in the apple fbi about why the billionaire says apple should give an analyst on a city passed a rule allowing transgender people to decide what public bathroom they want to use the governor isn't happy about it how he
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bill gates deciding against apple microsoft founder says apple should help the government hack into an accused terrorist locked my phone. this comes as protesters in more than thirty cities came out today to show support for apple brandy hit shows us both sides of this issue thousands of apple supporters are expected to rally in forty cities nationwide telling the fbi. don't break our phones and what they call a fight for the future campaign this goes far beyond this single case are the single phone. a judge has ordered
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bernardino terrorists i used for groups. i phoned the move turning into an intense battle between apple ceo tim cook and fbi director james comey in an e mail to employees of koch rights at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people but cooley writes in an open letter we don't want to break anyone's encryption or said a master key loose on the land thehenvestigators believe critical evidence may be on the killer's phone and have the support of many of the victims' families there might be from information in that phone that could lead to any other terrorist plot. so still very upset the apple not comprehend the fbi even microsoft founder bill gates is now weighing in about a back door telling the financial times he thinks there is a way apple can turn over specific information to the fans to call out to some special things no different
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ever been able to tell the phone company to get information. gates later said this case should be left up to the courts and congress apple ceo is asking the fbi to seek legislation and also set up a commission to sort through this difficult issue brandi at abc news los angeles military circle mall an orphan could get a multimillion dollar make over city council will vote on the change tonight while a live report on what could replace the vacant stores plus right now gloucester county teachers make less
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there's a know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend
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know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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sewing city leaders say revitalizing military circle and often has a top priority in a move to convert the old j c penney store in to office space may be the beginning of change tonight a public hearing will address a fourteen point five million dollar loan the city's economic development authority will take to renovate the building jimmy lee joins us live from military service when janet here in the old jc penney building and the obviously and there in the macy's store that is actually the last department store here at
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feed a small really is in need of something to revive it and city leaders believe that this jc penney building could be the key injury looking at this moment in our shop for military circle is one of the last places shoppers like asia minor go to my post option would be somewhere then hit the mall has been suffering for years especially after sears and jc penney last and now macy's is closing in just a few months it was more lively especially of the area for the food court is analog the stores were open sparks eugene's remembers when military circle was the place to be back in a beach home that was when it was really popular in our mind ordering nice though they're like every saturday but now it's so different now onto hardly ever go then here's the plan
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building into office space may be the start of revitalization. the city's economic development authority will ask city council tonight to back up fourteen point five million dollar loan to renovate the building. this means the city would help mediate with loan payments only if it means the money but they could be good if destroyed would come back look like they were in the beginning an unnamed company is already committed to take half the space and the city believes that other tenants will fully support the loan now in order for the city to back the economic development authority and its lone nice to put fourteen point five billion dollars into its capital improvement budget that's what they're voting on tonight but again it's only going to tap into that money if the va for some reason can't make it a loan payments and the industry spokesperson told me that the city believes that they won't ever have to touch that money because attendance at the left this space will cover that loan. reporting live in norfolk nine jimmy me


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