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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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the latest radar to tell you how much you'll see when you wake up, and when it will come to an end. gearing up for a rough commute. we're live with efforts to keep your roads cleared. mall madness... and it's not the shopping kind. what officials are doing about more than 100 unruly and unsupervised teens at a local mall. speeding ticket quotas? fox 19 now new speed cameras the hours they're required to nab drivers. "i just thought in my head all these years." three local women win big against chipotle. their reaction to the stunning verdict. ball predicting the bengals as champs in 2017. sot "this is fox19 now" school closings.. delays... slick roads.. and more that's the story.. good evening - i'm steve horstmeyer here now with the
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steve cam
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eye on road conditions... and that all-important we're keeping an eye on road conditions... and that all-important morning commute. our ben katko is outside tonight... in florence. ben... what's it look like right now? right now... things are pretty good here along i-75 in this is definitely a situation where extra minutes to get where you need to go tomorrow morning. you heard steve
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expecting by way of snow showers for the next few hours and days. it's shaping up that this snow though will cut visibility and create some slick spots. anything untreated or rural has the best chance of creating some challenging situations for drivers. also... there's always that chance for a delay or cancellation. you can always get those on air or at fox19 now dot com. live in florence... ben katko... fox19 now. weather - justdownload the fox19 weather now to four-19-19... new tonight.. a man arrested in clermont county.. accused of rape - and gross sexual imposition.. this is michael workman of williamsburg... office tells fox19 now - the rape charge involves a incident back in workman is being held on a 750- thousand dollar bond. he's due in court indicted. prosecutors are
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there are more victims. right now right now... police are searching for this man- accused of robbing a bank... in northern kentucky... it happened at the b-b and t bank on dixie highway in erlanger... he's in his 20's or 30's... with a red goatee... just after four... police say he handed a note to the teller demanding cash. he then took off with an unknown amount of money.. call erlanger police if you have any information. developing now developing now - some new rules could be coming to the northgate mall after a battle... between teens on saturday. fox 19 was the only local news crew there in the aftermath and michael baldwin joins us with what some of those rule changes could be. trisha police here are going to meet with mall owners to give them some ideas about policy changes. it will be up to them if they want to do it or not. we know police met with management today
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meeting is an extra cop will be walking the beat here. could cerfews be coming to the northgate mall. maybe, then again maybe not. police plan to meet with mall owners sometime this week to discuss several different options that mall owners could consider. this after the large fight and shouting match some teens got into this past saturday. 7 people were arrested with at them like racists, pigs, and i'm going to kill you. again, its not clear if mall owners will take any of the suggestions offered by police. live in colerain township michael baldwin fox 19 now.
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new tonight... an arrest - after this drive-by shooting scene... in mt. airy.. a teenager was found with gunshot wounds after shots were fired on hill vista lane... last week... 18-year-old kemontez leonard, aka "finness" is now facing charges in the shooting... say they arrested him - after serving open warrants for aggravated robbery and leonard will face a morning. more than three were confiscated in a butler county take a look... at the stache uncovered by the butler regional narcotics taskforce - along they seized more than two pounds of mexican heroin... cocaine... a
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in cash.. the suspected drug trafficker... fairfield... taken into faces federal the drugs have a combined street thousand dollars.. right now right now- a home in loveland... looks a little different tonight... after a story you saw first on fox19 now.. this was video of the home.. with confederate flags draped from the house on west neighbors say the lot of unwanted attention... and police took notice this week when someone spray painted the word "racist" on the loveland city boils down to expression. but tonight - those removed. new information on the ongoing johnny manziel... of texas claim, the browns quarterback, hit his ex-girlfriend so hard, he ruptured her eardrum. a newspaper claims they were fighting over another
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we told you last week, how manziel is the target, of a police investigation over a fight with colleen crowley. the police report has many disturbing the dallas morning news says crowley lost her hearing. manziel has not charged. you decide 2016 you decide 2016.. we're just hours away from the first votes being cast in new hampshire... and the candidates aren't wasting any crossing the state... frankie jupiter... has been tracking where the frankie? but there are concerns tonight - voter turnout.. meanwhile - donald trump is still on the attack - with most polls for him tomorrow.. is still pouring on bringing her hoping to close the sanders - who has a commanding lead - to the polls. clinton says: "the problem with being mad is that it doesn't get you anywhere unless you've got an answer. we've gotta move from anger
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but with a huge chunk of the electorate still undecided and new hampshire voters notoriously fickle.. it's difficult to predict what will happen - when the polls open. and one thing worth mentioning.. ohio governor john kasich.. is hoping he'll make headlines tomorrow with a strong showing... he's been polling well in new hampshire- as high as second in a monmouth university poll.. a second or even third place finish tomorrow for kasich.. could breathe new life into his campaign. dissolve gfx we'll have it all covered for you tomorrow night - right here on fox19 now. live in the studio frankie jupiter fox19 now. while many of you are still talking about the big game.. some are already looking ahead to next year... who's predicting a bengals victory - coming up... and it's just not right. women... claiming discriminiation.. against chipotle... a live report.. coming up. a butler county village has made up its own speeding law-- coming up--we'll tell you how this village is doing
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record from the state. steve chroma
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fox19 now investigates.. an outlawed speed camera system is back in the tri-state tonight... well--a version of that banned system is back. in 2014--the state passed a law that got rid of unmanned speed cameras in elmwood place and new miami village. in december-- new miami p-d brought a similar speed camera back-- but this time-- there's a cop running it.
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raised major questions over the ethics of this new system. investigative reporter jody barr joins us... jody- the main questions surrounding this tonight: are towns like this making ohio's roads more dangerous--and--we found something in these records that an expert tells us--is a bona fide quota system. "i got two, both 45 in a 35." barr: "that would be ticketed?" cop: "correct." they're out everyday-- "64 in a 35." new miami village cops--busting speeders with this--. it's part radar--part ticket book. but--a driver doesn't know they're busted because these cops don't have to actually pull you over. "this is new technology...welcome to the 21st century." new miami chief dan gilbert argues--this is safer--and more efficient. since a picture of the violation is uploaded to a private company--who then issues the speeding ticket--cops don't have to risk standing on the side of the road, taking the time to write you up. "we have a huge speeding problem here in new miami and we're not
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issue." we watched this officer click off three tickets in 20 minutes--at 95 dollars a piece. barr: "people make the argument this is purely revenue-generating conduct. do you disagree with that assessment?" chief: "i absolutely disagree with that assessment...and i will continuously stand firm on it's a safety issue." although new miami is enforcing the state-mandated speed limit--the village is not using state speeding tickets. the village created its own speeding law that allows it to charge speeders under a village ordinance--forcing drivers to pay a 95 dollar fine. in exchange--the village won't report the points violation to the state--or to the speeder's insurer. "it has nothing to do with public safety." 11:37 "it's policing for profit--it's a money grab." attorney mike allen helped lead the 2014 state ban of speed cameras. in his opinion--this is a way for municipalities like this--to essentially print money. "the tax payers of the village of new miami and all tax payers
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ought to be appauled at this." "and we found something tucked into the back of this speed camera contract that mike allen argues--is a quota system. the village signed this contract, promising the speed camera owner--that a cop would spend at least 100 hours a month ticketing drivers--splitting the fines with the private camera company. a quota? you decide." "this is pure and simple a quota and this is the first time that i've ever seen it spelled out in a contract...03:31 "if that's not something that speaks to policing for profit...i don't know what is." barr: "does that constitute a quota?" hensley: "not barr: "does that constitute a quota?" hensley: "not necessarily." new miami mayor bob hensley signed the contract with the speed camera company in december. the contract shows the village is getting a second camera--and required to run both cameras at least 200 hours a month. hensley: "that's not the way the contract reads." barr: "let me read it to you." hensley:
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cameras out here and it's still 100 hours a month." barr: "it says here, each unit shall be in place and operating a minimum of 100 hours per month." hensley: "then, you ask the lawyer." "thinking people and intelligent people see this for what it's policing for's a money grab." and tonight we've learned of a major change to the new miami speed camera contract. one week after our interview with the mayor, the village took out the 100 hours a month mandate-- and signed this-- a brand new contract. this version-- tricia--does not place a mandate on how long new miami cops must run those cameras, now. what about the $95 fines-- where does that money go? two places-- the village keeps 65 percent of all fines--while the private camera company keeps 35
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under the standard ohio traffic ticket--the village would keep percent--and have to split the rest with the county under this and county get nothing. stormy weather has forced a cruise ship, to turn back to new look at this video the monster waves. forecasters say force winds also topped more than 100-miles an hour. the storm flipped over tables and the damage also included broken fixtures. this was on royal caribbean's "anthem no passengers hurt. nearly 12-hours of cruise to cape canaveral, florida, before the ship turned around for new jersey. the cruise line is giving them a full refund. live now
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let's get a check of the forecast.. with the chief. weather now steve cam
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after what could be the first postgame walk-off in super bowl history, cam newton is still getting roasted what the nation is ahead. blaring sound of your wake-up call.could this device eliminate the
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schools unveils an ambitious new plan for families craving magnet schools. see what's in the works. 3 local women win big against chipotle. what they told me tonight about what they endured. come on cam. the backlash for cam newton's fumble after the game. good evening, i'm kara sewell, getting ready for bed, and i just plugged in the
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fox19 now puts it to the test to see if there's a better way to wake up. right now right now - a live picture from bourbon street... as fat tuesday celebrations get underway... even before tuesday starts.. in new orleans. of course - lent begins wednesday - a time of fasting and sacrifice - so fat tuesday is the last chance for revelers before lent. happening right now... super bowl 50 is still buzzing tonight, and it has nothing to do with the winning team. jeremy rauch joins us now live with more. jer bam gfx it's a story that is still dominating sports talk. cam newton's walk-off performance... at the podium... after his panthers lost just their second game of the year. cam newton: "they made more plays than us and that's what it came down to. we had our opportunities. it wasn't anything special that they did. we dropped balls, turned the ball over, gave up sacks,
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more points than us. i'm done." somewhere...marvi n lewis is saying be a pro. look at the headlines here. cam is getting blown up across the country. what you need to know... this is the same cam newton we've seen, after losses, throughout his career. didn't see it much this year because carolina lost just two games. also, the broncos and panthers did postgame in the same room... denver's chris harris could be heard in the background talking about cam's poor throwing last night, right before cam walked off the podium. jer desk so, the big question coming out... is this guy a bad role model? no - athletes don't raise kids. but if he wants to
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and lose, with poise. and it's never too early to start predicting who will win next nfl season's super bowl.... right tricia? that's right- an espn staff writer is already looking into espn's crystal ball and has seen that the cincinnati bengals will be the big winners next year. check out the report.. on our website.. fox19 now dot com... in las vegas... the bengals currently have 14-1 odds to win super bowl 51... the favorites? seattle, new england and afc north rival pittsburgh are 8-1
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next year in houston... go to our facebook page and tell us what you think. now new tonight... cincinnati public steps to improve its neighborhood schools. tonight's school board meeting year expansion plan called vision 2020 was introduced. new speciality programs will be added to seven neighborhood schools in august following school year. there's high demand for a lot of our magnet schools like walnut hills and scpa but we our neighborhood elementary schools are popular choices for our parents and they fit in with that neighborhood or those community improvement strategies and priorities. some of the speciality programs include technology schools, gender based or cultural arts schools as a few examples. no specifics were unveiled as to which programs will be instituted at which schools because school adminstrators would like the
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have a hand in helping to design the changes. winter blast another blast of winter weather... and it caught a few of us off guard... but not chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer.. you called this... what's the latest? steve cam
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. federal jury found gender violating the family medical leave act. our megan o'rourke caught up with the victims after court and is live downtown tonight. the three victims were all former chipotle general of them here at the fountain square location...the other two, were in western hills and crescent springs. but, even though different restaurants...their experiences with the mexican food company...were all very much the same. behind the busy counter and bright lights...three cincinnati-area chipotle managers describe a dark and isolating work atmoshpere, that
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stemmed from a gender discriminating boss. tina sot 1= :11 "you could totally tell it was different as far as how he treated the males in our patch compared to how he was treating me and everything else in the store" from accounts of being called "too emotional" or scoring exceptionally high on audits, only to be fired and replaced by male counterparts with lower performing scores... stephanie sot 2= :13 "i just thought in my head all these years that i tried so hard to get somewhere and he was allowed to stay...he was still 2 and a half 3 years later still employed with chipotle" stephanie ochoa, tina reynolds, and elizabeth rogers all say they were targeted and terminated unfairly. rogers say she was singled out after a difficult maternity leave. elizabeth sot 1= :08 "essentially as soon as i came back it was a lot of hostility and a much different environment than when i left" today, a federal grand jury agreed
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chipotle, and the women's former supervisor, guilty of violating federal gender discrimination laws. something their attorney says is sadly still a problem in today's world... kelly sot 3= :11 "and it's just not right. it's not right that someone who is doing the best job they can, the same job as their peers can be terminated just because they are a woman" each of the woman were awarded one hundred and 80 thousand dollars in lost wages and punitive damages. there are still 2 more former female employees who filed suit against chiptole. their trial starts in april. rl mo fox19 now. as your head hits the pillow tonight - are you already dreading the alarm and that jolt out of bed? morning anchor rob williams has more on the "wake up clock" which promises to get us up more gently. it sure doesn't look like a traditional alarm clock and it's not. it simulates
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up easier? my colleague and fellow early-riser kara sewell and i both tested it out. ah, mornings...the start of another day. and for many of us, it wouldn't be morning without this obnoxious sound... but what if you could slowly, gently get up with the sunrise, no matter what time it is? dawn simulators or "wake-up clocks" are supposed to do just that, by gradually increasing light during the last 30 minutes of sleep. "i don't know if that's possible with me because getting up at 2:15 is always hard." that's my weekday wake-up time. my co-anchor kara sewell and i wake you up every morning which means we're jolted out of bed in the middle of the night. would the clock work for us? we both took it home and tried it out. "good evening everybody, kara sewell here. and i just plugged in the
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"i'm gonna set my i phone cuz i don't know if this is gonna get out of bed at 2:15 in the morning." "i have two alarms set, one at 2 o'clock and one at 2:15. "white flash to kara selfie @ :48 "so i will let you know, i'll see you in the morning, have a great night." the results of our experiment in a minute... "as a country we know we are all sleep deprived." dr. sanjiv patel san-jeev puh-tell is a mercy heath sleep medicine specialist. at the mercy heath fairfield hospital sleep center he treats patients with sleep apnea, insomnia and like many of us, unsatisfying sleep. he says it's unclear if wake-up clocks improve sleep, but research has shown light simulators help with seasonal affective disorder. "but definitely, bright light therapy has been shown to help with our circadian rhythm." so what happened with kara and i -- were we late for work? "i just woke up less than a minute ago and the alarm did wake me up.' "this video is not
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it's 2 o'clock in the morning, but look what woke me up, "so it worked, and you can see the dog got woken up well, so we're gonna get ready to "but i still think i need something a little more maybe i ca n get them to add this to the light. rob williams, fox19 now. we found the philips wake-up light for about 120-bucks online. and all day - we've been asking... how many times do you hit the snooze button? most of you say - 1-4 times... this clock could be your answer.. how old is old enough to smoke? a new poll.... over the legal smoking age in kentucky..
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trouble? where u-c lands in plus- xavier historic rise. muskies coming up with jeremy rauch. the woman accused of a hit february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each.
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brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor
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bond tonight. 36-year-old...ruby estepp ee-step is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving under suspension following thursday's accident. 11-year-old... london smith was walking home from school and in the crosswalk on glenway near winfield when police say estepp struck the little girl. london suffered several injuries including torn ligaments in her knee, a broken bone in her face. the girl's mother and the suspect's father both spoke with fox19 now... 5rebecca "she's still scared. she sleeps in my bed every night and she's still scared to go outside because she's says she's scared that she might
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father of the suspect who said he wanted to tell the family sorry. rebecca thomas says estepp's bond was too low for the severity of the crime she's accused of committing. meanwhile... little london will see her doctor on wednesday to find out if she'll need surgery on her knee. developing now -- developing now in kentucky.. a new poll is putting the legal smoking age in kentucky ... into question .. the kentucky heath issues poll indicates.. a majority of adults support an increase to the legal age to buy tobacco products.. from 18 to 21. however, opinions are spilt when it comes to increasing the state taxes on cigarettes by 1 dollar per pack. currently, hawaii is the only state where the legal smoking age is 21. live wx tease
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steve gfx
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college, most of us would take our vitamins... and go home with a d. walk to bam thankfully they have experts to break it down. lunardi and jerry palm are saying tonight. as a one-seed or two-seed, both have xavier playing their opening rounds in that's the best uc is now one of the last 4 in
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lunardi says uc is among the first 4 out. we are still a month from the tournament... but it has been a banner season for xavier. they are now number four in the coaches poll, that's a program record. and, x is back up to number five in the ap. nine straight weeks in the top ten means the muskies are doing something right... coach mack calls it a self-less approach. chris mack: "they say it's very difficult to keep everybody happy and i don't think you can, but i think if you have kids with very high character that sacrificing for something a little bit bigger than themselves, that's been a strength of ours and we have to recognize that and continue to believe that and promote that despite the outside myles davis: "the connection on this team is strong. it started early when we realized how good of a team we are once all of us are good, you know."
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this around, villanova is the new number one, could be a top four showdown at cintas in 16 days. x is at creighton on big tuesday. uc travels to orlando. ohio state and uk are both at home. jer bam gfx when we come back... odds are... bengals won't win it next year... according to vegas. and, franklin product luke kennard and the dukies host the ville... highlights next. jer hplaz gfx a staff writer at espn is picking the
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bengals to win super bowl 51 in houston. vegas... is not... get in line behind the patriots, steelers, and panthers. that's 14 to one odds for cincinnati. 13th ranked louisville still with hopes of a regular season acc title. fist bumps for all. luke kennard - franklin product. this is the gospel, according to luke. he testifies with two triples. would finish with 11 points on a duke team fighting for a spot in the big dance. the cards made duke squirm. quentin snider - bucket and the foul. cards up one with 6 to play. but duke would finish the game on a 15-7 run
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tricia 4-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours.. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on goodnight. sot "announcer: now with the fox19 mobile app, you'll never be without fox19 news. from to text and email alerts for breaking news and weather. it's all right here in the palm of your hand." toyota billboard here in the palm of your hand." broken and dead babies.. toddlers
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