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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the airport for visibility three quarters a mile in virginia beach zero still up at langley to dense fog their dense fog around newport news of the quarter mile visibility things improve in rochester but still areas of fog for northeast north carolina. now there are some rain showers other that can help mix up the atmosphere disperse some of the fog but damp and foggy conditions early this morning the potential is there for a few stronger storms late morning through the afternoon and evening forty eight right now winds are east southeast at five you can see the showers coming through again the rain hoping to maybe disperse a little bit of that fog were awesome to see the winds picking up that's going to mix things up that way you have an area of valley enhanced threat of severe weather but a moderate risk so this is an area that will go under watch later today for severe weather that does include hampton roads really our entire abc thirteen viewing area greatest threat right now winin but could be some heavy rain could be some hail and
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of tornadoes and isolated tornadoes may be a problem this afternoon evening so we'll be watching as we go to the day temp is climbing up to about seventy one so very spring like with temperatures but with spring like temperatures come those spring like storms. ashley you have a look now at portsmouth any problem out there. well this part of portsmouth actually moving pretty well craig a close eye on to sixty four less full screen this is you can see the full traffic network map here to take a look into sixty four in portsmouth that's why we get that now again i'm just keeping an eye on things making sure nothing unusual pops up. here's to sixty four teeth and victory boulevard eastbound traffic headed there toward the downtown tunnel westbound making its way towards our skills we do a pretty good right now on that side of the downtown tunnel to the bowers still love him back to the mass the only minor delay i'm watching is five sixty four westbound slow right down here way by the ids changes were approaching him to boulevard the rest of five sixty four west is clear no issues
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east. i do have a newbie not issued fog advisory to add to the list though that is at the jr before now we have six jr be the gilmer to bridge the high rise bridge the monitor merrimack the hr btn the coleman bridge in short its body will take the time no lanes close to proceed with caution out there because we do have that reduced visibility there be opened at eleven this morning and coming up next we'll check traffic on sixty four and to speak so much time now six o three new this morning a man is expected to be ok after being shot overnight in portsmouth the police tweeted about this saying. medics took the victim to the hospital to be treated for wounds was lower body. it happened just after eleven o'clock on lexington drive near deep creek and frederick boulevard police say they don't have any suspect information at this point but if you know anything call the crime line a crime alert in virginia beach a bicyclist is warning people to be aware of their surroundings after he says someone attacked and robbed him and when to let
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the injuries may be unsettling to see john has asked us not to say his last name he suffered deep cuts chipped teeth and broken ankles as well. he says that someone knocked him off of his bike friday night along king's way in west neck people delivering newspapers found him the next morning his money his backpack cell phone. all of it stolen. john says that someone did find two of those items. his backpack and cell phone but has no idea who attacked him or how many people attacked him but he hopes that police may be able to find some breaking news overnight in the race for the white house donald trump does it again he sought the republican caucus in nevada with forty four percent of the vote and as usual he wasn't timid when he took the stage after the way you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much in our winning winning winning the one you see more of the donald today when he
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elise brown has more on his visit a live report coming up a fight for and the man who came in second overnight is opening up campaign office in town today marco rubio won about twenty four percent of the voters in nevada his supporters will be in virginia beach today to open his office to worse in hopes of drumming up more support in our area. well today begins day nine of testimony in the sinking of the elf borrow the elf borrow sink in the middle of the hurricane hurricane joaquin last october. well now the focus has shifted to the coast guard's response when the ship called for help. we told you earlier this week at the ship called norfolk and couldn't get anyone to answer norfolk notified miami saying that the ship was not in distress. well now we know why a coast guard officer me that call it was apparent to me that the vessel was in serious trouble. so
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were on alert or distress was immaterial to the initial action was taken to virginia beach man was among the thirty three crew members killed when the borrower went down college in virginia is pretty expensive for many people it can be hard to get into as well so why not go to europe. it's a real deal and less expensive option will explain how it works. plus our wives bearing the brunt
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i you are awesome moisture on the camera there we had some sprinkles we've had fog out there we still have fog out there and the roads are gonna be slick you can see some of the travel there on bramble to be on the zoom in for it will take a little closer look at the travel rolling across the hag and as we zoom in the visibility is down and the roads are going to be slick and the summit best human job ever but you get the sensation their obvious erie get the message rather that we do have those damp conditions and travel little tricky this morning and when the potential for stronger storms later this afternoon. visibility is down along the peninsula from williamsburg newport news and hampton fall reported in all those places southside virginia beach less than a
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starting to improve merits of the contest to get to it frankly that's because we get some rain showers moved through that can help to disperse some of the fog three quarter mile down a towel is the city assets impact a dense fog closed i ninety five. there's all the showers coming through including the downtown area the metro norfolk portsmouth over the northern suffolk and chesapeake we had the showers now little break in virginia beach which are going to get more showers later and eventually snow storms and taking the bus stop whether be prepared for the patchy fog and then areas of showers is while temperatures right now in the forties to low fifties we should warm enough of the next couple of hours to about fifty degrees at the airport forty eight so we are starting to trend up a little bit temperatures are warmer down to the south a front lip to the area bringing with it the surge of warmer air severe weather down across parts of florida and georgia this morning a tornado watch there but we're going to see our chances later today so we're going to be watching this very carefully. highs today lower seventies very warm with those stronger storms
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and early evening i see a lot more talk about impacts timing will have your weekend and sounds good right now are chesapeake on sixty four not too far from greenbrier parkway. here is a westbound traffic these folks have just passed greenbrier and headed toward indian river and into the trap and they're making its way from indian river over to greenbrier parkway right now a little bit of a decent pickup in volume but nothing major. you can see nothing is slowing you down out there except for that bottle of visibility so we are watching that continuously battle the traffic network maps though something i'm taking off the list is naval station norfolk traffic so we had just a minor delay there at the end of five sixty four west that has cleared out in our fifty five all the way into the base of the major issues the report will see how traffic is looking as you leave norfolk and hampton sixty four west at the tar bt coming up next all right
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school bus driver with
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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. six forty two timing you this morning for high school students leaving the common will to pursue their education increasing number leaving the country for a less expensive education. that's according to advising service beyond the states there are at least forty four schools across europe where americans can earn their bachelor's degrees
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in germany iceland norway and finland are free for residents and international students this morning ladies do feel like no matter how often you clean your house there's always something else to do that your husband could be to blame a new study from the university of michigan found that has beens creates an extra seven hours of housework a week for women and also found that women do an average of seventeen hours of household tasks a week so really all that bad though men now clocking an average of thirteen hours per week of housework which believe it or not has doubled in the last thirty years new this morning some very good news for homeowners with real estate numbers on the ride home prices were up almost five and a half percent in december. that's the fastest pace in the year and a half experts say prices still have room to rise to because supply is so low that audi tops the new consumer report's annual rankings of the best new cars that followed by subaru lexus
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domestic brands buick at number seven. consumer reports considers performance and reliability while compiling its annual list as well. we just talked about the husband doing housework well as for proof that times are changing. lego's newest little yellow man is focused on building a happy hold the line set features a stay at home dad and working mom while the working mom working professional attire stay at home dad rocks the beard a ghastly with a baby in stroller and a bottle the lego set goes on sale in june of that so many make up the family. yeah yeah you have to recognize that is not just one way more stuff etc interesting with lots of family information on good stuff for everybody. yes one would say right now what's so good. normally it's the weather that i did today we got no matter whatever i did have a flippin a little bit yes have all kinds of good news and today i wanted
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that's not the intended all i do want to stress it through the afternoon evening you stay weather aware and i've been talking about this on for years now when you have an enhanced risk of strong or severe storms around saying hey you've gotta be clean to the tv every minute. just know what's going on around you stay alert to changes to weather that can be as simple as taking time everyone saw check your sky conditions around look outside receiving ominous clouds rolling in the clouds thickening up do you have any type of rotation sometimes in the sky you can actually see some of that stuff just stay aware of your weather shrine is a great way to do when you're away from the tv is by checking out our mobile apps the thirteen years now. mobile app is a great wonder whether cast wrap another great way to stay up on things and of course staying tune in online thirteen years now that caught our eye we do have somewhat weather out there now fog and some drizzle i was just interacting through twitter great questions coming in about
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see this afternoon if we do get some of the nature of the storms. if you follow me on twitter dot com slash thirteen craig moeller we're on facebook craig w v e c you'll find all kinds of weather information extra graphics out there temperatures topping out today low seventies chances for showers and storms this afternoon i have this graphic is one of my posts it online but i want to zoom in here and really get into the detail because we have this moderate threat of severe weather this afternoon and into the early evening only really bringing a notice every buying the entire viewing area in orange or red we should all go under severe weather watch later this afternoon this evening so be watching we'll see what the storm prediction center does but with a moderate threat of severe weather is very likely we will see some strong storms out along i ninety five and pretty good chances even close to the coast now the main impacts are going to be potential for gusty damaging winds with some of these
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could see some heavy rain i think generally have finished two an inch of rain across the region through midnight. hail is also possible in spots and it could be isolated tornadoes from the question is will there be long tracking tornadoes are more spin on friday. well based on our future cast one of them looking at the early indications from the mild stuff here would suggest more of the spin of variety long tracking tornadoes tornadoes that are on the ground and move for twenty five miles or longer. pretty rare but we need to watch how these lines come together this afternoon evening because if you do get a cell that produces something he sees some of these more intense cells initially add to the west you get something on the ground it's entirely possible he could get a couple of isolated longer tracking tornadoes so what is seen to watch that you can see again the line out to the west or in the evening this will push through as we go this evening again isolated spin up tornadoes not a question and something we're considering the good news is that this all moves out later tonight
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rainfall amounts generally a half an inch to an inset through midnight fog is an issue this morning as she's been watching i will see these abilities are improving temperatures forties and fifties near the coast and temperatures will be warming stay tuned though for the wet conditions it's rough out there this morning highs around seventy one ashley have gone on and on about the weather oshie the seven a quickly because we do and did a beautiful weekend. here's ashley that is a good note i really want to get there today and we don't have all the rain chances and the fog and that sort of thing is going to be a lot better but for those of us about to head out the door if you're wondering how things are shaping up right now let's take a look at thirteen years now traffic cameras little documented though i did a live look at too far from the tribe bt here's your traffic leaving norfolk making its way toward hampton the shop here is right around four themes were made about three and a half to four miles away from the hr btn traffic is moving very well there are sixty four eastbound traffic. also in fine shape. don't forget though the hr bt still under
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going to know bachmann from craig that that visibility is starting to increase out there but still something to watch out for for the morning commute traffic network mathematical one more spot here you'll be on fifty eight norfolk up one of them were able to nab doing that sort of thing also moving very well and wes pounds of making the way toward the midtown tunnel pass bought a toddler at twenty six also a twenty six headed away from the midtown tunnel passing church street are no issues report out there is much for taking time out there with a little bit of a reduced visibility so coming up here next i'll have the latest on your b not issued fog advisories and i'll give you a live look on for sixty fourth and south norfolk. hi ashley thank you. it is day three of revisiting
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contest rules for the contest as well giving away one of those cards everyday this week. ok so that random selfie picture that you saw that we have been doing all the time here yes radio stations around town. this is a new country one of six point one that would be the brandon o'brien of the brandon o'brien shown on behind me we've been working there all week long. it is a blast. so make sure you listen to our show at starting at three o'clock till five o'clock this afternoon to watch during the two we didn't realize she did as well so it's a great time in ages the waffle station house. o high off another caucus when donald trump coming here. elise brown is live at regent university in virginia beach with what we can expect from today's visit so we take you live outside know with a look from the sky views you can
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. in the flesh off his win in nevada donald trump is here in hampton roads ready to fight for your votes and pushed out of their jobs this morning a community shows
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alone. have you follow through on your new year's resolution. these are in the house that we cannot control ourselves how you can set realistic goals and stick to them. daybreak starts right now good wednesday morning guys and lucy bustamante. i want receiver is six thirty on the dow right now we have to tell you though there are several fog delays this morning. as for schools are concerned their schooling at the bottom of your screen right now right at the threat of severe weather is our biggest concern for today. here is the outlook from the storm prediction center meteorologist greg muller is tracking this really large system so cranky people really need to pay attention throughout the early afternoon mid afternoon when you say yes yes and as a noun meaning is well untill the severe weather threat is gone and better chances will come during the mid afternoon but i would say even during the early afternoon a few
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afternoon the chances going up and into the evening will continue to watch it still some low clouds and fog mist and drizzle out there although these abilities are improving now significantly norfolk and chesapeake back to something. earlier we had many many areas less than a mile still have less than a mile a day she and a zero reported from hampton one mile now newport news. still three quarters of a mile towards a husky and less than a mile along i ninety five several locations say from emporia roanoke rapids half mile at both those spots temperatures are starting to warm up now low fifties in norfolk so early we were forty five degrees we've come up seven degrees in last hour and half temps are still cooler to the north and west temperatures will continue to warm and one pretty quickly this morning says we take you through the day you can see the winds right now shifting to the south southeast and we will get stronger south windsor mixing up the fog showers coming through the area i do an expanded view shea the severe weather down across florida into georgia. it's all part of
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area of low pressure off to the northwest and striking affront to come to our area snow on the backside of the system but for us as a jewish edge of the top of the show we do have that threat of severe weather so the next twelve hours temperatures warming up and we're going to see highs right around seventy one officially and then a chance for storms into the early evening. let's check south norfolk with ashley and chris we haven't yet taken a look at traffic on for sixty four someone giving a live look now here's a live look at for sixty four traffic on this graphic is headed northbound passing freeman are approaching freeman freeman is just off in the distance here moving well no big issues no delays to report their southbound traffic also in fine shape the jordan bridge looks good it had there and making a way between chesapeake and portsmouth are no issues to report right here that cigar past five traffic now because we have several spots still under the dot issued fog advisories but includes the jr be to gilmer to bridge the high rise among the merrimack the hr bt and one more to add to this list
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we have six bridges and tunnels that are under this advisory. i will continue to watch it i'll update you throughout the morning right now though traffic is starting to pick up a little bit so to turn things around the midtown tunnel coming up next. all right ashleigh thank you for showbiz win in nevada gop frontrunner donald trump is making a pit stop here in hampton roads to try his schedule to participate in a presidential candidate forum at regent university this afternoon charlie brown joins us to live with more neutral stance on the key realize the trouble sit down here at noon today for a q and a session to discuss his plans for the country to part of the university's executive leadership series and something struck my disgust trading the va taxes immigration and the second amendment for example part of the game plan includes increasing funding for ptsd man job training according to a christopher newport university survey released
6:33 am
republicans in virginia all by marco rubio and ted cruz cruz and doctor ben carson are also scheduled to speak here in the coming days for this the same series now due to high demand for tickets the event is sold out however the university is offering a simulcast at a chapel that you do have to register for now we'll be covering from stock here at university all day will keep you updated live in virginia beach elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you later today the chief of naval operations will hold an all hands call at naval station norfolk admiral john richardson and mass each master chief petty officer of the navy mike stevens will be speaking to sailors at one thirty this afternoon we're told that the two leaders will be updating sailors on navy wide issues many topics to talk about and also take their questions at six thirty four later today a helping hand for some people who can really use it right now we're talking about more than
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got laid off in newport news shipbuilding since last september. today united steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight will distribute food to the laid off workers the food distribution will be held at union hall in newport news from ten until three. new this morning firefighters believe an early morning fire in portsmouth maybe accidental dispatchers tell us. firefighters responded to a fire and a detached garage at home in mount vernon avenue around three twenty this morning that's in the port norfolk section of the city fortunately though there are no injuries to speak of from this incident time the six thirty five a jury orders a well known company to pay out millions white house gun powder that makes may have caused a mother's death but first we know the feds use
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. really an interesting day shaping up weather wise and i mention that because we've seen dense fog early this morning visibility starting to improve he'd see a runner out there on the boardwalk is kind of running along as we check out the sky view from the dq down at the seventies in atlantic. it's wet out there so still miss the winds not too bad right now but
6:38 am
the south and the threat of stronger storms will increase as well later today here's a quick check on visibility and we are seeing improvements in many locations hampton out a quarter mile three quarter mile visibility reported in virginia beach and a half mile towards a husky fog still an issue and along i ninety five will take a look at the radar showers moving across in a slot to the middle peninsula the northern and eastern shore a couple of spotty showers now anathema county much of the south side not seeing a lot of rain but still little misty and drizzly showers down around the outer banks is we take a look at the conditions at the airport fifty two windsor south southeast and seven still cooler to the north but the surge of warmer air starting to take place chapters now coming up the lower and mid fifties as we expand the view here you can see again the wet weather that's out there but down to the south some very rough weather and tornadoes did a lot of damage from pensacola were going to show you some pictures coming up with my next update on the backside
6:39 am
st louis i just saw some tweets coming out of st louis with snow on some of the roads here so it is very messy depending on where you are around the country in this same storm system to produce our storms here this afternoon highs in the low seventies look for some potential for strong and severe storms later this afternoon this evening i'll be back with a lot more on that was she the timing will talk about the specific threats improvements but cooler into the weekend ashley. all right chris we head down to the downtown tunnel i do have some traffic trouble to report here traffic was stopped to sixty four westbound at the downtown tunnel in norfolk just minutes ago due to a breakdown. it just started moving but the damage has been done this live blog is right around high water but traffic is backed up to bramble tins we do have a two mile pretty solid j and headed for the downtown howell. i would advise you to just a boy if you're about to head out the door and he's one of her alternate routes the midtown the jordan
6:40 am
speaking of the midtown tunnel one to show you that eastbound traffic. we are starting to pick up a little bit leaving portsmouth and head into norfolk so the opposite direction with a laser the downtown tunnel or if you're headed westbound in the portsmouth here in much better shapes all have the latest from the downtown tunnel and i wanted to travel around the hr bt coming up next are the us the time the six forty one were two months into a sixteen to follow through on the new year new year new you. today we are revisiting the resolution to eat
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about how you can do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman...
6:42 am the men who are doing that job.
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i four o six forty four to time you been waiting for the keyword for the daybreak gift card giveaway is from his team is giving away one of five hundred dollars visa gift card every day this week and now the you know that keyword one of thirteen is not com click on t features tab enter the keyword for a chance to win will find official contest rules right there in a website write and tell you this morning twenty three people are dead after a small plane crash in the mountainous region of western nepal. this is new video from the airport
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the plane lost contact shortly after takeoff last night's rescue crews say that the plane was still burning when they found the wreckage police say that it appears that the plane flew directly into a mountain. bad weather in the area may have been a factory to look for updates on this crash on gma or six for departure time a new this morning federal marshals have used powerful cell phone surveillance tools to secretly track nearly six thousand suspects nationwide according to a new usa today report no other law enforcement agencies noted used to the device called stingray so often mimics a cellphone tower in order to track the location of mobile users. the justice department now requires federal law enforcement to obtain a search warrant before using sting rays this morning one of the largest providers of consumer goods is being forced to pay out millions johnson johnson has been ordered to pay seventy two million dollars in damages to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer. her
6:45 am
of the company's telecom based baby powder. there are currently dozens of pending lawsuits claiming that the company failed to warn customers of the risks. look for much more on this story ahead on good morning america new this morning going to drive folders and after that though volvo announced a plan to replace car keys with a smartphone app and it could happen as soon as next year additional keys would only be available upon request and check out the newest version of a walking robot created by boston dynamics for the very first time it wants around two legs. it's lighter and not as tall as earlier versions of the so called atlas pretty creepy he can bend down with ten pound weights placed them shall laugh check this network technologies free mastercard is launching a new mobile technologies that will allow customers to authenticate their online purchases using sell things or fingerprints they've been testing
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and people seem to like this option that technology will be rolled out by big banks in the us canada and the uk and some european countries to over the next few months so if you take a good sell fear you better spending that the ai were to switch gears talk about whether guys yesterday we were talking about severe weather in louisiana will loss your hometown this morning andrea knows when your home state in florida that's been hitting it has been getting hit hard about pensacola the panhandle area we saw some pretty bad damage out there the people are posting on twitter to see the extent of the damage that we're gonna take a look at that right now in fact andre was following some of those folks who was talking about some the damage to the apartment complex is down there take a look you see trees overturned their vehicles tossed around white guy me think about casting die rolling the dice you can see a an rv flipped over here lots of damage some of the folks on this one person dan savage writing scariest thing i've ever been apart of
6:47 am
been bad let's take a look right now at the latest satellite radar images you can see that line of storms is right now over central florida passed pensacola so they've cleared the area but i want to pollute this for you and your gonna see again that was the cells that rolled across pensacola that did the damage with twenty to write there and that when moving off to the northeast so i continue to watch this one it's all part of the same system that is going to impact our area again the pensacola tornado actually rolling off shore and the south but it's all part of the same system. it's also producing the snow on the backside of the system back across parts of missouri into illinois. now the severe weather outlook later today it's a bull's eye right over eastern virginia and north carolina are viewing area really under the gun later this afternoon and this evening so the message i've been giving all morning and that i will continue to give stay weather aware or weather alert to the afternoon we
6:48 am
going to see watches go for that a tornado watch which will probably be the case or thunderstorm watch or maybe a thunderstorm watch for the north a tornado watch here we'll just have to wait and see how things play out this afternoon but the likelihood of severe weather pretty good that we see at least isolated severe storms and with this area this moderate risk. that's really elevated folks we need to be prepared potential for some stronger tornadoes along i ninety five at some point later this afternoon of the greatest threat from the storms will be the damaging wind gusts we could see winds up around sixty five to seventy mph or greater with some of the cells the outflow from that but there is a risk of tornadoes as well we can see some hail were some heavy rain so this is what we're going to be watching very very carefully as we take it through the day temperatures will warm and the low seventies quite a bit warmer than the high in the upper forties we saw yesterday so very warm that sets the stage with the humidity south when surging up to see the potential for the heavier rain and thunderstorms later
6:49 am
but really it's going to be the afternoon that we need to watch most carefully he gets you three o'clock here. these types of cells and spin up could produce some rotation and we're going to be watching for isolated tornadoes potentially initially will be out to the west and as we go through the evening hours. we have a greater chance for those stray heavier cells closer to hampton roads in eastern north carolina it will all clear out later this evening and then overnight things improving towards the morning tomorrow. rainfall amounts between a half attention and show some soaking rains it this far has been an issue this morning visibility starting to improve and again we do have whether it's a lot too in jest i know here's the good days more sunshine starting tomorrow but friday saturday sunday were beautiful it will be cooler and then warming again some day actually. all right craig a couple of spots here we do have a few backups on the interstates to discuss and we'll do that in just a moment of the heads up for folks in newport news we have
6:50 am
where people are trapped in their car this is on forty nine and huntington so going to be on huntington and you normally take that for the shipyard expect big delays you may want to try to out wait a few minutes for the delay set that out or leave home in enough time to consider those delays working to get more details right now but just wanted to be that heads up about how the door forty nine in huntington bay accident working right now i listen to the interstate at this point all starting in hampton sixty four at the hr bt this shot of the mile and a half away from the eight rb t wright the bridge that crosses over him to river traffic pretty jammed at this point the lace part about a mile before that at king street doesn't take a look at our second camera copy of the downtown tunnel to sixty four westbound traffic still jammed due to an earlier break down when another two and a half mile back up there starting at valentines we are busy this morning. so watching simple be that is the fog advisories have the latest in the morning
6:51 am
i think sasha let's revisit your resolution week on daybreak. so we're looking in said deed most popular new year's resolutions fitness and nutrition and eating well is the top priority for many people but making the best nutritional choices isn't always easy not at our center parker took on this resolution forests and sandy found some really good tips to help us out. yes i certainly did a good tips for everyone if you think eating healthy means cutting out everything that you enjoy well guess what think again fitness and nutrition expert jim white says new clients always ask in order to get healthy to have to cut out alcohol the answer not completely reconfigured into a healthy diet but for women one or two glasses one laugh and a man to us is is what's recommended. that's daily but jim white says there are other things that you need to do to make sure that the rest of your nutritional plan stays on track with a show that by journaling increase adherents by thirty percent write down what you're eating and when you're eating at a
6:52 am
big problem people stress eat that food is around the house you're more likely to eat so get out he says these are your trigger foods. these are foods and the house that we cannot control ourselves instead he says get rid of those foods and fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthy snacks practice mindful eating that means enjoying your food slowly to shove it in your mouth measure rushing off to do something else. plus a portion control is a big issue for you. white says you might wanna try smaller plates above all else if you are trying to eat healthy to lose weight be sure that you're setting realistic goals as nine times out of ten if you lose weight too quickly you're not likely to keep it on the american college of sports medicine recommends that we mean one or two pounds a week of fact that's a foul off. this is one pound so by going with these recommendations and being okay with that bomb was set up for more healthier weight loss something else to
6:53 am
foods go just because you're not eating them it doesn't mean you have to deny them to your children he says what you do is you put him in a drawer so that your kids can get to them yet you won't see them around the house all the time to constantly be reminded how much you really want to be done. so basically he says you really want to test your willpower. if you don't have to endure everything in moderation honestly it's kind of the key for us and say that
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6:56 am
. got some breaking news out of newport news is right now before his fire department says they are working to free people from a car after accident trapped inside ashley told us about this this is the one that's happening on huntington forty nine st. we did just get off the phone with dispatchers they say they do not know at this point if those people are free. out of that car yet the fire department telling us traffic in to the shipyard is going to be much delayed working to get you more information right now we will let you know we do get that update. i thank you santa top story in the morning rush. fresh off of his win in nevada donald trump is set to make a pit stop right here hinton road metro to participated in the president or will participate in the presidential candidate forum today at reading university the event will feature a live interview with university chancellor pat robertson followed by q a session with the audience doors will open at eleven thirty the event is scheduled
6:57 am
a helping hand for some people who can really use it we're talking about the more than twelve hundred workers who were pushed out of their jobs from newport news shipbuilding since last september today the united steel workers local eighty eight eighty eight will distribute food to those who lost their jobs it will be held at union hall in new port news from ten until three or s your tracking some traffic uses for it to the busy we have delays we have advisories we hemorrhage lets the other acts that working in porn is why the latest on that right now to take a look around the downtown tunnel to sixty four westbound traffic in norfolk still backed up about two miles due to an earlier break down that stopped traffic at the tube tv would take another route this morning on the traffic network map still jammed eastbound of the hr bt that's headed toward norfolk also headed for norfolk at the midtown those fog advisory still in place by the dot at the jr be the gilmer can bridge the high rise bridge the modern era back the hr bt and the coleman bridge and the heads up later this morning the day or be still
6:58 am
but back to that bargain has been busy distracting that lifted advisories coming from the dai fong and also some light showers are not only have the reduced visibility but you also have damp conditions with the roads a little slick out there. now the threat this afternoon is that it's rain showers but rather the potential for severe storms and you see the area shaded in red or the darker orange hair that some moderate risk of severe weather and trust me that is very elevated soul watch will go up probably a tornado watch remains hidden from much farther north we will be watching that visibility very poor that the sky right now about as low clouds and fog and temperatures as we get to the weekend will drop a little bit we will enjoy lot of sunshine. folks stay weather aware through the day will be in thirteen good morning, america.
6:59 am
trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day in court, the reporter and "dancing with the stars" favorite takes on a hotel and a stalker with a 7$75 million lawsuit over invasion of privacy. did the hotel make it too easy for her stalker to spy on her? >> celine dion's triumphant return, the superstar singer proving her heart will go on taking the coliseum stage in las
7:00 am
her beloved husband passed away. her powerful tribute this morning. oh, that was wonderful to see celine back on the stage last night. good morning, america. two big stories to get to, the big win for donald trump and those severe storms, sam, overnight. >> at least three dead, 27 tornadoes in 5 gulf coast states and we'll show you where they're going today. first the race for the white house. it's "your voice, your vote" and the biggest win yet for donald trump. more than 20-point victory in nevada last night. trump has won in the east, the south and now the west and join us live in a moment. runner-up marco rubio here too but first the latest from nevada from abc's tom llamas in las vegas, good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning.


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