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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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disney-abc domestic television] this morning on "today's take," star-studded. many of the celebrities who visited us in 2015. plus, we'll go spanning the year for the wildest and whackiest sports bloopers, and a tweet 16 simple dessert hacks to guguantee a delicious new year's eve. all that coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a i i rockefeller plaza. >> i love you, mom. >> we love you, mom. >> mrs. daly. >> love. >> you good morning. wednesday morning. december 30th, 2015. natalie morales along with dylan and a rare appearance by mr. carson daly. >> thank you ladies.
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>> thanks for sticking around with us. >> the previous hour ends and we were eating cookies from hedy goldsmith. >> i cannot put down. these rin sane. >> every employ at nbc is upstairs in the kitchen in line waiting. >> no one is running the show right now. >> the picked this song "work this body" by walk the moon after the way we've been eating, have bacon coming up and buttered coffee and junk in the trunk cookies. >> really good. >> so many people have had monday, january 4th in their minds and on their calendars, objectioiothat you will holiday, and rolled into the office parties and the family meals. >> like a month and a half of straight eating. >> and then i'll work this off. always great to have you. >> thanks. >> can we say congratulations one more time because i know you haven't heard it enough on your marriage to siri. we just love her around here. she's a member of our family too. >> boast you were glowing in the picture.
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pictures on instagram and i love every new picture. >> show was glowing and i was sweating. >> yes, i appreciate that. >> you guys have been together for a very long time. has it changed. do you feel i'm a married man now? >> finally we got a charges you know, to have the sacrament of marriage be a part of our lives. got mayor i'd in our catholic church which was an important detail for us. yeah. >> talked about this day for a long time, been together ten years and know that we've done this the new normal, three beautiful kids but to us as i've always said the goal is to be a family and beogether forever. >> you've been a family. >> at a time when that doesn't seem to be happening as often as it used to. >> sure. >> we did things a little backwards and it's working for us and we've been very blessed. >> everybody has their own version of love. >> happens in different ways. >> and our parents and grandparents and the benefit that have was our kids, you know, jackson, my 6-year-old was
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and it was great. >> the whip and nae-nae afterwards. >> they did that. they were asleep. night. are you prepared for your new year's duties. >> 17 years. >> i think back to my time at mtv and starting doing their new year's eve show, did it every year until i came to nbc. took one year off and did it for 17 years. a great night and obviously a great tradition. i've always felt safe in times square, an issue now in the news. there at y 2 k. guarantee the law enforcement in this city, as mayor de blasio said on tuesday, times square will be the safest place to be. >> i believe that, yeah. >> a great show, it's fun. so hope you tune? >> you've got i think that's blake -- gwen is one of your guests. >> buy one, get the over. i don't know where they are at these days.
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>> yeah, we have the great. gwen stefani. i don't know if blake will be in tow. every day is new year's eve when you work with blake shelton. >> i would think. >> andy cohen. >> ever wondering what's in the starbucks cup on "the voice" it's not coffee. it's new year's eve. >> keeps it more livelily. >> right before your show, kathie lee and hoda kick off the special, the party gets started with a toast to 2015 at 8:00 p.m. and a lot of us are featured on that show. >> that's always fun to watch. we watch that in the hotel room getting ready for the live show. from 8:00 p.m. to the ball drop at 12:30 there's really great stuff on nbc >> you look back at the year that was and all the crazy viral videos that captured our attention like pizza rat. >> what are you guys going to do? >> something you forget about during the year and they recap everything. >> i got married, that's right, i forgot. >> that's sglig what are you going to do on new year's eve? >> small little dinner party at my house and just hosting with neighbors a a my kids will keep
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>> mom, wake up. it's only 9:00. >> you slept through "star wars." the only human being hey live who literally fell asleep. >> dylan fell a little bit asleep. >> i ate a steak this big before we went to "star wars" sglars what are you doing in. >> supposed to go to a restaurant that has a great time for the regulars and i walked by the restaurant and it's closed. >> that's not good. >> i guess there was a landlord dispute which happens in new york, so, yeah, i guess we're back to staying home. >> come on over. >> i hear you're having a party. >> the more the merrier. it will be fun. >> in times square with an estimated 1 million people who will ring in 2016. if you've never been to times square before, it's kind of a collection of, you know, the big restaurants, the bigger version of the olive garden, bigger version of red lobster. >> ruby tuesday's, and the amount of money if you want to go to these restaurants for newyear, hundreds of dollars. olive garden, $400. >> you're basically paying for the access to get into.
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>> and i feel like you're going to get that seat that may you don't even get the view but there's a bathroom. >> a bathroom. >> that's it. >> once you're in dependsthe pens you can't get out to go to the pens. >> screening, no bags, whole thing and a secondary screening and pen you in 65 different pens and wand and waved and can't move and people there at noon so you wonder how people are going potty. >> making reservations. >> you pay $400 at the red lobster sounds pretty good. >> red lobster is $349 and does include a five-hour open bar. >> that's great. i could drink that no problem. >> andnd ruby tuesday has a couple's table for a bargain, $1,700. >> wow. >> what do you get with that? >> all you can eat shrimp. >> the long conversation you've been avoiding all year.
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>> 800 bucks a seat. let's talk about your family. >> if you're not going out, netflix did this last year, they have the countdown for kids. >> i like this. >> the countdown that can start really at any time of night. >> i'm going to need this for sure. >> natalie, turn this on at 8:30. >> they are just short video, like five minutes. >> basically allows your kid to stay up for the ball drop but not really getting the ball drop. >> i think it's fun to stay up. one night. >> one of my favorite new year's we celebrated in vail, at 10:00 p.m., counted down and then we went to bed. >> were the kids okay. >> got to celebrate. >> you know what, we watched the ball drop in new york and when that happens to me it's on new york time. >> there you go. >> do you guys have your resolutions planned? >> well, you know, i think it's one that i change it daily, but i think the idea of being more
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just -- just enjoying the moment. we heard in the last hour some parents talking about the things they wanted to do more with their kids. like what the mom said about just remembering to have fun. sometimes we get caught in the trop of i've got to get them to soccer. it should be fun. having time with your kids is a joy. >> how about you? >> well, you know, i get busy with all the work that i've got with "the voice" and the year gets busy. my resolution is really to eat and drink a little more actually. >> to get through it all. >> try to work out a little less. >> if you need some advice. >> i'll go the other way. >> i like your resolutions. >> if you need some kind of things to get you started on your resolutions pop sugar has a list of easy resolutions, don't have to be elaborate big deals. like what, stretch while watching tv. >> i can touch my toes. >> stretch while watching. >> give someone you don't know a compliment. >> that's a good one.
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compliment. if somebody says something nice to me, i'm like, no, you're crazy. >> blue looks beautiful on you. >> no, i look better in green. >> just say thank you. >> no, in your case it might be weird. >> is that a back-handed compliment. >> i will say thank you. >> there you go. >> another one. reconnect with an old friend, off of facebook. >> good. >> and that was up of my resolutions this year is to pick up my phone and call my brothers who live out west and not like something on instagram or comment on something or send a text. actually pick up the phone and call them. i feel like we don't't do that enough. >> nobody does. >> another one. do squats while you brush your teeth. >> i like this. >> that's insane. >> i feel like the toothpaste just runs down your arm. >> how does this workers actly? >> yeah. >> 52 on this list. i could go through all of them. when you're cold, don't turn up the heat do ten push-ups insgled
10:10 am
temperature up in that. >> you're not liking of that. >> i'm just thinking of something, i'm thinking of bacon, hold on, bacon. who doesn't lost sound of bacon. do you hear? >> i'm not crazy, i heard it. >> did you see this little kid's reaction, easton. >> priceless. >> this young man tasted bacon for the very first time and has the same exact look every time we h he it. >> is that good? >> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> i'm right here. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon! >> there's your viral video right there. >> what is it about bacon that
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>> everything in here. here's some delicious bacon for you guys. >> hall, i think we got you some bacon. al is out in pasadena, california, getting ready for the rose parade. >> is that your reaction when you taste bacon every time, al, euphoria in. >> every time. >> bacon! i think that's going to replace the begging strips dog. i'd get it myself but i don't have numbers. >> bacon, bacon, bacon. >> awesome. you're there for the tournamench of roses parade. >> after everybody watches carson for the new year's eve, hoda and i will be doing the 127th tournament of roses parade. this is the western assets float. this thing is gorgeous. i mean, that's unbelievable. friday live 11:00 a.m. eastern time and 8:00 a.m. pacific and look at this thing. i mean, it's just beautiful. it's let your imagination run wile. it is fantastic. all tolled with all the folds,
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hours to put all the flora and fauna on this. look at this raccoon. i mean, the detail, poppy seed and all this -- this is all plant. it's really amazing stuff. so let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we have been talking about flooding in the mississippi. this is the flood stages. st. louis is going to come close to a record crest. they may tie it in chester and cape girardio as well. the good news, rain will be stopping. look at this. it will crest tomorrow in st. louis at about 43 feet. major flood stage is at 40 and it will take really until monday until it gets to below where it should be. our new record rainfall amount for st. louis for the year, that gives you an idea of the problems they have been having with the mississippi river with all this rain. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's scattered showers and thunderstorms likely this afternoon. southwest breezes
10:13 am
and full creeks could lead to localized flooding in the region, so flood watches are out for most of the area until early thursday. the mountains will be mostly cloudy, high of 63. showers and thunderstorms are likely as well through the evening. southwest breezes at 5-9. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 48 overnight, the upstate will drop to 55. highs on thursday of 54 to 63 in the region. cooler, dryer weather moves in for new years through the first of next week. >> that's your latest weather. i've been doing this parade now for 19 years, and i tell you. >> wow. >> i never get tired of it. >> wow. >> this thing is fantastic. >> it's so beautiful. >> always amazing -- it's like bacon really. every single time you watch the parade you're in awe. >> that they can make what they make out of flowers and fauna. >> look alternate right behind you. >> and these are volunteers, al? are they trained in this or do they teach them? >> you get -- you get a lot of repeat volunteers coming in.
10:14 am
seen -- literally some of these kids grow up on these floats. it's really amazing. >> that's cool. all right, al. have fun. >> all right, buddy. well, yesterday, i don't know if you all had an opportunity to see it, i had a private reading with the long island medium theresa caputo and it was pretty emotional. we want to remind you though the season premiere on january 3rd on tlc, an she owes got a lot of celebrities who are getting readings as well. >> i saw that, read about that, you and others. >> yes. >> for those who haven't seen it without spoiling it, can you just remind us quickly of your experience. >> it was fascinating, whether you choose to believe or not believe, i mean, she tapped into a lot of things, including the loss of my mother-in-law and i had had a miscarriage years ago and some things that i haven't really talked about openly so she -- i -- >> are you the premiere? >> we just did a little reading here for the show. >> got it. >> but, yeah, anyway. coming up next, we're going to have plenty of star power as we
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10:18 am
through my phone and all of the celebrity selfies and moments on this show that we've snapped. it's like that happened? >> thanks for having me on this. this is the cool hour, right? morning. >> cheers. >> why is there never anyone in my nightclub? >> not long ago tamron was doing her "pop fix" and a figure comes out of the shadows. >> he's 21 years old, so that makes this legal. >> i took it for every 16-year-old girl out there, took that kiss and embrace it had. >> i'm down. >> people who show up, pop up during our weather segments. >> that's what's going on around the country and here's what's happening in chrissy teigen's world. >> maya rudolph. >> there's some thunder so be careful out thereto. >> thank you. >> in your noosds. >> can you put the weather up in there. >> tsunami, yeah. big swells here and it's going to clear up and al, i need help please.
10:19 am
getting to play a zombie on "the walking dead. ". >> this will be great if it doesn't come off tomorrow. >> i still have nightmares looking at that picture of me. >> the patti labelle surprise was incredible. >> oh, no! on my own once again >> mystery guest. come on out. >> yes! >> we had to pity them fools. >> yes, we did. >> thank you, al. >> all worthwhile. >> the al mind and the tamron body. >> don't laugh. >> sit right over there. >> i'm an actress and i'm full of crap, and it's early and i'm lying.
10:20 am
sheets also raps trying to dress dapperly like my friend natalie >> we've expanded our family to include some really cool folks. >> have a pan of my legs. >> good, good. >> i let everybody know the real champ is here. >> john cena is a big guy with a big heart. >> the most important part of the year so far. >> who ever thought we'd have a wwe wrestling champ. >> co-hosting our program. >> ellie and jane krakowskiy. >> not only did i co-host with ellie and allegedly but tina fey showed up, natalie, willie and tamron were not there. >> we dare take a couple days off to be with our beloved families. >> we had to hear about it every single day. >> you want to replace us with them? come on.
10:21 am
>> it was the best show ever. ha, ha, bam! >> good for you, al. >> one day invited jane to come back, and it was just the two of us. allegedly roller skated out on to the set. >> this is the jane loves willie hour. >> i think win that one. >> hello, miss tamron. >> ladies and gentlemen, prince. >> prince, good morning. >> hi, prince. >> whoa. >> good morning, all. >> oh. >> all i need is a horse. >> there we go. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> great to be seen. >> i mean, it's fantastic. >> don't i look hot. >> i'm going to do this when i'm delivering the library boar, you know. >> a lot of families that are probably cool with this. >> just give -- >> what happens now? >> oh. >> yeah! >> so much fun. >> wow. >> would have been quicker to show who wasn't on the show. >> 2016.
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10:25 am
memorable and forgettable moments in sports.
10:26 am
good morning.. it's 10:27. troopers in greenville county say they need your help finding the driver of an suv that hit and killed a man who was crossing the road. the accident happened this morning at 1:30 on u-s 25 at s-c 253. the coroner says 51-year-old ronnie follett was crossing the road when he was hit by two vehicles... one of them was an s-u-v.. that didn't stop. troopers say the suv was dark red or maroon. the rain is causing trouble on the roads across our area. this is a look at the rain from highway 29 at 85... in anderson county. troopers are reporting that several roads in greenville are flooded. they are.. boiling springs road at sugar creek road... lee vaughn road at anderson ridge road.. august road at twin springs drive.. holland road at bethel road and camden drive at piedmont highway. here's dale. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be mostly cloudy and mild, high of 65, with scattered showers and thunderstorms likely this
10:27 am
and full creeks could lead to localized flooding in the region, so flood watches are out for most of the area until early thursday. the motas will be mostly cloudy, high of 63. showers and thunderstorms are likely as well through the evening. southwest breezes at 5-9. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 48 overnight, the upstate will drop to 55. highs on thursday of 54 to 63 he region. cooler, dryer weather moves in for new years through the first of next week. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be mostly cloudy and mild, high of 65, with scattered showers and thunrstorms lely this afternoon. southst breezes5-8+. alreadsaturated grod and full creeks could lead to localized flooding in the region, so flood watches are out
10:28 am
after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate?
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taking a look . taking a look at the headlines. customers with verizon and sprint have until tomorrow to claim refunds in a settlement over so-called cramming. the company has agreed to pay a total of $158 million to consumers who were charged for unauthorized third party services for things like ring tones or hor scopes on their wireless phone bills. the sec estimates that it has affected tens of millions of americans. to file a claim they need to file it on the company's refund website by tomorrow. a new study suggests that some american heart patients are getting exposed to more radiation than patients in other countries. according to a report in jama internal medicine, researchers looked at nuclear stress tests performed on about a million americans a year to detect coronary heart disease. they found on average that
10:30 am
of radiation during the test. partly because they say u.s. labs are less likely to comply with dosing guidelines. experts say the benefits of these tests still outweigh any risks. it's the end of an era many midtown manhattan. later today the flagship toys "r" us store in times square will close its doors for the last time. the doors open in 2001 complete with that 60 foot ferris wheel. the company says it is looking for another less expensive location for their store. well, by now you've seen countless videos of people falling off their new hoverboards that they got for christmas. proof that even former heavy weight champ mike tyson is no match for the self-balancing scooters. the hover board scores the knockout here. tyson shares this video on instagram tuesday with the hash tag i'm too old for this. hurts every time. let's get a check of the weather right now. al is in pasadena ahead of the tournament of the roses parade. hello, al. >> hey, natalie. you talk about the roses. well, here they are.
10:31 am
every conceivable color and shade of rose is here. let's look at your new year's forecast, show you what's happening as far as that's concerned. we start with new year's eve day, and we are looking at some wet weather down through the mid-atlantic states, southeast. look for snow around the great lakes. new year's eve night, more rain in the southeast from leftover snowshowers around the great lakes. otherwise, fair, and then new year's day, again, wet weather, gulf coast, texas, on into the southeast. look for some snowshowers around the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country.anderson will rainy with showers and thunderstorms in the upstate today through tonight. flash flood warnings continue until 3 pm or later today for the counties highlighted in red where flooding in occurring now. southwest breezes 5-8+. already saturated ground and full creeks could lead to localized flooding in the region, so flood watches are out for most of the area until early thursday. the mountains will be mostly cloudy, high of 63. showers and thunderstorms are
10:32 am
evening. southwet brees at 5-9. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 48 overnight, the upstate will drop to 55. highs on thu >> that's it >> that's froo here where we're getting ready for the 127th rose parade. the tournament of roses parade. it will be on friday morning, nbc, starting at 11:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. pacific time. hoda joins me. guys, happy new year. we will see you friday. we will see you friday. >> happy new year, uncle al. look forward to seeing that friday morning as well. thanks for that. now the countdown is on for a sweet 16. literally justin chapel host of "food & wine" mad genius tips and back with a few new year's eve desserts and recipes that are very, very easy. >> yeah. >> let's start with the hot chocolate and whipped cream. seems like that would be good enough. >> hot chocolate alone is amazing, but we'll make it even better because we're going to make these awesome whip cream toppers. >> okay.
10:33 am
whip cream on top but we'll take our whip cream that we've made, heavy cream, confectionier's sugar. >> homemade. >> put it on a foil lined baking sheet just like this. >> okay. >> and take a very nifty spatula and spread it into an even lake, just like this, and when you get it nice and flat what you're going to do is pop this right into the freezer. i'll step right behind you here. >> almost treating it like a dough in a way. >> get it to a consistency where you can make shapes. >> check this out. >> after a couple of hours it's nice and firm. you can see that this is the side that we spread out and got it nice and hard and what you do is take the awesome little cutters and cut out shapes and get these little floaters, almost like marshmallows. >> that's awesome. >> that could just melt or stays in pretty good foam. >> it will last a little while. >> isn't that great? >> awesome, super fun.
10:34 am
now we have biscuit bowls. >> let's do it. >> using them for a sweet application, fill them with whipped cream and strawberries. everyday store bought biscuits that i'll let you open. >> see, i didn't even tell you how to do it. >> everyone knows that's how you open the biscuits and we'll take a muffin pan and invert it on to a your surface and take this non-stick spray and coat it a little bit here and do a little bit of flour. >> you're putting it upside down. >> smash it around. >> you're making a form. >> you're making a bowl, just like that. >> once you get them all down. pop them in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, 375. >> where do you learn these things? >> you know, i get around. >> that's a whole other story, justin. >> and after they come out they are beautiful little biscuit bowls. >> you have great savory vessels. >> using sweet whipped cream, strawberries on top and like a perfect dessert. >> awesome.
10:35 am
>> and then this is even better. >> very cool. >> those are presentee good. >> caramel sauce that we're making in the microwave. normally you do this on the stove top, it's really difficult and dangerous. what we'll do is in the microwave, easier and safer. we've got some sugar and adding some light corn syrup and a little bit of water to get it going and you'll mix it really well. >> how long? >> knife to seven minutes, and when it just starts to turn color it will look like this. whisk in softened butter. >> that easy to make caramel. >> very easy. >> looks good. >> all right. >> got about 30 seconds. let's go down to the cake. decorating a cake using sprinkles and cookie cutters. put it on top and take your little sprinkles with the spoon, use that as a little guide. >> kids you the star shape. >> and when you take it off. >> you get a little star. >> wow, look at that. great ideas. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> get back to that ice groom.
10:36 am
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10:40 am
>> good morning, guys. >> what are the requirements for the list of the 50 best places? >> we looked at what was going on in the world, classic destinations that maybe had something new, under dat, dat radar gems that some of our editors scouted, what were the travel specialist booking what, were clients saying to them i want to come here and the whole list, 50 places on "travel & leisure".com. >> surprising to see some, detroit, don't see it as a tourist destination. >> so much going on, desolate streets and business taking place for restaurants, river park and there's a fresh water aquarium, great for families and the aloft hotel, $179 a night. located right downtown, and one of those historic buildings
10:41 am
revitalized and transformed, classic architecture and modern design. love this hotel. >> a great city. glad to see it's making a comeback. next on the list a city i love, also true to us jersey girls. asbury park. for the music lovers, the place that bruce springsteen made famous as well. >> asbury park is on the mend and recovering following hurricane sandy. 90 minutes away from new york city. great weekend getaway. go to the skateboard and shops. new restaurants have opened, too, and right in town you've got the empress hotel, $69 a night, right on the ocean front and in the summertime cool sites, tiki huts, dance club, lots of locals like to come here and next year look out for the asbury, a new hotel that's set to open as part of a whole multi-million dollar redevelopment plan. >> really revitalizes the last couple of decades. >> moving on to richmond, virginia. i think old school colonial, but
10:42 am
>> it's changing, so what's happening in richmond, first of all, virginia's capital and known for its civil war monuments and history and distinctive architecture and a lot of creative types are moving here an opening up several galleries. several neighborhoods, check out churchill, jackson worked the west broad street area is also famous right now because there's a new hotel that just opened called the quirk and we love this property. $199 a night, set in an old department store. >> how cool. >> quirky. >> it's quirky. >> exactly. >> pink and cream rooms, standout restaurant downstairs called maple and pine and gallery showcasing work by local artists, so it's setting a new vibe in richmond. >> i love, that contempry. also in the u.s., city i've yet to go to, bozeman, monmornings great outdoors. >> beautiful. >> how has it turned into a,mountainside mecca? >> it was a cowboy town and now it's a mountainside mecca because it's becoming more sophisticated, a university town
10:43 am
opening and if you go to bozeman get into the great outdoor, wintertime all about the skiing and summer you can go mountain biking and a new breeding is breathing life into the destination, lark hoe will tell, $129, set in an old 1960s motor lodge that's been reimagined. outside they have a really cool retro silver truck called victory taco and that's where everybody goes to get their breakfast breatho and communal spaces, the dark, touch it out. janiero. >> of course, the olympics. >> rio's big year but also beyond the lifnlgs, 380,000 spectators are set to come. >> awesome. >> lots of growth. $2.5 billion is being spent on the port to build new museums and attractions. >> "travel & leisures" best place to visit internationally is topping that list. thank you so much. great list, and to find out more about other destinations on the list head to our website coming next, we get to go spanning the year with len berman, the whackiest sports
10:44 am
remember these, af anybody who struggles with their weight and i'm at the head of that class, knows that it's not just about the weight; it's about something bigger. you've been fighting with then wrong tools; you've been looking in the wrong direction. so every time i tried and failed, and every time i tried again has brought me to this most powerful moment. to say, if not now, when?
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10:48 am
our favorite time. we welcome back our friend len berman, morning show host on radio 710 wor. >> he's going to take us on a wild ride through the wonderfullly wacky world of sports. >> really. >> this all for 2015. >> leave me alone. carson daly. carson daly. >> a legend. >> unbelievable. >> mr. berman, you are the legend. >> just play along. 2015 featured american pharoah, serena williams, jordan spieth and the u.s. women's soccer team, but what were truly the top sports stories. let's go spanning the year. >> unbelievable! . >> hey, all rise for 2-year-old trent harris singing the anthem
10:49 am
andhe rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air >> get that kid on "the voice." that's what we should do. play ball. our shot for the year. the soccer star in barcelona. yeah! rfect. how about this one. never saw this one but the roller coaster in santa monica, shot of the year. >> swish. >> nothing but net. >> our oops of the year, no, you have one job to do, only one, have you to hold the tape at the finish line. oh, no. oh, my goodness. look how the. >> here's the only way you can slow down usain bolt. oh, my goodness, terrible, wasn't it? in singapore a rare score indeed, the filipino diver. this is a perfect zero. true story. that's not easy n.charleston, jacqueline zimmerman does her routine and she brings down the
10:50 am
and nobody got hurt. carson, play along, will you. too many people are attached to their cell phones these days. margin jones lost his in the middle of the fight. fell out of his shorts. come on. he wound up lose. in the state of washington, does the ref really need to be on the phone in the middle of the game? really. he's still talking. isn't the law hands-free officiating. i thought it was. our dunks of the year. best blindfolded attempt in the philippines. >> hey, the ow it a jazz employee, much better, yeah. >> our movov of the year, what do you do if you're a mail carrier and they close the road for the tour de france. come on. come on. well, you know, the postman always delivers. >> hey, you wave to the crowd in oregon and you won the race and let the other guy pass you. that's premature exhiliration. the jack rabbit, there he goes. he had some serious hops at the
10:51 am
in the real of mexico. the estonian team. that's a slam dunk. well, that's not good, and jockey in australia, wardrobe issue gives new meaning to bringing up the rear. there you go. i did. did that work okay? >> that was amazing. >> carson daly, everyone. >> mr. berman, thank you. >> so much fun. >> thank you so much. happy new year. we're back in a moment.
10:52 am
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fun having our good buddy carson with us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> come join us from the nosebleed seats anytime. >> i would love to.
10:54 am
look back atanother day of rain... is causing flooding in parts of our area. take a look at this video... sent to us from a viewer in duncan. this is a creek behind his house. this is in duncan.. between highways 101 and 290. that creek flows into berry's pond on berry shoals road. now to a live look at the roads... this is a view from our woodruff road skycam. troopers are reporting flooded roads in greenville.. among them.. camden drive at piedmont highway... and augugta road at twin springs drive. troopers also working an accidentn-85 southbound at the 24 mile marker in anderson. take it slow out
10:55 am
greenville, spartanburg, anderson will rainy with showers and thunderstorms in the upstate today through tonight. flash flood warnings continue until 3 pm or later today for the counties highlighted in red where flooding in occurring now. southwest breezes 5-8+. already saturated ground and full creeks
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