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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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latimer is currently being held in jail without bond. michael: clemson fans are holding their heads high today, despite not bringing home the championship. gabrielle: wyff news 4's aly myles spoke to some past and present tigers, many of whom are a little tired. al do you remember the '81 win? >> i was there. aly: you were there? >> i was there in the '81 win. aly: whether you were sitting on the 40 yard line in '81, like tom glenn, ororot even alive in '81, >> still really happy about how it turned out. i think we played a really good game. very disappointing. aly: it's a safe bet to say all those who rep orange are a little blue today, brokenhearted aly: little sleepy today? >> just a little bit. i'm very tired. aly: i'm impressed, though. the class? >> 8:00 a.m. aly: still, a true tiger knows they have many reasons to be proud. an undefeated regular season, acc championship, the orange bowl. >> they have a lot to be proud
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achieved over the season. aly: the best part? whether you're still in school, graduating, graduated, or just a fan, there's always next year. >> i just want them to know i think they did an awesome job, and they put their hearts into it all, so were all really proud. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, at clemson. gabrielle: the clemson tigers are set to return to the upstate tonight. their flight should arrive at gsp in the next hour or so. that's where we find wyff news 4's john lyon. john? john: we are expecting the team plane to land in the next 40 minutes. as you can barely see behind me, there are nine buses waiting to caravan the team, the players, the coaches and the support personnel, back to clemson. as we wait for the team to arrive here, fans have been coming back from phoenix, from arizona, all afternoon. i met a flight from the next that was full of thompson fans,
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and they were easy to spot with their clemson gear on. i talked to people, who said they had a great time. here is what they had to say. >> they hit us in the gut. we had them back. special teams is where things didn't go our way. you can't look back at that. we think we represented well. the fans gave them a good response after the outcome was over and showed support there. we love our tigers. john: they are excited about the future of the program. they said that this season showed they can play with the football big boys. they beat notre dame, florida state, oklahoma, and they almost beat alabama. as i said, the buses are waiting to take the team back to clemson, and that is where we
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tim: we are waiting, too, john. it is starting to lose light, the sun is going down. i think you can see the big clemson tiger paw on the stadium. we are in the west zone, the opposite side of death valley, as clemson fans know, where howard's rock is. i think you can still see it, where the buses will rollup. we are expecting at about 8:00 tonight, bringing the clemson tigers, the weary and tired tigers all the way back from arizona. we know they are going to be glad to be home tonight. we are expecting a lot of fans out here tonight. if you come out with your family, bring your jacket. it is breezy and cold here, but it will be a great time to welcome home the tigers. tim waller, wyff news 4, live in clemson university. michael: thank you, gentlemen. the tiger talk continued on
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you may have participated. wyff's news 4's nigel robertson went to the social media lab on the clemson campus, to see what people were talking about on the day after. nigel: on social med are talking about the tigers just as much as they are talking about alabama. the numbers were 50-50 this morning. in fact, 61.9% of the clemson conversation is positive, many people talking about how great the tigers played last night against the crimson tide. >> early this morning, the biggest topic of conversation is certainly alabama. some of the top words coming out of the conversations we are looking at are "alabama," "nick saban," "derrick henry." the score of the game is being plastered all over social media. so people are obviously giving their respect to alabama, but then also, at the same time, talking about clemson, and the great season they have had. nigel: and it's not just the talk on social media. it is, of course, the talk in print, as
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it says, "what a time. a loss doesn't mean it's over." obviously, the talk of clemson football, and how well the tigers did this year, will continue. michael: thanks, nigel. tim was talking ababt how cold it is. john cessarich knows it. john, lit get worse before it gets better? john: looks like it. tomorrow will be cold. tomorrow's weather, we will talk about later. at clemson, the temper -- temperature continues to drop to 50. the wind chill is around 44-45 degrees. it will be chilly and it will get worse. winds will diminish in the upstate later this evening. strong wind in the mountains, squeezed out snow showers and flurries and if you rain showers and sprinkles through the mountains. now, the only snow showers we have our along the north carolina-tennessee line.
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40 in asheville, 31 in boone. 50 in clemson with the windchill of 45 degrees. i will tell you how cold it will get down tonight a little bit later on. now back to you. gabrielle: south carolina lawmakers say they have a good idea of what their priorities are as they begin a new legislative seseion. wyff news 4's myra ruiz is live and local in columbia. myra? myra: things are pretty quiet at the capital, but hours ago, it was pretty busy as lawmakers returned to their respective chambers. a crowd had already gathered inside the statehouse to greet legislators as they walked in. this group has concerns about the future of confederate monuments on public property, after the confederate flag was removed from outside the capitol. >> i think what happened in south carolina last year opened a pandora's box of anti-southern sentiment nationwide, removing statues, changing names, everything southern being bad. myra: inside the chamber, senators remembered colleague billy o'dell, who died last
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>> and, as you can see through the tribute, touched a lot of his colleagues, and all of us who thought so much of his work ethic, and his quiet, humble way of getting things done. myra: fixing crumbling roads and bridges, and funding repairs from flood damage, are among top priorities. >> i have a feeling it's going to be extremely busy. a lot of buzz already today, as it always is on the first day of session. myra: some lawmakers are also waiting to hear if the supreme court will get involved in a lawsuit that involves the greenville health system, and its efforts to change who's in control of the way it's run. >> the community is very much divided over this issue, and the thing that i question is, why do we have to do it this way? myra: lawmakers say they did notice the group with their concerns about southern heritage. >> i really don't think there's going to be any discussion on either side of the statehouse about monuments or flags, and
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myra: lawmakers say other top priorities include reforming the dot to make sure the agency spends money wisely, in addition to addressing guidelines setforth in the state supreme court, because there are concerns that students in poor rural areas are not getting adequate education funding. myra ruiz, wyff news 4, live in columbia. >> so i began to sing, "fired up, ready to go, fired up, ready to go," and everyone behind me started to chant. michael: that's how she said it happened. a greenwood woman whose cheer inspired president obama's campaign will attend the state of the union address tonight. edith childs said she first met the president when he was a senator on the campaign trail in 2007. she said a few months later, she received a call from a number she didn't recognize. she almost didn't answer, but on the other end was barack
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>> i wanted to to know if i could use that slogan for my campaign. and i said, senator, if you want those words, if those 5 little words will help you, you can use those 5 words. and after that, it was just on. michael: and she will be there. edith childs said she had planned to just watch tonight's address at home, and was overjoyed when she received the call from the white house, inviting her to sit with the first lady. she got to attend obama's inauguration, and receives a christmas card from the first family each year. gabrielle: you can c cch president obama's last state of the union address, right here on wyff four. it begins tonight at 9:00. we'll also stream the address on the wyff four mobile app. south carolina governor nikki haley will provide the republican response, right after the president's speech. >> once we get out there, it's going to look like a construction site. michael: it's being called the upstate's single largest transportation project in history. how the gateway project at this major interchange will cut back
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john: the weather is looking a little bit better for the race this saturday. it starts at 9:00 a.m., the
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michael: later this month, the dot will begin the first major phase of the gateway project at the interchange of i-85 and 385 in greenville county. a busy place. it is a big project. the $231 million plan is the second largest d.o.t. project in south carolina history. it's scheduled to finish in the summer of 2019. the new design should cut down on some of the trap -- traffic back-ups. the d.o.t. says on average, nearly 200,000 vehicles pass through the interchange every day. gabrielle: a crane flipped on its side this afternoon at anderson university.
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accident didn't cause any damage. crews were using the crane to remove a tree stump, when a mechanical failure caused the boom to lower. most students missed the action. classes don't start back until thursday. >> it's like putting a $5,000 saddle on a half-dead horse. michael: mixed reviews over one town's plans for a mini makeover in the downtown. more about the $500,000 plan. john: on the radar, you can see the snow showers continuing to move through the ohio river valley in the great lakes, moving into new england. 1-3 plus inches expected in
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that has some business owners michael: wyff news 4's mike mccormick reports from inman. >> it's just revitalizing our downtown, making it beautiful. mike: that beauty will come to inman from a $500,000 grant given by the state. the mayor says it has to be used for streetside improvements. downtown, you can expect to see wider sidewalks, planters, trees, and brick-paved crosswalks. they'll also remove overhead wires, and improve traffic lights. construction is expected to start in the middle or end of summer, and could take six months to a year to finish. >> anybody who comes to this town is going to be very, very happy to be here. mike: benny allison, owner of all cell wireless, believes the beauty will attract new business. sandy green, owner of gifts for all seasons, and bobby gowan, owner of fran's for less, believe the work will keep customers away. >> the businesses that are here cannot withstand several weeks being closed. >> sometimes it will finish off the businesses that are there,
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on. mike: the mayor says there will be a plan in place for making sure it's possible to get to every shop while the work is done. >> we are willing to join hand and hand to make the city come back together. mike: the mayor says there is a phase 2 of the project, but he's not ready to release the details just yet. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, in inman. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: cold front sweeping and from the northwest, picking up mountains, producing a few leftover flurries and a brief snow shower possible, especially along the north carolina-tennessee line. no snow expected in the upstate. said quiet. the flurries are starting to dissipate in the mountains. we had a couple flurries along the tennessee line. the likelihood of a couple flurries is still possible over
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is it. we started off at 27 this morning at the gsp airport, 51 in the afternoon. the record high on this date is 73 degrees set three years ago in 2013. in asheville, the record high of the state, -- on this date, set three years ago. 48 the high this afternoon. the 19 is seven degrees below average. the live shot from laurens, mainly clear skies. your temperature is down to 48 degrees. 48 in spartanburg, 31 in boone, 40 in asheville, 42 in hendersonville, 41 in franklin. in the upstate, temperature-wise, it is pretty chilly. 48 in toccoa, 48 in spartanburg, 49 in greenville, 50 in clemson. but it is breezy. west wind at 12 miles per hour. look at the strong winds in asheville, hendersonville, greenville, spartanburg.
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chill eels like 16 in boone, 36 in rutherfordton, 26, 44 in greenville. in laurens, 38 the wind chill. 45 wind chill in clemson, where tim waller is getting ready for the tigers to arrive. we are proud of the tigers. what a great game. the country knows how good clemson really is. 37 in bristol, 49 in atlanta, 51 in florence in wilmington, 55 along the grand strand. chilly in orlando, 59. they had showers in miami, 65 degrees. nothing like cincinnati. 18 degrees right now. the arctic a with snow showers moving through the northeast, for us, the cold front passes by. look at the arctic air to the north. one degree in minneapolis, eight degrees in chicago. here is the front. it will pass by overnight tonight.
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across us or the day tomorrow. especially in the mountains, where highs will be in the 30's. breezy. mountains. late. and chilly. light and variable wind, high 47. we start off at everyone, warming to 41 -- we start at 31, warming to 41 at lunchtime. a cold wind out of the northwest, high 39 in the mountains. mid-30's at lunchtime. maybe heading low 40's at 3:00 in the afternoon. staying in the upper 30's probably. a nice warm-up thursday afternoon with sunshine. the storm system comes in on friday and friday night. the weekend looks iffy. the models are all of the place. we may see like frozen precipitation late saturday night into sunday morning. i will keep you updated.
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michael: deshaun watson got some attention last night. ricardo: he played so well. nick saban said it was like facing cam newton. and watson is back next year. in the top 25.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i've been a part of a team since i was nine years old. it scares me to think of a day when i wouldn't be part of a team. and the feeling that you get being associated with a group like this makes you want to do it more. ricardo: after winning his 5th career national title last night against clemson, nick saban plans on sticking around tuscaloosa, and attempting to tie the legendary bear bryant with his 6th championship next season. but saban admits, capturing number five wasn't easy, and this guy had a lot to do with it. saban singing the praises of clemson signal caller deshaun watson, comparing the difficulty to stop him to that of cam newton. watson setting a national championship record with 478 yards of total offense, passing vince young's 467 yard performance in the '06 rose bowl. and he became the first fbs quarterback to pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 in a season. watson, becoming an early heisman favorite for 2016.
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wanted the w, so the stats don't really matter r me. i wanted to get the win and do , something we haven't done in 34 years. >> he's special. he's got great toughness, heart, mind for the game, just made some huge plays all the way to the end. glad he's on our team. glad he will be back next year. where is this thing next year? tampa? is that where it sat? we'll see if we can reload and do it again. ricardo: the tigers finish this season with a school record 14 winds. the number two ranking, the highest finish in the ap poll atop the poll. next season, watson returns. defense may take a hit. shaq lawson along with other seniors may depart. others are expected to declare for the draft as well. kirby smart departs alabama with
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head coaching tenure at georgia. smart, taking along with him tide defensive backs coach mel tucker. tucker coached under nick saban at multiple stops, and also was a defensive coordinator in the nfl. staying in the s.e.c. east, south carolina defensive back chris moody will transfer. he's graduated, so he'll be a grad transfer, and have one year of eligibility. moody played in all 12 games this season, recording four tackles and a pass breakup. over to the diamond, and the gamecocks check in at number 17 in the preseason d1 baseball top 25 poll released today. usc one of 7 s.e.c. teams in the rankings. florida tops the presason poll. the gamecocks open the season february 19th, hosting albany. just a month away for baseball season. and we have the panthers. spring will be here. at 11:00. michael: good night. [captioning performed by the
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