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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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happened friday night he told our brian fair was hours before anyone found the stitches are literally less than an eighteen inch from my lower lid and a needle stuck her with her there are five stitches that will have to come out chipped teeth that need to be fixed and a broken ankle. it is hard to breathe hurt write about i haven't slapped john us just use only his first name says someone attacking friday night in west neck. he finished up work in the restaurant was riding his bicycle home to the word's worth community a car passed then came back i can't verify her that if i just sensed it but knew somebody was either behind me are next to me and before i can even turn around and look whatever way that was it i remember hating not to the ground not doubt whoever it was to his backpack his money his cellphone the johnsons after the actual attack he was out here on the river a good six to seven hours before anyone spotted him. i woke up at
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and i remember seeing a car go bad and i yelled but that was sitting near me and them a bag of ice melt somebody cigarette smoke and that woke me at. it was the paper out people saturday morning someone found john's backpack sunday about a mile from where he says the attack took place. his cell phone turned up tuesday around virginia beach town center his focus on healing hopeful please confine the person or people responsible. i think i'm okay and if i'm not going to be that trusting three out alone at night in the end of the world's different. she's gonna be more careful in virginia beach brian carroll thirteen years now. deadly tornadoes have been reported across the deep south tonight the national weather service says at least seven tornadoes hit louisiana and mississippi one slant into an rv park in convent louisiana killing at least two people a third person died after a possible tornado touchdown near purvis mississippi dozens of
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damaged was also reported in alabama and those storms are headed our way geoff lawson is tracking the possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow but overnight will be dealing with rain and fog stuff yeah some light rain at times some drizzle definitely some fog and a building wind late tonight out of the south and that's what we're worried about for tomorrow it is indeed that exact line of storms that's headed for us tomorrow. the highest risk as you'll see just the second to point out will be for some strong winds potentially but i think the best chance is a little bit farther south the terms the highest odds but we're certainly in the zone as well. more on that a second look of his abilities some pretty low numbers there half a mile or less in a few locations and as a result we're going to continue to watch that overnight without a lot of actual rain accumulating we're not going to have a quarter of an inch or anything like that any soaking rain overnight. we will see temperatures holding steady and warm morning when the wind start to shift out
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rising temperatures the fall will hopefully begin the ease and then we'll see a little bit of wet weather times of scattered showers middle part of the day that's the key as to whether we get severe weather not as readings climb rapidly up through the sixties and into the seventies if we get a little bit of clear skies that hines a little bit of a break in the clouds that had this line that's what could lead to some possible severe weather slip caught very quickly about the storm threat generally around today and tomorrow when heavy rain hail and tornadoes all about equally likely in terms of the potential for some damage around here the highest thing we're going to be worried about the storm's highest odds would be some wind damage but that one i had earlier sort of orange is a moderate threat for tornadoes and it still is across portions of eastern north carolina but around here will have a little lower chance for some fanatic activity but it still does exist so what
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an all afternoon giving an update on the storm's approach is tomorrow. i think staff we have new information tonight about a make over of part of military circle in norfolk we told you about this earlier today the city's economic development authority wants the city council to support a fortune and a half million dollars on to convert to jc penney into an office building. tonight's city council approved the plan we're told that would bring hundreds of jobs to the city over the next few years for the city council passed a resolution tonight beginning a new effort to clean up two neighborhoods lincoln park and dale holmes the vote was seven to zero resolution allows funding for the city to redevelop lincoln park and renovate a home is a call to police about a domestic dispute ended with officers discovered a meth lab in norfolk. one man involved in the dispute over the weekend is telling us tonight he had no idea his new roommate was cooking up meth annie le beau has more
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on thirteen years now. last weekend off and police were called out to the upper apartment for a domestic dispute when they came across a meth lab now one of the people involved in at the speed tells me he had no idea about the meth lab in turns out he had only been living at home for less than a week that he's bein there for jess. we always have on my lap. it was on craigslist that james patterson found an ad for a room for rent in his norfolk apartment he took the person up on the deal he didn't want to show his face on camera but says less than a week of living there. he's an argument with his roommate about manny. sunday morning police showed up at the home police as they were serving a warrant for domestic assault and battery and test this guy's gotta have opinions that scuffed marked nine and met her but what the home officers found all kinds of products used to make math
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this was happening in the house when matt put his hands grown and on and after another for what they have with this stuff. police said both men into custody but patterson was released and given a ticket for frequenting a drug house the police charges lance odious with running a meth lab matters is as looking back on the situation he should have noticed some clues like smelling what he described as acetone in the home but now he says he'll be more careful about the offers he takes people up on the internet in norfolk i merely the bow thirteen years now. matt and i saw the police and fire responded to a car crash and its pastor road officials say the car ran off the road clipped a power pole and struck a verizon box is finally landed against the brad saab building but didn't go into the building. paramedics checked out the driver and
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told the injuries are not life threatening the investigation is ongoing five month delay has been granted for the trial of a former portsmouth police officer charged with murder today a judge granted a motion to move the stephen likens trial from march to august. commonwealth's attorney stephanie morales asked for more time because some of the state's key witnesses are not available for the march twenty first trial date. rankin is charged with shooting and killing eighteen year old william chapman last year the judge will rule on to other issues at a later date whether officers will be banned from wearing their uniforms in court during the trial and whether rank and will be allowed to talk about chapman's alleged shoplifting at the walmart before that shooting of a damaged police officer accused of dui is out of jail tonight. the judge granted bond for sergeant margie hobbs she is accused of being nearly three times over the legal limit and having her two young kids in the car when she was pulled over on sunday night as part of a bond hobbs is not allowed to drive or have
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date is april gates as a wants his client's corruption trial postponed. andrew sachs house thirteen years now he wants to wait until after the supreme court rules on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is corruption case socks as mcdonald's case creates a state of uncertainty in the law controlling a substantial part of the instant prosecution a grand jury indicted nor for treasurer bradford on corruption charges last month. no information about a mass shooting threat at camden county high school in north carolina the cameron county sheriff's office plans to ask the fbi for help in the investigation we learned the caller who made the threat also made threats to a high school in illinois five times they're still trying to identify the callers sheriff's deputies and state troopers were at the school yesterday and found nothing suspicious but also disrupting classes today at bethel high school in hampton police are investigating a bomb threat that forced the evacuation of the school today. students eventually were dismissed
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did not find anything new information tonight about the two oklahoma brothers accused of fatally stabbing their family again says there is enough evidence for the teenagers to stand trial on first degree murder charges and the stabbings of their parents and three siblings the nineteen and seventeen year old boys have both pleaded not guilty to the killings they are accused of killing their parents and three siblings ranging in age from twelve to five autopsy report showed they were stabbed dozens of times to sibling survive last two lines attack five women are kings of stage in car wrecks in wilmington north carolina to collect insurance money three of them are pictured here the state's department of insurance says one woman not shown here is still on the run tonight investigators say the woman lied to law enforcement and insurance companies about three separate crashes last year
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cargo ship the elf are all the coast guard captain told an investigative panel today that he the only body ever found was too decomposed to identify instead of recovering the body crews put a tracker on it so they could continue searching for possible survivors. no survivors were ever found and that body was not located again for all sank in the middle of hurricane joaquin last october virginia beach man was among the thirty three crew members killed. republican presidential candidates are battling out in nevada tonight and donald trump has been leading the pack after his wins in new hampshire and south carolina coming up we'll have the latest on the nevada caucuses a narrow escape why first responders
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. i you're watching video of their city firefighters rescuing two window washers from a building more than sixty floors high. their scaffolding stalled in mid air. first responders had to cut through the glass the deputy chief says the two workers were in the cold and rain for about ninety minutes paramedics check them out. we're told they're ok. presidential hopeful bernie sanders came to offer this morning
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what he had to say the match was the scene in downtown norfolk of the scott sanders talked about improving the economy he also rallied against special interest groups many of his supporters like his idea of making college free the new loan that the pain that i wanted to go back to school three of time anyone in the leaves of the sanders isn't the only candidate coming to hampton roads donald trump is speaking tomorrow and regent university also a treat and senator ted cruz on friday and presidential hopeful ben carson on monday. voters in nevada are making their choice of the republican race for president donald trump goes into tonight as the favorite candy hold off rivals ted cruz and marco rubio abc's lauren lister is in las vegas with the latest gop voters line up to caucus here in nevada. choosing who
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in the race for president resigned from the restaurant is really saying what everyone sees the truth discerning what is only one trial a farce. back in twenty twelve it took three days to find out who won this year hopes are for a faster verdict. donald trump made his final push with nevada voters tuesday hurling insults at rival ted cruz this guy to drew's is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life i've been a knife that much tougher people that at doc's like a baby compared to some of the people after that he is like a baby and crews responded frankly i'm not willing to gamble my daughter's future with donald trump truth to tell abc news thinks trumps insults are a barometer for how he battled the fire is true is taking some jabs of his own the truth of the matter is that donald became president
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movie of the state's tracks attacks but did watch a few himself i just become a conservative like a year and a half ago i thought about running for president. ben still in the race you despite low poll numbers you go out there and you try to change the world that case is already looking toward super georgia there are just thirty delegates at stake here but this is the last chance for candidates to prove their strength ahead of next week's states vote there will be nearly six hundred delegates at stake that board mr abc news las vegas for details in a further explain the death of justice antonin scalia the supreme court's doctor says kali live with heart disease obesity diabetes and more as a result of those health problems an autopsy was not ordered scaly was laid to rest this past weekend meanwhile republicans or democrats still are fighting over whether anyone will be confirmed to take scaly a seat until after
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alaska can sign up to sell pot to starting tomorrow a state board will begin accepting license applications. it still will be months before adults can legally purchase weed in order to get a business license owners need an approved site because of a number of restrictions and community bands that may not be easy all the radars a little bit deceiving because it only shows areas of rain and we don't have a lot of that out there but we have a lot of low clouds mist the little bit of drizzle fog in many areas so again in terms of an actual downpour anything like that there's really not much going on time to write out forty four with a dew point of forty to mention an early might know from watching us of the years as those numbers get closer and closer together the humidity goes up and like its well in the nineties or one hundred percent that's when you start to get some of the fog out there. meanwhile
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is holding in east of the mountains we have warm air coming in out of the southwest and it can't go up it goes up the mountains and then it can't go down because there's more dense air on the other side color is more dense and it sings so the air gets trapped in here across areas of the carolinas into virginia create an over running situation that we get the cloud that's when we get the fog and that's what we have out there right now it takes quite a while often for that southerly wind to kick in enough to ease that a way that's going to happen late tonight early tomorrow morning as we start to see the wind picking up out of the south will see the temperatures rise in the fifties will have just very isolated showers during the overnight but again fog and then during the day tomorrow will start to see some of those showers moving in and out ahead of the main batch of rain. we're going to see a few breaks in the clouds. if we get those breaks that's going to just de stabilize the atmosphere
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and during the afternoon some of these areas of showers will be thunderstorms most likely in the wind is just going to be howling five thousand feet up running sixty seventy eighty mph. so any kind of a thunderstorm or even a heavy shower can pull that wind down from a few thousand feet and create these outflows a bit of a micro burst so we're going to watch for the potential was a set of some severe weather across the region and where there's a little more spin in the atmosphere across the carolinas possibly even some tornadoes maybe even around here we get out of tornado watch will keep a very close eye on that one to get into thursday conditions will clear out and start to be fairly mild but again dry out a little bit chances of rain tomorrow stay sorta fifty fifty in the morning then they go down in the afternoon then right as that front comes through they pick up again during the evening here is the first system moving out the second one starting to spin and with some severe weather to the south so patchy light
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drizzle and fog low temperatures may be getting down to forty five but actually rising in the morning hours closer to fifty in the par seventy one for the high the storms possible late the day after some isolated to scattered showers early and then on thursday fifty six a little cooler clearing out and chile are forty nine of forty eight friday saturday or sunday next up we are tracking the other day and nights before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen years now at day break starting at four thirty. it is tournament time in high school basketball coming up in sports will show
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right to know about the harlem globetrotters but what do you know about the newport news global water well handles franklin of the world famous harlem globetrotters made a pit stop here thirteen years now had me spinning the ball even he also stopped by the virginia living museum in newport news. franklin shot
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the honored and with mo and molly the newest addition to the animal exhibits the harlem globetrotters will show their stuff this friday and sunday of the constant center in norfolk. you can do that too is thought that as well as mo and molly to get rid of stuff i got more basketball way around that same year we are through the first two days of the high school regional performance and the fields have been cut in half more quarterfinal action tonight andrew for a boy's lake taylor hosting jamestown tonight the eagles get on the board first for is here michael smith with a fade away jumper for jamestown led taylor's jt was a strong football feel pretty good in the hoops courts as well. he had fifteen for the titans back to jamestown we got another highlight for the eagles come natural connor swain on the rebound putback nice and gives up their skies with a rebound late killers travis smith
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touch for the two lake taylor game miller one more bucket coming up for the titans takes it to the hole for two more and let taylor won sixty two to fifty four group of six a roscoe smith at cal in tonight's game was tied as they start the fourth quarter donald hicks hit that three pointer to give roscoe smith a thirty nine thirty four lead. noah singer had twenty points from counter nine this three pointer got them thirty nine thirty seven trailing at the beginning of the fourth quarter and then both teams kind of slowed down a little bit connor campbell keeps callum within two with that jumper and after callum almost comes up to the big steel there instead. turns out to be what does i'd say the game winning bucket as maine the maine with a jumper tigers won forty four thirty nine woodside inherited also one on the boys' side the recital and the lance and eagles against western branch
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johnson for western brands the bruins won back the rain than taking up space in making a deuce lansdowne jumped out to a seventeen point lead taught by getting rebounds this one coming up from sydney kept peter can a seventeen point lead but western branch came back strong in this turn into a nail biter. kiana johnson puts up the jumper for western branch got them close to god within three in a while in with a three pointer and lansdowne held on forty four to forty one one side things for ken wilson the other girls teams who also won in regional play time tonight. regional semi finals start tomorrow different sites around the area when we come back
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the last four years virginia tech finished last in the acc hoops much improvement this year but they need to get better on the road they'll have one acc win away from home this year you think the chances tonight would be pretty good at boston college who has won fourteen in acc play this year seth allen led the hoke isn't balanced scoring tonight he had fourteen to lead the way coming up. shane henry on the rebound slam off the allen miss allen's an offer for highlights this time the inbounds for a four point plays in jail and hudson who gets fouled putting up a shot from long range nineteen twelve cookies at that point chris clark from virginia beach and tension that could only play in the pains got a nice touch from three point range. well
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off the steel clark up ahead the justin beds no problems for the hokies tonight they won seventy one to fifty six it was already quite obvious but today the redskins made a little more clear the robert griffin that there will not be back. team president bush's allies on a radio won't be on the roster for the coming season. i mean he was on the roster this year but it was more mature later than he was a football player course had a great rookie season in two thousand twelve on that radio show today allen said he expects rg three to get opportunities for several good teams elsewhere and you thinking love shooting in the trade above the good but that was seeing the highly unlikely that anybody would give him anything for rg three typing thought i was looking out for a while tomorrow when deanna was warm for sure temperatures up near seventy not a whole lotta rain in the morning isolated or maybe scattered showers and during the afternoon and slash evening look for a line of storms to move and some of
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rather strong backs and that is thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ellen pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman reedus, and music from yo gotti featuring travis barker, with cleto and the cletones.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thanks for joining us. i'm glad i'm here. this may sound a little bit odd but i'm starting to think my house is trying to get rid of me. i mentioned last night on the show on, monday night i accidentally ate a handful of sea sick medication because i thought they were breath mints. i have no idea where they came from. last night about 2:00 in the morning. i'm in bed and i think i hear a chirping sound. my wife who wakes up any sound. every time i let out even half a snore, she wakes up. she's sound asleep. so i assume i'm dreaming. then i hear it again. and i wait and i hear nothing. i lay my head back down. then again i hear it. this happens again and again once every five minutes. really, i don't know how much. it could have been 20 minutes, it's possible i was there for days. i don't know. i was half asleep.


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