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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and this year's didn't disappoint. brad fralick reports from california. john: springlike weather, but get ready for cooler temperatures, then milder, then thunde commitment 2016. in iowa, the voters have spoken . carol: on the republican side, donald trump falling short. texas senator ted cruz takes the republican side in iowa. now, trump is fighting with marco rubio to avoid a third-place finish. the latest numbers, and these are evolving. michael: and late tonight, governor mike huckabee suspended his campaign for the republican nomination. huckabee gaining 2%. he has won iowa in the past. he let his supporters know via twitter. randl 5%, chris christie at 2%. jeb bush at 3%. carol: john kasich, 2%.
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2%. rick santorum, 1%. michael: it is still happening in the democratic side. it is too close to call, with more than 90% of precincts reporting. this is done differently for the democrats. hillary clinton has a very narrow lead over bcarol: just a handful of delegates here. late tonight, former maryland governor martin o'malley officially dthmichael: steve handelsman is in des moines wit.stcve: ted cruz is a projected republican winner in iowa after relying on the state's christian conservatives. the state, turnout was happy. re caucuses like this one and this democratic caucus across town, and hundreds like
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>> we will run it the way it is supposed to be run.steve: so did chris christie and ben carson, who once led iowa polls. and marco rubio, running a few points behind trump. >> we will feet clinton and sensor -- defeat clinton and sensors -- sanders. steve: bernie sanders said he will not quit. >> we will win at the convention. we are taksteve: this was all the way for martin o'malley. he hit 5% in iowa and quit the race, as hillary clinton was locked in a battle for a steve handelsman, nbc news, des moinesmichael: you may wonder about the difference between a caucuscarol: wyff news 4's nigel robertson with a quick explanation. well, a caucus is really a
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school. they gather, they hear from the candidates' surrogates, and then they vote. for the republicans, it's easy. they hear from the surrogates, and then they cast their ballot. whoever gets the most votes gets the most delegates. but for democrats, a caucus is a little more complicated. caucus-goers gather, and then they literally break off into different sections of the room. you've got a corner for clinton, you've got an area for o'malley, and an area for bernie sanders. each area has to have at least 15%. so, lets say the o'malley group is less than 15% . what happens then? they literally have to decide wether -- decide whether they are going go to the clinton corner, or the sanders corner. whatever corner they decide, that is where they then stay. those votes are then tabulated, and then, from there, the delegates are then awarded. michael: nigel robertson tonight.
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hampshire. but political pundits will tell you that most eyes will be on the south carolina primary. those contests follow new hampshire. carol: and we're less than 3 weeks h carolina primary. the republican primary is on saturday, february 20th, followed by the democratic primary a week later, on february 27th. michael: an interesting few weeks. in georgia, both primaries are on tuesday, march 1st. and in nor primaries are on tuesday, march 15th. carol: as things wrap up in iowa tonight, the candidates turn their attention elsewhere, including south carolina. senator ted cruz will be back in the upstate tomorrow. he is holding a rally at the td convention center. it starts at 6 open at 5:30. the event is free, and open to the public. michael: also coming to the upstate, rick santorum will make stops on his day kicks off with wednesa meet and greet at sandey's at the white house in york county. then it's on to the upstate for
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followed by a visit to the beacon drive-in. and later that day, he will hold a town hall meeting at erskine college in abbeville county. it's all part of santorum's 46-county tour in south carolina. carol: on the democratic side, hillary clinton's daughter will make her first campaign swing through the palmetto state. chelsea clinton will attend women for hillary events in rock hill and spartanburg. she will also address clemson university's program in women's leadership. her people tell us, chelsea will talk about how her mother would make a difference for families as president. michael: a south carolina u.s. senator will soon announce his endorssenator tim scott is set to endorse senator marco rubio tomorrow. that is according to a report from politico. this would be rubio's second endorsement from a high-profile member of south carolina's congressional delegation. trey gowdy announced his support for the florida senator back in december. carol: throughout this election season, you can keep tabs on how many delegates each candidate has won. the delegate tracker on is your source for following the primaries.
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window on the home page. michael: so what gets your vote for the weather? beautiful. miles today, a change tomorrow. carol: here is the man who knows. some rain out there, john? john: yes. i think you are voting for the 15-20 degrees above average the high today. did we break records? i will have an answer later. rain coming in from tennessee bumped io the western slopes of the mountains along the tennessee-north carolina line. they fizzled out, but still off and on rain showers through north carolina. g in the upstate, a couple sprinkles in the north georgia mountains. temperatures, it will all bea chilly 43 in boone, 52 in asheville, the -- 59 in greenville. your wake-up weather looks like this. a week cold front passes, cloudy skies with areas of fog and drizzle.
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51 in the upstate, 44 in the month -- in the mountains. a chance of thunderstorms, a few could now back to you. carol: several school districts have announced makeup days, after students missed school because of snow and ice. greenville county students will now attend on friday, april 22nd, and monday, april 25th. spartanburg county district 3 students will attend school on monday, february 15th, and friday, march 11th. cherokee county students will attend school next friday, february 12th, and monday, march 7th. for a full list of make-up days, check out or our mobile app. michael: out west tonight, the mother of all media nights. super bowl 50 brought out a crowd, and it was funny. our boys were right in the middle of it. carol: brad fralic dopher, covering the panthers tonight in san jose. here they are, with the fun. brad: there are two weeks to analyze super bowl 50.
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before we get to super bowl sunday. super bowl opening night is about anything b-- football. >> explain the outfit. >> we are from australia. we bring our favorite sport to the u.s.. >> beautiful. brad: are you a broncos fan? >> i'm a patriots fan. brad: what's for dinner react go --? he said meatballs. brad: can you explain to me the principles oe zone read? >> liz: [gibberish] brad: explain the outfit.
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as a superhero, i am required to wear a uni in the past, it has been green and or>> golden anniversary, this is gold.boom. boom. boom. boom. i will keep doing this until you yell stop.boom. brad: thousands of credentialed media on the floor. they will let just about anybody into super bowl opening an fralick, wyff news 4. michael: there are football players there, tooe in the u utate. carol: wyff news 4's john lyon found panthers fever is hitting veteran fans and new one t>> i just can't decide, 'cause this one is cuter, but this on -- this is cheaper. one john: it's a catch-22 for india t the right 59.
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ever, and i love kuechly. john: upstate fans love kuechly, and the rest of the panthers. and they love buying hats, shirts, and everything panther, before the big game. >> i got a carolina panthers t-shirt. john: why? >> because i love the carolina panthers. john: sydnie dailey is a new fan, and is going to wear her new shirt to church on sunday, figuring it can't hurt. >> i love all of them. >> i need the conference hat here. yeah, 'cause i need to switch this one out. this is getting old, so it's time to get the new one. john: willie boyd's also looking to add to his panther shirt collection. customers like him are scoring big at academy sports. >> literally, we've been selling this stuff out of the box. as soon as the customers come in, they ask me, is that the carolina panther stuff? and as soon as we cut the boxes open, they're grabbing and buying. john: and there is something for everybody, from a $75 hoodie, to a $5.99 foam finger.
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bowl coming on the heels of clemson's run for the national title, it's a good year for sports retailers. >> oh, yeah. it's been wild around here. john: panther fans expect it to get wilder at the store, when they return sunday night to buy their panther super bowl champion gear. >> i'm looking for them to win the super bowl. then, i got to come back here, and get the other stuff. and they're going to win the super bowl. they are going tit going to the super bowe second time. this time, we are going to win. john: john lyon, wyff news 4, greenville. michael: look for it in church. our sports team wil g from california, just a few days from now. you can catch "chasing a champi night. john: the people in iowa, good thing they vmajor winter storm moving in. rain change into snow in the southwestern part of the state of iowa.
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of snow by this ti michael: welcome back. it is interesting and i what the voters areg have already spoken. carol: donald trump falling short. ted cruz takes the republican side in iowa.trump is fighting with mike -- marco rubio. 90% of the vote is in right now. the latest numbers, these
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suspended his he let his supporters know by twitter. he comes in at 2%. rand paul, five percent. chris christie, 2%. b bush, 2%. carol: there, you see the numbers. mich here is where it gets interesting. of the democra is so close. look at those numbthree votes. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by three votes. n 90% -- 90 precincts reporting. carol: also late tonight, former maryland governof race for the democratic nomination.he had seven. the explosive spread of the mosquito-borne zika virue americas is now considered an international emergency. the world health organization made the declaration over the zika virus. the virus has been linked to microcephaly, which is small brain, small head, in brazil.
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to coordinate international efforts, to investigate and understand this relationship better. carol: it could be months before officials can prpre the connection between zika and the birth defects. in the meantime, the w.h.o. says it's time to control mosquito populations, and do what it takes to prevent mosquito bites, especially among pregnant women. the w.h.o. estimates the americas could see up to 4 million zika cases over the next year. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: carolina panthers weather forecast.s look. as far as going through tomorrow, a frontal system will come isanta clara is right next to san jose. you have seen our reports from brad at marc. snow in the mountains, the showers will move through
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they should be over with by the afternoon. cloudy skies, a slight chance of a sprinkler two. get better on wednesday. chances of rain showers, high 59. then it gets good. thursday, friday, saturday, a warming trend, pushing 70 degrees with sunshine. for super bowl super sunday, carolina vat 3:40. that is specific time. nice and mild, upper 60's to low 70's, mostly to partly sunny. a couple sprinkles left in the mountains. the system continues, the week cold front continues to move in from the northwest. it has weakened considerably. we had showers throughh carolina, and they have little doubt. how about the mild day? 68 degrees this afternoon at the greenville airport. 14 missed the record by five degrees. that is 73 set in 1957.
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airport, way above avera74 the record high set in 1950. a live shot from pound square in laurens, partly cloudy, current temperature 57. 55 in anderson, 56 in toccoa, the chillier temperatures in north carolithis is a liquid precipitation. valley develop. watch out for that. 43 in boone and spruce pine, 51 in burnsville and marshall, 50 in waynesville, 53 in brevard, 52 in asheville, fairly mild temperatures a the clouds developing across the area. little wind to speak of. humidity remains high. 61 in columbia, 61 past 11:00 at night. mild along the gulf coast. here is what it looks like for tomorrow morning. e front will settle to our south. north wind will pick up speed. cooler temperatures for us. we will get wedged in.
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warm front of a cold front, these thunderstorms could be severe, could produce tornadoes and large hail and damaging winds. for us, drizzle and rain. overnight tomorrow night or y morning, heavy thunderstorms could rumble across the area. it should weaken considerably as far as severe weather threat, t chance south of i-85, we will watch that closely. by wednesday afternoon, everything settles down and pushes east. partly to mostly cloudy tonight, slight chance of a shower. low 51. isolated showersmountains thomas struggles and fog and e late. tomorrow, cooler conditions, fog and drizzle. high ie upper 50's. low 50's in the asheville-hendersonville area with drizzle, fog, and grade behind the front. a southeasterly wind. showers likely wednesday with possible heavy thunderstorms. we dry out thursday, friday, into the weekend with much
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we'll wait and see and keep you updated. one model has thin out of the gulf, producing a mixed bag sunday night into monday for the mount rain in the upstate. the rest of the models have us drive. no system coming out of the gulf. we will watch it and keep you
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and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> now, wyff news 4 sports. >> i'm excited about this week, looking forward to playing in this game. i focus on that and then deal with evericardo: peyton manning facing the bright lights of opening-night anquestions. game for the future hall ofamer. it is the main event of super bowl week outside the game. media day, or in this case, media night. the nfl moving the spectacle into primetime t not disappoint. brad fralick was in the mi panthers in san jose. brad: super bowl opening-night. the panthers wrapping up after the denv broncos.
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haven't talked to win while, kelvin benjamin td missed the season. as great as s was for the panthers to go 15-1, he said it tough are him not being of the field. >> early on, it wabut everything happens for a reason. like it made me be more of a team guy. i'm sitting back, cheering the guys on.brad: that is a little bit of the news coming out of super bowl opening-night. now for some fun. we headed our microphone to former wof carrier brenton b ursin. >> used to coach at furman. >> i went to wofford college. >> how does it feel to be here? >> furman was a good time.
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>> i am here with the star dn. >> it feels great to be here. >> it feels really really good. how you doing? >> i am doing great. i'm here with devon fun. rookie receiver. >> this is great. this is media day times 10. >> before you go, say, go wofford. >> go blue, baby. brad brenenn bursin asking the tough questions. we have even more from him coming up on friday night. in san jose, brad fralick, wyff news 4. ricardo: thanks, brad. the fellas will be live in california all week long, and also for our special friday join us at 8:00, as we give you all the insight you'll need for the big game. south carolina returned to the associated press poll after two the 19 and 2 gamecocks, back at number 25. usc ranked 23rd in the coaches poll. but a familiar team in the ap poll, out of the rankings for
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years. duke not ranked for the first time since 2007, breaking a streak of 167 straight weeks in the top 25. north carolina, number 2 in the ap, number one in the coaches, at louisville tonight. tar heels, entering with a 12-game win streak. in the 2nd half, north carolina down 2. damion lee knocks down the three. louisville leads 55-50. lee with a game-high 24. cardinals pull the upset 71-65, , snapping the first-place tar heels' 12-game win streak. the clemson men's hoops team will try to rebound from saturday's loss at florida state when it visits winston-salem tomorrow night, to take on wake a this -- the tigers are six and three in the acc tied with 3 , other teams for 3rd place in the league. the latest bracketolby usa today has the tigers as one of the last four teams in th usc upstate visiting kennesaw state this evening.
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newcomer of the week mike cunningham drains the three, his first points of the game. he finished with 18-high 14. brown for kennesaw state dropping a game-high. us upstate falls, 65-62. media night for the super bowl, vent has take. brenton burson did a great job as our correspondent. caro thanks, ricardo. michael: so interesting and iowa.
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the number michael: new numbers just in. carol: we begin with the democrats. it is still too close to call. 93 precincts reporting. hillary clinton has a narrow lead over bernie sandenine votes.
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minutes ago. it has not been called yet. from our maryland governor -- maryland governor martin o' ted cruz is the projected winner on ththe texas senate taking home 28% of the votes. donald trump says he is honored by his second-place finish. marco rubio rounded out the top three. a narrow margin between trump and rubio. the latest numbers comedies are still evolving. for the latem and our mobile app. we thank you for w at 11:00. michael: we appreciate the company. cs tomors on [captioning performed by the
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