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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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shootout inside a barbershop. rightful gun owners versus two suspected armed robbers. tonight, the outcome of all this. but first, the snow cleanup. sky 4 flew over western north carolina today. it snowed much of the weekend in parts of the mountains. here, you see crews clearing the runway at the ashville airport. also in asheville, the biltmore house. a snow-filled view fit for a christmas card. michael: really beautiful. a few days, and a few degrees, can make a big difference. here's lake bowen in spartanburg county on saturday. grey sky, the banks covered in snow. sky4 flew back to lake bowen today. the sun was out, and a slow melting going on. carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich joins us now. john, is there a chance this could all re-freeze overnight? john: it will be patchy black ice for the most part. most of the roads in good shape, especially the secondary roads outside the mountains.
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mid to high-level clouds across the skies ahead of a week cold front to the west. all bring showers late in the day tomorrow, especially in the the freezing mark, 32 in spartanburg. 38 in greenville, 41 in clemson. depends on where you are, the clouds may cap the temperatures from drog to glee. when the clouds breakup, temperatures drop quickly. 34 in asheville, 30 in boone. your wake up weather looks likepartly cloudy in the upstate, light winds, temperature 30. not dropping too fast. 28 the overnight low. that is -- hardly to mostly cloudy in the mountains, a slig couple sprinkles. the storms arrive. we will talk about the state place. michael: thanks, john. school districts will run on a
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county schools. others will stay closed tomorrow. he will find those on the ticker below and our mobile app. but today some parents are , saying the roads looked fine where they were. greenville county schools says it has 25 people scout t district when there's bad weather. they determine if all the schools close and it is nothing situation. officials say that is because of safety. beth brotherton with gcs says they have 75,000 students and 10,000 employees. about 10,000 of those students have "school choice," and go to magnet schools, that is sometimes nowhere near their homes, and man teachers travel far for work. >> how do you make a dividing line? how do you decide, ok, wait a second. a couple of schools have to make up one or two days. you need to keep a consistent calendar for the sake of the entire county, financially. michael: brotherton also told us there is a pre-filed bill right now in the state house. the bill would consider making this the way all districts in south carolina would run their schools.
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just head to, or download our wyff 4 mobile app. carol: the highway patrol says winter weather conditions played a role in a deadly crash that killed a triathlete. 44-year-old andy van evera of greer died, after being hit by a car while running on saturday. friends say he was training for a half-marathon. troopers say van evera was running off the roadway in the direction of a car along highway 14. investigators say the driver of a honda swerved to avoid him, but ended up hitting any icy patch of road. the car hit van evera. >> he was a father to three children, and he didn't come back from his run that day. and i think, when you look at it like that, it could be any of us out there. carol: troopers say van evera died at the hospital. michael: to union county now. troopers say the wintery conditions claimed a life there. the coroner identified the man as 61-year-old jimmy thomas. the wreck happened saturday afternoon on highway 9, close to jonesville. troopers say thomas was heading south when his car veered off the road.
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thomas was airlifted to a hospital, where he later died. carol: greenville public works and the sc-dot says there are no reports of any major damage to roads. for the first time, greenville used a salt solution, or brine, on the roads instead of sand. studies showed the sand in the past was causing more problems to the roads, and to the water runoff. city officials say the other reason is because they had a plan in place to constantly fix roads as soon as problems were reported. >> we'll send a crew out. we have a pothole repair team. that's what they do, all day long, every day. we will just hit those hot locations. and also, we rely heavily on customers, our citizens, calling in, letting us know if there is a pothole. carol: if you know of any problems, you are asked to call your city or county public works, or state d.o.t. michael: on that topic south , carolina taxpayers are still footing the bill from last year's winter storms in terms of check this out, in 2015, drivers who submitted damage claims to the state
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were reimbursed $727,000. the vast majority of those payouts had to do with potholes that had been reported to the state, but had not been fixed. wyff news 4 investigates found many claims for $1,000 or more. one claim was for $3300, for pothole damage to a car driving on interstate 26. today, the shop manager at aaa carolinas on woodruff road showed us what potholes can do to a car. >> this is just from a pothole. now, imagine this on your front and rear, from one side. michael: you can file a claim with sc-dot if they know about the pothole, and failed to fix it. if it's a new pothole that hasn't been reported, officials say it's your responsibility to pay for repairs. carol: the hartwell dam floodgates closed this morning, after being open since friday. that marks only the 4th time in 54 years that those gates had been opened. spectators stood near the dam to watch. the water had been at 662 feet, two feet over what's
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summer months. with a forecast of even more rain over the weekend, and a concern over whether crews could get in to open the flood gates, the decision was made to be safe, and go ahead and open them. at portman marina, the swollen lake covered docks and walkways. >> you had to use waders just to get to your boat, so we used waders to get to boats. so it was really an inconvenience to customers. carol: since the floodgates were opened, the water has dropped up to five feet at portman marina. crews have been using rock to fill in the areas that washed away. each year, seniors lose millions of dollars in phone scams. many folks proving to be just too trusting. michael: in easley, a woman fell victim to a sweepstakes scam.a caller telling her she's won millions, but just had to send in thousands for taxes. wyff news 4's john lyon reports. the story that may help for others. >> hello? john: that's how barbara hancock's financial nightmare
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>> said, you have won $3.6 million. aren't you happy? i said, sure, i'm happy. who wouldn't be? john: the recent widow, thinking she could use the money to help her church. >> i thought i could get us cushions on our pews, for our older people to sit. john: all she had to do is send the voice on the phone money for taxes. >> and then it went up to about maybe $2,000, $2500, $2800, $5,000. john: she went through her life savings of $60,000, and then borrowed $7,000 more. when that wasn't enough, the scammers threatened hancock. >> she said, you know, i can send you to jail for this. john: all the while, the phone calls keep coming, like this one. >> i have been scammed, and i'm not going to be scammed again. john: hancock now knows that not hanging up on that caller the very first time was her big
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she's hoping now that others don't repeat it. experts say, don't ever pay any money to collect supposed sweepstake earnings. never wire money to anyone with whom you are not familiar, and never provide anyone with personal information, such as bank accounts, pin numbers, or social security numbers. that gives scammers all the information they need. >> i was so, so naive in trusting that they would do the right thing. and they didn't. no, they did not. they took everything i got. i don't have a penny in my bank account. john: tomorrow, hancock meets with law enforcement, hoping to catch those who hooked her. john lyon, wyff news 4, easley. carol: it's been a year since 16-year-old cobey smith was killed in greenville. investigators are still searching for answers.
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january 25th, 2015, by the sliding rock creek trail. that's not far from smith's home at heritage park. tonight, a candlelight vigil was held on clark street, in the nicholtown community. family members tell us, they are still seeking justice for cobey's death >> i mean, it's been a year now since he's been away from us. it kind of makes you ask questions, like, if everybody has given up. but i'm not going to give up on him. carol: crimestoppers offered a reward, but no tips have come in that have led to an arrest. michael: in anderson, a nine-year-old boy was shot inside his home during a drive-by shooting. deputies say no arrests have been made in the case. according to an incident report, it happened saturday nig home on crooked creek court. the boy's mother told investigators she was in her bedroom when she heard several gunshots. minutes later, the boy showed up in her bedroom, shot in the leg. he was taken to th and the wound is not life-threatening. carol: some n
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the taylors fire department tells wyff news 4 that a piedmont natural gas line broke this evening, that pipeline is on mill street in taylors, just outside the taylors mill apartments. crews on scene tell us no one was injured. they turned off gas in the pipeline in order to fix it. no word on when n e line will be repaired. michael: turning to commitment 2016 now, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg may launch a presidential run. that's what a source told cnn over the weekend. the source says the 73-year-old is expected to make a decision sometime in march. the source says bloomberg would run as an independent. a spokesman for the former mayor declined to comment. carol: republican candidate ted cruz has received a big endorsement. former republican presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry is endorsing cruz for president. he says he believes cruz is by far the most consistent conservative. this is a crucial time for that support, since the iowa caucuses are a week away. michael: the first witnesses in a trial over north carolina's photo i.d. voting law, today appeared in court. today, a political science expert testified, saying there is no evidence of voter fraud.
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that without a photo i.d., how can a poll worker know if a voter is who they say they are? opponents say the law discriminates against african-american and hispanic voters. supporters say it helps combat voter fraud. carol: a texas grand jury has indicted two anti-abortion activists who secretly shot videos of planned parenthood. center for medical progress founder david daleiden was indicted on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record. another activist was also indicted on a charge of tampering with a governmental record. the grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. the center for medical progress is the anti-abortion group that released videos of planned parenthood officials. the officials were discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research. michael: in columbia, watch this take shape. a surveillance camera caught shootout between two concealed weapons permit holders, and a pair of armed robbery suspects. it all happened friday night, at the next up barber and beauty on
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watch this all sort of come to fruition here. several people, including children, were inside the shop when the armed men came in, demented money, and got money. one of the suspects was killed. the other remains at large. carol: digging out. the cleanup underway, after the weekend snowmageddon lived up to its billing. chael: super bowl bound. the panthers in their pride, flying high. john: a storm system moving through the upper midwest rightnow. moderate to heavy snow moving
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the upper peni michael: the summer home of the carolina panthers is celebrating the team's trip to the super bowl. the team's training camp home, wofford college, congratulated the team via facebook. they are hoping training camp will have a super bowl champion coming this year, and fans willh on and really come out even more. the team's owner, jerry richardson, the president, danny morrison, and player brenton bersin, are all wofford graduates. wofford's director of athletics
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charlotte sunday. >> the upstate, wofford certainly, and i know the upstate is truly grateful to mr. richardson for making this happen. without his vision, and then the ability to put that vision into an action plan, and to see it come to fruition. very few people, their life's work, get to see that happen. he is one of them. we are thrilled for him. michael: you hear the highflying pride. the flags outside the chamber of commerce in spartanburg are all panthers flags. they went up today. carol: the super bowl appears to be only a rich p. the average resale price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the carolina panthers and denver broncos is $5,178. that's according to ticket price tracker seatgeek. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for $12,100 each, making them the most expensive seats sold so far. super bowl 50 will be played in levi's stadium in santa clara, california. michael: we will be there, and we want to hear what you think.
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will play better on sunday, two weeks from now peyton , manning or cam newton? take our now poll on our facebook, twitter, or web , the panther fans are getting it quarterback. if you're voting on twitter or facebook, don't forget the hashtags, or your vote won't get counted. carol: the east coast, looking to get back to normal. but it's proving difficult with two feet of snow on the ground. here's a look at that storm by the numbers. 11 states declared a snow emergency this weekend. at least 37 people were killed. 12,000 flights cancelled, and the storm had an estimated economic impact of $850 million. one part of west virginia had 40 inches of snow. michael: a part of north carolina had big snow as well. the massive east coast blizzard is over, and the clean up is very much unrway, but things are not back to normal just yet. some areas of new york city and
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can you imagine? these pictures are from suffolk county, where major snow still blankets roads and buildings. community leaders say it will be several days before crews can clear all of the main and secondary roads. >> a lot of the city's operating well. carol: but it's a different story in washington, where the mayor warns, the district will be dealing with snow all week. >> while we have made some progress, there is still a lot more to do. carol: d.c. schools remain closed, and federal buildings are shut down. the house of representatives canceled votes for the whole ek, and d.c.'s mayor says she'll be asking for federal help to dig out. michael: so, john cessarich. what you say about records? how much are we talking? john: on top of mount mitchell, the tallest point on the east coast east of the continental
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earlier, an unofficial report of 66 inches of snow this past weekend. that is the greatest amount of snow from that single snowstorm all the way up the eastern seaboard. we talked about 40 inches in the mid-atlantic, parts of pennsylvania and d.c. come baltimore, new york city. two feet of snow. take a look at this. 6600 feet, mount mitchell, north carolina, between thursday at 7:00 a.m. until friday at 7:00 a.m., they'll most had a foot. friday mornini until saturday morning, 41 inches of snow. it was coming down the day hour. factor in the strong winds, and you had huge drifts up there with powerful winds. saturday morning early until sunday morning early, five inches total. 57 inches. thisiss unofficial. it has been revised, it will -- was 66 but it is now 57.
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the data and figure out if it is 57, or if it will go higher or lower. the record snowfall amount from a single snowstorm in thof north carolina is 50 inches, from the march blizzard of 1993. remembmb that one? this would break it if that holds steady at 57 inches of snow. still unofficial. i'll keep you updated in case it becomes official. here comes a cold front. notice the green on the map, good news. the white and pink is frozen precipitation. 29 with black ice at the greenville airport this morning. warmed up to 56, melting away the snow and ice, three degrees above average. 18 degrees this morning a low at the asheville airport, and we warmed up. a live shot from on top of the peace center on downtown
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in franklin, 37 in toccoa, after the upstate, we are talking temperatures, 38 in greenville, at the freezing mark in spartanburg, 37 in gaffney. where the clouds have thinned out, you are looking at colder temperatures like 20 seven in pickens. not expecting any precipitation overnight. it will not come in until morrow afternoon, when we are above th mark. humidity remains high. 37% -- 37 in columbia, 39 in st. louis. chilly in orlando, 56. snow moving through the upper midwest, as you can see. madison, wisconsin, green bay, could see six inches of snow. here comes the cold front tomorrow morning. it could produce rain in the afternoon tomorrow through western north carolina mountains. otherwise, high pressure builds and on wednesday. leftover mix of rain and snow possible for the mountains early wednesday morning. high clouds tonight, your overnight lows. tomorrow in the upstate, variable cloudiness and showers
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high 54. 41 and 9:00 a.m.. in the asheville area, clouds and afternoon showers possible. 37 at 9:00 a.m., 46 at lunchtime. the four-day plus, the rain ended by thursday, but a nice
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. marc: when the carolina panthers and the denver broncos square off in super bowl 50, the broncos will be designated as the home team. the afc, always the home team in even numbered years. that means denver gets the first uniform choice, and the broncos say they'll wear their white uniforms on february 7th. the panthers will wear their black jerseys. "i ain't missing the super bowl." those, the words of carolina panthers all-pro linebacker thomas davis, after he found out he broke his arm on this play against arizona. davis had surgery this morning. by all accounts, it went very well. panthers head coach ron rivera says davis probably needs to wear a brace on his right arm, but he should be ready to roll for the superbowl. brad fralick in charlotte, with more on the super bowl-bound panthers. brad: cam newton was the number
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draft for the carolina panthers. he said back then, he wanted to get this team to a super bowl. a few years later, the panthers are headed to the super bowl. >> i think the super bowl means for us, as a whole, as an organization, to the carolina panthers, to everybody that wears carolina blue and black, and bleeds carolina blue and black, it is been a long time coit is a cliche question you have to ask yourself, why us? so we will play this question -- this game for multiple reasons and multiple people. many people played in super bowl's the didn't win. and the people who are backing us. brad: what an increase -- an intriguing matchup. cam newton against peyton manning. it is the first time in super
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overall picks will go against each other at quarterback. in charl fralick, wyff news 4. marc: new usc football coach will muschamp, making the final hire for his new staff in columbia. former florida all-american linebacker mike peters the gamecock staff. obviously, he'll work with the defense. his exact job title, still up in the air. the new college basketball polls are out. the south carolina women's team still ranked second in the country, still trying to track down uconn for the top spot. usc's men's team is 22nd in the usa today poll, but they've fallen out of the ap top 25 aftr losing to tennessee. the gamecocks and the clemson tigers, sitting just outside the top 25, according to the associated press. furman taking the show on the road tonight, paladins playing at virginia military institutu. furman takes control of this game in the second half. larry wideman, wide open for his second consecutive three. that sparks a 13-0 run for the paladins. devon sibley scores a game-high 19. furman gets past vmi, 68-56. this is cole jansen. the sign shows the deal he's made with
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if ottawa senators right winger bobby ryan scored a goal, cole's getting a puppy. you know exactly what happened. bobby ryan scored second period. start buying that kibble, say goodbye to your favorite pair of shoes. the family say they're getting a pomsky, which is a cross between a pomeranian and a husky. that is not in the canadian kennel club yet.
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let's look at the weekend. john: if we show you the four-day, cover up tuesday, friday throu looks great. isn't that beautiful? carol: it kind of works. john: i hope you enjoyed it.
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carol: thanks for watching. have a good evening. michael: we are always on [captioning performed by the
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