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tv   WYFF News 4 6pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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john: did anybody not show up in your work today? >> a lot of people. if they won, they didn't say anything. john: a lot of people know each other in town here. we are going to put on our detective hats and do some nosing around to see if we can find that powerball winner, and we hope to have him or her tonight at 11:00. for right now, live in weaverville, john lyon, wyff news 4. michael: thanks, john. the republican candidates for president square off tonight in two debates in south carolina. only seven republican hopefuls will appear in the prime-time stage. commitment 2016 tonight, wyff news 4's patrick hussion is live in north charleston. it's about to get started, right? patrick: the undercard debate is beginning here in the first presidential debate in the key primary state of south carolina. coming into the debate tonight, the buzz this week has been
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response to the president's state of the union. some in the republican party have criticized her for going after the front-runner in the polls, donald trump. but she's also getting a lot of praise. i spoke with republican national committee chairman reince priebus about that. >> i guess she's been the governor for a while now, but a great face of the republican party. i try to say to people all the time, we're the party of the young, diverse people that are leading our country, and she's a great example of that. she's done a great job here in south carolina. i think these debates are always, i think, good for the republican party. i mean, there is a little drama. there's intrigue, but i think ultimately, that drama and intrigue is going to help us win a cultural vote in america. patrick: tonight at 11:00, i'll have continuing coverage of this, the last gop debate before the iowa caucus. that is live in north february 1. charleston, patrick hussion, wyff news 4.
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debate live wire at the top of our mobile app and don for comments and pictures from the candidates and analysis before, during, and after the debate. now, take a look at the primary dates for our area. in south carolina, the republican primary is on saturday, february 20th, followed by the democratic primary on saturday, february 27th. in georgia, both primaries are on tuesday, march 1st. and in north carolina, both primaries are on tuesday, march 15th. michael: rain is moving in, and there's a possibility of flurries for part of our area. we have the two experts, chief meteorologist john cessarich and meteorologist chris justus. john, let's begin with you. john: chris and i were talking the last couple days about potential for snow. if we got some, it would be scattered snow showers. it does not look like the system will be too far -- it looks like the system will be too far southeast.
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flurries and may be snow showers for the mountains, and that would be saturday night late into sunday morning. but that's it. we have missed the system. today, absolutely gorgeous. we warmed up nicely into the upper 50's to low 60's across the western carolinas and northeastern georgia except for the northern mountains, who only reached the upper 40's to around 50. current temperatures right now as the sun has gone down, the temperatures cooled quickly. 37 in boone. 51 in asheville and hendersonville and greenville and anderson. cooling down quickly. 54 right here in greenville. chris is in the weather center. we have looked at the systems, the models have been all over the place. it is a sure bet that the system will be too far south and east to give us any snow. but the pattern continues to change to where we could
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road, right? chris: we may do this map earlier. look at this. to have snow on the east coast, you have to have a pretty nick -- nifty setup. this system moving into tomorrow is going to be all rain due to the northern jetstream being so far north. what we need to happen, if you are a snow lover, is for the two jet streams to merge, which allows the cold air to be in place with a possibility. we looked at both models, looking ahead, here is the freezing line. here comes the first system. the second system for saturday is moving way too far south to give us any moisture. we will be cold, but we will not see snowfall. the pattern could change. take a look at the for-day plus in a few minutes. gabrielle: police say a 911 dispatcher got more than 30 calls from one man in one day, and his arrest stems from what officers say he did each time he called. wyff news 4's mike mccormick is live and local in spartanburg. mike?
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bond. one of his relatives believes he made the calls as a cry for help for his mental illness. >> how serious is the charge? mike: the charge, unlawful use of 911. denver craven faced a judge in bond court this morning. >> do you have a telephone? >> yeah, a cell phone. i don't know the number. i just got it the other day. mike: police say craven dialed 911 from his home 31 times in a five-hour period on wednesday. according to the incident , >> he called the da. he said to talk dirty to you and heroine packages and something like that. mike: according to the incident report, craven would sing to the dispatcher, curse at the dispatcher, or just ramble on about nothing. >> anytime that they're taking, trying to help someone that may not actually need help, is taking away from somebody who may need the service.
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couldn't just hang up each time craven called. that's because they have to listen carefully, and make sure the caller wasn't unable to clearly say that they're trapped in an emergency situation. >> we tell people, if you can't even talk on the phone, if you do anything else, just lay the phone down, and we can hear everything that's going on in the background, and we can determine whether it's a domestic, whether it's a robbery, whether you need help. mike: police say in craven's case, it was clear he was deliberately abusing the 911 service. the judge told craven that the charge comes with a $200 fine and/or six months behind bars. >> don't be using 911 unless you got a real emergency, ok? that's what i'm telling you. mike: craven's mom says he has psychotic schizophrenia. she tells us he's not taking his medicine. mike mccormick, wyff news 4, live in spartanburg. michael: thanks, mike. in pickens county, the planning
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coal ash on the site. the area is in liberty at highway 93. this is where a company was permitted to dispose of construction waste in 2007. this week, the commission suspended the permit, saying they were not aware that coal ash would be part of the waste. the show that coal ash contains toxic chemicals. the company is not allowed to continue activity at the site until it can show it is following the original agreement. corey: an upstate school district, turning things around after a situation that could've affected the future of students and growth in the county. we will tell you about improvements being made. michael: and later on wyff news 4, the i-385/85 interchange is about to get a big makeover. how this is going to affect your travel, especially the
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students in pickens county gabrielle: the future of thousands of students in pickens county now has a better outlook. corey davis tells us how the district is making progress, after a risk of losing its accreditation. corey: i spent a lot of time going through this report about the pickens county school district. it's nearly 5o pages long, but it basically says that the school board is getting their act together, and that's good news for students and parents. the threat of losing accreditation become very real last year, when pickens county was given its second strike by a monitoring agency called advance ed. just the idea of possibly losing the status was scary for parents and students. one major downfall is that a child's diploma wouldn't mean anything after they graduated. advance ed said the leadership of school board members was a major problem. but now, all of that appears to be getting better. advance ed's latest report reveals that district leaders are taking steps to update policies, and attend training sessions. >> it's great for the students,
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anything, we should have positive reports coming out of our school district, and no negative reports. corey: district officials say act and sat scores in pickens county are among the top five of all south carolina school districts. advance ed will request another progress report at the end of the year. corey davis, wyff news 4, in pickens county. michael: i have an 85, 385 -- i-85, 385. what you need to know for your commute. john: the auto show picks up tomorrow morning and runs through the weekend. i will tell you about it, plus we will talk about the weather
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get ready michael: big changes, commuters. construction begins later this month at the i385/85 gateway project. what looks like a spaghetti junction, is actually a design to cut down on traffic issues. but the pictures can be a little confusing. wyff news 4's allyson powell takes a closer look. allyson: this is what the interchange looks like now, i-385 over i-85. now, imagine these smaller exit ramps are gone, and they're replaced by larger, longer exit ramps that actually make a third row over i-385. now, if you do, you'll get a picture of what the project looks like. that's just one of the changes in the works on the new i-385-85 gateway project. the $231 million project begins at the end of this month. scdot is planning to add longer exit lanes, or collector
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exiting the highway won't back up onto the interstate. another thing, they are adding a turning lane to woodruff road between the two highways, and they are also improving three intersections around greenridge. one last thing dot says not many , people know about, dot plans to add another exit from greenridge shopping center. jack valetti, one of the engineers on the project, says this construction is a massive undertaking, but necessary. >> second largest project ever by the state of south carolina. $231 million. we have about 700 sheets of traffic control drawings, 3500 individual activities to accomplish. allyson: over 200,000 cars travel this interchange every day, and valetti says he is hoping this change will bring some traffic relief. now, valetti says drivers will see the most impact starting this summer. construction though will be done at night, in an attempt to minimize the traffic impact.
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back to you. john: still live in the td convention center in greenville for the south carolina international auto show. it kicks off tomorrow and runs through the weekend. tonight is getting everything ready for the show itself. the gates are open, or the doors, there are no gates. the doors open at 10:00 a.m. going until 9:00 a.m. on friday and saturday, sunday 10 :00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. adults $13, five dollars for military, seniors, and children 5-12. on family day on sunday, with a paid adult children are free. michael and gabrielle, what is really nice about that, when they say john on the road, i am actually on the road. gabrielle: there you are.
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need a vehicle. but they won't give me a key. they took the key away from the earlier. >> i am the bad guy. john: where is that key? tell us about what is going on. >> this is a no pressure sales situation, your opportunity to come down and see the vehicles under one roof. compare and contrast, check out the new technology, ride and drive. plenty of good things in store. john: these cap concept cars. they don't have that anymore. >> the turnaround is quick. john: how may vehicles? >> over 200. john: that is more than last year. >> yes, sir. a bigger space, too. we have a lot of vehicles. john: thanks for the cake at 5:00. >> absolutely. thanks for coming down.
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it's past the holidays, though. things looking good outside right now, even if it is mild outside, you still need to come down because this is a fantastic the td convention center holds over 200 vehicles, brand-new cars, trucks, and suvs. increasing clouds from the southwest. thicken overnight tonight. morrow morning, maybe a few across the year he up. the bulk of the precipitation, liquid precipitation, will be tomorrow afternoon tapering off tomorrow night. thank goodness it comes in light. 37 in boone, 51 in asheville, hendersonville and anderson. 50 in greenwood, 52 in spartanburg, mid 50's in clemson and right here in downtown greenville. the cooler temperatures further north, 44 in bristol, tennessee in the tri-cities. 53 in atlanta, upper 40's to low 50's along the beaches.
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not that quickly, because of the clouds streaming in. you can see the storm system in the gulf of mexico, that system will come up to the northeast and bring us rain by tomorrow afternoon and evening. it will be much cooler tomorrow with the rainfall, and a northeast wind. a bit of a wedge galloping against the mountains tomorrow. mid 40's with a rain. not like today, where we were around 60. the arctic air is sitting up in canada, and it will drop down into the lower 48. we will watch that over the next couple weeks. tonight, overnight lows in the 30's. rain developing tomorrow. the storm system will not affect us over the weekend. slight chances of flurries saturday night into sunday morning in the mountains. that is about it. dry next week but colder temperatures across the entire area. come down and say hello. now back to you.
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john: i promise i will. michael: deshaun watson gets another postseason award. ricardo: he won the manning award. the first in the 12 year history of the war -- the award. clemson beats duke, south
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: dabo swinney is this year's paul "bear" bryant coach of the year honoree. swinney, earning the honor last night. the clemson head coach racking up his 7th coach of the year award this postseason.
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getting recognition. deshaun watson picking up another award today. the quarterback named the manning award winner for 2015, the honor given to the top quarterback in the nation, taking into account both regular season and bowl season. watson, the 12th recipient of the award, and the first sophomore to win it. kirby hocutt will replace jeff long as the new chairman of the college football playoff selection committee. long is rotating out of the chairman's role. the position changes every two years. the texas tech athletic director served on the selection committee this past season. moving to the nfl, and the carolina panthers meet up with the seattle seahawks for the second straight year in the postseason sunday. the number one seed in the nfc side isn't feeling the pressure of possibily being one and done, after a 15-1 mark in the regular season. >> i think that's a part of who they are. and again, as long as we are practicing and focusing the way we need to, those are a part of it. ricardo: the divisional round matchup between the panthers and
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ricardo: the clemson basketball program, still buzzing over last night's win over 9th ranked duke. the win over the blue devils, combined with the win over louisville last sunday, gave the tigers victories over ranked opponents in consecutive games for the first time since 1989. the tigers, turning the corner since acc play started. clemson now 4 and 1 in league play. >> we're just really confident. we believe in each other, we have positive momentum, and we believe we are a really good team, and it's showing out there on the court. you know, guys are always in huddles and guys are just leading on the court. and we're not having the problems we had early in the season. if we do have those problems, we quickly, we figure out a solution for them. ricardo: another ranked opponent comes to the well saturday, 8th ranked miami at 2:00. the alabama crimson tide continues to torment the palmetto state, this time, handing the south carolina men its first loss of the year last night. the gamecocks went on a 14-minute drought without a field goal spanning over both halves, to fall on the road, 73-50. south carolina will try to
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missouri. the gamecocks women carry the undefeated banner. usc in action tonight in lexington, taking on the wildcat set for the top of the hour. wofford and said adel just getting underway, furman and mercer, usc upstate at stetson and presbyterian will visit coastal carolina. we whole have -- we will have highlights at 11:00. gabrielle: we started the we talking about football, no basketball. ricardo: before you know, football season will be gearing up. gabrielle: thanks for being with us. we will see you back here at 11:00. michael: we will see if john got away with the truck at the auto show. is john their? i think he's gone. we are always on and our mobile app. good night, everybody.
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tonight, the clash in carolina. republicans ready to collide in tonight's debate. donald trump
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