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building into office space may be the start of revitalization. the city's economic development authority will ask city council tonight to back up fourteen point five million dollar loan to renovate the building. this means the city would help mediate with loan payments only if it means the money but they could be good if destroyed would come back look like they were in the beginning an unnamed company is already committed to take half the space and the city believes that other tenants will fully support the loan now in order for the city to back the economic development authority and its lone nice to put fourteen point five billion dollars into its capital improvement budget that's what they're voting on tonight but again it's only going to tap into that money if the va for some reason can't make it a loan payments and the industry spokesperson told me that the city believes that they won't ever have to touch that money because attendance at the left this space will cover that loan. reporting live in norfolk nine jimmy me
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year old man is behind bars accused in a string of gas station robberies in york county detectives arrested william hayes yesterday after they say he held up the valero on york street investigators connected hayes to four other robberies including one at the shell station on hampton highway and retold in that case he fired a gun. chesapeake police need your help getting a hit and run suspect told the man you see under screen hit a woman with his pickup truck on bainbridge boulevard near poindexter street back in december. the victim walked away with minor injuries. if you know who this man is or if you recognize this truck call the crime line. there's a push to get gloucester county school teachers a bigger paycheck. the superintendent tells us tonight he will ask the school board and board of supervisors for a six percent pay raise for teachers. he built the rays into the two thousand seventeen budget even made a priority number one according to superintendent right now
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get paid thousands less than the state average. crews are starting to replace the bonner bridge on the outer banks the first step is to add several feet of pavement on either side of the bridge current bridge is more than fifty years old and significantly in the new bridge will run parallel to the old one. the project is expected to take three years to complete spared an office getting a million dollar makeover during the renovations to the ship the spirit of new jersey will take over. you're looking at a time lapse of the boat dock to town point park today you can see the fog rolling in renovations to the often include new lounge areas interactive games in a new menu. here's what the inside of the ship a look like after those renovations were told the spirit of norfolk will be back up and running in april it's a mole that one north carolina lawmaker says goes against all common sense last night charlotte city council voted to expand protections for gay and transgender people by allowing them to choose what bathrooms they
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house speaker tim morse as this created a major public safety issue. moore says he'll work with governor patrick cory to see if they can overturn the vote right now an appeals court is this is the sighting of a transgender gloucester high school student can use the boys' restroom. gavin graham was born a girl but identifies as a boy and two thousand fourteen the school board and graham from using the boys' restrooms instead graham used a private bathroom federal judge backed that decision and will let you know as soon as the appeals ruling comes the six week old puppy is recovering after being shot eighteen times with a bb gun police in rock hill south carolina believe as many as twenty kids are behind this officers found the puppy bleeding outside an apartment complex over the weekend a utility worker call nine one one after seeing the group attacked the dog that looks like somebody just used him
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absolutely horrific free puppy that young it's amazing that they didn't do more damage to the new for the next is expected to make a full recovery and be put up for adoption never nation on the two cars exploded airbag investigation scientists hired by the auto industry figured out what causes the airbags exploded kill people. one possible reason moisture and high humidity in the air bags. the airbag and flavors of cars at least ten deaths and more than a hundred injuries worldwide a showdown in las vegas tonight the gop presidential hopefuls are babbling in the nevada caucuses. experts are weighing in on who could come away with the women and new information about the michigan over driver who admitted to going on a shooting rampage tonight a friend shares details about
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the popsicle sticks or about all that's left of this mobile home in washington state police say a home exploded early this morning in port orchard killing two people. the force of
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at an elementary school a thousand feet away authorities say they found two sets of remains in the rubble of that mobile home they think the victims of the homeowner and his wife emergency crews are still investigating exactly what caused that blast the death toll is rising after a shooting in house fire in phoenix arizona police said the youngest of four victims a young girl just died at the hospital. police say officers in tactical gear responded to reports of an active shooter inside the home investigators say the gunman killed four of his family members and threatened to fire on officers and fire crews arrived the house was in flames officials say firefighters and police went to incredible aims to reach those inside good police officers who went into a active fire to pull out people to try to save their lives. this is what yours look like. officials say firefighters climbed onto the roof to put out
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to enter the home officers shot and killed that shooter now that horrible tragedy out of kalamazoo michigan a fourteen year old girl was still clinging to life as we learn more about the suspected gunman prosecutors say jason dalton admitted to investigators that he took people's lives the forty five rolled over driver is accused of killing six people and hurting to others in a shooting spree over the weekend a gun shop owner claims dalton bought a tactical jacket hours before the shooting and all his friends say they're in shock who's very players are going to ever cause any trouble dalton faces life in prison there's still no word on a motive decades old war planes get a new purpose only thirteen is now back to see how the old technology helps twenty first century pilots get ready to defend our
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video while he's behind the wheel and in uniform. now the officers boss is speaking out and coming up at six millions of americans struggle to access fresh
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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. their warplanes that haven't been
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now some older fighter jets have a new purpose. air force is using those jets to help train the pilots who will lead our military into the twenty first century and only thirteen is now a reporter mike getting a closer look at the program as light began to talk about a blast from the past the air force cranking up the way back machine here with some vintage cold war era technology fighter jets from the late fifties early sixties being re purpose now in the twenty first century to help repair air force pilots of today for the fights of tomorrow. it's called the t thirty eight talon this particular one dates back to nineteen sixty three when john f kennedy was still president. ancient yes but it's serving a vital modern day purpose the repairing the f twenty two raptor pilots for combat at langley air force base in hampton the talons are being used to play the adversarial
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simulate enemy tactics is invaluable to their final papers and die in that one letter one that we have the support it's good for the f twenty two pilots and it's good for the t thirty eight pilots like lieutenant brent mag or two although he says flying a five decade old jett against a fifth generation fighter raptor is a bit of a mismatch sometimes frustrated fighting and josie never knew it was their resumes away faster than you could ever fly but it's great getting then complex presentations and different things so that the first time they see a certain challenge are certain problems nine combat members of the seventy first fighter training squadron the ironman say getting to play the role they play is rewarding. they say the mission is a win for the air force and not only doing it to provide great training for the appointees were you and have a secondary mission where we're helping out some lieutenants and getting ready to go to either after originally founded in nineteen forty the seventy
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is to be called has seen action in world war to desert storm and operation iraqi freedom. the unit was deactivated back in two thousand ten but brought back to life last august with its new name the seventy first fighter training squadron reporting live mike and thirteen news now this week governor terry mcauliffe is expected to sign a bipartisan gun bill into law the virginia general assembly gave its final approval on the legislation yesterday the bill allows more out of state permit holders to legally carry guns in the commonwealth. it would also prohibit people facing a protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks the condition or andy taylor will stand the state supreme court denied an appeal request by taylor who killed alexis murphy the seventeen year old nelson county teen disappeared and twenty thirteen and her body was never found taylor could still appeal to the u s supreme court but there is no indication that he will do that at this time regulators
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the condition of the elf are o cargo ship today that ship sank during hurricane joaquin last year of virginia beach man was one of the crew members have died. a hearing is underway to find out if anyone is at fault for the tragedy today investigators asked about the condition of the ship's boilers and turbines the coast guard says the ship was on a watch list before its last voyage and its condition was supposed to be about the weight of those buses in the cp fleet. he's just ten percent show the most potential for being at risk and weave and dad dictate through a message out to the field. that's because the targeting list oc my staff are to conduct a periodic oversight review of that vessel as herring focuses on what caused the ship to sink and will last through february twenty
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the search effort is also planned. we started the day was some fog some low clouds at the virginia beach oceanfront this morning real pea soup right there as we head into the evening will have some showers to deal with jeff is tracking all of that yet and more fog the reason we get the fog is when you have the chilly air to ground the warmer starts coming and it comes and goes up and over that go move more dense air that stamp the ground and that cools everything off and get the fog so we saw that course couple times here in the last week in word or two weeks we're going to see it again tonight in addition to having the regular rain showers around by regular rain showers i mean verses the mister the drizzle in the fog gets around in spots where it's not raining or not raining much anyway so we have these heavier pockets and a couple of locations skyview was their second ago seems to have a dropout from an a for this evening forty seven degrees some areas of rain but also some fog
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twelve mph you can see the difference right now in the temperatures anywhere here from around hampton roads south and east vs hampton roads north and west to get a little bit cooler back in the center virginia right near the water's edge it's tending to be a little warmer because that wind is coming out of the south and southeast and transporting some of that warmer air up from dixie and from the deep south. so through the evening hit and miss showers just like we're tracking out there right now but even where it isn't raining. it'll just be damp and dreary and misty and then as foggy as we go into tomorrow. i think we'll see more the same as temperatures warm up though the fog is going to tend to dissipate a little bed and then we're going to watch for of some isolated to scattered showers probably more like scattered showers around during the morning hours of his climbing up we might even get a few breaks of sunshine if
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afternoon with what he means unlucky. the more sun we get tomorrow. the hotter the temperature gets bigger and higher odds we start to see of this the wind coming through in the evening having severe weather with that. so if you do not want severe weather keep your fingers crossed that we don't see any sun tomorrow that will help to stabilize the atmosphere a little bet any of those storms could have strong winds with them some small hail. especially down the south where there could even be a possible tornado watch tomorrow wait and see how far up the coastline any potential watts gets and then during the evening will start to cool off but still behind the system with some sunshine on thursday it will be pretty pleasant it'll be windy but we will look for temperatures at least it'll be slightly above normal. here's the first system and you can see that one slowly pulling out as the next one brings some stronger storms down to areas of the deep south meanwhile tomorrow the highest chance for seeing as some possible tornadoes
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north carolina but even here were enhanced area as well some periods of rain tonight also some patchy fog forty five and temperatures rising toward morning to near fifty minus seventy one. some scattered showers earlier in the day but then some storms possible late fact probably likely that high seventy one no fifty six thursdays we start to cool off friday saturday sunday. it looks like sunny with a little below normal weather heading into the weekend i thank you very much a facebook post that started as a joke led to some trouble for georgia police officer can time move is legal to give law. no that's officer anthony walker near atlanta joking about how he shouldn't be on facebook while driving his patrol car he sent the video to a woman and she made public the police chief says officer
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vehicle is serious with you a police officer with the years it is indeed only to do anything that deviates your attention whether been texting whether in the recording are talking need to pay attention to the chase as officer walker did admit to making the video i apologize for his behavior no word on his official punch right now republicans are making their last push for voters before the nevada caucus find out who's looking to win big in tonight's contest virginia beach police officer charged with dui and now he is out on bond and thirteen news now as the court documents detailing her address the construction is almost complete and hampton roads grocery store why some say what's happening on this land has the potential to battle
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. in the chapel at a monitor here are talking. in nevada republican voters are making their choices for president the gop caucuses tonight. meanwhile democrats are gearing up for this weekend's primary in south carolina and enlisting the help of hollywood abc's large blisters in las vegas with this is something the republican candidate making a final push with voters aheadd of caucus is in the first in the west state of nevada. you wake up this morning to the needs of the president is planning to close guantanamo bay. marco rubio this morning reacting to president obama's proposal to close the detention center at one time obey to back this makes no sense to me when i came back an important naval base to an anti american communist
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biggest last night before one or donald trump going after ted cruz this guy is sick is something wrong with this guy and even a protester in the crowd like to punch him in the face of the dead trees today trying to recover from a campaign shakeup and refocusing his efforts on trying. it's easy to say you want to make america great again you can even print database but the question is do you understand the principles that made america great in the first it's the democrats now focusing on south carolina were more than half of democratic voters are expected to be african american voters the candidates are courting hillary clinton is launching a new ad featuring actor morgan freeman. she says their names trayvon martin the bernie sanders enlisting the help of actor danny glover and releasing a new radio ad today featuring
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spike lee for republicans in nevada. donald trump has been leading in the polls by double digits but got tripped him up last time ted cruz won in iowa gop voters to start their copies here at five pm lauren mr abc news las vegas as we get closer to super tuesday more candidates are focusing on virginia voters in a few minutes we'll have more on bernie sanders rally in norfolk today and we'll tell you who else is coming to hampton roads this week as all we have for you at five thirty thirteen is now at six starts with a wet evening for hampton roads. a soggy ride home tonight is scattered showers have moved into the area and tonight's rain is just a preview of some possible storms headed our way jeff is tracking it all yeah we're going to be talking about the leased areas of showers and storms tomorrow and maybe even some severe weather. i've a
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north carolina maybe virginia are going to see at least a severe thunderstorm watch tomorrow and maybe even a tornado watch. think the odds are probably sixty seventy percent we get a tornado watch not too far from us and that could even include us on the very northern fringe of that size you can see we look at some scattered showers moving through right now. a lot of low clouds drizzle the fog is out there. light rain very very light precipitation in most areas although near jericho ditch lane back over here almost a martin johnson rode western edge of the creek a little bit of heavier precipitation the satellite and the radar showing that storm developing over areas of the deep south and heading toward a so in terms of the threats tomorrow i'm not saying it's a definite that we're going to have wind damage or tornadoes for that matter but in terms of low medium or higher sort of ranking the risks. heavy rain hail would be our lowest risk for tomorrow. whereas wind is our highest potential
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tornadoes are probably the second most possible especially as you get down again into areas of eastern north carolina. so keep a very close eye on it tomorrow morning with craggy and then as things develop in the afternoon live the entire team in here watching what happens as the system and support us but until then we definitely talk and damp and dreary tonight virginia beach police officer accused of dui is out of jail thirteen is now was in court as a judge granted bond for margie hall is accused of being nearly three times the legal limit and having a children in the car we haven't a new court documents in learning more about the arrest christopher j co is here with the latest damn neck base officials tell us that it was hot as behavior that first caught the attention of the gate guards. she tried to get into the basin even had a wall virginia beach police were there shortly to arrest her husband of margie hobbs sharing words of support for
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year veteran of the virginia beach police department faced a judge on tuesday morning the serious charges brought against her stemmed from an incident that happened on sunday night on the dam neck annex. base officials tell thirteen years now the hubs behavior drew the attention of the gate guards according to court documents hop strike to get onto the base twice on the second try witnesses say she hit the jersey wall near the base gates. surely after virginia beach officers arrived and took her into custody. prosecutors say hobbs was driving with a blood alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit all while her two in five year old children sat in the backseat. there is no good excuse for having children in the car while you're impaired loans no good excuse for driving impaired michael got off is a norfolk attorney and president of the southside chapter of mothers against drunk driving he isn't familiar with the specifics of the hobbs dui case but says her arrest should serve as a reminder no drunk driver is immune from


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