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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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michael: the countdown is on for monday night's national championship game against second ranked alabama. wyff news 4's brad fralick and marc dopher are live in arizona tonight. gentlemen, it's a full weekend ahead. marc:. question about it -- no question about it. a busy weekend ahead. clemson got the first touchdown, some people said, as they landed in phoenix. they come off the planes, literally went right to the buses. we will talk to consider bright and early tomorrow morning. we visited university of phoenix stadium. marc: i thought this place was out in the country. i thought it was a bit closer to downtown phoenix. it's really not. it's in the farmland of this area. there is some stuff that has popped up. but as people get to phoenix to go to the game, they will be a little bit surprised that
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the great thing is that people planning to tailgate, plenty of room. there's a lot of restaurants, bars, and places to visit. it's a very inviting place. but a little further off the beaten path then i thought it would be. brad: the stadium completely dressed up and ready for the game. we saw the pictures on the side of the stadium. nondescript players, but one was the shawn watson for sure. -- was deshaun watson for sure. former cormedix -- former quarterback for alabama says deshaun watson-- marc: since nick saban has been an alabama, no one has rushed for over 100 yards. if anyone can do it, it will be deshaun watson. brad: media day tomorrow. live from the phoenix, arizona,
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carol: before the tigers touched down in arizona they got a , proper sendoff from hundreds after a rainy season, it was only fitting that it started misting as the number one ranked their way to gsp. no spirits here at death valley dampened as fans surrounded these players and coaches , letting them know they're not alone on their road to the title. >> we are out here rooting for them. them. the best time playing. carol: on the front row watching it all the grandmother of clemson's number 82, who had hugs and kisses for her grandson. there was also a young fan that handed a player a handdrawn picture in the hopes of it being given to coach dabo swinney. michael: the bon s sours wellness arena will host a viewing party for the national championship game. doors will open at 7:00. this is monday night. food and drink will be available during the game. officials say it will be free to get into the arena monday night. the game will be broadcast on the large centralvideo board. carol: coming up in our coverage tomorrow. it's the big media day in
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there we'll find all of the coaches and players from alabama and clemson. wyff news 4's brad fralick will be live with interviews from coaches and players at 6:00 and 11:00 tomorrow night. and if you want to follow along, just check out our facebook and twitter pages. when it comes to everything clemson, we've got you covered. plus wyff news 4's geoff hart will also be live in phoenix with live reports beginning on sunday. michael: speaking of having you covered plus before the big , game, wyff news 4 sports will bring you an hour-long special monday night. the boys are working on it now. our crews will be live from arizona, and from here at wyff4, beginning at 7:00 monday night. we call it "road to the title." and it'll get you good and ready for kickoff of the college football playoff national championship between the clemson tigers and the alabama crimson tide monday night. carol: and leading up to the national championship, don't forget to check out our live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the tigers and fun posts from our staff. plus you can even watch some retro highlights from the 1982 orange bowl when clemson last claimed a national title.
11:04 pm and look in the "right now" bar. michael: what is the weather like in the american southwest going into monday? carol: john cessarich is here trekking the weather in the southwest state. john: unseasonably cool temperatures for the next several days. lows in the upper 30's. height should be in the mid-60's. instead we are running in the matter -- middle 50's. it is cool in phoenix, where you saw brad and marc live. mostly cloudy skies, current temperatures in the middle 50's. some of the mountains see a bit of rain and snow. in gleleale, arizona, suburb of phoenix, average high of 66. low 55. it will be nice on saturday. tomorrow, 50 degrees. in they has plenty of sunshine. -- game day has plenty of sunshine. for game day, it looks fantastic.
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temperatures, clear to partly cloudy skies on monday night. i will talk more about our weather a little bit later on. michael: commitment 2016. the front runner for president was in rock hill. people waited for hours to see donald trump in winthrop university. carol: a woman escorted for the arena. -- from the arena. patrick hussion was there. patrick: we've grown used to seeing these huge crowds for donald trump at these rallies. loud music, loud cheers as protesters were kicked out. it was five hours from the time that this rally ended at the first supporters began to gather outside the door. about 6000 people came in for his first visit to winthrop university. the real-estate mogul gave the
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coliseum what they came to hear. they cheered when he bragged about his poll numbers, booed and laughed when he called out the "miserable press," and they roared with approval when police escorted out two silent protesters. the woman's shirt read, "salam, i come in peace." mr. trump: we have a president that wants kill the second amendment. we have hillary clinton who wants to destroy and take your guns away by the way. we have to be strong on immigration and we h he to build a wall. we're going to build a big beautiful wall. [cheering and applause] patrick: the primaries of iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina are weeks away. and it remains to be seen if trump's high poll numbers will hold up.
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vote? in the latest winthrhr poll from december, trump was in the lead 8 points ahead of the second place, senator ted cruz. of course, we'll see donald trump again in charleston next thursday for the gop debate. at winthrop university, patrick hussion, wyff news 4.. michael: jeb bush was also in the upstate, trying to generate traction for his campaign. carol: john lyon was at his dinner in pendleton. john: this is jeb bush' first visits to anderson county as a presidential candidate. it did not take him long to make friends. jeb: 24-17, clemson. john: it was a good first step, than a suave to step that got -- two step that got jeb only good footing with the crowd.
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destroying them is the proper strategy. john: is talk talk on terrorism is what the crowd wanted to hear. much larger than what dyar's diner was ready for. jeb: i want an america where everyone can reach earned success. where we change our government works so that everybody can rise up. john: bush is trying to rise up in the polls, will behind front runner donald trump. who bush says is not fit to become runner in -- commander-in-chief. jeb: we need someone that understands the role of commander-in-chief, not an agitator in chief. we need someone that understands how serious times are right now. john: he then worked the crowd until everybody that wanted to meet him, did. tomorrow bush is scheduled to make two stops in columbia, one in hilton head, revving up his
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up his two day south carolina swing. carol: another top-selling gop official -- topp gop official. chad groover went with jeb bush, believing that he has "a true conservative." he points to his record as governor of florida. he believes he is ready to lead on day one. he believes front runner donald trump is is not. michael: most of the candidates will come back to the carolinas next week. the republicans meet in charleston january 14. the democrats will take the stage in charleston three days later. carol: greenville police are looking for a man they say approached a 2nd grade student. it happened yesterday at blythe academy. police say he handed a 6-year-old girl a framed picture with a flower on it while she was at recess. they say he tried to talk to the girl, but did not touch her or make any sexual advances. police say the man ran when a teacher came up to see what was going on.
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would be back today. officials say there will now be additional security in and around the school. michael: we have new video of that ambush on a philadelphia police officer last night. you see the man firing at the cruiser as he walks towards it. tonight police say edward archer has confessed. he told police he did it in the name of islam. archer has also pledged his allegiance to isis. officer jesse hartnett was shot 3 times. he is in serious condition. the gun used in the attack is a police firearm that was stolen from a home. carol: and big news from mexico. drug kingpin "el chapo" guzman has been arrested. el chapo escaped from his prison cell last year through an underground tunnel. that was six months ago. we're told authorities cornered him in the city of los mochis in his home state of sinaloa. 5 people were killed in the gun battle that took him down. a mexican marine was also wounded. el chapo has previously escaped from prison twice. michael: a woman has gotten hurt serving coffee while wearing a bikini at a coffee shop in washington state.
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stand called sinners and saints coffee. she was inside when the place burst into flames yesterday. officials say the young woman was burned while trying to get out. they don't know what caused the fire, but say propane tanks used to heat the shop may have exploded. carol: this raging fire forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. it happened today in kansas city. residents quickly evacuated, some reportedly jumping out of the building. firefighters say the front of the building collapsed. even the roof caved in. at least two people were taken to the hospital. no word on their conditions. michael: coming up chilling , surveillance video of a bold robbery, one of the victims a pregnant woman. carol: and this car found dangling from a fourth level parking garage. the chargegehe driver faces straight ahead. john: live shot looking down clemson boulevard in anderson. low clouds, fog, and mist. current temperature 46 degrees,
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michael: in california, police are looking for who up -- who held up a pregnant woman. security video shows the gunman walk into the shop near palm springs yesterday. 3 people were inside, including a worker, who is eight months pregnant. the man told the pregnant woman to give him the money in the register. she did, he walked off with some of that money. nobody got hurt. carol: a close call for an atlanta woman. this after she nearly drove her car off the fourth level of a parking garage. it happened last night. steel cables along the edge of the garage kept the vehicle from falling. an officer reached into the rear left door and pulled the driver to safety. she's been charged with driving under the influence. michael: as expected, president obama has vetoed a congressional bill that would have repealed the affordable health care act,
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republicans have pushed several measures to repeal the controversial health care law. but this was the first one to pass congress and head to the president's desk. mr. obama said the law would have reversed significant progress in america's health care system. the measure would also have cut federal funding of planned parenthood. carol: the u.s. stock market had its worst week since 2011. the stock market has struggled since the start of trading in 2016. a lot of the blame is placed on poor trading in china. concerns about china's economy have caused global slumps. china's currency is weakening against the dollar. michael: 2015 was a strong year for the u.s. job market. more than 2.5 million jobs were added. 292,000 of those came in december. it was the second best year for job growth since 1999. americans saw their paychecks go up as well. wages grew 2.5% in december. that is the best it has been in six years. carol: the powerball jackpot is past $800 million tonight and showing no signs of slowing down.
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for the biggest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. many powerball players say they don't care about the odds. after all, someone has to win eventually. if the winner takes home the lump sum payment, they will be looking at about half a billion dollars. michael: check out this -- a snowly owl 0-- snowy owl flies right towards the lense. i hope we will freeze this for you. he was caught by a traffic camera in montreal. they say the owl was probably hunting for prey in a nearby field and looking for a good place to purchase. -- place to perch. john: speaking of cool, we have cold temperatures. it's chilly outside with a northeasterly wind. we are wedged in with low clouds and eas of fog and drizzle.
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front remains to the south, we are in that cool, stable air mass. it's not showing up on live super doppler 4 hd. no measurable precipitation expected tonight. just the drizzle, the mist, the fog and low clouds. you can see all the rain we had overnight and mainly this morning. it lifted pretty quickly to the northeast. we were left with low clouds, fog, and drizzle. as far as rainfall total, top honors go to spartanburg, almost 2/10th of an inch of rain. outside, official high was 47 at the gsp international airport, 5 degrees below average. far from the record high of 72 setback in 1907. 49 the high this afternoon at the asheville airport. that is two degrees above average for the record high of 68 setback in 1946.
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shot in laurens at 46 degrees. temperatures holding steady where they were this afternoon. expect them to stay that way. we are going to drop temperatures just a few more degrees. the cloud cover and northeasterly wind will keep it stable. 43 in spartanburg. the farther west ago, a bit milder. 50 in one paula. 47 in anderson. -- 50 in walhalla. chilly temperatures outside. there is the northeasterly breeze at about 5-8 miles per hour. solidity levels remain extremely extremely high. fog and drizzle continues. rain running all the way back 50. 52 in myrtle beach. 52. in wilmington48 in st. louis. they could see-3 inches of snow as this low tracks this way. 61 in orlando.
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our first watch of the new year -- it includes houston with pretet nasty thunderstorms moving through louisiana. snow from colorado only to the midwest. minneapolis 2 degrees with5 light snow. they could see another inch or two. then this arctic air comes in and hits minneapolis hard. their nfl playoff game on sunday -- i will be watching this -- because it could be one of the coldest. it will be in the top 10 at least, one of the coldest playoffs games in the nfl on record. the height of mature at gametime will be about 2-3 degrees. wind chill about 15-20 degrees below zero. that is nasty. this is tomorrow morning. for us, just drizzle and fog. then the rain develops tomorrow afternoon. cold front bursts through with rain showers tomorrow night. it gets colder through the day on sunday. snow showers along the carolina-tennessee line.
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colder in the mountains. not too bad on sunday in the upstate. patchy, drizzle, fog, 41 in the upstate. 38 in the mountains. heading into the weekend, patches of drizzle and fog in the morning, than a steadier rain in the afternoon. high 50 in the upstate. upper 40's in the mountains. four day plus looks like this -- breezy, partly cloudy skies on sunday. 55 degrees. for the mountntins on sunday, temperatures dropping into the 30's, stonrg wirong winds, showers might mix with snow the closer you get to the tennessee line. michael: i heard that. carol: members of the cardinals will be cheering on clemson during the game. ricardo: how cool is that that they get to watch their alma mater play in their home stadium? will must champ heading -- will
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trail hard, picking up another
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coach will muschamp on his coaching staff. all of them met with the media today. the gamecocks picked up a verbal commitment from a local product in ashville, ac reynolds running back rico dowdell. also keir thomas, a defensive end out of miami, becomes usc's fifth early enrollee today. the tigers arrived at skied phoenix sky harbor airport. the red carpet was rolled out for the number one team in the nation. we go back out to scottsdale to join brad fralick with more. good evening brad. brad: we are so looking forward to this weekend and busy monday night between clemson in alabama. it's going to b ba lot of fun between now and then. first thing tomorrow morning is media day. we will hear from both teams. there are so many storylines to talk about. not just this game, but between these two programs and the season that clemson has had. and dabo swinney's connections to alabama. one thing that i love is that
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arizona, to play this national championship. the home, obviously of the arizona cardinals. they have 5 former clemson tigers on that roster, the most of any team in the nfl. those guys say they can't wait to see their alma mater play for the holding friday night. -- play for the holwhole thing monday night. >> going through things that we have overcome the during the years, for them to get on the national stage is huge. for our program to be on the national stage and actually win it is going to be huge. i can't wait to see how they come out and play. >> to have the tigers come in from out of town, it's great. we brag about those guys every day. ricardo: it's great to hear from guys like andre ellington. we caught up with chancellor catanzaro. marc dopher interviewed him, it's online and also through facebook. these guys are excited to know
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into their backyard to play for the national championship. those 3 guys specifically were part of building this thing to this point. those were the guys that laid the foundation so that this team, now 14-0, has a shot to go 15-0. the first sec team to finish a season 15-0. will talk about that storyline, also about so many more tomorrow beginning with media day. clinton will practice in the afternoon. we are getting closer and closer to kick off monday night at 8:30 from here in arizona. live in scottsdale, brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: by the weight, comes in's -- by the way, clemson's practice tomorrow will be the first one in arizona. we have a special airing monday night atat:00 entitled "road to the title." we will get you ready for putting the battle between the tigris and the crimson tide.
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cavorting is mourning the death of bill foster, who died in chicago at the age of 85. he replaced coach frank maguire in 1980. he also had stops at workers, utah, northwestern and duke. he led the blue devils to the ncaa title game in 1978. south carolina will host vanderbilt at colonial life arena 3:00. also chattanooga and furman at 12:30. wofford hosting samford at 2:00. usc of state and njit at 4:00. presbyterian college will be hosting as well at 4:00 tomorrow. the greenville swamp rabbits fall in overtime to the florida everglades 3-2. they play again at the well tomorrow at 7:00. carol: another look at tomorrow's weather after the
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michael: how about your weekend?
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john: drizzle and fog, if you like saturday. there will be scattered showers and maybe even a few snow showers as the wind temperature drops. especially when you get closer to the tennessee line, that is sunday night. flurries as far south as asheville. we watched closely. carol: thanks for watching wyff news 4 at 11:00. the news continues at 5:00 in the morning. michael: our coverage from arizona continues through the weekend. we are always on good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant?
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