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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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why are your shoes off? because i'm on their bed. i don' t want to be rude. discover how much more is included. are those meatballs still circulating? get tv, internet and phone for $89.99 per month. only from time warner cable. duty... local police officers get called to the scene of a toddler walking alone in the middle of the street! but what they did next... has a lot of people talking! hear the incredible story in a moment. right now animation but right now... we're talking about the chance of severe weather! a live look downtown on an oddly warm night in the tri-state.... good evening, i'm tricia macke. when it comes to severe weather... we've got you covered. so let's get right to it with the chief... meteorologist steve horstmeyer. steve? slight risk for severe storms late slight risk for severe storms late evening
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sky is beginning to clear and the temperature is temperature has warm front moves viewing area more be visible and warm into the 60s. 60 mark will be our counties owen, carroll, gallatin and switzerland . by early to mid evening we should all be around 60. thunderstorms will develop in the warm humid air and some could be marginally severe. this in no way is a big outbreak of severe weather and at this point chances are fairly good that we escape without severe storms. but late this evening a few cells could approach or just exceed severe thresholds. now is a good time
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app. it's free for your iphone or android. and coming up a little later... we'll show you how to use the lightning detector. it could come in handy tonight. what would you do if you found a toddler walking alone in the middle of the street at night? that's the exact question several cops are answering tonight.. after they found a 2-year old boy alone! it all started outside an apartment complex on stathem avenue in westwood! our own mike schell is there live with the rest of the story. this really is an incredible story...not only for the sake of safety for the child but for the sheer compassion two local cops had for this little boy. neighbors found the toddler on montana avenue neighbors found
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montana avenue around 2:30 in the morning and immediately called police. 1aaron "he was walking the streets alone wearing only pajamas. no coat, no shoes, socks anything like that. 2jamie "his pj's were soaking wet and we tried to find his mother. we had no luck. we ended up bringing him back here to the district. but before they got back to police headquarters...offi cer jamie landrum decided she needed to do something to help this child. 1jamie "i stopped off at walgreens and i got him a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, sweat pants and some spiderman footies." back at district headquarters...offi cer will nastold wanted to make sure the little boy had something to do. 1will "i saw him wondering a little bit and wanting something to play with so i just went in there and saw hiim playing with these matchbox toys...these cars and decided to get in there and play with him." the child's mother...28-year- old tanisha caldwell eventually made her way to district 3 headquarters...and officers quickly determined that she was intoxicated 2aaron "and also stated that this was not the first time the child had gotten out of the apartment and she admitted that she had
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keep that from happening this time." caldwell was then placed under arrest and charged with child endangering. 3aaron "this is a two year old child. this could have turned out much worse. this could have turned out a very tragic story." the little boy is now safe with relatives.... captain jones admits that it's nice to have a positive story to tell about the cincinnati police department. he says stories like these are more in line with what the officers are doing every single day out on the beat. reporting live from westwood...mike schell fox19 now imagine this... your loved one is in a hospital bed.. when suddenly another patient climbs in and gropes them. police say it happened more than once.. at good samaritan hospital. fox19 now's shawn lanier is at police headquarters with the latest information on the suspect. shawn lanier: "it happened to three
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according to cincinnati police. these court documents outline exactly what happened to two of those women inside of a good sam hospital room." 56-year-old mark rivers was in court today and faces two counts of sexual imposition after police say he sexually assaulted two women at good samaritan hospital while he was a patient himself on january 4th. according to the affidavit, rivers went into a hospital room and got into another patient's bed while a woman was "taking a nap"... touch her she "told her to shhh" she got out of the nurse alert alarm... rivers did not stop they say he went to bed and began to "grope her legs" and left after he been alerted. protect against everything." fox19 now legal expert mike allen seen anything like what policy a to stop it from happening.
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rooms have to be accessible to the medical staff." and that makes them accessible to other patients, but allen adds there's no way to plan for something unexpected. mike allen: "it's just hard to anticipate that another patient would sexually assault a patient at the hospital." shawn lanier: "we did reach out to good samaritan hospital and they declined to comment because the investigation is ongoing. shawn lanier.. fox19 now" three people have been charged in an afternoon police chase that spanned 55 miles across three states! narcotics agents say they tried to stop a car on 75 near sharonville when the driver took off! from that point, the chase went all the way down to then over to to ohio! the driver chose to stop at a skyline parking lot in harrison... and were arrested. and if the story wasn't crazy enough already...
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this video inside the car during the chase! in the end, police found marijuana and a gun in the car. there's a break in the case of a man accused of stealing women's panties from a u-c dorm.. details next. zombies showed up outside the hamilton county courthouse... to show support for a person facing a judge inside. why zombies? we'll explain. and we'll tell you how the community will honor a man hit and killed while simply riding his bicycle.. steve... steve wx desk you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the
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honor the life michael prater... a local man who was hit and killed while riding over the weekend. it's an event called the memorial ghost ride... put on by the cincinnati cycle club and queen city bike. it's happening this saturday at lunken airport... with the riders departing at 2-thirty. the ride will end at kellogg park where a white ghost bike will be unveiled in prater's name. police say melinda woodall hit prater asbury road on sunday... then took off. shortly after, abandoned with inside the vehicle and inside her bra. woodall was then with aggravated vehicular homicide. a local babysitter will now spend 3 months in the campbell county detention center after pleading guilty to child abuse. rankin abused a 6-
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according to court documents, rankin called the child's parents claiming the child was having seizures, and the infant was taken to childrens hospital where staff found redness around her ear and bruises. in addition to jail time, rankin will get probation. an update now on a story you heard first on fox19 now. u-c police have arrested a suspect tied to the recent string of panty thefts from a dorm on campus! 24-year old dennis mccormick was arrested this afternoon... charged with theft and criminal trespassing! according to court documents, mccormick entered daniels hall posing as a student and allegedly stole panties from 7 different students! hear more about the investigation tonight at 10. they came to the courthouse... to bring a nativity scene back from the dead. "because at the end of the day.. zombie lives matter." but will they get their wish? new information on this bizarre story.. next.
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in person. you're looking at the controversial zombie nativity scene from sycamore township that has a homeowner stuck in the middle of a court battle! the man who put it up is jasen dixon... and he say's he's being targeted by the township for his freedom of expression! and now he's got an unlikely group backing him. fox19 now's gordon graham has the story... open-----jasen dixon is asking a judge to dismiss the charges against him. he's accused of violating sycamore township's zoning laws when he set up his controversial zombie nativity scene, but dixon's attorney says what's really at issue here is freedom of speech. rob-----whether the township's actions
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dixon's right to express himself. we think mr. dixon has the right to use his yard to express himself. it's his first amendment right. dixon's nativity scene earned him multiple citations totaling thousands of dollars. rob------twenty seven charges. 13,500-dollars in possible fines. attorney rob linneman says the township didn't follow its own procedures when it notified dixon of the violations and imposed a fine on the same day. meanwhile, outside the courthouse dixon supporters dressed as zombies exercized their right to free speech. forest----if people are offended, particularly if they're offended by zombies they need to get a reality check. the case has drawn national attention and dixon says he's in it for the long haul. jasen------i think just sycamore township just made this a circus and it's a joke so we're haning in there. we'll see what happens fox19 now reached out to township officials, but no one was available for comment. close-----dixon is
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court march 15th at which time the judge may rule on a motion to dismiss the case. meanwhile dixon says he plans to set up his zombie nativity scene again next christmas season and he promises it will be bigger and better. it's the burning question on everyone's minds.... will winter stick around for another six-weeks?! well... here's your answer. " there is no shadow to cast... an early spring is my forecast!" and just like that... spring is on the way! maybe... punxsutawney phil made his prediction... but history tells us his his judgment is a little unreliable. since 1988, phil has been right 13 times and wrong 15 times! so let's ask the real expert... steve what do you think?
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severe storms late evening as i am composing this discussion the sky is beginning to clear and the temperature is rising. by 12:20 pm at cvg the official temperature has risen to 52. as the warm front moves northeast through the fox19 now viewing area more and more sun will be visible and temperatures will warm into the 60s. first to reach the 60 mark will be our southwestern counties owen, carroll, gallatin and switzerland . by early to mid evening we should all be around 60. thunderstorms warm humid air and some could be marginally severe. this in no way is a big outbreak of at this point chances are fairly good that we escape without severe storms. but few cells could approach or just exceed severe
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now for a look at what we're working on for 10
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what we're
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"a class action lawsuit will allow some indiana residents to clean up a big problem. i'll tell you what it is." it's the changing face of identity theft. we'll show you what you need to watch for - and why it could do real damage to your credit! and we are the place to turn.. to get up to the minute information on the chance of severe weather... live.. .as it's happening... at ten. your night on fox19 now starts with new episodes of new girl and grandfathered at 8 and 8-thirty... then it's brooklyn 99 and the grinder at 9 and 9-thirty. followed by the 10 o'clock news. every month we honor the best high school seniors in the tri- state. it's our penn station athlete of the month. here's jeremy rauch with february's winner. jeremy rauch: "we are at mount notre dame high school - home of the cougars. the penn station athlete of the month is dani szczepanski. a three-time
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volleyball player at mnd. d-lo from kiss 107 is here with more." d-lo: "she has a 4.79 gpa and is going to pursue her volleyball dreams at ut-chatanooga. so, single tear - she's leaving the state. but, we're super proud of her." jeremy rauch: "deb osterfeld of penn station with this month's presentation." deb osterfeld: "we have a check and a plaque for the school. they're in the running for the spirit award and, most importantly, dani's up for the $5,000 college scholarship we give away at the end of the year." dani szczepanski: "it means everything. really cool, really awesome honor, but honestly couldn't do it without anybody else. so, it's really just me getting the honor for all of my teammates." jeremy rauch: "once again, congratulations
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the month." sot "sports animation"
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bengals... fine. the team he sprained his ankle in the pro ready for all off- season workouts. the uc basketball player you'll be watching score points in this video is gary clark. gary is a good player - who sometimes needs a little extra coaching. today - mick cronin tried to explain what that means... and delivered us this. mick cronin: "i've told him i've rented an apartment in his shorts? we'll put it this way, my foot has. my foot has taken up residency directly behind him." joe hplaz/gfx no vacancy? u-k plays at tennessee tonight. post game
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don't forget... the news doesn't stop when we go off air. fox19 now has you covered on our digital platforms. trending now... a 4-year old gets locked out of her own birthday party. you can find that story on our facebook page. plus 2 local restaurants have been named some of the most romantic in the nation! find out which ones... and another "bad- lip-reading" video is blowing up on social media. you can check it out under the trending now tab on fox19! we will keep you posted throughout the evening on the risk for severe weather... don't forget
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