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tv   WYFF News 4 6am  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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as far as right now, it does not look like significant accumulation. you can see a little snow activity with most of it through the ohio valley area and reaching down into kentucky, tennessee and north carolina. it is in the teens and 20's in north carolina and low 30's in the upstate. the wind is at about seven to 10 right now and they will pick up 10 to 24 the afternoon. we will see temperatures maybe get up to 50 for the upstate, mid 40's or the mountains and tomorrow will be colder. we will talk about the rest of the week in a few minutes. patrick: thank you. we have national championship coverage. the clemson tigers getting so close to that perfect season. allyson: geoff hart is in arizona this morning. internet and how fans were hoping. -- it did not and how fans were hoping. geoff: clemson coming up short, some mistakes.
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brad: the story did not and have clemson wanted. to bring a 14 -- a perfect 14-0 record but they came up a few points short. an electric atmosphere at the stadium. the tigers running into a sea of orange. more than half the stadium filled with clemson fans. the game was tied at seven in the first quarter, watson finds renfro for a second touchdown pass. coming in third quarter now, game tied at 14, j coker signs though j howard down the sideline with busted coverage for clemson, getting alabama a 21-14 lead. clemson down in the third, the tigers we take the lead. they make it 24-20 one. fourth quarter, game tied at 24 and alabama with the onside kick and they recover it and the tide turned out into points.
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once again -- finds oj howard once again. howard, the offensive m.v.p. of the game, giving alabama a 31-24 lead and clemson draws within four, but then can the on drake, a 95 yard kickoff return for a touchdown. alabama takes a 38-27 lead. it was a few plays that alabama made that would the difference. the tigers fighting to stay in. watson hits for a touchdown, but alabama would score again to put it away as the national championships. 45-40. >> there is no doubt we will be back. it will not be 34 years before we are back. i promise you that. our team is built to sustain success. we have the right ingredients firm toughness standpoint,
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culture we have in the program. >> going into the game, i was expecting to win. i thought we should have won. there were a few plays we did not capitalize on, and i missed some throws. we dropped some balls, and i had some miscues. little things like that really force yourself into a hole and it is hard to beat a team like alabama if you make those mistakes. brad: they come up a few points short, but dabo swinney quickly said, where is the next college football playoff? tampa? we will start preparing. brad fralick wyff news 4 sports. geoff: they fought hard. as the players came off the field after the game, the clemson fans were up on their feet and cheering for them. i would imagine a lot of people will be getting ready to go down to clemson to meet the team
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we are not sure when that will be. allyson: you have covered a lot of clemson football. would you say this is one of the most talented teams you have seen? geoff: no question. the recruiting that has been going on. this is a football team, along with alabama, that has won at least 10 games over the five years. they have it rolling and all of the coverage they have gotten here in the last couple of weeks with espn, the spotlight being on this program, that is really going to help in recruiting and make it better. this guy's the limit for this program and they will be back next year and it will be interesting if they can win it all. patrick: thank you. the bon secours wellness arena posted the official watch party for the national championship last night.
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the game ended. mike ok, so not the outcome the : fans here wanted, but many of them stuck around until the very end. they were glued to the big screen to support the tigers all the way. in total, about 2,600 people showed up to this free watch party at the well. there were alabama fans here, too. the well made it clear they were welcome as well. fans here saying that being with the clemson family here, with the energy in this room, was the next best thing to being at the game itself. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in greenville. allyson: thank you. another viewing party of students was on clemson's campus. john lyon was there after the game. john these students here at the : hendrix center are going home sad. they're team has just been defeated by alabama. alabama wins the national championship. clemson goes home defeated but
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this year, and these students are happy the way that their team performed tonight. they just came up a little short. from clemson, john lyon, wyff new 4. allyson: a lot of those students waking up slowly. patrick: very slowly. allyson: the trying to continue on. patrick: which is like most mornings. wyff news 4's aly myles is out there. it is quiet and early. aly: good morning. good news for you, we are not sure what time people get that, but t just heard from officials that they will get back at 8:00 tonight. it is quiet now on the campus and a little somber, but there is something to look forward to. something to be proud of after this incredible season, estate bragging rights, going undefeated in the regular season, the acc championship and
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academy sports said they would have stayed up in the clemson won but that did not happen. all of the clemson championship gear will head back to suppliers and open today. i was a little sad because i got to get the video and wanted to know what the shirts looked like. clemson finished with a record of 14 wins this season and they had a 17 game winning streak. the schools longest in history. watson broke a record for total offense. he hosted a career high of 478 yards. shared your tiger spirit with us on ulocal. a family exporting their orange and many of you held parties in support of the team. how about these two-year-old grand daughter twins? we are sharing it all over our facebook. the team gets back at 8:00
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something to look forward to. wyff news 4 aly myleswyff news 4 leavitt clemson. -- live at clemson. allyson: thank you. all clear on the interstates. in spartanburg county, ice on the road at highway 417. ice in the area. also, nc dot reporting possible icy spots in yancey county. the careful and watch for patches of black ice. ball park drive closed between south main street with them working on something. construction in anderson county on highway 76 between lafrance road could slow you down, so keep those in mind. no other accidents this morning. 85 looking at a smooth speed limit drive. a look at 385 on haywood road. patrick: thank you. you should warm up your cars
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it is cold. dale: it is. colder tomorrow morning. a few flurries of snow overnight and we will show you that with live super doppler 4 hd. ride along the border, a light dusting in northern swain county. [no audio] cold this morning. temperatures ranging from greenville's 30 to greenwood at 28. abbeville at 29, joanna at 31, ware shoals at 26. light breeze now, but we expected to pick up 10 to 20 at times. colder air coming in tonight and
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like 20 spartanburg and 23 greenville. today's high will reach 50 for and the mountains will be more like mid 40's. a little better than yesterday. we do expect it to get colder tomorrow. tomorrow it will stay in the 30's and the upstate will just reach 45. back to normal on thursday. next chance for rain will be friday and saturday. nikole: marking a milestone. i am nikole killion in prepares to give his state of
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[captioning made possible by wyff-tv] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] patrick: tonight marks president obama's last state of the union address. allyson: nikole killion joins us with some hints. nikole: good morning. the white house says this will be more of a nontraditional state of the union because he will not hear a list of policy proposals. this will be more of a thematic address focused on optimism and eight released the video previewing the speech.
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the economy and terrorism, while also looking beyond the president's tenure to frame the choice of the potential successor. this will be one of his last chances to address the american electorate before the voting though he is not expected to endorse a particular party or candidate. allyson: we understand the woman from the upstate is set to join them tonight. nikole: it is a nostalgic throwback because to guests will be in the president's box and they are people he met on the campaign trail during his 2008 campaign, including edith child of greenwood, south carolina, the county council member, but she was one of the first ones when president obama campaigned in 20,007 who coined that slogan, fired up and ready to go, which became a chance throughout his campaign.
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patrick: nikole killion, thank you. allyson: governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response following the state of the union, the first south carolinians to give the response. dale: chilly and windy today.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. dale: dale: 6:18 as traffic picks up on the 85. morning temperatures are chilly. not as cold as yesterday. i got up to the upper 30's in the mountains and 40's in the upstate. we saw a couple of flurries overnight along the tennessee and north carolina border. that will help in -- that will happen later this afternoon with maybe sprinkles or a flurry of two tonight. not expecting accumulation, but it is that time of the year. 22 in andrews, 19 in asheville, cold across the area. anderson at 31. pickens has 26 degrees, easily at 28 and walhalla at 31. when that wind picks up this
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it will get up to 50 in the upstate. it feels like 20 in spartanburg with the light breeze. the high fairly close to average, average is 52. in 2013, he got up to 73 on this date. that is the record. for the mountains, 70, and nowhere close to it today. mid 40's for afternoon highs. quick look at the national map. not going to come down south and impact us any more than just a few flurries in the mountains of north carolina and mixed in with rain. tomorrow, we get a blast of colder air and temperatures drop back to 30's in the mountains and mid 40's in the upstate for wednesday. we will hit 50 in the upstate today and more like 45 for the mountains for the afternoon. tomorrow promises to be a chilly
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head toward the weekend. friday and saturday, a chance of scattered showers, but it should clear up in time for sunday plans. allyson: taking a look at the roads, i see spots. -- icy spots. highway 146 and highway 417 year that intersection. also, a serious accident in simpsonville in the fountain inn area at i-385 southbound near the highway 318 exit at mile marker 24. accident with injuries in the roadway. if you are traveling southbound, keep that in mind. in yancey county, possible icy spots, so be aware of patches of black ice. the careful as you drive to work or school. 385 and 85 a smooth drive.
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let's take a look outside at 385 and woodruff road. patrick: thank you. more coverage of the national championship. you could not have asked for a more exciting game. alabama came out on top. geoff joins us with highlights. good morning. geoff: alabama won the game, but not for lack of effort. clemson kept on coming. the fourth quarter is when they had all that adversity with the onside kick that alabama successfully made. there was a busted play were alabama got another touchdown and there was that 19 kickoff -- 19 yard kickoff but clemson went down the field and scored again. they came up short, 45-40.
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marc: the scoreboard says what no one wanted to see, clemson finishes working-one, national runner-up. emotions spilling onto the field. [applause] >> my guys, we fought hard. the scoreboard, it did not end up on our side, but we fought and we are champions in my eyes. >> very emotional. knowing it is my last game with these guys. it will be like this at the next level. these guys are like family, brothers. it hit me before the game, but i try not to think too much about it. >> the players were back breakers. we had a couple of those calls and plays back, but you cannot.
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marc: there is a silver lining, and it may have come from dabo swinney's wife, kathleen and she said, don't worry, next year we will have a heisman trophy winner and a national championship. marc dopher wyff news 4. geoff: i would imagine they will be ranked at least in the top five coming into next season. geoff hart live in arizona. patrick: thank you.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump stopped allyson: republican preredential candidate donald trump stop by for a mock job interview. critics and i call you donald? critics -- >> uh, can i call you donald? >> you certainly can. >> what are your weaknesses? >> that i never forget. i've said it. i'm too nice, too long. and when somebody takes advantage, i become too bad, too long.
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memory. >> are you willing to relocate? >> i love the white house. [laughter] allyson: some weakness.
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allyson: it is not delay clemson fans wanted to end their season, but they went to the national title game. trick: geoff hart joins us live from arizona. what do you have coming up? geoff: moore postgame reaction and we take a closer look at the game that doomed the tigers. allyson: a live look outside at our woodruff road skycam. first, let's check weather. dale: a chilly day today. wind will pick up this afternoon. sunrise does not happen for good hour. 30 degrees with light breezes out of the southwest. we expect those to pick u u 10 to 20 this afternoon and colder air coming in tonight.
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flurries of snow overnight. that will happen again this evening the next in with rain. temperatures will just reach into the upper 40's to 50 range. they should the kids have a warm jacket. the wind will make it feel colder. the mountains will struggle to get into the mid 40's. patrick: thank you. it was quite the season and quite the game last night but not have clemson imagined. allyson: in case you cannot stay up long enough, geoff hart has more. geoff: i would imagine the ratings were good for this one. it was a terrific football game. alabama taking place in the fourth quarter, but the tigers never gave up. they take another national title for the tide. a look at the highlights this morning with clemson coming in
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with 478 yards total offense. this is his second touchdown pass to hunter renfrow in the first quarter, game tied at 14 . clemson down in the third, wayne gallman scores. clemson up 24 to 21. but after alabama tied it in the fourth quarter, the play of the game, an onside kick by the tide, recovered by marlon humphrey. then, for the second time in the game, blown coverage on o.j. howard, wide open. 31 to 24, tide. then after a field goal from clemson that gets them within four points, kenyan drake takes the kickoff, avoids tackles and goes 95 yards. the tigers battle to the end, but come up short. 45-40 and dabo swinney talking about how proud he is of this team and thanking the seniors for all they have done and knowing next year, the tigers could be back in the title game. patrick: we were going to ask you with the mention of that onside kick, that was the game
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geoff: it really was. remember the punter who pulled up a great fake in the game against oklahoma in the orange bowl, that turned the tide for clemson. this particular evening against alabama, you saw the momentum they got and they got the busted play after that to take the lead. even with all of those things happening, clemson could have said, we are done, but they just kept coming, cap plane like they did all season long. it just wasn't enough in the end because of too many costly mistakes but nothing to do with a lack of effort. they played really hard. back to you. patrick: thank you. clemson fans left disappointed from two watch parties last night. the bon secours wellness arena hosted the official watch party. many fans stayed until the end glued to the screen, about 2600
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many said being with the clemson family, with the energy in the room was the next best thing to , being at the game itself. allyson: another viewing party of students was on clemson's campus at the hendrix center. the students were disappointed but said they were proud of the way the tigers played this year and last night. speaking of the students, they are waking up this morning -- i don't know if they are up yet -- that they will be waking up slowly after watching that game. patrick: wyff news 4's aly myles joins us live from clemson university. it is very quiet out there. aly: it is still very quiet and i would imagine it will be quite for quite a while. quiet, somber and proud of their team. the university says they do expect faculty and students to be at school today per usual. so much to be proud of this season. an undefeated regular season, acc championship, orange bowl, 20 to brag about.
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championship gear heads back unopened today. local sports stores said they'd be open to let people buy the clemson gear if clemson won, but of course, the loss means alabama fans instead will be buying their championship gear. you all shared your tigers spirit with us on ulocal. his owner sent in this photo and he is wearing the clemson baby outfit. check out this clemson family, mom says these are future clemson students and tammy says in this photo of harper, the blue-eyed clemson fan. kerrigan is ready for the game. keep sharing those pictures with us on ulocal. the team will be headed back tonight around 8:00. they say to check in with the athletic department for updates and we will update you on our mobile app as well.
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allyson: we saw her wearing her scarf and gloves, cold out there. dale: it will be chilly. the wind will pick up later with
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onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . >> now, your live super doppler
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dale: good morning. 6:39 and temperatures chilly. this is our spartanburg skycam looking back to the city of spartanburg where it is clear and cold. clouds doping across the mountains today. a few flurries of snow developing in the tennessee and north carolina mountain range. teens and 20's early and it will reach into the mid 40's for the afternoon. the upstate will climb today to 50. wind at about six to nine now, that we expect 10 to 20 plus mile per hour cost this afternoon with windy conditions tonight. any breeze exit feel chilly. feels like 20 in spartanburg. dress warmly. by the afternoon, 50 for the upstate and more like mid 40's or the mountains. colder nights on the way tonight. we might see a flurry or two of
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mountains of north carolina this evening. tomorrow will be clear, windy and cold and struggling to get into the mid 30's in the mountains and mid 40's in the upstate. next chance for rain is friday and saturday. allyson: taking a look at the roads on i-385. traffic picking up around the 30 mile marker. in simpsonville, i-385 southbound near the highway 418 exit at mile marker 24, accident with injuries in the roadway. that will slow you down. icy roads. how wait for 1717n woodruff reporting ice and in yancey county with icy patches. give yourself extra time and watch for black ice. in greenville on ballparks drive between main street and rhett street, doing work so remember
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28 minutes for my 242 the north carolina line. at this speed limit drive. i-385 and haywood road looking good as well. that should be the traffic. patrick: thank you. president obama delivers his last state of the union address tonight. nikole killion joins us live from our washington newsroom with more. nikole: good morning. the white house says it will be a nontraditional state of the union address with no longer laundry list of policy proposals. this will be more of an address focused on optimism. the white house released a new video in advance. they will touch on a range of issues from gun control to the economy and terrorism and looking beyond to talk about the choice americans face for his successor. >> this will be a longer-term speech and the president has
6:36 am
this country taking on the challenges we face but to make the most of the opportunities that are available. nikole: this will be one of the last chances for the president to speak to the american electorate report voting begins next month. he is not expected to endorse particular party or candidate. patrick: this is a cool story. a woman from in the upstate has been invited and will be sitting with michelle obama and the guest box. nikole: her name is edith child, a county council member from greenwood county. really, she is kind of one of the first people who toted -- you how did president obama before he became president during his 2008 campaign. she started off the chant, fired up and ready to go, and it became a hallmark of his campaign during the first run,
6:37 am
with one other guest who also met the president on the campaign trail, a nostalgic throwback. patrick: i am sure she is fired up. thank you, now, governor nikki haley will deliver the republican response following the president's state of the union, the first sat carolinian to give a response. allyson: taking a live look from arizona, where the tigers came up short of the national title.
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patrick: heartbreak this morning for clemson fans as the tigers lose the national championship game to alabama. allyson: geoff hart has highlights this morning. geoff: heartbreak definitely the word because the tigers went toe to toe with the crimson tide and had it not been for mistakes in the fourth quarter, clemson could be the national champions. it's show you some of the highlights. clemson going into this game with a school record of 17 wins. watson with 478 yards total offense and the second touchdown pass in the first quarter with the game tied at 14. benson down in the third and
6:40 am
then the onside kick with the play of the night. after that, there was a blown defensive play that led to a touchdown and following that, there was a kickoff return of 95 yards, just too many mistakes and clemson kept on coming, but they lose 45-40. here's postgame reaction. >> pay said it was david versus quiet. we were more like goliath' cousin, so we stood our ground. >> we have not been here and 34 years and we were here tonight. we are back and playing for the national championship. it is coming soon and clemson is on the rise. hopefully, we get more respect. >> right now, all of our hearts are broken.
6:41 am
15-0, we were -- last year's national champion was 14-1 and this year was 14 have to one, so we stand toe to toe with everybody in the country and we can play with anybody. >> at the end of the day, i wanted the w. the stats don't matter. i just wanted to get the win and do something that we have not done and 34 years. at the end of the day, i love my teammates, they are my brothers. you will see us in tampa next year. geoff: they have a lot of young players coming back, including watson. the future is bright. geoff hart in arizona. allyson: thank you. patrick: clemson fans left this appointed from to watch parties last night. the bon secours wellness arena hosted the official watch party for the national championship game. about 2600 total stay there.
6:42 am
room that it was the next best thing to being at the game. allyson: students also had to watch party at t te hendrix center. they said they are proud of the way the game was played. students are sluggish. a little bit of a late night and disappointing, but quiet right now. patrick: they will attempt to get back to business. aly myles joins us live. aly: good morning. we are starting to see more activity, cars starting to drive and we saw one runner going by who just yelled, go tigers, all in, so people are seeing the bright side even after that loss last night. so much to be proud of with an undefeated regular season, acc championship, the orange bowl, the clemson championship year
6:43 am
some stores had said they would stay open to sell the gear, but the loss means that alabama fans will be buying the championship gear. you all shared your tiger spirit on ulocal. take a look at some of the pictures with so many cute kiddos, so much orange and purple. you can post your pictures on ulocal. i do have a couple of funny anecdotes. i had a friend who messaged me and said, where of the riots? and i said, south carolina keeps it together, completely quiet, clean, but there is something funny. my cameraman found a shoe buy a car, so if you are missing a shoe and wondering what happened, it is a little sticky, but it is right here and he will leave it for you. aly myles wyff news 4 fly that clemson. allyson: thank you. that is a big shoe. that is not real.
6:44 am
the key? -- clemson's m.v.p.? you can post your results on twitter or facebook. 79% say watson but hunter renfro with 17% and wayne kallman has 4%. patrick: we will have all of the latest at wyff news 4 with our "road to the title" special, alive wire, an interview with dabo swinney and so much more. check it out. allyson: shifting to commitment 2016, tonight marks the final state of the union address and this time, he is doing it differently. patrick: nikole killion explains. nikole: when president obama leaves the white house tonight, he is changing things up with his final state of the union. instead of policy proposals, he
6:45 am
campaign by focusing on the progress the country has made and what he hopes to accomplish, but what the country can do together in the years ahead. the white house seems to be getting a bit nostalgic, posting all of his speeches online with annotations. it will be streamed on-demand on amazon. at the white house, nikole killion. allyson: thank you. in the upstate women's rallying cry has led to a special invitation from the white house. that is the chant the president said inspired him during his first run and he credits beaded child for getting him fired up during his campaign. she will sit with the first lady tonight. patrick: the stop killing the and will give the gop response after the state of the union for the first time. governor nikki haley says she was honored to be chosen. allyson: the first time in four decades.
6:46 am
yesterday at the city hall in charleston. he won a six-week nonpartisan election in november. the woman accused of robbing several jewelry stores appeared in court. abigail camft cried as she was led to c crt. the fbi arrested her near atlanta this weekend. allyson: the 21-year-old man said excessive force by the police cost them to lose a tooth and they released -- video from december 15 that shows williams being handcuffed and arrested. he claimed he had been slammed into the ground while in handcuffs and he was under arrest on possession of marijuana. patrick: the greenville county school district has a job there this evening. it is for bus drivers, custodians, and service operators. the event is from 5:00 to 7:00 at 206 wilkins street at lifelong learning. a final look at the traffic as
6:47 am
allyson: as you get out the door, simpsonville on i-385 southbound near the highway for 18 exit, injuries, serious accident. ice on woodruff at highway 146 and 417. also, icy spots in yancey county. a road closure in downtown greenville at falls park drive and the smooth travel time on the interstate. let's take a look outside at 385 and haywood road. taking a look at weather with dale. dale: seen a little light sunrise with happened -- which happens at 7:37. flurries of snow in the north tennessee and carolina -- and the north carolina and tennessee area. clouds will build in the mountains and the upstate will
6:48 am
upper 20's to 30 in the upstate, teens to 20's in the mountains and we see these six to 10 mile-per-hour wind picking up 10 to 24 the afternoon and evening. windy and cold tomorrow and only getting up to 36 in the mountains, 40 five in the upstate on wednesday. we will get back to normal on your state with the next chance for rain on friday and saturday with a 40% chance of showers. patrick: thank you. this morning on "today," 1600 and's o onions are live at the white house with a preview of president obama's last stand of the union address moments away on " "day." allyson: pick up the greenville news, shifting to usc trying to remain calm as they move up to 15 in the polls. they will play alabama for the basketball team. men and women on a roll. patrick: back out to glendale,
6:49 am
geoff: here is really the takeaway for the coaches and players, fans, it hurts. they will remember just how special this season was going 14-1 and going head-to-head with alabama in the national championship and they will go over it to all the great players they have coming back, led by watson, and watson second new record last night. the record is that he threw for 4000 yards and rushed for 1000. no one else has ever done that, so a lot to look forward to for the clemson tigers coming up next season. geoff hart live in glendale, arizona. allyson: as much as it does hurt, moving on, watson is coming back, a lot of the good players looking forward to next season. geoff: no question that he will be the leading heisman trophy
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allyson: thank you. we will wrap it up with geoff hart and continue with wrapups from the national championship games are at the day. patrick: have a great day.
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