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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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carol: and we also have team coverage with patrick and john lyon and mandy gaither, but we start with john cejohn: this usually means a fairly mild early winter, and then it starts to get prerey bad when we get into january and february, but we are right on course. look what happened. and this low is spinning in, and now all of the freezing rain, sleet, and rain has changed over. you can see the 20's and all of the way up into the atmosphere, which means it is all snow, and look at this snow that has marched through akoni -- oconee county, and it dumped a quick couple of inches of snow in
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this precipitation, all in the form of snow continues to make its way. north carolina, top honors, 16 inches of snow on top of mount mitchell. 11.5 inches, and officially at the regional airport, 10.6 inches of snowfall. the old record was 8.8 inches set back in 1987. waynesville, 10 inches. a little over half a foot of snow in brotherton. -- rutherfordton. in georgia, dillard top honors, seven and a half inches of snow. some of this was also mixed with sleet. 2.5 in clinton, and an inch and a half in toccoa. unbelievable.
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snow, and also even up to two inches of snow as that band moves through, carol and michael, and we will look at the weekend a little bit later on. now, back to you, carol. carol: it has been a busy day for crews across the upstate and western north caromichael: these numbers are a little debtor than it was, but there are still some people in the dark, spartanburg nearly 350, greenville county more than 9000. carol: anderson county, more than two hundred, pickens county, more than 860. michael: and here is a look at the latest numbers from blue ridge electric, greenville county a little more than 500, akoni nearly 300 and 50 still without power.
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and troopers have so far responded to 395 accidents today alone. carol: in north carolina, they say there were more than 70 this morning. it was a fatal wreck that occurred this morning, and six people have died since wednesday on the road. troopers advise you to take it easy, especially in this weather. we have put a link to these closures in the main weather story on michael: and there is the brunt of this storm, western north carolina taking it. carol: let's check in with my arenas -- with myra ruiz. myra: the snow was falling so fast, and it was very heavy, things were very difficult for drivers today.
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it is bad, and it is going to be worse. myra: it made it hard for people to appreciate a day like this. >> mostly, i hated it. i made it up to the top of the hill and then 360ed back down. myra: this held up traffic at exit 33 until some trove around be stationary semi-gaseous islam drove around to be stationary semi--- some drove around be stationary semi-trucks. kevin says he has the best mode of transportation. >> walking with my chevro legs,
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myra: the wind is calm, and the snowfall at the airport has reached 10.6 inches. live in buncombe county. carol: thank you, and in pickens county, they have seen a good amount of snow coming down. mike: mandy is live. mandy: the snow has stopped in clemson, but it came down for a good three hours. take a look at all of this white stuff. this is from one of our trucks out here, and this stuff is sticking. it a matter of minutes, tiger town went from orange to white, just before 7:00 tonight, the snow started pouring over clemson, covering the ground and the roadway. some drivers still out there. >> the roads are not too bad, but you can still feel the ice,
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you can feel it cracking under your tires. as long as you go slow, you'll be ok. mandy: staying on one leg. -- lane. and the snow was not stopping the students from having fun. as buckets came down, some ventured out for food and a little fun. some businesses stayed open, others shut down, the roads covered, the drivers taking it slow, and we are in our hotel parking lot, and as you take a look down here, you can see it is still very slippery out here, despite the fact that employees put down deicing agents to make sure the cars have some traction. meanwhile, i want to tell you about the national weather service, what they put out forthey say the temperature right now is 31 degrees.
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of it, is calm, and they say be snowfall here has been three inches. mandy gaither, wyff news 4. michael: thank you for that. and as john mentioned, this is to be a priest or, and to the nation where they are getting the worst yet to come. -- this is to be a nor'easter, and to the nation's capital, where the worst is yet to come. carol: aixa has this report from washington. aixa: michael, carol, washington, d.c., is a ghost town, and that is how they want it. we took a drive around the national mall, where you can their leasee the domomof the capital, crews out plowing and shoveling -- where you can hardly see the dome of the capital.
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snow teams are out at reagan national and dulles airport, hoping to clear the runways to stay ahead of what is to come. aixa dias, wyff news 4. michael: we are told there will be some closings tomorrow, and to downtown greenville, it is not typically what you would expect. carol: john lyon joins us live. john: as a florida boy, it seems i have stepped into a hallmark card out here. it has been snowing in downtown greenville, and the accumulation is about two inches of snow. now, the snow and the cold temperatures have certainly made for an unusual night in downtown greenville. it is not your typical friday
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>> it is a ghost town, and it is pretty cold. >> it is like a ghost town. john: the only constant is the falls, but there are no couples strollinin hand-in-hand. >> it is like a winter wonderland. john: not the typical friday night in greenville? >> not be typical friday night. usually, you would see the clouds. john: some restaurants are opened. xm are open, but they are packed. >> we had to call to see if they are open. john: walking on normally crowded sidewalks. >> traffic is good. i parked right next to the restaurant. honestly, i am not complaining about it it is a refund. >> we are able to enjoy the town by ourselves for the first time in a while. john: and i wanted to, since it
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have been coming to walk to see what is going on,n, and at least one snowball fight has started down the street.reporting live from downtown greenville, john lyon wyff news 4,. carol: there was a tree that fell on a house. mess on her hands with the pine tree crashed onto her roof. they had to use a chainsaw to clear the path to her door. michael: -- john: mostly clear skies but cold. i will be righghback.
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it was an icy mess in spartanburg this morning.... wyff news four's patrick hussion carol: it was an icy mess pretty much all day in spartanburg. michael: yes, and patrick has more. patrick: yes, michael, and believe it or not, this is the first time we have seen snow.
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mess, edit started this morning with a first reports of power outages and some accidents on the highways came in from spartanburg county. >> messy. patrick: that is one of many ways to describe the day and night in spartanburg, and like most of the area, the story has been ice, but that was not the case when we got started. >> it is a rainy day. patrick: that the streets iced over, and downtown spartanburg begin nearly abandoned it there were power outages, nearly 400 and one point, and then there were the roads, with a collision that sent several people to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. today, trucks spreading sand and
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as we were trimming the trees inside the city limits as well, and this is to keep the roads open. we have more plows and more letters than we have ever had. patrick: the drivers are working 12-hour trips. >> they do not get the recognition they deserve. it is a tireless task. patrick: and when it is said and done, as the utility companies work, many are thankful for the time off. >> i am at home with my kids, and cuddling up with the fireplace on. >> we're going to go grocery shopping and get everything done since we have the day off. patrick: well, as you can shut down here on this friday night. dinner.
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it is pretty much is one destination that we are at, so this is shut down at the mall. currently as it is 27 degrees here in spartanburg county. we are getting some more snow, and i am told we have got the hour. mike uggla a long day. patrick, thank you. and with the weather, we can always count on our viewers to give us a look out your window. it was a time lapse out of asheville that shows the snow coming down. that is seven inches tall. just watch. yes, that is mother nature with time lapse help. we see this story in western north carolina. by the way, you can always send us more photographs to our
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carol: there has been a statement telling folks not to can see, not everybody listened. michael glenn and in lexington, kentucky, getting some of this, some not so lucky. people were taking it slowly in lexington, kentucky. announcer: now, your live super doppler four hd weather forecajohn: let's take a look at some of these totals, and thehe are some of the higher once across the area. in our viewing area, top honors at 16 inches of snow on top of mount mitchell. i ensure black mountain is probably close to a foot. 13 inches, asheville, at the regional airport, downtown asheville, right around one foot , and at the in itself, 10th 16
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airport, -- asheville right around one foot, and at the airport itself, 10.16 inches. this is barely over half a foot of snow in rutherfordton. south carolina throughout the upstate, seven inches. you folks in inman, 4.5 inches. pickens at two inches, also two inches in clemson and also through spartanburg as that band of snow marches on. in georgia color northeastern georgia, 7.5 inches in dillard. clayton, 25 inches. these are all snowfall/sleet. we had a lot of sleet associated with the system, and the freezing rain and some of us saw
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ice to more of that, downtown greenville. toccoa, hartwell, all one inch of snow and sleet from this storm system, so the upper-level system is starting to swirl in. this is a band that is producing some moderate to heavy snow. this is from oconee county, akins county, going into -- pickens county, going into roebuck. all of this precipitation is moving off to the east, as you can see, fairly slowly at about 20, 25 miles per hour, and then we get a bit of a break this is the southwest, and maybe from the west/southwest scattered snow showers and flurries and now we are called enough all of the way through e atmosphere
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you do not have to worry about the freezing rain or the sleet or the rain. the upstate, you can see that county. you could see a quick one or two inches of snow over the next hour. this is across the greenville hilton. this is i 385. you can see we had a good burst, about 1.5 inches, two inches across the area. in the 20's, even a few 30's. that last band of snow, we actually warmed up. 31 in clemson, 33 degrees in franklin. a lot of wind out to the west, so this kicks up as we get in later on tonight. still a bit of a breeze it 17 degrees in laurens right now, 19 in spartanburg, also humidity remaining very high across the area, and you might even see
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so this energy is in the upper atmosphere that is moving thall of that energy is shifting to the coast. this nor'easter is moving up the seaboard, and it is producing snow in the mid-atlantic states. a blizzard warning for the nation, 24 degrees. boston is going to be really it might be just south of downtown boston. it is going to be a close call. by the way, a blizzard warning for long island, atlantic city, and look at this snow, and there goes the big nor'easter up the eastern seaboard, wind gusting it can you imagine the floating and drifting snow in the mid-atlantic states? it will then shift along the north carolina and tennessee line with a few more inches, so one to three inches of
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not all of us are going to see that, but scattered flurries. an additional three to five inches of snow, especially in the higher elevations. it is still breezy and chilly. 27 degrees with some flurries and some going and drifting snow and finally, we dry out on sunday. as you can see, the high temperature 47, still upper 30's in the mountains, and the showers, hopefully it will be liquid next tuesday and wednesday and not any of the frozen stuff. back to you, carol and michael. carol: and don't forget, we have the closings and delays posted on and on our wyff app. michael: you will find it at the tap -- top on the right now bar. carol: and the panthers had no problem practicing in the snow today.
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they do, and there is no indoor practice facility, but, yes, our reporter asked, when will the panthers build an indoor facility?
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announcer: now, wyff news 4 sports. >> when i think about it, the other 28 would like to be in our shoes, playing in weather like this. >> it was awesome today, guys in georgia just being out there. this is how this group has been all year long, so we handled today very, very well. a good: the snow did not bother the panthers today. ron rivera has made a point to let his team know they would practice in the elements in order to repair for the elements, as part of that has to do with the panthers being one of the few who do not have a practice facility, but rivera says they do not make a big deal they practiced on their turf field in the snow, in the sleet,
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guys having a little fun. >> good. >> yes. >> it was said best, the not. we are. they had great energy. folks were doing what they needed to do today. a couple of guys making snow angels out there.theyeyid. in fact, on the opposite side. we have a saying around here also, do not let it in the way. whatever it is, do not let it get in the way. anchor: the panthers getting ready for arizona sunday. and you can check on my twitter acacunt, brad fralick wyff. i could not put that on the air to get lots ofreat stuff coming out this week before sunday's game, and there is also the carolina connection with a
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cardinals roster that played college ball in this aerial or are from here. again, tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right here on wyff 4. and playing ice hockey. who knows better how to get around on the ice than these guys? evansville would like the lamp six times in this s me as they beat greenville by a final score of 6-3. and dabo swinney. that will be great late-night viewing, sliding down the hill. guys, back to you. mike: we have extended coverage,
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carol:carol: welcome back to an extended editi of wyff at 11:00. michael: more coming up, but first, a programming alert. carol: "the tonight show with
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after this at :50. and we have team coverage for you. my rough is live -- myra is live. michael: and we have patrick and mandy. carol: but we start with john cessarich. what do we expect tonight? john: you can see this band on the super doppler. the says cooled off the entire atmosphere, not just at the surface, but this is cooling down in the upper 20's, and we have freezing rain and sleet, because we have a warm slot that came right over the cold doma -- dome, and it turns into water, and that is how you get that freezing rain. it freezes instantly, so this means as long as everything is
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be all snow. this and is producing one to two inches of snow. and this goes into the eastern part of buncombe county. they have already had about a foot of snow on top of the mountain. 16 inches. that is the most snow i have found so far, i top of mount mitchell. saluted, 11.5 inches. at the regional airport, 10.16 inches of snow, and that is the most snow we have recorded. there was a recoco set back in 1987 there was some sleet mixed in with these snowfall amounts. a little over half a foot of snow in rutherfordton. in south carolina, top honors seven inches. inman, 4 4 inches.
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