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tv   WYFF News 4 6am Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sleet. a look now at the skycam. it is stowi snowing right now at our studios. geoff: good to have you with us here this morning. allyson: happening right now, we have quite a few people without power. geoff: unfortunately. in greenville county, that is close to 1000. in spartanburg county, nearly 400 without power. fulton pickens county, that number is little more than 800. some folks in the dark right now. allyson: we have team coverage for you. corey davis, live for you. geoff: tim waller is in a different location.
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moment. first, pamela wright. pamela, you are talking about the wind picking up. the snow is coming down outside. pamela: it really is. you can definitely see the snow on the ground, and know that there is more coming down. this is the last big push to come through. do wake the kids if they did not get to see it falling yet. some of you getting the heaviest you have seen so far. the winds out of the north, watching those pickup. it has been called, but eight miles in greenville, and more to come. look at this. especially in pickens county, fairy heavy snow. in lawrence county, some good widespread moderate snow. to the west, breaking up a
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snow coming down n albert's county. that is the last edge of it as this moves to the south and east. pretty strong over pickens county, what has he any, anderson county, wars, here comes. some areas thinking of a quick inch -- picking up a quick inch. this is the last hurrah, as far as snow goes. more often on through the day, where we will see a very much lighter by late morning and into lunchtime across the upstate. our woodruff road skycam, we have a few cars out there this morning. things will be staying very cold . as the winds pick up, we will keep the windchill very low as
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snowy in spartanbubu. conditions, with some -- c conditions calm with some light snow. windchills, single digits. getting new snow totals in, i will share those coming up in a bit. geoff: talking about windchills, you can see the traffic light there. allyson: they are shoveling. geoff: while we talk about the icy roads, the snow continues to come down as well. allyson: troopers responded to more than 70 accidents. they said that the most happened over 24 hour span. troopers say a fatal wreck did happen on interstate 95 in johnston county near kenly that crash involved three
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passenger vehicles. in south carolina, as of 7:00 last night, over 390 accidents. take a look at conditions across the state. as of midnight, 600 employees working on the roads. over 6000 tons of salt, and 600 tons of sand. geoff: asheville, hit hard in the last 24 hours. yesterday, set a record for the most snow -- the fourth over the years, but the most they have had on that particular day. allyson: 13.4, i think she said. corey, did you know you were part of a record yesterday? record-setting snow. corey: it is good to know. i want to show you just how
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you can see the big flag. it is being whipped around. the wind has been gusty and fairly consistent throughout the past couple of days. it has made the situation a little unbearable at times. it has been bitter. i want to show you, the plow trucks and salting has made a lot of progress. there are a lot of employees, putting down over 30,000 tons of salt on the roads. there are roads covered in snow.
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carolina to tennessee. cautions need to be taken on the roadways. the police department is checking for abandoned vehicles and making sure that no one is in those vehicles. the fire department is working hard. there'sthere's spokesperson talk to me and they did respond to an accident. a lot of precautions that need to be taken. that is the latest from downtown asheville. corey davis, debbie why ff news four -- wyff news four. geoff: greenville officials say the bus service will be delayed until 12:30 this afternoon because of the icy roads.
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greenville zoo and greenville city community centers will also be closed today. we continue our team coverage with tim waller. geoff: where are you now? tim: we talk about the more than 9000 people in greenville county who have lost power after three have been four inches of snow in the last couplwe can point to one of the reasons. check this out. a tree snapping a major power lined. this is a big problem in this section of town. you can see, applying trade, known for their shallow roots, has toppled a power line. on the side of the street, they still have power. people over here, behind the camera, they are completely
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duke energy crews certainly have their hands full. people dealing with power outages as a result of this winter storm. geoff: thank you. taking a look at the shot here. this is a library reflection pool at clemson university in pickens county. that is where aly myles is this morning. allyson: that's right. we were seeing some rain early on, but it turned to snow. what he seeing now? aly: good morning. a cold and snowy morning here in clemson. doesn't that look beautiful over there. here, you will see highway 66. we are in downtown clemson. we have 2-3 inches over clemson
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according to duke energy, over 860 outages. the roads, for the most part, clear, but we are seeing accumulation. we have seen snow plows come through in the last hour or so. the good news is, the snow is not as icy. yesterday, with all the rain, then the freezing ice. this, fluffy, good traction on the snow. again, so much slush on the road. the good news, not a whole lot of traffic. aly myles, to view why ff news four -- wyff news four. allyson: this winter is making history.
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now to relieve water levels. it's only the 3rd time that's ever happened. this is video from the last time, 2013. before that, you have to go back to 1964. the army corp made the announcement just a couple of hours ago, saying 12 gates are opening about 1 foot each. the water level is five feet above where the engineers want it, but the corps stresses that it is not breaching the dam. the release is to prevent levels from ever getting high enough to do that. it wasn't icy mess in spartanburg yesterday, all they really. geoff: mike mccormick is live. still good bit of ice there. mike? mike: i don't know you can see it, but flurries are coming down. the wind is blowing them this way. this is highway 29 going towards
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we have westgate mall over to the right. the roads not looking so great. they are slick, and the sheer solid sheet of white. whether it be compressed snow or snow on ice. you can see the plows scraping the road, but it is not getting all of it. in spartanburg, they say the roads are fun, but dangerous. they wanted to go out and have fun. they say a has not been a problem for them because they have only seen about four cars on the road. i just spoke with spartanburg emergency dispatcher. they say, no accidents right now, but they are warning, stay off the roads. they warned that the accident numbers will climb, just as they did yesterday.
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you can see this car going along behind me. it is dangerous. slow going, like that car, is the best advice if you are out here. if you do not have to get out, don't get out. they're close to 400 people wit power in spartanburg right now. duke energy working to get thosepeople there powerback. we will send it back to you guys. geoff: good information there. take a look at this video. if you can't recognize the stadium because of the snow, well, that is the place where the panthers take on the cardinals tomorrow night. smiling away, hopefully he will still be smiling tomorrow night. we have a special coming up tonight. allyson: that's right. lots of f eat stuff coming out of charlotte this weekend ahead of tomorrows game. we wil also hit on the carolina connection with a handful of
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that is at 7:00 here on wyff 4. pamela? pamela: snow continues to come down. also, shipfts in the wind. it will get gusty later today. in greenville, close to 20. even stronger in western north
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winter weather continues winter weather continues to hit washington. allyson: that's right. the nations capital expected to get up to two feet of snow. sally kidd joins us there. >> it is not that bad right now. we keep seeing these light to heavy bands of snow come through the area. it will pick up as the morning wears on. we're expecting the storm to intensify. a few blocks from the white house, we have about one foot on the ground. the national weather service expect the snow to intensify 2-3 inches of snow perer hour and 20-30 inches of snow when this is over with. behind me, streets looking treacherous.
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stone officials -- snow officials passing by. the trtrfic lights, still working. power is still on in the area. as the morning wears on, this fluffy snow we're seeing now is expected to get heavy and wet. this will acutely on power lines, tree branches, and we can expect some widespread power outages. geoff: thank you. the snow continues to come down outside our television station, as well as many other places. it is beautiful out there. the use will pick up -- breeze
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: 6:21. a live shot in greenville. you will need to take up the satellite dish soon. geoff: already doing it. pamela: i'm sure. this is right outside of the
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will find in the upstate. a batch moving through. i'm making efforts to update snow totals. tickets,pickens, two. lantedren, 6.5 inches. snow going from our skycam here at 85, as it should be. 29 in greenville, changing part of the story, since we have been together this morning. not only the snow, but the wind picking up in some areas. the snow totals across north carolina, as expected, much higher record snowfall yesterday.
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it is the record for that day, and the fourth ever snowiest day in asheville. light snow coming down in asheville. it was heavier and hendersonville. 23 with a 22 mile per hour sustained win. hartwell, one inch officially, by know that will go up in the next reading as well. the wind will be part of the story today. eight miles per hour in greenville, and will strengthen as the afternoon goes on. the snow will be off and on and will linger a little longer in western north carolina, not adding up to a whole lot more, but reducing visibility. windchills, for his what it
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i will take 29 in greenwood. that seems mild. temperatures falling along the coast as the cold air continues to rush towards the coast, coming out of the north and east. it is carrying some snow with it. it was carrying rain, and it is changing over to snow. even closer to the coast, seeing a few flakes around myrtle beach this morning. moving towards charleston county, some snow. buford as well. a winter storm advisory out for much of south carolina until 2:00 this afternoon. a quick look at ththis is the last big push, like i said, as far as the heavy snow goes. look from easley down to lawrence, the snow coming in.
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look at the northeast. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. we enjoyed a beautiful serene snow. geoff: you like these pictures. allyson: we have seen a number of snow pictures sent in. oh my gosh -- where is he? oh my goodness. geoff: we have some puppies to look at, the next one? allyson: of course. check out the snow and liberty -- in liberty. geoff: river falls, sent in by megan. allyson: just hanging out in the snow. geoff: it is fun.
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allyson: if you have winter wonderland pictures, we would like to see u can upload them to the you local section of geoff: i love sitting in between the two of you when you go, "awww." allyson: more than 6000 flights canceled today because of the weather. most airlines have suspended flights headed to and from charlotte, baltimore, and washington. my husband was onehe had to rent a car in atlanta yesterday. geoff: there is a shot of pickens county where the snow continues to come down there. aly myles is live.
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happening now... a massive snow storm hitting the east coast has left a lot of powder..take a look at boone ... geoff: it is frigid there this morning.
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happening now, a massive snowstorm has left a lot of powder. take a look there at the hilton greenville skycam. geoff: the interstates, not too bad. we are not recommending you go out and drive. it is icy in parts. mike mccormick say the secondary roads very slippery. allyson: somebody pulling up behind us. the secondary roads, very dangerous. snow is coming down as we speak. off: it is absolutely beautiful right now. the snow is terrific. let's give you the latest on the numbers. allyson: we are talking, in greenville, 9000. pickens county, right at 800. geoff: we have team coverage for
6:29 am
our tim waller, roaming around. mike mccormick in spartanburg county. asheville. geoff: let's start with pamela it is not over yet. pamela: it is not. let's take a nice view f fm the peace center cam in greenville, downtown. very snowy. the cruiseews have been out this morning. 29 degrees with the snow coming doa light northerly wind picking up a bit at eight in greenville. we are all in for a bit of a breeze. down to lawrence, getting some nice snow this morning. greenville county as well.
6:30 am
another quick inch as the system wraps up across the area. some nice fresh no coming in. i call it nice fresh no because hopefully you can just stay inside or stay around the neighborhood and enjoy it, and not be on the roads. getting a break across western north carolina from most of the snow. it will be in and out throughout th there, mostly before 10:00 or 11:00. still fairly heavy. this is all wrapping around, combining with another one off the atlantic seaboard. we take a look -- a few cars on the road. while the temperatures will get into the mid to upper 30's, not
6:31 am
winds will be stronger, adding a windchill. 28 with light snow in spartanburg. we will check in with mike mccormick again in a bit. the snow has been off and on in asheville. low clouds. blowing snow will be an issue, as far as visibility goes in western north carolina, especially in the higher elevations. 23 feeling like the single digits this morning. look at the visibilityds and snow coms 20-25 miles per hour. they will become the single digits this morning. look at the visibili stronger staying around 15 for us in the upstate. not doing too much for us to shave e f the temperatures as far as temperatures go.
6:32 am
we are all under winter weather warning. and, much of the state under winter weather advisory until 2:00. we are seeing snow near the coast this morning, down towards savannah as well. this is the last a push for us here. then, we will talk about the winds. i will show you warmer days coming up in a bit. geoff: i know people look forward to warmer days, but a lot of peopl happy to have snow. it is great snowball snow. we were throwing earlier. we both missed the target. allyson: we were embarrassed. what are the conditions on the road? allyson: we have had accidents. troopers have responded to over 70 collisions.
6:33 am
wreck happened on interstate 75. it included three tractor-trailers and two vehicles. as a 7:00 last night, south carolina patrols had responded to 390 accidents. geoff: south carolina, as of midnight, 694 maintenance employees working on the road. over 670 tons of sand. they have been out there, doing great work to keep the roads in good shape -- the best that they can. i think we're going to ashevillnow. allyson: no, we are taking a look at the roads in pickens county. geoff: what is the latest? aly: this is what so many people have been looking forward to. personally, i'm a fan of account
6:34 am
hopefully that is only a few hours away for us. this is what you will see -- the difficult stuff to get traction. this is great. this is not slippery at all. the problem is the roads look more like this. you can see theis wet mess. this is what causes accidents. duke energy says they are doing with a hundred 50 power outages right now. some people without power. the good news is the snow looks beautiful. it is perfect snowball snow. you are driving or on any of the roads, be careful. you don't know when you could lose power. as we have been seeing, if you
6:35 am
allyson: also, you are taking a look at heritage plaza and clemson. look at the sunshine on the floor. are standing on snow here. kind of slippery. geoff: the snow total continues to grow. now, we had to asheville. allyson: nothing like the snow total in asheville. 13.4 inches yesterday. corey davis is in asheville. geoff: the winds are kicking up. corey: definitely, more than one foot of snow. the department transportation is sending out a warning. as the roads get clear, they don't want anybody to realize -- not realize that is black ice. want to show you the work done so far.
6:36 am
they have put a lot of salt down. the plows have come through several times. there could be black ice on the roads like this. that is what they want people to realize. there might be black ice, and there might be hazards. more than 2000 crurews are working the roads. have already put down 30 30,000 tons salt on the roads. duncan county has seven outages. more outages in jackson, wayne, macon, and cherokee county. those are in the most western portions of the state where tennessee and georgia are.
6:37 am
that several interstates are covered in snow. there are a lot of precautions about driving out there on the roads. they want you to stay inside. the wind continues to play major factor in making feel like what pamela said, eight degrees, in this area. geoff: thank you. allyson: eight degrees -- i'm sure it is also cold in spartanburg. that is where mike mccormick has geoff: the roads have been icy. what is the latest their? mike: we are seeing more more people out joyriding. this truck just came out of this parking lot, and took off
6:38 am
we are on the west side of spartanburg. westgate mall is diagonally across the street. roads are hard to see. sheets of ice on both sides. there are a few groups -- a few grooves in the roads from people out this morning, some out of necessity, some for fun. they are wet, covered, and hard to see. as far as flurries, so far, 4.5 inches -- actually 4.5, landrum. in union, one inch of snow. the flurries continue to fall here on the west side of
6:39 am
here, a pretty big intersection, covered. it is hard to see the road. this gas station parking lot, really the only thing open at this point. this side of town is a ghost town. fast food restaurants do not appear to be open. it is too early to be open action, lows may be opened this time of day, but it is a ghost town. rightfully so because it is dangerous. we will send it back to you. geoff: thank you. we were doing some facebook live, updating on the conditions. you can join us on facebook. greenville us say the buses are delayed. allyson: the greenville zoo and community center also closed today. continuing the team coverage. tim waller has been following
6:40 am
geoff: where are you now? tim: more than 9000 people in greenville county still without power this morning. here is one of those neighborhoods. the reason you cannot see any porch lights, they are without power. i will show you the reason right now. here on butler springs road, a tree has fallen across the road, snapping a power line. this is one of many locations where duke energy crews will be busy and work this morning as they do with power outages. again, the numbers more than 9000 in greenville county. duke energy crews -- we have no idea when they will restore power here.
6:41 am
utility, and they said they are working on it. some folks here have a lot of cleaning up to do, and they have to be patient until the power is on. allyson: check this video out. they are on the practice field now, we were looking at bank of america stadium. a big games there this weekend. the panthers and the arizona cardinals set to face off just one day away in charlotte. geoff: of course, we are looking forward to the special. it begins at 7:00. they will be talking about the arizona cardinals in that matchup. a number of the players are from this area, and a number plate at clemson. it should be a great show coming up at 7:00 tonight. is easily absorbed
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6:43 am
roads right now, the speed limit drive on the interstate. we are hearing the interstate is not too bad right now. it is the side roads. also watching some downed trees and power lines that are an issue. we are looking at an accident there. tree. we have a shot from tim waller. a downed tree. be careful if you're planning on heading out on the roads. at white horse road, snow and ice. geoff: good news that only a few people are on the roads. we have your forecast, closures, and delays posted on the mobile app, also check out the live
6:44 am
on the top of pamela: snow falling across most of the upstate right now. moderate in spots. winds picking up, blowing down out of the mountains. travelers from easley, it, clemson,
6:45 am
>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast.pamela: 6:49. let's get you caught up this morning. snow continues to come down. a few more cars out on the roads this morning. we will continue to have snow often on for the next couple of hours. 49, greenville with the northerly wind picking up a bit.
6:46 am
today, keeping things quite cold, and eventually drying out. 30 degrees with light snow and spartanburg. a beautiful view in asheville. you can see the low clouds and over 13 inches of snow that fell yesterday. windchills in the single digits with northerly winds. that will not change a whole lot today. snow totals in georgia, 2.5 inches in clayton, more coming down and hartwell. we will continue to bring you that information. our wind speed, fairly light over the upstate. beginning to pick up a bit. possible winter advisories in the higher elevations of north carolina today. the wind will stay steady, near 20 miles per hour. hendersonville, 30.
6:47 am
feels like in anderson, where we have had some light snow, and also some fog. visibility down on top of the very slippery roads. a perfect saturday morning to stay in and stick around the neighborhood. somewhere you can walk today, the best idea. cold air rushing in, and moisture as well. a winter weather advisory from columbia down past orangeburg, watching the snow trying to make its way to the low country this morning. we could even see a few flakes in coos creek. some batches of moderate snow. it will not add up to a whole lot. still, quite exciting in southern sections of the coast. higher elevations, you will not get a break for quite a while. it is breaking up where we had
6:48 am
could river, your total, nine inches after yesterday. here is where we find heavier snow from easley to piedmont down towards princeton. that is where it is going, to the south, with the strengthening wind. the big storm system itself, now in the northeast. we are getting the last solid batch of moisture, and then that will begin to break up, in and out throughout the day. new york city, wind gusts over 30. washington, d.c., a blizzard warning in effect. through the afternoon, the snow will be confined to the western mountains. blowing snow will be issue with strong winds. here, we get into your sunday, sunshine. we will warm up a little more.
6:49 am
10:00-11:00. 23 in the upstate. hendersonville. than that. moderate weather for tomorrow. then, we will talk about liquid precipitation, or chances of it, for tuesday and wednesday. allyson: right here behind us, i think we counted seven -- 7-9 dot trucks. geoff: they are trying to keep us safe, hopefully they are safe as well. the totals are high particularly in western north carolina. washington, d.c. getting pounded. allyson: nothing like the nations capital. >> good morning here in downtown washington, d.c.. snow has been falling for 17 hours straight.
6:50 am
wind gusts, high. there have been about 12 inches of snow that have fallen. the national weather service predicted 20-30 inches total. plows have been cruising here. we are in the shadow of the capital. they are try to keep this clear so emergency officials can get through. it is pretty cold. a heavy band of snow came through around 2:00. the snow continues to fall here in our nation's capital. on a positive note, they are allowing splitting -- flooding on capitol hill. allyson: take a look now at pickens county. road conditions there, a little icy.
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geoff: good morning, everyone. we are continuing our coverage here on the saturday morning. the snow continues to come down. secondary roads, particularly, still treacherous. allyson: the interstate looking ok. we're seeing power outages. many waking up without power. duke energy reporting over 9000 without power. in pickens county, over 840 without power. geoff: we have team coverage here for you this morning in the upstate and also in western
6:54 am
allyson: we will get there in a minute. first, we want to show you this. geoff: we will split from our photographers of he can give us a shot. allyson: [indiscernible] you can see this thick sheet of ice underneath the snow. if you want to get out this morning, you sent me have plenty of snow to make a snowball.
6:55 am
>> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 4 day in high definition. geoff: great to be with you here on the saturday morning. we are dealing with snow again this morning. it is coming down lightly right now. it is beautiful.
6:56 am
geoff: terrific snow to throw snowballs.
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