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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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well cus just reported a thirty acre attack thirty seven a dark thirty to go she n at the langley as well so what we have for you. very breezy start today but the storms are gone and that is good news and that's important news to share with you and the skies are going to clear as we go later today as well become partly sunny still mild that the coast temperatures mid to upper fifties or accuracy with a west wind screens in cooler conditions temperatures are going to hold pretty steady they'll dip a little bit and then come back up. generally in the mid to upper fifties to the afternoon so the skies are clearing again we will see some more sunshine today you don't have to worry about the storms and we will enjoy what should be a pretty good day apart from those gusty winds but still winds up around thirty five to maybe forty mph from time to time when easing the sting more to like the twenty five to thirty mph range overnight and then tomorrow with more sunshine it will be cooler but the winds will ease up a bit. i'm back full forecast
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nice weekend for easter there's some pleasant news right now to check the jr be and i'll be interested to know with hearing from ashley if they're going to be any wind restrictions or any other issues here at regularly have the nail right on the head that's what i'm watching right now is wind advisories issued by the dot so i do want to take a look at the jr be right now because it is under one of those high wind advisories and if the camera doesn't prove it i don't know what will you can see it shifting back and forth here. there's a northbound traffic and southbound that's not really the issue again the focus will be taking your time as you cross a jr be keeping your hands on the steering wheel and is being cautious of other folks around you and i will let you now if and when the high wind advisory is lifted at the jr be for now we head back to the traffic network maps also a high wind advisory at the coleman bridge so the same story applies here if your head between yorktown and gloucester point also between newport news and supple. another of the dot issued high wind advisory at the monitor merrimack so those three bridges and tunnels we ask to be really
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cross this morning. no advisors of the downtown tunnel will check traffic together coming up on to sty four coming up at four forty us eat on those four thirty three virginia is still under a state of emergency in response to the severe storms that slammed the state yesterday which left four people dead governor terry mcauliffe plans to visit waverly and apartments today two of the areas that were hits the hardest. the governor state of emergency declaration allows state agencies to devote the resources to the storm response and recovery and the severe weather left a path of death and destruction cleanup efforts will resume today in waverly after a tornado watch that just tore through that town killing three people and leaving extensive damage. elise brown joins us there live with more on the aftermath of the efforts now underway elise good morning honoring the seniors tornado causing devastating damage for people here we really take a look at this tire shop right behind
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lots of other debris over there siting down there's also big puddle right in front a devastating damage over here more than fifty national guard soldiers are sent to ride this morning to help people when the cleanup efforts overnight a few more on curfew here and we are really well first responders and started some of those cleanup efforts and went door to door making sure people are okay. according to virginia state police a fifty year old man twenty six year old man and a three year old boy were killed in their mobile home as the storm hit they were found three hundred yards away from it you can see just how extensive the damage was homes torn open mobile homes while brick buildings crumbled cars overturned sightings from these homes just read about this horrible for these people here in waverly. we will be here in this town all throughout the morning and will be here as the governor come to keep you updated all throughout the day live in waverly elise brown thirteen years
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check back in with you later time thus for thirty five right now the virginia department of emergency management urging people to sign up for statewide tornado drill next month. central will be held on tuesday march twenty second at nine forty five in the morning emergency management says tornadoes can strike at anytime of the year as we have learned. although they're very common in the summer they're asking schools businesses and residents to take part in this trail for much more information on how to sign up you can visit our website for ten years now and talk on and we've seen wind damage with this storm if you need to file an insurance claim the federal office of insurance says there are some things you must do the first file your claim as soon as possible there may be a deadline for that claim. also keep copies of receipts and other people work related to what happened that include medical documents in case someone gets hurt and also before you meet your claims adjuster get an independent estimates on how much all of that work will cost you are for thirty six ballots still to come strong wind and rain as we told you pummel the peninsula leaving heavy damage in his path and have a
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newport news as daybreak continues. then he's accused of shooting his mother in the head than fleeing state and the major moving expected
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i do i do art is a live look from our tower in downtown norfolk. you can see with skyview things are much quieter right now than yesterday i was out in our storm coverage driving around got to suffolk add up to waverly inn actually solve the damage from the storms and it was pretty amazing to
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damage of course a laundromat some homes up there really hit hard in the heat to get through that they are saying once we got through the storms last night the weather would improve and that has not changed out is still going to be quite windy across the region today thirty six in norfolk twenty six. these are wind guess i should say thirty six mile per hour gusts or norfolk twenty six not progressed enough to have had some strong winds down around dock pier augusta thirty nine mph so it is breezy at their desk between thirty thirty five from hampton virginia beach and enron elizabeth city very breezy out there this morning and as you can see the skies are starting to clear out still woman of cloud cover but we don't have to worry about any storm this today. capture still very mild at the coast is cooler and when eventually captures are going to drop as cooler air set to roll into the region for the next couple of days so highs today were the temperatures dipping little bit but we are back in the upper fifties release mid to upper fifties this afternoon but cooler air will
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the upper forties for tomorrow and saturday we will enjoy a lot more sunshine snow back across parts of the ohio river valley you can see up to the great lakes quite a bit of snow actually is we take a look at the forecast across the country some cloud cover up that way someone so the weather around boston things are looking good across the southern half of the country after the west coast beautiful that way as we focus on our region today aside from the way it's looking pretty good richmond around fifty one little cooler there is an ancient mid to upper fifties for hampton roads and going to see those temperatures maybe a couple degrees cooler to the north and a b a degree or two warmer down to the south i had the full weekend forecast coming up a bit you can see them more sunshine through saturday but check the berkeley with ashley are egregious taking a quick live look at traffic crossing the brooklyn bridge not much of this play in the morning it's just past four forty this point for forty one and you can see traffic on westbound headed toward the downtown tunnel eastbound toward city hall in tidewater moving well but even here
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and forth just a little bit no the dot issued high wind advisory at the berkeley branch and the downtown tunnel but high winds going to be something of a just have to deal with this morning for the commute will be watching that all the traffic network mask a couple reports of standing water. he's actually been in place since yesterday of course you can see your county seventeen eastbound at wolf trap and then if you're out isle of wight county six twenty six eastbound bore wells base of two spot to just watch out for that part of your morning commute as well stay tuned to check traffic sixty four eastbound at the hr btn to norfolk coming up next she thinks pink one is a habit to start but it's not so simple to prepare we're talking about smoking cigarettes ahead on
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on that major though few have exact the high winds and driving rains pummeled the peninsula leaving a mess of downed trees and debris from any crews to clean up today. yeah you're looking at video from storm damage in newport news a picture lisa tree on top of a home there in the newport news area on the peninsular sandra parker joins us now live from newport news with more on the evidence and reason the guys i will tell you my photographer rick dale and i were worried when we came down the street were like are weak unable to see
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certainly see it behind me take a look this is the damage this is the house here on eightieth street and just give me perspective of where we are to mercury boulevard a main thoroughfare just like a block over so we're very close to me for a thoroughfare look behind me though this is the house and you can see the tree there just a split in half and that was what we're told was a bedroom that we got some video that was taken earlier yesterday worth little more daylight in kind of see exactly what we're talking about why understand the family here actually got out of thought that it was maybe a shed door that had banged up and so they went to check and that's when they saw the tree hit this house and take out a quarter of this house this house as well since been condemned obviously because you can see the damage there and the tree is just all over the place this tree leaves or tree limbs is me all over this neighborhood right now it is a lot of damage to one house one big tree here that fell but otherwise
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damage is this one huge tree but we understand there was some more damage elsewhere in newport news that we have video that's on us either in the hilton village area some trees on down and that there were going to check that a little later throughout daybreak we go there bring that to you live but this damage here obviously significant for this family i'm sure was a very scary experience going to check out the other damage will bring that to you later throughout daybreak for now reporting live in newport news. tanner parker thirteen years now right sanjay thank you so much people in mathematics county are recovering after deadly storms tore through the area one man was killed after a large funnel cloud hit his home schools their canceled today as the cleanup begins. officials are setting up to shelters or in the process of establishing helpline there are also seven confirmed injuries and a number of reports of damage to structures. state police say there are also reports of downed trees and power lines we told you before governor terry mcauliffe is expected to visit the area today. this
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underway and tap a headache in essex county after severe storms roll through that area yesterday so we're working to get more information about this from troopers were told that it doesn't appear there are any fatalities. however several because of downed trees were told i'm guessing that meant several wounded because of downed trees or tall crews are working to remove people were injured troopers would not confirm how many bows the police tell us the storm damage at least thirty buildings and destroyed fifteen others several roads remain closed and this morning three because of the morning debris that is on the roadways there's still lots to do around the area is incredible how some areas barely saw any of the action and others were destroyed people killed in when really you know we are watching this system approach we knew was gonna be worth a little bit out to the west was interesting cuz we kept talking about the storm prediction center they move the bull's eye over this and they shifted just a little bit farther to the west but regardless it was going to come through that line and
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the coastal areas now i will say that i mean when those storms develop the one that one can sue has a lot to do a lot of time that the intensity of the sea farther west that occurred during the afternoon with my e keating so that's always a little bit more in line like he said in virginia beach and here's close to the coast i'm just a warm and breezy day not too bad. while there was mayhem. farther inland now what we have for a much more peaceful scenario across the region skies becoming partly sunny. you can see over the next twelve hours will see partly to mostly sunny skies at times is going to dip right now in the mid fifties will drop into the upper forties and then get back up in the mood maybe mid to upper fifties this afternoon not a bad day not bad at all it will still be windy though he'd see the storm system has cleared the area we're going to jump into the future cason talk a lot about what's coming out basically as we take you through the morning skies will be mostly sunny to partly sunny they'll be some cloud cover out there but this is the kind of day folks
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out to the west into the north and the one thing i will tell you on and i posted some of the pictures on twitter last night i was out again with our mobile unit out covering the storm and taking a look at some of the twisted roofing materials some of the sheets and sheet metal caught up in power lines debris things in newark power lines down our on waverly specifically that's where we get out there and were taking a look at the damage from the tornado out that way. ah the cleanup effort you need to be very very careful so if you have trees down or whatever in your still looking at winds today gusting thirty to forty mph in some spots feel that stuff can ship so really when folks where the upper peninsula cleaning up around the trees that were down at towards waverly. he just really want to be very very careful as there can still be some shifting debris out that i didn't take it through the overnight into tomorrow more sunshine on friday and saturday beautiful no rain to
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so that's all good temperatures right now fifty zoo because forties and one when still an issue we had gusts up to thirty six mph in norfolk. i guess a thirty three current apple continue to keep you updated through the day on the windy conditions. sustained winds west southwest at twenty one we're going to find temperatures again this afternoon around fifty six maybe fifty seven degrees low side near thirty eight mainly clear tomorrow forty eight mostly sunny and mainly clear and thirty tomorrow night so obviously we get some cooler days ahead friday and saturday temperatures back in the upper fifties on sunday and low sixties on monday pretty nice looking stretch of weather anything cache definitely especially after yesterday i mean it was so busy here all the traffic here yesterday afternoon just keeping an eye on traffic conditions the interstates off the interstates we had accidents breakdowns a lot going on yesterday. much calmer right now on the traffic network but still some things to watch out for you to give you a live look around the hr bt right now
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course it was yesterday as well. sixty four eastbound at settlers landing road traffic around the corner there i headed to maui street again moving very well. sixty four westbound also in fine shape i don't think traffic is going to be the issue until well later this morning the focus will be on any advisories and alerts that pop up so i thought back to the traffic network mouth to go to one more spot fifty eight for sixty odd kind of had to work for sixteen suffered one of this part of fifty eight and kind of that part that's really close to fifty eight for sixty is ok you can see not much of an issue in terms of traffic as well. westbound traffic will point at forty three fifty nine who headed eastbound passing manson parkway but again if anything unusual pops up will let you know right here in the coming of a five o'clock we'll head to fifty eight between norfolk and portsmouth and check traffic at the midtown tunnel us the time those four fifty two a mother charged in the gruesome crime will leave her jail cell today to face a judge to try to find out what the hearing could mean for the woman accused of murdering her own son is
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. on the docket today a hearing is set for mom charged with murder after a state trooper found her son's decomposed body in the trunk of her car the judge will set on the sleeves next court date at today's hearing court
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her son quincy davis between july two thousand for a july two thousand five ten years before a trooper found her remains. during a traffic stop last year hampton slate remains in custody while she faces second degree murder charges in this case also on the docket a bond hearing is set for a man who was extradited back to virginia after he allegedly shot his mother in virginia beach and then fled the state police in al a arrested him on teh williams two weeks ago virginia beach police say that william shot his mom and head back home in ocean lakes earlier this month you can look for updates on this case after the scheduled hearing you this morning one person is waking up this place after house fire in norfolk more than twenty firefighters worked to contain smoke and flames coming from the home last night on lexington street just off of church street. fortunately no one was hurt the red cross is helping the displaced person because of the fire remains under investigation we're
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have working smoke detectors words of those four fifty six and this is your morning friendly reminder about our favorite contests the team is giving away one of five hundred dollars visa gift card every day this week so you have today and tomorrow to win and here's how you can enter for chance to win watch daybreak during the six o'clock hour you've got a lot to listen for the keyword. that's almost thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and enter the keyword you here between six and seven am this morning on the website the feature section for a chance to win you can find official contest rules are such a path of death and destruction we are in waverly virginia with more on the aftermath of a deadly tornado that tore through that town and in our neck of the woods strong rain and winds pummeled the peninsula leaving heavy damage ahead more on the cleanup efforts now underway and as the cleanup begins
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the storms roared across virginia tore apart homes
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the small town of waverly hit the hardest things on uses for the dunn said i'm not going his way closer to home strong winds brought down trees and power lines on the peninsula a look at the damage left behind is five o'clock on the dot this is thirteen years now daybreak we have team coverage for you this morning as the cleanup effort begins and elise brown is standing by in waverly sandra parker in newport news craig here in the studio founder and i are holding on the desk as usual rub the top right of the great encourager do with winter right now as the people wake up this morning to clean up the mess yeah the winds are still gusting up around thirty to forty mph in some places it is a lot calmer in terms of storm is we're not looking in any active cells not even rain right now and scott is going to be partly cloudy becoming partly to mostly sunny later today we just need to hang in there but still some very gusty winds especially near the coast down to north caroline e can
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the thirty three mths our cost of actually seeing some gusts pushing forty and their ego at the pier forty one mph gust to thirty two there hampton general is in the city columbia hills ca us closer to thirty and back in line as well. wakefield esophagus close to thirty mph so my concern again with some of the damage at towards the waverly and up around the peninsula we've seen s se down. you know if you have some debris that stuff can still blow around cleanup efforts can be a little hampered by the really breezy conditions so the last folks to be super careful today the fifties close to the coast via forties and one and as we take a look here you can see the winds west southwest at fourteen mph. we will see those occasional hired the skies are clearing the day will see temperatures dipping into the upper forties before getting back into the mid to upper fifties this afternoon when the full forecast more sunshine to a temperatures are going to be


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