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tv   Today  NBC  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> the fbi hoping a peaceful end to the standoff. we're live at the scene. boiling point. saudi arabia severs ties with iran giving its diplomats just hours to leave the country. as tensions rise over the saudi's execution of an iranian cleric. and deepwater discovery, the first images of the cargo ship that sank after the captain sailed it right into a category 4 hurricane it was built to survive. no sign of the 33 crew on board or the black box that could solve the months old mystery today, monday, january 4, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. we've advanced a year, and, i mean that literally.
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>> thank you, to you as well. >> yeah. >> do you believe it. we're so much older. >> i did. that's why i'm on a ten-second delay. my new year's is extending to monday, january 4th. >> we'll catch up in a while. we'll start with our top story. new fireworks in the presidential race to begin the new year, including donald trump's very first television ad. we have it all covered beginning with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, happy new year to you. donald trump ringing in the new year with what is in effect his campaign's closing argument. this long-awaited first tv ad is provocative, a lot like his candidacy, focusing on illegal immigration and the threat from abroad, all of it flying in the face of his critics. >> donald trump, and i approve this message. >> reporter: overnight donald trump released his first tv ad of the campaign, a move he's hinted at for months. airing in iowa and new hampshire, the ad reinforces his stance on isis and immigration. >> that's why he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims
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he'll quickly cut the head off of isis and take their oil. >> reporter: the new ad comes on the heels of a new recruitment video from al qaeda affiliate al shabab in africa highlighting trump's proposed muslim ban. trump shrugging it off. >> they use other people. what am i going to do? say. >> reporter: instead citing an isis video. >> northernicators. >> reporter: that attacks former president bill clinton for his past sexual transgressions. >> i think it's an isis, and they really put him down as a >> reporter: front-runner now targeting both clintons. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> reporter: just as the former president gets set to hit the trail today on his wife's behalf tweeting the worst thing hillary could do is have her husband campaign for her, just watch, and hammering bill clinton for his alleged misconduct. >> it hasn't been a very pretty picture for her or for bill because i'm the only one willing to talk about his problems. i mean, what he did and what he has gone through i think is frankly terrible, especially if
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>> reporter: clinton is even hearing about it on the road. in new hampshire she dismissed a republican state lawmaker who heckled her about her husband's alleged extra 345ir9al affairs. >> you are very rude, and i'm not going to ever call on you. >> reporter: across the board the candidates are now in the final sprint. listen to this. this week alone they will hold 44 events in iowa. in fact, the majority of them have about 28 from the freshman senator ted cruz. shows you just how important the caucuses are to his candidacy, and there in new hampshire 58 events overall, all in the first week of what is certain to be a history-making year. matt, savannah, back to you. >> peter alexander, peter, thank you very much. >> what can we expect to hear from former president bill clinton as he hits the campaign trail for his wife? nbc's kristen welker is in new hampshire with that side of the story this morning. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. former president bill clinton will try to seal the deal when he campaigns here in new hampshire. campaign aides tell me expect him to be a frequent presence on
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of course, this first stop does come amidst a barrage of criticism from donald trump as peter just talked about. clinton campaign officials really brushing that aside saying, look, he's one of the most popular politicians in the country. they believe the benefits far outway the costs. in terms of strategy, they tell me don't expect secretary hillary clinton to engage in some type of verbal tit for tat with donald trump over the issue, of course. the last thing she really wants to be talking about. instead, you'll see her do what she has been doing consistently which is to criticize donald trump over his controversial comments, including his call to ban all muslims from entering the united states. from a political perspective, new hampshire is really anyone's game right now. clinton and bernie sanders locked in a close race. if clinton wins it would allow her to lock up the nomination early, but for bernie sanders this is really do or die. polls show he has a lead here. he's from neighboring vermont, but, of course, hillary clinton has a close relationship with new hampshire as well.
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by the way, she could explain a loss in new hampshire, but a loss in iowa would be devastating, and that is where she will be campaigning later today. savannah. >> all right, kristen lker, thanks. let's bring in chuck todd, nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press" and nicolle wallace, and msnbc analyst and former white house communications director under former president george w. bush. good morning, happy n n year. >> happy new year. >> we're going to meet here often over the next month or so. >> there's an election this way, have you heard that. >> people are going to start covering it. >> let's talk about donald trump's first campaign ad of this presidential election. it pushes all the buttons. you hear him push as a campaign stop. these are his applause lines. >> right. it? >> no. >> no, but i -- i'm not sure why that's necessary. the thing with donald trump's candidacy is that it is blaring out of every speaker you come across, so i'm not surur what a paid ad gets you that his achieving. they saturate the airwaves. everyone has heard these
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trump himself or in the coverage of it. >> she's saying why spend the money. >> look, what he needs to be spending the money on is organization, organization, organization. that's what i'm trying to figure out. his votes are not frequent primary voters, show up in general elections but not frequent primary voters. he needs to be coming up with ways to make sure these folks come, particularly in those caucuses but also as well as new hampshire. this doesn't feel like a get out the vote message. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. she's deploying bill clinton who, of course, democrats consider to be one of their best meanwhile, donald trump is the past. the clinton side wants to blow it off, nothing to see here, but he's putting things back out into the ether that we haven't really heard about in ten years. smart politics for trump? >> last week, if you're a normal person you were not watching every into this campaign, congratulations, i was not among you. last week donald trump had some voices from the mainstream media
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legitimate attacks, both on race question for 2008, some of bill clinton's rather questionable moves against then senator obama and then on the fidelity question, so i don't think that it's surprising that donald trump is going after the clintons. i think the clintons can look to jeb bush and others to say the perils of ignoring an attack from donald trump. >> look, i think it's smart on trump because there's been all this speculation, isn't he really actually secretly wanting to help the clintons. now, number one, he's not trying to help the clintons. he owes attackingng they will. two, it gives this idea of inevitability. hey, i'm already looking to the general election and don't kneel to be dealing with the whole primary mess. i think it will be interesting to see if the clintons take the bait.. i hear you. you don't want to ignore it, but if yououet into the mud then the story keeps going. >> we've done an entire interview only talking about donald trump and hillary clinton. so it's wild card football weekend coming up. each give me your wild card. who should we be looking at in. >> it's possible the true front-runners lose one or both
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i think rubio and christie's camps feel very strongly they are peaking at exactly the right time, rubio making a speech this morning in national security. they feel like that gives them an edge and christie making some stealth moves in iowa. >> the one thing that could happen that's not out of the realm, ted cruz could win iowa and new hampshire. why? so many people trying to make new hampshire make or break. they will split up the moderate vote and nobody is competing for cruz's vote in new hampshire. >> trump may ask himself why he didn't attack cruz with the tv ads as opposed to what we see right now. chuck, nicole, thank you. thank you, guys. >> president obama will meet with attorney general loretta lynch in the oval office today. they will discuss option ofs on the steps he could take to help reduce gun violence. the president expected to use executive action to strengthen background checks for those who want to buy firearms at gun shows. republicans strongly oppose any moves the president may make, and legal fights seem likely. donald trump called possible actions an assault on the second amendment.
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situation playing out in oregon this morning. armed protesters are occupying buildings on a federal wildlife refuge. nbc's joe fryer is near the scenee of the standoff which is now entering its third day. joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. authorities are urging the refuge. there is no visible police presence here, but the fbi says it wants a peaceful resolution. protesters here want local control of this federal land and say if necessary they are prepared to stay here for years. the headquarters of the malheur national wildlife refuge has been turned into a compound for an armed occupation. inside, they are making soup and stocking up. >> we are setting ourselves up to help the citizens here in harney count toe reclaim their lands back. >> reporter: throughout this remote community, there's growing frustration over the occupation. the county cancelled school all week out of a concern for safety. >> i don't like the militia's message.
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there's people making threats and people touting guns. >> reporter: over the weekend activists took over the refuge which was empty at the time. it's unclear how many are here. in a statement the sheriff says the group wants to overthrow the county and federal government in hopes to spark a move president across the united states. protesters say they won't get violent unless the government does. >> we are here to defend the people, and we will not take aggression. >> reporter: ammon bundy is the group's leader. he's the son of the cliven bundy, of the nevada rancher who in 2014 had his own standoff with the government over grazing rights. this latest protest centers around oregon ranchers dwight hammond jr. and his son stephen. both are supposed to report to prison today, convicted of lighting firings on public land near their ranch. the hammonds already served time, but a judge ruled it wasn't enough. >> seems like a bit of an overkill. >> reporter: dozens rallied peacefully saturday in support of the ranchers. that'shen a small group
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refuge and taking it over with no plans to leave any time soon. the attorney for the hammonds have said they do plan to report to prison today. in the past that attorney has said that this group that's here right now does not speak on behalf of the hammonds. matt and savannah. >> all right. joe fryer, thank you. now to a diplomatic crisis overseas. it's being closely watched by the obama administration. saudi arabia severing ties with iran amid escalating tension over the saudi's execution of a prominent cleric. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely has more on this. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this is a war of words, and it is dangerous. saudi arabia now expelling iran's diplomats. the two nations trading warnings and insults. of course, they both claim to lead the muslim world across which there are being riots and
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execution. tensions are growing with mass demonstrations above allll in iran as the killing of a shia cleric by its main sunni rival saudi arabia. protests from india where rioters condemn saudi arabia to bahrain, where shia crowds called for the death of the saudi royal family, to new york, a protest reported on iranian tv. >> we pray to god that things are calmed down. >> reporter: diplomatic spat is growing, too. saudi diplomats have left iran after crowds burned the saudi embassy. their spokesman giving iranian diplomats 48 hours to leave saudi. the cleric killed was buried quietly, but the execution of 47 men has echoed around the muslim world. nimr al nimr was an internationally known shia scholar, harshly critical.
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for inciting its shia nority. iran's supreme court leader warned saudi arabia would face divine revenge for a crime. the execution has inflamed tensions. the two countries' war of words now worse than ever. and the u.s. is now very concerned, not just at diplomatic ties have been cuts, but effect that a could have o o the war in syria and planned peace talks. iran and saudi arabia, of course, back different sides in that war. there's no sign this will boil over into conflict between the two, not yet anyway, but, matt and savannah, this is serious. >> bill neely in london on this story, bill, thank you very much. this morning we're getting our first look at wreckage of the ill-fated cargo shep "el faro" that sank after sailing into the path of a category 4 hurricane this morning. nat is following this story. good morning. >> good morning. it's being called the worst u.s. maritime disaster in 35 years.
7:14 am
went down. now the ntsb is releasing an underwater look at what's been found so far. new overnight, the first underwater images of the wreckage of "el faro," the container ship that was containing 33 crew members when it sank near the bahamas during a powerful hurricane last october. the eerie images show the stern of "el faro," the navigation bridge which detached from the main vessel and a badly damaged deck sitting 15,000 feet below sea level. on october 1st the "el faro" was sailing from jacksonville, florida, to puerto rico when it lost engine power and got caught in the category 4 storm. investigators have yet to discover the 35-foot moist where the ship's data recorder was located. that so-called black box could contain clues about the last minutes of the doomed voyage which remain a mystery. viewing the video of the wreckage has been emotional. >> we're looking, of course, for
7:15 am
recorder, and we got up to that level to see and just openness. extremely moving and difficult to -- it's a very big surprise to us to see that. >> also missing were any remains of the crew or their belongings. all 33 people on board are presumed dead, but none of their bodies or personal effects have been found. the ntsb is considering launching a second investigation to locate additional w wckage and uncover more clues as to what happened. >> i think it was a series of unfortunate events and without any other information i truly blame it on hurricane joaquin. >> the ntsb doesn't know if and when a second search for the wreckage could occur, but either way it could take as long as a year before more details about guys. >> natalie, thank you. >> let us start the new year with a little powerball fever. it's heating up now that the jackpot has reached a whopping $400 million.
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largest in history. no one matched all six numbers on saturday's drawing. the next drawing wednesday. if you are wondering, mr. roker, about your odds of winning, try 1 in 292 million. >> feeling luck? yes, i am. after all, we're all together. >> i know. reunited. >> happy new year. good to see you guys. let's take a look at some. wetter we've been seeing over in missouri. that flooding has been just horrible. the good news, we'll start to so a little bit of a break. the weather has cooperated but we still have to worry about folks downstream. right now the river flood gauges are in better shape than they have bfnlt over the weekend it was 400 and now it's down to 228, 27 locations in major flooding. memphis, tennessee, they are going to see their crest right around friday at 40.5. that's just above moderate flood stage. we'll continue to watch this. other big thing we're watching, e cold air. it was back to normal.
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right now it feels like 2 below in buffalo. 21 in new york city, boston 18, washington feels like 26. today the temperatures will feel anywhere from 13 below to 14 above, 10 to 40 degrees below average, and after a record december it feels even worse. but look at this. here's the good news. this is short lived. by wednesday we're above average from chicago, buffalo, washington, new york city and portland. we're going to get to your l lal fore to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? sometimes the best deals
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>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks so much. coming up, the push to extradite the so-called affluenza teen from mexico. plus, we'll hear for the first time from the family of one of the victims he killed in a drunk driving crash. >> and then on a new rossen reports, the crash test you need to see before you take your pet
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backup on i-385 this morning..... north and southbound.... allyson powell is in the traffic center with morally.... multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound around woodruff road. injuries and blocking the road. multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound around woodruff road. injuries and
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road. a greenville county council woman is in the hospital recovering from a stroke this morning. the council chairman told wyffnews 4.. that lottie gibson was hospitalized yesterday... after suffering from a stroke. we are told she is stable. right now it's too early to tell whether gibson will be able toperform her duties on the counci. t nextouncil meeting is tomorrow --- le.. greenville, spartanburg, anderson w wl be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north winds of 7-20. the mountains will bemostly sunny, cold and windy, a high of 36. northwest winds at 11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 19 overnight, with winds from northwest at 8-18, the upstate will drop to 25, north winds at 5-9. highs on tuesday of 40 to44 in the region under sunnyskies. just a few degrees
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it's 7:30. it's monday morning. it's the 4th of january, 2016. people. a lot of folks out on our plaza extending the holidays a little longer. >> the tree, by the way, out there. thursday. still want to see it. come down before thursday. that's when it goes down. amazing how quickly we become scrooge right after the holidays. >> haven't watered it in days. >> back inside studio 1a, a look at stories making news right now. overnight donald trump released his first tv ad of the campaign. >> he's calling for a temporary shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> taking aim at the democratic front-runner.
7:27 am
with obama. >> just as the former president get set to hit the trail today on his wife's behalf. >> president obama taking aim at gun control. >> tens of thousands of our fellow americans have been mowed down by gun violence, tens of thousands. >> he plans to bypass congress to do it. >> i directed my team at the white house to look into any new actions i can take to help reduce gun violence. >> anti-government activists are occupying a federal office building in a wildlife refuge. they are protesting the prison sentences of two local ranchers. >> it's sort of frightening when there's people making threats and people touting guns. >> we are here to defend the people, and we will not take aggression. cases of flood left a mess behind. people have been able to get into their homes to save what can be salvaged and let go of what they have lost. >> this is the worst. this is about as bad as it gets. the powerball jackpot has
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the next drawing is wednesday night. >> so lots going on on a monday morning. we turn now to the latest on the case of the so-called affluenza teen. we've been covering this for several years now. while ethan couch's deportation from mexico is on hold, for the first time of the family of one of the four people he killed while driving drunk is now speaking out. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more on that. gabe, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. while ethan couch remains in detention in mexico, his mother tonya is in custody here in l.a. awaiting extradition back to texas. and as this drama plays out the family of ethan couch's victims are still waiting for what they call justice. this morning two and a half years after a drunk ethan couch killed youth pastor brian jennings and three others in a horrific crash jennings' devastated family is speaking out for the first time. >> i don't understand all this. >> reporter: in their first
7:29 am
mother and sister kristi mccarty say watching the so-called affluenza teen trying to evade the law again is painful. >> we find out that he flees to mexico with his mom and it's just devastating really. >> you keep waiting and waiting and thinking that some day this person is going to feel something and you still don't see it. >> reporter: this morning ethan couch is waking up in this detention facility in mexico city, his surroundings anything but affluent. a mexican immigration official tells nbc news that couch lives in a sparse room, sleeps on a bunk bed and likely has three or four roommates. during certain hours he can watch tv in a common room and has access to a patio where we can play basketball or soccer. couch is still in mexico because his high-powered attorney filed paperwork to block deportation and torment two will meet to discuss his next steps benitez telling nbc news my job is to oversee that his ultimate delivery to the u.s. authorities
7:30 am
hand in accordance with my client's wishes. couch's mother tonya did not fight deportation. her lawyer says she did not violate any texas laws but she is being held on $1 million bail, charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. another one of pastor jennings' sisters amy peete says the couch accountable. >> i'm angry that ethan still doesn't get why his actions are wrong and has no remorse, and i'm also angry that his mother keeps enabling him and that she continues to set no boundaries with him. >> reporter: tonya couch is expected to appear in court here in l.a. tomorrow and could be back in texas by mid-week. guys, as for ethan couch, his case could drag on in mexico for weeks or even months. >> all right. gabe gutierrez, gabe, thanks very much. >> turn to al now. what should we exprecht from this weather in. >> talking about el nino and how it's been affecting the pacific northwest and sierra. it's finally starting to make
7:31 am
as well bringing much-needed rain. we've got a couple of storms backed up. storm number one is bringing rain from san diego all the way to eureka, california. storm number two, this is the one that we're really watching tuesday in wednesday, it's going to be a potent one, so we're going to be looking at maybe an inch of rain today for much of california. more mountain snows for the sierra and roiks, but this second one, the highest peaks could see two feet or more, but also the threat of flooding, debris floes and burn areas and looking at some places 2 to 3 to maybe 5 inches of rain in southern california, upwards for the valleys in the foothills, urban roadway flooding possible. but the good news is more snow pack for the sierra. they need that, and they are going to continue to get it. we do have watches for the l.a. county mountains andgreenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north winds of 7-20. the mountains will be
7:32 am
11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will dr >> get your latest weather online. matt? >> thank you very much, al. just ahead, princes william and harry -- i said princes, open up in a candid new interview about their father and their future. >> and a new rossen reports for anyone who owns a pet. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. you come to your local pet store and the aisles are full of products making big promises, doggie harnesses and carriers that will keep your pet safe, even crash-tested. but check out this crash test video that shows many of them failing miserably.
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welcome back. 7:40 now on a monday morning. this morning on "rossen reports" a safety alert for you and your pets. >> and we've got some video you'll want to see a warning. some of it is disturbing. nbc investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here. >> reporter: good morning to you. happy new year. if you have a dog or a cat i bet you've done it, hopped in a car and brought them along. no straps, no harness. it's cute after all. the dog is climbing around and whizzing by their face but it turns out it's dangerous. people are now getting into accidents so companies are making products to keep your pets safe, making big promises. you can find them at almost every pet store, but experts say many of the products don't work, putting your pet in danger, so how is this allowed? this morning the crash test you need to see.
7:38 am
with a popular hornes sold in pet stars today. it's supposed to keep him secure in a crash. so why is he going flying? same with this harness and this crate. the dog smashing right through, all failing miserably. the harnesses paid for people like laura lynn out for a drive with his dog buddy. he isn't strapped in, jumping all over here and distracting him all over the road. >> i don't see a problem with him getting wind in his ears and fur. >> reporter: but experts say it's dangerous. dashcam video showing dogs flying out of cars. nearly hit by oncoming traffic. the dog is okay. this dog even falling out of a window and amazingly survives, but it's not just dogs in danger wandering around your car. it's you, too. >> in the event of a crash, a pet can be a projectile. they can hurt everyone, including themselves so keep
7:39 am
>> reporter: so you come to the pet store to buy a harness, buy a carrier to keep your pet safe. some of the companies making bold promises on the packaging. check out this official looking seal, crash tested. others say certified certified safety and locks into place, but experts say many of them are deceptive. they don't work in a crash, and believe it or not, pet products like this are not regulated by anyone, not even the federal government. >> firing. >> reporter: so the watchdog group center for pet safety decided to check them out with official crash testing, and what they found was alarming. per hour. >> so this is our pet product graveyard, and many of these products did not do well in testing, and most of them failed. >> reporter: these are products ononhe market right now. >> these are products on the market right now and the manufacturers are still making those claims. >> reporter: in fact, 25 of 289
7:40 am
harnesses snapping right off. dogs center airborne, and watch this doggie dummy breaking through his crate, shattering it to pieces. that could be your pet. >> pet products are not defined as consumer products by the consumer product safety commission, so they bypass any kind of oversight and regulation. that's really scary >> reporter: consumer product safety commission telling nbc news based on our mandate from congress cpsc does not have jurisdictions over these products. the american pet products association declined our request for an interview, adding they can't comment on the testing, but they back car safety restraints. >> pet owners should be screaming about this. if you get into an accident and one of these products fails, it puts, your family members and other drivers on the road at risk. >> reporter: yeah, it's hard to watch some of them. when we reached out to the consumer product safety commission they told us to check with the national highway traffic safety administration so we did that. they told us to check back with
7:41 am
commission so a bit of washington finger-pointing going on here. the good news, while the majority of products did not hold up a few of them did and we have a list of the products that passed the pet center's crash test on my facebook page right now, lever reports. you should really check it out. >> all right. a lot of people at home with things they shouldn't be putting their dogs and cats in. people driving around with the pickup drug with the dog in the back. >> that's tied down. anything not tied down in a slow speed accident will go flying. >> jeff, thank you very much. coming up, apologies in advance. what ricky gervais is saying ahead of his hosting duties at the golden globe awards. >> and carson in the original
7:42 am
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stand out. by design. powerful. by design. facebook founder mark zuckerberg always seems to come up with ambitious new year's resolution. cars op, what do you think of this one? >> happy new year, guys. good to see you. this one is interesting.
7:44 am
have been interesting, too, ranging from everything learning mandarin to meeting a new person every day to only eating meat from animals that he's hunted. well, here's what he's going with this year, shared it on his facebook page. let's bring it forward and you'll see it. my personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple ai to run my home and help me with my work. i guess like jarvis in "iron man." this ai will control music, light and temperatures in the house. will let friends in the door using a facial recognition program and monitor his new daughter max's room, those sorts of thifnlgs the resolution received a lot of attention but one of zuckerberg's responses in the comment section starting with darlene writing in i keep telling my grand doubters to date the nerd in school. he may turn out to be mark zuckerberg. mark writes back this. even better would be to encourage them to be the nerd in their school so they be the next successful inventor. >> hey, carson. >> hey, i'm 58. could you explain what ai is. >> artificial intelligence. thank you very much. >> should have mentioned that. >> whole move beit.
7:45 am
not know. >> i should have said that, apologize, artificial intelligence, like jarvis in "iron man" that helped robert downey jr. do a lot of things including making coffee. >> is zuckerberg going to become iron man. >> this response by mark zuckerberg is so good, it brings tears to my eyes. are, yes. a nice inspiration as we kick off the new year. >> zuckerberg makes me feel bad about my resolution like don't drink so much. like learns mandarin, awesome. >> by the way, carson, my first day back, congratulations to you. >> thank you, appreciate t.welcome back. >> just ahead, a candid new interview on family, friendship and fatherhood with prince william and prince harry. >> >> and one of the biggest stars on the planet. jennifer lopez sits down with natalie, but first your local news. hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
with injuries ...has been slowing things down in a big way on i-385 this morning...... allyson powell is in the trafficcenter with the latest... multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound around woodruff road. injuries and blocking the road. multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound around woodruff road. injuries and blocking the multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound aroundwoodruff road. injuries and
7:50 am
road. activists in greenville... are using balloons to put a teen's unsolved murder.. back in the spotlight. organizers of the "put down the guns now young people organization" say they will release balloons every day in the nicholtoncommunity... until january 26th.they hope someone will come forward with information in the casof coy smith death. runner found e 16-yearld's bo on january 2h last year... near a trail behind sterling school. a 2-thousand dollar reward was offered then... for information thathelps solve the case. call crimestoppers with any information. ------- dale. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north winds of 7-20. the mountains will bemostly sunny, cold and windy, a high of 36. northwest winds at11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 19
7:51 am
northwest at 8-18, the upstatewill drop to 25, north wi it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the princes get personal. will i am and harry speak candidly about the future, their family and fatherhood like never before. >> you get affected by some things that happen a lot more as a father, just because you realize how precious life is. >> yeah. >> it puts it all in perfective. >> and got a minute. we'll show you 60-second screenings you can do at home that can help you keep healthy all year long. and your screen is about to sizzle as we talk with the one and only jennifer lopez. >> do you ever see yourself getting married again? >> maybe.
7:52 am
>> and the newly engaged eva longoria. hey, guys. >> today, monday, january 4th, 2016. >> we're here in new york city for the first time. hi, mom! >> spending the last day of winter break with the "today" show. >> i'm celebrating my sweet 16 from oceanside, california. trip. >> all the way from houston to see al! >> we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. this is the fourth day of january, 2016, and say hi to some people who just can't let the party end.
7:53 am
>> i love it. nice brisk air. starting to feel like winter. like. coming up, eva longoria is in the house. we'll chat with her about her new show, and did we mention she's newly engaged. so much to talk to her. >> nice, congratulations. >> that's great. >> let's first go inside. natalie's check out the top stories of the morning. natalie. >> hey, guys, good morning once again. this morning donald trump has released the first tv ad of his campaign. it reinforces his call to temporarily bar muslims from entering the united states showing the suspects in the san bernardino terror attacks. it vows to, quote, cut the head off isis and take their oil, and it repeats trump's proposal to build a wall along the u.s. border with mexico. hampshire. former president bill clinton is making two solo appearances in new hampshire today campaigning for his wife. both are brushing aside personal and political attacks by drufrm. hillary clinton is in a tight race in new hampshire with
7:54 am
a win for clinton could help her lock up the nomination early. the public is being warned to stay away from a federal wildlife refuge in oregon where an occupation by armed protesters has entered its third day. they claim the federal government is abusing its power by unfairly prosecuting ranchers who refuse to sell their land. this morning i asked the group's leader ammon bundy if he renounsd violence. >> the only violence if it comes our way will be government is wanting their building back be. way. we are -- we are not threatening anybody. closest town. >> meanwhile, the schools in the county have been closed because of the armed occucution. ammon bund set son of cliven bundy, the nevada rancher who back in 2014 had his own standoff with the government over grazing rights.
7:55 am
harry speak openly about family life in a new documentary airing tonight in the uk. the occasion is thee0th anniversary of a charity started by their father prince charles, and the brothers share the kind of personal insights that we're not used to hearing. >> do his duety. >> speaking candidly in a new documentary, the men of opening up. >> a lot more -- i'm a lot more emotional than i used to be. >> really. >> weirdly. >> getting personal about their friendship and family with 33-year-old william sharing his thoughts on fatherhood. >> i never used to really kind of sort of get to worry about things and right now the smallest little things i can more. >> the documentary celebrates 40 years of the prince's trust, a charity founded by prince charles. the 90-minute special focuses on the prince of wales and the work to help struggling young people succeed.
7:56 am
>> the advice that he can give us based on the contacts that he's made over the year, incredible. >> yeah. >> prince harry openly discussing his relationship with their father. >> you can -- you can actually ring him up and say i'm in a bit of a pickle or even better you can off load stuff. >> yeah. >> william describing how 2-year-old prince george and 8-month-old princess charlotte have changed him. >> you get affected by sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more i think as a father, just because you realize how precious life is. >> right, yeah. >> and it puts it all in perspective. >> some of the world's most prominent men known for their privacy now speaking out about their relationship and hopes for the future. >> and prince harry also says that his father is driven by a sense of duty that was instilled in him at a very young age. well, frustration came to a head sunday for buffalo bills kicker dan carpenter after he flubbed an extra point for the sixth time this season. carpenter slammed his helmet
7:57 am
next and ricocheted off the face. just like that he's an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons. the bills though still ended up beating the jets, sorry jets fans, 22-17. i wore my green in sympathy. we'll send it back over to matt. >> knocked us out of the playoffs, too, natalie. thank you very much. what if we told you that to stay healthy this year all you need is 60 seconds. nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar is here with important health screenings you can do at home, and they only take a minute. doc, good morning. happy new year. >> hi, matt, happy new year. >> this seems to come from the journal too good to be true. this is called the cross-legged squat test and how do you perform it, first of all. start off with ten points. that's fantastic. cross your legs and squat all the way, do it at home. sit down on the floor and get back up. if you don't use your hand, you don't use your feet or don't wobble at all you keep your ten points.
7:58 am
touches down you lose a point. >> what is it telling me? >> how could doing a squat predict longevity. well, according to researchers a couple years ago, it did so with alarming accuracy. the lower the number, the greater likelihood it is that you're going to die in the next six years so the take home from this is not so much that -- it's basically -- >> look at them. >> they are not doing very well here. >> they are body surfing. nothing about your longevity there but this is good. >> natalie was at the bottom, of course. >> it's not that easy. my 8-year-old had trouble with it. could it be a surrogate for underlying health and stamina, flexibility and all that. >> all right. now we're talking about bad breath. you look at the tongue. not only is it not fun to be around, it can be a signal of a serious medical issue. >> it can. basically what you do with the test is scrape the tongue with a spoon and stick it in a plastic bag and stick it under a bright light for about a minute and then you smell it. the issue here, that odor -- why would anybody want to do this? the vast majority of cases will be related to gum disease and
7:59 am
a really ominous odor, fruity odor could be a sign of diabetes, ammonia a sign of kidney disease. you can try it at home. >> moving right along. >> okay. >> this is called the clock test and it's really for dementia. >> this is actually really a validated test. actually somebody performed it on my dad a couple years ago. base chi what you do is have a patient and ask them to draw a clock. they need to do all the numbers in the correct order and get all twelve and show with the hands what time is 3:40. >> what does it mean if you have trouble doing this? >> right. a lot of it is cognitive function such as memory, problem solving, something called executive function like planning so basically the ability to do all those four things gets you four points. it's a good screening test for early dementia. >> if you have someone that doesn't do well on this one, get them to a doctor. >> yes and checked for dementia. >> this is for the eyes. >> macular degeneration, one of
8:00 am
over the age 50 look at a window frame, preferably like a french door or something with a lot of frames where you can see vertical and horizontal lines, cover one eye for 30 seconds and the other eye for 30 seconds, any distortions, bowing out, waving, moving parts could be a sign of early visual loss. get that evaluated. >> good idea. this is called the wobble test, but this has to do with the thyroid. >> this has to do with the thyroid. in this test you're basically holding your hands straight out and you place a people on it and you want to see whether or not you see any trembling or shaking. the paper on there actually helps to bring that out. could be a sign of something called hypothyroidism where your thyroid is revved up. anxiety, asthma medications, too much caffeine can also cause this, also something called benign essential tremor. not specific or sensitive for this diagnosis but a lot of endocrinologists use this to screen. >> and finally artery health that will take 60 seconds as well. >> something to screen foror something called peripheral arterial disease, vascular
8:01 am
lie superine, lie into the on a bed with your legs elevated 45 degrees on a cushion and keep them there for about a mincht and then you hang them over the edge of the bed. if your legs get very pale when elevated and take a long time to -- to get their color back, it could be a sign of purple diabetes, hypercholesterol. >> great information. natalie, thank you very much. >> if one of the crew guys could help savannah and natalie get thing. >> we're back. >> back in the chairs, i see. >> okay, good. coming up next on "trerngsd" the hilarious way that one little girl tried her best to extend her christmas vacation. record. the history just made by "star wars." and jennifer lopez on the role that's bringing her back to tv and how her kids changed her
8:02 am
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mmmm, yoplait (trap door opening) rootmetrics in the nation's largest independent study tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with 153 state wins. at&t got 38, sprint got 2, and t-mobile got zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. at&t got... text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. 8:13. we are back now with the first official "trending" of the year. >> exciting. starting with the "the new york post" headline that had a lot of us talking this morning. bagel scoopers are ruining new york city. >> really. >> if you're new to bagel scooping, matt will demonstrate.
8:05 am
say you've been known to this this for some time. >> use your finger and get the bready part out of the middle. >> scoop it out. >> now you get a lot less bread but that's not the reason do i it. >> why? >> it's a vessel for the cream cheese and the butter. holds it better. >> so you're saving 75 calories i think for a paying well. if you put more butter and cream cheese in it it defeats the purpose. >> it's because like completely going to be. if you're going to have a bagel be all in. the article says you might as eat your pizza with a fork. >> no, no. >> i eat my pizza with a fork. >> why don't you order the flat stanley. they sell the flagels, the flat one. >> the part i like is that part. the outside part, not the inside. >> i like the doughy inside. if you're pro scooping as matt is, joy bauer will be here. one of her tips for her new big new year. >> see, i rest my case. next up, the secret to getting on dad's good side.
8:06 am
things that make dads grumpy. here are some of the things that made the list. okay. being treated like an atm. >> yeah. >> bad manners. >> yeah. >> and always getting socks for presents. coming in at number two, traffic jams. but i don't think that's just a dad thing. >> that's anybody. >> that's everybody. >> but the number one thing that gets dads grumpy, people in their houses who leave the lights on. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> by the way this, list could have been like 50 years ago. >> doesn't matter. >> or today. >> doesn't matter. >> same things bug your dad. >> with the thermostat, you know. keep jacking the thermostat up. >> i walk through my house and every light in every room is on. drives me nuts. >> drives me nuts. >> if you have a pool, you might keep that heat on, you know, through the winter and that costs you god knows how much money but we worry about the light in the bathroom. >> through the winter. >> put the heater on. >> the other expenditures that we're spending in a month that we don't care about it but one little light. >> and when you pour all the evian in the pool, and what
8:07 am
>> matt, when you scoop out your middle you cannot be wasteful. you can make little croutons. >> there you go. >> okay. >> efficiency. >> or maybe you could toast them on the pool heater. >> yeah. you can do that, too. >> all right. how many times have we heard beauty is only skin deep, inside is what counts. that is true but not if you're trying to get seated at a restaurant. a tv documentary in london tested a theory. female models were seated, guess seating. >> that's shocking. >> unbelievable. >> i'm shocked. >> then some what they called not so attractive men were sent in. they got tables hidden in the back or get this not even given a table at all. >> that's not shock at all, no. situation. >> carson spent a lot of time out in los angeles. that stuff happens. >> oh, yes, yes. >> the big thing is just to have the line outside to make it appear like it's really crowded
8:08 am
there could be very few people inside. >> and all about the beautiful cars out front, too. the same thing. >> i think we can all agree that the first monday after the holiday break can be a little rough. >> sure. >> so check out one little girl and when she d.her name is kara, and in an adorable attempt to prolong her winter break kara gave her parents a letter that she said she found in the mailbox. it reads the school company is taking a break so the kids will get one more week of school off, and we will need your child to sign their name here. >> i would have signed that. >> official stamp there. >> absolutely. >> a-plus for creativity. it. "a," "a" >> exactly. on to the latest box office record for "star wars" and the true crime show that has fans speak out. carson, do your "pop star." >> starting with "star wars" starting off the new year with
8:09 am
"the force awakens" raked in $83.3 million in its third weekend bringing its total to $340 million even beating "titanic." now the second highest grossing movie ever. still in number one, however, "avatar" but "star wars" expected to overtake it in the next couple of weeks. >> have you seen it? >> just say it this weekend. it's great. >> i haven't seen it but everybody is talking about "making a murderer." >> obsessed with this. >> if you don't know about it, the new true crime binge watching craze. the documentary follows the case of steven avery released from prison after being exonerated for sexual assault only to be arrested again and convicted of murder. he's currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, and now fans have spoken. tens of thousands signing online petitions in his favor. more than 156,000 signing a free
8:10 am
and more than 19,000 petitioning the white house for a presidential pardon. the white house, of course, if they get 100,000 signatures by january 16th, then the white house has to respond at least publicly to that. that's going to be an on. finally ricky gervais, the golden globes host returning for his fourth show and already apologizing in advance for his actions that he hasn't even done yet taking to twitter because i can see the future, i'd like to apologies now for the things i globes. i didn't drunk and didn't give a star star, starr, star. the golden globes air sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 pacific right here on nbc. >> good teaser. >> by the way, we'll hear more from ricky on this program on >> cool. and savannah, natalie, willie and i will be on the red carpet hosting the pre-show, and we'll have a full wrap of the more next monday morning. >> you love the fashions. >> favorite thing.
8:11 am
i like your fashion, wearing the thin weal corduroy. >> thank you very much. >> mr. roker. >> well, enough of me. we have got some lake-effect snow to talk about. cold air coming in. look at this. we're going to be watching. generally these bands of snow showers coming across the great lakes from michigan all the way into western new york, basically about 4 to 6 inches of snow. nothing too big anding is we don't see a lot. ocean-effect snow, that's especially right there in eastern new england from boston, provincetown, barnstable on into nantucket. we could be looking at about 2 to 4, some areas 6 inches of snow that comes off the ocean which is kind of cool to see. of cool to see. of cool to see. of cgreenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north windsof 7-20. the mountains will be mostly sunny, cold and windy, a high of 36. northwest winds at11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville,
8:12 am
overnight, with winds from >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thank you. jennifer lopez, of course, one of the busiest stars on the planet, and this week she's adding even more to her hectic schedule. natalie recently caught up with her. >> that's right. she's joining the family. she's starring in "shades of blue," a new police drama right here on nbc. it's latest endover for one of the most successful and well-known brands in entertainment. jennifer lopez is a powerhouse, from music, film, to fashion. i want to dance >> and now she's returning to television in the new nbc drama "shades of blue." >> you have to do exactly as i say. >> you play a brooklyn detective.
8:13 am
>> very tough, single mom of a teenager. >> lopez plays a single mother and resourceful detective who becomes an fbi informant against her own unit. >> go after cops who aring their communities apart. >> i loved about this story. >> yeah. >> and this piece mostly that it was very human, you know, where people at the core are good, but we do things that are questionable all the time. we make bad decisions, and then we have to live with them. >> lopez stars opposite ray liotta who plays her lieutenant. >> what's the matter? what happened? trust. >> did you train with the nypd? did you learn any cop moves? through the years. >> yeah. >> so i know a lot about it, but it's not so much about cops. >> yeah. >> as it is about the world and about human nature. >> from the small screen to her recent blockbuster performance
8:14 am
the 46-year-old continues to wow audiences, dancing for seven minutes to a medley of the year's hits. >> you killed it. >> thank you. >> it was very intense. >> what does that mean to you to be an inspiration to so many of us in our 40-plus years? >> it's important to me being in this business since i was in, you know, my early 20s, that there was always a moment that theyeyould try to write us off. don't write us off at a certain point in our lives. we have so much to offer. i feel like i knew nothing in my 20s and thought i i knew everything and in my 30s i realized i knew nothing, actually didn't know anything and now in my 40s i'm starting to accept myself for who i am. >> as if she isn't busy enough, lopez will also headline in las vegas later this month. now your name up in the marquee, jennifer lopez. >> i know, awesome. i know it. doesn't seem like it's the right name, but it works. >> it is the right name. what are you talking about. are you ready and rehearsing right now in. >> we're not ready yet. we're getting there.
8:15 am
>> what is the show going to look like? >> vegas gives you a unique opportunity to have a more intimate experience with your audience. i want them to know me as a person and as an artist and as an entertainer when it leaves there. >> all i have is the title. >> i named it all "all i have" because i have a song called "all i have" because i really feel that embodies who i am as an artist and as a person, that i really give all that i have to everything that i do. >> including her most important role, mom to 7-year-old twins max and emme. >> just made my life better number one, but i think they just change your perspective on the whole entire world, you know, and how you look at life, and that was a big kind of children. being. >> gorgeous family. we should mention "shades of blue" p pmiers this thursday at 10:00, 9:00 central time right here on nbc. also features a star-studded
8:16 am
matteo. >> we love jennifer. hearts over our heads. >> isn't she just amazing. we love her. >> natalie, thanks. coming up, al, by the way, is going to get personal with his wife deborah. they have a new book. we'll get their advice when it comes to marriage, kids and more. matt, over to you. >> we'll get personal with eva longoria as well. i said to her do you have a preference on which side to stand.
8:17 am
side and a cinemat at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes.
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north and south bound around woodruff road. injuries and blocking the road. multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound aroundwoodruff road. injuries and blockinthe road multiple accidents on i-385 north and south bound aroundwoodruff road. injuries and blocking the road. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north windsof 7-20. the mountains will bemostly sunny, cold and windy, a high of 36. northwest winds at11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 19 overnight, with winds from
8:19 am
skies. just a few degrgrs after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
8:20 am
good morning. nice to see you. hi. 8:30 now on this monday morning. it's the 4th of january, 16. here we are in the new year. beautiful. is that what this is? i honestly -- >> coming off the roofs. >> i didn't even recognize them. snow flurries are here. >> festive. i like. coming up. starting off the new year right
8:21 am
joy bauer will be here to tell but a few things. if you eliminate these from your diet you'll have a much healthier new year. >> plus the lovely evaongoria is here to open up about her new comedy and upcoming walk down the aisle. >> logged into your computeruter. >> all right. >> i forgot to clear history. i'm in trouble. and a very special guest shares his family's wisdom, our own mr. al roker. >> i don't know about wisdom, but my wife deborah and i teamed up for a new book called "been there, done that" sharing some of the life lessons we've learned from our friends including some of the folks here on the "today" show and families as well. >> all right. >> look forward to that. first, let's get the forecast. >> all righty. here we go. a look into the week ahead. going to be a wet one out west especially in the northwest and snow showers around the great lakes. by the time we get to the mid-week period we are looking for more snow showerer in the upper great lakes. out west a lot of snow. latter part of the week icy conditions in the upper midwest
8:22 am
weather mid-atlantic states. look at temperatures, below normal early week and mid-week it warms up again in the northeast and upper midwest and below normal out west and look late week much above to above normal temperatures even half of the country. below normal out west. that's w west. that's w west. that's w greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north windsof 7-20. the mountains will bemostly sunny, cold and windy, a high of 36. northwest winds at11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 19overnight, with winds from and that is your latest savannah. >> all right.
8:23 am
we are launching our special series start today to healthy. begin 2016 on the right foot. all month long we'll get helpful tips on food, fitness and finance. here to tart it off is nutritionist joy bauer. i'm ready for detox. tell me what we're doing. tell me about the cleanse. >> the rules of the game. this is the overview. the foods to lose. there's four main food groups so let's go through them. we have white starch, fatty meat, sugary drinks, salty foods, fried anything, candy, milk chocolate and sweetened dairy, things like sugary yogurts and chocolate milk but don't worry because the foods to choose is even longer, so the foods to choose now include produce, fruits and vegetables, lots of whole grains, eat whole grain bread and pasta and brown rice. leaner meat, fish and sea foods, nuts, seed, dark chocolate and unsweetened plain dairy.
8:24 am
yogurts that you see. if everybody goes to the website i have all the results of the game and sample menus, you name it. >> you do great with the meal plans to make it easy. >> yeah. >> now we'll do a little experiment with our friend chloe cleanse. >> this is chloe cleanse. >> hi, clowy. >> started 2016 feeling really out of shape but she is inspired and she's motivated to make major changes, so i'm going to walk through three tips, simple everyday things that everybody can do, and you are going to watch and marvel at how chloe is going to completely transform. >> okay. >> so the first tip is i want everybody to ditch thehite bread and rolls and sub the whole grain counterparts. automatically be fueling your body with better stuff. >> okay. >> let's take it one step further, when you have the whole grains, i want you to pick out, scoop some of the inside out because every time you do this, savannah, you'll save yourself about 100 caloriri.
8:25 am
a week throughout the month of january, you'll save yourself more than 2,100 calories and the equivalent of this. >> ta-da. >> chloe is going to continue to do this throughout the entire year and check this out. she's now going to drop 7.5 pounds, and although it's a subtle change i will tell you she's thinned out her hips and trimmed a couple of inches off of her bell and that's the dangerous fat so she's already reduced her risk just by doing this. >> whole grains and scoop it out a little bit. >> not all of it. just scoop out some of it. >> some of it. >> what's chloe's next thing? >> her next assignment is every single day to lose a sugary beverage, so we're taking sodas and sweetened teas and even fruit juice and fruit drink, and instead she's going to have a refreshing glass of water. now, this is pretty huge. >> look how i jazzed this up. >> refreshing glass of wait for it, water. by the payback is pretty phenomenal.
8:26 am
just for the month of january you save yourself the equivalent of 8.5 cups of straight sugar >> wow. >> and chloe's going to continue to do this throughout whole drop another 23 pounds. >> look at that. >> look at her total now. >> really is. >> two tips. >> i barely recognize her. >> two tips, wait until the third tip. >> come on down. breakfast is served. >> number three is to swap out the fatty cuts of beef for leaner version, so inside of prime rib i want people to choose leaner beef. instead of wings, our going to choose skinless poultry, thighs, white meat, dark meat, your pick. instead of fatty pork chops you're going to choose lean pork tend. if you're able to do this for meals five times during the week, at the end of the month, throughout the end of january, you're going to save yourself more than 10,000 calories and
8:27 am
and that is the equivalent of 12 sticks of butter. >> wow. >> that'sism pressive. what's a lean beef? >> any lean cut, sirloin, maybe filet mignon, skirt steaks that are lean. just look in the store. if you don't see a lot of mashling then you know that it's lean. >> are all pork chops feat. i ate pork chops last night. >> most pork chops are very fat and majority of the fat is around the bone, but chloe has been doing this throughout the entire year and saves more than 123,000 calories and dropped another 35 pounds, so to put this into perspective. let's look at her before the journey and look at her afterwards. look at that. >> oh, wow. >> i mean, that is a marked change. she went from unhealth and out of change to fit and fabulous. >> i'd almost say she's too thin, joy. >> she looks perfect, and the cholesterol is done and boosting herr energy so my start today for
8:28 am
starch, the sugary beverages, the fatty meat and you will loose lose weight and boost your energy and feel markedly better in 2016. >> good stuff. thanks so much, joy. we'll be seeing you a lot. go on our website, the whole cleanse and menu plans, the whole thing. tomorrow on start today it's jenna bush hager's turn. she will help us say good-bye to oh,er size executions. coming up next, been there and done that, and his wife deborah share their wisdom on
8:29 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa
8:30 am
we're back now at 8:30. we've got something new from al who teamed up with his wife of 20 years deborah. >> it's a clerk of stories told from each other's perspectives on everything from raising kids
8:31 am
like most couples al and deborah don't always agree. >> we have a lot of conflict over these trips that we have to take for work. boast us travel a lot with our jobs. >> i think it's okay if you're not there every minute. >> i feel guilty about it all the time. i will take the very last flight that i can take to get to where i need to be and take that first flight back and get home because somehow i feel like i'm a better mother if i do it. >> i try to tell deborah, look, take an extra day, get a friends. >>able, on the other hand, well, he'll leave sunday before he needs to be there on monday dinner. it just sort of grates on mow he doesn't feel the get i feel. >> we're in the same business and do different things. deborah is hard news. i'm weather and goofy stuff. >> i'm going through research about, you know, somebody, some expert i'm interviewing the next day and i'm underlining and
8:32 am
>> make notes. i'm going out to interview the cast of "black list." we do the same things but we don't do the same things. when we with leila it became a difficult point in our marriage because i was already working mornings, and abc came to her and said we'd like you to do the news person's job on "good morning america." >> an opportunity that i had dreamed about, prayed about. >> we have a brand new baby. somebody needed to be home with her in the morning. >> i was really, really surprised about how conflicted i felt inside. >> so deborah decided to step back. you know, her career suffered some for it, and, you know, you always feel guilty about that. >> i admit deep down in my hearts hearts i felt that i've sacrificed more but i think he's also listened to me, too, and try to feel a little bit of my pain. i love my husband dearly.
8:33 am
know, but he calls me too much on the phone. >> i drive my family crazy because i call all the time, and i may not actually have anything of any grere import to say. >> how did it go this morning? how are you can the santa ana winds a okay. everybody get off okay. dog good? yeah. why are you calling? >> i just like touching base. >> which is beautiful and sweet and romantic, but i say to al all the time it would be so much more meaningful i we had the conversation later in the day. then i can actually be relaxed and hear it. i'll find it actually funny. >> even leila, my 17-year-old, is there something you wanted dad? i just wanted to hear your voice. >> okay. bye. you know. it's like -- i guess that's not good enough. okay. sorry. >> i still don't know everything al put in the book. i'm kind of nervous. it. >> i don't think that you want to necessarily admit. >> that's true. >> on camera that you haven't read the book. >> i didn't say i haven't read chapters.
8:34 am
>> that's half the book. wait a minute, i'm half the book. you only read your half. >> and i read some of yours, by didn't read everything so i'm kind of worried. i don't know what's in there. >> i love the fact that he tries to take things in stride in a very warm and funny way. >> you're a very compassionate person and i think she's instilled that in our kids and a lot of it has rubbed off on me. >> oh, thank you. >> way to end there, al. >> sweet. >> i know. >> have you read the book? i have read both. i actually have, and there's one chapter where we talk about my driving because i -- i'm not a very aggressive driver and deborah is. she's like mario andretti at the brickyard, and that's when we fight so i just decided i don't drive anymore when we're together, and the kids -- >> she does the driving. >> she does the driving, and the kids even talk about it in the book. they are like it's just horrible being in the car with the two of us. >> i'm glad you got to do this today before you leave tomorrow
8:35 am
>> wants to have a nice dinner so he leaves early. >> >> i'm team deborah on that one. >> so am i. >> but you should be more team al. you should take an extra day. >> i'm team deborah. >> the book is "been there, done that." up next, eva longoria on the big new projects in her life, a new show and an upcoming wedding, but, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
huge wedding, huge, huge. we're back now. it's 8. 47. here we have eva longoria, star of the new nobodies comedy "telenovella" playing a spanish soap star who doesn't speak spanish and to top it off she has to work alongside her ex. take a look. >> ah. take that. i won. >> okay. >> but you know what?
8:37 am
>> hold hon. >> we can do it. >> yeah, yeah, hold on. here we go. okay. yeah. okay. easier. good to see you. >> good morning, good to see you. >> so great to have you back on nbc. >> oh, thank you. >> and this is getting some great reviews. >> amazing. >> people are really excited about it. >> yeah. >> what made you want to do this show? >> oh, my gosh, developing it in my production slate, and when the first draft came in, it was so funny. the part of anna so yeah, she's vulnerable and crazy and it's justified. >> but you weren't originally supposed to star in it. >> no. >> but you kind of fell in love with anna. >> i fell in love with anna sophia, plays a spanish soap starho does not speak spanish. >> i love that.
8:38 am
i'm latina but i didn't speak spanish, i've learned it since, but it was like i was always a fish out of water in my own culture and she is that, and she's very funny, and, you know, i knew would i go back to tv one day but the bar was set so high from "desperate housewives" that i was like i don't know, i don't know. i was a little gun shy and i loved the time off. >> i was going to say. that's not too bad either. >> yeah, yeah. >> you've got great co-stars in the show. >> yeah, yes. i have amazing co-stars, dine far mar yaia plays my best friend, like the lucy and ettel. i'm getting in travel and she's pulling me out of it. we have a big pop star, big musician from the latin world and now he's kind of crossing over and just a dream to work with. >> you worked in soaps, right? didn't you work on "the young ." you bring any of this? >> a lot. mark cherry said the different between daytime soaps and primetime, in daytime soaps the
8:39 am
the men are the ones who are like the jerks. >> and then you go to primetime and then it becomes the women. >> in this show your ex-husband, not only do you not speak spanish which i guess is kind of an obstacle when you're in a spanish speaking "telenovela". >> my ex-husband comes on the show and chaos ensues. all of these characters could be in a dentist's office, like how do you work with somebody you hate. how do you work, you know, a younger person anything at your heels, trying to take your spot? you guys know that here at "today," right? >> there's no drama in television. what are you talking about. no way. >> carson's vying for everybody's spot, i know it. >> he is. he is. diva, biggest diva here. all right. business. >> thank you. >> you recently got engaged. >> you recently got engaged. >> tell us about your man. >> he's amazing. he's gorgeous and really the kindest human being i've ever
8:40 am
private so i never talk about him because he's like don't talk about me. >> oh, no. >> yeah. >> we don't want to be the source of your first fight. are you planning like a big wedding or are you doing something low key? >> we haven't even discussed it. engagement. it was such a surprise. it was in dubai in the desert so that moment. i'm still applauding him for how beautiful and amazing it was. >> oh. >> then we'll talk about, you know, the big fat mexican wedding. >> ever notice that you're dating someone and the question is when are you going to get engaged and the question is as soon as you get engaged when are you going to get married? >> and then when are you going to get divorced? >> let life happen. >> they put you together before you're together and break you up before you're broken up. it's a lot of fun. >> happy for the show and, of course, your personal life. >> thank you so much. >> eva, good to see you and "telenovela "premiers at 8:30,
8:41 am
this is "today" on nbc. america ferrera. >> will be with us as well. >> breaking, deborah has read the book.
8:42 am
>> yes, she has. >> i think that's funny that she just read her part. >> her chanters. >> as far as she's concerned that's the best part of the book, her part, and she's not wrong. >> got a lot more coming on a
8:43 am
local news and weather. one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:44 am
at 857.... a greenville county council woman is in the hospital recovering from a stroke this morning. the council chairman told wyffnews 4.. that lottie gibson was hospitalized yesterday... after suffering from a stroke. we are told she is stable. right now it's too early to tell whether gibson will be able to perform her duties on the council. the next council meeting is tomorrow ----- dale.. greenville, spartanburg, anderson will be sunny and cold today, high of 46. north windsof 7-20. the mountains will be mostly sunny, cold andwindy, a high of 36. northwest winds at 11-25. colder temperatures will be felt tonight. asheville, hendersonville will drop to 19overnight, with winds from
8:45 am
will drop to 25, north winds at 5- >> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, from the film "the hatedful eight," samuel l. jackson. get ready to meet the new bachelor, ben higgins. the newly crowned miss universe, pia alonzo wurtzbach. plus an incredible game day party could be yours. details on how to enter "live's" fantastic photo contest. also, today we kick off our annual new year, new you celebration. all month long we're sharing tips, advice, and ideas to make 2016 a super year, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by
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