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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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year veteran of the virginia beach police department faced a judge on tuesday morning the serious charges brought against her stemmed from an incident that happened on sunday night on the dam neck annex. base officials tell thirteen years now the hubs behavior drew the attention of the gate guards according to court documents hop strike to get onto the base twice on the second try witnesses say she hit the jersey wall near the base gates. surely after virginia beach officers arrived and took her into custody. prosecutors say hobbs was driving with a blood alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit all while her two in five year old children sat in the backseat. there is no good excuse for having children in the car while you're impaired loans no good excuse for driving impaired michael got off is a norfolk attorney and president of the southside chapter of mothers against drunk driving he isn't familiar with the specifics of the hobbs dui case but says her arrest should serve as a reminder no drunk driver is immune from
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demonstrates when you have a lot enforcement officer has been trained in the adverse effects of drinking and driving that no one can escape impaired driving. it's a systemic problem that we've come a long way but we see it still demonstrates that we have a way to go in that area hamas is not allowed to have all call as part of her bond condition her tentative date is april eight christina's for jacob thirteen years now the last time the virginia beach police officer was busted for dui he spent less than a week behind bars a jury convicted ryan won with dui and hit and run a two thousand and nine he was off duty when he crashed into a car on twentieth street and of the department's dui enforcement team a judge sentenced to five days in jail and a five hundred dollars fine. norfolk city treasurer wants his felony trial postponed loire france a deeper flats confirms the motion is in the works to the defense team wants to wait until the supreme court rules on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell its
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attorney says the results of that case could have an impact on the proceedings against her for a grand jury indicted her foot last month thousands of people poured into downtown norfolk to hear democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders the vermont senate are electrified the crowd of mostly younger voters hitting on issues such as college affordability raising the minimum wage and income inequality. sanders also took us on his rival hillary clinton for her ties to wall street. my opponent has a super pac receiving millions and millions of dollars from wall street not saying i made a decision. i don't want wall street money i don't believe
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leads to virginia polls by double digits her husband will stump for her in the commonwealth tomorrow ahead of tuesday's primary more presidential candidates are headed our way donald trump will speak at regent university tomorrow then ted cruz will visit the school friday night and next week ben carson also has a plan and stop and return man accused of leading chess of the police on a chase is behind bars tonight thirty one year old jonathan or fleet is charged with eluding and driving with a revoked license police an officer tried to stop north fleet this morning on campus toll road but he drove away eventually stopped on temple terrace in office. in addition to its chesapeake charges nor fleet also has outstanding warrants in the offing. tonight hampton police and firefighters are investigating a threat that said some students home early today. bethel high school was evacuated after a bomb threat against the campus students were sent to a church across the street while crews searched the school were told nothing was found. it's not clear where that threat came
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one crisis scene only to collide with the school bus that is what newport news police say happened today we're told the car got into an accident near jefferson avenue and thimble shoals boulevard the car left that scene then allegedly ran a red light and jefferson an oyster point road hitting a school bus. no students were on board but the car driver was hurt. no word yet on charges. a gloucester county high school student is in big trouble tonight the sheriff's office posted this picture on facebook these are drugs reportedly found during an unannounced search at the school yesterday. deputies found marijuana and prescription pills and a student's car charges are pending against a seventeen year old but now i love lake county deputies are searching for two accused drug dealers robert hanlon also known as ham bone and paul it's brett lee are both wanted their accused of selling crack cocaine deputies filed those charges after a months long
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operation crackdown that investigation we're told led to fourteen other arrest investigators seized more than twenty three thousand dollars worth of drugs and five thousand dollars in cash postpone a judge grants a delay for a former portsmouth police officer charged with murder. next here why the stephen rankin trial will start much later than originally planned. battling heart disease obesity and diabetes in the commonwealth
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breaking traffic news in isle of wight county a heads up that are taking the jr be to the peninsula let's go live with her thirteen years now traffic camera the camera is zoomed out here but you can make out a bunch of flashing lights they are seventeen northbound at the jr be near the south and drop it only stopped due
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backing up two lanes of your head into the peninsula is the modern era back taxes newport news prize but i think actually a five month delay for the trial of a former police officer charged with murder for the judge granted a motion to most even reckons murder trial for march to august. rankin is charged with shooting and killing eighteen year old william chapman commonwealth's attorney stephanie morales ask for more time. marcello robertson spoke with the victim's family about the delay. it could be at least another six months before ex cop stephen rankin has his day in court that's because some of the state's key witnesses are now available for the original march twenty first trial date. rankin is accused of murdering eighteen year old william chapman in a walmart parking lot. last april the victim's cousin says he doesn't mind this delay we are thrilled with the facts we know what to say it was now in court tuesday
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stephanie morales also asked the judge to be an off duty officers from wearing their uniforms in court during the trial she argues their large police presence could impact a jury's ability to make a fair decision that no way the jews to be afraid of offices and offices in the defense disagrees saying that could infringe on first amendment rights the judge did not rule today but says if he grants that motion he expects the defense to ask him to limit the number of family members allowed to support the victim. morales also wants to ban rankin from talking about chapman's alleged shoplifting at the walmart before the shooting. another thing rankings defense attorney disagrees with you just can't sanitize the evidence you have to tell the story seem to recall that the judge will rule on both issues at a
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marcella robertson thirteen is now getting people the healthy food they need is a challenge and some hampton roads communities is nothing to the right around this area the head how a grocery store under construction in newport news could affect the lives of more than four hundred thousand kids and warmer weather will bring storm chances for us. jeff is
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. it is a problem thirty news now is investigated for months food deserts in hampton roads right many people in our communities have put our house because they don't have easy access to fresh produce now there's an effort to change that one store to time for tea news now anchor on
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look at what's happening fruits and vegetables can help you live longer and healthier but there are millions of virginians many of them kids they don't have access to them easy access to them the health issues will likely develop later in life will likely affect you in the form of higher healthcare costs. here's how one man in our area is trying to solve that problem this is the sound of rock workers battled the cold winter the coding for eight years going to be the full service deli right here in the shaping of a vision for jim scanlon local market which will open with me like water in the desert food is available along the thirty one hundred block of jefferson avenue is really not a single market around here for miles about forty five miles but not delight once this neighborhood home to some of the one point seven million virginians
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eighty children live in so called food deserts people with limited access to apples oranges or vegetables the result shorter lives due to issues like heart disease obesity and diabetes lack of consistent transportation a key contributor scale away from witness to inspire others to see people that they're in the middle of a hot summer in virginia carrying filled product that has been home quicker alright so there's this big initiative right now to solve this crisis it's called the virginia grocery investment but let's start with how it works in the governor's one hundred and nine million dollar budget he set aside ten million dollars to go towards the initiative if approved that money would go to virginia community capital virginia community capital a nonprofit bank would take that ten million invest fifteen of their own money then that nonprofit back to take the ten million from the governor the fifty
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grants and private investors to make up an additional seventy five million dollars i don't think that it exists at all and in the state with an enrichment bliss absolute of the american heart association has been trying to convince lawmakers to approve the governor's ten million dollar budget proposal and what we're trying to assassinate a lawmaker receiving end of the priority very critical as we look at health costs in health care senator in norfolk mayoral candidate kenneth alexander is listening pushing fellow lawmakers to approve the funds a lot of the citizens in up in the emergency rooms wind up with long term illnesses but here's a question how do you change the community's habits perhaps grassroots suffolk locals who helped educate this is one such food desert along the three hundred block
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trying the community approach this up again in a possible position to get some of the five with hope of state funding of city council in asking the city manager to the capital improvement funding package to help. but whether downtown suffolk will one day echo with the sounds of construction equipment the like was happening in newport news the will depend on what lawmakers decide in everybody should have a reasonable access to food but when jens local market opens sometime around late march bay port credit union will have a branch there. the legs actually owned by the city of newport news was paying for construction. scanlon will then manage and pay the city back through lease the plan is to use his template across the commonwealth but only if lawmakers give that ten million dollars you know kate will know that by march while i'm on three senior thirty
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actually want to start with disabilities across the rain show you that not everybody is having the fog but in spots where we are seeing it is causing some issues norfolk just a moment ago was a quarter of a mile that pretty dense. now it's up to three quarters of a mile virginia beach about a half a mile to nap in west point. we do expected to continue later tonight on the turnaround this is from our sky view here at the station so you can barely make out the lights in the distance pretty foggy they're pretty foggy at virginia beach in newport news beautiful picture from our shot up there. same thing kill devil hills. nice his abilities williamsburg chesapeake later tonight though we should see a little bit more of that moving and we're also going to see some more rain showers moving in as well. notice the scattering of areas of rained off to the sao paulo that's headed for us so areas of rain and fog out there right now forty eight it'll be similar at nine o'clock similar at midnight with patches of rain some patches of fog and temperatures just barely dropping down into
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actually rising a little bit again poured morning as some of the warmer air in places like elizabeth city starts to move a little bit closer to a swap file and even above us right now. meanwhile this doesn't include the rain we got yesterday evening just since midnight. not a lot of rain but about two tenths of an inch here officially norfolk international even slightly less on the peninsula and we had said today we would have some periods of rain but that there be many many hours where we didn't have a lot of wet weather significant rainfall amounts and we've seen that and i think the same thing's going to happen tomorrow we're going to have some showers around at times will say scattered or maybe even isolated to scattered showers during the morning hours. same thing in the midday and then by afternoon we're going to start to see a line of showers and probably even some thunderstorms moving tortoise as tempers get up near seventy degrees the more sun we get out ahead of that tomorrow we get breaks the clouds. the higher the odds of seeing some
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the afternoon or evening and then behind it conditions will clear out tomorrow evening. leave us with a windy day during the day on thursday but temperatures that are actually going to close to or a little above normal rain chances to my other probably the highest late morning in and what's a late sort of mid to late morning and then again during the evening but even any time will probably see at least a thirty to forty percent chance of some of the showers is the first system you can see pulls out and the next one heads toward us with some severe weather already across areas to the south tonight than forty five or forty six with periods of rain. also some patchy fog tomorrow scattered showers and forty seven to start off a forty seven to fifty fifty to some of the southern section's in an isolated shower seventy one early afternoon by mid to late afternoon evening scattered showers and storms cooler fifty six on thursday
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chilly forty nine same thing saturday and a little warmer on sunday the least all those days are sunny by our thanks to our right we have news on rg three he is on his way. o ut right that's the word and not official yet but i question if you go the only redskins quarterback under contract right now. that's right robert griffin the third the same quarterback who won't be under contract much longer to a redskins team president bruce allen said augie t would not be on the roster for the coming season have made it official yet he was really a just a cheerleader this year to play single down the great rookie season in two thousand and twelve allen was on a radio show today and he said a decision that our teachers should get some opportunities with some other team some good opportunities that it is in the redskins' training am getting something for him are slim but they'll come before that march night contract kicks in. while there is an expanded playoff format for the high school basketball state tournament
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regional quarterfinal your end of the state tournament with a group five a regional quarterfinals last night hampton against green ron hansen was down by nine hampton with them by for the fourth quarter size paper gotten closer than they took the lead more cheese. god will lead them with twenty of the crabs for the second euro eliminated rerun fifty nine fifty six nor view against bethel also grew five a this one was close throughout lamont stewart had ten for the pilots who made it to the state finals last year before losing to andre johnson led the pirates with fifteen area is normally a one fifty four forty eight nor come against colonial heights welcome year two time defending state champion who for a private sitting room had three thunderous dunks in the first half alone and finished with thirty one points travis field was pretty sharp too. seventy seven to forty one nor can one easily over colonial heights plenty more regional
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. welcome back not a stand against cop and stay last night this part is down fourteen the first ten minutes of the game preston bun guy got them on
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robinson and canned another three point play sports came from behind win in eighty five to seventy seven ten and three now in the media do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job.
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? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the stars" favorite, tonight, suing a major hotel. did they allow an alleged stalker to get the room next
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and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the massive and deadly storm system slamming the south, and about to move right up the east coast. several tornadoes striking already. and a state of emergency declared in multiple states, mississippi, alabama. and from louisiana tonight, these images coming in. a triple water spout there, forming in lake pontchartrain. one of those reported tornadoes in prairieville, louisiana, tearing up this shopping district. that storm on the move, heading up the coast. heavy rain, wind and right behind it, sleet and snow. several major cities in the path. a dangerous night ahead. and a travel nightmare tomorrow. we are on it all tonight, and abc's linzie janis leads us off from louisiana tonight. linzie? >> reporter: david, we're here in prairieville, where a reported tornado rippled apart this golds gym. it took off the roof, then knocked out this entire side wall. you can see, the metal beam still hanging. this damage from one of multiple reported tornadoes across the gulf coast. >> oh look, it's going down!


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