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tv   WYFF News 4 7am Saturday  NBC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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by 10:00, 47. it takes until lunchtime to give us into the lower 50's. in asheville -- this will be a gorgeous sunrise, looking, obviously to the east. winds e called. yesterday, gusting near 50,, wins today. winds fairly light, between five and 10 this morning. they will stay that way y today. here is the satellite and radar composite. we do have some clouds out there. not rainmakers. serious clouds for us. a developing southwesterly flow. that will have a huge impact on
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be will get into all that morning goes on. low 50's, getting into even the low 60's briefly for the high today. even warmer for our sunday. spartanburg, near freezing now. not quite as cold. we will talk about the warming trend, and when the wet weatherwill arise. myra: to the top story this morning. a motorcyclist is dead following a wreck in greenville county. simpsonville police say a car and a motorcycle collided on main street right in front of the s door around 6:30 last night. the victim hn identified. in greenville county a hunter , found the body. the coroner says the body was found in a wooded area on burrell road around 5:30 last night the name of the victim has not yet been released.
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the public's help. if you know anything about this call crimestoppers. the number of zika cases is growing across the country. right now, the cases in 13 states and washington, d.c. no deaths have been reported. a doctor tells us there is,in south carolina, at least one suspected case with a birth defect caused by the zika virus. a sample of the patient's blood is being tested at the cdc. if you are pregnant, or plan to be, now is the time to learn all you can about this virus. it's carried by mosquitos who bite an infected person and bite. it's believed to have cause outbreak of microcephaly,small brain, small head in babies in the most dangerous tim believed to be the first three months of pregnancy. >> if you are planning any travel outside the country, don't do it in areas that are endemic to the virus. try to avoid that or postpone
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if you have to travel, protective measures. if you have this it of those countries, and come home, and find out you are pregnant, you sh who specializes in an area like we do, maternal fetal medicine myra: preventive measures to take during mosquito season include -- stay inside to avoid mosquito bites in spring and summer. get rid of any mosquito breeding grounds near your home. even a cup of water left outside can be a problem. use insect repelle out. keep arms and legs covered. try to avoid areas where mosquitos are common. we have placed his entire interview on her website, monster jam is going on again today at the bon secours wellness arena. if you are going, don't forget ear protection, the over 1500
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around the dir night. arena managers say loud trucks, concerts, hockey and clemson basketball are making this year a success. >> it looks really good. i think we are going to end the year with about 130 events which compared to the previous years is the most we've had, certainly in recent history. largely due to clemson basketball, but also a number of other events. myra: this is the busiest four-week stretch further arena, with monster trucks, sports and , the circus all going on there. myra: the panthers held a pep rally firday in uptown charlotte. sir purr and the top cats joid several players on stage to get the crowd pumped up. linebacker thod the fans for their support and says the team is ready to bring home a super bowl title. >> how do you feel about the super bowl comin? >> i am excited. i fell in love with football the first time the panthers set foot
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i'm excited. we are going to win. myra: the panthers are leaving for california on sunday. preparations for the super bowl are already underway in san francisco, and that includes safety measures. boxes are being placed around town that can detect a biological attack by taking air samples. its part of a department of homeland security plan. but residese the monitor appeared. >> we are going to be present, and we're not going to be too far away from any large crowds or anything that we consider could be threatening. myra: taxpayers have spent more than a billion dollars on the bio-watch program. and when the panthers get to california, they will notice one of the endzones at levi's stadiuo on it, but that wasn't the case earlier this week. both endzones in broncos colors. the mistak. the panthers name and logo is now in the stadium's north endzone. wyff 4 will preview the big game
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our sports team will bring y chasing a championship live from california. you can catch it right here on wyffor at -- four next friday, february 5. pamela: i'm showing you, out west, a big storm system coming together. here we are at home with clear skies.
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expect for the weeke myra: turning to commitment 2016 coverage now, the weekend is the only thing standing between presiden iowa caucuses. republicans and democrats were spread out across iowa friday -- most republican candidates spent the day, trying to build support ahead of the caucuses. polls show some iowa republicans remain undecided or say they could change their mind, the democratic c making their final pitches. the state department revealed that emails stored on hillary clinton's home server contained top secret information. department officials would not describe what the mails were about or say if clinton had sent any of them.
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is demanding that the state department release more than 20 emails sent from the private server that have been classified. clinton was also campaigning in iowa on congressman trey gowdy, friday. chair of the benghazi committee, sent us this response friday.. saying, it is the fbi, not the benghazi committee that is investigating the mishan classified information in connection with secretary clinton's use of an unsecure, pre server to conduct official u.s. government foreign policy. congressman gowdy paid a visit to a local elementary school. to show their patriotism, an upstate kindergarten class decided th american flag for their school. so they wrote a letter to their congressman, and on gowdy friday, decided to hand-deliver a new flag to paris elementary school in taylors.
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>> this slide flu -- this flag flew on top of the dome on november 11, 2015. i will present this flag on behalf of all members of the south carolina delegation. myra: teachers and kindergarten students gathered outside to bring down the old, faded flag, and to raise the new one. he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 pamela:; 14. we take a look this morning through the anderson skycam. beautiful on the water. you can see little critters swimming this morning in the cold water. north and north wi east wind. our very own son. yes. we will see a lot of it this morning. nice and clear across all of the southeast this morning. 33 degrees. really drive. our wins are still out of the
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as the day goes on. what that means for us -- and spartanburg in particular, warming up nicely. you will have abundant sunshine throughout the day. here shot in asheville this morning. the isaac dixon school -- they got one day of school in last week. it will be a better day, for the parents at least. a nice change over western north carolina. greenwood, close to 60. here are the clear skies. everything moving from west to east. a nice zonal pattern which will
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that will help to warm us up. already, the trend is a nice one. significantly warmer air. about 10 degrees above average tomorrow. sunday looks good. clouds, a few more around tomorrow. as we get into monday, the temperatures stay mild. brain come again tuesday and wednesday even.
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where these two collide is where the real trouble spot will be. the snow will spread up to the great lakes. a very interesting set up. what it could bring here -- we are watching the long bring range forecast. i think we will touch the mid 60's and much of the state.. 61. a comfortable afternoon. not as breezy. we will welcome that. not quite as cold tonight. still freezing. with the light breeze, we dropped to 28. we are even warmer tomorrow. rain chances built monday, late in the day. on tuesday, groundhogs day, rain becomes more likely.
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temperatures still above average for groundhog day. we will see what phi say about the situation. it will be a cooler situation for us and a colder one with highs only in the upper 30's. myra: covering the nation now. and alabama family plans to sue disney's animal kingdom after they say a snake dropped from a tree in the park and bit a boy.. which led to the death of the boy's grandmother. an attorney says the grandmother saw the snake bite the boy, had a heart attack and died a short , time later. disney says the snake was not part of an animal kingdom exhibiance for t
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surveillance camer caught patio furniture being thrown inthe air, wind nearly blew away a delivery man. he is dedicated to his job. the national weather service says it was an es tornado zero thursday morning. no one was hurt. a georgia high school is under fire for its raffle giveaway. in jasper, georgia, a wrestling team's booster club at a local high school is raffling off a glock 43, 9-mm pistol. the winner must be at least 21 years-old and pass a federal and many in the complained about the raffle. the school district says since they are not conducting this fundraiser, they have no control, or authority over the a local gun shop donated weapon which it says is valued at around $400. myra@&@&@ in north c a quick thinking bank manager robbery. surveillance video shows a man wearing a mask approaching pnc bank. you can see the manager and hold the door shut. the manager didn't back down,
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gun to hit the door. it happened thursday in zebulon, just after the bank opened. the suspect eventually ran off. it took four years, but marine robert connell was finally reunited with his cat. when connell was previously deployed, his wife said hemi the cat, went to look for his owner. but hemi never returned to his north carolina home. the connells could not find the cat, and eventually, the famy moved to north dakota. then the cat was found, turned in, and a check of the micro-chip found it was roberts cat. the marine said hemi, was more than just a pet to him. >> before i had kids, the only thing i could connect to in life was a cat. myra: connell says that hemi would listen, as he talked to the cat about his struggle with ptsd. connell made the drive back to
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furry feline. back here, soon you'll be able to see clemson's cacaus, without stepping on it. it's called google expeditions. a special camera was sent to clemson's creative services department. with it, a team took 12 panoramic 360 degree pictures of campus,and sent those back to google with information about each shot. it is all part of an app. you will eventually be able to download it from the google play stor jesse godfrey was one of three who took the pictures for clemson. >> it'll be very helpful in showing whatl about from an academic standpoint and also just showing off the beauty of campus. myra: the project is still being tested. there's no timeline yet on it'll be available to the public. time now for your wyff news 4 timeline, on this january 30th. on this day in richard reid was 2003, sentenced to life in prison for trying to destroy
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paris to. reid was caught trying to light plastic explosives, hidden in his shoes. reid's effort came just three months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the united states. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i think the guys are getting used to traveling up to greenville. we have a little win streak going. brad: clemson has been very good at their home away frotoday, clemson begins a tough three-game road trip that begins at tallahassee against florida state. the panthers arefinished with their workout as they head west super bowl 50. a big heart of the office, and a big part of wh be a super bowl performance is greg -- the
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defend the tight end. olson says it is a big deal to get to the super bowl, but they are not happy just getting there. >> we cannot get caught up in the fact that the super bowl. we are going, but going to win. we are not just happy to be part of this. earned this, and have to take avenge of this opportu olson has over 1000 yards of receiving. he hnewton's favorite targets. the gamecocks -- frank martin has that team playing well. it is also legends we get. that should be nearly sold out, if it is not entirely sold out.
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>> we have to do what we do,, and focus. they beat us. we are here-two with them. brad: tip-off is tonight at 6:00 in columbia. the first official day ocollege baseball season. there will be a different head coach in the dugout for the tigers. the guys reaa handful of returning position players. settling on the staf will be the focus of the next few weeks.>> we have gotten all of our fundamental work out of the way. the ground balls, the balkans,
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ullpins, now it is time to get ready for opingour guys are chomping at the bit to get out here. brad: clemson opens the season february 19 against maine. the gamecocks also opened practice on friday. the first team in a long time that does noplayer who hasn't played in the college series. >> obviously, we know that south carolina has a great winning tradition. here's like experienced last year are fwe are exist to get back on the field and get a sense of normalcy around here. i think this group has an opportunity to do that. brad: the gamecocks will open the season against albany february 19th.
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myra: they are rallying just days before super bowl 50. the excitement is building, for sure. pamela: let's see. gorgeous weekend we can be have lined up. st with a beautiful shot from our paris mouniswhat a different view this was one week agowe are going to warm up steadily today. let's talk temperatures. we will be at 36 degrees in greenville at 8:00. by lunchtime, the lower 50's. that is close toward typhigh this time of the year. we will be above that. a beautiful morning in spartanburg.
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we will warm up nicely today, nearly 30 degrees from where we are now. the northerly wind is with us, but that will be weakening as the date goes -- day goes on. a beautiful chris 23 degrees. colorful over the balance. a little bit of snow on the ground. actually, a lot of it on the ground where you wanted to be in the -- want it to be in the ski locations. temperatures in the lower 30's. lawrence, 29. a pretty cold start for us with a light north-northeasterly breeze. on the return flow, we will tap into some southwesterly breezes this afternoon. that really will b effect for tomorrow. we will be even warmer in the
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plenty of sunshineupper 50's to low 60's to be found in the upstate today. partly cloudy for the evening. not quite as cold tonight. highs tomorrow that will be about 10 degrees above average. then, the rain tries to move in. i will show you when that occurs coming up. myra: thank you. a motorcyclist is dead in greenville county. simpsonville police say a car and a motorcycle collided on the accident happened in front of the autozone store. the name of thbeen released. a hunter found a body in a field in greenville county. the coroner safound in a wooded area on burrell road around 5:30 last night the name of the victim has not yet been released. and authorities are looking for
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if you know any information, please call crime stoppers. the number of zika cs growing across the united states -- right now, there are at least 30 cases in 13 states and washington, d.c. no deaths have been reported. a doctor tells us there is,in south carolina, at least one suspected case of a child born with a birth defect caused by the zika virus. a sample of the patient's blood is being tested at the cdc. if you are pregnant, or plan to be pregnant,al virus. it's carried by mosquitos who bite an infected person and carry it to the next person they bite. it's believed to have caused an outbreak of microcephaly, small brain, small head in babies in south america. the most dangerous tbelieved to be the first three months of pregnancy. >> if you are planning travel outside the country, don't do it in areas that are endemic for the virus. try to avoid that or postpone that.
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portective m if you have recently visited one of those countries, and came home to find you were pregnant, you should see someone who specializes in maternal fetal medicine myra: here are some preventive measures to know. stay inside to avoid mosquito bites in spr. get rid of any mosquito breeding grounds near your home. even a cup of water left outside can be a problem. use insect repellent when you go out. keep arms and legs covered. try to avoid areas where mosquitos are common. that forthe doctor has a lot of information about the zika virus. we've placed his entire interview on our website, parents gathered at an anderson county school to discuss the potential for downsizing.
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says the district has seen little growth in the last ten years, so dropping a school would save up to one and a half million dollars per year. one option is for pendleton elementary school to turn into a middle school, and another is to move riverside middle, to a renovate elementary. >> i understand that people are very passionate about theirschools. all the elementary schools are wonderful they're all spread out , they and to make this decision is going to be hard. myra: officials say no jobs would be lost with either option. the faa is investigating how a banner fell from a helicopter onto a home in north carolina. investigators say the pilot disconnected the banner because of a mechanical problem. the pilot has agreed to pay for any repairs. it turns out, the homeowner is a pilot herself. she is calling for an faa investigation to find out what happen
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>> we cannot thank you fans enough for always believing in us. myra: the panthers held a pep rally on friday in uptown charlotte. sir purr and the several players on stage to t the crowd pumped up. linebacker thoma the fans for their support and says the team is ready to bring home a super bowl title. >> we're originally from charlotte but moved to greenville so this is just , incredible. we couldn't miss being here today. my: the head coach and a few players also made appearances during the rally. the panthers are l california on sunday. keep pounding. it's a phrase panth well. but what you may not know is how it s the team mantra is in honor of late carolina panthers player and coach sam mills. mills first used the phrase as a coach during an emotional speec to the team before their first playoff game against the dallas cowboys in 2004. at the time, mills was in the middle of a tough cancer bat.
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dedication to teammates, team effort and never giving up. and mills asked the players to keep pounding. mills died in 2005. the phrase is now something panthers players see before every game as they come out of the tunnel at bank of america stadium. you know about the keep pounding drummers. right after the coin toss in every home game a drummer is , chosen to hit it four times. some of the drummers are team owner jerry richardson was the drummer at sunday's championship game. we've shown you how the panthers are getting ready for the superbowl. the broncos' mascot, a horse named thunder, is getting ready also. broncos' fans can catch thunder running e game. thunder and his owner and staff will load up next week to head to california.
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tubal takes a lot of equipment -- it's like having a child with thd everything -- you need everything for him. we wilg out on monday morning. myra: thunder's owner says, getting the horsy will give him plenty of time to prepare for the big game, next sunday. wyff 4 will preview the big game with a special show next week. our sports team will bring you "chasing a championship" live from california. you can catch it right here on wyff for at 8:00 next friday, february 5th. we want to see how you're showing off your panthers pride! you can share your photos with us by uploading them to our ulocal section on the wyff 4 app you right here on air. pamela: good morning. a beautiful saturday in anderson. we are taking a look at their. lots of sunshine today.
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myra: here in the upstate, monster jam trucks were testing ear protection at the bon secours wellness arena and the deafening noise was music to management years. wyff news 4's john lyon reports the event is part of busiest year yet. >> the grave digger unleashes over 1500 horsepower. >> a lot of demolition. >> a lot of noise. >> randy brown drives the grave digger. that, and other monster trucks, are 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide, and sit on 5 foot high tires. >> i can see them stand up, and
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that gives me more drive to go out there and push tha the limit. >> we have been very fortunate this year. we've had close to a perfect mix of events that have all sold really well and had broad appeal to everybody in the upstate. >> like loud trucks, concerts, hockey, and clemson basketball. the arena is getting a one year attendance bomn basketball, exposing a whole new audience to all the well has to offe >> we have had success before clemson basketball was here and we' they are always welcome here. >> bon secours expects to host 130 events this year, a new record. workers are changi often, between ice, wood, dirt, to circus, back to wood and then ice. those in charge say that is what
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myra: as our guest tells us, as begin our homes and television sets ready for the big game,
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 pamela: almost 7:45. the view just gets more beautifu up. pretty cool this morning. 33 degrees in greenville. the northerly wind coming in. the dew point temperature, very low. nicegorgeous on the water. sunshine and a couple of people out there enjoying the morning. 35 degrees and anderson. we look off to the west in asheville. a beautiful day on the way. not as windy. a cold start for you at 25. temperatures, here they are.
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29, lawrence. 38, clemson. you have been nearly 28 degrees s morning than yesterday in franklin and over towards waynesville. 10 degrees warmer in abbeville. a southwesterly flow developing. with that, temperatures will go up. by tomorrow, you notice a few more clouds around. the atmosphere is dry for now. with a clockwise flow, look at that. warm air feeding up into st. louis. we are going to tap into that as well. our afternoon highs will be at least 10 degrees above average foe next few days. we have a few clouds.
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by sunday night, a few more clouds around. as our day goes by on monday, our rain chances will increa up in the evening hours, and lasting into tuesday and wednesday. here is th story. a developing storm system. plenty of time to watch this. some severe weather could break out in the southeast. blizzard conditions through the middle of towards the great lakes. we will watch that one fnext couple of days while you enjoy the weekend. upper 50's and low 60's. very comfortable. not as windy in the mountains. that will help your cause. 57, the high temperature. for tonight, plenty chilly, just not as cold as we have been.
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it feels good on monday. as the day goes on, brain chances increasey night into tuesday, where temperatures wiy mild in the upper 50's. we could have some thunderstorms mixed in as the system goes through. it could t time getting out of. brain chances could be bumped up. -- rain chances could be bumped up. in the mountains, from 60 tomorrow to only 30 by thursday. myra: next weekend, people all across the countgathering around the tv. pamela: our guest tells us that is not always the safest place to be. myra: next week it is actually
7:38 am
>> national tv safety day. we want to prevent the tebowmyra: with the excitement of people gathering around the tv -- kids know. >> we are talking about the super bowl coming up soon. a lot of focus on the television. we are using this as an opportunity to raise awareness about emerging trends that cause a lot of injuries. pamela: many are on the wall these days, but they are really heavy. i had not thought about that. >> the force of a 32 inch tv falling is the same momentum as a one-year-old falling from 10 stories. myra: there is video of these tvs becoming dangerous, and what
7:39 am
interested, start climbing, and oh my gosh. >> it is important to talk about it. myra: tell us about the number of children who have been killed. >> a child dies every three weeks as a result of it. every hour, a child is injured because of -- sent to the er because of it. myra: 257 kids have died. you are saying that a large percentage of households still have a crt television. pamela: what is crt? >> the big box style televisions that we used to have.
7:40 am
involved in these accidents are aged five and under. >> it is important to really mount rtv, big sure they are secure. for the crt tvs we really want to focus on putting it low to the ground. for the flat screen, we either want to melt it on the walls, or use a strap to mounted to the furniture. that way, we know it is secure, it won't to over -- won't tip over. myra: i've never seen this. pamela: i've seen, like in california, you think about earthquakes, you have something
7:41 am
that. >> it is an emerging trend. we want to make sure families that extra check before the super bowl. do that extra step. when you are putting your chips salsa into the bowl, think about the strap. myra: what is the website? >> to go to save kids -- safe kids. follow us on facebook, twitter. thank you so much.
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song: "that's life" song: "that's life" that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration. this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away
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symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit myra: we are taking another look at our top stories thia motorcyclist has died after a collision in greenville county. simpsonville police say it was car and motorcycle that collided in front of store
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the field yesterday. the coroner said the body was found in a field on burrell road around 5:30 last night the name of the victim has not yet been released. and authorities are lookin the public's help. if you have any informamaon that co call crime stoppers. it sounds like we have a n up. pamela: we do. things here have settled down. a gorgeous weekend. this morning, the sun is up. temperatures going up. it will be close to 60 today. starting out in the 30's. some real ups and downs. look at this. those 60's. brain, possible storms on
7:45 am
rain lingering. it looks like it will slow down a little, then cooler air comes in for the rest of the week. what a difference from one week ago. myra: that is exactly what i was thinking. thanks for watching wyff news 4 today. have a wonderful day. remember, the news comes back at 6:00. [captioning performed by the national capwhich is responsible for its caption contenvi [captionsi 4 app. have a great day. on monday, february 1st...the process of electing a presiden >> this is a wyff news four editorial. speaking on behalf of the editorial toward, president and
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john: for months, we have heard speeches, debates, food or forms. for months, we have seen thecandidates in action. now it is time for the people to speak out. it as on monday in iowa when people gather in precincts across the state to caucus. the next chance is on tuesday, february 9 in new hampshire. then, it is our turn here in south carolina. on saturday, february 22, republicans go to polls. democrats get their chance the following saturday. here, a wyff for, you have heard a lot about commitment 2016. leading up to the two presidential primaries in south carolina next month, you will process on our newscasts, on her website,
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be a using every means to help you beat informed and aware of what the candidates are saying. we believe it is o response to the -- responsibility to be part of the process, the candidates, and go to the polls.
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good morning. top secret surprise. a bombshell dropped in the days before the iowa caucus. the clinton campaign scrambling after 22 e-mails on her server were deemed top secret. >> there was never information sent or receid marked
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