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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 22, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm EST

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reaction is pouring in tonight after a group claiming to be the activist organization "anonymous".. releases this video that could put the safety of cincinnati police officers at risk. developing now first... developing now... a driver dead.. an infant thrown from the vehicle.. and at least one other person... fighting for their lives tonight. good evening i'm tricia macke. it happened late 275 east... in kentucky... near the combs-hehl bridge. let's get right to fox19 now's ben katko live on the over in that area all the time...
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katko remote traffic is moving just a bit here across the combs hehl bridge toward coney island right now. we are high above the accident right now... as police are still piecing it all together. this happened around 3 this afternoon. we are just learning from police that they think the driver may have been on drugs and speeding leading to the crash. officers also tell us they found needles in the car. take a look at the devastation in this video. the driver is dead. as for the other passengers... including a small child who was thrown from the car while strapped in a car seat... they are still alive right now. we have learned that the infant involved is a 7- month old... who is critical right now. police say the driver lost control... went off the road... and the car started flipping and rolling. "the vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed appeared to go off the right-hand shoulder of the road where this gravel rip rap we have, and got caught up in it, started flipping. it
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was thrown from the vehicle." police told us that driver looked to have "track marks" in their arm. again, they say they also found needles at the scene. katko remote no one has been identified... and there's no telling how long this will be backed up. if you need to go eastbound on 275 through here... you're advised to find another way around. live tonight... ben katko... fox19 now. now to the story we broke last night... a person claiming to be from the group "anonymous"... announcing in a video that the group has obtained.. and released the personal information of dozens of cincinnati police officers. our live, team coverage right now includes the video... its claims... and the response to the release of that information. plus clarity on their claims. mike schell kicks things off live where cincinnati police just happen to be getting public input on crime... mike you're in
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schell remote mayor john cranley is holding a town hall meeting of sorts in order to get input from the community on how to reduce crime and shootings in cincinnati. the mayor also had some stern words today for the hacker group that published police officers' personal information. 1nat music the video that was posted to you-tube opens up with apocalypic music before going into the message the hacker group anonymous.. wants to send. their spokesman... a masked man with a digitally altered voice. 1anon "the following clip you about to see are three seperate cell phone clips of cincinnati police department murdering a black man named paul gaston while he held his hands up." paul gaston was shot and killed by cincinnati police officers in cheviot last week when, according to police, he reached into his waistband to grab a bb gun while officers tried to place him under arrest.. 2anon "we a have a message to the cincinnati police department but to every law enforcement officer. when you murder a human being when you have other choices of containing your suspect available,
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officers information public record." 1mayor
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upset, that's absolutely the last thing i'm prepared to give them." 4anon "cincinnati police department, you should have expected this." 5dan "are we going to let some hackers on the fringe of the community take us in a different direction? my answer to that is 'no" 3 mayor "i also believe that our officers and our police department and our city is big enough to not let this stop us from doing our job." schell remote at last check of websites and social media....we have found that all the personal information of cincinnati police officers...including chief eliot isaac has been taken down... mayor cranley also said today that this is a perfect example of how body cameras on his officers would have set the record straight. reporting live from college hill...mike schell...fox19 now we also want to provide some clarity to another claim that was made in that video. the person in the video claims there were actually 2 incidents involving the cincinnati police department last week.. - the shooting of paul gaston.. and the non shooting of a white suspect. the person says that proves a double-standard. fox19 now's shawn lanier is in the newsroom.. and shawn... this isn't exactly true. shawn lanier: "those two incidents did not even involve the same police department. the one involving the white suspect actually happened in mount healthy.. and as you're about to see from this video.. the scenarios
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is that a real gun. mount healthy police provided fox19 now with body camera footage from the incident that involved that department.. and this man christopher laugle... take a listen to how police interacted with laugle after they asked if the gun on the table inside the home was real or fake. it's a fake gun you guys. shown here.. the officer then grabs laugle's arm. don't put it in my face. that's the other officer talking... referring to "it"... as the fake gun. a struggle then follows. vince demasi: "it's a totally different situation than the police officers from cincinnati." not according to the group claiming to be "anonymous". they believed the cincinnati police handled the incident with paul gaston and christopher laugle. vince demasi: "we were never contacted." in fact... mt. healthy
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connection had been made... until we brought it to his attention. vince demasi: " to endanger their families and to endanger them in such a manner to me is callous and irresponsible." shawn lanier: "the group's message about a double-standard actually showed up two days after this headline in the new york daily news... which leads demasi to wonder if that's where "anonymous" got its false information in the first place. in the newsroom shawn lanier fox19 now. we will continue to provide clarity on this story as it develops.. on all of our platforms. we also have the full video of both incidents... the cincinnati and mount healthy police chiefs' explanation of those respective incidents... and the video the group claiming to be anonymous posted. all of it.. on what do you get when you put together 150 pounds of weed... money... and guns? you get arrested. we'll tell you about this major bust.. next. plus.. nats of sirens a high speed chase ends with a car
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what happened steve.. steve cam 4 you're watching fox19 definition, sponsored by performance toyota: always home of the $24.99 oil change crews are on the scene of a crash in
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scene of a crash in colerain township on pippin road all people in that crash have been freed from their cars and taken to the hospital. we will keep you updated as we learn more information. right now.. a major crime bust. a common denominator in a sting of violent crimes has led to multiple arrests and $150k worth of drugs taken off
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according to the cincinnati police department during a late afternoon news conference, an investigation surrounding a group of local rap artists led to the arrest of their self proclaimed c- e-o. "they're all rap artists, they all have an association with fdd.that's basically what drew our attention to them, was that commonality." jerry black.. the leader of the group "f-d-d" or "focus discipline & dedication", was arrested during a traffic stop and search warrant on friday. police then recovered 152 pounds of marijuana, 142 thousand in cash and 3 guns. multiple other arrests have been made in connection to this investigation. an ambulance ends up at the wrong end of a police chase. we'll show you the video next. plus... and many women who left their kitchens to out and go door to door and to put yard signs up for me, all the way back when you know, things
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kasich's "kitchens" comment. tricia roof cam and as we look live... get ready for rain... lots and lots of rain... plus.. snow?? the chief is in next with a look at what's gonna affect you... when.
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state highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash involving a school bus. the incident happened this morning in sardinia on state route 321 when police say 54- year old helen dean rear ended the school bus. six students on the bus headed to white oak high school had minor injuries, while dean died at the scene. according to police, dean is legally blind and had not had a driver's license since 1995. the crash remains under investigation.
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are searching for a man they say robbed this us bank.... with a plastic bag on his head! cincinnati police tweeted out survallance photos of the guy.... take a look... police say this man held up the bank on ludlow avenue. then fled on foot toward whitfield avenue. he's described as being in his late 20's.. between 5'10 and 6 feet and 200 pounds. wearing an orange jacket, black hoodie and khaki pants. if you have any information call crime stoppers 513-352-3040. the hamilton county commissioners have filed a lawsuit against the city... concerning the city's operation of the metropolitan sewer district. now, under a 2014 order, the city of cincinnati is required to operate m-s-d under hamilton county's direction. but the county says the city showed quote.. "flagrant disregard".. by among other things... failing to provide oversight over at least 680
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a news conference independent those allegations... cranley addressed today's lawsuit. "i think it is not a good use of taxpayer ratepayer resources te be litigating when we can negotiate any issues between the city and the county." now the independent investigation headed by bill moeller and jim getz, is expected to take three months. now newsroom, camera footage from a middletown high speed chace in december. check it out... ohio state patrol troopers were chasing an erratic driver, 27-year-old daniel jones, on roosevelt boulevard when the car. going 100 miles per hour.. hit an ambulance! two paramedics and the patients were sent to the hospital. police arrested jones after he fled into a wooded area. jones was charged with fleeing and eluding, illegal
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governor john kasich is in hot water after comments he made during a campaign stop in virginia. kasich said he had a lot of female support in his previous campaigns... and told the crowd that women "left their kitchens" for him -- during his state senate race in 1978. take a listen.. "how did i get elected? nobody, i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who, and many women who left their kitchens to out and go door to door and to put yard signs up for me, all the way back when you know, things were different." one of kasich's supporters made it clear she wasn't happy with the way he said it. saying that she would support him, but she stressed be "coming out of so. with the tri-state's chief
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steve horstmeyer.. forecast
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dramatic series finale of the x-files .. at nine.. before fox19 now at ten. tonight's a big night for fans of agents mulder and scully. and what you might not know ohio is home to some u-f-o sightings straight out of the series. it's been rumored for decades that wright patterson air force base in dayton is home to the alien spacecraft remains. now -- the recent release of thousands of declassified documents sheds light on ohio's connection to ufos. coming up on the 10 o'clock news -- see top secret reports from the c-i-a, hear from a u-f-o researcher about ohio sightings. the truth is out there.tonight at 10. betsy ross is in tonight... betsy.. a big game comin' for xavier... betsy it's coming up on wednesday, the first time a number one team will visit cintas as villanova
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talks about his team, coming up in sports. sot "sports animation" bets cam hello everyone i'm
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on breaking news
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a live look at the crash we told you about earlier in the show on pippin road. the crash involves a pick-up truck and car. people were cut from the vehicle and are at the hospital. we will keep you updated as we learn more information. sot "sports animation" bets cam hello everyone i'm betsy ross, a quiet day today around reds camp in arizona...all 62 players are expected to be in camp by the scheduled tuesday deadline..and we're expecting to hear from pitcher homer bailey tomorrow as well. sports director joe danneman is winging his way to goodyear right now, he'll have reports for us from arizona, starting tuesday. and how's this for a matchup wednesday night? number 5 xavier, moving up today in the polls, facing top ranked villanova at the cintas center. it's the first time a number 1 team will visit cintas. coach chris mack says his team works together for its success. runs :21 out" watch us play." "i think we're a very deep team. we have guys who are the 9th, 10th, man, who
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places and play more, it's part of there's a togetherness, an understanding that we're in this together and to for much more than just ourselves, that's when you watch us play." bets oc and baseball's commish says mlb is close to announcement on two of three domestic violence aroldis chapman. tonight at 10. the news doesn't stop when we go off the air... on facebook... duke energy is getting backlash after donating 25- grand to the rabbit hash general store... the reason why, might surprise you.. and on fox19 now dot com... find out if you live in one of kentucky's smartest towns? and starbucks has changed its rewards program.... but, now you might not get as many freebies. those stories and more are now live online. we will see you tonight at ten.... don't forget
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