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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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developments coming in right now in the investigation of a serious hit and run accident in anderson township. police have just information about an arrest in the case. the hamilton county sheriff's office tells fox19 now that melinda woodall, of amelia, was on drugs when she was driving westbound on u-s 52 this afternoon and allegedly hit a man on a bicycle, and drove off. that bicyclist was michael prater... he is in critical condition right now. police have just released the 9-1-1 calls from witnesses to the crash. "we were driving towards new richmond and in the oncoming direction someone hit someone on their bike and they like, i don't even know if they stopped. they have a broken windshield and they drove off. ok, was it a motorcycle or bicycle? no, a bicycle.
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like cherokee or wrangler, cherokee hit them.. and their front windshield. what color was the car? i think it was like grey blue and i don't think anyone stopped." only fox19 now was there as police found the jeep cherokee and the accused driver. investigators say woodall abandoned the vehicle on sutton road and a resident helped them track her down. you see her here in the police cruiser. woodall is charged with aggravated vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an auto accident causing injury. new at ten narcan, you might have heard of it, it's a lifesaving drug used by first responders. it revives heroin users who overdose. and now narcan
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shelves at one major drug store. fox 19 now's frankie jupiter joins us live with the story. we've told you about the rise of emergency calls related to heroin overdose. ohio attorney general mike dewine tells fox19 now he's excited about this announcement. there is a big heroin problem in the state of ohio. tomorrow at the university of toledo, cvs pharmacy officials, the ohio attorney general and the white house national drug policy director will discuss a major pharmacy chain's plans to sell narcan. "we'll we are very excited about this announcement by cvs that they are going to start carrying in their retail stores naloxone. of course naloxone is this amazing drug that's been around for a long time." according to ohio department of public safety records, narcan was administered nearly 13,000 times around the state last year. "it's sad that they have to do that, it's sad that we have so many people that are overdosing in
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country. you know we lose three to four people every single day in ohio." we took to the streets to see what people thought of the drug being sold on shelves. "i kind of agree but then again i don't because it's basically going to say that its ok to do drugs. it might give kids the ok to do it. i don't think is ok to it, but i don't want anybody to die either." "people try to get off of it, some people fail. and they resort back to it and overdose. and instead of them killing themselves, we can give them a second chance to turn their life around." a lot of people have been weighing in on this topic on our on facebook page, we want you to join the discussion. tell us what you think. dewine says he didn't know what specific date of when the drug would be available but says soon. live from downtown frankie jupiter fox19 now. weather now it felt like spring out there today.. but we've got some rain coming.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer here now with the forecast.
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one man is now in custody after a high speed chase... and new tonight - we're learning the name of the suspect... this is jarrard harper.... who is now in custody at the hamilton county justice center facing several charges... it all began near hamilton avenue and meridith drive in springfield township around 1:30 this morning. police say harper reached speeds well over 100 miles an hour on the highways, but mainly stayed on the back roads. he was stopped a short time later near the intersection reading road and blair avenue in avondale. he'll face a judge tomorrow. dispatcher: 911 emergency. caller: "hello, we at penn sattion in north college hill on hamilton and goodman and we got customers coming in saying that it's a guy on the side walk just got shot six times." you just heard the 911 call after a double shooting in
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one person has been charged after two teens were shot. police say they arrested a juvenile male and recovered a weapon. officers say a 17- year old boy was shot several times on clover lane near hamilton avenue last night. a second teen was also shot in the incident. both were taken to university medical center with non- life threatening injuries. the juvenile arrested has been charged with two counts of felonious assault and tampering with evidence. a second virginia tech student now charged in the death of a 13-year- old girl. the remains of nicole madison lovell were found yesterday , three days after she disappeared from home in blacksburg, virginia. virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer was charged with her murder and abduction. police say another female student - 19-year-old natalie marie keepers - was charged today.. she's charged with one felony count of improper disposal of a body and one
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of accessory after police say the victim before her disappearance. he reportedly relationship to abduct and kill her, but it's still unclear why. keepers then dispose of the young girl's body. lovell's death moments before a candlelight vigil in blacksburg... where family and friends were hoping for a different ending to this tragic story. christian heilman reports. it's the vigil no one wanted to attend. pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "she's, she's not alive." pastor mike honaker shared the news with the dozens who gathered to pray for nicole's safe return. pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "let's really just draw all of our strength and attention to praying for this family. " instead, they were forced to pray for peace and understanding for the family -- and a community who lost so much. sarah bradbury/ friend "i didn't think that would happen to
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you know?" organizer sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "you know we can't begin to imagine what heaven looks like. we can't begin to imagine right now what nicole is seeing. " disbelief spread as quickly as the news. the last pieces of hope faded away as the reality of nicole's death set in. rebecca lemon/ vigil organizer "but to be a mother, myself and to know that this could've very easily been one of my children. it really it really hits home." pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "we want to pray because that's what we came to do, right?" the community staying united saturday night -- for nicole's family -- and each other. pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "we pray right now for nicole's entire family that they would feel the warmth of your embrace, the power of your presence god." sarah bradbury/ friend "it's just crazy how someone could do that to her. " perhaps the
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this had to happen to a 13-year-old girl. pastor mike honaker/ river of life church "and god, we trust you tonight, even when we don't understand. " both suspects are being held without bond. family and friends gathering tonight to remember a former butler county sheriff... dick holzberger also served as a hamilton police officer and a hamilton council member. tonight a visitation service was held at princeton pike church of god.. we're told he suffered what appeared to be.. a massive a stroke. he passed away at the age of 70. a funeral will be held tomorrow at st. julie billart catholic church in hamilton. reds numbers now in tonight... the reds are estimating more than five-hundred fans showed for today's final stop in florence. joe d is back from the final day of the caravan. joe bam/gfx that's an important number... because... you wonder how fans react to a team unloading its stars. i can tell you it
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first time ever - the reds stopped the caravan in florence... there's the crowd. and - here's devin mesoraco. he and billy hamilton the two biggest name players on the tour. here's how they did this... they put the team on the top level at the mall with microphones to answer questions from the crowd... and then signed autographs for more than two hours. four days - five states - more than three-thousand miles and one consistent message to the fans - give us a chance. billy hamilton: "this caravan means as much to us as it does to the fans. it's great doing the caravan, i've been doing six years and it's been the same since we first started. i enjoy it and it's all about making people happy." tucker barnhart: "it gives you a little added confidence to know the fans are still behind us. would change, but you there's a bit of turnover offseason to get ready we're all excited."
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the real thing starts in three- weeks and one day - when the reds start spring training. we did talk to walt jocketty about homer bailey. when will the reds ace be ready? that's coming up. an ohio seminary student.. arrested.. after police say he tried to have sex with kids... the disturbing allegations - after the break. plus - candidates making a final push.. just hours from the first votes... and some tri-state students - are rubbing elbows in iowa with some of the candidates vying to be president.. we'll talk to them coming up. "he has on like a full motorcycle leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet." and it's not everyday a storm trooper makes a delivery.. why workers at one ohio pizza shop are scratching their heads tonight.. live wx tease
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seminary student is due in court tomorrow... accused of attempting to have sex with young children in mexico.. 23-year-old joel wright was arrested friday by homeland security agents after flying to san diego from columbus.. wright has now been expelled from a columbus college. the complaint says wright went to mexico in july 2014 in an unsuccessful bid to adopt a child. authorities say a year later he communicated with mexico and eventually revealed he wanted children. homeland security the vermont native wright's mother says she doesn't believe the allegations. a big health insurance deadline don't get coverage where you work. you only have until for the affordable obamacare. will not be extended.
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gov. the penalty is 695- dollars.. or two- point-five percent of your income. an unusual "star wars" caper out of columbus. check out the surveillance video from a pizza shop. someone walked in dressed as a "storm trooper".. and returned a stolen painting of r-2-d-2. the portrait was wrapped-up in a trash bag.. with a note of apology from the "big man" himself. "and i saw it on the back and i was like 'there a note. and it was from know, i mean, he didn't take his mask off so we weren't sure what's going on and i think sometimes you get a little nervous in those situations." the storm trooper quickly vanished. but the pizza shop owner plans to frame that note.. and keep a closer watch over it's "star wars" art. adlib to weather wx anchor/ in wx
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chicken soup is good for the city... how an annual
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benefitting many in cincinnati.. those summer nights plus - we're going behind the scenes... of grease live - after the break. and some local government students... taking the classroom on the road.. how they're learning about democracy in the meeting some big name candidates at the same time.
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news in roselawn. emergency crews and police have been called to glen orchard drive near sparkle drive to help a man that's been shot. we don't know how seriously he's hurt or if police have a suspect. we have crews headed to the scene, and will bring you updates on air and on we're still waiting to find out just how many folks headed back in time.. for jurassic quest this weekend... it was the first of its kind in cincinnati.. the dinosaur exhibit featured realistic life-size animotronic dinosaurs... over 50 dinosaurs called the duke energy convention center home this weekend. the exhibit also featured several interactive areas to learn about different dinosaurs. at fox19 now... we're committed to bringing you positive stories from across the tri-state.. here's what's working tonight... a chicken soup cook off was held to help feed the hungry.. 225 gallons of soup.. was consumed by some 866 folks that showed up to support the 12-th annual cincinnati chicken soup cook
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we had 28 different kind and pros throughout the city who are all vying for the coveted chicken soup trophy which you can see over there, and we have great toys like these flying chicken toys for the kids, but the main thing is for six bucks you can get all the soup you can eat. pros.. family soup won entries. and a different cook off in over- the-rhine.. at findlay market... the annual gold star chili cook off heated things up at the crown o-t-r on elm street... firefighters from engine company-5 judged the competetion.. with the public getting to taste samples for free.. live music ... and plenty of beer.. also on hand for the event.. you just watched it... a live presentation of "grease" just wrapped up - right here on fox19 now.. a live performance presents many
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here's what cast members had to say about preparing and what happens if wrong. snd full: grease live photo shoot music video "better shape up cause i need a man" tonight , fox's production of "grease live" to the classic musical made famous by the 1978 movie starring john travolta and olivia newton john. snd full: grease 1978 movie trailer "we stayed out 'til 10 o'clock" newton-john says: thought that so many years later this film was so popular, so it keeps us all connected snd full: grease live rehearsal have begun "tell me about it, stud" julianne hough and aaron tveit tev-it of danny and sandy. tveit and hough time in the '50s that was really nostalgic in that culture, it was an prosperous time. stuff happening now so to go on a trip when things good." snd full:
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with jessie j "grease is the word is the word" pop artist jessie j kicked things off - singing the title song. jessie j says: "there's no pressure like being the first on the stage / i love the rush i'm going to feel/ i just feel very honored and lucky that i've been ask to experience something like this." snd full: grease live in studio with jessie j "i sold my problems and i see the light." jessie j says: "i'm definitely thrown in what i like to do which is a little of this and a little of this/ i just put a little of me into it." snd full: grease live backstage rehearsal footage - dancing during the three hour live production, rydell high castmembers were shuttled in golf carts between two huge sound stages on the warner brothers lot... jepsen says: "i think i drive one of them golf cart at one time so god help all of us cause i'm a horrible driver." tveit and hough say: "yeah, he's going to whip me out on the side/ i am driving at one point, i'll try not to whip you out, please i hope not." and when it comes to singing their favorite song, these guys can perform on the spot. snd bite: kether and carly ray satellite interview "grease is the word" sdn bite;
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call interview "bow bow bow bow" we had some fun on facebook too... check out our grease pics - on fox19 now dot com. vo just ahead - why experts say it's more important than ever... to get started on your taxes early... taxes early... kentucky lawmakers - cracking down on a growing trend.. what kentucky is doing about revenge porn.. we're back after this-
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meteorologist steve horstmeyer kicking things off this half hour.. because weve got a chance for storms headed our way..
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new tonight... a kentucky lawmaker is working now to put a stop to revenge porn in the state. revenge porn is when an ex-partner shares naked pictures or videos of the couple's intimate moments... without consent. 'no' legal recourse, would create a misdemeanor who distributes revenge porn. you decide 2016 now.. the latest in you decide 2016.. we are now just hours away.. from the start of the iowa caucuses. and the latest poll shows donald trump.. reclaimed his lead on the republican side. the closest contender is ted cruz. and for the
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separate bernie sanders.. and front runner hillary clinton. it's down to the wire with the iowa caucuses tomorrow night at seven... presidential candidates are making a final push to get out in front of voters. nat pop iowa offers only a small contingent of the delegates who will determine the presidential nominees, but a win would greatly increase momentum leading into the new hampshire primary. a recent poll by the des moines register and bloomberg shows the iowa choice for democratic nominee -- among likely caucus goers--- is hillary clinton with 45 percent of the vote.. hillary clinton / d presidential candidate "we've run a terrific campaign from the grass course it's close its competitive that's why i hope everyone who has decided to caucus out monday night." senator sanders not far behind with 42 percent of the vote. sen. bernie sanders / d presidential "when we started in iowa, we were 50 secretary clinton.
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long, long i think if the turnout is high, jake, i think we've got a real shot to win this." trump leading the polls as the iowa choice for republican nominee. surprisingly enough, he wasn't much of a target today. senators ted cruz and marco rubio were going after each other. sen. ted cruz/ r presidential candidate "when marco ran in florida he promised the men and women in florida he would lead the fight against amnesty. in texas i promised the men and women i would lead the fight against amnesty. but when he and i went to washington he and i made very a vote for marco is amnesty." the two clashed over immigration debate.. and while speaking on the road with cnn's jake tapper, the argument still sen. marco rubio / r presidential candidate "i've tried to fix a problem that's a very serious issue florida, and it's a hard issue. and clearly we're not comprehensively, going to be able to enforce our immigration laws. amnesty." some local government students are look at democracy in action..
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students from taylor high school in cleves are in iowa.. meeting candidates and learning about the so far - they've for hillary clinton, donald trump, ted ben carson and the three rivers attend a caucus night... where they'll learn about the process before heading back to cleves. now - joining us on the phone is three rivers schools assistant tom bailey who is one of the trip chaperones.. they're at a ted cruz rally right now.. tom - how many candidates have you guys met and what are your students getting out of this trip? and i understand senior emma smith is joining us too - emma - have you got
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understanding of politics through this trip? well please keep sending us the pictures here at fox19 now.. and
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in with you guys tomorrow night after the caucus votes start coming in.. thanks again for joining us. nice weather in california.. one week away from super bowl 50. the denver broncos.. and carolina panthers have touched down in san jose... and the n-f-l is getting ready. as the teams arrive - thousands of fans are already there...
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is underway in santa clara... time to grab those w-2's... and ten 99's... it's officially tax season.. and nathan bachrach has some advice - on why you're gonna want to file those returns.. soon.. plus... developing now... one of the bengals best players hurt at the pro bowl. how bad is it for tyler eifert? waiting to file your taxes
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way
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that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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a longer wait for a refund. but it could also put your money at risk.. nathan bachrach explains. simply money if you always wait 'til the last minute to file your taxesthink about making a change this year. procrastinating makes it more likely you'll get ripped off! tax fraud is boomingthanks to all of those hacker raids on databases. if someone has your name, birthdate and social security number, they can file a fake return in your name, then divert the refund to themselves. thieves strike early in tax seasonbut you can beat them to the punch. start gathering your paperwork now. that means your w-2, and any 1099s you receive, too. this is also when you need to put together a list of your charitable donations and medical deductions, as well as any home office expenses. if you're self- employed, make sure you have proof of your income, and copies
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then--file as soon as you can. and rememberyou can still reduce your 2015 tax bill by making a contribution to your roth ira! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. live wx tease sot "steve open" steve chroma key gfx download the free
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breaking news now the national police reports a major data breach public tens of thousands of police officers' personal information, including names and home addresses. in ohio, it's a crime to disclose an officer's address. the entire national f-o-p database was the f-b-i is investigating. the f-o-p says it's not aware of any or their families. we're working to this data breach
10:34 pm sot "sports open" joe hplaz/vo we see the bengals on every game day... this isn't how we usually see the bengals on game day. they left the head phones and focus faces in the hotel room to snap a team picture sunday in hawaii. poor cedric peerman. the one bengal who did play tonight who didn't make the picture. a player from cincinnati scored twice in tonight's it's just he's a former bearcat - not a current travis kelce - caught two touchdowns. he's a chief. a-j green is a and yo andy dalton often. throw it up and let a-j make a play. he caught three yards. now tyler eifert. said he jammed his heel on this play. the team web-site rays - but the hope we're still
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information. we'll follow up on sportswrap. let's make another stop at the final stop of the reds caravan... and let's talk about tucker barnhart. one of the handful of reds who signed two hours of autographs at the florence mall. this year is different for tucker. with brayan pena now gone... it's the first time barnhart will go to spring training knowing he'll be on the opening day roster. tucker barnhart: "i go into every offseason preparing to play everyday and, obviously, devin is back and ready to play. devin gives us if i catch one game or i doesn't matter - i just want to win and contribute to the team in any way i can." top ten maryland in columbus sunday. buckeyes running low on chances to impress the tournament committee. big shot kam williams. ohio state up one six minutes left. but...
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many big shots. ohio state kept it close... but... drop to one-and- four against ranked teams this season. five point loss. jae'sean tate: "give credit to maryland, they're a top five team. but, there's still a lot of basketball to be played. nothing is set in stone and we can still make it in my opiinion." when we come back... cam newton raided tricia's closet. super bowl week is now on. we bring it local when we come back. the broncos flag
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cali. very classic look for peyton manning - we'll talk more about cam newton's pants on sportswrap. super bowl week is on. only six days until the panthers and broncos play for the biggest title in american sports. joe hpla/vo there is a player in
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do you recognize this guy? gets a little bit easier when you show you him andrew norwell in his ohio state uniform in college. undrafted to the super bowl - tonight we talk to those who know andrew best. matt stanyard: "i said, if you aren't getting drafted, all you have to do is get in the camp. get in the camp, work hard and those coaches are going to love you." jeff giesting: "when he got between the white lines, it was all business with him. he wasn't too worried if someone across from him couldn't take the pounding." joe hplaz the story of andrew norwell's unique path to the biggest game in the world. we go to his house with his family coming up on sportswrap at 11:15. tricia 2-shot steve's tracking
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stop master control i.d. ki roselawn... our crews just arrived at the scene.. good evening - i'm tricia macke. let's get straight to frankie jupiter - -he's there now live - what can you tell us?
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tonight.... new information coming in now in the investigation of a serious hit and run accident in anderson township.
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