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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. and we have breaking news from
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in sussex county. there are reports a tornado hit the town of waverly but state police are still working to confirm that we do know that several structures were destroyed in waverly marcella robertson is live there gathering the latest word that there is another tornado warning in effect here and when i can tell you that the wind has really started to pick up again here in waverly and take a look here there's damage we are back in the downtown right now in waverly and i mean you can see me in all the bricks and the white in all the damage and destruction that has really been caused by the storm here again this isn't downtown a lot of store fronts here have been damaged and this is really just kind of devastating for a lot of people here in the community at this point you know a lot of people that we spoke with the damage to their homes on the e u know when we first came out here there are a lot of people they cannot hear the rain just in complete shock on because of all this damage again you can see here the damage in downtown i spoke with someone who lived right next to the laundromat that we showed
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he was actually in his car and had been picked up because of the strength of this storm there's a laundromat was completely damaged i want to see if we walk over you with kendall for second again and tell you the winds have picked up at this point and i want you to see just how strong the earlier storm was there is debris completely covering those power lines. there's debris all over this parking lot here so that's kind of over dealing with at this point again we have just learned that there is another tornado warning here in effect in waverly on if you can see there's a long line of cars at this point right now looks like a lot of people are just trying to get out. state police are out here first responders are out here trying to assess the damage on but again it says is been very devastating for the people here waverly at the very small town on and just for everyone to kind of come out of their homes and see that damage and again unfortunately with three people on the dying as a result of this storm so far just been very devastating out here i were to continue to stay out here and watch this and cover the storms as they come through here on but for now we live in waverly
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years now. alright there is a tornado warning right now for western sussex county let's check in with jeff now just what some people be doing right now. well if you live in the areas that are getting affected right now obviously need to be taking cover people in waverly are in the process of trying to assess the damage help the injured all that kind of thing and now just a few twenty twenty five miles west of them there's a nother tornado warning out and they're likely to be under one in their part the county within the next hour so you can see it's getting dark out but that very ominous looking wind clouds out to the west the torn attic or potentially fanatic storm that came out of eastern north carolina just half an hour ago luckily has been weakening significantly as it moves up in the northeast north carolina so that's good that we did have that one to talk about in terms of some possible tornadoes here the last half hour in northeast north carolina because we really had our hands full with a one out to the west again this is the second line the first line of storms came through
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fact we were talking about how it looked like the signature was getting more and more intense and more more like a tornado from abroad rotation when craig had been tracking it just fifteen minutes earlier and indeed now we know that it looks like a tornado touched down right as we were doing that analysis but this line is even scarier than the previous one that came through because the massive amount of o warnings that we're getting with the entire region until nine o'clock is under a tornado watch meaning something could form if something does form then we get it when a warning and we have seen that already and now look at that when ada warnings from riley continuing all the way up all the way up all the way up into northern virginia a solid line whether a couple of two or three mile breaks where we don't have a warning but almost an entire couple of states now under warnings for this sal and the reason is a couple of different reasons. look how high up in the atmosphere this is a
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here's fifty thousand feet the pop to the storms are fifty thousand feet up just five or ten thousand feet up the winds are coming in at eighty miles eighty to ninety mph so we're going to continue to watch this line again coming through here over the next hour or so in the western parts of the hampton roads another hour or so over the metro are hoping it'll start to die out a little bed for at least weaken somewhat as it comes over us that we can is probably a little overdone have a lot more on that coming up this emotion or idea brian farrell is also part of our crew covering the situation in waverly this afternoon is standing by now live with an update brian understand you've talked with state police what are they saying right now about the situation. the idea just what this artist michelle and i just a little while ago just reiterate again we have three people confirmed dead all male at this point we don't know each is on that we do understand those three people were in the same mobile home because of
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figure out an exact address as for where that mobile home was. we also had eight people who were hurt they do expect that they will survive they're saying that the debris field itself is probably about three miles long roughly three miles long crews from all over the place most state and local that are in there trying to clean up some of that debris also try to make sure the infrastructure dollars in placement and three confirmed dead a hurt that those people who are hurt. state troopers do expect will survive or live in waverly. brian carroll thirteen years now i don't know the situation we're keeping an eye on a tree felling a home in northern new port news turning the blow is on the scene and really what's the situation there right now right now and when i was in the home as been evacuated. thankfully nobody was hurt when this tree came crashing down on a back bedroom of the take a look behind you can see a portion of that back bedroom several tree limbs on top of the house some of the siding from the house actually ripped from the rest of the house and i spoke to the people who live here they
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small children in the home and two adults and those two adults happen to be in that exact back bedroom when all this and they say they heard a loud a loud snap and what they thought was their shed but ended up being the strain in all this and their ceiling came crashing in on them and so to do that tree and i that time that the man of the house tells me he ran straight up to the front of the home nature that the children were ok and just got out of that house. now newport news fire department has declared this house and save all the people and left the family tells me at this point they'll be going to stay with relatives in the time being but as you can imagine they are extremely thankful that everyone made it on the home safely or near newport news and here we were both thirteen years now we will stay on this storm coverage all evening but for now we're going to look at politics republican presidential candidate donald trump. this is for junior be super tuesday is just next
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the polls. erik ainge has more on the candidates visit
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the number of city work crews have spent all day preparing for the storm trying to minimize the damage that an offer where christina's birthday kayla standing by kristina what are officials telling people right now. safety officials are now keeping a very close eye on this second line of storms that's going to make its way through our area of course crews are ready their trucks are loaded in there ready to respond but the real message from city officials tonight is for the public that is why you shouldn't take this severe weather it lightly. what would happen if we were faced with coming our way. it's the question of the city of norfolk officials want to
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anticipating what could potentially happen. we're leaning toward trying to take actions the protective actions for for what could possibly occur on wednesday morning crews were brief agencies working together to prepare for the potentially severe impact in the store can have if nothing else comes of this is an opportunity to exercise book potentially happen with all eyes on the radar emergency crews say they're prepared but they also want residents to be prepared as well trying to think we need to do during heated the moment isn't always a successful endeavor but the more you train an exercise for it to be a lot better off well with the rain we've been having the ground is saturated in the wind is strong which for safety officials means that there's a high chance of downed trees and power lines if you see any debris your to college in reporting live in norfolk or scissor kick up their teen years now the leading republican candidate came to hampton roads today donald trump spoke at regent university as part of his
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known for making bald and sometimes shocking statements and hold back today erik ainge was there for the victims. thank you very much. fresh of a big win in nevada don't run brought the momentum to virginia beach. we totally won with evangelicals. i mean we were big league with evangelicals the gop frontrunner continuing to court evangelicals and a former televangelist pat robertson regent university inspire us all trump took shots at its closest rival ted cruz. these politicians a message that people and got the crowd cheering as he prodded hillary clinton for the investigation into emails of the state department which is that is so wrong and so unfair and it looks like she'll be the nominee and it looks like nothing will happen but it'll be something that will be discussed i promise you the billionaire also showed a lighter side bringing his son said on state and given a special
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and convicted felon but the casting person you know that within the sweet couple critics many left feeling but donald could deliver. i was very he could be the best we can. long long time virginians head to the polls next tuesday reporting in virginia beach area came thirteen years now storms we've already had one line move through the area since it's getting dark now but it looks very ominous on all of these throughout the evening. the good news is i mentioned if there's a little bit of good news out there is that this storm was torn attic just an hour ago and it came out of the albemarle sound area and up across northeast north carolina it weaken considerably. we still have alot to deal with at least that's one less frenetic
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an hour ago. meanwhile the entire region. all under tornado watches or a tornado watch until nine pm. you don't know what to watch as it means watch out something might form they put these out even ahead of any storms actually forming means watch channel thirteen case something does pop up on this case something did and now we've had a number of warnings we had again numerous tornado warnings with this first line came to the region the one that did the damage and unfortunately killed the people out there around waverly. now we're seeing this new line is i put this one stop that and show you the various warnings that are out there. there are a lot of them so what is the timing will be individual cells are moving northeast pretty quickly. the entire line though is making eastward progress a little more slowly in about thirty for the southern and thirty five for the northern and flat out call at about thirty three. that'll put it over emporia very shortly places like franklin at seven thirty smithfield seven forty one
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stays the same. newport news a nato to norfolk eight thirty ish ari twenty five and then just before nine o'clock at the virginia beach oceanfront. that is assuming everything stays the same right now. earlier evil we had the tornado or a possible tornado we had signs of rotation very broad signs these are much tighter circulation is that the computer is picking up and telling us up just to the east side of richmond. we have a tornado this one had one way that as a result we had the tornado warning that was issued now. first it was extreme western sussex county here's waverly this one this new warning is just a few miles north of them as we're looking at some possible traumatic conditions moving here along i ninety five eighty five and over toward i ninety five so keep an eye on that the bad news for the people in sussex as they try to get back on their feet here in the next few hours and the storm down here just south of the state line the state border that is
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continuing to work its way to the north and the soul out there gerri. emporia a tornado watch warning out for you as well so not in our immediate area mostly just yet but with these kinds of temperatures out there in the seventies on the wall of silence front came through cool things off to fifty eight degree temperature we're definitely looking at more severe weather this evening quite a bit of rain in spots but again that is not the big news the big news is this line and how much it holds together as now we've got past sunset and the system rolled through here the state has so much momentum with it that we're certain to get at least severe thunderstorm warnings in the metro area and likely get some tornado warnings across some love parts of the region as well as we get to the evening and then will slowly move out of the rest the forecast a man but i want to get evan out tells a little bit more about what just came through that right jeff we've been watching this line is it's moving eastward the second line that'll move through here over the next
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warnings that are associated with the three hundred miles of warnings from just north of washington d c the south and north carolina any we've had numerous reports of trees down especially the central and western virginia and into parts of hampton newport news and again we didn't have that reported a tornado at two thirty five in waverly. we have those three fatalities and it's this area that we're watching now we've seen a lot of these reported tornadoes and funnel clouds along interstate eighty five that second line watch that here as we go through the evening net or watching closely here over the next few hours to write thank you evan now the good news again for tomorrow is that it'll be a little windy still but it will be warm and we'll have sunshine to assess the damage and start the cleanup efforts although again it will be a pretty brisk wind of the west high's getting up in the mirror probably even upper fifties and then the front comes through more of a north westerly wind tomorrow night into friday
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chilly again by friday afternoon with highs only in the forties with a win that will feel colder than that here's the first line of storms that came through now here's the second one extending from parts of pennsylvania all the way down through virginia and down into north carolina right in the south carolina border so strong to severe storms ending this evening windy with clearing late lowell forty nine tomorrow. rising back up to about the well no i'm sorry that's the old forecast and so busy on the air here that i forgot to change the wording or did have a chance to change the wording in the forecast there we go tomorrow fifty nine degrees with increasing sunshine forty eight on friday only forty six on saturday and then by sunday we start to warm back up and then conditions looking not too bad for the start of the week with just a couple of isolated showers potentially in readings back up in the low sixties by monday afternoon and evening that's right virginia beach is on ryan zimmerman's weather is another type of star gauge address the media
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time and essentially has been a rough offseason for the virginia beach native and washington nationals star in al jazeera documentary he was accused of cheating by using performance enhancing drugs at the beginning it almost consumes me because you're so upset about it is so worried about making it right. also the spot a person to have this to the very type a person he has leaned on his loved ones to help get him through it. my wife had told me to hang out with your with your wife and kid during the offseason and not worry about it so small in an effort to clear his name zimmerman has sued his accusers for defamation in my case and the stoic face on talking about me personally
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life and something like this this can happen to lose its push for now. baseball is consuming his time. spring training is underway. even though he struggled with injuries the last few years zimmerman is still ready to go all out on the field is the way we look again i think we start taking away from someone in the east are trying to think and do too much and just have to react and think will take certain crossings do certain things but at the same time that's me where we come back the latest on the high school
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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. i in just a heads up for tonight all the high school regional basketball games the tournament scheduled for tonight have been postponed because the weather we did have some great action last night oscar smith and lou against elements riff again don nix the start for the tigers was in foul trouble most game but that big three pointer early in the fourth quarter set him up and then desmond of a knock down another three pointer late. the tigers won forty four thirty nine joshua smith on to the state tournament
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly
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several states, homes destroyed. a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that deadly chopper crash. what he was trying to do. and the famous sports reporter, the "dancing with the stars" host, erin andrews, suing her stalker and a major hotel tonight. did they put the stalker right next door? her father tonight, breaking down. good evening tonight from san francisco. and we are here for our
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for the first time, answering questions why apple will not help the fbi break into the iphone used by the gunman in san bernardino. but first tonight, the horrific scene playing out across several states. deadly tornadoes and dangerous weather ahead this evening. from the carolinas, all the way up to the northeast, stretching across 1,000 miles already. an ef-3 ripping through this apartment complex in pensacola, florida. in north carolina, sending school children into the hallways. and in virginia, at least three people have been killed, just this afternoon, because of the weather. and behind all of this, blizzard conditions moving in, blowing this truck onto its side in indiana. more than 2,000 flights canceled, coast to coast. abc's linzie janis leads us off from the tornado zone tonight. >> reporter: tonight, those deadly storms barrelling up the east coast. >> tornado just came through, right on 460. >> reporter: a suspected tornado striking waverly, virginia,


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