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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. the only person on the state it's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally hired some point the building one of the state has hired people who haven't hired the marker rubio ted cruz coming out swinging against donald trump to be getting personal. every cat and the help is coming in from all over as waverly virginia begins the long road to recovery after a deadly
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developing right now out of norfolk. we're hearing from escaped the fire that destroyed their home is a the home a mother and her two children four to joe from the window to escape the scary scene began to play around two am this morning on kingston avenue in the ocean view section of norfolk the husband wife who made safety. a close call for allen koon and his wife sandra miller ten seconds we were made though that saw the smoke billows in flames ripped through their norfolk duplex friday morning neighbors banged on their windows trying to tweak the couple up. it was crazy over the front door and slammed the front door immediately to the heat wave knocked me back and we got to go another way but there was no other exit so we had to run to the fire to get our world j that's all that matters. sandra suffered minor burns on her shoulder
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wasn't as fortunate firefighters pulled her from the second floor. officials say she had burns on her shoulder and neck area and was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors tell me they call the woman grandma they say she's lived here for about a year and say they are just devastated over the loss as to the good woman and this semester said that was her time to go as i know she was a church going mormon neighbor say relatives of the elderly woman were all so much that i'm a mother into kids. they jumped out of the window because the stairs were totally involved and if they hadn't jumped out the window they would of made it while the three were taken to the hospital neighbors back at the duplex watched as three firefighters put out the massive flames. i just thank god at least majority of us made it out okay i mean bones can heal things
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kenya in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now. note to the destruction in waverly day two of the cleanup and mourning for the toddler and two adults killed when the twister decimated their home. marcella robertson is back in the hard hit area and joins us live with the recovery effort is going on right now marcella allies we are actually add the fresh right here in waverly this is really become kind of a staging area for a lot of volunteers for all of the resources are being held right now we're talking water i any kind of boys and the resources needed to help the people away from here this is where it's all happening i can tell you dozens and dozens of volunteers are out here ready to help give a helping hand and do whatever's necessary to help these people get back on their feet on it you know we kind of eventually the damage on the from the tornado that hit wednesday it's really kind of devastated the small town here about a small town of the two thousand people we know that at least thirty people have been displaced
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here willing to help with the national guard air force salvation army the red cross a lot of volunteers is willing to help and do whatever they can now we know today is that these volunteers are going to be this point they're going to come in here in and then check in and they'll be sent out to wherever they are needed so that is kind of where acted a lot of people kind of still assessing the damage but a lot of people are out here willing to help at this point and that is what we're going to continue to cover today will be spending the day out here again a lot much more for you coming up tonight on these recovery efforts including where you could do to help starting to eye on thirteen years now and for lives in waverly marcella robertson thirteen years now we do understand that there will be a m mia briefing at three pm this afternoon count on us to bring it to will be streaming that marcel also have live reports coming up on thirteen years now starting a four and one for any new update that comes out of waverly on thirteen years now. com and or mobile apps have some breaking news to report out
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officer involved shooting the commonwealth's attorney's office found no criminal wrongdoing in the kwanzaa be shooting the ca met with the b family this morning to reveal the findings police officer shot and killed the last align the officer say that they fired after b pointed a sawed off shotgun at them. family says that they believed he was wrongfully killed we expect to find out today what evidence and who will testify nor for a murder case corinne turner is set to appear in court for pretrial motions hearing today. police say turner his cousin roy turner and joshua wood shot and killed thirty five year old a one glover back in two thousand and fourteen in july that year were told to return are set to begin his trial next week but it will likely be continue to love to you after the schedule here two people are recovering from a serious car crash this morning we first brought you this as breaking news during a break. officers shut down north military highway between international
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as they work the scene at crescent way the road has since been reopened. medics the hospital and there's expected to be okay. a power outage is forcing school officials to cancel classes at broome high school in williamsburg today a spokesperson for the york county school division says it will take crews several hours to fix the problem. no word yet from school officials on what caused that outage or if the day will gop showdown ahead of super tuesday was a texas sized wall. marco rubio and ted blazing against donald trump we have a recap of last night's fiery debate and virginia's second in command weighing in on the debate on offshore drilling here why his position it may put him at odds with other democrats have much work in the opener second half hour's well those are scary high school hopes the twenty three year old man is behind bars the suit
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fresh off of a fiery gop debate the presidential hopeful brings his campaign to hampton roads today senator ted cruz is scheduled to participate in regent universities candidate forum doors are set to open at six o'clock tonight the show begins at seven were told it will be simulcast from the chapel on regions campus that event is free but registration is required cruz isn't the only candidate squeezing in campaign stops here in hampton roads before next week's primaries on sunday night for korea will host a rally at the virginia beach convention center democrat hillary clinton makes a campaign stop on monday but details of her visit have not yet been released let you know when they are though ben carson is expected to participate in reading university's course super tuesday next week the republican candidates for president are
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certainly the case during last night's gop debate in the marco rubio and ted cruz on the attack. big time against donald trump abc's marci gonzalez has more on the debates even houston marco rubio and ted cruz pouncing on republican frontrunner don't run the only person on the state it's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your point the building one of the state has hired people to have a high market was exactly right. a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a conspiracy to hire people illegally entered a one million dollars when we built some towers will be using illegal immigrant labor to do it that if you tune in to david jones continuing movie one good morning america is a con artist he consistently is telling people he's going to be out there fighting on
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forty years sticking it to the people he now claims to be fighting for trump firing back on twitter calling revealed mr meltdown but political analysts say the attacks aren't likely to impact when she was the only thing that put her down to is if in the aftermath of debate some of the allegations that they made the attack saying it stick over the next three days. hillary clinton on msnbc morning joe today saying it appears to her trump will be the republican nominee but that she is focused on her own message breakdown the barriers so america and americans with up to their potential that is it that's what i care about clinton leading in the polls here in south carolina as bernie sanders travels here today trying to rally the last minute support ahead of tomorrow's democratic primary and later started today in minnesota already looking ahead to super tuesday. marci gonzalez abc news the columbia south carolina just as we get used
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prices are expected to go back. oh boy find out the reason experts say you'll be paying more at the pump and said of parker in developing story out of kansas we are learning more about the man accused of shooting and killing his co workers including what may have sparked the rampage and
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danger on the job for south carolina sheriff's deputy shot during a traffic stop this morning right now that abby is in serious but stable condition. the suspect took off barricaded himself in a home when swat teams move it move in they found dead from a self inflicted gunshot
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is or what led up to the shooting we may now know the motive behind a mass shooting in kansas that left four people dead including the shooter. it happened yesterday evening at a lawn care equipment manufacturing heston kansas senator parker has been following the story for us and joins us from the newsroom with the very latest dose and shooter's identity as well right. that is right this morning the harford county sheriff confirmed the shooter was an employee at that plant. this is cedric larry ford killed three people and injured fourteen others in the rampage that ended when police shot and killed him in excel industries. there are actually four different locations where the shootings took place and all of those killed and all but two of those wounded thursday were struck in and around that excel plant told ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic pistol the sheriff says that ninety minutes before the shooting started ford was served papers and he thinks that's what might have triggered the rampage have been served
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the afternoon by one of my deputies with the protection from abuse order a girlfriend the girlfriend of him so that possibly escalating that we have a lot of interviews to go and that interviewing continues the excel plan is going to remain closed while police continued their investigation center park or thirteen years now. i sent a thank you for that new at noon virginia's lieutenant governor is speaking out against drilling for oil off the coast of virginia ralph nor them is using federal officials to exclude the commonwealth from any plans for offshore drilling he says it poses an environmental risk and could threaten defense agriculture and tourism for the state for this position puts him at odds with other democrats including governor terry mcauliffe. they say offshore drilling his job creating potential in the commonwealth well we've been enjoying a ride. cheaper gas prices but it may be coming to an end the nonprofit group consumer watchdog says prices coast to coast will start creeping up is because the oil refineries
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blend and they've raised wholesale prices a lot analysts say most of the cost will be passed along the driver's hatch are waiting for the backup singing the chorus were caught in the summer it's not clear when the surge will hit hampton roads. so where should you be looking for any deals on cheap or gas well experts say paying attention to cusco and on grid independent stations for cheaper gas and take other peoples gas prices in your neighborhood with a thirty news now cast records our website under the traffic well we're going to see the gas prices i guess going up a little bit wrapped with a couple days before the temperatures go up it will remain cool today and tomorrow with temps below normal highs today they're bearable were looking at a temperature close to forty
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for some the inland areas will check that for the skies mostly sunny right now but will become partly cloudy clearing out later tonight you can see that the map stooges updating as we speak that i do expect a little more cloud cover kind of pushing through. it's also still breezy if you watched not going to be as bad as it was yesterday not even close when we had some gusts up to forty five mph but still some key guys from twenty five or so even had one up to thirty three there was a still a bit breezy to the north but by yesterday in the day before and that is very welcome news i can tell you tonight the winds of the wider and tomorrow. pretty nice day will see the wind shifting to the southwest on sunday and that's when the temperatures start to go up to right now some of the reason the upper forties we're not going to see much more fluctuation in ten days previously the thames coming up another degree or two and that's about it for most locations he see this card right now
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little more cloud cover as we had this cold air aloft again just enough instability we see a little more five cover windsor west northwest right now at ten mph and the pressure is rising thirty point zero three inches looking across the region you see the clearing that's been going on for much of the morning but the class starting to push back and get a little bit of that across syria so again partly cloudy skies. it's been mostly sunny for most of the morning we should cease more clearing later tonight looking forward to that the winds are coming in from the northwest right now i did want to include our wind stream on this map so you can see the direction and what sets up the warm up that is coming later tonight the winds still coming in from the northwest but getting lighter and for tomorrow again. much lighter winds from the northwest eventually shifting around more to the west as we go through the afternoon on saturday cc that saturday as we get into early sunday to get more of a south westerly
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sets out sunday afternoon this is when temperatures are going to get close to sixty degrees mostly sunny sixty beautiful sunday into monday looks very good as well again the winds coming up in the south the southwest so we will enjoy that some showers back over the mountains but no problems here in hampton roads. so again we see mostly sunny skies this morning to see some more cloud cover this afternoon a little bit and then clearing later tonight as i get around twenty nine degrees to mas high back up to forty five cool but then tomorrow night the wind start to shift around a might listen to live while there tomorrow night. looking ahead to sunday and monday temperatures close to sixty having low sixties on monday and then into tuesday. you see the temps are still staying pretty close to sixty a little drop wednesday after another front comes through that right should trigger a few scattered showers wednesday into thursday temperatures staying warm
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that without talking about snow just thank the sun are some rough weather forcing the rescue of thirty research are stuck in antarctica the researches are born an icebreaker that got stranded when a blizzard hit. you can see just from this video what they have to deal with how strong that storm really was everyone aboard is part of a team from australia and the warmer seen here the world's best surfers gathered yesterday at the y mayor bay in hawaii for the big wave surfing contest known as the attic so the waves did not disappoint wave faces top fifty in law mary lee deserved rest work after reaching close to the end of winter that means it's time to break out of hibernation all dailies in toronto's here to help you
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. we are gearing up for the weekend here and it's one packed with lot of events here to help you keep off the couch into the house is all dailies and a serrano again it's friday welcome back than a year ago like going on indoor outdoor first of all it's not the ballet yes i've got a couple of damn thing actually i'm a huge fan of dance i would like to have to shout these out friday and saturday we had performances of the virginia ballet theatre where such a great choreographer in this area with roberta one then he ran past and the four seasons
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about twenty seven dollars we can get discounts of your student or military or seniors to produce the reply is yeah super exciting about that the tc zero for performing arts on our right here right. also downtown at chrysler hall all weekend through sunday is alvin ailey dance company do you know about our finale i'm not schooled in one of the most important dancers and choreographers in american history so exciting i saw them come to virginia arts festival on a couple of years ago it was mesmerizing performance as this. tickets are twenty dollars to sixty nine dollars and twenty nine the good yet amazing how perform and i'm looking at these pictures we have are screaming and really know how incredible it is that the senators even better person has cracks all right this weekend as well and to go on a totally different and opposite. yes talk about that in the winter den went are barred for can drink again all the joy and that probably
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on the theme this. this time around as we love the eighties oh and dressed in neon and acid washed jeans and have a great time you kind of pop all around them the back different things going on different discount they were tight tank top please deal to end the whole hospice for children said oh well it's a great cause we have to throw in a food week in virginia beach restaurant week. yes that's right yes clothing that covers the missing enzyme two course lunches for twelve dollars and three course dinner starting at twenty two dollars and over ninety participating restaurant and i really wanna shout out an esoteric venue toe in sixteen o eight cracked us all three of them are brand new so this is a great opportunity to check out some new places that you may not ban this is pretty fantastic us to do that of celeste who are really go out or people of different restaurants and the first two are indoors with the weather and great this week and think about
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crazy lately is a lot of people want to relax and take it easy and decompress from this very very busy. rain wind hail events deal with in some other areas right now so there you are there your full list of four items you can look at will have them on our website our team is now you also have the love. com has always a pleasure to have you here giving us a full rundown we should do this weekend at the exit next friday. all right they'll do it for us
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos. are her back this half hour with a live look over
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beautiful day outside the sun already getting a head start on the weekend greg's going to have an update was forecast in just a bit but first here's a look at today's top stories an elderly woman is dead after fire tore through a duplex in norfolk this morning fire crews were called to kingston avenue around two am when we got there they found the flames coming from the two story duplex for other people got hurt they are expected to recover the red cross is helping those who were displaced and the small town of waverly continues to pick up the pieces the salvation army and the red cross are helping the residence after a tornado destroyed their homes and or business volunteers going door to door trying to see what people need the national debris when the stand that will be a media briefing at three pm that's going to be at waverly city hall later just a couple of hours from thirteen is now the couple have more coverage of this of course starting and thirteen
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involved shooting the commonwealth's attorney's office found no criminal wrongdoing in the one to be shooting the ca met with the b family this morning to reveal the findings police officer shot and killed me last july. the officer say the fired after he pointed a sawed off shotgun at them family members say they believe he was wrongfully killed our brothers and twenty three year old accused of posing as a high school student this afternoon who this honors student actually is and whys behind bars and then we're days away from the biggest night
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i also covered at a pennsylvania high school has people talking this afternoon the police arrested twenty three year old man who posed as a student even making the honor roll as asher pots it turned out that asher was not actually his real name not even close to his real identity. abc's david wright is here with the story. asher potts was such a straight arrow that when a state rep tweeted a picture with the young rotc cadet she hashtag it going places going to jail it turns out as your body is actually a twenty
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named arthur several doing high school all over again you will be going undercover as high school students not like twenty one jump street where young cops go undercover as high school kids leaves a salmon was a john harris high school in harrisburg to stay in the country illegally having overstayed his visa police say he came up with a pony alter ego asher pots with the social security card and a pennsylvania driver's license enrolled as a freshman four years ago and was just a few months shy of graduating police arrested him tuesday and this morning instead of going to class he's behind bar shows the ash upon set of four point one grade point average inducted into the national honor society active in represented his classmates at the local school board even volunteered at a food that parents are horrified and a
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will the niners are under age and you have basically a grown man and here is representing himself as david wright reporting incredible stories that it's making a movie and yes it does well oscar celebrations already
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where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment opopoptions and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. its not one thing we do. it's the only thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at
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the other celebrations begin rb web for documentary filmmakers can be big for them. that's right there are two music documentaries nominated won a battle winehouse amy winehouse and another one about a singer nina simone the other filmmakers dominated hope they're ducking their documentaries about topics like genocide and war and killings are they hoping the change part only and focuses on the mexican drug war. it's great that this nomination to help further put a spotlight on the suffering of innocent people. lady ga ga will get a high profile introduction at
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the song to what happens to you shall be brought to the stage by vice president joe biden the oscar nominated song is featured in the documentary the hunting ground which is about sexual assault on college campuses and that has been a big issue for vice president biden just in time for oscars sunday jimmy kimmel released a new edition of his mean tweets series pretty funny this time all the actors nominated for the oscars where the targets says rohit is really just doesn't die with one hundred and fifteen extra pounds dogs and don't forget you can catch the oscars right here in abc thirteen on sunday night. the award show starts at eight thirty and you can also join the thirteen years now tm for our oscars party in virginia beach or can have the details on that coming up a little later in the show only a walk in on the red carpet like the stars to attend. alright there's still much more ahead this noon as we take a live look at the virginia beach oceanfront a breezy out there crack have
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. they're ready this weekend to lace up those running shoes and get moving relay for life is holding an indoor five k this week in the chesapeake walkers and runners are invited to participate will be activities and entertainment for all ages. most importantly this is the first five k in the country to wait to raise awareness of colon cancer so what we're talking about were raising money for is to help people receive their screens help educate the population about how important colon cancer is a five k is tomorrow morning and said greenbrier mall in
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entrance her very own ashley smith will emcee the festivities. also it is for our one of hampton roads own hit it big on jeopardy last night. lieutenant junior grade chris julio of virginia beach is a naval officer aboard the uss carter hall he out with the returning champion right here on abc thirteen. julio closed out the show with more than twenty five thousand dollars in his pocket. well new this new virginia has a new state state snake bites makes my life and it's all thanks to an eleven year old boy from williamsburg the general assembly approved a measure making the eastern cougar snake. the official sake of the commonwealth originally legislators were going to give that title to the timber rattlesnake so ago eleven year old aden coleman told lawmakers the timber rattlesnake is already the official snake of west virginia. that's when they consider the greater stake
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approval yesterday to teens have gone viral online because they've done something that probably no one else in america has done addie and emma gazelle from new hampshire had the lofty goal of taking a photo with every major twenty sixteen presidential candidate and they succeeded almost any way to the picture with all of them except for former virginia sen jim webb. they spoke with our sister station in washington dc via sky here's what they have to say about the front runners from each party for trouble. i was surprised that he even knew they were and that he took his time nationally qaeda and sophie with us so that i change my new slightly on him please contact or campaign and got very close to hillary harper has this calm hillary clinton we don't see how well of course the bill but their mission for selby is about much more than pictures the girls learned about the candidates
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the current issues playing a role in this election iowa bernie sanders fans have a new way to show support for their quote hero you can now pre order of bernie sanders action figure it's not kidding on the seattle artist made the mini sanders complete with the iconic hair and the furrowed eyebrow that weighs about twenty bucks and one dollar of every single order goes to the sanders campaign. they also the denial there a few new superheros in town and none of them are men finally get the new line of female super hero characters will be hitting the target shelves in march the dc super hero girls line features supergirl batgirl poison ivy and wonder woman who by the will be the new batman versus superman flicks of the goal is to just name a few of them i laughed and nearly a one year in space astronaut scott kelly is returning to earth kelly held his final news conference from
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two year old says he plans to return to his houston home and jump right into his people. of course that is after he goes through several medical tests. kelly is set to return home on march first that's really cool injury looking forward to that different kind of splash down would be nice or to find across the area today temperatures still below normal in the mid to upper forties skies partly cloudy through the afternoon and we see more sunshine of the weekend forty five for saturday's sixty on sunday really beautiful. this upcoming weekend pass to a little breezy up in mackinac county on eastern shore still looking at winds gusting around thirty thirty five mph up there yesterday when widespread winds gusting up to thirty to forty mph we had a few pp guess even close to forty five mph so not nearly
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breezy with winds up to about twenty to twenty five mph in a few spots with those little peak gust so gonna watch it again more when farther north along maryland's eastern shore but even now been back a mac still a little gusty out there today we are fine temperatures in the mid to upper forties widespread still forty four at the airports are forecast right on track right now for that high near forty six you can see simeon when there is a little bit warm in the chesapeake and fifty so it is pretty nice temperatures are down a little bit from this time yesterday and as we take a look again you see the partly cloudy skies heading into the weekend no more sunshine really excited about it especially sunday when we start to warm it up right now looking at west northwest winds ten mph from the airport's readings what we're going to find those wins coming in from the northwest today and through the afternoon tonight as well but tomah to become westerly and south westerly into sunday and once
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flow camps is really going to jump on sunday into monday were looking at a high near sixty on sunday and then i think we'll get into the lower sixties into monday and tuesday was pretty mild as well since no fly across the great lakes we don't have any that tori about we give a few clouds keep in mind it's very chilly a lot so some of the cold air there just enough instability we are seeing a little more cloud cover breaking across the area. high pressure is going to build though for the weekend into early next week we have several beautiful days of coming look at how quiet the weather pattern is out to the west gorgeous era been looking at a few tweets put out from down in florida a few of the spring training locations for some the major league baseball teams gorgeous down there really warm out across arizona so if your favorite team is in the cactus league to get ready out there it's one that they've got nice conditions ears while i ate so as we had to get in these clouds come eventually thin out tonight skies become mainly clear tomorrow's sunshine beautiful
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chilly with temps in the mid forties as we look ahead to sunday we get that south westerly flow and that's going to drive our temperatures up. you can look out to the last to see the nice conditions all around the region sunday afternoon sunday night as we get into monday him a few showers over west virginia but locally or in good shape monday looks to be mostly sunny and partly sunny on tuesday then eventually wednesday and thursday today's high close to forty six again right now we see that forty four at the airport will be a little warmer and one most nineteen twenty nine mainly clear chilly tomorrow back up to forty five so cool but pleasant and tomorrow night a little bit milder after that we're looking forward to a gorgeous sunday what a day to put on your finery and head out to the cinema cafe oscar party sunday night. you don't have to worry about getting your outfits messed up or he feeds and a lot of fun monday sixty two and then again temps in the mile to the middle of the week it
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good as hers yet wear jeans where top the one everyone thought it would be a lot of fun even get the red carpet will be at the village we walked along all right joining us this friday. you made it this gas is four pm but you can always get the news online and it is now
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