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tv   13 News Sunday  ABC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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virginia beach oceanfront the day's only going to get better and our awesome meteorologist asia scott tracking sunny skies spring like temps. wow. good morning good morning john good morning everybody that's right we're going to see some really nice conditions today yesterday we only climbed into the mid forties that was slightly below where we should be for this time of the year today we're going to climb well above where we should be for this time of the year rocked a chilly start this morning we've got temperatures down into the twenties and korea were right at freezing in norfolk at thirty two degrees with thirty one right now in smithfield the morning hands in your coming in at thirty six virginia beach or thirty eight right now and we have forties holding on and that the winds it's all about the wins out of the southwest today they were at the north and northwest yesterday it will become a bit on a bit more breezy today compared to yesterday as well not too bad this morning about five miles right now and hit and very light reporting in virginia beach now satellite radar were nice and dry and not tracking anything at this
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as we had throughout the days was all about the numbers temperatures climbing into the fifties by midmorning will top out in the low to mid sixties by this action known as the na'vi have evening plans will drop back quickly and to the fifties by this evening. now the warm conditions will continue even as we head into the work week but i am tracking some changes in the seven day forecast will talk about that coming up just a few minutes just our day should thank u turning to the race for the white house that your voice your vote this week the campaign trail leads right through virginia later today the fourth of six presidential hopefuls will try to earn your vote in just about eleven hours senator marco rubio will take to the stage of the virginia beach convention center to make his case thirteen news now's brian fair will be there covering the event but right now he joins us with a preview presidential candidate marco rubio starts off will be a couple of days
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the senator from florida will be in virginia beach today for a rally at the virginia beach convention center. he's hoping to stir up some supporters republicans and democrats get ready for super tuesday that's the day that more than a dozen states will vote in the primary campaign right now rubio is in third place in the republican field when you look at the number of delegates he has won in that regard donald trump holds a commanding lead over rubio and senator ted cruz rubio will talk about his vision for what he calls a new american century while he's at the rally door slid open at five p m today with the event starting at six we'll have coverage of the event online and in thirteen years now it's six are i think the brand down to a dominating win for hillary clinton south carolina democratic primary turned out to be a turning point for campaign hillary clinton dominated in the primary getting seventy three percent of the votes bernie sanders only got twenty six percent it was kind of redemption for hillary the wind in the state she lost to barack
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clinton now has the momentum she needs going into super tuesday this week. experts say if she does well on tuesday she could sew up the nomination after north carolina votes on march fifteen bernie sanders gave his concession speech from minnesota last night sanders congratulated clinton on what he called her very strong victory in the south carolina democratic primary but he valve the fight is far from over midnight sun was doing some one who's the night was tuesday over a hundred delegates are at stake and we won't win many many of them sanders isn't the only one looking ahead to super tuesday when voters in more than a dozen states will vote in caucuses and primaries virginia is among the states where the polls will be open
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told she knew her are ready the people in norfolk continuing to feel the burn days after presidential hopeful. bernie sanders visited hampton roads the senator's visit starting off the string of candidates making their way to virginia before super tuesday gop frontrunner donald trump followed sanders last week thank you very much with that rumsfeld republican ted cruz the rounding things out with an appearance at regent university. but the truth has proven itself to be the most about the american constitution sunday the last minute stumping continues marco rubio will be in virginia beach. hillary clinton and ben carson will be making stops in hampton roads on monday democrats a super tuesday is going to be a close race between clinton and sanders sanders a supporter dana fleming minutes or until the close
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as loose as republicans are echoing the excitement of democrats hoping to hear directly from rubio and carson before march first i always try if i can get to where they're speaking she knew her thirteen news now make it as bringing attention to a shelter in fresno california take a look at the pattern on its face are going to see why it's called the mustache kitten the kitten was left in a donation bin at the salvation army in downtown fresno workers at a shelter are taking care of it now they say the cat is ready to be adopted. cute i think if the cache has another pet is ready to be adopted that we are joined by jammin the studio she needs a good home and tell you all about when we come back with shoulder sunday we also have the weather forecast for my shoes yet we've got some great conditions today a
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. i and welcome back time for shower sunday we have a sweet girl is the man the on to say this is jim found all in making steel. you're here with jim i am as bca financial spca estimates have come out this
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sheets we would hold still she asked us to hawk his text was a very laid back and she's six years although my gym around six years old she's a hound mix there's no denying the hands and she's a little nervous. yeah she's not sure she's had a big adventure she spent the night with me last night. i'm perfectly fine with cats. ok great with my child she's good with kids cohen who said little shy this morning he is a little shy and she's been with us for a couple weeks and some dogs do better in shelters than others. seems she's not as good in the shelter she's very nervous the other dogs barking or making her nervous so we really want to get her a good home that point you're making about taking her for a walk that i will be but the hound came out and yes you definitely hound that i have a soft spot my heart for how i had a hound mix for years and she loves walks
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the leaves. we met other dogs yesterday on the road and actually she would probably do better in a home with another dog grooming or she's more of a follower and with that town that pack instinct she would feel better i think in a home where there was another job or she would feel she would feel safer so that would probably be ideal for her but super sweet girl she looked at my cats last night late and she weaves all swirls last nine and she didn't try to chase them which is kind of unusual around so looking at herself for the show she's pretty dog she is she's really sweet have the people meter today and today we are closed but how can people meter tomorrow the agency would love to have visitors tomorrow at the shelter an ins very easy to adopt said just come by the shelter income seniors and has lots of friends to remind folks were located on j klein right on j clyde
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right across from the living museum and on down then leave their other dog we are guessing the way home. yes is wonderful the aesthetic of the most perfect timing a
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well we're starting off this sunday morning with a lot of sunshine but it is a bit on the chilly side of your heading out early. you'll definitely need to bundle up by this action and you can spot the jacket or coat and maybe trade in for the long bar for the short sleeve long sleeve depending on how powerful you are here's a look at hands and plenty of sunshine here we've got temperatures at thirty two degrees and norfolk where thirty five in newport news also thirty five was the city and on the eastern shore mouth are coming in at thirty two degrees now the wind out of the south. yesterday we had winds out of the north the northwest. we'll bring you down that colder air but with the southerly winds were actually bringing in some warmer conditions and not quite as breezy this morning as we had throughout the day the winds will start to pick up just a bit eight miles right now hint and very light reporting and virginia beach the satellite and radar nice and rise of not tracking anything barely any clouds out there was a lot of you here's our next system this
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track all generally to the north of our area but it will swing a cold front through as we head into monday afternoon that will likely just bring a few clouds maybe a sprinkle here and there but that's really about it for the rest of today it's a numbers game today c will not need the umbrella as we head towards lunchtime temperatures in the upper fifties near sixty degrees will top out in the low to mid sixties by this afternoon still plenty of sunshine and then as we head into the evening hours temperatures quickly falling back into the fifties and by slow morning it's gonna be another mild start or a mild start i should say with temperatures generally starting off in the forties i don't think we'll have quite as many theories on the map is this morning and then tomorrow afternoon notice the clouds here that's a good associate with that cold bright once it pushes through the area will see clearing conditions but notice on monday afternoon was hard to see a few more clouds maybe a sprinkle and then monday night will see clear conditions and dropping
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today that would be a really nice day plenty of sunshine and temperatures generally and the most low to mid sixties across the area lower sixties a little bit farther to the north right around sixty degrees on the eastern shore of eastern north carolina eleven climb into the mid sixties by this afternoon right about sixty five and kurds have as well as eating ten and also elizabeth city so here's a look at the seven day forecast sixty four on sunday sixty seven as we head into monday again that weak front will move through that will drop temperatures back into the low sixties on tuesday and the stronger front moves through wednesday will likely be tracking showers and storms behind that system temperatures dropping back into the forties and then were watching friday which we could have a mix depending on where this system tracks that we've got enough time to add to that forecast as we get a little bit closer to time though. all right isha thank so much just in to the newsroom police just identify the woman killed in a single car crash in hampton police say thirty seven year
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near the intersection of these mercury boulevard and cherry acres drive when her ford escape overturned. now originally the police reported that she was pregnant they now say she was not pregnant. detectives say she lost control of her suv she died at the same crash is being investigated by the members of the hampton reconstruction team right now cherry acres drive is closed as police investigate an eastbound east parker boulevard is down to one new information on that virginia police officer killed on her first day on the job. it happened last night in woodbridge that's in prince william county investigators say police officer ashley didn't and two others responded to a domestic situation yesterday neighbors reported people yelling when those officers arrived the suspect opened fire hitting all three officers wind and who was just sworn in on friday was
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died at the hospital officials have not released the condition of the other two officers. neighbors say they heard gunfire screams and then police running with guns drawn i was in hammond and amite call the police hadn't heard a pop pop pop and at the present and it was just fireworks that man on the fact that there was an officer says officials say took the suspect into custody so far police have not released his name the commonwealth attorney says he plans to charge the suspect with capital murder. virginia law allows for the death penalty for the murder of a police officer according to the commonwealth attorney the suspect is scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow the portsmouth police department is mourning and solidarity with the prince william county police department. overnight the department tweeted out this message it reads in part quote. prayers go out to the prince william county
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the family of officer ashley clinton in court. in other news over news police are investigating three shootings in one day. in fact two of them happen on the same street on different parts of jefferson avenue the other one happened on twenty fifth st. now police say the latest shooting happened just before eleven o'clock last night on jefferson avenue near dresden drive officers found an eighteen year old carrollton man with an apparent gunshot wound to his left calf medics took him to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries he's expected to be okay about eleven hours before that shooting officers responded to a shooting at the intersection of twenty fifth street and oak avenue when officers got there they found a nineteen year old with two gunshot wounds to his right leg. please expect him to recover the first shooting happened early yesterday morning at the pond o cafe and lounge on jefferson avenue just below briar field road. we told you about it first right here on daybreak officer say a
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the parking lot with friends just before two a m someone shot him in the chest when he stepped away to make a phone call. police say his injuries were life threatening but they haven't released an update on his condition and police are investigating each of these shootings individually officials have not said they're connected if you know anything that can help police call the crime line that number is right there on your screen well coming up in sports by one of ryan smyth going later in sports the border rival
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cw_6wswswswsosksososososososososososososososos well that sunday morning everybody were to set up with a look at temperatures because rob to a chilly start this morning but we're going to warm up nicely as we head into the afternoon we're starting off with some locations below freezing and korea right now at thirty degrees also thirty one a brackets are coming in at thirty two right now in norfolk but it's happened to some warmer weather out to the west noted that fifties building across the plains states stretching down into texas will climb to the sixties by this action and plenty of sunshine out there this morning for sleeping nice and dry on satellite and radar so here's hired they will shape up will climb into the fifties by midmorning will top out in the low to mid sixties by
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back into the fifties later on this evening we'll take another look at the seven day forecasts for you coming up in just a few minutes already in sports news we have a wrap of saturday's high school regional finals and college hoops a border showdown between virginia and north carolina sports anchor brian smith has the highlights in your sports weekend for nitrogen to hosting seven white north carolina it was all about uva senior guard now has brought that start off with hitting a three from the way they know cut to the pool for a deuce layer with two defenders on him that didn't seem to matter if seventeen in the first half as virginia one of three of the break second and much of the same he finished with the team i twenty six is a who's won over heels seventy nine seventy fourth senior night at the ted is a good host to texas san antonio among the four honor martin sean nick harper i hit the native parrot bay coat and backcourt mate impeach native trey freeman freeman tied for team
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as they won big over the roadrunners seventy eight fifty six the tribal women are trying to spoil senior day at james madison the stupid entire dr curry on the right he went stingrays the third on the left or more probably one of leading with seventeen points as a runner goes to get within two in the second half and fifty six fifty four madison would not be denied three heading the charge with a game high twenty one of the dukes won seventy one sixty five the finals of the capital athletic conference tournament finals christopher newport hosting saul's very happy about arabic well and when i step back jumper he would add thirteen points. except if they call it in the alley sizing up the double team splits the two defendants were two of his fifteen points heading up the charge was kevin campbell a team high eighteen points the captains go again since the one in overtime but this one sixty eight sixty seven we're headed to the ncaa tourney. i scoop scoop six a
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side boasting of his hip and tigers and it came with a free eleven twenty three points and not of things it will decrease the tigers pulling away down the stretch surely you would a game high twenty eight. what side you six a south region champ winning sixty nine fifty six rhubarb a south region final between area passed a bill sea birds and monkeys god would have handed the richmond spiders commit the travers in transition god would show he's got range the three ball good. they take a two point lead he can stretch that range out to be on the ark that made it nineteen fourteen travelers but the skyhawks would prevail down the stretch and won by just one over the crab was forty nine forty eight dci as quartz plan was to have a dark taken on over to lead in the finals. the oaks pulled away down the stretch past towns off the inbound hopefully court leon chavis who makes the athletic laptop with thirteen points towns chipping in with eight of his own he would terminate bp and the oaks near t c i s champ
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points with thirteen scores are brian thanks so much grab your shades before you head out the door it's going to be a beautiful day find out how long the sunny skies and spring like temps are going to stick around and ice is forecast to have a home going right now all local coast guard cutter is heading home for the first time in months and we are counting down to
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. good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirteen years now they break on joe flanagan and admiration that we are going to have oscar award winning whether to steal a phrase from the young lady next to me almost as
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better than the back of the warming that way. now a sweet day today. yeah great day today yesterday we had tom's and chilly conditions chile had temperatures in the mid forties today we're going to see a nice warm up and we're going to jump almost twenty degrees. i will definitely say that after we park at the viewer to look outside overlooking virginia beach the ocean front looking absolutely gorgeous morning and he's joining us from the resort city virginia beach looking absolutely nice we don't have any clouds in the background either. so waking up to a lot of sunshine temperatures are a bit chilly so don't let the sunshine fool you. thirty two degrees right now in norfolk who are sitting right at freezing. also at freezing and mouth on the eastern shore and then thirty five for newport news and a list of cities are starting off with many locations and the thirties and but due to southerly winds yesterday we had winds out of the west and northwest today would have went at the south and southwest and that can help to boost our temperatures right now the winds aren't
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miles right now hinton also norfolk virginia beach reporting light conditions but we will see the winds pick up as we have throughout the day about ten to fifteen mph satellite and radar sleeping nice and dry once again as this could be a fantastic day if you're heading to see the harlem globetrotters at the ted constant center warm and breezy sixty four degrees leo probably does need the short sleeves hang there but take the jacket leaving because temperatures will drop back into the fifties by this evening we'll talk about some changes in the seven day forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes joe likes a show later today locally based coast guard cutters going to return home the foreword is returning from a two month long patrol in the carribean during its deployment. the crew's work led to the seizure of more than two hundred and seventy pounds of cocaine and three thousand pounds of marijuana the forward also was part of the search for a capsize nicaraguan to a local boy
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minds in their axes this weekend. the colonial virginia council is holding its lumberjack challenges and the plantation. our photojournalist paul foss hill herrera went down to camp to find out what it's all about the juice is a lumberjack events hosted by the colonial virginia council of the newport news near the slowness to this property here and the plantation. this is the fourth time that we've done together the event are on and this is the largest time that we never had it with the growth of some of the events or countertop where we're dragging a heavy log of ways maybe a couple hundred pounds up and down a slalom the splitting logs in they have a son in the very back of a cuban back on the battlefields with the troops everybody send up of leaders over three hundred people here this weekend have to split the log in to pick up for what is going to exit
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do a lot of work and come out here and now another friend and a whole bunch of activities together just the physical work of moving the body just going to develop them both both mentally and physically for high tech many of the town's having fun and learning about us riding outdoors being outside seeing the stars and i haven't the campfires just having a grand time out here really it's the voice to a point where you're not having them talk to each other through a screen you're talking in person you're working with each other. i'm glad to see that the that the boy scout program is able to just gather and people get some cookies or helps or information pertained more to get some more dedicated to the program seen them put in were trying to impress their older peers i guess it's really presses right way to go bush. now this week the virginia department of veterans services is going to hold its first ever pro bono veterans legal services clinic low income vets can get free legal help to draft
7:34 am
advance medical directives the clinic here in hampton roads will happen tuesday at tidewater community college in chesapeake to see if you qualify go to thirty news now dot com. developing now virginia beach councilman john moss is asking the state to take back money it set aside for light rail in the city boss wrote to secretary of transportation aubrey layne saying it would violate the commonwealth's fiduciary duty to help to extend light rail from newtown road virginia beach town center mall cites a study that found light rail would not reduce traffic congestion and in some places make it even worse he adds that extending the tide would not contribute to virginia beach's economy or improve air or water quality the state offered to give the city one hundred fifty five million dollars for the light rail project without the commitment from city council laid already said virginia may take the money back a box of tools
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part of a roadway and over this weekend. police closed part of north military highway in from the gallery at military circle around twelve thirty yesterday afternoon. someone saw something suspicious looking on the sidewalk there officers blocked off the southbound lanes and redirected drivers through the mall's parking lot the bomb squad came out and determined it was a crate filled with tools please think it may have fallen out of a car or truck at some point. still to come on daybreak do you want to experience the glitz and glamour of the oscars right here in hampton roads abc thirteen has you covered coming up for going to take you live to the final prep is
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was already
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a warm up had our ways i wanna show you the twenty four hour temperature change map we're already seeing some locations ten degrees warmer than this time yesterday morning. france's weight fell almost ten degrees warmer and in williamsburg i were closer to the coast guard saying a big difference but we will start to see those numbers climb as we head through the morning hours and into the afternoon temperatures are chilly this morning though we still have some locations below freezing in korea also run to grab it sitting at thirty degrees with thirty two in norfolk near forty right now in virginia beach were at forty along the outer banks and nancy ellen hansen your coming and at thirty five degrees the chilly start to the morning but it could be a nice end to the day no more sleeping nice and dry on satellite and radar and i think we can call this an oscar winning forecasts have in store to make this made this graphic last night and look at what we can expect plenty of sunshine today temperatures climbing into the fifties by midmorning will top out in the low to
7:39 am
about sixty four degrees by this afternoon. if you have any plans i think you'll you can get away with a short sleeve shirts but only the jackets later on this evening as temperatures fall back into the fifties we will continue this warming trend into the workweek. i'll let you know just how warm it will get coming up in just a few minutes john. all right thanks a shower all eyes on hollywood final preps underway right now for the big show that the boycotts and the backlash the big question this year will the controversy outshine the glamour abc's loren lester has a sneak preview tonight's oscars will be broadcast in two hundred and twenty five countries with the potential to reach several hundred million people around the globe in hollywood's big night all starts right here on the red carpet as cgi bear as marsh and post apocalyptic war years. and wall street
7:40 am
tonight's academy award nominated films this year taking audiences from a single room with the news roof back in time to air is passed and soon to hollywood's biggest night the scene of the ceremony has been a construction zone for days. the red carpet rolled out the governors ball after party getting decked out too later this evening will find out which of these eight films were deemed the year's best. nobody has any idea who's going to win best picture. this is a really muddled unpredictable year when it comes to best actor it's definitely here there's no way he doesn't pick up the award for his role of the rat. it's very rewarding. leonardo dicaprio has been nominated five times now but has yet to snag the coveted statue for best actress category includes past winners but it's first time nominee brie larson who snatched the screen actors guild and golden globe awards the hot topic this year who wasn't nominated a lack of diversity generating boycotts
7:41 am
the controversial hashtag oscars so white people now waiting to hear how with chris rock with a dressing of course chris rock as host as is his duty well mention it and will joke about it presenters this year go beyond hollywood stars include vice president joe biden awaiting guests fifteen hundred bottles of champagne and sixteen thousand square feet of red carpet born mr abc news hollywood millions of people will watch the oscars tonight and we hope you're going to watch with us for throwing a big oscar viewing party you're invited to walk the red carpet get pictures with this big guy behind me. take yourself is why you're out there doing it all night long watch the broadcast on big movie screens and hang out with some of us. it all takes place at pembroke meadows cinema cafe near virginia beach town center the doors open at seven forty five tonight and if you can't make it you can watch the ceremony on abc thirty and we're going
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social media using the hashtag for teen oscar it only happens one time every four years tomorrow's weekday we have some ideas on how you
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. welcome back and that sunday morning it's going to be an absolute gorgeous day today we've got a lot of sunshine out there already but to let the sunshine fool you it's a bit on the chilly side here's a look outside overlooking downtown norfolk. barely a cloud in the sky and temperatures though thirty two degrees were right at freezing. we've got winds at the southwest and that's the key to today's forecast so high pressure is going to continue to slide across the gulf states eventually sliding off shore and that's allowing us to tap into the south westerly wind and that's going to warm us that as we head into the afternoon hours as i mentioned satellite and they are pretty quiet use on the norfolk skyview on a cloud in the sky really have the head farther to our west and northwest to find any precipitation on track in this area of low pressure is going to say generally north of our viewing area but this cold front will swing through late monday so monday afternoon and that will bring us a
7:53 am
as we head to the rest of this morning looking pretty good plenty of sunshine temperatures by lunch time climbing near sixty degrees will top out in the low to mid sixties by this afternoon and then quickly fall back into the fifties by this evening so we have any plans take the jacket with his best ever going to be out after sunset as we head into the overnight hours mainly clear starting off monday very mild for this time of the year with many locations in the forties and as we head into monday afternoon there's that cold front will bring us some klaus was spent mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies on monday temperatures staying well above normal into the upper sixties and then once that front swings there were going to see drier conditions and a clear conditions push and as we head into monday night and into tuesday supported a sixty four degrees mostly sunny warm and pleasant it will be a bit on the breezy side so that is a definite change from yesterday ten to
7:54 am
seven degrees we should be at senior fifty four daytime highs low fifties and so that is mild for late february here's a look at the marine forecast just in case you're heading out on the boat we don't have any small craft advisories for the bay or the ocean if you're heading down to the oceanfront i would advise getting in the water water temperatures still in the low to mid forties will take a look at
7:55 am
7:56 am
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the police just join the portsmouth police department sending condolences to the prince william police department officer ashley wind and died during her first shift last night on duty gunned down in woodbridge. now let's turn to another lighter subject this gorgeous weather ever to be absolutely gorgeous today i'm so excited about this forecast temperatures as the sixties this afternoon joe what do you have planned everything. everyday i think alike added sixty seven degrees on monday we're gonna stay in the sixties tuesday dropping slightly behind a weak cold front a stronger front will move through wednesday and that will bring us a chance for showers and storms and then watching another system by the end of the week but it really depends on where that system tracks in terms of what we actually get so keep an eye on it already we want to close with a shout out to some real good friends of thirteen news now daybreak
7:58 am
of tango said goodbye last night i was over there they've been added on twenty years been big fans of ours they even love lasalle blanks the place has raised over one hundred thousand dollars for charity in our community over the years these guys were just in business. they were out to really help everybody awesome group. mac terry did a great job last
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. hillary's huge victory. >> thank you so much, south carolina. >> she's now got major momentum heading into super tuesday. can bernie bounce back? as the republican mudslinging gets even nastier. >> he's flying around on hair force one. >> little mouth on him, bing, bing, bing. bing, bing, bing. >> all the headlines from an amazing race. breaking overnight -- in the line of duty, a police officer in virginia shot and killed on her first day on the job. two other officers wounded. what went wrong on that seemingly routine call? fantastic finish. >> bang, bang, oh, what a shot from curry! >> steph curry's night for the record books, shrugging off an injured ankle, sinking 12 three-pointers, including an amazing buzzer beater. is this the best game of the season? and countdown to oscar. we're live on the red carpet as hollywood gets set to honor its best.


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