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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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. a box out of fleece part of the road was shut down for hours bomb squad members make sure that the box was just a box traffic is moving normally again your gallery at military circle norfolk officers close one side with military highway this afternoon after someone said there was something suspicious on part of the sidewalk the bomb squad cleared the area area rather hours later to her is live along military highway to explain what led to the commotion and that shut down she knew brian that box was found just down the sidewalk here all the self only here on military highway was on for several hours police were actually cutting off traffic right at the intersection in front of military circle mall police are re directing everyone into the mall
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and offically scout iraq twelve thirty today to reports of that suspicious package a bomb squad was on scene were few other crews re directed the traffic drivers are backed up on the cell phone leaves many wondering what was going on although they were frustrated with having to wait and be rerouted. they say safety is the most important day wit with traffic situation of you spec traffic around this time a day but with a situation like that is better to be safe and have traffic back up a little bit then nabil say the police told me moments ago it was just a trait with some tools inside they may have fallen out of a vehicle going by there was nothing found inside that was dangerous weapon or fiction to her thirteen years now newport news police are investigating two shootings that happened today the first to the pond a cafe lounge on jefferson avenue just below prior field road officer say a man was in the parking lot with friends just before two am. he stepped away to take a
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in the chest police say he his injuries were life threatening and the second shooting happened around twelve thirty this afternoon near the intersection of twenty fifth street and oak avenue when officers got there they found a nineteen year old who'd been shot twice in his right leg was expected to recover if you have any information about either the shootings can call crime line at one eight eight lock u up a fire put two people out of their home this aftftnoon in newport news firefighters showed footage of the smoke was pouring out of the house on corinthian driving the truck around one forty five. someone inside the house heard an explosion in the collage to check on it and found the garage was on fire. he and his wife got out of the house there was extensive smoke and fire damage was led officials to condemn the home investigators are working to figure out what started that fire several groups were in waverly today offering help in providing services to survivors of the ef one tornado that hit their wednesday three people died when the tornado tore apart a mobile home and threw them hundreds of yards from the trailer the storm
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than two dozen people were left without homes hundreds of volunteers were in town today to help the cleanup continues to take place the sunshine out there today the chill that was in the air will hang around for tonight may need an extra layer. if stores here with a look at how cold it will get added a dry brine if you have evening plans will never want to take a jacket with you because it will be a little bit chilly day here on the satellite and radar though partly cloudy out there as we've gone here through the afternoon hours in the clear skies allowed temperatures to fall just a little bit and as we look across the rest of the country fairly tranquil weather that we get back out towards the great plains with fairly dry weather. all are back to the central u s temperatures very warm in the central u s still sixty eight degrees in bismarck north dakota while we're sitting at forty four degrees sixteen little rock seventy three in which the semi in dallas and san antonio somewhat warmer weather is set to move eastward so we're looking at warmer temperatures to go to the day on sunday but again if you
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looking at temperatures to drop into the forties by seven o'clock thirties as we head to the overnight hours mid thirties for overnight lows but temperatures will rebound nicely tomorrow details on that and the full seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. all right thank you to voters in south carolina had been heading to the polls all day today casting their ballots in the democratic primary candidates from both parties are scattered across the country trying to rally support ahead of super tuesday that's the day next week when more than a dozen states vote in the primary campaign. here's abc's marci gonzalez thank you for voting the primary night for the democrats in south carolina democrat on the id democratic party gave me some good options even as voters cast their ballots today i'm happy with the choice that's a new hat. i think the president the candidates of looking ahead to super tuesday campaigning in texas
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the confident they're moving forward you all don't you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors your coworkers. we are going nowhere in the law and watching the republican race closely. donald trump campaigning today with former gop rival governor chris christie endorsed the front window yesterday. the only person in this race is creating jobs is the guy sitting right there. the pair are focusing their attacks on marco rubio he's a very nasty guy i actually thought that ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse said these words will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like schoolchildren bill clinton went after drum today tuesday he spends half his time insulting people she is pulling ahead here by double digits for a big victory when the polls close
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abc news columbia south carolina. some candidates have been the hampton roads others are coming here ahead of super tuesday marco rubio have a rally the virginia beach convention center tomorrow fellow republican and carson will speak at regent university on monday and democrat hillary clinton also is coming to the area monday. her campaign has not released specific details about the visit including where she'll be when she'll appear countdown the oscars is down to hours now as hollywood gets ready for its biggest night the red carpet is redding california but you get a chance to walk and pose in the red carpet to your invitation to the abc thirteen oscars viewing party is just ahead plus scouts test their camping skills way paul bunyan would appreciate details on the chopping
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. tomorrow hollywood is in the full glitz and glamour for the eightieth academy awards will be able to watch your favorite stars arrive on the red carpet beginning at seven here on abc thirteen or if you wanna go a little bigger for your oscar celebration join us for the viewing party we're hosting a virginia beach growing our own red carpet to welcome you to pembroke medicine in a cafe will be able to watch the awards ceremony on movie screens and you had your picture taken with a gigantic oscar statuette the doors open at seven forty five pm if you can't make it to the viewing party any party excitement of the night on social media will be tweeting using the hashtag thirteen oscars will take some trash to the student creativity and their concerns about the environment and yet the annual jump defunct ration show in virginia beach students for several schools use trash and recycle materials to make outfits
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the runway at lehi them all the students competed for a number of awards so when evan from lansdowne high school picked up the prize for most creative and mendoza also from lansdowne won best design and event this week is helping local boy scouts sharpen their minds and their access the colonial virginia council is holding its lumberjack challenges in the plantation. among those challenges chopping and sign a log roll race and a pancake eating contest. boy scouts also are enjoying the traditional camping activities this weekend being outside seeing the stars and i haven't the campfires just having a grand time out here really it's the voice to a point where you're not having them talk each other through a screen you're talking in person you're working with each other for the challenges the scouts go to activity stations where they are timed and tested on their scouting knowledge teamwork and problem solving skills a little bit of a chill in
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that may change come tomorrow (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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more than shopping to you please agree bernal this
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that and people walking to raise money for the american cancer society is the annual relay for life of chesapeake greenbrier mall five k abc thirteen is a sponsor relay for life. ashley smith was out there she is serving as the emcee for the event today and a really nice day to day little in chile i think some folks will like a little bit warmer so if you like and i've got that in the forecast for tomorrow and monday and some uncertainty as to get into the forecast by the end of next week but the top of the warm weather that we can expect over the next few days first live radar is sweeping clear you would expect that with the clear skies and we have out there who have mainly clear conditions all across the eastern seaboard just few clouds moving back to the mountains very high pressures located across areas of the deep south that high will slowly drift offshore switching i went around towards the southwest a little bit later on tonight is that south westerly wind that will warm things up as we go to the next couple of days leaving though
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forty degrees right now falling back into the thirties later tonight we'll go for an overnight low in the mid thirties are less easily chilly night tonight as we start things off tomorrow morning we'll see those mainly clear skies and temperatures will quickly warm up on the southwest breezes by noon up into the fifties and into the lower sixties by afternoon i'm going for forecast iran sixty four sixty five degrees in winter the afternoon hours tomorrow evening in the fifties and the cool night tomorrow night although that is only in the forties as we start things off on monday lot of folks had back to work back to school. now i am tracking a little weak front will move to a monday thing future cases over doing as far as any chances of rain on monday hemisphere will be very dry in the lower level but certainly a chance of a quick sprinkle but once again captures on monday into the sixties and even some spots could hit seventy degrees monday afternoon people cool weather moves in by the middle part of the week to take a look outside this is how look this morning at the virginia air
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beautiful sunrise there over the hampton river as we went to the day today as you likely know lots of sunshine out there just a few clouds moving through from time to time. doctors in the forties today we got of the forty nine degrees and often international airport so here's a little bit below normal today will be above normal tomorrow is alive skyview in virginia beach looking nice there here's a downtown office as well twenty four degrees winds are calm humidity of thirty seven percent in two point very dry out there. nineteen degrees forty four in franklin smithfield a forty four newport news in gloucester thirty seven a lot on enough of forty one in many a forty two and duck forty one elizabeth city forty five in portsmouth forty six in williamsburg forty three in hampton and virginia beach to fort and i will conquer mainly clear skies and or waning get this moon was coming out of southwest five to ten mph or so southwest breezes that will warm things up sixty four degrees tomorrow and are those mostly sunny skies. my night mainly clear mile down the forty seven and another one on monday sixty seven degrees partly sunny skies
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spring plaza from used to i think it should move through dry. we have to mention that as we look at the extended forecast slightly cooler on tuesday for super tuesday sixty four degrees. then wednesday will offer some scattered showers possibly a few thunderstorms as a call from moves through and i will drop temperatures down to fifty one on thursday and in a cold rain on friday forty four degrees. couple the computers are disagreeing about the exact track of the storm. there's the potential that there could be some wet snowflakes mixed in. maybe as we head into friday night and early saturday someone certainly there's a rhino will see a chilly rain on friday forty four degrees forty five on saturday. either way not to be running around trying to stuff probably stay indoors if you can get a good day to be indoors for college hoops the captains of cnn you looking for a conference title win and going dancing to the ncaa tournaments there's also the matter state rivals clash in this
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the dukes to the honor ron curry on the ride when stingrays the third on the left would marry at the gates fast david cone jumper good as they get to it and two advantage at thirty retake the lead but omar pruitt it off but get there as they trailed by six at halftime second half. more from pruitt led with seventeen gets the runner go to get within two with too much of madison who spoiled spoiled that of course curry with twenty one he won seventy one sixty five back here in town christopher newport with a chance to continue an incredible run in men's basketball captains hosting souls buried in the capital athletic conference tournament finals for a second year in a row senior with the winner gets the automatic bid to the ncaa division three tournaments had to the freeman center off the inbounds pass they were down seven to early aaron mcfarland step back jumper
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fella tim daly size of two defenders splits and goes in for tubes fifteen that would tie the game then the captains woodson defense ray sharp brown's mother nor the still going the other way nice little dish to marcus carter barbara high wins bird i also had fifteen points heading up the charge kevin kimball team high eighteen they're going dance unfolds the win in overtime sixty eight sixty seven they win the caa cac athletic tournament title and that's we'll wait and the vcu rams try to keep or share first the atlantic ten. it took on george washington on the road strong start. no allie cox going in with reckless abandon as they led by one at halftime he had eleven second half it was back in for john with jonathan williams nice little reverse lay up with check on the defensive side the boy had seventeen for this one scared everybody going up and over the scorers table was down for a couple of minutes but he dont be
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from there. jordan burgess with a three for the lead at fourteen off the bench bc when sixty nine sixty five girls high school hoops the d c i s finals win over christian and member in white against cape henry st in white's what the regular season last year and this year. lastly they lose in the finals to the dolphins were trying to do a repeat oh nice bucket and foul from kennedy biel on the three point play back in the same silk air guard harper birdsong corner jumper good they had a four point advantage then bird songs headed to george washington with another pull up jumper went there to c i s t c i asked irma title fifty three forty seven take a look at last night the d c i s semifinals bishop selling its norfolk collegiate this bishop sullivan phil baumgartner with that nice bucket more from bishop sullivan wants to be a nice easy going the other way of
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norfolk collegiate qian chavis with a nice three pointer and the shooter's bounce over collegiate start to pull away this one. adam grant also in on the scoring nicely pull up jumper there and will finish it off with bash town sweat would pick up things inside they win fifty seven forty two they've got walls and ham tonight public schools group for eight east region final a tailor its heritage. the titans jt why he muscle awkward shot but yeah he gets a shooter's bounce when things are going right they go ride was a replay for the football team as well. strong to the rack for two back on the hurricanes carefully linda richardson is going to drive through traffic off the dash to get the flush then jermaine marrow will also get a bucket of self nice spin move and going
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the titans picture of a teacher ms smith will finish things off with a nice drive and bucket titans when it's seventy to fifty nine boys group three a north game at hopewell that was travis feels with an ice bucket for the greyhounds then travis enroll little finger roll off the bears will get the don k j davis also into the scoring binge off the block shots were going the other way and another greyhounds finished it off eighty three to fifty six girls also won in that contest forgot to mention two on the girls' side wilson at my back in june a blunt as we fast forward quickly since passed. nice easy bucket bed and days are cold the ball off a missed shot were going the other way for the presidents to get the lay up but their season would end
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to sixty one in that contest and a hidden right at the door to get more ti ci is voiced by moving fast rate they're moving fast here oscar's looking when i feel awesome. let's take a look at the forecasts roster sunday news that's right it's going to be a chilly night tonight on the thirty five degrees but the sixty four mar sixty seven on a monday and sixty four tuesday from showers and thunderstorms as we head to the middle part of a gigantic
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welcome to "world news tonight." the showdown in the south. south carolina up for grabs as democrats cast their votes. hillary clinton looking for a big win over bernie sanders, while her husband goes on offensive against a heckler. >> if you'll shut up and listen to my answer, i'll answer you. >> so, what set him off? a new republican tag team hits the trail. chris christie and donald trump together. the frenemies now doubling down on marco rubio. >> rubio stole from the republican party. >> the schoolyard taunts. and tonight, the new comeback line. >> we can't nominate a con artist to become the head of the party. the factory worker coming face-to-face with the gunman, a man he thought was his friend. what that shooter told him right before he opened fire. the new concerns about e-cigarettes tonight. they are exploding in pockets, setting cars on fire, and


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