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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of weaverville, just off u.s. 25 , where one customer of this mountain energy gas station and convenience store is happy. that person had five of the powerball numbers, winning a prize of $100,000. of course, i am sure that person would have liked to have had the sixth number to win the big prize. this is video we shot earlier of the inside of the store. clerks were busy all week as the powerball went up to over $1.5 billion, selling tickets in a town of less than 4000 people and only about 3.5 miles square. so far, the clerks don't know who the buyer was or which clerks sold the winning ticket. we talked to one of the clerks a few minutes ago. >> we were amazed when we found out we sold a $100,000 ticket. >> but not surprised.
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>> glad somebody at home got it. john: did anybody you know not show up to work today? >> no. john: do you have any idea who it is? >> not the foggiest. john: have you seen anybody driving a new sports car? >> no. but i will be on the lookout. john: we passed by a powerball billboard on the way up here. this week's prize total is a mere $40 million. reporting live in weaverville, john lyon, wyff news 4. michael: thanks, john. gop presidential hopefuls in the low country tonight. two debates are planned. gabrielle: patrick is live in north charleston. the undercard debate starts in just one hour? patrick: that's right. the gop field is down to 11. seven on the main stage at 9:00,
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mentioned. part of the story tonight is the fact that senator rand paul will not be here. his absence is because he was supposed to be on the main stage debate. he has been on the main stage, and now they have asked him to be in the undercard debate. he did not like it, and he is boycotting. supporters for all candidates were here early, including those for senator paul. >> i think he should've been included in the main card debate. i think his grassroots support is amazing. >> sometimes, they can get a little aggressive with each other. they can be not very nice. >> this was the second debate, a lot of energy. different teams coming out. team spirit, so really exciting. patrick: again, this is the last gop debate before the iowa caucus on february 1. it is the first debate in the all-important state of south carolina.
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then republican -- the republican party chairman about nikki haley, who is creating a lot of was. -- a lot of buzz. she has received both backlash and praise. live in north charleston, patrick hussion, wyff news 4. gabrielle: we have a live wire, the news feed at the top of our mobile app. you can follow what reporters and pundits say before, during and after the debate on and our mobile app. michael: the upcoming primaries coming in south carolina, the primary is on saturday, february 20, following -- followed by the democratic primary on february 27. in georgia, the primaries are on march 1.
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is on the road at the td convention center looking for something to drive at the auto show. gabrielle: chris justus is in the weather center talking about the snow and shower possibilities in the carolinas. first, let's go to john. how are the cars, and how's the weather? john: the weather inside is fabulous inside the td convention center. dry and cool. cooler in here than it is outside. outside, gorgeous. i hope you enjoy today's afternoon temperatures. it will not last. the storm system tomorrow will bring us a good chance of liquid precipitation. it will be rain. then, snow later on. the temperatures across the area, you can see how mild it is. low 60's south of interstate 85 along the i-85 corridor. in the 40's, it into the 50's through most of the mountains, except for the northern mountains. they got stuck in the upper 40's
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current temperatures, very pleasant. about 6-8 degrees above average. no complaints here. plenty of sunshine and light wind. a beautiful thursday afternoon. last couple days, chris and i have talked about the potential system coming and that may produce a few snow showers for us in the western carolinas and northeastern georgia. it looks like the models say that system will be too far south. most of the energy and moisture will be to our east and south, right chris? at least we are getting into an interesting weather pattern. chris: that's right, john. very active. we have some model agreement. that's a good thing. the latest models show the system being too far south. no snow accumulation expected in the area. looking at the mountains, the line right there, the red, showing possibly an inch in northern asheville. it would be along the tennessee
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asheville with northwest flow snow. it will be cold. here comes system number one, giving us rain tomorrow. here is the rain-snow line in the white. system number two was in question. it dies south into the gulf, so far away that we are just to dry and cold. we will wait for the next one to give us wintry weather. it will be cold. sunday, our first round of cold air. look at that. -10-15 degrees towards minneapolis. that cold air tries to sink south and moderates by the time against here. early next week, highs in the 30's across most of the area. it stays cold next week. john walsh os -- john will show us the 40 plus coming up. gabrielle: you're looking at video of the i-80 5-i-80 5-i 385 interchange in greenville county. in a few weeks, the gateway project will begin to help ease
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allyson powell shows us, the plan means changes in the woodruff road area. allyson: if you have ever been stuck in rush hour traffic around i 385-85 or woodruff road, you have only thought, something needs to be done. dot officials agree, and they are putting their best effort into it. $231 million worth. >> second largest project ever by the state of south carolina. allyson: it is called the gateway project. jack is one of the engineers assigned to it. he walked me through the changes. >> we will have collector-distributor routes. they will parallel mainline 85 and also interstate 385. it will separate traffic that is merging, and entering. allyson: these routes will
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they will be extended to allow for extra traffic to exit without blocking the interstate. for instance, a few are traveling from simpsonville on i-385 and exit to 85 north to spartanburg, you will enter the route before you reach woodruff road. as is a picture of the existing interchange right now. here is a big change. see these loops? these exit loops? these will be gone when the new interchange comes in. they will be replaced with longer bridges over i 85 and 385. that will create a third level. it runs over i 385. they couldn't work to fix traffic issues without addressing woodruff road. >> we are adding auxiliary lanes from 85 to 385. we are constructing three interchanges, and re-timing the signals. hopefully, that will help out
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allyson: the new late will be between i 85 and 385. one more fact, help for traffic in the green ridge shopping center. a new exit will be added. a project that is essential for growing a gateway into the south. allyson powell, wyff news 4. gabrielle: crews plan to work at night to minimize the impact on traffic. the project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. michael: tonight's personally basketball will go on at greer high school after the death of senior nathan moore, a starter. his younger brother is going to play in his place. spartanburg officials are investigating the death. they have yet to release the cause, but there is no indication of foul play. gabrielle: the planning commission in pickens county says no to a landfill after learning of plans to dump coal ash on the site.
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this is where a company was permitted to to dispose of construction waste into thousand seven. the permit was suspended because they were not aware: -- would be part of the waste. coal ash contains toxic chemicals. the company must show they are following the original agreement. michael: coming up, a manic used of dialing 911 multiple times faced a judge today. wait until you hear what police said he told the dispatchers. gabrielle: a deadly attack in indonesia. isis claims responsibility. michael: state lawmakers to give employees a bit of a raise. john: i am at the auto show, the international auto show. i will tell you what is going on. they are gearing up, it starts tomorrow running through the weekend. i will have your times and how much it cost to get here and i
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whether-wise, for the weekend, is coming up next. gabrielle: here is a look at your winning midday numbers for
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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right michael: pickens county school district is working towards improvement after turmoil in leadership. gabrielle: corey davis is live and local with what this means for students. corey: keeping accreditation means that a student's diploma, just like the kids who graduated from easley high school will , actually matter when they're
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but students weren't the problem. we are told it was the school board putting everything at risk. according to this report, the situation is getting better. >> i am very relieved, very relieved. >> oh, i'm really just so happy to put all of that behind us. corey: robin miller and dani alexander say they're glad the school board is getting positive reviews, because losing accreditation was not an option. >> excellent behavior and conduct by our board members is critical if we are to succeed. corey: a monitoring agency called "advance ed" gave the board a bad review last year, in a second strike against the district. the agency says board members didn't understand their roles, and there were even reports that some of them intimidated employees. those actions put the district at risk of losing accreditation. >> i think it's terrible for morale in the school district, and i think it's unfair to the students, who work so hard to perform and make us all proud. >> i look forward to moving forward at this point, and getting this behind our district. corey: advance ed's latest
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-- district leaders are doing much better, taking steps to update policies and attend training sessions. the district has always been accredited, and students continue to perform well. >> you don't have to worry that your child is not going to get a great education when they come to the schools. that has never changed. corey: district officials say act and sat scores in pickens county are among the top five of all counties in south carolina. >> it's great for the students, it's great for the teachers. if anything, we should have positive reports coming out of our school district, and no negative reports. corey: advance ed will no longer send out, they will know out -- no longer send out people to monitor the district. the school district will have to send in a progress report at the end of the year. corey davis, wyff news 4, in pickens county. gabrielle: now to some
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at least two people and five attackers were killed and many wounded today in a gun and bomb assault in indonesia today. isis has claimed responsibility. the first bombing happened at a starbucks, causing customers to run out. the video is here. at the same time, two other suicide bombers attacked a nearby traffic police booth, killing themselves and a local man. a spokesman for president obama says the u.s. will stand by indonesia's government as it works to boot -- bring those responsible to justice. michael: more questions than answers tonight, about ten american sailors that were detained, then released, by iran. this is an update to a story we've been following since tuesday. the americans were picked up when their two patrol boats entered iranian waters in the persian gulf. iranian television aired video of a sailor it identified as the commander, apologizing. the pentagon says the video appears to be authentic. but the obama administration has emphasized that washington has not apologized for the incident. gabrielle: back in the upstate, the spartanburg county sheriff's office says an upstate and has
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william johnson of inman faces multiple charges, including sexual conduct with a minor. according to warrants, the crimes happened between 2007 and 2012. an incident report says investigators found video evidence of the abuse. johnson was arrested on monday at his workplace. michael: spartanburg police say a man called 911 more than 30 times, but not because he had an emergency. gabrielle: wyff news 4's mike mccormick is live and local in spartanburg. mike? mike: right now, he is out on bond. today his mother told us that , he's not taking his medicine, for his psychotic schizophrenia. >> denver craven. mike: denver craven appeared before a judge in bond court this morning. he's charged with unlawful use of 911. police say he called the emergency number 31 times in a five-hour period, from his home on wednesday. according to the incident report, craven would sing to the dispatchers, curse at them, or just ramble on about nothing. >> girls that work, and guys that work at 911, they want to do an excellent job, and they're trying to do an excellent job
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so when they get these calls, it takes them away from being able to do that. mike: police say craven would never give the dispatchers his location, but they were able to find him and arrest him anyway. >> the dispatchers did an excellent job of giving us information. the system they have was able to pinpoint him. of course, he wasn't giving us information. he was calling from a cell phone. they were able to use their system and give us a location, and based on that location, we were able to find him. mike: the charge he's facing comes with a $200 fine, and six months behind bars. today, one of his relatives gave us a potential reason for the calls to 911. more on that at 6:00. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. john: i am live at the td convention center in greenville for the south carolina international auto show. they are gearing up, getting
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that is when the show kicks into gear. the gates open at 10:00 a.m. and go until 9:00 p.m., that is tomorrow and saturday. adults and 13 and over are eight dollars, children 7-12 five dollars, military and seniors five dollars, and there are cars, trucks, and suvs. family day is on sunday. let's head out right now, i will talk to mark. good seeing you. >> thanks for coming out. john: are you holding this cake for a reason? >> we heard you like cake. john: you are from california and you heard it all the way out there? >> that is correct. john: take a look at that cake. that is really nice. thank you, mike.
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emily day on sunday, kids are free. 12 and under are free. it's a great day to come out especially if the weather is not nice. we will have a face painter and balloon artists for the kids. a great way to check out the new rides. john: it's all under one roof. you don't have to go to dealerships. >> you can compare and contrast models, and look at cars indoors. john: tell me about test drives. >> we have toyota, ford, chevrolet, and chrysler doing test drives. they launch from inside the centers are you never have to leave and go outside in the weather. take a test drive, come back in. john: you mentioned the weather over and over. you know what i do? >> i had heard. john: thanks, mike. we will talk to you again at 6:00. thanks for the cake.
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clouds on the increase overnight tonight is the storm system comes out of the gulf of mexico. the first system tomorrow will be all liquid precipitation. no threat of anything frozen. it will start to the -- develop tomorrow. a chilly day. i hope you enjoyed this afternoon. we warmed up nicely and is gorgeous right now. with the northeasterly wind kicking and tomorrow with the rain, it will be a chilly rain. right now, 47 in boone, 56 in asheville. in the 50's across the upstate into northeastern georgia, 63 in elberton. temperatures through the entire upstate were in the low 60's. very nice. running 10 degrees above average. cool temperatures but very pleasant across the deep south. through the carolinas and through georgia, 57 in atlanta. nationally, you can see the storm system, look at all the rain along the gulf coast moving
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the storm system in the pacific northwest will slide down southeast and affect us into saturday and sunday. most of that energy will be to our east. tonight, increasing clouds and cold, low 36 in the upstate, low 30's in the mountains. rain during the day t torrow. saturday, the weekend looking decent. maybe a use of -- snow showers in the mountains, a slight chance of a snow shower early sunday morning in the upstate. unseasonably cold through next week. congratulations the hawthorne
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michael: you know that seventh-grade math can strike fear into just about all of us. gabrielle: this week's golden apple award winner says that is why she decided to teach it. geoff: few students in this class enjoyed math at the beginning of the school year >> how many like math now? >> my teacher is very energetic and fun and has a great speaking voice. geoff: for blair keeley's students, things are starting to add up. even if it means singing the subject.
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back to themselves. >> she's the best. the best teacher i have ever had in math. geoff: teaching 7th grade at greer middle, where she went to school, and dreaded math. >> my mother actually used to say, "are you really a math teacher?" because she saw me through the struggles. geoff: so having her students create a factor tree, >> you are going to take your scissors, and you are going to cut from the fold. geoff: was never part of her long-term plan. she was always going to be an elementary school teacher, until she fell in love with teaching math to 5th graders, because she could relate so well to their struggles. >> i do a lot of trying to explain to them why we do the things we do, because through my math journey, i didn't know why i was doing it. and i'm sure teachchs told me, i just didn't get it. geoff: ms. keeley's students are getting it, in this case with the help of james madison, thomas jefferson, and other former presidents, to help solve proportions, and to help her students understand that there's more than one way
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>> you can see those light bulbs go off immediately, and it's the best feeling ever. geoff: this plinko board provides incentives. her students can earn tickets, and every other week, they can win anything from bonus points on a test, to a homework pass, to their favorite prize. candy, which can bring this kind of reaction, her bulletin board reminds them daily that if they need help or get stuck, they're encouraged to speak up. blair keeley of greer middle, using her own past struggles in
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embrace it. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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