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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and killed in northern kentucky. we've got new details and the latest information on the way. and we're just a day away from super bowl 50. but you might not know that the big game... could bring some big problems in terms of domestic violence right here in the tri-state. we'll tell you why. but first... the cincinnati cycling community hit the street today to honor one of it's own. good evening everyone, i'm frankie jupiter. today many came together to remember the life of michael prater... a well known cyclist killed last wekeend in a hit and run. so this afternoon... fellow riders got on their bikes to honor his life by doing something he loved. "for all of us this is a sorrowful day. bicycling is a
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airport parking lot to kellogg park, cyclists pedal to airport parking lot to kellogg park, cyclists pedal to airport parking lot to kellogg park, cyclists pedal to remember the life of michael prater. according to police... prater was struck by this woman... melinda woodall... who allegedly swerved into the right shoulder on u.s. 52 near asbury road on sunday... before leaving the scene. today people who didn't even know prater wanted to come out and support. "it's really moving to see that everybody in the community comes together for something like this. it's sad that has to be under these circumstances. but we're a very close-knit community and we look out for each other" during a memorial at kellogg park a ghost bike was unveiled. "but that's not the crash site, when that ceremony is done it will be transported to the collision point and
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tonight a message from some cyclist when it comes to bicycle safety. "we would like to point out, that this an extremely rare occurrence bicycling is a form of transportation and recreation is very safe." a go fund me page has been set up for prater that information can be found at fox19 developing now animation developing now... colerain police have made several arrests following a large fight that broke out near northgate mall about an hour ago. police say it started at a nearby mcdonalds and made it's way over to the mall. no word yet on how many people were arrested but multiple police departments were called to the scene. right now animation right now... we've got new details on a morning crash that left a pedestrian dead. the victim has been identified as 68-year old roger stephenson. police say he was hit and killed while walking across dixie highway near covington catholic high school this morning. stephenson was pronounced dead
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announced that he was not in a crosswalk at the time. "this area is used for a bus stop, so it's possible he was trying to get to the bus stop. but like i said, the driver of the vehicle is cooperating with us, and we don't see any, at this time, criminal action." the driver was treated for minor injuries after the incident. on the eve of super bowl sunday a lot of folks are looking forward to friendly gathering in front of t-v. but what you might not know... is that it can be a difficult time for many victims of domestic violence right here in the tri-state. our own gordon graham joins us live downtown with the rest of the story. gordon? that's right frankie....i'm here at the hamilton county justice center where and women are locked up for sexual violence and a new study suggests incidents of violence increase following the super bowl. kristin-----in this instance there's a lot of alcohol consumption. that's
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increase where what we call drug-facilitated kristin shrimplin with the organization women helping women says there's a nearly 50- percents spike in calls for service about sexual hours after the super bowl and in the the vast calls drugs or kristin-----someone when they're intoxicated are legally not capable of giving consent so then when sexual activity occurs it's sexual times with alcohol there can be coersion and violence that's resulting. shrimplin says often times the violence goes unreported or the victim is blamed. kristin-------it's incredibly difficult for survivors to come forward because what we have historically is when a survivor comes forward and says i've been sexually assaulted, i've been raped typically the response is what did you do why did you let it happen. but victoria
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healed says there are ways to avoid the situation. victoria------it's hard to tell someone ok well don't watch the game with this person because they're going to act like this. if you expect something to happen have a plan so the game is over maybe you go to a parent's house for the night or maybe you go to a relative's house. kristin shrimplin wants to make it clear that it's not the super bowl or alcohol that causes sexual violence, but they may be catalysts the perpertrator. kristin-----it is a choice to be violent and engage in activity where there's no consent and so the accountability is never on the survivor. the accountability is on the individual who chooses to be violent. here in ohio non consensual sex is rape and its a first degree felony with a penalty of up to ten years in prison. at the hamilton county justice center i'm gordon graham fox19 now. and right now, cincinnati police
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hunt for the suspect who hit an 11-year old girl with her car on thursday night. 11-year old london smith was struck while walking home from school in west price hill.... now recovering at home. the driver, 36- year-old ruby estepp, was arrested shortly after the crash... but didn't show up for court on friday morning! she's charged with leaving the scene of an accident, and driving under suspension. weather now switching gears now to weather, let's give you a live look downtown on a cold night. but a warm up tomorrow right jeff? jeff by all accounts, today was pretty spectacular for early february. we managed 47 this afternoon with mainly sunny skies. expect clear to partly cloudy skies overnight with lows by morning in the low 30s. sunday will start with sunshine but clouds will build through the afternoon with a few showers possible by evening. highs will reach the upper 40s and low 50s. a cold front will work through sunday night with showers at first, mixing with snow monday morning and through the day. temperatures will remain somewhat
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30s for the bulk of monday, falling into the low and mid 20s for tuesday morning. snow showers remain in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday before sunshine returns for the end of the week. thanks jeff, and it's definitely a good night for some early mardi gras celebrations. take a look at this video from about an hour ago at the annual mardi gras parade in mainstrasse! it's night 2 of the event. as you can see hundreds came out for a good time... and bars in mainstrasse village will be celebrating all night. and if you didn't know... we've got a full list of local mardi gras events happening from now until fat tuesday. just check out the front page of fox19 now dot com... and
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roll. and take a look at the scene inside the museum center tonight for the 8th annual difference maker awards! the event celebrates local kids, adults, businesses and agencies that work to make the lives of children in our community better. if you went, you might have seen a familiar face. our own frank marzullo served as emcee. congratulations to everyone involved. and some lockland police officers are definitely making a difference in their community tonight. officer jones, moyers and ohl... seen here... noticed some kids playing on a broken basketball hoop so the three decided to take matters into their buy a brand new backboard with their own money. once it was bought, they all went out to install it. and earlier today... were back out at the scene hanging out with kids. and we were like hey we hoop it would be something simple. we went and bought them a hoop real quick and we
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answered calls and stuff. officer ohl was here and helped us put it together in one piece becuase me and travis were having a hard time with it" as you can see... those officers didn't waste any time showing off their skills. you decide animation turning now to you decide 20-16.... the 8th republican debate is happening right now in new hampshire. and coming off ted cruz's iowa win... already some of the big names are on the offensive. some of the main talking points have been experience, the conflict in the middle east and the economy. here's a look at some of the highlights so far. "you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you butted to "the fact is when you talk about the hesbolah list as one of your accomplishments, you vote for it. that's not truency." butted to "under chris christies governing they've been their credit rating. this country already has a debt problem, we don't need to add to it by electing someone who has a history of destroying the credit rating of his state."
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only one who said during iraq don't go don't do it it's gonna destabilize the middle east. i'm not one with a trigger, other people up here would be a lot faster. believe me. i'm gonna build the military stronger bigger better than anyone up here. no one will mess with us that i can tell you." butted to "and the primary voters are making the assessment for each of us who is best prepared to keep this country safe. to rebuild the military to rebuild the navy our air force our army our marines and to ensure that we keep america safe." of course the debate comes just a few days before the big new hampshire primary. latest polls have trump in the lead, with senator marco rubio in second. but in tonights debate... you might notice one thing. carly fio-rina isn't there! the former hewlett packer c- e-o got more votes kasich and chris christie in iowa... but debate mandatory
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carly fiorina/ r presidential candidate "if you ever doubted the game was rigged, look at what is going on on that debate stage tonight. sorry i thought votes counted in elections. sorry i thought delegates counted in elections. sorry, i thought the people of new hampshire had a responsibility to vote and pick presidents." some of her opponents have even spoken out in support of her joining the debate... including ted cruz. still to come... investigators are looking for answers after a plane crash outside of l-a. but conflicting reports could make the search more difficult. and a day after this massive crane collapse in new york... cleanup continues. that and more next. live wx tease welcome back to
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have you seen the footage yet? a massive crane collapse in new york city on friday is still causing problems tonight... after claiming the life of one person. fox news correspondent bryan llenas has more. we live in a world where history is captured from nearly every angle. watch your screen carefully as a man named glenn zito recorded the moment when a massive construction came came crashing down. the accident in lower manhattan killed one... injured three other people and crushed a row of cars:
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recovered a monitoring device from the crane: chandler says: "it is not the equivalent of a black box. the computer is going to give us some data, we're not sure the complete about of data. it will likely give us the angles of the boom, of the two pieces that were in action at the time. if it gives us more than that, that will be an extra but i don't want to set expectations too high. the man who was operating the crane has been examined: esposito says: "we've tested him for alcohol and drugs and that's all been negative. he's been very cooperative and he's tested negative for all substances." the equipment belongs to a construction company called "bay crane" which is a large operator in new york:.. esposito says: "it goes from a to z. we're going to look at possible metal fatigue, make sure that the pins that are connecting pieces together, the counterweights, any wind information that's possible, what loads were done the previous day,
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several people were injured when the crane came down. the man who was killed was 38 year old, david wichs... a wall streeter who was reportedly a math wiz. he grew up in prague but his life came to an end while simply walking down a sidewalk on his way to work. in new york... bryan llenas... fox news. emergency crews continue their search efforts tonight to find victims in friday's major six-point- four magnitude earthquake. at least 14 people are confirmed dead and crews are cleaning up massive structural damage. right now at least 153 people have been reported missing. back here in the u- s... authorities in california have suspended their search for 2 missing small planes. the coast guard says the planes crashed in the ocean off the coast of los angeles on friday. right now 3 people are reported missing, but investigators are now trying to figure out what went wrong! the f-a-a says there are some discrepancies in reports... and that it's not clear yet if the planes collided
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we're just one day away from the kickoff of super bowl 50... and for some, it's just as much about the big game! a new study from the national retail federation says millenials will spend more than anyone else for gameday. ages 25 to 34 will dollars on things like food and new t-vs. the national average is about 82 dollars. it might have been a little warmer today... but is it time to swim yet? some people said the annual polar joes crab shack. each jumper had to dollars to get the goes towards the special olympics. and it was a busy day for fox19 now personalities... johnson served as the emcee... jeff... not so sure i'd be out there even on a day like today.
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today was pretty spectacular for early february. we afternoon with partly cloudy skies lows by morning in the low 30s. sunday will start with sunshine but afternoon with a possible by evening. the upper 40s and low 50s. a cold through sunday night with showers at first, mixing with snow monday morning and through the day. temperatures will 30s for the bulk of into the low and showers remain in wednesday before week. coming up next... do you have one of the new chip
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cards? if so, listen up... thieves are already finding new ways to steal your personal information! we've got some tips to avoid it next... stay with us. if you've gotten one of the new chip enabled credit
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probably been told it's a lot safer. but hackers are finding new wasy to get your personal information! financial expert nathan bachrach has tips on how to avoid it in tonights simply money. simply money animation the new chip- enabled credit cards were supposed to cut down on fraud, but thieves are just getting sneakier, and doing more damage to their victims' credit! according to a new report from javelin research, identity thieves aren't using stolen credit numbers to make counterfeit cards as much as they used to. insteadthey're using stolen social security
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run up charges on those cards! this kind of fraud can be much more damaging to your credit history, since you may not spot it right away! part of the problem here--database breaches happen all the time nowso people tune them out. but one in five data breach victims became fraud victims last year! so--if you start getting calls from debt collectors about unfamiliar bills, or get statements in the mail for accounts you didn't open, contact those companies and the credit bureaus right away! and make sure you're pulling your three free credit reports every year from annual credit report dot-com, too. for fox 19 now and simply money, i'm nathan bachrach. just ahead... we're only a few days away from the new hampshire primary! and the votes could make or break some of the big campaigns. we've got the latest on how both sides are preparing... next. stay with us. sot
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ew hampshire primary... and as the hours tick away... the gloves are coming off for many candidates. fox news correspondent john roberts has more. it's the final weekend for the candidates to get out their message before the new hampshire primary on tuesday. bernie sanders currently leads hillary clinton by a double-digit margin in most polls in the state.
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where my opponent won in 08 she won.. her husband but if we turn out we can win." the clinton campaign may know her shot of winning the state is slim... which is why she is heading to flint, michigan on sunday.. as the water crisis has been one of her main targets during recent stump speeches. but at a rally in concord.. she defended criticism from the sanders campaign that she has received speaking fees from financial groups since leaving the state department.. and denied the money caused her to change her position on anything. clinton says: "i have no doubt in my mind that i have the best experience and ideas to take down abuses of financial sector stand up to wall st. why would they be running $6m ads against me." meanwhile..on the republican side.. donald trump holds a commanding lead over the rest of his rivals. the real estate billionaire didn't hold any rallies today.. ahead of tonight's debate but jeb bush did and needs a strong showing in new hampshire to jump- start his campaign.. and help him emerge as a leading alternative to trump and ted cruz. bush says: "for sen cruz's edification:
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very sophisticated precise weapons right now. we don't have to carpet bomb. we don't' have to kill innocent people. we have tech superiority. or say you are going to bomb the sh blank out of isis. is that a serious thought?" another candidate who needs to have a strong showing is governor chris christie. and despite most polls having him in single digits in new hampshire.. the governor is asking everyone to listen carefully to what he has to say christie says: "on that stage tonight, you are going to see a difference. we will make sure you see a difference, of those prepared to lead and those there to talk." on cam tag governor christie is doubling down on his argument that a governor would make the best nominee - someone who had to manage a state, not a senator who spent most of his political life in a subcommittee hearing on capitol hill. in manchester,
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let's give you a live look downtown.... a nice day but a cold front is on the way. lets' send it over to jeff. live wx tease creighton announce
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spectacular for early february. we afternoon with mainly sunny skies. partly cloudy skies overnight with lows by morning in the low 30s. sunday will start with sunshine but clouds will build through the afternoon with a few showers possible by evening. highs will reach the upper 40s and low 50s. a cold front will work through sunday night with showers at first, mixing with snow monday morning and through the day. temperatures will remain somewhat steady in the mid 30s for the bulk of monday, falling into the low and mid 20s for tuesday morning. snow showers remain in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday before sunshine returns for the end of the week. jeff/chroma amy 2shot don't forget we're always on sportwarp is next... good night
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sot "mobile squeezeback" 2shot bam/gfx
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it's nearly super sunday... why not make tonight a super sportswrap? jeremy up next on the wrap... we are just back from the high school gyms... highlights of the biggest games and a sold out crowd in downton. vo did we see xavier's best today? plus - uc is back on the bubble... and hear from jamal murray after his never been done before day at uk. vo and - what's the at saint x the night before one of the best bombers ever plays for a super bowl. those stories and the emotional day in louisville next on the wrap. 2shot bam/gfx joe here we go. longest local
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swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. r using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin p may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper stuffy or runny nose, sore for help lowering your blood talk to your doctor about januvia. saturday nights in cincinnati and they give it to us? j-r - joe d and you -
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inside sources tell us that our bosses don't stay up past 10-45. so, sit back, relax...and let's get loose for a bit. backstage with xavier. marquette's head coach says edmond sumner could leave xavier now and be a high draft pick. yeah - so could his best player. henry ellenson out there smiling on xavier. huh? x down six with nine minutes left? that's when xavier hit the kind of gear final four teams more big minutes from kaiser gates. that dunk ties it. cintas starts to next possession. if making plays is myles davis. j-p macura finishes an 8-0 xavier run with ellenson on the bench. from down six - to up two in 90 seconds - a run chris mack called hellatious. but... it didn't stop. trevon bluiett. five of six from three...
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j-p macura. hit two game changing threes the final four minutes. he scored 20. and if you don't believe this team is special - you didn't watch the second half of basketball at cintas center. xavier scored thirty-three points the final nine minutes. xavier - 90. marquette - 82. trevon bluiett: "hopefully, we can play like that more often. that's what we're trying to get right now, what we're trying to work on. everybody realizes when we play like that it's fun for everybody. i think we just have to kind of stay consistent with that." chris mack: "been saying it for a while, if our players shoot the ball like i know they're capable of from the three-point line this team has a chance to be really, really special." tonight's t-v lesson... kids make great t-v. now the big east... and what feels like a two team race. i'll say this - xavier is the only team a two team race. i'll say this - xavier is the only team who can catch villanova - 'nova isn't losing three times. seven games left for xavier.
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one left on the schedule. steve wojiechowski is marquette's head coach. wojo won two national championships as duke's assistant coach. wojo today said this about xavier. steve wojciechowski: "i have been on coaching staff that have been to multiple final fours. i have been on coaching staffs that have won multiple national championships. this xavier team can do it. they have great depth of talent, they're really well coached. and, they can really score and shoot." sounds of crowd cheering memphis. first half... mick said his team could be. pitiful. not ready to play. tray-shon burrell gives memphis a 12- point lead. bearcats come roaring back, surprised to see us, clark? gary clark had 15 and 14. under 2 minutes... troy caupain buries team-high 17 points. uc down one.
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collapse is on... until avery woodson hits a massive three. bearcats worst loss of the year, memphis, rpi 135, they win 63-59 hplaz vplaz 2shot jer let's talk a little bracketology... here's what lunardi and palm have to say... i'll ask joe d about xavier... right now... do they deserve to be a one seed? joe both bracketologists had uc as a 10 seed.
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how big of a hit is it? up next for x and uc... bearcats and
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road tuesday night. a road game at ucf - that's a bubble buster if they lose. xavier travels to creighton. then heads to butler on saturday, that game is on fox19 now. no - uk is on fox19 now - now. no alex poythress today - tweaked a knee in warm-ups. through all of that i talked right over jamal murray's highlight... not tyler ulis. u-k shot making today like tom cruise in cocktail. eighteen for ulis. here's why i didn't feel bad talking over jamal murray's first highlight... dude gets the rest of it. murray hit his first six threes... that's an automatic letter in horse.
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jamal murray is john calipari's first player at kentucky to score thirty- plus twice in a season. jamal murray: "i was worried about them coming back, but i was aware of my shooting and how well i was shooting. wasn't paying attention too much, was trying to stay focused." tyler ulis: "it makes it easy on us i don't have to try too score too much. just let the game come to me and feed jamal and when he's on fire i'm happy for him." one day after louisville self- imposed postseason death. senior damion lee, out with a knee injury, tossed up the opening tip. 2nd half, quentin snider lobs to chinanu onuaku, friends call him the chimney, and he's smoking. louisville played hangry!! and watch donovan mitchell here... patiently waits for the rock... and lets it fly.
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cards win it 79-47 pitino: i thought it was a very professional performance tonight to get a win. i think after a certain period of time we were emotionally drained. i know i was tearing up in the national anthem. so, it was very emotionally draining for all of us, but we got through it. lewis: you could continue in that mindset of alright we can't play in the post season, what's the point of playing. if you have that attitude about life something's going to happen, so, i don't want people feeling sorry for me anymore. big announcement at nku - norse partnering with adidas for the next five years. growing up, adidas stood for all day i dream about... silky smooth buckets. jalen billups had 20. cole murray. gets some "cole cuts." and cue the white man dance. cole had 5 triples. lavone holland, my favorite player on this year's team. kid has a high ceiling. had 12 points. nku beats a good
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courtside pass for miami and bowling green. love and honor to geovonie mcknight. didn't shoot it well - but the way we do highlights - you see the good stuff. welcome back willie moore. you know what we need? more willie. thirteen points for the aiken grad. first double digit game since christmas. what a gift. ali barnes lands the knockout punch. miami wins. let's go to high street and drink some diet cokes. redhawks by 4. 2shot bam/gfx joe when we come back... a one-time cincinnati bengal did not make the hall of fame tonight... is it a snub? i'll let the number make my argument. coming up, this guy has a few awards in his back pocket, but he's chasing a ring on sunday. we hear from one of luke kuechly's best 2shot bam/gfx
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pace are the biggest names who tonight made the hall of fame. t-o didn't. he's second all time in receiving yards... third in touchdowns. caught nine his final year of football in cincinnati. s-n-u-b. the first high school stop tonight is walnut hills. luke kuechly's little brother plays for saint x - didn't play tonight. the family left for cali this morning. my guy d-d daniels. thanks for the follow on twitter, boss. but... it's saint x up early on the big shoulders of bobby jefferson. it's fifty - aka ferrari - f-50. big bobby scored saint xavier's first nine points. but... walnut is tough to crack in the nut house. jordan henderson - good bucket. final score. walnut hills - 45. saint x - 41. friday was andrew norwell day at anderson. you know they are rooting hard for the panthers lineman on sunday. if your last name is mccallum, good chance you
10:39 pm
tonight. that's deandre. doin' it for andrew. old rivals die hard though, mcnicholas doesn't matchup on paper, nobody told cameron haynes. rockets down 4 after 3. and now, the most ridiculos play of the night... deanthony mccallum, lookin' like a headless chicken, and somehow recovers. all he can do is smile. anderson all smiles, they win... 54-48 sold out gym at taft with aiken - in the building. first look tonight at malek green. malek on fleek. kid played big tonight - scored a team high twenty- one points. but... the best player on the floor is the kid playing division i college basketball next season. carlik jones. the human form of fire emojis tonight. just a dynamite first step. that'll look good at radford next year. best player - best team in the cmac. aiken wins at taft by ten.
10:40 pm
tall order this afternoon, taking on a 2-loss cooper team. kevin listerman got his fill of this guy today, blaine walters going off on highlands. tim sullivan says, that's still not good enough! so, they go back to walters again, holy walters kronkite - draw something up to stop this kid. highlands did, then cooper goes backdoor to adam kunkel for the easy bucket. jags are now 20- and-2, winning 50-36 breast cancer awareness at thomas more. saints strong pasted no walls with thiel in town. simon clifford played like the big red dog today, had a team-high 23 points. thomas more still battling for a top spot in the conference, makes it tough when you lose one of your best players to injury. but they never lose hope, brandon horne hits the j. just wasn't enough. saints go down by 14. 2shot bam/gfx
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just an hour until it's officially super sunday... and what a quiet super bowl week. jeremy nobody said anything crazy. nobody did anything stupid. doesn't seem like a ton of hype. joe doesn't mean you aren't excited. they're pumped for these guys at anderson and saint x. david herman: "just walking around the halls i can feel a little buzz of the super bowl almost. everyone's excited - anyone's who's part of the st. x family is talking about. they're all in for carolina and, yeah, it's surreal."
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