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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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john: increasing clouds in certain areas in the mountdecreasing clouds in the upstate. we are socked in with clouds outside the mountains in partthat system is finally moving out to sea, taking clouds with it. clearing skieswe already have mostly clear to partly cloudy skies in the mountains. a fast-moving cold front will comebringing increasing clouds and maybe flurries. here is what it looks it 1:15 a.m. on friday. we cleared up the skies. here comes the cold frona few flurries and snowshoe -- snow showers close to that tennessee line, adjusting to an inch possible on the western facing slopes along the tennbut that's about it. a couple flurries in the mountains tomorrow morning, 20% chance. sunny and 34 when yomore about the weekend later on. now back to you.michael: commitment 2016 now. in iowa tonight, there were
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on tv, a gop debate minus frontrunner donald trump. also on tv, a trump event. wyff news 4's sally kidd tonight, with our report from our exclusive washington newsroom. sally? sally: he may have been a no-show, but donald trump still grabbed the spotlight. 7 gop contenders shared the stage, >> i kind of miss donald trump, he was a little teddy bear to me. sally: competing for attention with the donald trump sideshow. >> we love our vets. sally: the front-runner held a protest rally to benefit veterans, forgoing the debate because of a feud with fox news. >> you have to stick up for your rights when you're treated badly. you have to stick up for your rights. >> i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we've gotten the trump portion out of the way... [laughter] sally: with trump out of the way, ted cruz became target number one. >> i don't think they're necessarily going to go for ted. >> the only budget ted has ever voted for is one rand paul sponsored, that brags about
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>> the last 4 questions have been, rand, please attack ted. marco, please attack ted. chris, please attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. sally: ben carson highlighted his outsider status. >> you won't hear lots of polished political speech from me, but you will hear the truth. sally: chris christie touted his executive experience. >> who's been tested? who's been through it? who's made decisions, who's sat in the chair of consequence. sally: and john kasich cast himself as a reforme >> fighting to reform welfare, fighting to reform the pentagon, also being in a position to balance the budget. sally: the race in iowa is very close. the latest polls give trump a 7 to 8 point edge over cruz. in washington, i'm sally kidd, wyff news 4. michael: more on the numbers in just a bit. thanks, sally. earlier tonight, the candidates made their case in the so-called undercard debate, also on the fox news channel. the candidates fielded questions on a number of topics, including
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taxes, and gun control each one , tailoring a message to the iowa caucus voters. >> the people of iowa know what the rest of americans have figured out. this ain't working anymore. the government no longer works for those who pay for it. >> you know me. you gave me the largest number of votes in the history of the iowa caucus 8 years ago, and i think you did it because you trusted me. >> pick the right person. not what the polls say, not who the money people give to. pick the leader you know is best for this country. >> if i become the president, i'm going to rebuild the u.s. military. we're going to take the sequester off the defense budget, give the navy the ships it needs. michael: this was the first time former virginia jim gilmore qualified for an official gop debate. huckabee and santorum have both won the iowa caucus, but they've struggled to gain traction in the 2016 campaign. now to the latest in the polls on the presidential race. three new nbc news-wall street journal-marist polls shows donald trump with a commanding
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trump with 32%, ted cruz stands at 25%. but the democratic side of the presidential race seems to be a little tighter. hillary clinton remains just three points ahead of bernie sanders among likely democratic voters. clinton stands at 48%. bernie sanders, 45%. more than 400 people turned out tonight to talk about smelly garbage at the twin chimneys landfill in southern greenville county. it's a problem we first told you about yesterday, and tonight wyff news 4's john , lyon says landfis have a plan to get the smell out. >> it really smells just like raw sewage. it actually gags you when you come out. john: david chapman loves to sit out on his front porch. his landfill is making that impossible to do. >> you can't enjoy life. you can't come out on the porch in the evening. you can't come out in the mornings. gotten worse in the last 6 months. some of the residents that live
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smell is so bad, they can't even leave their house. >> that smell, and that stench, hits me. we wake up in the morning to it. we come home at night, it's unbearable. john: that's what packed 400 people into columbia baptist church in honea path tonight. they're tired of the odor, and want to know what landfill managers are doing to get rid of it. >> this odor is caused by bacteria that's breaking down the garbage that we have. john: harrison says the heavy rains we've had over the last 6 months helped produce more bacteria and gas. >> that landfill gas has several things in it, but one of the constituents is very odorous, very odorous components to it, sulfides in general. so you imagine the rotten egg smell that's in the landfill gas, and that carries very well through the air. john: landfill managers told the crowd they want to put additional pipes in to trap more of the gas, ultimately generating electricity.
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less smell. >> the plans that they got in place are sounding solid up front. it's behind the scenes, what concerns me. what happens when this meeting's over. john: for now, the smell will remain. work on the new piping is starting soon, managers say, providing some relief beginning in may. john lyon, wyff news 4, honea path. michael: new details right now out of spartanburg county tonight. a woman is recovering after deputies say her husband shot her, and left her to die in the yard. today, a judge denied bond for johnathan batchelor. deputies say he shot his wife, stephanie, several times in their garage earlier this month, here on reidville road. investigators say stephanie was able to talk with deputies yesterday for the first time since the shooting, and the evidence led them to her husband. stephanie's attorney says doctors are calling her recovery miraculous.
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regained consciousness a little while back. she's been in the hospital for three weeks now, and the doctors are optimistic that in a couple of weeks, she'll be able to leave the hospital. michael: the couple has two children, a two-year-old and a four-year-old. t being cared for by relatives. the teen known for his "affluenza" defense in court is back on u.s. soil. mexican police arrested ethan couch in mexico last month. he is 18 years old. this morning, he arrived at dallas-fort worth airport. couch, along with his mother, or the focus of an international search after he violated his probation. you may remember, national news in 2013, after being sentenced to probation for a drunk driving crash. that crash killed four people. his attorneys claimed he suffered from affluenza, a condition that stems from having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits. to the latest now on the
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massachusetts officials claim -- confirmed one case of the virus. there could be up to four million cases of the virus in the americas over the next year. health o zika is a mosquito-borne virus. the virus has been strongly linked to severe birth defects. already issued warning officials have also sent help to try to stop the spread of this virus. a potential new tool in the battle against today, president obama signed a memorandum creating a white house task force. it will dedicate itself in -- to finding a cure. vice president joe biden will lead the panel. his son, beau, died of brain cancer last year. joe biden says he plans to seek out both private andc resources. in greer, different walks of life across the same path. hundreds joined in a program called "meet your muslim neighbor." it was hosted at the upstate islamic center. the event was designed to help foster positive relationships between the upstate muslim community, and the community as a whole. the organizer of the event
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>> meet your muslim neighbor is an event about building positive relationships between upstate muslims and people of the larger upstate community, so that is what we are here to do. we are here to tell people who we are, to let them know that we are part of the community, and to let them know also that we are a positive part of the community. michael: malici went on to say she hoped the event helped bring people together, and to do away with many of the negative stigma associated with the an upstate school district will hold a meeting tomorrow morning, trying to get public input on a -- about downsizing. anderson school district 4 superintendent joanne avery says, since th growth in the district the past 10 years, she says going from six schools to five would save up to $1.5 million a year. there are two options on the table. first, turn pendleton elementary into a middle sc. this would call for some expansion at mount lebanon, to be paid for by the penny sales tax. option two, move riverside middle to mount lebanon
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require some renovation. >> what we really want from the community is to understand, there's no decision. we want you at the table. we want to hear your voice. michael: there's a public meeting on this matter tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. at mount lebanon elementary. 30 years ago today the space , shuttle challenger exploded over the atlantic ocean less than two minutes after take off. all seven members of the challenger crew di among them ron mcnair, who was from lake city, south carolina. a candlelight vigil was held in his honor tonight. he was 36 years old when he died. he left behind a wife and two children. the carolina panthers will soon had to calsuper bowl 50 on their minds. on their minds right now, with more work, more practice and more time with the media. also, students g the lesson of a lifetime from a musician.
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electric violin.john: current temperature 44 in anderson.
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michael: the david of the drum, and the work, go on in charlotte is the panthers gear up for wyff news 4's sports director brad fralick has more from bank of america stadium. brad? brad: the panthers practiced again today, and while he was limted at practice, thomas davis did practice. for the second consecutive day. davis says he will play in super bowl 50. remember, thomas davis broke his arm and then a sea championshipgame sunday. he had surgery monday, had a plate and 12 screws put in the arm, and today was only wearing wat looked like a large band-aid over the incision. he said he is on track to play next weekend, and he says he isn't concerned a bit about re-injuring it. >> if i had a concern about
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hit, i wouldn't tit will not be something i will think about when we got there and play the game like i have always played, hard, aggressive. they were able to do the surgery the next day and we have time to heal up. it is possible for me to play in this game. i don't consider it a huge thing. brad: i was actually a bit shocked when i looked down at his arm and he had nothing on his art look like a large white bandage over the side of his arm over the incision. he was able to move his arms and fingers as if nothing had haenobviously, we expect thomas davis to play. pretty remarkable. we expect him to play at super bowl 50. in charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4. michael: and ahead of the big game, wyff 4 will bring you a special next week. it's called "chasing a championship." there are the lads. brad fralick and marc dopher will start our live team
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and geoff hart will join them on thursday. it is all leading up to our special, "chasing a championship," at 8:00 on friday, february 5th. in spartanburg school district 5, a history-making electric violinist made for a lesson that really rocked. michael: mark wood, one of the original members of the trans-siberian orchestra, taught students at the district 5 fine arts center today. wood says he invented the first electric violin in history. he worked with the students on making music, and adding personality and passion to their work. >> i think it's important that not only musicians, but mathematicians, artists, physicists, athletes, come to school and empower the kids, so when they go out to the real life, they are given some amount of tools so they can survive. michael: talk about passion. wood and the students will p on a rock concert tomorrow night at the district 5 fine arts
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united way of greenville county held a big celebration today at the td convention center, and they celebrated a big number. last year's campaign raised more than $16.7 million, and today, more than 1100 volunteers and supporters came to cheer that. lots of applause today with a good reason. the awards ceremony is to thank the greenville county companies and organizations that raised money for the united way in 2015. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: we are finally starting to move the clouds away from the area in the upstate. we have already had them away in the mountains. clearing skies as expected from west-east across the area as the storm system finally heads out to sea. you can see rain from georgetown , actually charleston, georgetown, garden city, to the outer banks.
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the northeast. the live super doppler, nice and quiet. it will remain that way and the upstate. flurries along the tennessee line in western north carolilaced -- late tonight. we started at 34 in greenville. 49 the high this afternoon, five degrees below average. far fr of 77 set in 1944. asheville airport. a couple degrees below average, far from the record low of negative to set in 1986. that was a brutal winter. 49 the high this afternoon, above average. a live shot from on top of tpiece center in downtown greenville, the clouds continue to break up and moving east. 34 in hendersonville, 36 in boone, 34 in rutherfordton, 27 in franklin. 42 in toccoa. in the upstate, temperatures looking pretty good. 39 in greenville, 38 in laurens, 36 in spartanburg, 42 in
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the winds in the higher elevations are strong. otherwise, light winds across. the wind will pick up as the cold front moves in quickly late tonight especially in western north carolina and close to the tennessee line and the high peaks. humidity on the increase. 45 in columbia, 38 in charlotte, 42 in atlanta and macon. 62 in orlando, 68 in miami. 37 in st. louis. here is the front moving quickly southeast. it will get close to us early tomorrow morning. that will per flurries, maybe a couple brief snow showers especially along the west facing slopes of the tennessee-north carolina line. two degrees in international falls, minnesota. 40 in cincinnati. 33 in boston. 41 in denver. there is the front. this evening, there is the storm system heading out to sea with l the rain. look how fast the front moves in. the best chance of snow showers
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slopes, the northern bounds of north carolina and the high elevations along the tennessee-nortthis is tomorrow morning. the front pushes through, clouds dissipate, more sunshine and the mounds of the winds will die down in the afternoon. not a bad day on friday. the weekend looking better. more about that in a second. 34 the overnight low in the upstate, clearing skies and chilly. allows return, so we have clearing skies in the upstate, but increasing clouds in the mountains with flurries possible late in the asheville area. a slight chance. overnight low 29. tomorrow in the upstate, bright sunshine, seasonably cool with a light westerly wind. high 55. we start off at 40 at 9:00 a.m., warming up to 50 a lunchtime. scattered flurries early come ote increasing sunshine in the afternoon. windy, especially in the morning. high 40. we start off at 33 at 9:00 a.m., upper 30's at lunchtime. the four-day plus looks like
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sunshine, for the weekend.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports.
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practice this week to try to get -- try to prepare, will but we have a tremendous challenge in the panthers defense.s the denver offense on to the field at super bowl 50, he'll ultimately be trying to throw touchdown passes past a player that always looked up to him. wyff news 4 sports director brad fralick has that story from charlotte. brad: greenwood native josh norman was asked multiple times about facing peyton manning in the super bowl. norman actually said it himself, he calls peyton manning the sheriff and says manning was his idol growing up. norman actually grinned, saying he can't believe he will actually be playing against the guy he grew up playing as on video games. he said he would always pick the colts, wma james, and marvin harrison. he said he got chill bumps just talking about playing against the sherriff in super bowl 50. >> i played him on the game system. the servant turf show.
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-- all those guys, making plays. i was playing a game, taking people's money. this guy is decent, man. this is my first time being in the super bowl. his third time. i am rooting for him, but i want that rain. brad: norman said even though manning is one of the gr quarterbacks, he said the panthers will have their opportunities. he said they will calculate the opportunities to take chances against number 18 in super bowlin charlotte, brad fralick, wyff news 4 sports. marc: missouri is moving on from matty mauk. new tigers head coach barry odom says he met with mauk in december, to give him a fresh start. it was short-lived. the junior quarterback was suspended again, after a video surfaced that appears to show mauk using illegal drugs. odom believes that video is old, but says it's clear mauk has violated more team rules. mauk's third suspension in the last 6 months ends his time with
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the second-ranked south carolina women's basketball team continues to ste through the southeastern conference. gamecocks, trying to move their record to 20-0 tonight against ole miss. third quarter we go. south carolina in control. gamecocks work it insi wilson. she banks it in for two of her team-high 17 points. usc up by 19. 30 seconds later, south carolina on the fast break. khadijah sessions flips it back to tiffany mitchell. the senior drains the three to put usc up 24. two minutes to go, gamecocks find tina roy in the corner. she buries the triple. no problem for usc tonight. south carolina wins, 81-62. dawn staley's squad improves to 20-0. plenty of purple tonight at timmons arena. western carolina, calling on furman. early in the first half, paladins start to build a double-digit lead. kris acox hits the short jumper as furman jumps out to an early lead on the catamounts. then, jonathan jean shows the explosive first step, drives to the hoop, and scores to put the
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haven't heard much from the freshman, jean, this season. he looks like he's gonna be a good option for head coach niko medved. he's really quick. to the break. furman holds on for a 62-60 win over western carolina. paladins, now all alone in 3rd place in the southern conference. socon-leading east tennessee, playing wofford at the ben jo in spartanburg. close one early. check out the shot. fletcher mcgee. he drills the three. wofford up 6. they would build the lead from there. easley's spencer collins continues to make his case for southern conference player of the year. 24 points tonight for collins. wofford wins, 87-73. terriers take down one of the top teams in the southern conference. one thing tonight tells us it's at the southern conference tournament, it will be wide open. anybody could win. michael: the weather one more
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michael: can we put up two fingers on the four-day? john: closer and closer. tomorrow, not bad in thely cf sunshine. different story in the mountains. slight chance of flurry windy in -- and hiram 40. -- high around 40. michael: thanks for watching.
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caption cont the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began --
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speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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