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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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except for the north facing sides of trees and buildings, where snow is still there. but milder weather is on the way. we will talk about it next. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: justin did the newsroom, a jury investigating planned parenthood indicted two antiabortion activists who covertly shot videos of the a man was indicted on a felony charge of tampering with the government record. he faces a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human gans. another activist was also indicted on charges of tampering with the government records. the grand jury clear planned parenthood of wrongdoing.
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released videos of planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of of aborted fetuses for regabrielle: snow on the ground at biltmore, but not as much as they saw on friday. nigel: this is a live look outside from our hilton skycam. we showed this a bunch of times on friday. there were never any cars in the shot. if there were, it was one or two. look at that. it is a different day. things are getting back to normal. john cessarich joins us. john, warmer temperatures today. john: absolutely. it is good to see a few cars on haywood road and i-385 on friday. the roads were pretty slick and slushy. look how fast we ward up
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50's through the mountains. we will continue to melt away the snow and sleet, and that is good news. the milder temperatures felt so nice. 53 in greenville and anderson and laurens, 51 in rutherfordton. mid 40's in ashevil in toccoa. nice temperatures outside. we will cool off and wait for the next storm system to arrive. more about that later on. no back to you. gabrielle: this was the scene from sky for this weekend. parts of our area, blanketed in snow. but it's amazing the difference a few days, and a few degrees, makes. we sent sky 4 into the air to show you how our area looks today. saturday morning, just hours after the storm, we sent sky 4 up. all around our area, a winter wonderland, and all sorts of sledding. these kids in easley headed down the hill near highway 123. and not far from there, this sled was pulled by a golf cart. here's lake bowen in spartanburg county on saturday. the sky is grey, and the banks
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sky 4 flew over lake bowen again today. the sun is shining, and although there's still snow on the ground, it is slowly turning to slush. now to greenville county. check out the roads on saturday. it was slow going here on highway 276, south of furman. many people took our weather team's advice, and stayed off the roads. but today, things are getting back to normal. cars were moving faster. we found this sc-dot truck spreading solution on highway 414 to keep the roads clear. in western north carolina, we found people enjoying the remnants of the winter storm. here at hendersonville elementary school, kids of all ages played in the snow and the sunshine, building snowmen and having a snowball fight, enjoying the snow while it lasts, and probably hoping for more before winter is over. nigel: and if you have pictures or videos of the snow, go ahead and upload them onto ulocal. here's a look at one video
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some people were sledding, but these kids were kayaking in fountain inn. gabrielle: another use for the kayak. and this one is called, "just horsing around." yep. he is wearing a horse mask. nigel: i get it. gabrielle: and speaking of horses, it wasnt just the kids having fun in the snow. take a look. horses love snow, too. nigel: they were horsing around. gabrielle: so cheesy on monday. and if you have any more winter wonderland pictures, you can share them with us by heading to the ulocal section on our wyff 4 moblie app and wyff nigel: in spartanburg, crews have closed off the southbound lanes of part of business 85. as they replace parts of a bridge over train tracks. the department of transportation says crews closed the two southbound lanes of the highway, between the state highway 56 exit and the new cut road exit today. a detour will be set up as crews
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and if the weather cooperates, d.o.t. officials say business 85 should reopen sunday night. a retired k-9 officer passed away this weekend. former k-9 officer "cash" died saturday, due to an age-related illness. cash served alongside greenville county deputy hal harris from 2004 to 2009. cash served over 1,000 times, resulting in the seizure of 200 pounds of illegal drugs, and over $470,000. cash was 12 years old when he died. for only the fourth time in 54 years, lake hartwell's floodgates were opened this weekend. gabrielle: the flooded lake was causing some problems in that area. wyff news 4's mandy gaither is live and local at portman marina in anderson county, with more on some damage there. mandy? mandy: if you take a look at the debris on the ground, that's how far the lake came inland, until the floodgates were opened.
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a lifetime experience, watching the flood gates open at hartwell dam. it's only happened four times in years, in 1964 and 1994, then 2013, and now, the past three days. >> we'll only spill in emergency situations, and that's what we had on friday evening. mandy: these are pictures of the swollen lake from portman marina, the water at 662 feet, two feet over what's considered full pool during the summer months. >> that left us with less than 3 feet of vertical storage for any more rainfall. mandy: with a forecast of even more wet stuff over the weekend, and a concern over whether crews could get in to open the floodgates, the decision was made to be safe, and go ahead and open them. >> all this was covered in water. mandy: portman marina manager adam roach says, since the release of water, the lake has gone down around 5 feet. this is what one dock looked
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and what it looks like now. >> you had to use waders just to get to your boat, so we used waders to get to boats. so it was really an inconvenience to customers. mandy: crews now filling in what was washed away. roach says this damage isn'as bad as what happened here in 2013, the last time the flood gates were opened. now, thankful for this release, and that the water has gone down. coming up tonight at 6:00, how many cubic feet per second was being pushed downstream while the floodgates were open. mandy gaither, wyff news 4, live in anderson county. nigel: mandy, thank you. commitment 2016 coverage. i have said that enough. out. form candidate and texas governor for president. perry explained his endorsement from his home state, in an interview with politico. he says cruz is, quote, "by far the most consistent
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>> 2016 is a critical election, and i'm here to stress to you how important it is for conservatives to rally together, and support a consistent conservative candidate who can take on washington and defeat the democratic nominee. that's why i support ted cruz for president. nigel: he says the primary race appears to be down to two people. perry dropped his 2016 presidential bid last september. coming up, airline travel is working on getting back to normal after last weekend's winter storm cancelled thousands of flights. gabrielle: plus, lots of melting snow here, but many parts of the east coast are still trying to dig out of the snow. more on what they are doing around the country.
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the monster winter storm that walloped the east coast is nigel: the monster winter storm that walloped the east coast is still wreaking havoc on travel nationwide. gabrielle: nbc's kristen airport in new york with the latest. kristen: well, hello from la guardia airport, where there is a lot more activity than there has been for the last few days. but still, a difficult travel day for a lot of people. there is still a difficult
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going on at the runways. here at la guardia, we are still seeing 30% of flights canceled for today. nationwide, we are seeing more than 1500 flights canceled. so airports and airlin desperately trying to get back to normal, but really, a difficult task for them. they are still clearing the runways and of course, when you think about it, over 12,000 flights canceled between the time the storm started on friday, a today. that is an awful lot of travelers that need to get rebooked, and put on flights to where their final destination is. we are still seeing a lot of people say they won't get out until tomorrow, the next day, or the day after. and with the possibility of another storm coming, that could be some difficult travel days ahead. that is the latest at la guardia airport. i'm kristen dahlgren. back to you. gabrielle: thanks, kristen. still to come, it's being called a daring and elaborate escape. we show you what three men went through to get out of a maximum nigel: plus, hear how a group of
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pacific ocean. john: a live shot from asheville, downtown, over a foot of snow from the past weekend from a major snowstorm. about eight inches still on the ground. i will be right back. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. when it comes to connecting to the world online, people have different needs. whether it's keeping up with loved ones
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gabrielle: southern california police are searching for three the inmates broke out of a maximum-security jail last w the sheriff's department says the men managed to get tools, and cut through a metal screen and steel bars. they also say they got onto the roof, and rappelled four stories. officials still aren't sure if they had any help. the men are considered armed and dangerous. right now, authorities believe at least two of them are still nigel: americans are bg bigger and more expensive home the national association of home builders says the average size rose to about 2700 square feet last year, from 2660 the year before. almost half of new homes built last year had more than four bedrooms, and garages with room for more than three cars. but bigger isn't always better for the housing market. new construction has been tilted towards the high-end, and builders aren't making as many starter homes due to land prices
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for less-affluent buyers. japanese auto parts maker takata is facing more trouble. a 10th death has been linked the -- linked to the company's faulty airbags. as a result, u.s added 5 million more cars to the 19 million vehicles already under recall. the company released a statement, offering condolences to the victim's family. takata has struggled for years since its inflators were discovered to be defective. the bags can explode when activated, firing out shards of metal and glass. gabrielle: four big amish horses came to the rescue of this milk truck that was stuck in the snow in central pennsylvania this past weekend. the director -- the truck driver said he was initially skeptical afs horses to do the work of pulling between 5,000 to 8,000 pounds. those horses are strong. and they succeeded. the horses got the front of the
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nigel: take a look here, in pennsylvania. this is one of the hardest hit areas by the weekend snow storm. there was so much snow, many just abandoned their vehicles on area roadways. today, the digging began. some businesses were dealing with so much snow that they were only able to carve out a narrow tunnel in the snow. listen to this. fire departments have been going around town, digging out hydrants buried in the snow. gabrielle: parts of the east coast, working to get back to normal, but it is proving difficult with so much snow on the ground. 11 states declared a snow emergency this weekend. 30 people were killed. 12,000 flights cancelled, and an estimated economic impact of $850 million. that's with snow totals topping out at 40 inches in one part of west virginia. >> now, your live super doppler
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john: mid to high level cloud streaming across the skies quickly from the west. then, we have a weak cold front coming in from the west. a couple sprinkles. look at. that is nice to see. the pink and white indicates frozen precipitation. we will see a few showers coming, especially late in the day tomorrow and in the mountains. only a couple showers possible tomorrow afternoon in the upstate. what a beautiful sunset. a live shot over lake hartwell, some of the clouds are coming in, making for a beautiful picture. no snow on the ground in anderson, except on the north facing sides of trees or buildings, where there is, where the sunshine has not hit. it takes it a while to melt. 45 in asheville, 40 in boone, 47 in hendersonville, 48 in franklin and andrews.
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52 in spartanburg, 53 in laurens, greenville, and anderson. 56 the warm spot in abbeville. in northeastern georgia, 52 in toccoa. we melted away the snow and sleet, most of that melted yesterday. 51, there is still snow through the north georgia mountains. 51 in dillard. 52 in clayton. both ended up with between six and 7.5 inches of snow mixed with fleet. 50 in clarksville and cornelia, 52 in carnesville and livonia. 60 in elberton. temperatures above the freezing mark across the area except for higher elevations, 52 in charlotte, 46 in greensboro, 57 in atlanta and macon and florence.the beaches, 54 along the grand strand in myrtle beach, 52 in
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itself will be pushing into thet lakes, which will take a swath of snow and move it for wisconsin in the upper peninsula of michigan, eventually into canada. the front. down as it approaches us. a low will develop south of louisiana during the night tomorrow night. some of the rain could mix with or change into wet snow in the mountains of north carolina, especially the higher elevations closer to the tennessee that would be late tomorrow night and wednesday morning. we will watch that closely. this is nothing close to what we dealt with this past weekend. 33 in denver, 39 in billings, montana. 70 in new orleans, 70 in miami. tonight, high cloudiness from time to time, chilly. low 35. upper 20's to low 30's in the mountains of partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, cloudy with a few showers possible late tomorrow. most likely rain tomorrow nighw fit -- high 54 come upper 40's in the mountains.
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across tthe four-day plus looks like this. rain likely tomorrow night, continuing mainly wednesday morning. could taper off wednesday afternoon. rain mixed with or change into wet snow in the mountains tomorrow night into wednesday morning. ending by wednesday afternoon. maybe a couple snow showers possible thursday morning in the mountains with a northwest flow, especially in higher elevations close to the tennessee line. a nice warm-up. that will feel nice. how about 60's and dry over the weekend? how nice. now back to you. gabrielle: you know we are looking forward to next weekend. thanks, john. experts are predicting and an usual trend in the wine business, saying that for the first time in more than 20 years, consumption is going down. analysts say baby boomers willing to spend big bucks on fine wine are being replaced by millllials, who are more frugal. nigel: a british astronaut recently shared his breathtaking view of the northern lights from space. the photo was taken while on
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station. look at that. it was then posted on social media last week. the light display occurs, when a burst of the sun's gas and magnetic field causes a solar wind. it then hits the earth's atmosphere, and creates the incredible sight. gabrielle: speaking of incredible a crew of female , british rowers arrived in australia today. they rode their -- they rowed there from the united states. that means the women rowed all the way across the pacific ocean. the four women began the row in san francisco, in year. the group is now the first female team, and first four-person boat, to row the pacific. the crew said they were happy to be back on dry land, and that their journey w w not without adventure, and moments of concern. >> it was amazing to see them, and i'm sure, even more amazing for them to know that we're here, and we're not going back on that boat. >> we've had sharks circling. we've had a couple of sharks that followed us for a few weeks.
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they said they rode -- they rowed 24 hours a day in two-hour shifts. they made stops in hawaii and samoa, to restock up nigel: take a look at this adorable newborn polar bear. it's cuddling with his mother at a german zoo. the cub hasn't been named yet, and its gender is still not known. zookeepers say mama bear most likely won't leave her new cub alone. they say once february comes along, vets will get a chance to see it first hand to determine if it's a boy or girl. the cub will make its public
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that time. nigel: the great blizzard of 2016 is gone and the cleanup is , well under way. but for many of us, life on be back to normal for a few days. gabrielle: brian story from washington. brian: across the northeast today, there's something in the air. the sound of heavy equipment, moving mountains of snow after a monster weekend storm. for millions, this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window, and my car wasn't there. brian: from new york and philadelphia, to baltimore and washington, dc, highways are slowly reemerging,
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anytime soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths, including a new jersey mother and child claimed by carbon monoxide in a snow-covered car. the monetary toll is estimated in the hundreds of millions. with flight cancellations topping 10,000, many airports resembled makeshift camp sites. rail travel wasn't much better. >> it's definitely not good, the opposite of good. brian: kids, of course, found this storm's silver lining, with plenty to do on an impromptu day off. some, of course, went off the deep end, making the best of the blizzard of 2106. -- of 2016. the sun is helping to melt a little bit of the snow, but as temperatures drop overnight, it is turning to brian mooar, in washington. nigel: thanks for joining us at 5:30. gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 with michael and carol starts now.
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this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. michael: here we are days after the storm of the slipping and sliding continues in some spots. sky4t up to show us where the sky -- where the snow is still with us. >> i've been since day 1. this means everything to me. carol: greenwood native josh norman, and the rest of the carolina panthers, fired up to play in the super bowl after last night's nfc championship victory. michael: but first, we can full of winter especially in the mountains. but the sun came out. a beautiful sunset over lake hartwell. chief meteor cessarich joins us. john, how are things right now? john: look at these numbers. we continue to melt the snow and ice. even in the mountains. temperatures in the 40's and even a few 50's in the southwestern mountains. temperatures warmed up into the 50's in the upstate and northeastern georgia and through the foothills of north carolina. at least the snow outside of the mountains, pretty much gone. except for on the north sides of
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