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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Saturday  NBC  January 23, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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geoff: terrific snow to throw snowballs. we did some snowball throwing earlier. i think alli got the best of me. we want to let you know that weare extending the coverage, certainly because the snow continues to come down. secondary roads continue to be icy. allyson: quite a few of you waking up without power. 350 and spartanburg county and pickens county right at 845. geoff: and of course, team coverage for you this morning. corey davis has been in asheville where we sell record snowfall yesterday. allyson: aly myles is in pickens county. we will continue to keep up with them geoff: tim waller has been moving about in greenville county. let's begin with pamela wright in the weather center.
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headcount. the worst is over. also, i can show you, this morning, fresh no moving in. have been tracking it all morning across especially pickens county, greenville county. down towards greenwood, broken up a little bit more. snow still coming down in lawrence. you are getting a nice dose. greenville, down over towards easley -- this is a fresh dose. maybe a nice quick inch came through in some areas. this is the last big batch of moisture coming in. now, what we will feel is the winds pick up.
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today. the temperature slowly getting above freezing by lunchtime, and passed 10:00-11:00, most of the snow will be done as well. it is beautiful this morning. here is a white view into spartanburg. winds are called. snow has been light. in asheville, the snow has been more often on this morning, but it will remain throughout the afternoon, a little later into the day. with temperatures only in the 20's and winds quite gusty, windchills are in the single digits. we do have reduced visibility across the area. that is more going to be an issue later today because of blowing snow. after the record snowfall yesterday, there is a lot to blow ground. many reasons to stay off the
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this morning. significantly milder feeling closed auth to 30 in the upstate. warnings through tonight because of what has already come down. what is going on in the middle of the state certainly getting
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a winter weathercontinuing our live, local winter weather coverage. asheville has been hit hard in the last 24 hours. lets check in with wyff news 4 corey davis... he is in asheville's pack square. that's at the corner of college and ruce street in asheville. greenville officials say greenlink bus service will delay
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we're told the greenville zoo and greenville city community centers will also be closed today we continue our team coverage with a look outside our door... wyff news 4 tim waller has the latest on the snow from greenville county...tim?? keeping it live an local now
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lets check in with wyff news 4 aly myles...who is live and
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check this video out... if you can't recognize this stadium because of the blanket of snow we'll give you a hint.. there's supposed to be a big game played there this weekend! thth carolina panthers and the arizona cardinals are set to face off in just 1 days at bank
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we will air our panthers playoff special tonight at 7.. lots of great stuff coming out fo for the panthers special coming up at 7:00 tonight. there are lots of features and there will be another roster because many players are former clemson tigers. >> let's see how conditions look right now. here is a look at boone and there is still some end on the ground. >> things are kicking up there.
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>> keeping up with team coverage here, and we are going to take you to pickens cou>> we are getting clemson off of highway 76 better known as tiger boulevard, you can see that the snow has finally stopped for the first time this mornactually, there is a little bit, a tiny, tiny bit of snow falling right now. that is the least of what we have seen this morning. we heard from blue ridge electric, there was about 90000 outages. you can see it is sticking very well to the sidewalks rayna. people seem to be driving by just fine. we haven't seen a plow driver since about 5:00 a.m. this morning. we have seen a duke energy car.
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back into those howe are live here in clemson. geoff: thank you. allyson: taking a look at the roads now. on the interstate, a smooth drive. we are being told interstate -- vehicles on the roadways, cars sliding off the ice or having issues with the colder weather. watch for downed trees or power lines. that is i-85 around white was road. you can see, looking a little icy. be careful if you're heading out. geoff: a few cars on the road. taking another shot here on king street in boone, where you know
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with a good bit of snow on the ground.
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pamela: live the you caught up as we continue to total the snow. it can, officially still two inches, but i'm certain you have floppupped that total. a good sign. the clouds lifting a bit. we can see downtown at least. we see a lot of snow on the ground. 20 degrees. it is a cold one. not too strong just yet, but the winds will be picking up throughout the day. here is the view and spartanburg. we will not see a whole lot of fun today. it will be light from here on out. not adding up to two much more. it makes things very bright out there. 30 degrees, spartanburg. in western north carolina, snow totals much higher, as expected.
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the snowiest january to a second on record. up to mills river, nine inches this morning. here is our astral skycam. beautiful conditions. we can see the mountains indistance. our camera, you will want to know, is on top of the chamber of commerce building. i have been watching this flag flapping its hard out. the winds have been gusty. double be the case throughout the day. fr time, the winds will costgust up to 30 miles per hour. toys six miles per hour being reported out of hendersonville. it will not stay that strong, but steady through the afternoon. we will see the winds pick up
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the windchill, not horrible. 30 degrees, anderson. it will feel like about that level through much of the day today. we will make it into the upper 70's -- upper 70's, no, upper 30's. about 37. below freezing in columbia. close to it in charleston. a winter weather advisory out towards the coast. somerville, collegeville, a few snowflakes. we could see a few at the beach. it will not last long or at up to much, but an indication of how strong the system is. it continues to wind up over us. heavier in easley and piedmont. i winds will pick up, but the snow amounts are just about donefor many of us.
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it was effective if you have any trouble or if you are trying to get to tenneneeeit will stay quite snowy. very cold for us today and tonight. clear with some melting tomorrow. we will talk more about the extended forecast coming up. allyson: out front of the studio, snow still coming down. geoff: not as bad as it was because we have taken to hoodies -- the hoodies off. it is the nation's capital that is really getting it. sa the story from there. sally: we are getting some reports of thunder snow in the area as the storm intensifies. after the sun comes up, that is when thee says we can expect the blizzard to get even worse. right now, we have some bands of light to moderate snow.
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some areas are getting gusts of 30-40 miles per hour. some areas thing upwards of one foot of snow. we are just a few blocks from the white house. we have about one snow. the good thing right now is the snow is the dry, fluffy, light stuff. forecasters say this will changeinto wet heavy stuff, and will really lay on the powered lights, tree branches, and that could cause some widespread power outages. we have worked crew crews out here, snow equipment trying to move the snow aside. people who work in this building are trying to keephe sidewalk as clear as possible. we have actually seen a few people o about this morning, walking down the middle of the street.
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some people still have to work, as we are expecting, maybe another 12-15 hours of this. when it is all over with, by sunday morning, about 20-30
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geoff: happening now at seven: 30 undecided morning. first, thank you for staying with us. we extended our covered here. conditions are so nasty out. the wind is really kicking up and we are seeing icy conditions for our the wedding. allyson: quite frankly, a lot of conditions are not good. a lot of people without power. in pickens county, staying right around 844 there. this morning, we have team coverage for you across the carolinas. our corey davis in asheville. also, mike mccormick live and spartanburg county. geoff: aly myles in pickens county this morning. we will begin with our team here in just a moment. first, let's turn it over to pamela wright.
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down, although it has let up there outside the television station. it is coming down in many other areas. pamela: it is beginning to break up a bit. just to the west of downtown, a pretty good pocket. much of pickens county, you're getting a nice dose coming in. down through anderson, abbeville , moorere snow. we continue to total up the snow. much lighter for us this morning. from easley to piedmont, fresh powder there. not just as getting it. near the coast of south carolina. this is a powerful system. this is really the last big push of solid moisture that we have
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it will begin to break up, as we are to seeing. look at this live picture here. it's that does not scream winter -- very cold. we will stay cold today. we are in the 20's in greenville. in asheville, barely getting into the 20's. we will be above freezing at least by lunchtime. the snow will really be racked up by then. a few flakes around, as it literally winds up over the area. snow and spartanburg. it has been mostly on all morning. not adding up to much more, but pretty. look at the wind in asheville, the five telling the story for me. looking pretty clear this morning. crews have done a great job, no
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it will be very hard to keep up with that clearing. a good day to stay put. put some tennis rackets on your feet. visibility down because of the low clouds, the snow, and even some fog. again, gusty winds in the mountains. winds, straight out of the northwest, they will be cold. 30 degrees is what it feels like an abbeville. winter weather advisory extended now for most of south carolina.
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be careful through the day today. we will talk about melting tomorrow and a warmer week ahead. geoff: talking about the wind keeping up, corey davis practically blown away. allyson: is the wind still heavy out there? corey: we are trying to not be blown away. when it picks up, it really does get going. it is very windy out here. surwe are dealing with a lot of wind in this area. geoff: behind you there, that road, it seems like full for doing a good job. the snow off the road as best as
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corey: they are. i want to ask a show you -- i will walk out. you can see where they have cleared the roads. more than 30,000 tons of salt. you can see on the side. we have not seen a plow come through this morning. this is collins street -- college street. that is the one that people are really traveling down. emergency responders haven't coming down, firefighters, police officers. the north carolina department just rotation is warning that this could be deceiving. black ice is another concern in
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it may appear to be slick on the road, but it could be icy and dangerous. that is what it is like right now. gusty winds, snowflakes coming down. allyson: i don't know if you can still hear me, but if the water turned off and the fountains around their? corey: the fountains -- let's see. i have not seen any fountains. i believe the water is turned off. there is a lot of snow to clear here. we have not seen any fountains running in the area. i believe the fountains have been turned off over here. allyson: thank you. geoff: thanks so much. now, pickens county. allyson: aly myles has been inclusive. how are things looking their?
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we are starting to see the snow pick up a little bit from what was half an hour ago in downtown clemson, take a look at highway 76 behind me. we have seen a few cars going by. right now, no cars in sight. you want to be careful on the roads. very slick out there. it is very slushy in certain areas. we do have some traction with the snow. there is not a whole lot over in the section. we have been dealing with about 1900 outages. blue ridge electric told us they are working on it nonstop. the issue now is broken power lines. take a look at these you local
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coming through. obviously, a great time to have snowball fights. though nobody snowmen being bills. we love those photos. make sure to send those in. as we speak, i'm seeing more snow -- it is teeny tiny pebble type of snow. be careful on your commute this morning as you head out. allyson: thank you. mike mccormick has been watching spartanburg county. a car has slid off the roadway. geoff: mike mccormick, again, seeing some ice there. mike: we have been keeping our eye on this card. you can see the brake lights and what looks like the reverse lights.
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some bushes, on the edge of a parking lot at a shopping center. it looks like different tires are off the ground. the driver is ok, just slid off the road. that is proof of how bad the roads are. we have talked to a couple of people who have been out joyriding this morning. they say it is fun, but dangerous. it is sheer white on all sides of the road. it is icy, slick. you might get a little traction on the snow, but not much at all. we talked to emergency dispatchers said they hope you will stay off the roads. they dealt with a lot of accidents yesterday, and are concerne of will rise and more people getting out on the roads. the roads are dangerous. police have been here, dot has been here to try to help the car that went off the road, and they were unable to get the car back on the road. beer keeping a close eye to see what will happen.
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greenville officials say that the bus service is the latest of: 30 this afternoon because of the icy roads. allyson: the greenville community center and the greenville zoo will also be close. we will take a look the roads let's show you what we have going on. travel times, a speed limit drive. not many people on the interstate. that is a good can see i-85, around whitehorse road, a little icy. some accidents -- one in pickens county, and also one in spartanburg county. all of the interstates are accident free at this moment. again, if you do not have to get on the roadway, don't down the roadway, stay in, if you can.
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the>> at least four people have died in weather-r-rated car crashes. here in charlotte, the city remained essentially a ghost town all of friday, people staying e roads as rain, sleet, and snow came down. most of the roads had slush and were slippery. crews were out there, trying to keep them clear throughout the store. we know that at least 110,000 customers in the carolinas had power outages overnight. we know that crews are working hard to restore power to people. we also know that the focus today turns to cleaning up the city and getting it ready for sunday's championship game. the cleanup effort will certainly take some time. geoff: let's talk about the panthers again.
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tomorrow they have played in the super bowl before, but it has beensome kind of the season. kim newton really has been confident. the folks there doing a fabulous job. they are practicing. it is on against the arizona cardinals. we will see if they can advance to the super bowl. our sports team getting us ready with a playoff special tonight, which kicks off at 7:00. also, as we have imagery, we will talk about some of the guys on the arizona cardinals squad. a number of players are from our area. allyson: straight ahead, we will nation. pamela? pamela: here at home, a bit of mist and fog, as well as light snow in anderson county. here is a live look. winds are like now, but that
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just look at the wintry scene
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geoff: 7:40 five. more on our winter storm coming up, but this winter storm is impacting many other areas, particularly washington, d.c., which frankly has been swamped. beau: good morning. washington, d.c., the epicenter of the blizzard of 2016, you might say. it has been coming down for the past 19 hours straight. we're talking about one inch-three inches per hour. this is new jersey avenue off to my left. we have about one foot-1.5 feet of snow.
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about eight suv's. a dozen of police officers had to post up in a hotel last night so that they would have access to the capital for their normal security duties other than them, not a lot walking around. we are close to the capital. high winds, 30-40 mile-per-hour winds. they with a on occasion. that is why i have the skied goggles -- skied bottles on. -- ski goggles on. the capitol police car had to get unstuck from the snow. geoff: when i see a reporter with ski goggles on, i know we are talking about serious conditions. we have seen live reports from around the country. what have you seen as you have been outside reporting?
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things. we saw, in the dark, at about 5:00, a woman sauntering down the street with an umbrella. she was braving the conditions. officials have told everyone to stay off the street. we saw little dog walking down the street not too long ago. the fire department, they have had to make some calls. they have kept their driveway very clear. something to note. elan now allows splitting -- floodina law now allows f sledding on capitol hill. allyson: thank you for joining us. geoff: doing a great job in washington, d.c. don't forget. the forecast, radar, everything you need at
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check the live wire feed. you will see find it on . pamela: wintry and beautiful from the paris mountain skycam. very light snow coming down. 28 degrees. in lawrence, what's that? cement. a few flakes flying. let me show you when this wraps
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here are the latest outages allyson: 7:51. we are speaking with duke energy. geoff: ryan moser on the phone right now. thank you for joining us>> certainly. geoff: what is the very latest? at the height of the issue, right around noon yesterday, about 25,000 people in greenville county without power. those uppers, a lot less, but still close to 10,000 right now.
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and others without power make it their powerback? >> greenville county is certainly are hardest hit area. about 9200. we will be working throughout the day, and hopefully get the numbers dropping. [indiscernible] we expect the numbers to draw throughout the day. we want everybody to make sure they are safe, and if they do have any new damage. if there are any lines down -- don't go anywhere near them -- let us know. we appreciate everybody for their patients. allyson: we are also hearing
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and one side with power -- any timetable on moving? >> each outage is different. there is not one set time we will have everybody back. some of the harder hit areas will take longer. we expect most folks to return to service -- geoff: we have unfortunately got a bit of feedback. do you have a television on your you? allyson: or a radio? geoff: if you could turn that down, that would be great. can you still hear me? how many folks do have there working? >> we have 7000 boots on the ground. a good portion of those are in south carolina. they are mobilizing now to address the outages we have. they will be moving throughout the state throughout today and tomorrow.
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i'm sure we will get back with you and if it. we want to move to spartanburg county with mike mccormick. last we saw, there was a car stock. -- stuck. he said the car slid off of highway 29. you are taking a look at them trying to get it on the road. the roads may look ok, packed with snow, but there is an icy layer underneath. what do you see? mike: we are keeping a close eye on this car that went off the road here on the west side of spartanburg. if you take a look b me, it looks like a bunch of good samaritan stopped to help this car that slid off the road, and
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-- an embankment that leads into a center. we're trying to figure out exactly what they're doing. they have now taken that rope off. they're trying to assess what to do. i think they were trying to have more leverage to pull the vehicle out. it is stuck. we were down there earlier, and it looks as if the front wheels of the car are not touching the ground. the driver is ok. he has been, for a while now, trying to get someone to help. the police have been by, dot has been by, but they have been unable to get him out. three vehicles have stopped, and they are all trying to figur help this guy. you can see now, they are trying to tie something to the car and get enough leverage to pull it out. the problem is, the road is so
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spinning tires out here. that is the question, whether it can get enough traction to pull the car of the embankment and back on the boulevard. we're right near the intersection with blackstock road where you will find westgate mall and a bunch of shopping centers and restaurants. it looks like they are back in the pickup truck to possibly hook the car to the hitch of the pickup truck and pulled the car back up the embankment, back on the road. we will keep a close eye on it for you. we will keep you updated. back to you guys. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: it is seven hope 7-56. here is the beautiful view. still frozen over on the bridge downtown this morning.
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we are not going to accumulate much more, but the snow will be often on for the next several hours. here is a look at spartanburg. at least things are brightening up a bit. white and really chilly this morning at 28. the winds are called. that is helping your cause at least. not talking about too much of a wind chill, as opposed to asheville. look at this. 30 miles per hour. we will not only have light snow throughout the day, the wind chill is in the single digits, but blowing snow. travel, rough for western parts of north carolina today. in fact, all of it. the more you get into the mountains into tennessee, the more likely the snow will fall throughoacross the upstate, it feels like the lower 30's, even with
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it will get breezy or as the day goes on. look at this. snow wrapping around, blowing through columbia. changing from brain to snow. even in charleston this morning. this is affecting all of the state of south carolina. it is fast moving. we urge you today to take your time if you do not need to get out. enjoy the neighborhood. we will look at the standard forecast coming up.
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>> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news today in high
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geoff: all right, thank you for
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