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tv   WYFF News 4 530am  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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to not get out on the roads this morning. pressure. allyson: absolutely. geoff: we are continuing to talk about what is going on outside as we see things evolve quickly. problems. mile marker 60 to 63 on highway 290, big accident. do not get out on the roads if you do not talk. tim waller knows that well. geoff: tim waller isn't greenville. -- these in -- is in greenville. 10: we are starting to see more cars out here on highway 276. we don't -- tim: we are starting to see more cars out here on highway 276. we saw a few cars behind it.
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roads look like right now. you can see the slush building up right there. a couple of minutes ago, salt was put down. this morning, snow is still coming down but it has turned into a lot of rain. the fear is if the temperature begins to drop, that will turn into one big icy mess. if you do not need to be out, don't the. i am telling you right now on highway 276 in travelers rest in the downtown area is not good. not good for driving conditions, but some people are getting out. he will keep monitoring the situation. for the next live shot for wyff 4 news this morning, we will show you what things look like a little bititurther north on highway 276. tim waller wyff news 4 live in travelers rest.
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conditions get worse as he goes north. ally absolutely. as he goes out, a little different. it is amazing the difference between clemson and where 10 is. geoff: let's see the condition with aly myles. she is in clemson. aly: happy friday and happy long weekend if you do not have to go out in this mess. earlier, i don't want to say i have drawn the long stock, but we have just been dealing with rain. we are in clemson, downtown clemson, you are looking at 76. folks driving at normal's bead, a little hydroplaning concern out there. we drove from greenville to clemson this morning and did not see a lot. driving from greer to the station this morning, i did field a lot of eyes. mike mccormick will show you all
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system is moving and there was a chance it will come down this way. a lot of wind is making it difficult to be outside. as far as concerns go, clemson not getting hit too hard right now. he will let you know that changes. aly myles wyff news 4 live in downtown clemson. geoff: thank you. as we have been talking about the conditions, so different depending on where you are. in asheville, a good bit, and then just rain in clemson. many of those parts in anderson county and in the upstate will be dealing with freezing issues. allyson: accidents in spartanburg county. quite a few on i-85 in anderson, near highway 81 blocking the right lane. accidents and delayed cars up in asheville area on i-26. anywhere on the road is pressure is. stay-at-home the can. geoff: continue look at the
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closings, so best to stay inside and hunker down. allyson: mike mccormick joins us live from spartanburg. mike: we are seeing a rain and sleet makes in spartanburg. it is hard to keep track because it has been switching from a fluffy snowflakes to sleet, and rain. it is a rain and sleet mix right now. we are near westgate mall, w o is they'll boulevard at blackstock road, and the road is definitely wet and slushy. cars getting by pretty well, going normal speed and then some people are taking it slow. a couple of people are sliding out so far. just a couple of minutes ago, i saw the clouds crossover on 26, so they have been continuously treating the interstate. in spartanburg, they pretreated the roads yesterday. the cruise started the rotating
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it started getting bad here around 3:15 this morning, and that is why we are seeing this accumulation that started with sleet and then switched over to pretty heavy snow, so the sidewalks, grass are pretty deep with snow and sleet at this point. right now, it is eight sleet and rain mix coming down in the city of spartanburg. all seven school districts closed in spartanburg, good news. if have to get out, be careful and take time. people going full clip out here and this car that will pass in the minute is taking it slower, so there are people out here definitely taking their time. that is what you want to do if you want to get out on the roads of this morning. if you don't have to get out, stay home. very cold in spartanburg. geoff: we continue to see the breeze picking up there. that was outside -- i was
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kicking up. it is not nice out there. higher elevations were corey davis is, a lot worse. allyson: several stranded vehicles on i-26 in asheville. corey: just like chris has been saying, it is like a winter wonderland in downtown asheville. the snow has been steady for the past hour or so. it is about three inches deep. it is still coming down and fluffy in the area. take a look at snacks we brought out here for our live shot, bread for ham sandwiches, bananas, apples, and some chips. we got these from the ingles on long shows road in asheville. long lines out there yesterday. people were gathering batteries,
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one man told us it was like black friday during the holiday season out there. we just saw a plow come through and crews are working around the clock, and they are putting salt solution to make it safe for anyone who has two absolutely venture out. crews are clearing out abandoned cars on the highway because [indiscernible] we will continue to bring you updates in asheville. corey davis wyff news 4. geoff: and we say the wind has been picking up. chris: that is the concern later today. geoff: we started at 4:00. talk about the difference we have seen in 90 minutes.chris: cold there is rushing in from the northeast and it is undercutting the moisture and moving south. we did not have this know here, but i traveled in from travelers rest at about 1:30 and it was still pretty hard there. as we got hit, it was rainy at
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heavy snow and sleet. that is what we have now. if it is north of i-85, it is freezing rain. that is the deception, it looks like rain but it freezes on contact. it will create a glaze of ice on everythispartanburg, sleet and freezing rain right now, and it is trying to go toward fountain inn. taylors, greer, travelers rest seen freezing rain and tigerville seen heavy snowfall. there was a reported four inches on facebook out there. in the northern part, hendersonville and asheville, heavy snowfall. a little break in the northern part of buncombe county. waynesville back toward jackson county, heavy snowfall. you can see temperatures are right along freezing along the i-85 corridor.
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air is trying to sink south. the line is harsh. you drive from greenville south toward the southern part of the county on 385 and travel from a wintry wonderland to just old brain. conditions will be treacherous in these areas later today. areas like clemson, further south toward anderson, you are on the bubble. you have that threat, but the line will try to wobbled back-and-forth. laurens, you, too, back toward greenville county, you are right on the line but it will try to migrate down south and go back north throughout the day. right along i 85 north, you will stay in the mix all day long and it will be everything, sleet, freezing rain, snow. the longer it takes to return just and to snow, the more so you could -- the longer it takes to transition to smell, the more i spew will get. we will get a little bit of a break later today between 4:00
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rushes in. that will create another round of potentially heavy snowfall. i will continue to keep you posted. allyson: thank you. taking a live look outside at i-85 with a good amount of cars near highway 290. road conditions are not good. six accidents in this area earlier. don't get out if you don't have to because it is dangerous. we will bring you traffic and
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geoff: 5:43 on this snowy and rainy morning. it's turn to this morning's headlines. a crash took a life on hl road in spartanburg county last the wreck happened at 8:00 p.m. few hours. no details so far. allyson: in anderson now, also a deadly wreck. highway patrol says it happened on old river road. officials say a car veered off the road into the woods. a person was pronounced dead on scene. another one was rushed to the hospital. for the latest, stay with wyff news 4 on air and on geoff: some greenville county deputies were recognized for their service last night. the 35th annual awards ceremony was held in greenville. sheriff steve loftis handed out awards and service pins to more than four dozen deputies.
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from 10 to 40 years with the sheriff's office. those honored were selected by their fellow co-workers. congratulations. our weather watchers happen out in the snow. the breadth i'll is clear to out at the neighborhood ball mark and furman and it is -- the bread aisle is cleared out at furman and many places are. people getting good use. i was at the public's yesterday. stay with us for the latest conditions. chris: some counties cut in half with rain on the southern side and freezing rain on the other side.
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: a wintry mess across the entire area from i-85 north wound.
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you could drive five miles and see rain and then five miles and save three inches to four inches of snowfall. drive down 26 221 and he will see rain, drive north, snow and sleet. if it looks like it is raining in the northern part of the county, it is likely it is freezing rain and will freeze on contact. that means on contact with railings, trees, roads and sidewalks. the mix right now in greenvilllegal back-and-forth between snow and sleet and regular rain from fountain inn to mauldin enough to a downtown greenville. pickens and oconee county in the northern half saying that and in clemson, still rain. you will be on the bubble. areas in the northwestern part from walhalla south, clemson and anderson, you may seat wintry weather for a little and then switch back to rain and then switch back. it will be a mass.
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not be later today. up in the mountains it is a wintry wonderland. beautiful, wide, fluffy snow. it is heavy, very heavy at some areas will see one foot. currently 33 degrees in greenville, 32 in spartanburg, 34 in lawrences -- laurens. we have likely reached our high temperature for the day. in spartanburg, snow on the ground and in asheville, a ton of snow. it is coming down hard there. in anderson, rain right now. the models are doing a nice job of depicting the picture. around 8:00, that freezing rain is going to stay right along i-85. the northwestern part of clemson is right on the line. north of their you are seeing it and south of there, you are not. some models showing it may creep
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greenville northbound, north pleasantburg, seeing a wintry mix. it may be that harsh throughout the day today, but we will see freezing rain likely for several hours this morning and into the evening. it changes back to snowfall into the evening as colder rushes in. he will likely seek have the snowfall develop between 7:00 and 8:00. we will continue to see snow in the north carolina mountains through the morning hours of saturday and it will be done for the upstate. right now, one quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice and some perspective -- if i can spit out the word -- likely one quarter of an inch does treacherous things to the road. half an inch is when you start
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five to plus -- five to 12 plus inches from asheville hendersonville. the four-day plus shows we will likely not see much melting on saturday. some, but it will re-freeze sunday morning with a low of 23. high of 47 on sunday with sunshine. a lot of will take going on sunday, but the runoff will melt with slick roadways monday morning. wings will likely not be a lot better until monday afternoon for a lot of the upstateallyson: thank you. this winter weather is all up and down the east coast. geoff: the winter ball up. nikole killion is in the bull's-eye. nikole: things are quiet now, but in a few hours, it is going downhill. the nation's capital under a blizzard warning after one inch of snow crippling the commute and they are bracing for two feet or more.
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mass transit to the federal government. more than 50 million people will be affected, not only by the significant snow along the east coast, but i some freezing rain expected from kentucky to the carolinas, and the storm is expected to take a toll financially. the national weather service predicts damage could cost $1 billion or more. in washington, nikole killion. allyson: thank you. let's take a closer look at virginia. one to two-feet of snow is forecast for the region. staff members will be working around the clock monitoring traffic incidents during the storm. without a doubt, motorists are being asked to stay off the roads. geoff: north georgia is one of those areas near us that will be taking a pounding from the storm today. the counties there have been preparing for the freezing rain. people living there have also been buying winter weather food essentials. they are expecting lots of rain, wind and snow. >> we're going to stock up and hunker down. that's all we can do up here. geoff: hunkering down like many. up to a quarter inch of ice is
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allyson: coming up at 6:00, traffic on this winter morning. trucks near haywood road. the latest in traffic and
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd forecast. chris: winter storm bearing down on our area and it continues to try to ooze south as far as the rain and snow line concern. some areas cut in half. some areas seen snow and sleet and at times rain mixed in right along i-85 and south of there. it is trying to creep south, but freezing rain will win out. we had snow and freezing rain and sleet in greenville and it has changed to rain.
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reported by the weather service. pickens with heavy snowfall and up toward raven county in georgia and hendersonville -- but with heavy snow. a light break in northern asheville but that will change as we see snow move in. it is a wintry mix back toward bryson city and franklin as it continues to be a big winter storm in the area. temperatures of 33 in greenville, 30 two and spartanburg. those temperatures are going to fluctuate throughout the day and eventually freezing rain will take over and create a glaze ofice on the snow that has pollen. allyson: i am starting to see downed trees in greenville and pickens and that could mean power outages. to show us how conditions are geoff hart. geoff: conditions continue to change. when i was outside around 5:00,
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we are seeing a lot of freezing rain and sleet. let me grab some of this. it is just a mess. really wet ice. the flag is actually hanging down right now, but a couple of minutes ago, the breeze continues to pick up. stay inside, everyone. you do not need to be on the roads. it is a real mess, even outside of the station. we are hearing a lot of issues on the roads, especially in north carolina in asheville area where they have a good bit of snow. we will get conditions about the morning. back to you inside. allyson: moore road conditions coming up in the kids will not be happy waking up to more eyes and less snow. for more, chris justus. chris: i am getting a report from the national weather service that one of our media partners out there has freezing
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degrees. that is freezing rain. that tells me that cold air is rushing in and we will see it in spartanburg first, greenville second and that will transition over to freezing rain, creating a glaze on everything that has pollen. it will be -- everything that has fallen. they will be the major concern. right along i-80 five is harsh. ecosoc the greenville to mauldin and simpsonville and rain right now. both of their, frozen. but 8:40 five, freezing rain takes over as cold air from charlotte moves in and that will move into area like thicken, spartanburg, and it will be an icy mess. if i had typical bull's-eye, it will be spartanburg,g,herokee counties, northeastern greenville counties. up toward the mountains, all snow throughout the day. later today, freezing rain i
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