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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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because they liked me that much.. i am but there's only one can in a position to be donald trump on super tuesday and that is awesome. just days before super tuesday hampton roads is hot on the political stage right now ted cruz brought his message here tonight new developments tonight in the kansas shootings the gunman is dead but tonight authorities make arrest and the tornado recovery continues across the state authorities now confirming at least seven tornadoes touching down in virginia the news starts now ever wrote the spot on the presidential campaign trail again tonight. texas senator ted cruz spoke at regent university he is the third candidate to make a stop here this week
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talent a new heart with other crews held his own against donald trump and the debate last night and they likely have to say tonight it was a packed house to see tag to speed here i read in university right out of the day he tackled the issue supporters say were important to them like planned parenthood and the supreme court's the senator ted cruz wasted no time. as soon as he hit the stage are many issues to discuss many challenges facing this country in this election. he immediately paid his respects to the late justice antonin scalia and address how crucial it is to appoint another conservative supreme court justice the gop candidates as if the vacancy is filled with a democrat he sees many changes being made toward religious freedom and gun rights and more liberal justice and the court will overturn heller and conclude that not a single one of us has any individual right to keep and
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speak on those issues and his support in de funding planned parenthood. he spoke about the gop race overall. seeing attacks have become quite nasty and personal and they had frozen nasty insults my way they've gone after my character they got after my intake i don't respond in kind. i don't respond an insult and i'm not going to despite his take on shots taken throughout the race crew says he's the best candidate to take down gop frontrunner donald trump to beat hillary clinton leaving the audience walking away confidence to get really clear concise answers you know this is the problem is able to address issues like the supreme court justice and a really clear began to really step up to the top my list tonight in virginia beach. she knew her thirteen news now more candidates are coming to town and the days leading up to super tuesday marco rubio world rally of the virginia beach convention center on sunday. hillary
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monday details about her visit have not been released and also monday. then carson will speak at regent university. tomorrow is the next democratic primary in south carolina polls there show hillary clinton will score a big victory over burnley said. meanwhile donald trump had a rough time and last night's gop debate with marco rubio on the attack but rob rebounded today with a surprise endorsement. abc's martha gonzalez has more from the campaign trail from going head to head to standing side by side before to working with today donald trump getting a surprise endorsement from former gop rival kentucky governor chris christie the republican party needs a leader will make sure that hillary rodham clinton never get to the ten miles of the white house republican freshmen and getting the boost after a tough night on the debate states i don't know anything about bankrupting for the june
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marco rubio continued targeting trends today the new friends that are now fund raising off the possibility that runs maybe the republican nominee ken and i stay campaigning today in south carolina ahead of tomorrow's democratic primary here in not taking her double digit lead in the polls in the palmetto state. granted she and husband bill clinton making twenty two stops here this week and would be a silk purse and got to do well here tomorrow. bernie sanders looking ahead to super tuesday and beyond campaign in eight states this week but tonight here in south carolina as voters prepare to cast their ballots martha gonzalez was in columbia south carolina. new tonight firefighters battle a house fire for more than an hour and something to look at the flames shooting through the roof of the structure
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lane told the fire took over the entire attic firefighters had to pull out of the house and attacked the flames from the outside until they could safely go back in again. two people were able to get out safely the cause is under investigation the community of waverly continues to rebuild after an ef one tornado right now there's a curfew in place to protect people from walking around through debris that still scattered everywhere. aaron de lobo has more on the town's long road to recovery. how difficult it is for people to lose everything not just the physical but it's a great emotional told a community disrupted and heartbroken after a tornado tore through their town but now the people of waverly are coming together as is poured into waverly united methodist church to pray for the victims' families
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question about that will be changed for the better on shore we in this situation right now we all get three people were killed in the storm when they were tossed from the mobile home they were in our cleanup efforts continue around the community and friday was the first time we heard from city officials in a press conference they gave details about the destruction left behind saying six buildings have been destroyed and more than two dozen people are without homes. still the mayor spoke with competence and banking the different agencies and citizens committed to helping the people of waverly get back on their feet. well now that we have a long way to recovery. we remain optimistic about here. we're hopeful and we know that we will eventually reporting i near new beau thirteen years now. now the national weather service has confirmed at least seven tornadoes
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wednesday. aside from the twister in waverly tornadoes also touched on in mecklenburg county near the north carolina state line flu van and patrick counties in lancaster county near the rapper had it forever and yesterday we told you about the powerful tornado that struck mathematics county killing an elderly man one of those tornadoes cut a twenty eight mile long path of destruction from the middle peninsula to the northern act ten homes were wiped out a tap handle more than fifty others were seriously damaged by winds estimated to be one hundred and forty miles per hour. today our crews got a firsthand look at the damage you see it right there about two dozen people were injured many people we talked to were amazed that no one was killed in the booth to booth is to go into the movie you through
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the most and so were the woman was found. o'malley held she makes while one hundred and forty year old church also was destroyed during wednesday's storm windows the commonwealth's attorney finds no criminal wrongdoing in a deadly police involved shooting in newport news officer shot and killed kwanzaa beatty last july after beebe pointed a sawed off stock granted them the police chief said an internal investigation found that three officers involved were justified the family believes he was wrongfully killed. we've got a new day that the glass dome and we did at the office is perceived threat they acted to use deadly force is up for that information that we had was unconscious the commonwealth's attorney says the department of justice will review its findings and take federal action as appropriate analogy woman died in a duplex fire overnight in norfolk tonight because of that fire in kingston avenue still isn't
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that an elderly woman was trapped inside. crews rescued her from the second floor but she did not survive her injuries were told a mother and her two children had to jump from the second story to escape another couple we talked to say they also barely made it out it was crazy over the front door and slander fund or merely for the heat wave knocked me back and we got to go another way to fire officials say the home did have working smoke alarms to alert residents little travel advisory for his night emergency road repairs on woodstock road in virginia beach this weekend were told the project includes milling and paving from cleveland state to greenwich road the work is planned tomorrow from three am two am and again on sunday from three am until six p m drivers should expect delays and some construction noise avoid the area if you catch a deputy injured on the job. a driver lost control on some icy roads and crashed into
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he's doing tonight the pope has written his first book with the help of children from around the world will tell you what happened when he and his young co authors got together and the dog's abdomen tennis courts will tell you where the ball boys were chased away one point this weekend we're going have
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job.
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the new developments tonight in the mass shooting and cow it says authorities have arrested someone in connection with the case a woman is charged with providing guns to the shooters cedric forty killed three people and injured more than a dozen others yesterday before police shot and killed him abc's elizabeth ferrer has more details etc for to see this facebook post firing an assault style rifle team type sources say he used to gun down his co workers is a convicted felon who could not legally own guns. authorities now allege ford got the ak forty seven type rifle and handgun used in the shootings from a twenty year old kansas woman sarah hopkins charging her with unlawfully transferring firearms the fourth shooting spree on thursday spanned across some six miles in three locations the final and did the stop where he worked excel industries before and was trampled it was unfair was just trying to get out of
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employees were killed renee benjamin bryan said lc and jace would be the bloodshed ended with forty shot and killed in a gun battle with the first officer on the scene the afghan police chief sargent chris carter telling abc news his bosses action saved many lives. if there's gunfire gunfire to stop myself to myself that hard instinct to fight though i mean most of us went away from the no absolutely not we will run towards a gunfight with a community still in mourning the fbi is on scene hunting for answers this as we learn ford was served with a restraining order at work just ninety minutes before the first shooting a court order to stay away from an ex girlfriend who claims he was violently abusive writing he's in desperate need of medical and psychological health officials confirm what the motive appears to be domestic base in their
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it was with her abc news in kansas shooting in washington state leaves five people dead twelve year old girl related to the victims appears to be the only survivor authorities in mason county say the gunman called an officer earlier today and said he had killed his family officers negotiated with them and for hours before going into the hall and finding the victims officials said the man killed himself the wife of the kalamazoo shooting suspect filed for divorce today. the filing by carol dalton stays there was a breakdown in the marriage relationship the couple has been married since nineteen ninety five and have two children jason dalton is jailed on six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder after last weekend's shooting spree he was an older driver and reportedly committed the shootings between transporting passengers scary moments for a sheriff's deputy in michigan and it was nearly caught on camera the deputy was hit by a fan during a winter storm this
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car on the highway. that's when a van coming from the opposite direction crossed the center line hit the patrol car then the deputy. luckily he was able to get back in his car and call for help were told he is recovering tonight space man scott kelly is getting ready to come back home back to earth the nasa astronaut has been living at the international space station since last march when he lands in kazakhstan next tuesday he will have spent three hundred and forty consecutive days in space which is a us record not listen to this cat stance and this is in the tmi category kelly will have logged nearly one hundred forty four million miles during his yearlong mission he also stand by. drank nearly two hundred gallons of recycled urine and sweat collected from himself and everyone else on board. kelly and his twin brother mark had been taking part in a twin study over the past year mark is a retired astronaut scott a
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live in virginia beach virginia based naval officer short stint on jeopardy and that tonight. lieutenant junior grade chris giglio won the last two nights but couldn't pull off another when he came in second tonight julio is a naval officer aboard the uss carter hall problem though. pope francis has a new book is called dear pope francis made up of exchanges between the pope and children around the world one child ask if you could do one miracle what would it be the pope's response heal every child in the book the pope also shares personal things. he cries often he loves the tango in soccer he met with his kid co authors this week in rome the excited but then i felt like well this is probably my only time in the meantime so don't wanna blow this age of the children presented the pope or the gift he received a soccer ball from
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boots from australia where i talk about some big temperature swings and mention the cold in the twenties at one point probably figure out that's tonight since we've been cold we're obviously going to start out with that kind of weather regime and gradually transition nothing on radar course that's a welcome change as well is cold out there right now the temperature here thirty seven in norfolk international but with the wind blowing hard like it was earlier today or even yesterday especially. but still twelve mph is enough to make it feel like it's twenty nine currently it's pretty dry out there the dew point lead and the sixteen. let me show you these are the gus not the sustained winds were to show you was twelve mph nor fact no wind gusts at all not even a fifteen or sixteen so that's good news very light back in line still in the teens right near the coastline so and twenty right there around dock but
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else the wind is very very minimal let me show a couple things quick about the tornado virginia averages messes up when i started the business thirty years the average seven to nine tornadoes a year now up to eighteen tornadoes a year i think partly that's just with the development of more people report cards and there are fewer rural areas. anyway we've averaged a team here for the last twenty five years on wednesday over a dozen some surveys are ongoing and we average one ef three or stronger only every three years the entire state we had to just hear and are fairly close immediate area on wednesday and this is the most amazing stat of all in all of two thousand fifteen there were twenty one warnings issued by the national weather service in wakefield they cover basically the eastern third of virginia twenty one warnings for the whole year for tornadoes. we had thirty nine warnings alone on wednesday and seven confirmed tornadoes so an incredible
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compared to what we typically see again in any given year almost in one day right now eight nine ten degrees eleven degrees colder yesterday dropping back into the twenties for the rural areas tonight lower thirties at the beaches smile quickly once the sun while one sunrises it's not going to be so quick to see a slow rise and then ending up the afternoon in the mid to maybe upper forties at best and then a little bit better again tomorrow night but much much better on sunday more on that in a second clear skies here across the region on radar. the wind chills in the morning hours would be pretty close to the air the same thing it'll be a little bit chilly or terms of how it feels than the actual air temperature tonight then thirty was some twenties for the inland and or rural areas mile forty five to forty eight coming on your location partly to mostly sunny still chilly for this time of year and there it is sixty one degrees i know that's not
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so ago but it is well above normal it'll be about eight above where we should be monday even more up to sixty six tuesday sixty to sixty three wednesday and some showers possible moving in and we are today like seventy two that's two weeks well we're tracking the weather all weekend long before you head of the door check in with thirteen years now at day break starting at six o'clock have another busy night of high school basketball this time around the region its championship
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i think it is bringing attention to a shelter in fresno california take a look at the pattern on his face and you'll see why it's called the mustache kit that is amazing the kid was less than a donation ban of the salvation army in downtown fresno workers an assault or are taking care of it for now they say the cat is ready to be adopted. game of tennis is gone to the dogs
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the brazil open as ball boys this part of a campaign to encourage animal adoption dogs were pretty good at retrieving a tennis balls in some cases they din wanna let go of the organizer of the campaign says she hopes the one day stand gets people to consider adopting from a packed shelter i love the idea a little concerned about love the slobber on the walls the whole damn box could lift the lid. well i've got some basketball tonight no note no animals included no doubt the private schools are playing some the best high school basketball in the area the last couple years with that in mind we take a look at the tc asked ornaments of my files and headed off a christian high school norfolk collegiate against bishop solomon the crusaders at two a quick start this game film bumgarner with that nice spin move off the fast break and then it says teammate andrew gets a pass from bumgarner lance timey and bishop sullivan jumped out to attend that nothing need not to
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deandre chambers with the jumps at the immense ago that i think he liked that he had fifteen as teammate adam grant also showing a nice touch. he had fifteen as well and that will tend to lead by halftime in the second half mast and really want to work fifty seven to forty two of the collegiate wanted to play walls and hand in the championship game four a east regional final lake taylor against heritage lake taylor that jt was kneel on the wrong foot and sadie gets found made the foul shot this is early on while he again your basketball and football star. he's got a work in and let taylor too quickly in this game but here comes heritage love this lay him down from lynn richards in off the pass from jermaine merrill this time arrow just keep to themselves and their high score for this team and a good spin move that was close until the second half
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play he went on to run all by itself and the titans wanted seventy to fifty nine route three a north the boys at hopewell welcomes travis mills had twenty five year two time defending state champions. then its field with a shot that doesn't go but his teammate travis ingram there for the rebound flush of victory on this team those in the midfield in and with the block k j davis a rather stark proper editing room again. greyhounds won easily eighty three fifty six an orphan girls one as well mrs wilson girls grew four a region final at mana kan in a flash and then joan one is really quick with the layout and then as more and an action again today jack coleman is going to eventually come out and get the fast break going presidents on the run here but my neck and had the best of them tonight monica ends up winning the game seventy three to sixty one group six a and five a finals are set
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. last week the admirals took two and a three from first place florida another first place team in town to met its goal that would be manchester admirals already up to nothing in the second period steven whitney bottom of the strain as a nice goal would be his second goal the period right there by the way and he wasn't finished a natural hat trick three goals in one period nice pass from michael palette to stephen when a natural hat trick three goals for when eaten and it was
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not only with a win first place in the division the first place in the conference. nick grant telling bill stopped almost everything tonight gambled won easily six to one same two teams tomorrow night and still qualifying from atlanta kurt busch had the second fastest car on the track in qualifying today but he'll be on the pole line. well you see his brother kyle busch had the fastest car on the track that eminem score there is in the press corps the track but when they did the post race inspection his car failed inspection so his brother kurt busch will be sitting on the pole sunday in atlanta a nice gift bag race most of the database kept by sunday. yet most likely too bad chili about like today but a little less wind so i feel quite as chilly and then sunday know about it all well above normal. i think that is certain is now an eleven day break starts at six o'clock tomorrow morning to make him alive is next then followed by nightline
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always on our website for
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's


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