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tv   WYFF News 4 430am  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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hope you have a >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. patrick: in this morning's headlines president obama , prepares to deliver his final state of the union adress. how an upstate woman got a personal invitation. allyson: plus a busy day for south carolina lawmakers as they begin a new legislative session. what issues are at the top of their list. patrick: good morning. i'm patick hussion in for geoff hart. allyson: and i'm allyson powell , dale, it is another really cold morning and dale: let's go to one of our skycam's as we look out from paris mountain. it is clear to the city of greenville. it is cold, 30 one degrees per not as windy in the upstate as it will be in the mountains. as you can see from live super doppler 4 hd, we are set to pick up light snow along the tennessee-north carolina border, swain county, transylvania
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just a sprinkle of snow. it is going to be cold and windy. that will be the big concern today. make sure the kids are dressed warmly. here, you see the action overnight. just a brushing of some of the light flurries and north carolina. we will see more of that tonight. the cold, windy conditions with a view rain and snow flurries later on tonight. it clears tomorrow. temperatures in the low 20's across the mountains. even 17 in boone. low 30's all across the upstate. 5-9 mile per hour breezes. we expect them to pick up 10-20. even a light breeze makes asheville feel like 15. dressed when they. another chilly day today. temperatures will reach upper 40's for the upstate. just upper 30's for the mountains of north carolina. we will see that get into the 40's later this afternoon. we talk more about what the rest of the week holds for us in just a few minutes. allyson: it's the end of a fantastic season for the clemson tigers.
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patrick: geoff hart has been out there working hard. we may see him in just a short bit. we have palmdale highlights to get to. brad fralick has those for you now. read: the story didn't and how clemson wanted it to. bring a perfect 14-0 record into the national championship game against alabama and came up a few point short. an electric atmosphere at university of phoenix stadium running into a sea of orange, more than half the stadium filled with clemson and -- fans. the aim at seven in the first quarter. shawn watson finds hunter for a second touchdown catch of the game. coming in third quarter, tied at 14, oj howard down the sideline, a busted coverage for comes in. that gives alabama 21-14. later, they are down 21-17.
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touchdown, 24-21. fourth quarter, game tied at 24, alabama with the onside kick as they recover it or it the tides turn that into points. oj howard once again, again on a busted coverage. this one, a 50 on yard touchdown strike. howard is the ndp of the game. that gives alabama 831-24 lead. clemson draw it within four. a 95 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, alabama takes a 30th-27 lead. just a few plays in this game special teams, that was the difference. tigers writing to stay in a. the shawn watson -- deshaun alabama scores it again to put it away. they went 45-40. >> there is no doubt we won't be
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it will be 40 years before we are back. -- won't be. our team is built to sustain success. we have the right ingredients from a toughness standpoint. a talented standpoint. the will to win and the culture we have in our program. >> going into this game, i was expecting to win. i thought we should have one, but like coach sweeney said, there were a few plays we didn't catch on, i missed throws, we dropped balls, and we had some miscues. little things like that, it is going to force you in a hole. it is hard to beat a team like alabama if you make those mistakes. brad: they come up a few point short. demo sweeney quickly said where is the next college football championship -- tampa? we will start preparing for that one.
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allyson: it is the morning after the big game and it is business as usual on the clemson campus. patrick: they will try to get back to business. aly myles is out there now joining us live. aly: good morning, guys. definitely a quieter morning that we were hoping. surprisingly quite a few cars still driving around. a moment ago, people were yelling we are still in upbeat spirits despite the outcome. even though so many days people have and just stayed up late -- it is 4:30 in the morning and they are still up. they are expected to report to class today as usual. university. we heard they're going to welcome the team back on campus when i fly back from arizona. still a lot to be proud of -- an undefeated season, the acc championship the orange bowl.
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they'd stay open after the game to give out clemson shirts, but i did have an. all of those clemson championship gear will head back to suppliers and open. of course you all shared your tigers spirit with us on ulocal. a clemson family here sporting their orange. many of you held parties in support of the team. and how about these 2-year-old tiger twins. their grandparents met at clemson. keep sharing your clemson stories with us on ulocal. and we'll keep you updated on our wyff 4 app with when the team will arrive back here in town. aly myles live in clemson. patrick: the bon secours wellness arena hosted the official watch party for the national championship game. wyff news 4's mike mccormick filed this report moments after the game ended. mike: not the outcome the fans here wanted, but many of them stuck around until the very end. they were glued to the big screen to support the tigers all the way. in total, about 2,600 people showed up to this free watch
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there were alabama fans here, too. the well made it clear they were welcome as well. fans here saying that being with the clemson family here with the energy in this room was the next best thing to being at the game itself. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in greenville. allyson: another viewing party of students was on clemson's campus. patrick: john lyon was there . john: these students here at the hendrix center are going home sad. their team has just been defeated by alabama. alabama wins the national championship, clemson goes home defeated but proud of the way they played this year, and these students are happy the way that their team performed tonight. they just came up a little short. from clinton, john lyon, wyff
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patrick: we do have geoff hart out there. it is very early in arizona . allyson: he is filling us in. what was the atmosphere like? geoff: the atmosphere inside university of phoenix stadium was absolutely electric throughout the game. it was a terrific football game. a was hanging in the balance in the fourth quarter. that onside kick, a huge play. a busted play on defense allowing -- excuse me. allowing alabama to go up and never look back. the tigers fought all the way. they couldn't find a way to get it done and they lose a 45-40. a terrific football game. one that many will be talking about for a long time. it is a disappointment for the tigers but as dabo has said it many times and the last couple of weeks, we wanted to win this game but if we don't win, we
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patrick: berkeley, have you been able to speak to many fans as they made their way out? geoff: we work its because we were so busy getting close game with the players. there was a lot of disappointment as they sung their album matter after the game. -- all the modern. -- alma m they put a lot of hard work in. this year, the heavya seventer. game winning streak. allyson: we get back with him later in a show. want to get to weather the swing. if you are just waking up, there are things of of the national championship games. dale: i know the tiger fans are disappointed. we are still proud of the team. an unusually good year. 4:39 is the time, it is cold,
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breezy conditions, 10-20 mile-per-hour wind this afternoon. we see flurries of snow along the carolina-north tennessee border. that will come to an end and we will see more action later on tonight as a gets cold once again. right now, not seeing any closings or delays from north carolina schools. here, you can see the past six hours, snow in the ohio valley area. brushing right across the tennessee-north carolina border area. temperatures ranging from 33 in abbeville, 21 in asheville, though 20's in andrews and franklin. let's check on a few other mountain communities where it is the coldest. we have temperatures like 19 in waynesville, 21 in asheville, brevard at 25. that breeze is obviously going to make the cold temperatures feel chillier. we are seeing a 5-10 mile-per-hour breeze right now expecting that to pick up. wind chill comes into play in the noncommunity's.
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tomorrow, chillier for afternoon highs. 36 in the mountains, 45 in the upstate. it should be sunny. sunny on thursday, to bury clouds built back in. chances of showers friday and saturday for the upstate and the mountains will see some scattered showers friday and saturday. sunday looks to be dry on them back to normal on monday with another cool, clear day. patrick: this is balmy compared to other parts of the country. some drivers up north turn to get back to their cars. ice is causing quite a problem. allyson: it costs the government a pretty penny to make certain coins. whats to blame for the rising costs. the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus. mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. let's end this. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. president obama will delive patrick: president obama will deliver his final state of the union address to a joint session of congress tonight. it's expected that the president will speak about the economic recovery, the need to reform gun laws and the fight against terrorism. presidential candidates senator bernie sanders and senator ted cruz will both attend the address. governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response to the state of the union afterward. allyson: an upstate woman's rallying cry has led to a special invitation from the white house.
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president obama says inspired him during his first run for president. he credits edith childs and her rallying cry for getting him fired up during his campaign. as a way to show his appreciation she's been invited to sit with the first lady during his final state of the union address today. the stage is set for the next round of republican presidential debates. seven candidates will be on stage for the main debate on thursday. they are donald trump, doctor ben carson, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, governors chris christie and john kasich and former governor jeb bush. invited to the undercard debate are senator rand paul, carly fiorina, former governor mike huckabee and former senator rick santorum. paul will not participate in the undercard debate, telling cnn he will only participate in what he calls first-tier debates. patrick: a busy day today for south carolina lawmakers, who will begin a new legislative session. while elected officials will tackle many issues, road repairs are at the top of the list.
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opposition to raising the state's gas tax, and demands for reform at the department of transportation led to a deadlock. this year, house majority leader bruce bannister of greenville believes a road plan will come together. >> the one thing we know is, if you leave the roads like they are, it's going to be a negative effect on the economy. we know we have to do something and figuring out what that is is hopefully what we'll do this year. patrick: helping matters is a one billion dollar surplus in state tax revenues, which lawmakers say could be allocated to roads. allyson: to charleston now. where for the first time in four decades the city has inaugurated a new mayor. john tecklenburg took the oath yesterday during a ceremony on the steps of city hall in charleston. tecklenburg won a six-way nonpartisan election in november he succeeded joe riley who served as mayor for 10 terms.
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breezy day today. grab a jacket.
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look at our temperatures around the region. this is spartanburg looking from wofford college at gives field back to the city skyline. 30 degrees. wind is fairly call now. they are expecting to pick up 10-20 for the afternoon. it will be another cool, breezy day. we have seen some flurries of snow in the mountains of north carolina with clouds this morning. nothing hampering driving that we know of right now. if there are any delays, we will pass that information along to you. right now, we are seeing those flurries of snow widespread across the oh how -- the ohio valley area. a brushing and tennessee and north carolina. we will see more of that later on this evening anti-. temperatures ranging from bone at 17 to low 20's and franklin and -- andrews, though 30's in greenville, spartanburg, greenwood. greenwood expecting to reach an afternoon high right at 50. a couple of degrees cooler than normal. same story for the mountains. mid 40's expected or the
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any wind at all will make this morning when phil cooler. 52 for an average high. not quite up to that today. the record is 73 set a few years ago in 2013 during one of those warm spells in january. please cold days make us long for one of those to come back. average in the mountains is 47, we see i high of 45 today. that is where the snow action has been across the ohio valley area with the cold blast of canadian air. it will be chilly again tonight and tomorrow. cooler than what we experience today as the cold air dips farther to the south and then, by thursday, we get back to normal range tempepetures. for this time of the year, 50 for the upstate, close to what we normally expect. the mountains will see more clouds, breezy this afternoon. mid 40's for highs. there will be a few flurries and rain showers later on this evening.
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we just read 36 in the mountains, 45 in the upstate. back to normal range on thursday. clouds build in friday and saturday with a chance of cleared by sunday. patrick: more coverage from our national championship. a little bittersweet, possibly. such a great game and a hard-fought game, clemson, of bottom. allyson: it was a great game. geoff joins us live again. geoff: it was an absolutely thrilling game. in the end, unfortunately, some costly mistakes. let's look at some of the highlights. clemson came in with that school record 17 straight wins. what a game from deshaun watson. 478 yards total offense. this is his 2nd touchdown pass to hunter renfrow in the first quarter.
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clemson down in the wayne third. gallman scores. clemson up 24-21. but after alabama tied it in the fourth quarter, the play of the game, and onside kick by the tide, recovered by marlon humphrey. that was huge. then for the second time in the game blown coverage on o.j. howard wide open. 31-24 time. after a field goal from clemson that got them within four points, kenyan drake takes the kickoff, avoids tackles and goes 95 yards. the tigers battled to the end of a, short, 45-40. >> the scoreboard says what no fan want to do see. alabama, national championships. they finish national runners-up. a motion spelling from the crowd onto the field.
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we fought. >> very emotional knowing it is my last game with these guys. it is going to be like this at the next level, but these guys are like family, brothers, everything. it hit me before the game. i was and tried to think too what i had to do. >> explosive plays were back breakers. it was the difference in the game. we wish we could get a couple of those calls back, couple of the plays back, but you can't. just go on. it will hurt a while. >> there is a silver lining from this dark clcld that game from tebow sweeney's wife. after the game, she said don't worry. next week -- next year, we have
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geoff: one of the big reasons they think they can come back and win it next year is deshaun watson who set a record tonight with 4000 career road -- yds for the season and 1000 rushing. 4000 passing, 1000 rushing. what a tremendous season for the heisman trophy candidate. a lot of good things to look forward to when it comes to the constant tiger program. geoff hart live england outcome arizona. -- liviv in clemson, arizona. allyson: alabama definitely fought hard. they own it. patrick:allyson: where a thief hit a python.
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dale: good morning, it is 4:58. it is chilly, 30 degrees in greenville. light wind now, but we expect breezes to pick up 10-20 mile-per-hour gusts this afternoon. we have seen some flurries in the mountains of north carolina with cold winds that have been blowing this morning. here, you see that history overnight. we have not heard any delays or causes for concern unknown roads.
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asheville-hendersonville area starting out at 20 will reach 45 for an afternoon high. we will see mostly cloudy skies in the mountains and mostly sunny across the upstate today. another chilly day, especially with the breeze. patrick: the breeze definitely makes it -- allyson: makes it a lot colder. in this morning's buzz. a burgler stole a snake from a pet store. patrick: but he did it, by walking away, with the snake in his pants. allyson: this is surveillance video from the a to z pet store in portland. it shows a man take the black pastel ball python. out of its cage and stick it down his pants. patrick: the store owner says the snake as about two feet long and was being sold for police $200. say they are working to track down the serpent suspect. allyson: at is a brave move if you ask me. if i taking a snake, that is nowhere and hiding it. geoff: patrick: no.
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