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tv   13 News 6  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tornado finally came through and picked up the car tossed it all the way across the road in today's date you can still see some pieces of the card and i'm told she is still in the hospital recovering we're not exactly sure what the extent of her injuries are we are praying and hoping for a speedy recovery for her reporting live in waverly and jimmy me thirteen years now yes making about what jimmy lee was just talking about there are about eight people in waverly who were injured and were told that their injuries are non life threatening so eight people injured three people dead state police they say that the damage was confined within a three mile radius alicia scott has more analysis on the actual tornado that hit it had been an emotional day here and waverly virginia and we've been looking at the damage caused by what is now a confirmed tornado. i wanna show you some of the damage that we've been saying here's
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sure exactly what is in the barn but the top is still intact. the bottom not so much completely destroyed also be the walk over this way women think pieces of homes out here and even then this is sliding from one of the homes off to my right there's three homes actually there to my right i think the large abandoned homes because we didn't see or evidence of anyone living there but we've got siding out here from home. also we walk a little bit farther here i would also assume that this is another piece i for one of these homes that are turning to just completely read through and i'm in the backyard of these homes and you'll notice there she is debris everywhere debris everywhere when i first got out here. i almost had a tear my eyes because i've never seen anything like this and have actually been on
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this catastrophic has happened. we're going to continue to bring you reports of damage throughout the evening i will have live reports on thirteen years now and also in social media back to you i thank you i e sch is gonna be a long tough road to recovery just taking a look at the damage me right behind me there's a house that's destroyed three people were living in that house to pick for home at the time they are thinking goodness that they are alive and then there's another house about two houses down is a big oak tree right in the middle of that house that house caught on fire. so we're hearing a lot of survival stories in christine's project l jackson got a chance to talk to a lot a residence here in waverly about how they made out of this a lasting impression all that happen unless the three men left behind by a storm that came and went so quickly. a neighbor who was turned upside down here miles among the dozens in waverly
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was left behind by the tornado we were blessed that we're still here to actually say that we live to a twenty one to debris scattered all over in no electricity still in the area many simply fled their homes with a lot of people now to know the parents and enables this man wasted no time can have kids all in here with all this trash and don't like so many others he took it upon himself to help start the cleanup to get out and we go to national guard members also working around the clock all efforts in town right now are focused on a speedy recovery moving to get through it as long as we come together the community will be fine. r a christina thank
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town right in the middle of waverly and there is quite a bit of destruction on main street to go around the party see more destruction on the mayfield that's where the three victims died there a number of people who are out here helping a lot of activity a fire department state police. dominion virginia power ten structures that are destroyed just in waverly and then when you look at sussex county you have forty five structures that are damaged. of course we know three people dead here in the eight people with injuries non life threatening the governor he was here today he traveled the state he said hey this was a state wide event as he hit a number of different areas and he was actually making an appeal to help the family out who lost their loved ones because they lost everything they lost their school books they lost some cash that was actually inside the house that that
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imagine you lose three family members and then you looked up and you don't even have a home so he's making an appeal for people to donate a lot of people here in the community they are coming together they're doing what they can win some people donating water we saw people just lending a helping hand with chainsaws picking up the debris so much activity but it's going to be a long tough road to recovery. jenna roach back to you by jenna thank you so much from the first storm warnings to the recovery efforts. thirty new now has been covering the situation every step of the way and we will stay with it you can find much more on the storm's aftermath on thirteen news now dot com now years after the death of a young boy his mother is charged with murder but how will prosecutors make the case after so much time has passed and the guns used in hampton roads climbs may be coming from somewhere else find out who's bringing those weapons onto our streets and meanwhile we're
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the thirteen is now confirmed that portsmouth city councilman danny makes as it slapped with a fifteen hundred dollar fine for allegedly speaking about issues that were discussed behind closed doors in a letter to the mare however meek said a discussion we had with the virginian pilot reporter did not violate the closed door policy ironically make signed off on that rule when it was first put in place some question if the council even has the authority to issue these fines. the aclu is already investigating the mayor similar citation against city councilman bill moved a mother charged with murdering her own son quincy davis' body was found in the trunk of kindness lane's car a decade after the boy was last seen since so much
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lot of questions about the investigation. hurricane has more on how prosecutors are building their case tanya slain kept silence looking down during her arraignment thursday morning she's accused of killing her son quincy davis and hiding his body in the trunk of her car. celine has been in custody since last june after a state trooper found quinn sees body during a traffic stop is a long complex case prosecutors say they just recently brought the second degree murder charge following a six month investigation linked the autopsy report revealed the cause of quinn's his death was undetermined there's also a portion of the report that states that the manner of death was quote inconsistent with natural that salinas public defender says the commonwealth's case has more speculation than proof of this label of quincy i have not seen any evidence to include the report which
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murders of quincy vanished after moving away from virginia beach with his mom in two thousand and four according to court documents he died sometime within that year. celine served four years in prison for shooting in two thousand and seven and still no one knew where quincy was until twenty fifteen when a foul odor led a state trooper to make a disturbing discovery. i think those are underlying facts which will be presented at trial slayings trial is scheduled for september reporting in hampton eric bought legally winds up in the hands of the criminal and the troubling issue in hampton roads and thirteen where those guns are coming
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tonight a thirteen is no investigation into where the guns used in street crimes are coming from a firearm was recovered in a crime. atf agents can trace the serial number back to the original owner but that owner may have nothing to do with the crime. thirteen is not anchor jenna roach takes a look at how so many guns and up in the wrong habits i moved it was better than this guy the guy you see here holding an assault rifle is a seventeen year old version of the guy you see your friend's pond on a completely changed man from the one who used to run the streets of this i almost almost went home to my friends actually stop people when it comes to settling the score a gun is always within reach in five point four but no one can have a fire he delivers the view would have to go outside and see richard watkins who once firearms are legally purchased how we
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in the grasp of the criminal is almost impossible to trace in norfolk last year five hundred and eighty five guns were recovered police chief mike goldsmith was going to secondary market and they are going between private citizens. there's no tracking so we don't know what happened to the garden afterwards until we uncovered an investigation out of the seven thousand virginia purchase firearms traced by the atf in two thousand fourteen hundred and sixty three were used in homicides more than half of firearms traced were bought in hampton roads. this doesn't mean that criminals are buying guns and then committing crimes the average time it takes from when a gun is purchased to what it shows up in a crime is nine points sixteen years in virginia the shorter the time the crime the more suspicious the atf is about where the gun came from how is it that that none was in the legal commerce in seven
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commerce and was found at crime scenes. also in two thousand and fourteen one thousand forty three guns used in crimes in virginia came from out of state most from north carolina at one hundred and forty eight the easy access by law in my opinion is part of the problem. the nun says once a person buys a firearm in virginia is their property nothing prevents the person from giving it away or selling this in at a gas station and through them someone come up to say hey look we're about to get a mark on i have this. we've all been one hundred books for to go on websites like rhymes with wide open like this ad for a pt eight forty five for trade in virginia beach but you are able to transfer the farmer sell that far after you lawfully purchase that licensed gun dealers say don't blame them
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lot like asking an automobile dealer and feels any remorse in our work without an accident occurs a new gun task force co chaired by the attorney general will first look to answer a few simple questions with complicated solutions read these guys are coming from or what we can do to stop this coming generation the muscles including his sons thirteen year old best friend three years ago shot on roanoke avenue in newport news. after an argument spiraled out of control if not for the fire along that could've been if this is partly why ponder on is a changed person. still fighting on the streets but this time for good because i've taken with so much i have a moral obligation to put what i cam back jenna roach thirty news now. atf agents had this warning if you're selling or giving a firearm away keep a receipt that has the make model and serial number if you
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prohibited person. it's a little chilly out there this evening we got a mixture of clouds and sunshine depending on your exact location. i've been looking at all of our various sky views here across the region and you can see if you look closely and i'll let you get a little bit better view here of some of these hampton for example obviously we have some clouds out there with a few breaks. we've seen some clouds at times this afternoon. this is probably the best picture here in norfolk that you can see there's still a decent amount of blue out there this one's a little higher so we get a little bit more of the sunlight until it sets and virginia beach same thing everybody is pretty simple around the region. no clouds excuse me no precipitation despite the clouds anywhere here in our immediate area there are a very very few sprinkles up their place like pappa hannah whether trying to do this on the cleanup up there no problems with any kind of rain but again when slight slight chance of a sprinkler next couple of
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cloudy right now fifty one degrees officially on the southside forty six in windy expected by nine pm and forty four still windy and cold at midnight which will make it feel even colder right now we talk about the fifty one the southside very similar number with fifty showing up both on the peninsula and in parts of northeast north carolina while wallace island you're little bit chilly right now at forty six when chills then go into the evening dropping back into the thirties and a lot of spots and where it isn't in the thirties it will be in the forties so to feel so a little bit colder than the actual air temperature will show you that one in a minute though but will start out with the wind chills because if you're out during the evening or overnight. it is definitely going to be cold and even tomorrow. look at the wynn shells they get up to maybe end of the low forties at best actually attempts will be upper forties at basso is going to be quite chilly tomorrow tomorrow evening into saturday morning it's going to feel like the twenties and
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be in the twenties to those with a windchill that's how cold it will feel when you're actually expose skin outside these are the actual air temperatures now dropping back by morning into the thirties for the inland areas near forty at the coastline only up in the low forties by the end of rush hour tomorrow waiting at some of the later bus stops and then by afternoon generally mid forties and again it won't feel even that warm it'll be more like the low forties are near forty and again a lot of sunshine even into saturday lot of snow out west to the mountains that shows you the cold air rushing in so windy and chilly. some would call it cold i probably should've to the temperature tonight down again to thirty nine with mid thirties in london then tomorrow forty six forty four saturday fifteen nineteen sixty two sunday monday and near sixty tuesday those of the three nice days in my opinion turn the stuff i die casting is no other athlete of the week yes when we come back will
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my advice for you while watching e r f and b
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blink. now brian smith chased down a track star this time the randy johnson has burst onto the scene during this indoor track season with an asthma drug warriors the senior does it all from the fifty five meters all the way up to the four hundred meters and includes her favorite the hurdles it takes a day for apple to her and i feel i possess to the point hesitant and like nowadays to find a good flight ahead of the is the result is that fight and that aggressiveness of the something that you really can't go home so human brain can be in eighth grade and he immediately that the fight in an eagerness that that that said olga some people say justice johnson comes off an all american campaign as a junior she took bronze in the world youth olympics at just the fifty five meter hurdles along. she's currently ranks second in the u s colleges have been calling in the list includes louisiana state and florida johnson picked up the sport from obama cuomo as a
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she'd follow him on his footsteps. the one she gave it a try. she was hooked. she also sees beyond being a sprinter and i heard look i have a pass in for a sassy unknown. babbitt in use is going to be anybody that knows anything about check to be a house owner brian smith thirteen sports camp that it was one of those nights for cad barbara just wasn't totally his night in the andes wolfpack against north carolina last night the former hampton crab red sixteen points in the first eight minutes of the game thirty two for the game and north carolina state and thirteen point lead but brice johnson had his seventeenth double double of the season the heels won a sixty by for tonight thanks for
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breaking news any (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw
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this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and, the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fierilyreery moments on capitol hill today. and just tonight, apple answers the judge. new reporting tonight after a passenger jet slams into a runway. the emergency evacuation. and sylvester stallone, coming back into focus. will he deliver a knockout punch at the oscars? we have stallone, right here tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we have several developing stories as we come on the air. and we begin with the deadly tornadoes. homes wiped out from texas all the way up to pennsylvania.
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this one in north carolina. another twister captured on camera right there, and word tonight that among the dead, three people in waverly, virginia, including a 2-year-old boy. this home in virginia torn in half by a powerful storm. the fierce winds, all the way up to new england. a dramatic rescue in the waters off new york city today. this boat overturning. you can see the coast guard lowering in from above, and then a coast guard ssz vessel in the water overturning, as well. abc's gio benitez, leading us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a trail of destruction after 48 hours of terrifying storms. a rare tornado outbreak from texas to pennsylvania. >> it was like the whole house kind of shook. >> reporter: the first ever deadly tornado in virginia in the month of the february. the governor there declaring a state of emergency, after a tornado tore through the town of waverly, killing three, including a toddler. david root and his wife, susan, took cover in their storm


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