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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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a homicide. brought to the er back on janaury 4th. she died yesterday. he says the cause of death was non-accidental head injury stay with us on for updates on this breaking news. nigel: happening now, the pentagon says it briefly lost contact with two small navy craft in the persian gulf. officials say they have received assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly. gabrielle: a pentagon spokesperson told the associated press that the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contact with them. the spokesperson says the pentagon has been in contact with iran, and they are assuring the united states that, again, the crew and vessels will be returned promptly. nigel: we will continue to follow this developing story, and keep you updated here on-air, on, and our mobile app.
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the tigers took on alabama for the national championship. gabrielle: it was a back-and-forth game, with some incredible plays. but the crimson tide ended up on top, winning the game 45-40. nigel: tonight, we'll bring you reaction, from campus and online, to the tigers' loss. and the results may just surprise you. but for now, we're going live to wyff news 4's john lyon, who is live and local at the gsp airport, where the clemson football team will be flying into later tonight. john? john: i am at a very windy gsp. as you can tell behind me, the buses have arrived, six or seven of them have come, waiting for the team to pick them up to take them back to clemson university. as we know, last night, the clemson tigers fought hard against alabama. they were with alabama tooth and nail the whole way through, through. clemson came up a little bit
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but on the way out here i stopped by the terminal, and a flight from phoenix was coming in. i talked to some of the fans who were out there at the game, and they said it was an amazing experience. they loved to go out there and support their team. they know that the team played well and they were excited to be out there. of course, disappointed onhe result, but excited about next year and the future of this team. we are still out here at gsp, the buses are here. we expect the plane to land somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00. we will give you the latest coming up in the next 90 reporting live from gsp, john lyon, wyff news 4. nigel: john, thank you. we paid clemson's campus a visit earlier today, where tired and sad tiger fans were still very proud of their team. a quiet morning on campus, as life got back to normal after
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past and present tigers, as well as some diehard fans, looked a little sleepy after a late night and a lot of excitement. the fans say they can't wait for the team to get back. they still have a lot to brag about after this season. >> i'm proud of them. i'm proud of them. i thank dabo, he's done a wonderful job, he and his staff. >> so next year could be the year, right? >> fingers crossed, definitely. i mean, i'll still root on my tigers the whole way. nigel: like john said just a few minutes ago, you can see the team get back around 7:00 tonight. that will be at gsp. continuing our coverage now, tiger fans still waiting for the football team to return to campus. gabrielle: and that is where we find wyff news 4's tim waller, who is on campus right now. tim, are you talking to any excited tigers ready to see their team? tim: they are not here yet, but we expect they will be here in
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we saw the enthusiasm of the clemson fans as their team headed off to arizona, and we are expecting that same in doozy of them here tonight. on the west end zone of death valley in clemson, most fans know where that is. here is a map in case you are wondering. howard rock on that side, we are on the other side in the area known as the west end zone. looking past the pickup truck, we expect the buses to come here 7:30, 8:00 range. we are expecting a lot of clemson fans here to support their team. yes, it was a disappointment in arizona, but certainly, people have not given up on their number one tigers here. we are expecting people out here tonight. a bit of advice, you heard john lyon talk about it at the
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here tonight, please and a coat. it is chilly at the top of the west end zone. a cold breeze blowing. that will not diminish the enthusiasm of all these clemson tigers fans. in death valley, tim waller, wyff news 4. gabrielle: -- nigel: last night, everyone was talking about the game. but they were also posting to social media. twitter, facebook, and instagram were just a few of the places people were talking about the national championshipp game. today, i went to the clemson university social media lab to see a good look at what exactly you were saying. take a look. the clemson paper says, what a time. a loss does not mean it is over. last night's national championship game is the talk all over social media. in fact, take a look when you plug in the words.
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be what everyone is talking, --alking about, along with alabama. a lot of people saying alabama played their hearts out yesterday. but what is interesting is, on social media, clemson and alabama are showing up equally, 50% to 50%, basically. and all the talk seems to be very, very positive. take a look. when you talk about the national championship game last night, 61.9% of the conversation is positive. a a t of people saying last night's game was very evenly matched, and a true national championship game. >> early this morning, the biggest topic of conversation is certianly alabama. some of the top words coming out the conversations we are looking at our alabama, nick saban "derrick henry." the score of , the game is being plastered all over social media. so people are obviously giving
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then also, at the same time, talking about clemson, and the great season they have had. nigel: and if we are reading this social media conversation correctly, it looks like all this positive talk about the clemson football program is going to continue well into next year. gabrielle: this means alabama's coach has now earned his 5th national title, and last night's win makes it the 16th national championship for the university of alabama. coach nick saban talked this morning about the win. >> very proud of our team, the way they competed in the game, the way they made plays when they needed to make them, the way they overcame adversity all year long to get to this point, and create an opportunity for themselves that they were able to take advantage of. gabrielle: coach saban complimented the tigers' performance,e,ut pointed to the tide's successful onside kick as
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nigel: let's talk about the weather. here is a live look outside through our hilton greenville skycam. a beautiful day, but as tim mentioned, it is cool. gabrielle: temperatures dropping as the sun goes down. john cessarich joins us in our studio. we are happy to see the sun. john: at least the sun is out. nigel will be jealous, he has always been a weather watcher, and tim waller has become another assistant meteorologist, make sure you bundle up at clemson. temperatures dropping to around 50. the wind is strong. on the radar, snow showers continuing along the tennessee-north carolina line in the northern advisories, watches, warnings, just a few leftover flurries possible. especially northwest of asheville. 43 in asheville, at the freezing mark in boone. 53 in clemson, but it feels colder because of the wind.
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clemson, but not until after midnight. now back to you. nigel: president obama is expected to set the stage for his last year in office. he will deliver his last state of the union address to congress. gabrielle: he is expected to try to unite a country divided. aixa diaz has more. aixx the white house says president obama is not focusing on past accomplishments, but loe>> i want identify three or four big ideas, three or four big things we have to focus on. aixa: after seven years in office, the president prepares for his final state of the union. >> it will a lot be a laundry list of proposals that he wants congress to pass because he knows there are a lot of things he wants to do that congress doesn't want to do. >> it will be a longer-term speech. aixa: he will focus on long-term challenges, including climate
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administration says it feels good about, the economy. >> we made a lot of progress. now, we have an opportunity. how do we build on this progress? aixa: the new speaker of the house has a different take. >> middle ininme wages are flat. 46 million people are living in poverty. aixa: paul ryan says the u.s. is not that are off now than in 2009, and says the way the country will get back on track is to elect a republican. >> he has continued to kick the can. i see no change in his behavior. aixa: speaker ryan says he wants to hear about a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. aixa diaz, wyff news 4, at the white house. nigel: you can watch the state of the union here on wyff 4. it
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governor nikki haley will after the sp>> i was prepared to eat my chips and drink my drink, and watch it on tv. gabrielle: a grerewood woman first lady tonight for president obama's final state of the union address. edith childs first met president obama when he was a senator on the campaign trail. you may remember this video. her "fired up, ready to go" chant inspired his campaign back in 2007. >> i am just honored that he still remembers edith childs. and if he says that i was a help to him, then i was, but i don't think i was a help to him. i just did what i do, you know, and didn't mind doing it. gabrielle: childs says she was overjoyed to receive the call from the white house inviting her to tonight's big event. nigel: coong up, in commitment 2016, and nbc news poll is out. where the presidential candidates stand less than three
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gabrielle: we are learning more about the gateway project. why officials believe it's important to connect i-85 and i-385. >> it's just revitalizing our downtown, making it beautiful. nigel: one town's downtown area is getting a $500,000 makeover. more on the changes, and why some business owners aren't happy about them. john: a live shot looking over lake hartwell in anderson county, you see s e root -- on the lake.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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nigel: lawmakers talk about their priorities on opening day of the legislative sessionmirer lee's -- wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in columbia. myra? myra: lawmakers tell us, there's always a buzz in the air on the first day of the legislative session. and this year, there are some unresolved issues to address. now for most of opening day, , there was standing room only in the upper lobby, just outside the house and senate chambers. this is actually what it is expected to look like throughout the session. in the house, they mentioned the pre-filed bills, which is just a formality before they can ever come up for discussion. there was also a special tribute was also made to senator billy o'dell of district 4, whose funeral took place yesterday. senators also spent the first part of the day talking about
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contributions to the state. meantime, lawmakers say a busy session lies ahead. >> well, absolutely. the main priority is our roads and bridges, and repairing those. >> the issue of the flood, and the funding of the flood, and how we're going to deal with that, is going to be an issue. >> there will always be some environmental issues. we're dealing with the coal ash issue in my county right now. >> many of us want to comply with, , you know, giving everyone an adequate education in the state of south carolina. myra: these were just some of the people who greeted lawmakers in the lower lobby as they headed to their various chambers. they wanted to express concern about confederate monuments across the state. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell you what they were specifically concerned about, and what lawmakers plan to do about it. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, n columbia.
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spartanburg county, deputies say an investigation under way after a woman was found bleeding from a possible shooting. this is sky4 video of dive crews searching the south tyger river, near reidville road, for evidence. deputies say a woman was found face down in the grass on the side of a home last thursday -- the side of a road last thursday night. the woman said she felt like she had been shot, but told authorities she didn't know what happened. right now deputies are not , releasing any other details. nigel: spartanburg county deputies say a man who thought he was going on a date ended up being ambushed, beaten, and robbed. three people have been charged . this happened in late december. the two men charged are spencer chastain and anthony taylor. deputies say 18-year-old jessie abrams picked up the victim in her car, and the car hit some tree limbs in the road. deputies say when the victim got out to inspect the damage, he was attacked, and his wallet and cellphone were stolen. the victim was hospitalized.
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face multiple charges. in greer, police say one lane of wade hampton boulevard will be closed for a few hours. officers are cleaning up after they discovered a mobile meth lab in the area. this is sky 4 video of the cleanup. it is on wade hampton, near morrow street. police say the chemicals were discovered during a traffic stop. they say two people are currently under arrest. no word on what charges they are facing. gabrielle: some call this the upstate's single largest transportation project in history. in late january, the south carolina department of transportation will begin the first major phase of the gateway project at the interchange of i-85 and i-385 in greenville county. it's a $231 million plan. it's scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2019. the new design will cut back on traffic back-ups. >> the biggest benefit is, we're gonna add collector distributor routes that will parallel mainline 85, and also interstate
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it'll separate the traffic that's merging and entering the interstate, from that traffic that's going straight through. gabrielle: the d.o.t. says, on average, nearly 200,000 vehicles pass through the interchange every day. the project's name comes from the d.o.t.'s belief that the i-85-385 interchange is more than just a crossroads, but the gateway of the upstate. if you would like to stay up to date on lane closures, the d.o.t. encourages people to check @scdotpiedmont on twitter. nigel: donald trump and hillary clinton remain national front-runners for their party's nominations, now less than three weeks before the iowa caucus. according to a new nbc news-surveymonkey poll, trump leads with 38%, over senator ted cruz at 20%. florida senator marco rubio is in third place, with 11%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds a 15-point lead over bernie sanders among
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however, 68% of democrats under the age of 24 say they support sanders. this newest poll surveyed nearly 10,000 people during the week of january 4 through 10. in western north carolina tonight, more than 1,000 school children went home early today. this was after a water main break in mitchell county. officials say greenlee primary school closed at 11:00 this morning, deyton elementary closed at 11:15, and harris middle school dismissed students at 11:30. buses ran according to the early release schedule. the water main break happened in the swiss pine lake area of the county. officials say it has been fixed, and that the schools will be open tomorrow. gabrielle: happening right now greenville county schools are open positions include bus drivers, bus aides, custodians, and food service operator jobs. it's being held right now, until 7:00 tonight, at lifelong learning at 206 wilkins street in greenville.
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at the job fair. bus drivers do not require prior experience driving a bus to get started. training will be provided. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: satellite and radar showing the cold front right now beginning to move through the mountains of north carolina and maybe northwestern georgia. windy conditions ahead of the front, along the front and behind the front. the winds shift in the front from west to northwest. gusty winds. we had rain-snow mixed in the higher elevations, the closer you get to the tennessee line. snow showers will continue there, a few flurries possible through the mountains of north carolina this evening. italy blowing around with strong winds. -- it will be blowing around with strong winds. no accumulation expected except along the west facing slopes.
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asheville, you may see a flurry over to this evening with strong winds. no watches, warnings, or advisories. you can see the clouds over the mountains, looking towards the tennessee line. that is where you have the best chance of flurries or brief light snow showers. temperatures look like this. 31 in boone, starting to cool carolina. the wind making it feel much colder than the actual temperatures. 39 in sylva, 35 in waynesville, mid 30's in burnsville, 32 in spruce pine, 40 three in asheville, 45 in hendersonville. 53 in clemson, low 50's in the upstate. the mountains of northeastern georgia, 30's and 40's. the wind making it feel colder than the temperatures. west wind at 21 in greenville, northwest at 15 in hendersonville.
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dry, cold air go -- coming in from the northwest. 55 in atlanta -- in columbia and myrtle beach. snow up here and lake effect snows, 1-3 inches possible for pittsburgh, buffalo, downwind from lake erie and lake ontario, four-eight inches possible. cold arctic air coming in, negative six degrees in international falls, minnesota. tonight, mostly clear and cold and breezy. diminishing winds after midnight. low 26. windy for most of the night. diminishing winds late tonight, a few flurries possible. overnight low 18 in the mountains. high 47 in the upstate tomorrow, sunny with a cold breeze out of the northwest. milder on thursday, then the next front comes through. here comes the rain friday into friday night. it might get interesting this weekend. snow showers scattered for the
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maybe a storm out of the gulf could cause problems saturday night and sunday morning. congratulations malcolm rawls,
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gabrielle: in news 4 your health tonight, the flu is starting to make its way around the country. the centers for disease control reports widespread flu activity in maryland and north carolina. cases have also increased in connecticut, iowa, massachusetts, new hampshire, pennsylvania, and virgina. experts say there is still time to get a flu shot. flu season typically peaks around february. the key to eating less may begin with the size of your plate. scientists in australia found that when plates were 50% smaller, people ate 30% less. smaller plates were especially effective when diners served themselves, either from a buffet or at home.. exercise may help decrease the risk of low back pain. australian scientists found that exercise, combined with education, reduced the odds of a low back pain episode, and the use of sick leave. exercise alone had less of an impact, but still decreased lower back pain by 35%.
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i'm aixa diaz in washington. how the two parties differ on the issue, coming up. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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