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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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newland, slick roads because of a half inch of snow earlier in the day. beech mountain, an inch and a half of snow making tons of snow because it is so cold. 20 in boone, 25 in asheville, 30 in greenville, spartanburg. 32 in anderson. as far as wake-up weather tomorrow, sunny skies but cold. 23 in the upstate. bitterly cold breeze out of the north in the mountains, 18 degrees. not much of a warm up during the day tomorrow. i will tell you how much we will not warm-up tomorrow a bit later on. now back to you. michael: you said it, the first snow of the winter and west north carolina. flurries fell most of the day there. madison, yancey, and haywood counties sent students home early. heavy flurries came down in haywood county. snow, blowing across the roads at times. and for the first time, it looked like winter at cataloochee ski area. on friday, the ski area was
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look at that. they've been making their own snow, and today's flurries certainly didn't hurt. >> it builds a lot of interest. the snow, it makes it look pretty, and it certainly makes people think winter, which is something we've been missing thisiseason so far. michael: it feels like it, too. during the day, it was around 19 degrees at cataloochee. carol: and don't forget, when the snow hits, you can turn to the wyff 4 mobile app for the latest weather updates, including live radar. the app is free to download, and available in both apple and android stores. michael: an upstate k9, shot and could end up having his name on a new state law. carol: hyco died october 21st. hearing from his handler, a deputy throwing his support behind a bill to toughen the penalty for killing a police animal. wyff news 4's liz lohuis joins us with this exclusive story. liz? liz: people from all over the nation were heartbroken after hyco was killed. some argue the penalties for
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need to be tougher. i sat down with hyco's handler to talk more about that. >> it's the worst feeling you can ever imagine. liz: for 6 years, deputy brandon surratt and hyco were partners. and that partnership didn't end when the work day was over. hyco went home with surratt every day. he was part of the family. >> my 4-year-old made the statement just a couple of weeks ago. she said, "daddy, i want to throw a rope up to heaven, and i want to pull hyco back down here." liz: surratt says, telling his family hyco was killed was one of the hardest things he's ever done. >> he was their protector. liz: these three people have been charged in the death of hyco. under current law, they could spend 1-5 years in prison, with the possibility of parole. they also face a fine of up to $1,000. a state representative has pre-filed a bill that, if passed, would change that.
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sentence in there. under the current law, someone could get paroled or pardoned for that time, and typically, would receive a slap on the wrist. liz: violators could also face a fine of up to $20,000. surratt is in full support of the bill. >> we ask these k9s to go into buildings after bad guys, exactly what we do. we call them a deputy, also. liz: the bill would be called "hyco's and fargo's law." fargo was a k9 killed in richland county. surratt says it would mean a lot to have hyco's name on the law. >> to me, he is still saving lives, and protecting other k9s that are out there putting their lives out on the line every day. liz: surratt also told me he is overwhelmed with support from the community, from those who bought a hyco sticker, to others who sent letters. he is very thankful. those letters, by the way, came all the way from maine to new
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michael: lives, thank you. the pickens county council voted no on disposal of coal ash in landfill. a company agreed with the county in 2007, to allow construction debris to go into landfills near liberty. county officials says the company wants to dump coal ash. they say that is not part of the agreement. the county is seeking legal help to fight it. carol: president barack obama is taking aim at gun violence. tomorrow, the presidentntill announce that he is bypassing congress and taking executive action, steps that he believes will curb gun violence. here's what we've just learned the president plans to do. he will end the so-called gun-show loophole. it would require background checks be conducted on people who buy weapons at gun shows. and the fbi will hire 230 more examiners to process those extra background checks. the move follows a deadly year of mass shootings across the country. gun rights advocates and republican presidential
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president's move. >> we view this as lawless. he's circumventing the congress, he's circumventing the constitution to restrict the rights of law-abiding americans. >> he's obsessed with undermining the second amendment. carol: and also, under the president's plan, $500 million would go towards mental health care access. michael: 2015 was a record year for gun background checks. the fbi says more than 23 million checks were conducted last year. they're done on all gun sales that go through a federally licensed dealer. december was the biggest month ever, with more than 3 million checks. it also happened to be the same month that two terrorists shot and killed 14 people in san bernardino. carol: and on that front, the site of the san bernardino massacre is back open for business. about 600 employees gathered for a memorial service. employees talked about the attack before getting back to work. 14 people were killed in a shooting spree at the inland regional center last month. the conference center where the
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stay closed. michael: michael slager has -- is out of jail and on houston -- on house arrest. you may recall, he's the former north charleston police officer charged with k kling an unarmed black man. earlier today, a south carolina judge set bond at half a million dollars. earlier tonight, he posted the $50,000 to get out of jail. cell phone video shows slager shooting walter scott after he ran from a traffic stop. the judge also set the trial start date for october 31st. he will remain under house arrest until then. carol: right now, armed protestors continue to occupy a remote national wildlife refuge in oregon. this, even though the two local ranchers they are supporting turn themselves in today. >> the hammonds have turned themselves in, and it's time for you to leave our community. carol: dwight and steven hammond own land adjacent to the refuge. they were sentenced to federal prison for setting public land on fire. the hammond family has said the group does not speak on their behalf. today, they reported to prison.
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they are prepared to stay for months, even years. michael: country singer craig strickland has been found dead. strickland and his friend were reported missing just after christmas, during a duck hunting trip. they went out during a severe storm. his friend's body was recovered last week. the 29-year-old was found today in an oklahoma lake. strickland was part of the group backroad anthem. carol: vandals defaced the graves of several confederate soldiers at a north carolina cemetery. it happened at the oakwood cemetery in raleigh. officials say at least nine monuments were vandalized. they say they covered them up to hide the spray-painted messages. officials say the vandals caused about $20,000 worth of damage to the site. michael: more trouble tonight for volkswagen. the epa and justice department are suing the german company. this is related to emissions cheating software in diesel cars. the agencies accuse the automaker of violating u.s. emissions standards. the lawsuit is seeking up to $18
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the company and its executives could also face separate criminal charges. the software was found in nearly 600,000 vehicles. carol: it's not the way wall street was hoping to ring in a new year of trading. today, stocks sank as part of a global sell-off. the three major indices all took significant hits, with the dow and the nasdaq slumping by triple digits. that, officially, is the worst opening day in 84 years. the huge drop is blamed on new signs of weakness in china's economy, and fears the escalating tensions between saudi arabia and iran could bring a spike in oil prices. but today, oil prices actually closed even lower. many analysts saying, the low price at the pump will get even lower. >> i'm enjoying it. i always have to get premium in my car, so i have to make sure its as cheap as possible so i can keep riding longer. carol: according to estimates from aaa, gas should remain a bargain this year.
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will kick off a 50 state tour tomorrow in iowa. franklin graham will hold prayer rallies and urge christians to vote. but franklin graham has left the republican party, and says he won't endorse any candidates. >> we're not supporting any candidates or any party, but we want to lift up the name of jesus christ. michael: in this video, franklin graham says he wants people to vote for candidates that stand for biblical values. furman political scieiee professor danielle vinson says graham's tour may be a response to widespread frustration with politics among conservative christians. >> i think mostly, to remind evangelicals that their votes are important. this has been a tough year for them politically, with the supreme court ruling on gay marriage, and also the planned parenthood videos, with many of them wanting defunding for planned parenthood in this year's budget from congress, and it didn't happen. michael: vinson says republicans ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, and jeb bush could benefit most from graham's tour. she says donald trump is not likely to benefit. franklin graham is scheduled to
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february 9th, and in atlanta on february 10th. carol: we are a week away from clemson's chance to win it all. we are going back in time to the 1981 championship. clemson'ss information director was with the athletic department back then. he kept a momento of the season. the cost back then for a ticket, $15. now, the cheapest ticket we could find costs $450. the size of the press guides has also changed. >> basically, all the info that's in here started out on my electric typewriter, and mr. bradley's electric typewriter. carol: bourret also kept newspapers from the orange bowl win back then. when he looks at it, he says he thinks about the excitement everyone felt, winning the national championship that first time. michael: coming up, a family is giving away tools, out of love. how they say one of these could have saved their daughter's life.
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what one girl sacrificed in order to give back to the shriner's children's hospital. john: with extremely cold air sweeping across the great lakes, lake effect snow showers continue around cleveland and buffalo.
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michael: a $20 tool can save your life. a simpsonville woman is passing them out to honor the memory of her sister. carol: wyff news 4's john lyon says, amanda mitchell is spearheading the effort to prevent flood-related deaths, >> these are the swiss tech tools. john: amanda mitchell looks over a box of automobile emergency tools, a 3-inch gadget that helps passengers get out of cars sinking in water. >> it's a spring-loaded glass break tool, also a seat belt cutter. it's got an alarm on it, and, like, an s.o.s. flasher. john: mitchell's sister, alex holmes, was killed in october, when flood waters swept her car off the road. >> she was always smiling, she was always happy. at thanksgiving, christmas, she's the sister everybody looked forward to seeing, because she just lit up the room. john: the family started a go
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foundation, and the purchase of 600 swiss tech tools. >> we're doing it for free, because we are not trying to make money. we're doing it in alex's honor. john: amanda is convinced that if her sister alex had one of these $20 tools and used it, she would have gotten out safely. >> this tool, like i said, we tested them out, and it was very easy to use, and it shattered the glass. so yes, i am confident in saying, had she had one of these in her car, that she would still be with us. john: the alex holmes foundation is planning to give the tools away at the olive garden on laurens road in greenville, starting at 11:00 saturday morning, because alex was such a giving person. >> and let them know how important that one of these little tools could be to have it , in their car. john: hoping that it can help save a life. john lyon, wyff news 4, simpsonville. carol: for many of us, the
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down. but for a little greenville girl, christmas is a state of mind, a time of giving that lasts and lasts. meet 8-year-old ellery bean owen and her three-year-old sister, shelby. shelby has juvenile rheeatoid arthritis, and is being helped at shriner's hopsital for children in greenville. this year for christmas, ellery asked for money to donate to shriner's, and a sewing machine. santa gave her money, and her parents told her she could choose what to do with it. ellery chose the place that had so helped her sister, >> i wanted other kids to be like my sister, shelel. i wanted them to run, jump, and play. >> what makes this expectional is that an 8-year-old decided to be something, and step up and do something, and even if it wasn't a huge amount, it was her litle bit that she was going to pay forward and put into the world, and do good for other people, because we were those people who needed help. carol: in the time since ellery's donation was made,
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offered to buy her the sewing machine she gave up. her mom says ellery wants people to do what she did, and instead give the money to the shriner's hospital for children in greenville. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar shows we are socked in with clouds earlier today through north carolina. we had flurries and snow showers. when the sun went down, so did clouds. the flurries dissipated and we are looking at clear skies. here are the snow showers during the day today. scattered to numerous lorries and snow showers through western north carolina. almost for the entire state, all the way out to raleigh. raleigh durham had snow flurries today. it fizzled out. a few flurries around caesars head and the northern greenville county mountains.
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the storm reports, a dusting of snow in downtown asheville with flurries and snow showers on the grassy areas in particular. roads in good play -- in good shape. in yancey county, a 10th of an inch. newland, roads were slick. beech mountain, an inch and a half of snow. this is great news for ski resorts in the northern mountains of north carolina as most of the areas had 1-2 inches of snow. in the upstate, a live shot from laurens, crystal clear and cold. we started off at 35 of the greenville airport, warmed up only 244 degrees. what a way to start the new year. last week, the last few weeks, way above average. now, eight degrees below average as far as the high temperatures go, far from the record high. 29 this morning at the asheville
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37 was the high, that was around 12:30, just after midnight last night. temperatures continued to drop and struggled to be in the low to mid 30's during the day today. the wind made it feel colder. look a much colder it is. you can see how cold it is. in the north carolina mountains, that is where the coldest spots are. 20 in boone and spruce pine, upper 20's in marion and rutherfordton and hendersonville, 25 in asheville, 18 in waynesville, 26 in brevard. in the upstate, 30 and spartanburg and greenville and greenwood, 30 in toccoa. a wind in the northern and central mountains of north carolina giving us a wind chill of seven in boone, midteens in asheville and hendersonville. 25 in clemson, and anderson at greenwood. 24 the wind chill in spartanburg.
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36 in columbia, 30 three in atlanta. 53 in orlando, 63 in miami. they are probably bundled up. he storm system out west will affect us towards the end of the week. the arctic air in the northeast, 15 in boston. three degrees in michigan. high pressure builds and from the north. with plenty of sunshine tomorrow, it will be a cold day. tonight, low 23 in the upstate, 18 and the mountains. tomorrow in the upstate, bright sunshine but still cold. high 42. 30 at 9:00 a.m., upper 30's by lunchtime. sunshine and cold with light winds, no wind chills tomorrow in the mountains. high 39 which will be reached at 3:00 in the afternoon. the for-day plus, increasing clouds towards the end of the week. a chance of rain on friday. dry on saturday. carol: the -- thank you, john. michael: the tide is focused. ricardo: nick saban said deshaun watson is the best dual-threat
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time. the players, also compmpmentary of the tigers signal caller. will muschamp's coaching staff
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sports is next. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> deshaun watson is a very
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dual-threat quarterback. someone who we feel like he reminds us of joshua dobbs from tennessee. definitely, again, we're going to look back and see how we handled situations back then. we have to do a good job of containing him, and getting a lot of pressure on him. ricardo: the crimson tide, preparing today for the tigers signal caller. alabama head coach nick saban complimeted the heisman finalist, saying he's the best dual-threat quarterback they've faced in a long time. you just saw alabama on the practice field. clemson will hit the sleds tomorrow, and the tigers will have less practice time than the tide. with the spring semester starting on wednesday, the tigers have to adhere to the ncaa's 20-hour practice week rule. this doesn't apply to alabama, because their spring semester starts january 13th, two days after the national title game. in case you're wondering, in the lead up to last year's title game, ohio state got to hold unlimited practices, while oregon was under the restrictions. clemson defensive end shaq lawson practiced today, and head coach dabo swinney said in a teleconference, he's optimistic the central native will play next monday. lawson sprained his mcl in the first half of the orange bowl
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the former daniel high standout leads the nation in tackles for loss. former clemson head coach jimmy "red" parker passed away today, after battling heart-related illnesses. he was 82. parker coached the tigers for four seasons, from 1973 to 1976. prior to his time in tigertown, parker coached the citadel for seven seasons. parker recently served as a headad coach and athletic director at harmony grove high school in arkansas. will muschamp's coaching staff is complete. south carolina today, officially announcing the hire of kurt roper as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. roper served as muschamp's offensive coordinator at florida in 2014, before joining the cleveland browns staff last season. roper and former georiga interim head coach bryan mcclendon will share play calling duties. the carolina panthers took another injury hit today. safety charles tillman will miss the panthers' playoff run after he suffered a torn acl on sunday. tillman played with a partially torn acl in the right knee against new york in week 15, before completely tearing it in the season finale against tampa bay. despite the bad news, carolina in good spirits after wrapping
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win over the bucs sunday. the panthers not shy to have fun during a game, even posing for this group photo in the final minutes of the contest. head coach ron rivera said today, the team got its swagger back after suffering that loss to atlanta. >> going to atlanta and not playing as well as we are capable of, and then playing as well as we did yesterday, it's exciting. and it's great to see the guys enjoying it, and it's great to see the guys with theirir confidence, and i think that is something that is part of who we are. ricardo: taking a look at the nfc playoff bracket, the panthers will enjoy the bye week, and will face either seattle, washington, or green bay. the division round game will take place sunday, january 17th, at 1:05 p.m. the south carolina men's basketball team moved up two spots, to number 22, in the latest associated press poll today. the gamecocks remain 20th in the usa today coaches' poll. usc travels to auburn to open s.e.c. play tomorrow night at 7:00. 6th ranked north carolina in tallahassee tonight, facing florida state.
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native brice johnson. get this. 39 points, 23 rebounds. first 30-20 game by a tar heel since mitch kupchak in 1978. north carolina runs past florida state, 106-90. what a big night for johnson. michael: that's a long time. ricardo: when you are pulling out that name, you are going
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carol: it's january. michael: can you tell? john: december, way back last year, was so warm. the northern mounds of north carolina are just making tons of snow right now. they had 1-2 inches of natural snow during the day. tomorrow, no snow, sunshine, lighter wind, 42 in the upstate, 39 in the mountains. maybe rain towards the end the week. carol: thank you for watching. the news continues tomorrow morning. michael: thanks for the company. we are always on and our mobile app. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside?
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