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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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into a shooting just a few hours ago. good evening, i'm tricia macke. it happened near the intersection of maple and locust streets in lockland. that's where mike schell is live.. and mike... police say the homeowner is the one who pulled the trigger right? rollcue to vo="... over an hour ago" "a guy just tried to come in here and cut my throat and he's down on the floor." rollcue to sot = "well liked in the neighborhood"
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everybody knows him. if you needed a cigarete or something like that or some change, you know, he was a good guy. he does things for a lot of people."
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also breaking now... the cincinnati reds have confirmed that former manager lou piniella will be the grand marshal of this year's opening day parade! the team just named him front office consultant earlier this month. this will be the 97th year of the findlay market parade. right now animation right now 2 sixth graders are facing serious charges... after police say they used facebook to issue a bomb threat on their school! fox19 now's shawn has the story. shawn lanier: "well
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say they found the two 12-year-old girls at the center of this bomb threat which was made because they simply wanted another day off school. that threat had a lot of parents scared and confused. mike hauser: "around 7:15 the school called, me and my wife, both phones rang and they said they were cancelling school today because they had a threat." a sudden change in plans because of a bomb threat. every parent that had a child at dayton kentucky independent schools was on edge. mike hauser: "you're scared. i mean you don't want you kids in that situation. parents say they were relieved, but only wanted one thing. mike hauser: i'm glad they made the decision not to have school, they should have notified eariler." the district's superintendent says there was a reason. jay brewer: "when all possible have school." police and school officials say they knew who made the bomb threat, they just had to locate them. jay brewer: "it was our belief that we could have school today because the individual would be in custody." now two girls face felonies. dayton's police chief says the girls
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remorse. "they pretty much elxplained that 'hey wouldn't it be nice to get another day off let's call in a bomb threat." now they'll have more time away from school as they sit in the campbell county juvenile justice center. shawn lanier: "dayton's police chief says all school activities will resume tonight expect senior night for the girls' basketball team. reporting in dayton, ky shawn lanier fox19 now." first on fox19 now animation we've got an update on a story you heard first on fox19 now... a butler county judge has ruled that west chester officials had no legal grounds to strip the license from a potential swingers club. this was the site of what would have been the champagne club on commercial drive. you may remember that when plans were announced to build the club... some residents in west chester spoke out against it... leading to the township pulling the license..... on the grounds that one of the owners had a previous trespassing charge. with today's ruling... the operators hope to
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developing now animation 15 people are charges as part of a local gun crackdown. this afternoon u-s attorney carter stewart announced that the indictments are tied to an anti-violence finding repeat in gun violence. partnership state and local agencies. a local radio personality and lawyer is now facing drug charges for an month. according to court documents... lisa wells, known for her work on 700 w-l-w... was arrested on january 25th after ohio state troopers spotted her driving erratically on 75 in miami county. when they pulled her over, officers say they spotted various pills on her seat... sparking a search that later found prescription pills in the car. she was later released, now charged with o-v-i and drug possession. we now know the name of the victim killed in an early morning house fire
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it happened at a home on olympia drive around 1-15 this morning. investigators say 70-year old roma hunt was found dead in her bedroom... after the home had partially collapsed because of the damage. they say she was the only person living in the home at the time.... and likely died from smoke inhalation. no word yet on an official cause. and still no word on what caused the fatal fire in springfield township yesterday. investigators say david oldham was found dead.. after his home on timbermill court caught fire around 9 a-m. crews battled flames for nearly 2 hours until they were able to get it under control. the springfield township fire department is working with county investigators to pinpoint the cause. "the rabbit hash general store is on fire? yes. like a historical building." butted to "it just started it just caught on fire..."
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released today involving the rabbit hash general store fire.. over the weekend. we were on scene flames broke out. ruling out arson, but say they'll likely never know because of the extensive damage. more than $40- thousand dollars has been raised to help re-build the historic site. are body cameras on the way to the cincinnati police department.... the chief says yes! hear when you could start seeing them roll out next... and a valentines day abduction ends with two suspects on the loose! we've got more on a bizarre case... after the break. steve wx desk you're watching fox19 now at 6:30 in high definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change
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cincinnati police step closer to getting body cameras. today chief eliot isaac gave a presentation at city hall... updating council on the progress. footage from an 2014. the department is trying out 2 different systems... and the first phase of testing, should start later this month in district 3. they hope to make a decision on which system to use by may, and body cameras should start being deployed in july. by the end of the year... department officials say those body cameras should be fully deployed to 700 officers across all districts. "we're keeping in mind our need to be transparent and to be accountable. we're voluntarily wanting to be transparent in this process in any actions
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undertaking i think that's the expectation. city manager harry black says when it's getting the body cameras will cost the city about $2- point-7 million dollars. the boone county sheriff's office tonight... finding 2 suspects in a valentine's day take a look. these two near c-v-g, threatened to kill him, and forced him to take money out of various a-t-m's nearby. eventually the victim's card was seized by a machine.. that's when the two allegedly assualted him and kicked him out of the car! if you have any idea who these two might be... call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040. odds are... you've heard about it. maybe even seen it in person. the infamous zombie nativity scene in sycamore township. but did all the
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finally die? we'll tell you next.... and let's give you a live look outside... the weird weather is gonna stick around! steve's got the latest on a big warmup next. more local news
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now... this controversial zombie nativity township... is finally over! dixon confirmed today that sycamore township misdemeanor charges against his scene this morning. dixon was facing a series of zoning violations that could have cost him more than $13- thousand dollars. in a statement, a township administrator says the case wasn't worth fighting anymore. when it went up season... the township claimed the roof was too series of other filed. hopes to have the display up even
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if you didn't know... tonight is the deadline to get registered for the upcoming ohio presidential primary on march 15th. the board of elections office downtown will be open until 9-o- clock tonight to take in your registration forms. if you plan on mailing yours in, it has to be postmarked by today's date. early voting in ohio begins tomorrow. as the water crisis in flint michigan continues... a group of local students in harrison are stepping in to help. this was the scene at william henry harrison junior school today for their water drive! the event was organized by a junior leadership group with the goal of collecting 4-thousand cases. everything was loaded into a truck donated by the j-t-m food group... and it's expected to head off to flint early tomorrow morning. over the last year... the topic of mass shootings has been one of the most debated issues... happening at work, school...even in the most sacred of places... church.
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violence has church leaders and parishioners considering arming themselves for sunday service. in ohio a gun owner with a concealed carry permit could be charged with a felony for bringing their weapon to a place of worship. but there is one exception to the law. "we have the right to say yes or no."you cannot be nave today." so who's packing heat and are they sitting on the pew next to you? tonight at 10 should the god- fearing... also be gun-toting? how tri-state religious leaders are dealing with the threat of violence. here's a look at what else we're working on for tonight at 10. a 14-year old basketball player goes for a loose ball.. and ends up.. stuck! we'll explain how the freak accident happened. new i-phone will be out in less than 30 but there's a great few months to that storyat ten. tonight on fox, episodes of new grandfathered
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9. back here at 10. weather now animation weather... closings and delays to pass along for lewis county schools are closed. mason county schools are on a two hour delay. and steve... the rollercoaster we have a warm up on the way? cloud cover will hang tough this afternoon and as a weak system passes by you may see a flake or sprinkle but there is nothing in the forecast to negatively impact your homebound commute. the ground is wet, snow covered and cold. meteorologists call this a "thermal sink" meaning that any heat that comes our way will be partially used to melt the snow, evaporate soil moisture and warm the ground - in addition to - warming the air. so as southerly winds come our way it is difficult to warm the air because the newly arriving heat used for several purposes. nevertheless models has high temps reaching the 60s saturday. a special night for the norse. what's going on
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joe d is on campus next. sot "sports animation" joe danneman:
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season for the norse. yeah - it's already senior night - one of the first teams in the country to play their final home game this season. there are five seniors on the team - all five will be honored before tonight's game."
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me before the game because i don't want to be all teary-eyed. i'm just grateful to be at this point in my life that i can play in front of the fans here one more time." jake giesler: "it tops it all off. a lot of hours in the gym. a lot of hours running. doing all the extra stuff and it's just a good way to celebrate it all with my seniors." tyler white: "especially since it's our last home game. we're going to come out with a lot of energy i feel." joe danneman: "this isn't the end of this season. nku plays its final three regular season games on the road before the conference tournament. at nku - joe danneman fox19 now." air... the news doesn't stop. here's a look at what's trending right now on our digital platforms. did you watch the grammy's? a lot of people are saying taylor swift took a shot at kanye west! we've got that controversy. and in kentucky... a snowball standoff between police and a toddler ends in a pretty cute way...
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yourself. you react if you for some people near toledo... it was a reality! all those stories are live now on fox19 now dot com. we hear about police chases every day here in the newsroom... but never something like this. you're looking at a chase in florida... involving a stolen back-hoe! police say a 59-year from a construction side... then led officers on a chase that lasted nearly an hour and a half.... even going across a 7 mile bridge! when it all ended, with five felony charges. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget wheel of fortune and jeopardy are next!!! announcer: fox19 now never stops. take us with you wherever you and
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some local taxpayers made a big statement this week. they fought their local school board...and they won! on monday night, switzerland county indiana residents packed a school board meeting. they had a petition demanding change...or they wanted certain board members to resign! this all came about after a fox 19 now investigation revealed...four board members voted themselves a health, dental and vision plan for $1 a year. three board members voted against the policy and refused to take the health benefits. turns out...this has been going on for some time. records show that since 2011, the district spent almost 486 thousand dollars on health benefits
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members. to make matters worse...teachers in that more than $10 thousand a year for their health insurance! so what happens now? the board voted...unanimously end the $1 health care coverage...but not until 2017. consider this, the community spoke...residents were fed up and they did something about it. it's up to monitor our elected officials....and hold them accountable. school boards should be concerned about our schools, teachers and students...not their cushy perks. spring training starts tomorrow...
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at sea... and on shore... america's game is celebrating disney vacations, starting now. "wheel of fortune"! [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, of america's game -- pat sajak and vanna white. [ cheers and applause ] hey, there. hey, folks.
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