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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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holidays, and now looking seriously at the candidates. >> john: talking trump, cruz, gun control, or immigration, about 60 tea party members put away the holiday season, and got back in to the political season. >> people are asking me about what's coming up with the primaries, and a lot more emails going back and forth. and i do think people are starting to pay attention, now that the holidays are over. john: south carolina's first in the south republican primary, and choices made by these and other voters, should start thinning out the field. >> i think south carolina may some effect on other states, yes. as far as my decision, i'll go ahead and vote, and then things will change, i'm sure. >> there's good candidates out there, and the 4 that i am thinking of, it's a difficult decision to make among them, but i will have to soon.
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doesn't endorse candidates, it just gives its members information to help them decide. >> i'm asking people to look not just at the words, but look at their actions throughout their life, and their past. john: the latest polls show donald trump and ted cruz supported by over half of the republican voters in south carolina. and here, those name kept coming up. >> of course, there is always a lot of buzz about donald trump. >> between him and ted cruz, those guys stir the pot, and i like that. john: maybe heating things up here for the next six weeks. john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. michael: when it comes to voting in south carolina, we can learn a lot from past elections. in the last two primaries, the largest segment of voters were people 45 to 64 years old, which -- and that block of people cast 44% of all votes in the state. compare than to the youngest segment of voters, ages 18-24, they cast fewer than 5%.
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non-white voters more than 2-1 in the last two primaries. even so, there is far less interest in primary elections, with only 20% of voters, both democrat and republican, showing up at the polls. experts say, knowing the age and backgrounds of likely voters does help the candidates shape a political message. >> you will notice that a lot of the issues that the candidates talk about are primarily aimed at middle-aged and older people. and so, the candidates talk to the issues of the people they think are going to go vote. michael: danielle vinson says candidates who fall behind in the polls often target people with a poor track record of voting, hoping to mobilize those voters on election day. carol: and tomorrow, donald trump will be in rock hill, south carolina. meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush will also be in south carolina. he will be in pendleton and anderson. the first primary voting starts in 25 days. michael: to the weather now. the chill continues, but a bit
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cessarich is here. john, not quite as cold? john: pretty nice set with a cold start to the year. we had a bit of a warm-up, to around 60 degrees this afternoon. we are cooling off. here comes the rain. this is not much of a storm system. only patches of light rain, maybe drizzle and fog as we go overnight. not a lot of rain. temperatures, everything above freezing, 40's and 50's in the upstate, 50's in northeastern georgia. early this evening, we said 29 in boone. once the light precipitation gets here later tonight, the higher elevations of the northern mountains of north carolina could start off as a brief light, wintry mix, freezing rain and sleet. it will go over to all rain after that. we'll keep you updated. otherwise, rain, drizzle and fog tomorrow morning. michael: this is still going on. the bomb squad has responded to an anderson county home. deputies say a man has
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they say the situation is hawthorne drive. deputies say they got the call around 8:00 p.m. they say the man indicated he has a bomb. deputies say they believe no one else is in the home. for the latest, stay with wyff news 4, on-air and online. carol: authorities have arrested two people on terrorism-related charges, one in sacramento, the other in texas. first to sacramento. 23-year-old aws mohammed younis al-jayab stands accused of traveling to syria to fight alongside terrorist organizations. he was arrested this morning. meanwhile, in texas, the lieutenant governor praised the arrest of what he called a terror suspect. the governor did not release that suspect's name. michael: to virginia now. the president took his message to the american people in a town hall discussion. it aired live on cnn. this, after he unveiled a set of executive actions tuesday, meant to beef up background checks and close so-called loopholes. mr. obama spoke about the often
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says has been mischaracterized. >> the nra is just down the street. there is a reason why they are not here. since this is the main reason they exist, you would think they would be prepared. michael: the national rifle association decided not to take part, calling it a public relations spectacle organized by the white house. carol: south carolina governor nikki haley laid out a plan to help fight domestic violence. the governor says she's giving her task force more time to continue finding ways to deal with the issue. haley is also looking at how domestic violence cases are prosecuted in the state. >> in my executive budget, you -- we are putting approximately $19 million, which will first of all takeaway domestic violence cases from officers and actually assign prosecutors. we will add 144 new prosecutors. we are going to put 3 new judges into the circuit court, and we
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there for public defenders. carol: governor haley created the task force a year ago. nationwide, south carolina consistently ranks among the worst in the nation for women killed by men. michael: as clemson coach dabo swinney heads to the national championship, his family is once again dealing with some negative issues. his brother has been charged with stalking. carol: according to the panama city news herald, the 47-year-old was arrested tuesday. a restraining order was filed against him, on an accusation of domestic violence. the report says henry swinney is accused of harassing and cyberstalking his estranged wife. dabo addressed the matter following today's last home practice. >> he's almost 50 years old, and one thing i learned a long time ago is, you can't change people. people have to want to change, and do the right things. unfortunately, he's had a long history of not doing the right things. but i love him, he's my brother. there's nothing i can do about it, and i done everything i can
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him, but that's his life, and those are decisions that he's made. carol: to read dabo's full statement, head to wyff4. com michael: another day of red ink all over wall street. stocks plunging as china's economy continues to show signs of a stumble. the price of oil also tanking, and that is playing into the market sell-off. a barrel of oil now at its lowest level in 12-years. let's take a look at the numbers. the dow down nearly 400 points on the session, the nasdaq off more than 146. the s&p 500 index falls more than 47 in the session. among the silver linings gas , prices at the pump are expected to fall even further. carol: a spartanburg county woman is facing arts -- arson charges. sherri shockley stands accused of setting a home on fire back in september. she tried to escape from the patrol car when she was arrested.
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ripped off her toenail, and all her clothes. michael: an upstate mother is now facing charges, a day after her boyfriend was charged with dropping and stepping on her baby daughter. leroy morris faces several charges, including unlawful conduct toward a child. officers believe he lives with whitney barnwell. today, officers filed similar charges against her. today, a judge denied morris bond. the mother's bond was set at $75,000. right now, the child is at the greenville health system. she's only 48 days old. carol: in horry county, the cause of death of baby grace cruz has officially been ruled a drowning. as you may remember, her body was found in a creek in socastee back in november. her mother claimed she lost her in the rushing creek water. a deputy coroner ruled the manner of death was homicide. sarah toney was charged with homicide by child abuse. bond was denied. michael: sergeant bowe bergdahl will go before a military court coming up on tuesday. he faces charges of desertion, and endangering fellow soldiers. you may remember bergdahl left
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2009. he was held captive by the taliban for five years. bergdahl was freed back in may 2014, in exchange for five taliban prisoners. this hearing is set to take place in fort bragg, north carolina. carol: clemson university's tillman hall, once again tagged with graffiti. police say someone spray-painted messages on the building, against the man it's named after. ben tillman was an avowed white supremacist, and that has stirred up a lot of debate on the campus. the building was also vandalized in july, the same week the confederate flag was removed from the statehouse grounds. >> i suppose it's unfortunate that someone felt the need to take that particular course of action. carol: today, a crew covered the graffiti with signs supporting the football team as they head to the national championship game. a university spokesperson says they hope this crime doesn't take away from efforts to tell the school's full history. right now, the university is looking to charge the person responsible. michael: the university of south
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christmas gift, the hoverboard. no more hoverboards on campus. usc officials say the ban went into effect january 1. it bans the device from all campus housing buildings. an official issued the following statement, saying in part, quote, "the safety of students is a primary concern of the university, and hoverboards, like any motorized vehicle used indoors, pose a risk to both the riders and bystanders." end quote. carol: "restaurant week south carolina" is once again underway here in the upstate. some of the best and most popular restaurants are offering hot deals for lunch and dinner over the next 11 days. the event has also grown to include a hotel stay. >> we have 43 restaurants that signed up this year. that's up from 28 last year. and it started out six years ago at only six restaurants. so it's growing every year. carol: to see a full list of participating restaurants and the deals they're offering, someday, this might be the way , carries humans. a chinese company has developed a prototype drone that can take a passenger to a pre-programmed
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the drone can supposedly reach 11,000 feet, as well as travel 62 miles an hour. there is a catch, though. the batteries last only 23 minutes. the drone is just a prototype. it's still years away from getting faa approval. >> it'll be something that is remembered until we die. michael: excitement is building for the national championship. coming up, how to tiger bands and different decades are about to do the same thing. john: i'm sure there are clemson fans in the phoenix area around glendale. 49 degrees there in phoenix was scattered showers. the precipitation will be gone by monday night, the big game against alabama. partly cloudy temperatures in the 40's.
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michael: breaking news, in clinton officers are investigating a shooting. carol: a number of people were injured. it happened around 10:00 noon north broad street. no word on how many or the extent, but officials do not believe any suffered life-threatening injuries. the suspect has been arrested. stay with us on-air and online for the latest on this story. michael: now to a moment to remember. for the clemson football team, a chance to turn a dream into a reality. carol: and for the tiger band, a time to make some memories, just like those did before them, 34 years ago. wyff news 4's mandy gaither has the story. >> clemson marching band, under the direction of bruce cook. mandy: 34 years separates them, but these two tiger bands, from different decades, are about to do something the same. >> here's my trumpet. mandy: if it looks a little older, that's because it is.
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played at the '82 orange bowl, when he was 20 years old. now, at 54, memories of that night still play in his head. >> they dismiss us, and someone is handing out these big orange foam number 1 fingers that you can wear on your hand to the band members. or at least, to some of them. i get one of those, and we run out onto the field, jumping up and down, celebrating. we turned to the stands, and there are still a lot of tiger faithful in the stands, as you can imagine, and they're just going crazy. mandy: now, the excitement is for the next national championship, with new memories in the making. >> i've been at some other major universities that have won national championships, just not when i've been there. mandy: mark spede, director of the current tiger band, says 332 band students, 22 staff, and 30 cheerleaders, plus the mascot, are arizona-bound,
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two charter planes. >> we've had to divide the band up between the two planes, and try to figure out how much weight is going to be able to go on each plane. so we're still working on that right now. mandy: a monumental task the tiger band isn't used to. usually, they travel by bus, with their equipment on board a truck. there won't be time for sightseeing. their schedule, full. but it's worth it. >> it'll be something that is remembered until we die. it's just one of things that will be etched in everyone's memory forever. mandy: something this former tiger band member can attest to. >> this is my tiger band jacket. not quite able to fit into it anymore, ha. mandy: mandy gaither, wyff news 4. michael: those memories always fit. the tiger band will do a pre-game show around 8:00 p.m. eastern monday night, and will perform from the musical "wicked" during the halftime show, carol: both performances will be aired live on espn classic and espn 360.
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all this our sports team has , arrived in arizona. they'll bring you full coverage of the lead-up to the national championship game. that is coming up on monday night, and we will have our hour-long special for you monday night before the game, right here on wyff 4, beginning at 7:00 p.m. we'll be live from university of phoenix stadium, with everything you need to know. kickoff of the college football playoff national championship, between the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing clouds continue to stream across the area. this is not much of a storm system. some breaks in some of the rain, some of the heaviest rain may drift south especially along i-20. this batch right here. it might phil and more. showers late tonight and early tomorrow morning. everything will probably dissipate but we will be left with clouds and chilly temperatures.
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dry. this precipitation is probably not reaching the ground. sprinkles are about it. we may see a general light rain arrived later tonight. cold as recent night. 60 the high. that much. eight degrees above average, we missed the record by 11 degrees set just four years ago. 25 this morning at the asheville airport, close to where it should be. 59 the high this afternoon, 12 degrees above average, missed the record by 11 degrees as far as high, set in 1913. right now, mostly cloudy in laurens, 48 degrees. chilly temperatures, but overall, not too bad. 42 in asheville. 29 right now in boone. when the precipitation gets here late tonight, it may be below
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elevations of the northern mountains, so this precipitation, although it will be light, may start off it -- as a light winter mix. no watches or warnings or advisories. humidity gradually on the increase at the surface, in the mid levels of the atmosphere, pretty dry. 37 in greensboro, 39 in raleigh. 30 in cincinnati, and 60 in orlando. 66 in miami. here is the piece of energy along this warm front. look at the storm system out here. there is bermuda right there. they have been getting hammered by southerly winds of 20-30 miles per hour sustained with some gusts near tropical storm force. scattered showers and thunderstorms, as well. this is a nontropical system but it is a large system moving northeast. will gradually turn east-southeast. it may become subtropical next week. i will keep you updated. no threat to the u.s., but
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strong winds tonight and tomorrow with off and on scattered showers and thunderstorms. 30 in denver, 18 in montana. at the freezing mark in boston. there is the massive storm in the open waters of the atlantic. this evening. snow on the back edge. will be late tonight. wind. kind of chilly, more clouds than rain tomorrow. a few patches of drizzle and fog. overnight, cloudy with rain, 41 below. in the mountains come overnight low 36. to marlin the upstate, morning rain, pages of drizzle and fog. cloudy skies and chilly. high only 47. we will be lucky to hit 50. patches of rain, valley fog in the mountains. mostly cloudy in the afternoon, a light south-southeasterly wind , starting off at 39 degrees in
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rain continuing on saturday. this is a bigger storm system. it will be liquid precipitation. scattered showers, windy and cold in the mountains on sunday, but dry and the upstate. no back to you. carol: the fellas have landed in arizona. ricardo: marc and brad are in arizona. our coverage from the road to the title begins this evening. skai moore makes a decision on his future at south carolina. sports is next. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i'm excited for our guys to see a different part of the country. i've only been out there once,
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twice. so i think it's great for our guys to experience that. ricardo: dabo swinney and the tigers, ready to hop on a plane tomorrow, and head to the desert. phoenix, arizona. the team wrapping up its final practice on campus this afternoon. the tigers won't have to worry about not getting enough time to prepare for monday's title tilt with alabama. the ncaa granted a waiver for the 20-hour rule, which limits the amount of time a team can be in practices and team meetings in a week. the tide not under the restriction, because their spring semester doesn't start until january 13, two days after the championship game in arizona. our wyff sports team has landed in the desert, and sports director brad fralick found himself dodging cacti. brad: welcome to the desert. phoenix, arizona, site of the college football national championship. we have arrived and we are finally on the ground. it took all day of lying to get here. the clemson tigers will arrive tomorrow ahead of the game. this is not a bowl game, there
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team to participate in. it is more like a normal game week. they will arrive friday, media day is saturday. they will practice, then it is hedged -- head coach's media stuff. we will have stuff on twitter, facebook, everyday we are here leading up to the big game. our monday night at 7:00 special, followed by the game at 8:30. read fraley, -- brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. watch out for the cactus. ricardo: brad mentioned our one hour special on monday night, "road to the title," right here on wyff 4. brad, marc, and myself will give you everything you need to know for the national championship game. "road to the title" airs at 7:00. georgia linebacker leonard floyd is leaving for the nfl. the fourth-year junior, declaring for the draft today. floyd is projected as a first round pick. the butkus award finalist led the bulldogs with 4 1/2 sacks this season, and ranked second on the team in tackles. gamecock linebacker skai moore is, however, staying put in columbia. moore will return for his senior
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announcing his intentions on instagram today, saying it didn't feel right not finishing what he had began at usc. moore will get to play under new head coach will muschamp, who said today, he thought moore made a mature decision about returning. moore led the gameoccks in tackles the past three seasons. the clemson men's basketball team landed 6'9" transfer elijiah thomas. the former texas a&m post player is on campus. he'll be able to play for the tigers in december 2016. thomas appeared in 8 games for the aggies this season, averaging just under 4 points and 2 and half rebounds a game. the 2nd-ranked south carolina women at vanderbilt tonight, the gamecocks trying to move to 14-0 on the year. tiffany mitchell, a big part of that. in the first quarter, she took a nasty spill. she walks off the court, and eventually returned. showing no ill effects. second quarter, gamecocks down. mitchell knocked down the three. tied at 31. fourth quarter, mitchell on the defensive end. the steel and the lay up at the
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this game was close. south carolina has 13 games -- has won three games. tinaoy there, sessions with a big corner three. 10 on the night. the gamecocks improved to 14-0 vanderbilt. the greenville swap rabbits, back on home ice this evening, hosting the floirda everblades. 2nd period, swamp rabbits trail by a goal. darian zurzinski sneaks in the goal to tie it at 1. still 1-1, moving into the third. kevin lynch for the everglades gives them the lead. swamp rabbits fall, 2-1. both teams back at it at the well tomorrow night. from palm trees to cactuses, you have good scenery for the game. michael: the boys have logged some miles.
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john: not much of the storm overnight come a few patches of light rain and drizzle tomorrow morning. otherwise, cloudy and chilly, high 47 in the upstate, 48 in the mountains. better chance of rain on saturday in the afternoon. carol: thank you for watching. the news continues tomorrow morning. michael: good night, everybody. [captioning performed by the national captitiing institute, which is responsible for its
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