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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. it is eighth we am the and that would be that cheerful confession from a uva student still held in north korea over a sign that he stole off of a wall when news came when she passed it was different as we were expecting at all and the shock is still sitting in over the death of an officer killed on her first day on the job today. attention turned to the man accused of pulling the trigger. this is thirteen years now daybreak it is five o'clock and right now ashley is watching the road for any trouble spots and then craig is here at the check of your forecast before you head out the door cracked just a gorgeous day when a fantastic day of calming it is a little breezy this point we really won the nit pick but i don't think they're going to be too many complaints because the temperatures back in the upper sixties to push close to seventy degrees and we are going to see a lot of sunshine so let's take a look
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with this morning now for augusta twenty eight mph. we see gusts around twenty five mph for virginia beach down towards dark and handsome pretty close to that as well so little breeze is you're out the door to look at these temperatures here we are in the morning with temperatures upper forties to low fifties keep in mind were typically around fifty three or fifty four for a hike today so we're almost there and here it is just now five am as we take a look. visibility is excellent the windsor south southwest these are sustained winds of twenty two mph so it is breezy out there but it's going to be a warm breeze today as we head through the afternoon the high close to sixty nine degrees. lots of sunshine today make sure that your sunglasses will see more sunshine slightly cooler weather tomorrow and then some changes later in the week were to talk about cooler weather and our next chances for rain coming up check downtown tunnel right now ashley standing by with an update on all right craig just after five o'clock traffic is certainly not a
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to be watching to make sure nothing unusual pops up as well as the gradual rise in traffic volume so let's take a look now around the downtown tunnel years to sixty four at the berkeley braids so there's a westbound traffic they're headed down to the downtown tunnel making its way into portsmouth and her head into norfolk you can see traffic there on both sides of the brooklyn bridge and around the downtown tunnel doing very well no intent or second camera take a look at five sixty for many watching this camera here by sixty four westbound approaching day three a that's where these two lanes exit make its way toward the gate we do have heavy traffic here but notices lane headed toward hampton boulevard is doing pretty well and before this point we do not have delays on five sixty four westwood bit of good news at least a few at the slowdown if you're headed toward a three a m traffic network maps a bit more good news here in newport news sixty four eastbound past lee hall we had some road work earlier this morning that has cleared up we'll have to worry about that and a heads
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open at nine thirty this morning to do something to make note of for later on today and come in five ten or had to for sixty four. we'll see how things are looking in south norfolk. all right ashleigh thank you so much later today a member of the coast guard is said to be court martial to accused of sexual assault. the coast guard tells us that j wave assaulted someone back in august of last year when he was assigned to the cutter northland northland is home ported in portsmouth navy salvage ship is set to deploy later today their five month mission involves recovery ships and clear harbors near africa the uss grapple will leave joint base little creek fort story eleven o'clock this morning. thirteen is now will be peer sidewalk for an update on thirteen years now at noon and good luck to the men and women who are deploying on that show you this morning a person is fighting for their life for his life after crashing a motorcycle in virginia beach police ellis it happened just after ten thirty last night at the mill dam road and first colonial road intersection. that accident forced officers to shut down
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investigated it no other vehicles were involved we are going to be checking with the police later today to get an update on the motorcyclists and what caused that crash later today an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of killing a northern virginia police officer. it was her first day on the job while hamilton is accused of killing his wife before fatally shooting ashley sweden on saturday family and friends held a vigil for her last night. hamilton now faces two counts of murder two other officers were wounded. both remain hospitalized but are expected to survive. many of us how you can help prince william county police department and the community during this difficult time. well the department says they expect to announce the coming days we switch the public can help will pass information along to us as we get here this morning we're getting our first look at a university of virginia students being detained in north korea the country prevented otto one ba to
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for the crowd and apologize for attempting to steal a political banner north korea arrested one ba back in january the twenty one year old uva student gave a statement about the way he was being treated in korea i have been very impressed by the korean government's humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself and if they're very fair and square legal procedures in the dp on the country said he committed in anti state crimes after being manipulated by the u s government is worth noting that most people who are detained in north korea and get public confessions later recanted those admissions after they've been released lost cold and alone in the carolina wilderness and with temperatures plunging find out how that boy managed to make it out alive floss another remarkable story of survival after an elderly
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the morning it's five o nine and our days off to good start it's breezy out there but temperatures very mild and the roads are dry and pretty good conditions for your ride into work. aside from those breezy conditions and or bass begin to find the winds from the southwest the west this morning shootaround to the northwest a little later on the small craft advisories up for the bay in the ocean and the wins again create some issues on the water so not an ideal time to be out on the water spa crafted by sixteen port but again with the sunshine and warmer weather it's really going to be a pleasant day for most of us across the region. now the winds are gusting up to about twenty mph their mouth or head gets close to twenty five around hampton virginia beach. air temperatures lower to mid fifties right now and will head high in the upper sixties to near seventy. you can see the surge of warmer air here and the cooler conditions across the central
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one ish a the twenty four hour temperature change. this is where you really get a feel for what's going on here a surge of warm air this morning across the region hais i mention in the upper sixties to near seventy. but it is much cooler out across this entry us so this drop in temperatures is going to spread eastward eventually expect warm conditions today fairly mild conditions the day after and then as we get into the middle part of the week and be on that's when it really starts to cool down so cooler weather will eventually find its way to hampton roads but not today enjoy the warm up upper sixties to near seventy. as i mentioned seventy one around williamsburg will see temperatures near sixty nine for elizabeth city and for tomorrow the temperatures around sixty three back into the upper fifties on wednesday with a chance for showers in the morning. let's check in now on south norfolk with ash crisis taking a look at traffic in south norfolk now right around freeman avenue you can see for sixty four southbound and northbound looks about the same not much going on
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nice. i do give you a heads up as we head back to the traffic network maps traffic didn't just stop sixty four eastbound at the door bt thats hampton to norfolk the way the report looks good doesn't look like it's going to be a long stoppage but a minute check in here just a few minutes it's still going on. don't forget we still have a little bit of a delay at the end of five sixty four west if you're headed toward gate three a and then coming up next checking on the term bt and i'll give you a live look at traffic around the midtown tunnel. all right ashleigh thank you as daybreak continues a look at
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i later today the united nations is planning to take advantage of a ceasefire in syria to send aid convoy so a deal between the syrian government and the anti government rebels in syria started friday at midnight. there are reports of violations on both sides already a residence in damascus say that the area seems relatively calm the understanding was based on the un security council resolution that passed just a few months ago by fourteen check out this video out of pennsylvania a plane hangs upside down in a tree there was an elderly pilot in there
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hours the eighty seven year old call for help from inside the cockpit just before the cessna crashed in cumberland township first responders around four hours to finally get the man out more than fifty firefighters helped with rescue that plane will continue to hang in the tree out of the faa investigation begins the pilot will be okay in california parents are shocked after high school officials busted a so called fight club. they found out about after student posted video of the fights on social media students say they were really just having fun at school officials say this is no laughing matter the school is still investigating the spy climbs and some students could get suspended. the doctors now in just a mile away from the glitz and glam of the oscars protesters marched in opposition saying the awards show lacks diversity the academy did not nominate any african american or latino actors reverend al sharpton led the rally calling for inclusion in the academy's nomination process. chris rock talked
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as he hosted the show saying the academy needed to be more open minded and the us can use to leonardo to catch great moment a story that everyone is talking about today the winners and losers at the oscars. so if you miss the shell we've got all the highlights for you at five thirty this morning we're also finishing the fun we had at the thirteen years now oscars party. oh yeah and gma has full coverage of hollywood's biggest night robin roberts the great les leslie hosted right to live in los angeles the rest of the crew starting at seven o'clock tell you monday always hurts yesterday isn't going to be that bad because the weather is super sunday was so beautiful perfect day and craig is here to tell us is walking over here right now because the guys we gotta talk about this great weather yeah it is gonna be half assed attempt around to warm back up yesterday sixty deficient in a sixty nine in
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like the saying you know unseasonably warm for february is likely to leap day. yes that's already told us on some of the associated one of the radio stations are underweight anything to make this leap day. yeah can you i don't i don't know the situation in the high temperatures are going to be what i like the mentality i didn't know it from on high mostly sunny breezy and warm highs around sixty nine it will be a little bit cooler but very nice tomorrow showers could be possible late tuesday night in cooler conditions later in the week but you know what the weekend is looking good so we can already start to anticipate another nice upcoming weekend here's the forecast for today the temperatures get into the sixties low sixties by midday upper sixties this afternoon in pushing sixty nine or seventy for the official high somewhat weather out to the west back across west virginia into kentucky there you can see on
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ridge so here we have mainly clear skies a little bit of cloud cover may cross over the mountains a kind of brush by later this morning but in general we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine so southwest and west windsor to keep temperatures warm. there are some of those clouds from nine thirty to ten o'clock or so kind of pushing by and then skies clearing to the afternoon a fantastic evening and telling you now i was thinking about this and taking my wife out on a date this evening we're going to find somewhere outside this afternoon this evening to enjoy all the dinner because i just think it's too nice an afternoon to waste as you can see we're going to find the winds shifting around with the ease in the southeast flow temperatures again tomorrow still fairly mild i do expect more clouds late today tomorrow and then the chances for some wet weather coming through late tuesday night into wednesday morning the showers moving out early wednesday and that we should enjoy more sunshine later wednesday so not bad at all
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will see the chance whether tuesday night into early wednesday but most of that will be overnight wire sleep as we get into the air temperatures here you can see just how mild it is fifty in many many locations fifty four waves for dan in virginia beach fifty two in eden and the winds again kicking up a little bit some gusts around twenty five mph so unbearable but it is a little pre z out there sustained winds right now blowing around twenty mph actually twenty two at the airport highs today close to sixty nine degrees mostly sunny mainly clear tonight and tomorrow mostly sunny will see the chance for rain late tomorrow night. here's rest of the seven day forecasts good voting whether tomorrow will need the umbrellas maybe early wednesday but late wednesday into thursday looks good another chance for scattered showers friday and temperatures a little cool but warm sunshine for
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update on the hr bt will see traffic start to pick up there yet just a little bit and there is a reason for that so let's head to our camera now when she was going on here so this is traffic and into norfolk sixty four eastbound at the hr bt and notice its holding in since it's getting better but it was stopped a few minutes ago so if you are here with our last crop report right around the five ten i mention the traffic did stop at the hr btn as you can see it's moving now i would say there's about a half mile of that residual delay still left as you're leaving the peninsula and has the south side. probably the time you get out the door this will be cleared up but if you don't want to take the risk. the monitor merrimack and the gop both look good if you need to head to the south side. let's head to our second camera speaking of this outside and take a look at traffic at the midtown tunnel things are moving very well here eastbound into north and west on making its way into portland so we don't have really any issues there at the midtown tunnel as we head back to the traffic network maps now will take a look at
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which as you can see here a little bit of a change here on the upper collar on the maps there so i'll give you an update on how things look a bit with the base commander five thirty we headed into the loaf radio and everybody was so good and there are some proof that we have the clean up well and still joking. robbie give you the first one out of the land the role with the ladies out shopping outlet sells with elevated yet as mr ashley smith at the beginning is about love the kitty belong or no hooligans tom cruise boy. the explosions and effects and titles and reviews of last night just hold on while the guys and new sales tax kicks in this week. yet in north carolina
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expensive car repairs will the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit and that drivers in north carolina the next time you take your car to the shop it's going to cost you just a little bit more new sales tax on labor services labor and
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repairs kicks in on tuesday the tax will be the same rate as local sales taxes which range from six seventy five percent six point seven five percent to seven and a half percent that means that two hundred dollar car repair bill will cost you up to fifteen dollars more the legislature approve the additional sales tax last year. terrifying new video this morning shows objects coming off of cars on the road and putting people at risk include everything that is lying mattress is ice that someone did not scrape off and it happens i will have more than you think guys road debris triggers about fifty thousand crashes a year and takes about four hundred and fifty lives so how can you keep yourself safe experts say you should try to keep some distance between you and another car in case you have to veer into another lane. well new this morning a boy scout missing overnight in the woods in south carolina has been found safe twelve year old john clay
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jones gap state park saturday when got lost when the sun went down and temperatures plummeted. everyone feared the worse but eighteen hours after he vanished he was spotted by a family of hikers he told them he covered himself and leaves at night to keep himself warm. we're constantly teaching these loans how to survival skills or how the can so in case something happened. no we do the what if situation appears those boys were listening the whole time paramedics checked the boy out and send him home to get some rest were just a day away from virginia's first chance to
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another day like this for another four years because it's a leap day. yeah the weather is still in weekend mode though that's right not just regular checking temperatures in the upper sixties today. try why not try one of these days only rolls around every so often a leap day so today and make it kind of unusual with the weather temperatures are going to be well above normal about fifteen degrees or so in the upper sixties to near seventy. right now i just at some wind gusts out there for himself i guess to twenty five mph head against the seventeen acre attack gusts to twenty five mph virginia beach twenty six year hampton. so it is breezy got peer does have a gust to twenty nine and i do think occasions some gusts could reach about thirty or so through the morning hours temperatures are in the lower fifties for many many areas we do have a few spots in the upper forties what a nice start to the day it is breezy sustained winds
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bit later this afternoon and evening but it will be breezy this morning is going to be dry and as you can see these guys going to be mostly sunny for a while a few passing clouds around ten or eleven o'clock and then more sunshine through the afternoon so enjoy today should be very very nice for you on the back details on the rest of the week which does include a cool down and then some chances for rain right now going to check in on naval station norfolk with ash at right is heading back to the base now earlier this morning if you just joining us is one to let you now have heavy traffic near the end of five sixty four west are headed toward gate three a so here's your update for thirty minutes from the morning rush hour and as you can see a bit of improvement here because these two right lanes were totally jammed almost back to the one way tunnel as traffic was headed toward a three as you can see here there's still a little bit of delay as were approaching the gate but we do have an improvement and if you're headed toward him from boulevard on five
5:32 am
to go to battle the traffic network maps an update around the hr bt traffic was stopped about five minutes hampton to norfolk a little while ago it is moving its is clearing out and even though it looks kind of orange right here headed toward norfolk. i checked the cameras would not have any major delays will be the good news there. don't forget the jr b is still set to open at nine thirty this morning and coming up at five forty one had over six sixty four and will check traffic in the western branch area things athletes by thirty two the race for the white house takes center stage here in hampton roads a democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton will hold a rally at lake taylor high school in norfolk today and then gop hopeful than carson will be speaking at regent university early brown joins us live in norfolk with more lace. good morning andrea lucy were just one day away from super tuesday voters are playing close attention to what candidate at the same tonight hillary clinton will be here at lake taylor high school speaking in the gymnasium doors are set to open at six
5:33 am
scheduled to start at eight for those interested in coming you can register on line hillary clinton dot com some issues clinton has been discussing on the campaign trail including criminal justice reforms and small business. also coming to hampton roads time as doctor ben carson does beget region for its presidential series that sold out but however it does start at qb you can register online for a simulcast broadcasts from the school's chapel some issues carson has been discussed include education and federal spending and we'll be following these presidential candidates throughout the day will keep you updated live in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now many people expected for that i'm sure all supporters of presidential candidate marco rubio piled into one of the halls at the virginia beach convention center to hear him speak. rubio spent most of that rally talking about his vision for the country last night and that includes repealing obamacare building up the military's numbers and improving benefits for
5:34 am
the crowd under no circumstances should the gop nominate frontrunner donald trump and so i'm asking you for your vote. i'm asking a lot of other people to vote for us because friends do not let friends vote for con jobs rubio said he is confident he can win a number of republican delegates from virginia on super tuesday. he added he'll need support in november when he is the gop presidential nominee in the meantime marco rubio and ted cruz continue their attacks on donald trump with crews taking aim at trump's taxes trump says that he has released his financial records but says he cannot show his tax returns because he is pondering on it until the audit is completed obviously i wouldn't show anything and killed as soon as it's completed and nothing to hide the fact that donald seems terrified to release his taxes suggest that there's a bombshell their cruise is warning conservatives that the truck
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the frontrunner rolls to big victories tomorrow the big day's ride around the corner tomorrow voters in more than a dozen states will cast their ballots for who they think should be the next president. this could be the first major indicator of who could win in november it's important to note virginia beach schools will begin two hours late tomorrow because dozens of schools will be used as polling places the race for the white house coverage continues on good morning america at seven o'clock with a live report on donald trump's effort to sweep super tuesday of the time now five thirty five a frequent travelers know that leg room is really shrinking on airplanes leaving some people feeling packed in like sardines gets crammed inside are now ahead what politicians push to give travelers more room on board commercial flights and far some major decision is expected from the fda today will see if they go through a bit about a popular birth
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morning woke up on for thirty nine in right now skies are clear is a little breezy out there the sustained winds been blowing actually run twenty to twenty five mph at the airport to attend pretty breezy there we've seen a few higher gusts around twenty five to thirty mph near the water but in general just
5:39 am
to date most areas reporting temperatures right now in the low fifties so enjoy the warm up. we're going to see the warm conditions again through the afternoon with highs reaching about sixty nine degrees or so it is much cooler though out to the west to get into the midwest in the upper midwest and really along the northern tier very very cold conditions of that way. take a look of the twenty four hour temperature change we have a surge of warmer conditions here on the east coast much colder in the central u s attempt are starting to rebound a little bit back out on the west coast you can see there's a frontal boundary here that is shown in the cool change while we may see a couple of clouds breaking across the region today generally it will be mostly sunny today very very pleasant. now it is going to cool down later in the week is saying no we will find the temperatures dropping off i think wednesday to thursday and friday even sadder a little bit cooler temperatures back in the upper forties to near fifty so enjoy the warm start
5:40 am
you can see again those temperatures well above normal temperatures and just be close to seventy we could hit seventy two in virginia beach certainly a possibility seventy one in waves per attempt a little cooler up in the eastern shore and out of the south upper sixties for most areas gates feel close to seventy as you'll see the temperatures to trend down tuesday's high around sixty three wednesday morning a chance for showers highs staying in the upper fifties it gets even cooler thursday and friday night show you more on that coming up right now is second in the western branch area and here's asher with an update i could still between chesapeake and suffolk in even the portsmouth area this morning here six sixty four around portsmouth boulevard sell this traffic here is headed southbound on six sixty four making its way toward our skill. northbound traffic may be headed up eventually to monitor merrimack both really doing really good right now with no major issues they are to report so let's head back to the maps now and take a look at naval station norfolk
5:41 am
part of the fifty percent are babies and seventy five i should say person a five sixty four west on moving well with no delays. not even a whole lot of heavy traffic but then you get past the railway tunnel and that's when things start to slow down just a little bit even if you're headed for him to boulevard expect a slight delay now keep an eye on that will keep you informed on coming up next we'll tackle the traffic sixty four headed to hampton at the age or bt rationing gila celebrities came out in their finest for hollywood's biggest night yet in case you missed it we'll recap the big wins surprises and highlights from the eighty eighth annual academy awards guess what lee is now working in the world for real up. those areat's "america's money." mom: hm, how about...? dad: hey haley, break a leg, huh? girl: that's rude.
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i am this morning police are searching for the person who robbed a convenience store in portsmouth that happen at the neighborhood mart after around nine o'clock last night. police say the armed suspect took money before he ran away. no one was hurt any information about the incident call the crime line that number is one eight five forty five known starting tomorrow new gun laws will take effect here in virginia the new legislation expands the number of concealed handgun permit reciprocity agreements virginia has with other states allow out of town state rep stay permit holders to legally carry guns
5:45 am
also prohibit people subject to a protective order from carrying firearms and require police presence at gun shows for voluntary background checks later today the fda says it will make a decision on whether to pull a controversial birth control device from the market thousands and thousands of women who received the metallic birth control implant ashore say that they have suffered a range of serious health issues the shore in plant has been sold for more than a decade and it is pitch to women as the only non surgical option for permanent birth control this morning a florida woman says in an e cigarette exploded actually took a puff knocking her teeth loose and said her rental car on fire and like car and push the button and then literally like i felt an impact in my face i saw like sparks fly off into the passenger side well experts say the devices lithium battery may have been
5:46 am
the faa only regulate e cigarettes use for therapeutic purposes. however president obama is reviewing a bill that would expand the fda oversight. new this morning the fourteen year old shot and critically injured during a deadly shooting rampage in kalamazoo is reportedly breathing on her own again. abigail cos mom posted to facebook saying that doctors took her off the vent on sunday over the weekend loved ones released hundreds of balloons into the sky to honor the victims of the fatal shootings. the suspect jason dalton is still being held on six counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder frequent travelers know leg really shrinking on airlines that not that's not news but this is new york senator chuck schumer wants to do something about it. he thinks the faa should require airlines to abide by a seat size guideline. schumer says leg room on planes used to be thirty five inches but it has now shrunk to an average of thirty one to replace
5:47 am
amendment to the faa reauthorization act that is pending right now in congress trouble let's aim for the same crochet hat that was battered by a storm off the carolina coast this time it is a norovirus outbreak is causing all the issues will caribbean announced on twitter that the anthem of the seas would cut it short and have to go back to its home port in jersey you may remember the ship was damaged as the day after it set sail earlier this month when he encountered thirty foot waves and hurricane force winds are right turn at our weather great a day like yesterday yet had a very nice and again it's a little breezy we've been talking about that morning but temperatures amazing wives feels nice really trying to find something to complain about little bit we've got sustained winds close to fifteen to twenty mph for much of the year it's breezy and we get those occasional
5:48 am
from that we're in great shape beautiful right now that's a live look from town center and up atop the westin is we take a look at our almanac yesterday the high was sixty eight. we average fifty four so we're looking at temperatures today i'm going for a high of sixty nine degrees fifteen degrees above normal for this time of year so one and two february we're looking at gorgeous weather lots of sense and maybe a few fair weather clouds drifting through later this morning but aside from beautiful. now there is rain out on the other side of the mountain to get into west virginia if you're going to be traveling sixty four taking the west virginia turnpike it encounters what conditions here between beckley and charleston but around here we're in for great weather it is going to be beautiful not only today but really tomorrow it's very nice as well by tomorrow night and into early wednesday there could be a few showers but aside from that things are looking great southwest winds blowing this morning that's going to drive
5:49 am
those clouds i was talking it is kind of drifting through they pass no big deal there the evening it's going to be overnight two nights guys mainly clear tomorrow we do it again lots of sunshine temperatures will still be well above normal but tomorrow more likely it's going to be in the low sixties in them will fall off into the upper fifties as we get into wednesday. you see the approaching what weather out to the west and we're going to find that chance for showers tomorrow evening really i think initially it will be out to the west but late tomorrow night and then into early wednesday morning a few showers coming by once they clear though we should see some clearing later wednesday with the skies breaking up and then we'll look forward to more nice weather on thursday another chance for showers on friday and then a pleasant weekend so we keep the good stuff coming. temperatures right now in the lower to mid fifties it is a little cool view of upper forties in one quick check on some of those wind gusts now filled with augusta twenty six mph. most
5:50 am
but it is breezy of the coast several areas this morning reporting gusts close to about twenty five mph out of the horizon sky starting to brighten it won't be long it took a couple more weeks and we get our daylight saving time and we'll get those longer days fifty degrees right now hais today close to sixty nine with mostly sunny skies lows around forty five a to be mainly clear and tomorrow's temperature back up to sixty three. so mostly sunny a little bit cooler but still very nice. the chances for showers late tomorrow evening and really overnight into early wednesday as we look ahead later wednesday and thursday look good it will turn cooler upper forties thursday friday and saturday ten three banning a bit on sunday look for the showers on friday but a nice weekend after that where to turn our attention back over to the hr btu we'll check in with ashley greene we've been talking a little bit this morning about traffic headed to the south side but now let's just let
5:51 am
say one four cup of coffee or a crate i headed to the derby tea leaving norfolk and making its way to hampton for a sixty four westbound traffic at thirteenth dui think that's about two to a half miles away from the hr be teaming see traffic moving very well at this point in the morning also nice if you're headed eastbound on that issue their report and again traffic leaving hampton and headed to norfolk. also in very nice shape. speaking of norfolk as we head back to the map and check naval station norfolk traffic nothing major but i do want to give you a heads up. i am still seeing delays passed a one way tunnel way down here and really it's in all of your lane with your head today three a or making you wait for him to boulevard you will be slow. the rest of five sixty four westbound though it's clear so bit of good news coming up next we'll head over to sixty four and will check traffic and chesapeake around the high rise bridge. all right ashleigh think he'll be eighty eighth annual academy awards are in the box and it was a deathly eventful evening a long awaited win for leonardo dicaprio fan
5:52 am
first oscar for his for best actor in his role in the remnants. meanwhile the title of best actress went to marie larson for her role in room and a couple of other highlights spotlight when it won best picture and alejandro in rock to took home best director for the weapons. oh well there are more than ten million tweets using just the oscar passed tagging them and sell tweeted this quote. thank you to the academy awards and the incredible cast and crew of the ramadan for the oscar and he's on top of the world now finally winning it for first time i couldn't be happier i love this man forever that only he is a champion to the realm of climate change is also known as philanthropist donating large sums of money for wildlife conservation and we also have this other tweet here. i didn't watch the oscars but finally the cambria one the mean is over done with ashley. i mean lucy back to where all parties you know this is why
5:53 am
the party pass yeah and on and here i think that celebrities are not the only ones getting dressed up last night they re team rolled up in style. once ethan to the people who came out to watch the sox are just a few photos and video of our kids up and yet when we love seeing all of you and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as a special thank you to get them coffee and then govern a government services were given a set right there area a move on to many americans live in l a with many more highlights that starts at seven o'clock right after daylight or cooler. one night when they won or lost oscar nominees to comb some pretty
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. well even the nominees who didn't go home with oscars still go home pretty big winners years why each was given a gift bag valued home to find out what tolerance two hundred thousand dollars that's unbelievable. inside some of the world pricey as toiletries the most expensive item is eight and a trip to israel valued at fifty five thousand dollars that's one of the people who puts the guests together says it's all about product placement that must be some fifty five those no trip to israel under a new save the ritz in those early months i am sure
5:57 am
the show was over ben affleck made an appearance on jimmy kimmel after the oscars and brought a surprise with them did matt damon under his jacket to see what was i able to play logs they did it by today what other show and had wheeled up to stay on high as that. think about other tv will have her backstage interviews behind the scenes look at all the magic shows at knowledge that changes made to look at the screen radio maybe six months away but the athletes are gearing up for this competition. some of the gym is on the u s women's team showed off their skills and low for under armour and the now viral commercial from you the same week as tyler ross and mckayla maroney announced that they will not be at the summer olympics the two won team gold in london as part of the fierce five back
5:58 am
really only going there because not every time he cast on row. well it's been one year since the dress went viral and now there's a new clothing controversy the controversy it's called the jacket are expected to tell the user posted a picture says she thinks it's black and brown for fred who owns the adidas track jacket says it's blue and white i don't know where he was his life but never with this year's debate isn't so simple people have reported seeing many potential color combinations ashley's order to be told i try to look at things and i can see what is the brown one of the places i'm not the type of art and unusual something near fresno california last week a white pony up but as the unicorn or children's party escaped wednesday evening this is too funny. i wish upon a star we do have four girls around you at that sets the name of the unicorn eluded capture
5:59 am
getting dangerously close to traffic as a fishing fly. o finally a family friend with the force with or juliet was really with dennis to bring the uniform back home because there is no it was her dress and a couple pictures of the estate unit for getting recapture a little weird for me at school it was a children's party so that the stories trending right now to stay with us for much more news weather and traffic at us we the that would be a uva student captured in north korea with his tearful confession over a sign that he stole off the wall when news came to pass that was it
6:00 am
expecting at all and the shock is still setting in over the death of an officer killed on her first day on the job today attention turns to the man accused of pulling the trigger to six o'clock this is a break in right now sandra standing by with some breaking news ashley's watching the road for any trouble spots and craig is here with a check of your forecast before you walk out the door he is the man with the good news this morning it's all good guys breezy and warm today where enjoy a lot of sunshine and just a really really nice money can ease you back into the work week tomorrow in the primaries going on election day whether looking good as well as you can see the winds are a little gusty up on the eastern shore mobile with augusta twenty two mph. i've also had a gust that walter to twenty eight mph winds been gusting right handed and appear close to twenty five mph so little breezy out there but not unbearable and these temperatures upper forties for our cool readings like chesapeake and frankly in many areas in the lower to


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