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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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flags... some taking matters into their own hands. a local youth pastor had more than first thought. a look at his local schools. how close an accused murderer came to getting "i would say we are in desperate straits right now... .we're praying like crazy." only on fox19 now... hear from the father of a local man wrapped up in the land battle that erupted in gunfire. and breaking tonight... wild new accusations from the girlfriend of the browns johnny manziel... claims of beatings and drugs. - breaking news now.... involving cleveland brown's quarterback johnny manziel. and this is big. good evening- i'm tricia macke.
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last weekend involving manziel and his ex- girlfriend in fort worth, texas. zoom well just in the last hour, fort worth police released the report.. and it includes disturbing jeremy rauch is here with more.. jeremy.. this involves allegations that manziel hit her! and that's just the beginning! according to the report, that we looked over, manziel's ex- girlfriend colleen crowley- said he hit her in the left ear.. appeared to be on drugs! the police report from january 30th reveals that crowley told police manziel got aggressive with her at a dallas hotel. she claims manziel hit her several times driving back to her home in fort worth. when police arrived, officers say manziel's ex became uncooperative and didn't want the officer to take a statement or take pictures of her injuries. a
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and now this... dallas police say manziel will not be charged and the investigation is closed. why? they say, no reported criminal offense occurred. the cleveland browns say they know about all of this, and so does the nfl - both are taking a close look. happening now... the fight over flags and the right to fly them is heating up in loveland... but it's not just any flag. at this hour, a resident there is displaying several confederate flags outside his home, on one of the city's busiest streets. our megan o'rourke is live there tonight with the story you'll see only on fox19 now tonight. i talked to officials here in loveland earlier today...and they tell me they were first made aware of the controversial display last month. since then, they say they've been in contact with the resident., but when it comes to taking
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control. nats car passsing for passerbys, the house at 1818 west loveland avenue is hard to miss. confederate flags line the front...and according to neighbors, they attract a lot of unwanted attention. rebecca sot 2 "i started noticing people were driving by, taking pictures, screaming...and i was like you know you are kind of asking for that kind of reaction...stirring the pot by putting that out" :14 in fact just this week, loveland police took a after the word garage door. kari davis says it's not ring what many feel represents. "um because what it fought the north freed. i get that it's hate...but in the north i view it more as hate" :16 alone...loveland officials say
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complaints about the display...which prompted an investigation. but, according to city manager dave kennedy the resident is within his rights. in an email, kennedy says "we have looked into the situation quite extensively and we have determined there is simply no action that the city can legally take". he told me it comes down to freedom of expression. i went to the home tonight, hoping to talk to the resident....who neighbors say rents the property. nats knocking he wasn't home...but i was greeted with a sign saying "tresspassers will be shot". and that's what neighbors tell me they fear most if the flags remain up...that tensions will continue to escalate. rebecca sot 3 "it's just bringing a lot of drama, that's unneeded it's not neccessary to invite that" :06 i talked with police tonight...and they tell me in just the last week they have been called to the home twice for reported vandalism. they don't have suspects in either case....but are continuing to investigate. rl in loveland mo
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breaking now breaking now.. two officers shot in the bronx. this is a live picture there... at least one of them was gravely hurt. a manhunt is underway for at least one suspect. more than 100 officers are on the scene and many have entered ab apartment building with sledge hammers, jackhammers and automatic weapons. we're working to get details on what went down and will bring you updates throughout the newscast and on weather now steve cam now
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county justice center has been foiled. according to sheriff jim neil, these two men, james kirby and tristian herron, were discovered missing from their cells during a routine check. jail personnel began a lengthy search and uncovered a inmates to make their way out of the jail. in a statement, sheriff neil said: " extremely dangerous extensive criminal backgrounds, who have been in our facility multiple times. i want to commend the deputies who job discovering their plot and ensuring they where they
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herron has been moved to a prison serving ten years mansalughter and aggravated robbery. kirby remains at the justice center, in march on and burglary charges. new details a local youth pastor charged with sex crimes involving children... is also connected to a northern kentucky middle school. our ben katko is twenhofel middle he has the very latest. joseph niemeyer is accused of sexually abusing a 7-year old girl. he was a youth pastor at an area church... a foster parent... and involved in a prayer group here at twenhofel. tonight... school officials tell me he's no longer volunteering. the charges against this man... 54 year old joe niemeyer... are serious. ...they're claims that he sexually abused a young girl inside his home... for three years. outside his home... you could say he was very involved
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jess dykes volunteered at school for the past dykes said niemeyer a volunteer... with a group known as fellowship of christian athletes. jess dykes "he did help. he did help lead prayers and read bible scriptures." the group he worked with... is a very small group graders who meet once a week before school. school officials say he did not volunteer with the rest of the school. jess dykes "he was never alone with any of the students that he was volunteering with." the middle school isn't the only place niemeyer had access to kids. he worked with the youth ministry at the new banklick baptist church in walton... so says the pastor there. voice of: tim cochran "he and i were pretty close, but you don't know what people do when they're in the privacy of their own home." back at the middle school... school officials say volunteers... including joseph niemeyer... are required to complete a school background check. ...and every year... niemeyer came back clean. jess dykes reporter: "does the
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to believe that there was anything that went on between mr. niemeyer and any of these children?" jess dykes: "not at this time. but, we are cooperating with police in any way, shape that we need to." school officials tell me that niemeyer is not allowed to volunteer in the schools. the students in the group he worked with... have been notified of what's going on. if convicted... niemeyer could spend at least 20 years in prison. live in independence... ben katko... fox19 now. breaking news now in newport... police are searching right now for a man who was reportedly seen waving around a rifle. it's happening now near riverboat row. so far, officers say they have not seen him. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you the latest as information comes in. caught on camera... a would be robber... thwarted by an iraqi war vet.... the showdown - after the break. you're esssentially imprisoning someone against their will. a local hospital... facing lawsuits... why some people
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the acupuncturist, the chiropractor. holistic treatments aren't just for humans anymore. i'm rob williams -- coming up meet the local dogs getting alternative therapy. steve chroma
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newport... police are searching right now for a man who was reportedly seen waving around a rifle. it's happening now near riverboat row. we have a crew headed to the scene.. for updates as this story develops. now detained oregon militia leader
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protesters to stay put ... as they occupy that federal wildlife refuge.. protesters took over the refuge on january 2nd, denouncing federal land policies. bundy and ten others were arrested last week... after one of the protest group's most prominent members was shot dead by a law enforcement officer... we have two people from our area in oregon as part of the stand off. that would be peter santilli and 27-year-old david fry of blanchester. both have been indicted. fox 19's michael baldwin spoke with david fry's father tonight. michael what did he say well he told us he is proud of his son and what he's stands for. he's hoping in the end his son gets to come back home safe and sound. like any parent would be he's scared. we are praying like crazy for something to happen that this will end in a positive way that voice you hear
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his name is bill. his son david fry from blanchseter in clermount county is one of 16 people indicted by the federal government for intimidation, threats and prevent by force federal employees from discharging their duties. in this video from oregon you can see people on both sides of the issue voicing their feelings. fry's father told me his son is doing what he thinks is right. my sons purpose is that he thinks his son is going in the wrong direction. and thats why he's involved with what he's doing there was a candligt viigl when one of the oregan racnhers who was killed. bill fry is concerened about his sons safety. he told me he wants everyone to know that his son is not a bad person just passinate about his country. he couldn't tell me how his son got involved with the oregon protesters but he supports david and what is doing. he's trying to wake people up. you might not like the optics of it but his purpose is he thinks
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bad way hes trying to change that his son and others are taking on the federal government. and if convicted he could spend time in jail, something he is worried about. desperate, i would say we are in desperate straights right now bill fry says he talks to his son as much as he can but doesn't know when he will be returning to our area. michael baldwin fox 19 now. caught on camera camera... a would- be robber in florida learned very quickly that if you are planning to make sure he isn't a seasoned military veteran. you can see the the clerk at demanding money... the clerk turns the tables and begins pummeling him and even disarms him. the suspect got away, but probably won't be coming back... not with this guy behind the counter.
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new tonight- these lawsuits - claims two women... were held against their will at a local hospital... two women claim they were held at st. elizabeth health care facilities... in northern kentucky... on different occasions. the suits claim false imprisonment... the women are suing for damages... saying they lost their jobs - after being held for mental health issues that didn't exist... one woman was at the hospital... visiting her daughter... when her lawyer says she was forced to stay.. ms. whitehead was their in support of her daughter, as the complaint says. and there were some statements that were made that were misconstrued well beyond the purpose of the statement. she wasn't even talked to, her phones, her keys were taken, she was guarded off in this room, locked up and she was kept there overnight, not able to talk to anybody or anything until the next
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doctor. that lawyer - claims that st. elizabeth's healthcare systems... is trying to inflate the number of mental health patients... to justify expanding its mental health operations. so far - the hospital has not commented on the story. right now tonight, one steelers wide receiver is saying the bengals tried to kill him. jeremy rauch is back live in studio with more. yeah tricia, in antonio brown's first public interviews since his steelers beat the bengals, he held nothing back. this is new tonight... we want to show you video of vontaze burfict trying to say something to antonio brown at midfield, after his shoulder to helmet hit on brown. somewhere in that mix, adam jones said he saw brown wink at him and thought he was faking a concussion. today, on national tv, brown called out adam jones and vontaze burfict. said he lost respect for them and tried to steal his dreams. antonio brown: "he hit
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head, with his shoulder and that's not professional football." trey wingo: "how do you deal with those emotions because you know you're going to see him two times a year going forward?" antonio brown: "i think that's something you have to get ready for. guys aren't just trying to stop me. they're trying to take me out. i think vontaze is a guy that took out a couple players from my team in a not very professional manner. so, i'm excited to get out there and play against those guys, especially him in 2016." brown also talked and called vontaze a certain name. you'll hear that coming up in just a bit. sot stormtracker stinger steve cam the mudslide
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police have just cleared the scene in the search for a man who was reportedly seen waving around a rifle. it's happening now near riverboat row. more updates as this story develops.
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morning commute... the mudslide cleanup - you need to avoid.. we've got the details after the break. from iowa to new hampshire.. a big shakeup in the polls.. what it could mean for the gop race to the white house... "atta boy." new methods for treating pets.. the lengths some people are going to, for their furry friends... and what veterinarians are doing to keep pets happy and healthy... after the break. a booster at a local high school busted! accused of february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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money from the kids. what we're learning tonight. an 80-dollar acupuncture treatment for your dog. will it fix fido? and sexy mag sanitized? the playboy you no longer have to sneak to peek. we have new information just in on the breaking news involving two officers shot a short time ago in the bronx. this is a picture from the scene. the main suspect has been found dead... with an apparent self- inflicted gunshot wound. several others have been taken into custody and two guns have been recovered. at least one officer was shot in the head and is in serious condition. more than 100 officers responded to the scene entering a building with sledge hammers, jackhammers and automatic weapons. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get new information.
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heated moments in tonight's democratic presidential debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in new hampshire. sanders accussed clinton of being part of the "establishment" because she takes money from pacs... i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks and let's talk about the issues that divide us. we both agree with campaign fianance reform. i worked hard for mccain feingold i want to reverse citizen's united. let's talk about issues. health care coverage and the economy are two of the issues the presidential hopefuls have been debating. voters in new hampshire go to the polls on tuesday. donald trump didn't win iowa, but he still has a good
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according to a new poll. the new c-n-n/ w- m-u-r tracking poll.... shows trump leading the field of republican candidates with 29- percent support there... the next three candidates are in a statistical tie for second, as the poll's margin of error is just below seven-percent. the poll was conducted entirely after the iowa caucuses. it shows senator marco rubio with support from 18- percent of likely republican primary voters... senator ted cruz received 13-percent support ... ..ohio governor percent ... percent. candidates is well behind -- with governor chris christie and carly four-percent hampshire... and fiorina's low poll numbers... are keeping her off the debate stage.. for this weekend's republican showdown.. but the only female republican presidential hopeful is getting some high profile former presidential
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romney and former house speaker newt gingrich says a-b-c news should allow fiorina to appear. fiorina got more votes than both governors kasich and christie in iowa. however, they are both invited to participate in saturday's debate. for the first time in the magazine's history ... ...the newest edition of playboy ... contains no nudity. the magazine announced last year it would reinvent its brand -- by doing away with nude photos. also different on this new issue ... the tag line -- "entertainment for men" is gone. the magazine is bigger with thicker paper. no nudity does open the door to new advertisers ... but playboy's critics say this is a mistake. larry flynt/founder & publisher hustler "i know hefner's getting old, because he's 90 years old, but i didn't know he lost his mind. think playboy felt they had to go in a different direction. the problem is, there's not another direction." those closest to hugh heffner and
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mind ... instead he is reinventing the wheel ... "hef is leading the creative re-positioning of playboy to make it as relevant today for millennial males as when he launched playboy magazine in the 50s. we just think we've transcended beyond the need for nudity." taking the cover of this new issue ... is 20-year-old sarah mcdaniel ... and the theme ... is social media. she is an instagram famous model. developing now developing now... a scott high school charged with amount" of money fund. school officials tell fox19 now this woman, dana tucker, used money that was supposed to go toward the departments.. for use. bond tonight. a mudslide will mean more drivers in the right now, two westbound lanes of columbua parkway are closed... and will remain shut down
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morning commute. at 9:00 in the of traffic will be baines street to so that workers can remove loose soil. aching back, insomnia? to try an holistic treatment... acupuncture, visits to the some alternative options... walk bam but what if it's for your dog or your cat? some pet owners swear by these remedies... fox19 now anchor rob williams has more now on if these treatments can really improve your pet's quality of life. interest in alternative health options is growing. we talked to pet owners who say it's saved their dogs' lives. "how's he been feeling? everything good?" at the veterinary wellness center in harrison, "thor" is a regular. "atta boy, atta boy come on." the 13-year-old pomeranian gets a chiropractic adjustment every few weeks. "honestly, it's been a lifesaver to keep him around, i mean he loves dr.
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try an "out of the box" approach -- pet chiropractor, dr. bob gaston. gaston has adjusted dogs, cats... even horses. "so when i find one that's a little stuck like this one is, stuck a little bit right, i'll just come in and adjust that." at hot diggiity dog in wilder... an underwater treadmill makes all the difference for black lab, jordan. the 13-year-old dog suffers from congenital arthritis. she's been "water walking" once a week for seven years. "if she was not dong the water therapy, she would not be walking." "it can be pretty remarkable." dr. susan hodge says there's really no animal who can't benefit from
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rehabilitation to senior patients who walk on the underwater treadmill in winter months when it's too cold to walk outside. "when we get them them moving, we actually can get them feeling better and most of our patients and clients are using fewer medications." the american veterinary medical association now recognizes alternative medicine as a valid form of treatment... pet acupuncture among the growing list of holistic options. dr. tracy rauf has been practicing the traditional form of chinese medicine for several years. just like with humans, rauf says the thin needles stimulate nerves in the body "ollie" here has hind weakness and well as anxiety. "so for him, he's historically been a little chi deficient, so his energy is a little deficient.' rauf says despite positive results, there's still a lot of resistance from many traditional vets to alternative treatments....but don't tell that to thor's mom. "i thought when she recommended it, 'what else do i have
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"the treatments can be pricey....hydrother around 55 dollar. chiropractic visits can cost 60 dollars and up. rob williams, fox19 now. we've been asking how much money would you spend to keep your pet happy and healthy? the most votes.. one thousand dollars plus! with 27 percent.. followed closely by five thousand dollars.. at 23 only 16 percent say they'd spend over fifty thousand dollars.. vote on fox19 now dot com. now - you could get your puppy fix tomorrow.. thanks to uber.. uber and the league for animal welfare will bring some adoptable puppies... to your office tomorrow... you'll be able to request puppies through the uber app.. for fifteen minutes at your office.... for thirty bucks... it benefits the league for animal welfare. and if you fall in
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adopt one of the puppies. you may not remember this... but the biggest on record.. took place 18 years ago.. tomorrow.. takes us back in history with the story.. matt? one of this year's most popular christmas gifts is
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house fire in southwest ohio... according to the family. josh putnam says his hoverboard and
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miamisburg firefighters say it looks like the batteries burst apart... and caught the carpet on fire. the putnams say they did their homework, checking the safety reports... and bought the safest one. it was all just about going to this game." a super bowl... scam.. how much one fan shelled out.. and how he was duped - after the break. coming up how lower prices at the pump could cost you a fortune in the long run! nearly everyone at fifth third arena was wearing these frames tonight, but why? jeremy rauch explains and has bearcats highlights straight ahead. logo
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tickets to this year's super bowl... but he said the deal was too good to be
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cody submeier turned to craigslist... he found a seller.. and after exchanging a series of text messages... he got the package he'd been waiting for... nats: cody "we're going to open this now." cody sudmeier/bought tickets on craigslist "but i honestly thought yeah the tickets are going to be real there's nobody that would go through these lengths knowing that the purchase is protected." nats: cody "there's no tickets in here." nats: girlfriend "are you being serious?" nats: cody "yeah." after the shock he went into action.... contacting police and paypal... he'll get his money back.. denver police scammer to a man in kansas.. releasing curvy, petite and tall barbies last week.. you had to see this users demanded a matching makeover for ken! so, lyst, a u-k-based e-commerce website, decided to create a ken line with realistic men's bodies. there's beach dad bod ken, bearded hipster ken and balding ken.
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an african american, asian and petite ken. bearded hipster ken even has a tattoo of barbie. one intern, couldn't fight his sleep, on his first day... of all days! this photo has quickly gone viral after being posted on reddit . the person who actually uploaded the photo claims to be the man at the center. of course the internet has had a field day, editing the man into all kinds of scenarios. live wx tease simply money
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news for your wallet, right? wrong, if you let what you're paying at the pumpinfluence what you buy on the car lot! there's a psychological concept called the "forever changeless assumption". the idea being---we get used to things, and have a hard time recognizing that things do, in fact, change. we've all gotten really comfortable with the idea that gas now costs less than two dollars a gallon. so next time you're car- shoppingmaybe fuel efficiency isn't
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caught up in all of the added features of a larger, less- efficient car. after all"gas is cheap!" americans cars are now older than ever beforewith the average vehicle about 11.5 years old. those old cars will need to be replaced, which likely explains why americans bought new cars at record rates in 2015. the simply money point: gas prices are going to rise. so keep fuel efficiency as a key factor in your decision making when you buy your next car! for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key
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he wasn't in dallas at any big 12 and said everyone thinks there's a so, no news from cincinnati's a-d, but he did say there always ready if the big 12 expands. uc celebrating mick's 200 wins with mick frames. south florida in town...but they left their game on the beach. off one of their 21 turnovers here, troy caupain feeds jacob evans for a triple. bulls are so bad, their coach cheers for everyone. gary clark had 13 boards, dishes out to troy caupain for three. 18 and 10 for t-co. uc running away in th second half... and you know it's good when gary clark is doing this. double double for gary. bearcats get shaq thomas back and win a 4th straight, 88-57 hey joe d, the
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the buiding" tonight... but lacking energy. drew mcdonald can exercise those demons... the new cath freshman continues to be big off the bench. he had 12 points. norse fighting hard against a good green bay team. but kenneth lowe, went kenneth high tonight. throws down. norse go down 85- 78 buckeyes looking more and more like an nit squad... on the road at wiscy... jaquan lyle 3, bucks down 6 at half early second half, jaquan lyle 3. 27 pts off the bench! nigel hayes doing it for the badgers, weak sauce dunk, but he tossed in 21 points. buckeyes lose their 10th...79-68 jer bam gfx coming up, did antonio brown really say that? a-b spoke venom on several platforms today, and called vontaze burfict a certain word. you'll hear it next.
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now, a wrong way driver had just caused a crash on the 7th street ramp in queensgate. this is a live picture from the scene. we don't know yet about any injuries,... we're gathering more information and will bring you updates on and the morning news. jer hplaz vo if you've seen the kiddie show lamb chops, meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more.
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mean when i say... this is the song that never ends. antonio brown finally spoke about what's been inside his brain for a month. and he begins with adam jones. antonio brown: "i didn't wink at him. if i was even concious, i would've reacted to burfict or whatever. in the reaction of the hit, as you can see, i had no reaction. i totally lost conciousness." dan patrick: "so, were you out before you hit the turf?" antonio brown: "yeah. yeah." dan patrick: "what would you say to vontaze burfict?" antonio brown: "he's an idiot." we're continuing to follow breaking news- right outside our studio... a wrong way driver caused a crash on the 7th street ramp in queensgate. this is a live picture.... we don't know yet
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more information and will bring you updates on and the morning news. tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on goodnight. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your
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