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tv   13 News 4  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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. ruling from lake tulsa attorney investigation sparks a family's outrage a fatal fire in northwood leaves four others injured. scammers are targeting your phone accessing your personal information how to fight mobile malware and a homeless teenager on the sidewalk with nowhere to go watch our community come to his rescue the news of four starts right now. the couple's attorney found no criminal wrongdoing in a deadly newport news officer involved shooting police officer shot
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they fired after brady pointed a sawed off stock gun at them. the police chief said the internal investigation found the three officers involved followed department procedure. petey stanley believes he was wrongfully killed his father spoke out after learning about the investigation into the economy the engine and independent that is why the thirteen is now a four to eric and has a full report on today's developments his report coming up at five o'clock when hearing a firsthand account of the survivors escape from a deadly fire in north of the scary scene began to play out around two o'clock this morning in ocean view as the fierce flames consumed the home a mother and her two children were forced to jump from a window to escape ellie's brown has more from
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desperate escape to safety. a close call for allen koon and his wife sandra knowledge insight into a tomato that saw the smoke billows in flames ripped through their norfolk duplex friday morning neighbors banged on their windows trying to tweak the couple up. it was crazy over the front door and slander fund or merely because the heat wave knocked me back and we got to go another way but there was no other exit so we had to run through the fire to get our world j that's all that matters. sandra suffered minor burns on her shoulder the goons elderly neighbor wasn't as fortunate firefighters pulled her from the second floor. officials say she had burns on her shoulder and neck area and was pronounced dead at they call the woman grandma they say she's lived here for about a year and say they are just devastated over the loss as to the good woman and this semester said that was her time to go as i know she was
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neighbor say relatives of the elderly woman were also meant that i'm a mother into kids. they jumped out of the window because the stairs were totally involved and if they hadn't jumped out the window they would of made it while the three were taken to the hospital neighbors back at the duplex watched as three firefighters put out the massive flames. i just thank god at least majority of us made it out okay i mean bones can heal things can be replaced but lives kenya in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now. tgif living for the weekend time rather weak at heart a breezy day today down to the virginia beach oceanfront that's a pretty picture a live look right now from the beach quarters resort skyview so jeff is here now how is the weekend shaping up then tonight very different
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but i definitely two very distinct air masses over is over the weekend. the good news about today was that yes it was chilly but at least that wasn't as windy as yesterday it really would have been brutally cold out there compared to what it's supposed to feel like anyway this time of year now obviously compared to early january are not about to get that kind of cold. typically this time of year nothing on the radar right now the winds yesterday remember these numbers were up to some spots forty mph and a pharmacy degrees it felt pretty cold with the windchill but the actual wind speed yesterday were many many many spots in the thirties today there's a twenty three and a twenty two o let's see if there's anything higher than that there's a twenty eight in virginia beach but ye say you were a forty one with a wind gust so overall things are definitely starting to calm down as we go through the overnight hours. now that is going to allow for temperatures to get a little colder this coming night than
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not feel is cold because at least in terms of the windshield of the actual air temperatures will drop this evening back down near forty degrees already by seven o'clock and then as you come home maybe from a late dinner tardy going to be in the mid upper thirties and just continue to go down a lot of spots actually in the twenties later tonight so a cold start your weekend then as i said two very distinct temperature regimes from saturday into sunday i'll discuss that more detail in just a few minutes i felt the waverly community continues to rebuild after an ef one tornado right now more than thirty people are without a place to call home reporter marsala robertson reports from the devastated town as volunteers tried to appease residents lives back together for recovery and relief efforts are really a well under way out here in waverly at dozens of people and volunteers have come out here to help you can see here behind me they're people just trying to get some of the debris out of the yard
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tornado that hit out here it's really just touching to see the amount of people that come out to help volunteers from the red cross salvation army on from the national guard the air force and is people who want to come out here to lend a helping hand i some of those aunties i spoke with say that if the tables were turned if they would want others to do the same thing to help out so that is what brought them out here there's also operation a blessing that is out here helping people on to put temporary patches and fixes on their homes. we spoke with one woman whose home was being fixed by that group she says she is absolutely grateful they're out here to bless the usa so many people that come out the hole and is no you don't know these people may be ported to consoles a new situation is very thankful that they hear something outside of thirteen is now at five o'clock we will have a much more about these cleanup efforts and what you can do to help out in waverly and marcella robertson thirteen years now
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men in a juvenile in connection to a burglary them in a cold rain. ryan tay brendan's of kwan scott and a male juvenile each face charges that include burglary and grand larceny. police say yesterday afternoon they went into a home on winchester drive near christopher c kraft elementary school they allegedly forced a window opened and stole tees at a game system. police arrested the suspects after a short chase and recovered the stolen electronics afternoon commute is friday it is rush hour. it is busy so let's take a look at thirteen years now traffic camera. we start in hampden on sixty four east. if you're headed to the hr bt a big backup right now. whatever your issues at the hr bt those issues have cleared but the delays have not for this live look at the king street to a half miles away from the hr bt the delays are getting old we back to six sixty four support and a half mile back up your alternate
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not doing much better hope the jr be that would be much better idea for you on the traffic network map speaking of the monitor merrimack here you can see that little strip of yellow or red there i should save your head it works up a regular with about a three mile back up there as well the laser under bridges and tunnels and leaving norfolk and headed into virginia beach. full details on your afternoon commute coming up next presidential for residential candidates have their eyes on hampton road super tuesday is a few days away and some of the candidates are coming here to try to capture your vote in virginia vote republican hopeful ted cruz will be in virginia beach in just a few hours. he is participating in regent university's presidential candidate forum at seven tonight donald trump was part of that on wednesday the crews of that will wrap up with an audience q a stay tuned for our coverage on air and online reporter to her is covering the ted cruz visit one of his closest challengers marco rubio is coming to virginia beach on sunday. he has a rally at
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on nineteenth street as he campaigns across the commonwealth on the democratic side hillary clinton will be here in hampton roads on monday night we reached out to a campaign about the specifics of her bed so far no info but we will be sure to keep you updated about the details as soon as we get them as you might remember her rival bernie sanders has already been here he held a rally in scope you're in office and again the virginia primaries this tuesday the name ian now has more details about cutting back on maternity leave maternity leave is going down from eighteen to twelve weeks but some women are still eligible for the longer length of time women who are pregnant by july or who became old who become pregnant by march third are still eligible for eighteen weeks of leave back in august the navy made the job to eighteen weeks but defense secretary ash carter cut back on that in january he ordered all the services to adopt the standard twelve
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consumer alert for parents of small children fifty six thousand child safety seats are being recalled the seats are made by even flow the recall covers transitions three in one combination booster seats. the companies as curious children can loosen the internal harness increasing the risk of injury in a crash no injuries have been reported so far even flow is notifying owners and will send a kit to fix the problem. well you use it everyday. take it everywhere you go so how do you protect your phone from scam is a popular strain of malware is targeting i phone users will
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from your pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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i four people are dead after shooting spree and kansas police and co workers say thirty eight year old center
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investigators are digging deeper to understand what sparked the rampage abc's elizabeth r has the latest one day after the latest mass shooting in this country left three dead and fourteen injured. the sheriff in harvey county kansas is there is one reason why the government did not claim more victims. the only reason he stopped shooting because that officer stopped the shooter as many as three hundred people were inside the excel industries factory when investigators say cedric larry ford armed with an assault rifle and a hand gun began firing a gun strapped to him he was ready to go ford had already shot and wounded three people before he enter the plant the bloodshed ended with forty shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene fifteen police chief particular officers a hero for shooting rampage ranged across some six miles in three locations believed to be motivated after ford was served with a
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just ninety minutes before the first shooting really quiet he really didn't say much just didn't look happy police say their investigation is continuing this as president obama weighs in saying enough is enough the sort of mass shootings are taking place we cannot become numb to this as for the restraining order court documents reveal date with boy girl friend seeking protection cleaning for one choked her until she couldn't breathe out he was an alcoholic violent and depressing was that her abc news. i think as we know your technology in your life so it's no surprise it's a big target for criminals. lisa abraham joins us now with what you need to do to secure your smartphone or where all the online auction goes scams will definitely follow now that more than half of web surfing originates from your hand a little computer that you take everywhere. it's
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device is the latest target for malware viruses and fishing attacks. you may have seen messages like the ones you're about to see pop up on your screen on your mobile devices creators of one popular strain of malware currently targeting apple users take advantage of a popular warning pop up previously warning users to fake system errors and browser optimization alerts and these messages may look like ads coming from the website you're visiting but there more often the result of malware infecting your browser to of this i'm gonna tell you how to remove it. number one completely close your web browser on your phone to clear out your safari number to clear website data and history ever full instructions on where to go on your actual device to remove the malware and thirteen is now dot com or we've also posted this link on facebook. back at you you write the u s military's campaign against isis goes high tech and new and
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of terror group through a series of cyber attacks the aim is to cripple the ability prices to recruit support online and through social media. another goal is to stop insurgents from online financial and logistical transactions of new surge began after defense secretary ash carter emphasized ramping up the cyber front. last month no doubt about a blustery out there today and quite cold compared to normal high temperatures that felt it best today like the thirties when you factored in the wind right now and it was upper thirties but still thirties right now forty eight degrees the winds are not showing up still we're going to double check and see if that report has started coming and pressures actually holding steady. meanwhile forty eight also in newport news forty nine in smithfield fifty two in chesapeake fifty down in current top fifty to virginia beach but a lot of forties
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especially when she got in when the little bat and away from the water temperatures then this evening are going to be dropping back into and through the thirties by seven o'clock will be dropping into the upper thirties again in when probably closer to forty at the water not a huge change by nine thirty again as we mentioned if you're maybe going out to a late dinner something you'll definitely need to bundle up because it will be down in the mid thirties by then in one spot and then eventually by morning. a lot of somewhat rural areas are going to get down into the twenties while with the wind coming in off the water it should stay closer to freezing or maybe even a degree or two above at right near some of the beaches nine o'clock maybe go out that early morning run or e mail like to anyway on weekends. you're also going to need to take some precautions in terms of bundling up because it will be pretty cold at that point and then a lot like today for the afternoon with one difference and i pointed this
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less win notice how slowly these exclusive with strings that we show on here are traveling that needs much lighter when tomorrow. same thing into the evening hours so it will be chilly but at least a movie that really brisk biting breeze out there that just cuts right through you and then into sunday morning not as cold before temperature sunday during the day really get up there again it's not going to be warm but it will be warmer than we should be this time of year at least not to me i call seventy warm with sixties low sixties and a breeze is still going to feel pretty cool out there at times you can see the cold air continuing to stream here west of the mountains causing some of that snow or snow shower activity tonight than twenty seven in london rural areas most of us near thirty low thirties right at the beach is so calm that clear and cold north westerly winds fairly light tomorrow much later than today as well. still chilly for this time of year with partly to
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temperature of sixty one on sunday sixty six monday pretty nice tuesday and then another system comes through wednesday. not only some showers maybe even a few thunderstorms is a pretty powerful front exists you can see goes from sixty three to forty six so happy watching late wednesday for some possible active weather and then obviously chili or late next week. i thank god. up next to something that will move you and make you think
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos . right before the storm on wednesday i was driving back from richmond was on assignment and i saw this homeless teenager stuck outside with nowhere to go and just as he started to feel no one cared some thirteen years now
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a moment he will never forget take a look. i first saw on when i park my car to seventeen year old sitting on the sidewalk he was there for a long time just sitting with nowhere to go the end no one stopping to give him change he did have enough money to buy something to drink but that was about it a few seconds later his head went down almost as if in defeat it is less occurs and there was frost on and as he continued to sit more people walk by. that's when i approached him minutes before he told me about his troubles. that's what he agreed to tell you i asked him why he's sitting out here because my mom over to afford to pay for my everyday is really odd because the first parties again we have to eat too. i asked what he's had to eat. we both had a sour straws that i asked how much money he's gotten sitting
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can help and help was on the way to make me very happy this i have no but then something happened people started to stop and help someone like richard mcmillan he wants to offer him more general labor job maybe ten minutes even for now. so did jamie and the guys we called her to come because we see now she and her organization hotel kids dot org has helped other families in similala situations ever going to go n put on her towel waving at us and to feel how cold the day ended better than it started because there are people who care and oh what a great story is all year finding teenagers families living in hotels living in cars even yet in our area yet and it's something that a lot of people don't want to talk about but it's happening and it's happening often and it's
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people like jamie abit from motel kids or not there to help out the colder she dropped everything to go out there the mountain within ten minutes she was there to tend my own and i do i'll let you guys know about this hotel gets dark. jamie tells me they help ten to twenty families a week with shelter and food and they're only able to continue to help because of donations from the community so we put some links to the page and their website on on this story on thirty is now stuck on to hope we can find it on you know but there are people who can you see people like that sitting in the outside you never know her story. exactly and you know for whatever reason i stopped to talk to to this kindergarten and thanks to our viewers up the help of family we wish them all by the way she did get a hotel room form i think it only for three or four nights so they're saying his mom is now an hour with
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change in the weather for hampton roads this week and took a late take a look at those sunny skies are over the elizabeth river this is not in this guide you and your frigid temperatures still below normal but just says things will warm up very quickly. yet for part of the weekend. the latter portion of the weekend so tomorrow is going to be actually very similar to today. i think it might feel a tiny bit better even though the air temperatures are going to be similar to what we saw today but when i can have as much of a breeze will have a much lighter breeze tomorrow of course today was just blessed reverses yesterday which was really really windy so things gradually trending is that huge storm pulls out lips away nothing right now on radar temperatures are down a little bit even compare to
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pretty chilly as well but almost all these locations here for five six degrees across most of our region colder than we were yesterday at four o'clock. these are the wind chills again will be a ton of wind chill tonight but it's going to feel by seven pm already like the mid to upper thirties we go through late evening it'll feel like the lower thirties and then by morning there will be much when did also feel like the actual air temperature but again big changes for the weekend show leah found saturday and one run sunday i'll tell you how warm and just few minutes i think you will people are left devastated recovering and cleaning up the mess after an ef three tornado ripped through the oldest town in essex county. no fatalities from that tornado reported migrating spent the day and top hat and talking to people about the life changing storm the tornado cut a twenty eight mile long path of destruction from the middle
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neck the ground zero for it all kino road here in tampa handshake and a brother to go to this tune him out into the movie you through most of the closer role of dennis campbell did what he could to help his relatives pick up the pieces to discern that the row right next to our concerns you. this is normal clothes does most earns back to the boulders in all ten homes were destroyed in more than fifty were seriously damaged by the twisters estimated one hundred and forty mile an hour winds twenty to twenty five people were injured. kony campbell was trying to keep things in perspective the material at our place last in that place nearby the one hundred and forty five year old st john's church with bro and sis is really sad to see the semolina people not counting leaders in the big news here is that no one lost
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many lives have been impacted and it will be some time if ever before those lives return to normal in tap and my getting thirteen news now price of lancaster county pennsylvania are still reeling from wednesday night's record setting storm the ef two tornado was the first ever head and pennsylvania and the month of february. jackie chan for delhi has details. i missed the pitch black hills of salzburg township for pickup at lights put the spotlight on the work ethic of the amish who are rebuilding after yesterday's tornado paul miller watched with his lights on as the men finished up some cinder block or its amazing. it's really amazing to watch these guys work hustle your one time there was probably a lot of people come to muhammad because we're workin' the tornado ripped a path of destruction five miles long roots were ripped off bones leveled in a
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very rare to have a tornado particularly of this magnitude kind of on the ground that long and doing this already damaged the command center has been set up at the local fire company affected residents arrived in throws for a warm meal or simply some help in the clean up around seven pm it was shut down for the night but cases of water remained outside there was hundreds and hundreds of contractors guys are contractors that have their own businesses that had the guys here today there was equipment guys get power rushing their trucks in here today. the amish don't typically obtain traditional insurance or self insured relying on their fellow man today the call was answered and it appears it'll be that way for the days ahead. they help each other our families will be excess of certain amounts may be the helper for the office and they just do the work themselves. that
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winds estimated at one hundred twenty to one hundred twenty five miles an hour a cost an estimated eight million dollars and are turning the traffic now ashley is here so what problems around the church bt of course good for both sides he's now inside busier than it normally is i do want to take another look at that first though we had to another part of sixty four was an accident in the clearing stage is a bit of good news it's clearing but you're headed that way still gotta deal with the backup out there so i'm giving a quick live look at traffic across hampton roads become easier to me there's a couple seconds ago but headed out to the accident in norfolk sixty four west just past to sixty four bit off to the right shoulder now i would say traffic is heavy for about a half mile approaching the scene as we had four second camera again still those big backups hampton to norfolk sixty four eastbound at the eight rbc they've gotten better in terms of a half mile but that's about it other than that he still had about a four mile drag as we
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head out to norfolk and for the rest of your delays will keep you posted on facebook and twitter and of course right here on thirteen years now. i thanks ashley. in an exclusive interview the mother of waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick shares her thoughts following the verdict in her son's murder of reporter isabel rose alice shares when the mother has to say when asked about forgiving her son's killers the lights are back on in the quakes family home after a nearly monthlong trial in roanoke on the quake has finally got justice. not one bit of it bringing her son back after a pitcher may conceivably there the evidence was presented the second time after a judge declared a mistrial in charlottesville federal court in twenty fifteen. like the first trial every day she had to look at the faces of
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show a mating call and murder in the mail which read through is nothing of it making bond to relive the worst day of her life in dc i screamed out no no the guilty verdicts not satisfying her questions that question the why didn't the even greater share of his back and i'm sure going to stop this moment in court when some defendants laughed his attorneys mention kevin prayed before he was shot where i do is pray for eli and then knock somebody's parade. he'll have a heart
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their ballot didn't do them be the verdict bringing justice and forgiveness no question essay and story. no they didn't kill me a sorry no matter for now she treasures his pictures seen on here that allah swt and his last words that the eu the eu anywhere around the unraveling a nice horror of watching pullout with all my fat and nelson counties of overzealous whs be these defendants were members of the gang the jury found all six and clicks murder trial guilty of all thirty four charges including clicks murder and abduction. quick was abducted and found shot to death and go to lee county back in twenty fourteen. we have new videos we take a
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today da com it shows an unarmed nuclear missile warning out of its underground bunker on the california coastline take a look at sort of the pacific ocean air force officials say the test launches our morale booster because they give launch crews and others a chance to leave their usual duties and participate in an actual launch the otherwise to twenty four hour shifts year round in underground missile command posts hoping the call to combat never comes voting in iran but are they free elections today is the first time. iranians have gone to the polls of that landmark iran nuclear deal the reformist president of iran hassan rouhani work that deal out with world leaders including president obama iranians are voting for members of parliament the world leaders involved that nuclear deal. hope these elections are free from corruption. but there's some doubt and that's because the candidate selection process is controlled by iran supreme leader and he disqualified many of
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including fifty current members of parliament and we are gearing up for special homecoming but this one isn't a military homecoming. it's a homecoming for space and it involves batman history of astronaut scott kelly is coming back to earth on tuesday he says he can't wait to get back all the things that jump in a swimming pool and kiddie i leave he has already spent a year a year and spacing of the command was formally assigned to the norfolk area at virginia beach area so we can have our fingerprints all over him he posted the other day seven days away copies now down to three days on a ladder all camano of the great the way yes i heard was how well the smithsonian's national air and space museum opened a new exhibit today maybe kelly will visit that it showcases sixty one different images of the moon including the apollo landing the lunar
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the orbiter in two thousand and nine exhibition is open through december and very exciting the oscars are just two days away they are eight films up for best picture and many are eager to see what host chris rock has to say about this diversity issue lisa abraham g has the latest on how you can participate next year and learn more
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and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. . it is fun it's your season for disease a lot of people know little about type one diabetes on like type two diabetes type one is a life threatening autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas actually loses the ability to produce insulin and they can strike young people out of nowhere it's not preventable. and joining us to talk more about
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the co chair of the jv rf doubt gala which is happening tomorrow and tomorrow night just left there from weston ok i'm going to be happy to be there because of it and im saying here so much work cited the smallest little bit about type one because people confuse it with type two sure what makes it so different type one is a life threatening autoimmune disease and basically or pancreas stops working and producing insulin and so therefore in slant is important that turns food into energy on this forever unless you find a cure which hopefully i really believe we have a cure on the rise of the next years we've got lots of racers coming through right now ok and that is i'm glad to hear that yes as you know my son was diagnosed about a year yet forever also he will actually be at the gala her as well. my understanding is is that there's generate their two hands and fifteen was a great huge year in terms of research right. what were some of the advancements we
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we also have the beta cell cancellation. these are two big things that we find and they're hoping within two years. type one diabetics will be able to take mess right now we have human clinical trials going on currently in both of these and so it's been exciting last two years since i've been involved and it is very sudden when it comes very sudden but not necessarily dramatic it can be viral genetic environmental or viral. neither one they say they think a combination possibly they don't really know and have to be your family don't have to have relative and i'm sure we were shock to some cherries your butts. i love giraffes vinci huge support of our family ok so the gala is tomorrow night at the west and yes big research not yet big night is our biggest fundraiser of the year. we also have a walk this year's top twenty fifth with a walk every year as well but this is our biggest fundraiser. we have got to enjoy high people um it's our biggest event of loss of
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have this monkey and a delorean. okay now and have you i certainly appreciate that and people can log on to thirteen years now but come because we have some more information about the gala as well if people want to donate because this is for the cure season. it is and yet find a cure said they wanted to donate a hundred percent of the funny car donation to st to research which is amazing i weaved up to our website is to draft dot com hampton roads and is a fun de cure click it's very easy. all right thank you so much thinking or she ate it thinking i'll sow was great we wish you well i would be doing us good night. would you like to watch the big show with us at a movie theater. what we're going to tell you how you can do that just a moment but first a leash is here with the latest oscars buzz and leisure edge and parody films up for best picture right now the revenue leads the pack with twelve oscar nominations including leonardo dicaprio with his acting nomination and backstage final rehearsals
4:48 pm
two time host chris rock people are so eager to hear what he will say especially about oscar diversity controversy. i think he's going to do a great job he's done it before it's anybody's guess what else i imagine he will discuss the diversity controversy when it comes to oscars fashion you can expect some wild red carpet moments for many of the presenters including shirley spare and kerry washington lady ga ga and sofia vergara so we're really excited and here at thirteen years now all of us are officially an oscar as you can see here by the eighth but oscar statue sitting right next to me and a miniature one year now according to a study in the hollywood reporter seventy two percent of people said they go as far as to post about movies they watch on social networks sell if you can't be with us our official thirteen years now oscar party on sunday. please join the conversation online using the hashtag thirteen oscars and you can join the thirteen news now crew in person for a big oscar celebration on sunday if
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the party is free and open to the public you get to mingle with some of the thirteen years now team and actually lasalle be there and seeing doors open at seven forty five p m on sunday night so get there a little bit early and that's at pembroke meadows cinema cafe near virginia beach town center so we're really looking forward to seeing all the out there so put a reminder new phones right now and if you can't make it again tweet along with us using that hashtag thirteen oscars. welcome a little breezy tonight and certainly chilly that'll make it cold if you're out there for any length of time so make sure you bundle up again not frigid conditions. also we've seen a couple clouds around it times but also the samantha sunshine that's what we have out there right now. nice shot there over the elizabeth river of the sun getting ready to sit the distant future. forty degrees is what we're going to drop two on average about
4:50 pm
call it mainly clear still obviously breezy and the term forty quite chilly and then noticed the peak wind gust down considerably from yesterday where we had thirty stuff near forty and right now we're not even at these kinds of figures most of these were a few hours ago so very gradually the wind's going to continue to ease as we go in the overnight here the temperatures we're expecting dropping this evening back into and through the thirties by morning. a lot of spots into the twenties a pure world at all you'll definitely be in the twenties and even areas i think that are somewhat close to the coast but let's say virginia beach where a northerly wind has the goal many many miles before it's places like pune know you'll probably be down a little bit lower as well. maybe around thirty thirty two same thing here in newport news. some readings possibly approaching the upper twenties by nine thirty in the morning look at it still not that much different i mean it's a little bit better but even
4:51 pm
to be quite cold tomorrow all morning and then during the afternoon. a lot like today with a little bit less wins i think marvel actually feel slightly better than what we saw out there today if you can get in a sort of sheltered spot on the lee side of a wall or some maybe doing some yard work or whatever outside hopefully won't be too bad it's really going to be a lot better as we get into sunday. you can see we start out sunday generally in the thirties couple spots near the water right now about forty ish and then definitely by afternoon with a southwest wind kicking up we're going to find high temperatures up at least a sixty degrees and some of the inland areas maybe even a couple degrees above that so that is the almost ten above normal after tomorrow which is going to be about five or seven below normal so high temperatures days you can see in the forties a lot of spots with a few fifties down to the south satellite shot shows some snow west of the mountains but nothing around here. so tonight
4:52 pm
twenties though for some of the inland and rural areas and then forty five tomorrow but with less wind sunny sixty one a little breezy again sixty six monday sixty two tuesday our next chance of rain comes wednesday with a pretty strong front that drops significantly again thursday and friday backed up my time now for something divine and social media the interim ceo and cofounder kevin sr with hashtag bless this morning and you'll find out why check it check this picture out a new photo and see how instagram account that such are looking at right now people picture shows the ceo meeting with pope francis at the point is the official residence at the bank and now this is huge the caption says quote we spoke about the power of images to unite people across different cultures and languages sister wrote in the captioning he was very excited for the size you can see there it was by far one of the most memorable experiences of my life he said even though pope francis doesn't have an official
4:53 pm
media savvy pontiff today his official twitter account currently has over eighty points seventy five million dollars so who knows lancers and now i told about this story a few weeks back and there's a nice day today a five year old would cause somebody received a signed barcelona and argentina shirt from soccer star lionel messi you may remember this is the same afghan boy. this picture spread all over social media wearing that homemade argentina shirt from a plastic bag even wrote a number ten on the back for gaza posed for photographers in the bull on friday wearing the shirts and playing with a signed football also semi messy after the gifts were delivered by unicef the afghan football federation is still trying to messi and the boys to right you may have seen this viral video of a boy named
4:54 pm
have it your kids at and many of the window i did the tenure and tenure the day of the land near dan daniel back at it again with the white vans may seem silly i know but this fourteen year old teen from california has become a huge dinner at sensation for videos that use that you just saw over the past few days. i mean just appeared on ellen and because his viral dance video because that video she rewarded him with a lifetime supply of thee and shew you don't even need an agent at this point that our guys are all a lie it's really hard to ignore this trend rate he sees her goal time but i mean this to this guy's huge and totally bored and only fourteen year old technically see what other team is now five in purdue's police officer who shot and killed a
4:55 pm
now cleared of any wrongdoing kwanzaa beatty family says that is unacceptable. their plan to fly to the findings and we're back live in waverly word tornado cleanup
4:56 pm
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. tate has national seashore is holding its first public hearing in kitty hawk on possible changes to beat writing rules that allow more access among the changes include opening some beaches that are now closed at night and providing smaller buffer zones around mass of turtles and shorebirds to find out more on meeting locations visit thirteen news now dot com or less all we have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now are on a mother's outrage after an investigation reveals police were justified in killing her
4:59 pm
the clearing the road to recovery waverly residents rebuilding what the tornado tore down a duplex goes up in flames or group they will move that would be awake more but it was too late neighbors are now mourning the loss of their next org ran the final report is out in a deadly officer involved shooting in newport newu the couple's attorney says the officer was justified in shooting and killing kwanzaa b b's family is outraged that the legacy we're going to fight this to the barricade is here with the commonwealth's attorney's response to the family's reaction yet to come off attorney says after a lengthy review found no criminal wrongdoing in the officers'
5:00 pm
this is not over aw aw melissa and clyde are going leave the commonwealth's attorney's office friday after learning no charges will be brought against the officer who shot and killed their son cole wants a bb gun battle at my right and i wouldn't know what to write about myself a donation today after an intense meeting with the family howard quinn defended his decision to not charge officer randy gibson then the winners here today gwen says gibson and two other officers chased and confronted bd last july in the city's east end a told gibson beatty had a sawed off shotgun gibson shot bb after he raised that shotgun and another officer but no fingerprints were found on the weapon and b's family question witness accounts the kkk amassed over the weekend with bb's


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